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The Hot Corner with Harris and Lynch
Wednesday, September 5th
Joe is in the hosting chair today, Mariners clubhouse fight, Ohtani injury, and story time with Uncle Patrick. 

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This is the hood corner and Rivera suddenly and great men would like to. Get him to scamper home to want 010. Fit. Well. And deep dive on baseball waiting blogs as a hall of fame third base. And much cooler yeah. Slowly destroy the Seattle Mariners next. The number of Beers is actually high speed at some saved fifty some set as many as seventy Beers which synapse insane amount of beer nobody can drink that. Now when an attitude like that now here euros for the hot corners. Three terrorists assemblage that strokes in the acme on his back then my two inch maybe it's really hard on an eighty young man. Okay about about about about an absolutely. I have. You don't let. Why does not court and they welcome it sooner. Corner. I know this boy's as a rats need as cheer. Normally used to key here. This is Joseph to hear her. The producer. But tonight Barack we're doing a little bit of it in feel shift so the hawk corner with here and lynch. Is doc honor with hairs in fish. And lynch. Well what does he still producing night as he heard from the updated but this is the second time of us doing this. There was Roy got a call the bullpen. You do you do and I appreciate guys throw me the bone on this one map. Seconds until this last year we did this but as little bit different because like Russia. A tractor company implanted a moderates or something or someone was looking out like on the computer Ozzie Ka yeah remembers he. And literally. No way for any of our stations here at our building to stream the show knows. The only way you can listen to us why I asked you when I did my show was only live was AM radio terrestrial AM radio that sit. While Lowell. Was this isn't bad thing I listen to AM radio damn near every single day hey I just about do due to myself with. Station yourself. I guess sister of the when you're in you're like okay nobody since more than I do so. Yeah we could stream last year so this year we are streaming in they go hungry dot com map on our website so instead of like five list is last year we might talent and the my mom and my grandma or something like that might be listening so we got a couple extra listeners this time Bo were an hour later now. Oh right yes so maybe east five. When I was telling people all about the show to announce like human hosts and if you wanna tune in you know it's going to be. 8 o'clock there like 8:8 PM to ten BM and I'm like yeah forget it's like normal people start to. Go ahead and stuff and call the night they may soon do you better revenue in the show for like four years known any time anybody asked me when you show and I'm like seven and kind of like in the morning turf make that drive that's like no no you know. So again thinks of for you guys throw me a bone. This time around I like to do it this time of year with like a month left in the season did just kind of get a ready for that last month the playoff races are happening. Batting titles I mean it it's last month of September fever. This is when it really mad so I really like doing this show on what helps me out because I'm blacked out right now. I don't you know it's going on yeah really bright in the studio Mike and are used to do and it can pitch black that's right yeah but I felt like that a very dark studio would have liked throw me off and I would have had no idea where I'm and there you earlier for USL. But. What was weird is that when we are planning this show and I still don't know why you even consider this is you wanted to learn how to run the board in depth to updates Anne and Mike Quincy and your share MB to two. We're gonna do it. Morning and swagger Mimi write an update. And I had to do and slanting to the right totaled don't slack move and I did it where you're sitting I now surfaced time and there was no one any air. But Calvert was on the air. And it was time to you know obtain it was I was the most nervous ever. To just do an update because if you're somebody that listens to the station. You know updates are are a big deal you know you know that. Know there's Joseph swagger might like those are your I don't get up early and of so I don't know who does the morning show anymore it's Ryan about how cool I Ryan. It and so you know you know I know those voices more than anybody because update. Is that the top of the hour and the bottom of the galleries are those of the guys that years so I got all this pressure on me. And I had done and it's like ho ho I did I did swagger how was he was like. Is fine no resisting its coward anyway. I think. Did the same exact thing is you did it end when I finish my update instead of turning coward on so that we could play at the rarity of I ended up turning on the studio next to us. And then just this'll weird like BC wind to start no. Commander speakers and Mike. What is going on what is going on if its wire runs in from this or did he was doing updates and here I was just running the board he runs in there and and he just looks at the board. Click click click fixes it is definitely a bad idea I'm fired already he had to say and now I'm pretty sure that's literally the first day he had become in here I wrestled the news one poppy gets little and use it works now like we can't end users and I can't our engineer he's an all out so we can use in an ad that time. Apparently that's just what you got was it's of a line through our studio so what we ever use that room floor I think we are planning to do like ducks traffic. How are traffic I'd be in there and then whoever's I don't know that is sell for around since you have the ducks since we are the home of the down onto any the fan now. Our post can change those Brandon Sprague is running our post game show on the in here and we were gonna have our traffic guy Preston in their running and instead he's just in here and as thing that got you got you so. Let's get to the show like I said it's out of the infield shift tonight at all so we might have to get to this that. I like an infield shift in radio in positions would you consider like the one in the two in an infield I would get to that later do you like that they will close the show out with that and I like that idea. But make sure that sex and read you today Tex lines 55 VO five and hit us all up on Twitter. IMac Jo fish three FISCHE. Got. PD 85038085. If I screw that up last year you and I'm pretty sure I said five of the thirty show you the producer of the show overly. Here's never hunt later. Not know ominous grandkids and how many and scream kid that's right let's and sticker on the same PD 08 by perfect and then back. My clinched when he sent in the hardest working man at 1080 in my Twitter handle it almighty I don't know or Maria either of these active concert Barry is an active Twitter participants on the rover in the outfield is what we're seeing here in the softball fourth man outfield. Basically here that we're going Basinger Twitter you did you. So on so those are Twitter accounts it is up on there. Text line about you today techs I've 55305. We have a pretty solid show. Manners they're given us a stop to talk about some things are going on in Seattle. We'll get to bats and interesting things we also have show hey a tiny. IE got some news today about his old load not so good news Yeltsin talked about JD Martinez law do Leo. On dues down DiLeo wanted to fires ugly head again. And I am I find this out until like literally minutes before the show but he made a really weird instead Graham post and out did you see that. I do not follow one do Leo and it's and I as his eyes this may be a shock to most blacks don't follow many sports athletes. A wanted to follow Verlander for a while just because of his wife via a B lieutenant have to follow Verlander and I initiative follows life. Oh could call my neck is that how this ends well. Are you really had here on mr. grant then I'm really mad she'd have like thirty posts that we're just all Kate up to in the and then I'd get one with if you know JV on images in order if so you want GB more than you want to get up to. No I don't follow all I wanted to file or JV to see Kate Upton. But it didn't wanna see JV now if I follow K updated the one and a thirty. That I CJ he would make a lot of complaining partner yeah. He's cocky and arrogant and honestly I think that might be a good strategy because you can like people can look at what pictures evil like. And if maybe they say like 00. 085. Hey there ago. He did easier if I'd liked to 200 pictures from Justin Verlander is account yet not good old people like breeze of that ago whatever but if it's as heated easier if five likes to pressure from keyed up ends account. And people are like a potential board and wonder what he's. So. Maybe had to take matters into my own hands and room rom from. South. Aren't Miller not Jim justice Paramount and comfortable. And not Dallas native fired off those jobs I like having its parent here are right now there are we're gonna gets. To our next segment there's a team that I follow and poor night talk about a lot. On their plane in the northwest. Are now. Plays of the worst baseball in the majors. And all seems hopeless and bleak they're getting in fights in their clubhouse. You think that we talked about my Baltimore Orioles but now we're talking about the Seattle Mariners its fight night in Seattle. Yet if I talk about the Mariners column next on the hot corner with hair it's in fish and orange on 1080 the fan. Hot corner where terrorism in Jun ten feet and. So a lot I opened a segment last you heard by saying that. Final Orioles beat the Mariners. On their plate right now so I can't say that they are they dead or are beating them. 'cause it's one thing mariners in the top of the fourth inning right now. Because say they beat them because they could just say and they did just beat the Mariners yesterday five to three cell. That schools seem my usually refer to as in the days. The first. It's always Griffin manners but I'll win my o's are in town are there and Baltimore. Are. The Baltimore and so Damien yesterday. Which was cool but my. A couple mariner players trying to beat each there before the game yesterday. And think you I guess today because they're given a -- to talk about how. Louis Hank. We remember last week we all sat here and basically said all right he would never talk about the earners again gasoline that's what we said right there three must we all agree that we were down just out right. Blair stayed they weren't done or at least. DE Gordon second baseman outfielder has basically wherever they need into for the Mariners. In jeans a girl on Tuesday. Before their game against Orioles which they lost. Bye to three again just got to remind. Its staff from Maine I think a misplayed pop up in the Monday game which they want and to the wine. And secure apparently wasn't happy of it and so I'm guessing that they. Voiced frustrations toward each other and then he said sundin Igor Andy aren't like aren't goes to media tells them to get now closes the door behind him. And then just moments after its I yellen up all things crash and thrown you know. You know what a fight sounds like when you're like out of the horror you know where there's a lot of stuff around. That's based goes out apparently the doors flung open to and people can somewhat see what was going on. So. The Mariners at least two of their best acres. They got me in a fight. And end their season at this point is over like we said last week and a lot of the players I heard this is at like listens happens all the time sports. Here with these dudes nearly every waking moment. There's going to be times where you just butt heads in and there's an argument kind of the player meeting whatever the case is it's always going to be. Is a fine perfect club house seemed for the Red Sox and sure they've had their moments as you were a couple players trip to each other but. The players they like played it off even Scott service now. Or their competitors you know in the two and one. And he wasn't even in the clubhouse you know over yet and that's a very good he wasn't in the clubhouse see he was on the field and then had to come back and no one out and one out and and then sorry does Knuble is totally I am out of the loop here so allowed players and probably some media people I know like they played it off as it was that big of a deal. And I think it is a huge deal. Because I feel like god personally disk could be the local in the Scott service air. If you look at the Mariners over the past because he's been there this is his third season when he. The first season he was there they didn't really have expectations I mean they'd. I've missed us for forever first time man you know first time with the new manager. And none of us knew we was right right so it'll. K they finished about five under but they never I think I'm looking back in ever got better than ten games above five pondered that season. Was this year so this wasn't the year. So the year after Felix. Could've won the last game of the season it ended up not matter ring. But if you would have beat Toronto they ID got in the playoffs believes is that your before service came I think starting that was the last year of Lloyd McClendon was at the year Cooper were on the side when we sat here and said Felix should. Dollar that between fourteen. And diving about a middle your after the Sony have team a Democrat. So I had to address it's Augen. So they were okay that first year. They know more competing for a playoff spot they were. Like this season where they start off a fire. Last year we know the story they're starting pitching sucked in got injured a lot so they were does from. Run through guys like seemed to be Leo. All these random dude so. And now this season they start off and so entertainer. That in Cairo when even set I dated more so neutral manner fans as the playoffs are lock you guys are in it you either go to the playoffs everybody's now. We we're all guilty I've I'm not so to where I believe that I wasn't sure lid on it all I believe that too I like to troll Mayer's fans because I knew it made them Kirk and upset that and like June I'm Sam McKee has the playoffs and outward to compete you guys are fine they'd be like the age. And life. Nobody goes to talk to I had. I got one buddies they've mariner fan and I just I did that film one I and the look on his face he just wanted to kill. Because he knew that and what could happen and that is what happened these past couple months manners absolutely fall apart so well. I'm saying it it'd as the low point of the Scott service air because of how they started this season and where their act. And and obviously they're African fighting in the clubhouse mean that's sensed that that really gets to them that's below the La you'd think this is on Scott service I think it's on him I just including this this is a bad mark on his Rangel and especially during this year when they started off so what I'll grant it again they had some of the starting to cheating injuries. And this season is very unique in itself where it's like a collapse I don't know if you call the claps because it hasn't been over the the fire a month span and then eleven game lead on the eighth I mean we know we know story at this point he and they've that's a big lead and and they fell apart in the eight. Let's be honest that they eighties are now oh. Way above them I think sixty games. And they'd lead them. And it. I don't know how well I mean Scott service he's had to make make do with basically what he's had this season and last season. I don't think this leads to end in fire by any means right right I think he's got at least another year in but best believe that after this season. He's on the hot seat. Yeah you would have to think I mean. I again I understand the starting pitching has been tough and they've been getting injured a lot and that doesn't really help because how how do you find. Like oh he's healthy pitcher he's always stayed healthy that's not like something that is like to fast balls dominant or they're splitter is unhittable. He's healthy all the time you can't predict when guys are going to be healthy enough and healthy so I'll. I just think that this is definitely. A low for the manners and again this is baseball. Any time something happened and then who knows manners are and the wild card game debt at this point with. This just happening yesterday definite low points Scott services time I'm not saying it's on him Mikey you know about a good question writer but. If this season ends out how it's expect to be and then next year they don't do anything. What what do you do I think finishing point there I mean adding some of this does boil down onto you know Mike's favorite GM Jerry to Toto for sure. You know I do you think that there is some struggles I think there's some really bad contracts so this team. Played yeah I I I I think if I'm may. Injures so far I think. I think at the end of the day as we sit here. Looking around and saying. Yeah as we said last week you have this mariner team is probably toast. They're probably die and you know here comes a funeral procession. Blah blah blah blah blah. I don't know of those guys truly thought they were out of it. After hearing about this. That tells me that those guys think they're out of it because of the Robby can know how you know for an excuse for his suspension. Who's playing second base the most. You know obviously you're not actually like. Talking to each other per say but you hear up the middle how he double plays you turning together I mean you'll see each other. The entire time yet and the fact that one guy is slanted door shut on and reporters. And the other any gets in the fight with the dude that you would think our common neck and act like home easily each other right. That makes me think that this club. We all thought there is. But now they all know they're done. And granted I think you know a stand like. Odds over like that talks about how we figured it out style of course there and say that and I mean both those guys in gene seeger at least I mean Dee Gordon idol. I've known enough about them or read enough about their personal people like off the field but they both seem like pretty level headed dudes. But I am. So I feel that is something that you know sometimes pot and boil over and then you're to talk about and then. Let's read o's broke and let's be broad broad are able to work it out and in on so maybe those two going forward or just fine. Ayman maybe this makes them stronger. In L fights the they need something. But he's I mean I guess that's my next point is like what needs to change I mean. We obviously we're. We're done with them this year. Between this bit this policy and what needs to change what is be different I guess and healthy consistent pitching good that's kind of that's not something that you can just like up. We got that that's you know. Well as pick up this guys healthy and he's consistent all the time perfect film and well I don't know like. I think what I was really tough about this team is that. This team needs a jolt of young people this team needs a jolt of energy there and and there's no farm system dad's age and anchors your future. Think it's clearly your future and secure is young enough and he's young enough. That you can maybe happen I think I think the biggest problem is is that. You're still stuck with Felix. Roe V Nelson and you know my favorite player and all Major League Baseball Kyle see here. Kirk. That you know lady that I think this team still has weighed too much we should lose we always lose mentality now. That mean. But there's there's a lot of new guys kind. I'm on the it is just more in the men in uniform that tally just kind of seeps into here. Bloodstream in your nerves and enact around again just to kind of songs like welcome Lawrence you know they have Holcomb horns and horns go up at the mayors of the tried and so it's like. Three down your leg. Yeah. Like Tex is not being back the Mariners are not. Hopefully they're back X zero like I said did they need to. They needs to. I isn't hard to put your hand on it. And as far as to whether it is the starting pitching or like you say kind of bad jolt of use. Them and they don't contact as the differences and it is to get grief and we fun to hear what John says at the end of the year down Cephalon some. All right so we go from one AL west team that is screwing things to another AL west team who. Might have screwed up one of artful best players whose elbow is screwed up we talk about show a tiny next to got some. Unfortunate news so showing coming next but first artists were command at 1080 Mike Lynch with these sports center update. Hot corner way of Arizona wins show on Canadian program. Should read this start freestyle and I mean I'm in. We'll go mimic Patrick hampers the bureau coast. Well low low low low. Oh I'm trying to do ever slow. I don't know if you have owner who have been there should be a separate question do you ever attempt to flow yes. Do you ever flow. Little well I mean I was consulted Marshall just dropped an album and he let me know. He makes fun of that that that. As a write his own stuff the Miami Marlins got. Now now on the Toronto raptor did yeah oh Drake yeah we has a name I never knew his game. Rates China it's okay stop. Earlier today he. Got a MRI he's been playing for the angels were on the school season but he got. A UCL sprained back in June 8 they shut him down for about a month shut down. They let him keep batting. Because his UCL a did not affect that and obviously disaffected his pitching and show they're taught me with a bomb UCL was better than an. Everyone else on the angels not name Simmons or Trout directly. Honestly that's and it showed tonight. So I'll show it's on eight. Yeah a grade two UCL spring and I believe it was specifically agreed to. And then that. Yesterday was his I believe his first. If that's the fact that he's missing a leg man and his elbow but that could seriously did like how old we have to send this season how B as it's like after he after his S. Asked later in his fifth slider yesterday agents went. So we see a plan so avoid the talk to John and let's just make showing no Tony they that the most the greatest. The eighteen page caught those are all tough set into the bullpen right yeah our announcer and maintenance that they do. So. He went did winning today. After is a former Jesse get two hits. One of those being a homer on walks two guys and gave up and home runs two earned runs he is only out there are two and a third. On and then given an MRI today. And it turns out that show they're a top when he needs Tommy John surgery if somebody ever came to mean and mistake you know Patrick. I think you go in for an am all right. That is the worst news I ever hear that you your picture and some was like to know and who should get your elbow checked out. My god I hope it's time around done. God knows our. Yeah and that's whatever as speculators so comedies on now. Get a bruise on an MRI just can't slow glacier media that's the most expensive medical procedures but in sports. As I can say that that might be where I live that it's like you know as a guy that you know I'm I'm fortunate that my job offers many benefits and you know I have insurance and it's the we pay a lot for that MRI you know with these you know I've got this this ailment. Continuing to us for this year that I'm fortunate Americans he's somebody you have fixed. But I have your Ribble literally spotted a direction that didn't get it's been spun today and it feels so much been able. OEM and I mean I know on divert him it's what do you like I interest while some are quarter after dark yeah there's a great getting to. Him. And hot corner out to argue heavy pages got to do anything we go anywhere. I would do my Cairo today I wish I could. Shut the name out on the radio but that would be clearly by this. She was before she was absolutely she's been actually fantastic. She reached a happened to the path and say hi to my ribs. Yeah edge keeping him after dark stuff in another region around the backside. So. Right in my ribs and I was a quote my son have felt it and she goes yup that was your rib rotating as a ruse rotating choose a dad subtle and so I got to adjust it. Doesn't like it did rugby action truth Julia she got it you said it yourself she got a IS LI show notes. Arnie he doesn't have heard issues ice again at Tommy John surgery and the reason they're doing this now is because they don't wanna like. Not do it got a whole offseason and then he comes in spring training and like oh hey you need Tommy John and are out for 20/20 also a very good musician they are not a done this. Half probably three months ago now when we thought of it I mean we sat here and talks. Till the cows came home you know like hey. You're not ready when right now. You gotta get some call on tracks off the books you know pools is an art too far away from coming off the books then you go out and get some free agents and build this team. If this kid. I emphasize the word kid. Is going to have Tommy John to eat Nat Cole stopped looking at the home runs at a in the and I know we had two tonight. And that's awesome yeah especially us honestly especially somebody somebody saying like hey need to have Tommy Johnny's I can you think any time we John although it two day here's how are you telling Barney Tommy John again I'll punch in the face a lead that's how I would look at it to colonel crunch them the evident the same image site. Hey man. You she is done this three months ago you zinni back in July next year and now if he has Tommy John now he's gonna miss. All of next year that he will miss net all of axed and he'll miss all of Tony nineteen and then what happens is. Into its when he Mike Trout that's his last year and then he walks and now you're just a jewels again but it senator Trout yellow tar. Anaheim outs on east instead of having a Tony and Trout like I don't get this yeah I don't yeah I think he's pour management from the angels harsh Curtis should just put under the knife. And I know he probably a lot to say whatever he wants but it's like. Come on guys you gotta do this it's funny about it too is that might be there they it's very clear they value is she. I think that's you know on its at this point otherwise it would have been it would have tried to thrown back out there. Last night but I think it is is if they value his pitching so much then why wouldn't it be done that Tommy John surgery worry is that I think that it's like hitting dinners is like a bonus for them again is one of the picture yeah yeah and they have no other pitch hitting it. Then let's protect the arm site that's like you know. But garner needs surgery on his Tommy John but he can still hit dinners so let's just keep him out there so. I mean should they cut their losses with his pitching and just make that 162. And it's. I feel like it is really my guess they value the pitching I love you saw this stupid stat that they pulled out that way they can compare notes on it favors his right. I run. Batters and it hit fifteen home runs pitched fifty innings right he's in and only to have hammered on that showing a tie. Thing is is like neighbors. Like 33 home runs Antonia sixteen yeah and he or Thais live literally it's like fifty something innings and Ebert that's season pitched like a 150 yeah yeah cool little bit of a difference there. Well I think and that's our sand is like in today's like you do that back in 1920 I think in today's baseball escape. I don't think you can have a dude. Play both positions or plane pitching and DH or at least. At least angels can't and it's effect will this what we know if this is the guy that does it. Let led to it's just let's just saying you know grand scheme scenario let let's just say this the sky's the limit and I mean C were positive right now. Let's say oh honey is the guy that can pitch and hit. Okay. Pitching. Is going to be the most valuable aspect from him. And considering his age. Would you not want to protect his pitching for the long term as opposed to giving it. Getting his hitting in the short term be hitters can hit. Pitchers will actually lose their pitch right there's like super stud pitchers. You know with the exception of hall of famers I was to name some dudes and I was like oh all those guys hall of famers. With the session hall of famers pitchers have a window of like 45 years drama like almost like running backs you know like hey that I was really good for three years look at. A sigh she. Super solid do for about four years and include page again. Okay but let's look a guy like me he Cabrera. A right he's please and is nineteen years old he's a very good right now. He's still batting 272. He's not really 'cause these are all that is good but you don't mean. Well that's all right pat I can just get ideas are right. I mean you're talking about a guy that was banned over three or hers entire career and now he's 36 and he's like K I combat to eating like. All take that. Where you know a guy who's pitching 24. Who's you know like look at Barry Zito okay Barry Zito just for three years and he's fantastic. And then all of a sudden he can't he can't. Throw off throw baseball from. You know the of the pitching mound to second base. So if you want to sky do you pitcher you've got to take care of him now didn't give him acting chairman Alan now wait for later at. Three months ago figure and three months ago three months ago so quickly because I know we're up against I saw a really funny onion article. If I don't know which when you're I live side or the headline reads chalet outside he regrets not researching which teams were before signing with the angels. Harvest agrees that is that that is accurate on the one already be like on the Mariners are no fascia you can you be in the middle that fight was cigarette and. Asked for years so yeah over the last four year. Tyler Skaggs. Garrett Richards entertaining nick choppy on a JC Ramirez. Cain and middle then. My pick is from Milwaukee I do and blocking high school so the mustangs. Like what John lamb to show only a tiny. I'm all with the UCL. Injuries with the last four years an odd time do you need strength and conditioning coach yeah that's sums could or may Scioscia is over the hill. I would fire Mike's oh so before every show Patrick our I send my deny attacks of the show bra and Allen in what topics will be talking about at night in and he sat on tonight eight and he's acted after gaining anything I'm like yeah I'm I'm hosting tonight by so totally forgot that since you work so hard and I'm guessing that you even found a story for us and Patrick. Full yes I didn't are a perfect it's story time with uncle Patrick on the hot corner next right here on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan is blow hot corner where there somewhere and Sean generated so. Well. We have made it to rule that age 47 or 850 segment are everyone says it's. It is at this time. I am. It's gather around kids folks everyone to. 12 yeah. This time it was story time at cycle patch. So I I I planned this because it's like my my new favorite thing. All time you get to talk for fifteen minutes about baseball stories you tell your employees understand no it's not that is is I love the history of race also a split once they realize you were hosting I was like oh dang old on this as an in my earlier today. As a recording the beard on his broadcast comes out tomorrow at 4 o'clock. This there. That I that I have this. And this is a real different than normal usually don't stories about like incidents OK right now wanna talk to you about one of my all time. Favorite players and you say that you get the entry into yeah pain when my all time favorite players in the history of Major League Baseball let's do it. I want to talk to you guys about William Francis Lee the third. Also known as bill space manly. You bills raise mandalit it was a starting pitcher for the Red Sox. From 1969. Through 1978 and then also dabbled with Montreal Expos from 79. To 82 and that's why I've never heard that so bill space man Lee wasn't John pitcher for the Red Sox he got his nickname space Mae and from some infield there from the Red Sox and I don't remember his name because he cares and if you live from the Red Sox. And because Cecil. And I got your back Mike I got you back. Because bill bill Lee was. The weirdest. Most free easy speaking do you ever super nice guy big smile Elton. There's a bar bomb house called the old gold shot out to the old old. They have a right to once they are yet within hand me to hit and drawn detaining us. Of two guy I'd two major league baseball players by boots at the back for no reason whatsoever what they missed Eddie Murray and the others build the when he was an expo. Can't blame them for that first one obviously pray and humor is great. And so bill space man leave the reasoning was so crazy was easy he likes he did yoga. In in this is in the seventies he did yoga and he always talked he talked about aliens. In all of this kind of crazy stuff. The biggest the that he is known for with Hughes was controversial in his politics. So he defended things like Maoist China. He thought that was a good idea. On the thought population control. It was a great idea they use on us then yeah right he was a big green he's spanned. But also he was super passionate about the school busing system in Boston Massachusetts bike show. Just like elementary school lessons and yes. Yet that still like to like make sure school bus systems Rae and better and more efficiently. In a weird thing to Boston Massachusetts you're the only passionate about something he was Joseph. Ball pitcher. So he's he he didn't throw the you know like. Did this guy is amazing. In 1988. She ran for president of the United States of America how well that'd have he got. You know Massachusetts is you know fairly heavy. Political state. The three things he ran on how many give you the first two and then a menu of third. The three things he ran more ran on to a mom was he wanted to outlaw guns and butter because both of them will kill you. A trans fats again though we'll get you in technically true although I asked. While some people might buy them on the guns on an item on the putter heart disease number one killer in America don't care about a malicious he goes on to something. The other thing it's is that she wanted to one of his main political. You know it's topics that he wanted to attempted to address he wanted to eliminate. The designated hitter. And I know hey. The DH rule is what's even in America are created she specializes nation as any by colleges or geneticist at the number one cause. Of extinction is they come up with the same answer oh her specialize Asian our whole society is pushing toward that direction. They tell me that the only things being apocalypse Latin because of the DH basically yes. It was database of apocalypse. It was then later found out. In 1980 he was on the cover of high times magazine. Of course he was an all soul and also in 2013 in an interview with the magazine he. Shared the fact that he really did smoke weed with the future president George W. Bush in 1972. Also and heralding our. Maybe he said that smoking pot and how he was. Total pro marijuana. Is what got him out of the leak. He said he definitely affected me as far as getting along with upper management everything else but to thy known self be true right. Always speak which believed to be the truth by doing that. You may tread on a few people's feet but blank then you can't please everyone. They later came out they heat every morning he made but we can't chicks and sprinkled. Marijuana over all those but we painting. Not for the Merrill honoree and not at all. But basically dampen just became an in my game play as well so once you know this in 2012. He signed a contract as a starting pitcher and an independent baseball league at age 65. OK I hill's base man Lee. Is my hero. Like this dude is amazing he is. He was Ricky Williams before. Ricky Williams like as bad baseball version of the sixties baseball version yeah Ricky Williams for me it it's like Mickey Mantle or are risque L. Frank you indoor or bills based mainly. Those are my favorite players in the history of baseball these are these are the stories are pretty shared the first time you do society now like yeah let's talk about out. The guy that it's created LSD or Asta dot Dallas housing let's talk about whoever did cocaine before they are star hit like. Four home runs or whatever everybody and that's when I'm down to these drug stories these guys are hooked on the immediate and that and I believe in the league for it. Are into it be like on high times magazine. Did Billy is legit William Francis Lee in the third. Bills based mainly William Francis Lee that there aren't any like this. You can find them if you if you watch a baseball Ken Burns he's all over it the biggest and eighties he interviews delete all the time. And bills is ironies do these like. Talking about the curveball and he's totally a Stoner and he's the way you hold this poll and here you put your knuckles right here in the with the rotation comes. It does some at California surfer but in my eyes will be like. Well oh would have to move and owners owned these stitches in the old too urgent look. It drops did I'm looking at pictures of them and it looks like he is either a photo shopped there yet this is definitely Photoshop. Photoshop and astronaut. Steamer suit on his body on the mound looks like he's pitching with is based NC bills based mainly here I am. I'm gonna have to learn upon him that this that was a good story uncle Patrick anytime minutes I think you I appreciate it. So are too. Coming up we got one duly note talk JD Martinez. Some younger players are panic it was her brother own teams will explain how all I now much more. Becoming are to keep us up on the tax line indeed they techs like I've factory 05 stagger out our blog or coming up. On 1082 and.