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Wednesday, September 5th
Joe hosting tonight, JD Martinez Triple Crown, ForF, and infield shifts. 

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Yeah but you baseball as you can sit next to your neighbor have a conversation or you can just completely ignore them baseball spoke here it's. It's time for the second game of our radio double header that is what you. Plus we're. Car this is the hard court order will terrorism lynch a deep down there one baseball on the hottest topics in sports it's time to do it by a bit sick and I just can't get my eye I saw that man with the tall head is quite a game but then that guys only know that guy hasn't blinked this entire game. Just a dead eyed idiot out on Thursday afternoon this is the hot corner where terrorism and sure. You write on an eighty you can. India and help us please so I could help us both men. I remember sir I'm so. How was. Our general. I'll order Amish if you are just tuning and hi Patrick did not take kicked in the gym blitz doesn't have a huge load either master. No I'm right here unless that's a threat to mention he ran for governor in 2012 of the state amassed since Billy did. Then they asked him she was similar words sorry and Vermont they essay he was similar to Bernie Sanders has Ernie you know being in you know us senator from Vermont. He said no I'm not they asked him are you burning light he said no I'm Bernie heavy on so far left atom right. He would sit well Portland and like okay. On and yet the bill Brinkley knew Billy coming on the show sometime soon yeah I'm working on he's going to be archery and basically. Our itself there's a guy for the bossa Red Sox he's playing really dead in an hour wanna talk about it because the plays in the past Red Sox and I don't like giving credit to Boston Red Sox players but. I think this is a little ridiculous. But JD Martinez. Is very very closed. Two. Winning the Triple Crown. For those of use that don't know baseball don't know what to Triple Crown is will not screen internally get mad but. A Triple Crown is when you lead the league in home runs RBIs in average. In the last time that that happened was back into when he twelve Wendy Cabrera did it for the tigers. And so would be the first and when Mickey did it. It was the first time since 1967. Carl Yastrzemski yes yeah. Stated then who so it's been since 1967 it only happened once point twelve to the ogre perera. And right now JD Martinez CS 39 home runs which only second decree status that Chris Davis with a cane and I think it. Not that did that struck honorary twice in this matter games twice. And so oh I think he popped up and would have expected that at least three by now we sixth inning yeah. So he's got 39 home runs or Chris Davis a 115. RBIs as which is first and he's got a nine RB I question. Over Christine is in jail. There's Jose Ramirez and all this coli and nominal all get to him actually it's it's funny that you mention in my ISI don't we jump to get and then he added 335 average which is funny because he's tied with his own team need to keep that that is Canada and if you commit the story throughout the years and you and invents an intriguing and who blew Keith. Low. The loan was gonna go ahead reminder that Patrick said. 12 it was going to be really bad Yankee he wasn't we may have some sort of beer stairway to Matt and it's totally a sandwich. And Patrick you were off the most definitely. He'd ever. Start. So sure he was no sorrow he does suck duties and DH she doesn't do anything but swing a bat. In bed DH can't get in the hall of fame a DH can't win MVP Cole a DH will be in the hall of fame they are easily to a guy and he's on steroids can't lie that he's. Rawhide I think David Ortiz because in this hole for yourself why you trying to abort the fact that he's good I'm not did you know whole life he's Sox. I think he's also a big. Lumbering DEA. That is on eighteen just loaded with dudes everywhere he's tied with 335. Is about batting average in baseball with a dude depth Sonnanstine who we are you've got a 130 RBIs and a bunch all runs not to make. Your right handed hitter and the green monster is right there I am shocked I tell you shocked you know to keep fixed Jackie Bradley junior this year. I know that Jack while Bradley Jack you're still kind Sox walked up to amusing one radiance and notice something in your swing and now it's nearly 1030 I hate one do Leo. I love how might the Yankees and right now we're going up to perhaps for the best player there on the Boston parents stop at best hitter Alexander Bogart's is the best furtherance of cookies at the best player no Zander Bogart's is okay current best. Hater Italy Italy 27 but he played also that's curator at the it's topic to topic got a murder you. Oh jump through this window and strangle you have my my hero wired so joke into how your find some might question is why doesn't why doesn't anybody care Eddie's about it in the Triple Crown I. DA and no one cares besides. Hat trick now is land just ask Mike if this question because we definitely mine in my office. So why why does know Michael what is no one K that one do Leo's about the hit for the Triple Crown may be but. I don't miss it's we weird I feel you'd be getting a lot more blow at this point and armor with Miguel Cabrera 2011 it was like. Only being talked about a baseball has he played third base. Because it'd been so long is Carl Yastrzemski had done that they have and who later in the outfield. Now I don't know why maybe it's just because baseball national isn't getting the same hype that we we did it. Are we saw how have like six years ago or the results are loaded. And he Thatcher I thought he singer Michael off a hell Mike thought entered enough argument that day I doubt he was saying c'mon when she actual has. We. Yeah. Regularly turn all the way down he had no control at this point why just turned it all he can control it but I could turn down as he but it hit a idea are I it's weird to me I feel we should be talk about this more but I kind of feel like the Red Sox store one of them being good. Was a hot topic for two months and may have just continued to be the best team in baseball. So now we're just kind of like except in the third and minority and it aired delay of polarizing like I ignored alarm you have gore sitting for that Triple Crown whatever. You know. To be on this would this be more of the story is say if a white he'd like Bryce Harper was doing it or say why why do Leo my wife trial. You know I'm saying I think is not but it. Not though he looks kind of way bust his tennis but basically scroll. If you know America's hero like. Night and should why should mean armor with Spanish as if he so old. If Bryce Harper Mike Hsu now or anybody else is doing this like Chris Bryant like that. Now you wanna know something think America act is I don't know can I ask 1 question what I am on his question basket OK go Michael Biron because Miguel Cabrera had a lot of hype I. They're all fielder's Patrick we. Get it all so the one thing they have in common we're just gonna did miss might affect how they've played bowl site of the baseball. Is that your crowd as an offensive thing. So here's your competitive field. It's an offense. A war or do we not tired legs might try his best players basically I don't plays in the field all day and to me that I bought ourselves Austin for this bat right now. Yeah because I just chased down three balls in the outfield is my team is garbage. And this guy with a blown UCL. Keeps giving tears that I go chase a rule law. Yet if my child was dude don't give it didn't Bryce Harper at least he has ice hitter Juan Julio was banging balls of the green monster. You know our heart is to sit. In the dugout. And belligerent innings and what you have exhausted he's probably on steroids is mentally exhausting probably. I mentally exhausted so I don't know I feel like. Is knocking talked about at all and Mikey could be right as far as it being just kind of like overwhelmingly boss league in the keydets is really game he's the league in averaged eighteen Martinez and if the trip on the okay I'll die. I'll be serious permanent. Please I think I think a big reason why JD Martinez is not get the love. That he'd probably service for this season whether MVP consideration or Triple Crown is he is how long it took him to sign in the off season. I think that was a big thing we talked about a long time we are like why is nobody won Judy Martinez and everybody is like 'cause he wants too much money blob of all law he doesn't. He's shown us what half a season that he's he could be a superstar talent so I think he came into the season not very hyped. That now that worst year and he's kind of in a market. That is out shined by a couple of the players I mean these have Chris Sale David Price moved beds. Pedroia is still our team even though he can't you know suit who laces on issues up. I think he has lost in the shuffle in Boston I think that's the biggest reason if I'm being. If I'm being honest and fair and not just bashing a tall dude that's old that's a righty in Fenway I think that's fair. And I'm racist and takes half innings off yet. Will quieted down. Back on the DH him skins once Ortiz gets in and and you have no editors got one more year. You're gonna mention Jose Ramirez and I still haven't heard anything about Jose or low yes the article. And I felt like this kind of values may. I'm playing four positions now it's leading the league in home runs and steals and the saints season whoa and that hasn't been our concerns. Honesty here as. A long time I think it like 1912. Was the last time at 9020 hall of Famer Chuck Klein did it 32 Ahmanson twenty steals for the 32 Philly 32 home runs and what he's steel eight leads the league would when he steals this aid. Real good crop of players to keep things Ricky is better than that so this you are and aren't. He's grown our colonies Ike and Triple Crown school at all desolate as hasn't happened since like the twenties and you should probably pay attention to this Stan and I. All right yes that is cool props Jose Ramirez but it. What a.s whereas like add Triple Crown his cool on my name to check this out well I don't mean we can of worms but this is why things like MVP and stuff like that people need to really start looking sometimes a baseball that stats aren't everything. Well if I know stats amaze for everything and I've been a big component that. But if you're looking at a guy. It has the second most home runs or third most home runs. And the second best batting average but he's got the most steals and he plays for positions maybe Jose are mere short MVP just like Jacob to grow. I mean maybe well maybe Jeter to ground debt and have the best ERA maybe he doesn't of the best whip because some other dude has so thing you know like. Point six points you know point 06 below him. But until you what the man's got 25 straight quality starts 87 and not buy and sell and it read talk MVP. JD Martinez just real quickly he made a very acutely posts on this in street Rampage. Final run in Huntsville school and look at this so he call took a picture. What are. And there's a quote on an insistent conquering nation's first disarm its citizens and author or 33 and one DiLeo said Ed. That's why I always they show. Hash tag truth. On so. You sing a picture of you know Hitler and then he said. I'm Cuban for the OK I can Astro your entire country for awhile and he terrible too and I don't support that and I thought it was weird that because he's gotten some flak for about honestly I think. The week that I saw about is people I'm surviving Grady he works for any asset in Boston he said people upset about JD Martinez's Ernster imposed are forgetting that type net Yastrzemski said he enjoyed the Star Wars equals. I thought you'd appreciate that yeah yeah as you know he. Played in the outfield. Episode three was pretty good. I thought you appreciate that's so one do Leo. Despite all my hatred forum is now a Hitler posting gun toting redneck. Well I think the messages. Or B Hiller I'd get a bum Ike yeah I am not posting pictures Taylor. See I mean I I hope so I grew on us a picture of Hitler but at least he's not saying. He's not sandwich and Hitler is just sand like and that's why I trust the government. I stagecraft. So ambiguous they current state of the political spectrum of the country. I do my wanted to followed up with like Hitler was a terrible human being. And his. Give more stupid some. But I think we've off well for that some. It's literally a picture of Hitler they won't affect the agents computing. Why not it's effective Curt Schilling from giving them all the faith in my guys said he has like the pre calls. All right Melvin gonna we're gonna go. We're going to on some of these younger guys in the league eat in September call ups happened. Byron black in this kind of get screwed by the Minnesota Twins as Vlad Guerrero junior no old Bo Bo do you know. Wounds. Problem of seeing. Wish we talked September call ups and young players getting. Strapped for you yours by their team coming up next on the hot corner on ten needed the band John Jay Nady drove. A little programming notes at night and upset and enough to few people and on an annual which her. It's always sunny in the Nokia season thirteen premiere tonight. Spin this. You can 10 o'clock ethics act did that that's. That was my that was a Michael. We are feuding. You know. So I just wanted to pass on that programming note because it's always sunny how dumb I can break that watching it's always sent me and African ordeal over the last year there. And in doing the best decisions I've made my life. Over runner. How many over which show do you think I have seen more of Rick him thirty. Or always sunny in Philadelphia athlete on over or under well whatever same thing. Same differently had BCS. Yeah I know what what am I seeing most of most ominous it's always sunny because there's. Like twelve seasons as a justice to reach them and as I grabbed logic. Arrest Derrick Morgan because of more popular program. You think more or sunny because of more seasons to gather site. 7080 more absence I think I seen that three episodes of always sunny in Philadelphia because I have seen at the one where they're waiting in the four liked. Eagles tryouts and Danny DeVito gets stuck in the port party eating like mushrooms or something. Right is that an episode is now the city I have seen now one and I think I've seen some other ones mostly involving the U weird chip equity unit brown. Who's actually like smoke cannot live on an idea. Oh that's the the portals the yeah we also I've seen I've seen one of them. And yeah I think that's at the net boils agree where I had seen the Z role episodes of yes or team while three nothing I win. I still have no idea what either shows about a moment ago with their about nothing correctly at our alma and that's what makes it's so simple and so from middle middle of disenchanted. Right now this enchantment disenchanted Minnesota it's called the new Mac grunting show that Netflix they kept Billy west yeah I won't watch that. John shields you'll want now well I want one good well. My what it's like future Roma. Which was great now I'm really good and well and he's thought I would still warming up to parents and my guess is Bagger running half. Half past that think his Netflix is willing to give them like. Give him as much money as he wanted so my guess is probably not nearly as good as the dvd keys you money because he deserves it okay knowledge want to Leo speaking of giving money. More importantly in baseball players eating might get enough of it Patrick great. Definitely not with guaranteed contracts. Yet totally not allocate another issue is is that really really good young players. Art in their contracts as soon as they would like an ass because of correct they get those starred the hat I guess because of the service time rules. Which is Jess sexy rate service time stock. But I am Byron Buxton for. The Minnesota Twins he's a very good outfielder garbage hitter and fast yet really real fast dat. He has bounced around minors and majors the last like 34 seasons because of dean and get they wanna bring him injuries so for you know like backing for. This season it's been a lot of back forth because of injuries between. Plain complaining he's been he's been on the active roster but they put him down to triple A recently. And to get him back from ups and injuries. In this thing is is they are now shutting them down for the rest of the season because. He is only played a certain I'm a beast width. The Minnesota Twins. That he hasn't fulfilled a full sir this a year blue of his MLB contract and so they're shut them down for the year. And because of that he's gonna play the next however many weeks that's gonna put him below that service line. And basically what that does suggest after five I believe five years of service year's end and all and I'll be. You are then up as a free. I am and so because of this fire Buxton. That he doesn't get another terrorist year. What's even worse about because it's happened I mean it's happened to a lot of different guys Chris Bryant happens Dubai it's with Buxton if he is. Is the Minnesota Twins GM. Thad Levine. He kind of should've stuck his foot and mouth after seeing this as he said we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we weren't at least aware of serve time in packs on decisions. Which is a little eye opening got a lot of managers GM declared off is. Whatever reason injury defense law and Tino wanna bring them along this is IE don't see Vlad Guerrero junior. Brad on this time of years because of service time they wanna bonds and in the minors and make sure they have and how long as possible in the majors he brought along come up until late April next year. Yeah they wanna make sure he doesn't fulfill service here rim has and they can happen for the next five years. The thing is though is that what Byron boxes Jewish in his gold Glover. Is the G and basically saying that oh well yeah I'm looking at service time and we're trying to make sure that dudes do stick around and we don't have to pay him to Europe so. I I know I saw that and then with the Vlad Guerrero junior he is and kill and torture at like. It's due to be eating anybody listening they need to go white flag or junior in AAA highlights 'cause he is matching. And the blue jays who are selling tickets no one's watching them because there are garbage. And aid league that's kind of having some problems with ratings mean people watching. You might want it insights and excitement to a garbage blue jays team why did you call up Vlad Guerrero junior in the September call ups. Sell some tickets to people watching on the local Toronto network where their TV affiliation as. But why urging here among give them TS and thank you Lucia I had to have a young Mike. You get TSA and an America. Probably pulling I'm guessing so but you can leg usually pays some money he has and maybe appear in buffalo or heard Detroit let those close to Canadian man. They had basically what I'm getting and someone wrote an article I believe is on the SP nation or some like that but they said MLB MLB EPA needs to stand up for Byron Buxton. Why I say I agree hasn't existed and I feel like has been in the majors for the last like three seasons. And he's only for Phil I think one year of service time for the Minnesota Twins so they're gonna happen until like 20/20 three. Well I think what's I think what's tough about this is as. Is is it border lines on indenture. Servant to an extent right leg we're manipulating this so we can keep you as well as we can't exactly but at the same time and that's how baseball is built ME baseball's built through your farm system. You mentioned Chris Bryant. Cutting Chris Bryant is a great example. He came up. They he came up well basically to be in this season for the cubs he played like two weeks and recycle we crab this guy's gonna be amazing. Then they sent him back to the minors for like a month a man of because as long as he didn't get til like April 20 or something like that and he didn't. He like they kept him for an extra years exactly yeah and you don't have to pay him right right but at the same time. Chris Bryant is now. The face of baseball period later he is going to get to he did this even though he has a so it's it's up because it's like. That the teen turn error row spot because any guy can walk anywhere. And especially if you're you know amending the auto or you know Chris Bryant an or. Bryce Harper you know someone give rolled the absolute world that you. And you can't it's like. As I think that the rules are placed L teams like the Cleveland Indians because of the if we and have this rule the news was not have frank you indoor. Or Jose Ramirez or Michael Brantley or. You know Laurie Cooper. Carlos drag of the team would be decimated so winning is bill in place to help. Keep these small market teams that have done well and drafted and done their due diligence and yet it's sucks for the player. It 100% size player and I guess this sounds insensitive but when your time comes to cut the bigs bring it. The Israeli bring it. You'll get paid no country you know opened my eyes well and the last time I checked a buyer Buxton is not bringing it. I out of the day she's you know now he was a highly touted prospect she came in one overall number one overall. I thought he's gonna be Azinger he showed up we saw flashes of brilliance and to be honest she's not a great. I guess I'm not so much you know the whole standup and fight for Byron Buxton. It's more so the idea of fire bugs and yes I can and I've read that's not the only guy I in this situation not at all so. I'm Rick I wanna keep an eye on Nancy all plays out maybe just nothing ever happened and his status quo NASA's how baseball is I feel like with the GM of the twins saying that out loud. Seem like Aaliyah were about service time. One of the foot and mouth moments for them will say it happens on the road with you September call logs I am but I know this I'm ready to see Vlad Guerrero junior. So. Next up though coming up I'm. I've I get to meet my creation myself. Because it's fair or foul coming up on the hot corner on to anything but first. Mike Lynch with this sooner update. Yeah. There isn't room. Terrorism wind tunnels and eighty. I'm looking forward to this call deny my creation. Fair or foul fourth Porsche V8 four or par four orphans. There now and tossed it to Mike Lynch. Or fair. And stuff that all trivia base today no opinion that it needs your. He owns a regional finding out things I wanna know aren't your brain. What are your fact brings down brings us face mainly top five pitcher ever. Back to our sense of stairs receipts. Battlestar act but now that she says that little fact today's extra his days ion there scared bars with Russell will be so so I gonna focus solely. On be your best league in in the MLB this year is the nationally US. But nationally. OK if there's the National League in general yes which is all nationally in Staten base trivia questions my set me up you know some of the medical uses the endings and close everything you know watching. So do you know whose lead in the National League in batting average of tomorrow. This is an opportunity to question I'll ask how can you know I don't you really think. Nolan they're not a noble no senators no I mean someone really appeared. It is Reese Hoskins. While I was shot that was my insurance suitors and the resilient brightly dean man sitting for a while the right team duty. When you're not always Hoskins a villain he's the same thing as same division. Then and reds this the same colors posts out her kind again but not really here is my share of question. What division and his scooter genetic. The National League central the question is. Are the top five hitters and. All from the national export boom. Essential is cardinals the constant rumor is that pirates in the rats yes correct okay. Just trying to think analyst teams out hobby biased because I think is standing very very good sign none on administrative fees and he's spent the day is only batting like 300. And like 297. So he's kind of did that hooligans who read them. Too many citizens almost an hour I have almost a good hitter. He's a good hitter. And I've gone on this or and John Maginnis a town because I can't think of anybody else on the top man that they didn't. That might be. All five all five in the division. Those questions about a yeah Al. It's your genetic. Scooter. Six kind of think about on the pirates of some of that game. I can see that's that's the thing is like I I think of the like I think the National League east. I think you'll like guys like Ozzie I'll b.s and Freddie Freeman. And may be aid trade terror or Nancy rent to own it. You know unless I'm. I'm looking our way this and I know gold the at a slow start I know we can't be that hopper now use up to twelve to identify you see on this Ressa Steve I mean that's huge back for a but he was so down so early. I think I have to save fair or. Because. Although I don't know wells is that's what's scary is my thought is like in its nonessential who is it needs. It's not the big boys outside of the central. Yeah I'd say now I feel I am I feel like there amen to save a fair for devil's advocate. Write them and go up from ten to one you'll find out as they go you're gonna tennis obvious by a senate sub advisor to 97. Nine is Trevor story at 297. He is known or not only to 987. Is nick arcade games at 304. Fixes for Freeman at 307. Five Jose Martinez on the cardinals 309 central. For Lorenzo came real nice central. Three hands over his 3 elevenths central to Christian Ellis 360. Ellis was on that winds division you know it's just me chill and Iraq now. She is as good a read a cub and cardinal how bad bets and plays well represented well represented. Animal from nice dad my age number to kind of turned on right now but the number two there are only two players who have a hundred RBIs in the National League. One of them is a last place team. Which players it is bad. Apparently the last place teams saying Padres. I am guessing the pirates know the reds reds so pot trays brands. And Mets two Marlins are concerned and Lawrence. And the what was the question again I'm sorry I urge you players in the National League with a hundred plus our guys ranked one of them is on a last place team in the National League which we'll players. Yeah. I'm gonna go away if it is my Brian Anderson on the Miami marvelous. That a real person that is a real person. First of all I don't see him in the tough intended intending to if if if the convening. And RBIs last play east team and I got another dead safe Communist foes is the only logical guess granderson is 41 of fifty. Given what's he batting. Why. He's betting through seven more of an overall are being highs RBIs. And I'm not the other by the way as hobby by as that a hundred flat. I Joey potter just as does the same first name is neat and down bad as he's produced on I don't think he's. In race and I mean the French tennis besides saying guess its air caused her kind yap on them. Here is you feel Suarez on the red right team. Player you do those forests it into 91 with 31 homers and a hundred RBIs how for the reds dad. And we'll hear my next question pitching it is relate to those reds. And Joseph Nevada and Joseph motto Kurt. A year on the DL currently right no he's back now just came off okay. Is this the first year in his career that he's gonna hit assuming that is the same undertake. First of these core reader is this first chair in his career if you have them for him. I was on a safe there again I think he is back end. But I'm gonna say foul and just gave him that rookie season ranked second season where. You know news is in the majors trying to get things going on that's that's insane. Let me let me amend this is well. Full season full seasons the other one entered your ridiculous 300 but he put six I figured I feel full season. I'm gonna go foul just say that Yang he had a rookie season herself like that early in his career. None Joey vial would be surprised if yankees hit 300 every seat in the neck and it's the only run foul beyond where I can back my joy thought of hall of fame is to save fair. I don't love it. But does say any thing yeah. Because if you bat every season except for me on that you've got hurt over 300 yen and you're in the hall of fame. The answer is foul move his first full season which was his second year 2008. To 97. That's still insane that's dude my purest savage SOB. There's other numbers averages. Three Tony Q3 24309337305. Injury you're 255314326320. Now too yeah. Kinda. Please someone get Jane Fonda on a better team is tooled around eases. They then there are some good reds teams when he was in his prime when man Johnny Quaid oh in the Shimmy and no no there were a couple years they battle it out what the cardinals. You know there there were some and pirates and remember all three of those teams and the cardinals won the World Series and fires can get out a wild card first round. Thought. I know that these dudes I got a bonus question I got one more trivia question are you. Killing of the stolen base category. So so bad at National League I think generally people would assume Billy here ultimate speed would be. At the top this list he's not he is third and with 29 in stolen base. Who are the players in the second and was. You know Mike I will have to teach your fair Al because you're not giving us fair or foul question you just happiness try to guess players and it's. It's not working out what they have but I like this or just your undoing what does that mean you can. You can critique we are missile and the year. Patrick you wanna go first and stolen bases he's leading international aid technically my first. To my first three repair prohibition and and asked him a fair quality work. Turn the leadoff hitters. Billy Hamilton is there. Trade turner had to play the whole season. Garcia. As he. Give me Ozzy out east school. I think and guess there's also a traitor and you and I feel like an eighty snow. Six returner. Vietnam wars one gas or he gets. We'll treat cerner Nazr audience OK we just to get best known ought not sharing his guest. You sure do OK then and I had to pass a pass on Ozzie because if they. Yeah yeah gauzy Al reason traders. Let's go old well for turner is for Crist. Elliott and number two is what the kid that's now a New York Irish he from what's his name from Miami. Went. And his. Though it's actually a pretty big name guy who is. To a star who has been pop or Houston. Doing a little. Key word of a star. In this. So I heard yeah. Our sleep early marte hard to have an. I. Might the end you pretty turned around only 571. Of that nature beautifully put you know it's funny you know it's easier like Jesus still are now zone H. Starling Castro is not a star nor has he beaten pop first got perfectly consistent with the answer my anyway and because. Here in steroids I don't care. I'd return the first 35 front or to section thirty. Campbell just went on veterans McCain 26 there is a brave this kind Ozzy album substantial response endurance you are telling CRT twenty. Hey hi I'm pro am I gonna help my homicides a stupid comments and I'm sure as a way to I only Sears dot dot Batman yeah. But hey this is I learn that he has played a full season in my film we'll get down car that was sheriff Alan that was fun. Alana piece too that's a lot better than I thought it happens something. We're wrapping up next is Patrick Roy says will make it up in the last segment this is the hot corner onto an eighty the fan. This is blow hot corner where there is some way and John Jay Nady drove Israel him. Bonds I would like to say sales if you wanna start you know maybe Villanova commercial breaks here in Thailand and have a man. Anything less than I generally stand a better position has pretty good we should surge getting some sponsors and demands for that I'm gonna show. Joseph over you with us for about three years now on his minutes Superfund show. One day I got a teacher. And nobody was it. No it's a hole. Eden who I have at least my mother while listening in a couple family members are mum efficient a third of its laissez Fisher the third. Now that's not how it works no fish is her last name Fisher this game. No it doesn't work that way that way there now. Not isn't to figure this thing out really confused. Yeah I am. I was a little discouraged as stark is that I think we when it's only 2245 minutes on the text line with any single text message so we'll use of that do you want to trashy. I think someone said that. We want and T has just talk Peter. So. Oh I think I saw one somebody was like. The infield shift through the infield shift and has certain moment for a couple segments but you don't do for the whole game. And I I saw that allows like that was actually like the nicest way to tell someone they suck. Because usually when I get it text on the tech slang that's like yell lynch is awesome who the hell is this. Chain smoking do should bag Denny's server wanna you know some odd that music excellence wondered if her piece it is yeah I won't automatically hosting. I don't. That he's aegis you did tune it out you'd think you'd think people that you know that listen to show as often as they do end. And those of you got to enjoy the little ditty that we do here what are you working late at night shadow RJ keep keep. Keep grind brother we got you back I'll keep them you know or if you're somebody that wants to ask him I got her feet. You know you yea yea yea used to you know to quickly. Doesn't like a good rugby action team proof of the unit that plants are did them for a all I know as we need to change them Packers. It's not helping my car. But it's funny you mention that tax because I'm sure that might melt under the nozzle pool and we definitely have a lot of audio clips that would back that state and has a lot excellence and on your knees with what is is that's that great production from until this year it is real tight mixture it's I don't use. That's a go to a I get over URG I played the Abe com for me around and I can't control it I've who played the A bomb from A-Rod in my. Year those goods don't ruin morale the American. DeVon I grabbed for prong malice at first introduced just Beagle I might that I can't remember what words that can and can't say on the air otherwise NB. Rushing you with terrible name candy the touch screen anymore and I almost dropped the F bomb last week so as vehement as that's true you almost at Belmont we'll go ahead and not even be coy about it I'm going to poke Patrick here. Well done. You guys make my job so much for making drops. They give a play almost never intentional then yeah it's usually how it goes out of this one was in he was lifted the tip Pluto is touch. And it would make things go off this also makes me happy that I'm. It's again on Esther earning 1 of the eastern time Mika is all these jobs with the NBE. So. And in human news and whatnot I just smile and none. That's why I mentioned earlier in the show that that person caught in stop and I was gonna talk about in field ships for all the idea that was a guy. Collins and actually going to talk about infield shifts. Are referenced that we were doing an infield she have to root for our show today and that sprung the question Jimmy trichet on. If we would too if we were consider our spots in there no control production room. What position would be B would we be I think that to share which is where you see it seeking camp. And how it gets you got second base that he don't do hold it. It just how will throw the ball to come DN and I go ahead an amendment to right field they know that's another good choice but I also say second is is because. They'll want to share is shortstop. It has all the while the ball's flying matchup balls command or direction he got to play on your toes and be ready. And then when double play comes in shortstop annaly and and he's just got a positive the second baseman second baseman catches it. Takes it off and then boom throws it to the first baseman. Who's the producer. Is only tested all yes it is now gala I wasn't gonna. This question in terms of like an actual ground ball. I was thinking the host here's kind of like the catcher is is involved and everything I took. Stood every single plays involved innings he's got to be the one directing the pitcher and he's you know do all that kind of stuff if if if I'm gonna go at the Joseph Tucci or doesn't do anything. That's right field because if you see that message before. Of at a picture before a line of Little League where they put the kids colonized athletic is always right the you know what your referencing yeah when star after shortstop. Producer. All we're not revealing the bench coach for some from. Who I hate that was sticking with that in the shift kind of thing and that's why gave us all feel positions so yeah shorts up to the lawn. Second base the T doing and first piece is the producer now he has are ready for this really lively no more drama and my tournaments that pleased you. And haven't used for example the greatest team ever assembled to no one World Series. Compliment him system that would be the 1997 Cleveland Indians. When you sit in the one shared. With a shortstop Omar risky go. I'll take it for you either bad first second in your jobs to get on base but. You rule the infield you are the sexy position. You are the spot that everybody wants because your name is first sting your the guy and that talks first and blah blah blah blah blah. But your job is to get on base. Okay. Producer Sandy Alomar junior that's the catcher that's the guy whether it is on. Every single thing that's going on and connect commercials Promos vocal folds you connect Ed. You're looking at. At that time. In pinch we gotta get out on time and all that kind of jazz you are running the gaming catcher. That to cheer is Manny Ramirez your job is just can't get there until somebody's throws you meet PH. Please blast that sucker over the wall and you score. The guy they just got on Sudan in. Shortstop in the one home run hitting outfielder in the two catcher in the producer chair only felt easy. You know I spent quite a winner for the right now I'm earned judge I think that way Mike he's not every Sanchez he's Austen wrote mine because he actually came calling game. And blocks and good and you can be DD grew glorious or currently a dean injury. They DD. Don't think we're ready now Jonathan on your general when you like Anthony. Then you're trying to say after Maria yeah okay. And read you Guerrero everybody was like hedge your son to be. Guys I guess and thinking just throwing me a bone. I'll always appreciated wherever murderer practice. But Lynch's capture. Hello all I have a that Burnett threw real apparent Michelle Obama I don't think it's my gym in the speech. Anyway as for Joseph Fischer first Patrick Harris and Mike Flynn stinking for tuning in this special edition Joseph Fisher hosted a version of the hot corner. Everybody have a good night.