Hot Corner Hour 2 7.25.18

Mike Matheny fired, talking old school managers not fitting...what should the Yankees do with Gary Sanchez, and Fair or Foul

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Are you baseball as you can sit next to your neighbor have a conversation we're can just completely ignore them. Baseball's spoken here. It's time for the second game of our radio double header that is it. This is the hard corner where terrorism lynch a deep dive on baseball on the hottest topics in sports distributed to the bottom of the sixth and I just can't get my eyes off that man with the at all hey it is quite a game but then that guys and let you know that guy hasn't blinked this entire game just that did I've idiot out on a Thursday afternoon. This is the hot corner where terrorism and sure it's a dream right now on an eighty you can. India has. Help us please somebody help us no friend yeah. I remember sir I'm so much testing ground when and how we. Listen I know. I'm Gelman TV's second hour of the hot corners you miss me the first hour that you can download that on the less Schwab tires podcast as we do every single week. And two a country is about to jump out of a plane at the beginning of Mission Impossible for them. And also armed is to distraction for those of you out there listening growth may be forgotten about this the future is back. Lovely actress yes the future is back Lisa copper don't forget never hash tag never forget girl next door to dock government. She. That was like an awakening for a lot of us and our country's interest we saw Valerie in our teens. It was like whoa who is this and I think the added benefit was whoa she's a porn star. Which she is a person in the movie she is no right. He's such a big red there's the whole premise of the movie via I don't I don't remember seeing that movie. Well maybe you should watch it because she still looks pretty good in the main character and his two friends who were all three very nerdy to bring free porn stars to prompt. Yes. Yes yes. Yes great movie if you've never seen it watch it and if you don't if you wanna actually never forget Ali should comfort brutal but if you Google my friend. All right well something went down I read for the all star break they're kind of through both of us off and I still don't really understand it. Even though I've seen some other things but Mike Metheny the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals former catcher referred decades. Of the St. Louis Cardinals maybe not decades but a decade. Was let go. As the team need to quote focus on the new direction. On a scale of one to Michael lynch how surprised are you on this point. I. Well. I guess I'm Mike Lynch could pick pick pick and that the ball dude got to settle down over there did settled down I solve I saw the story IDF fired and aisles like we'll ask Ethel Metheny was a great manager. In Nairobi are close in the athletic that bat had altered the details. The details eats. I do like saying we're deep spineless for my two hours now. How he was. Old school to a very severe fault them in how old none of the players on the team. Not none almost none of the team players in the team bought into his idea how to be a manager how to run a baseball team. They said that it was no fun to play baseball under him. And they said the big thing was he picked a player to be. Essentially the snitch. Section of the player that would be the his bodyguard is right Jimenez wing man in terms of following the cardinal law them in nobody likes that guy. And he wound up telling do we know who was yes we do who once it was Bud Norris blow. Bad idea deed but Norris apparently very old school I thought to be like Mac partner known and up apparently he went to U. Metheny who's the specifics are in the articles about Jordan hicks the young 105 on our sinker ball plural is not the best. And apparently hicks. Didn't warm up that well in the bullpen or something a camera the exact detail. And Bud Norris instead of just. Trying to kind of quo situation snatched on him to Metheny. And I got all the young guys that sit on the team and basically there is a big clash of cultures. And if shock because I viewed Metheny has younger. Played very very recently the mayor Giuliani's probably only out of baseball's players for linked who years. And in the Russa retired and they brought him in was about little about a no longer Emily but it felt really short. I would say eight or fewer years out of baseball maybe six superiors. And I thought that after especially after his first couple years of this that was a great manager. He understood the cardinal way quote unquote and him keeping that team at the top of the Al central but. I guess with the changing of the guard in the younger players coming up in the Carl's on a lot of young players because that is partially the cardinal way they always bring their their prospects up. That it wasn't flying anymore but it did Mike Lynch global shocks me because. I really thought it was got some parents tell us. Here's something interesting. To kind of chop on for a second. This is now the second year in a row that we have seen a very successful. Former play here. Not too far removed. Be let go and a lot of those. Lot of those reasons seem to stem from being too old school. And it's not even that it's two guys. It's that it's Joseph Girardi from the yankees' Mike Metheny from the cardinals let's talk about. The two most old school style franchises in baseball. Joseph Torre. Joseph Girardi both of those guys are super old school Tony La Russa to Mike Metheny both those guys are super old school and if the quote on quote. Cardinal way. I don't I don't think there's as much of a Yankee way per say as as deep as the cardinal way is if the cardinal way is now working with. Then bye bye to any of that old school stuff than your guys like Buck Showalter. I mean we've had I've seen this as an Indians fan Terry Francona has changed. The way he manages he's a lot more loose and let guys get away with a lot hence what happened in Boston. Because maybe this old school way is may be officially dead. Well. We talked about this. Before. Where if the and this this does kind of cross racial lines sometimes the generally the white player. Having an issue with the flair in the fund at the Latin player. Plays well in. And it's we're in this weird time right now. And maybe we've seen it before but it's Italy's most noticeable right now to me where we're getting you very big cultural and generational divide. Between players and managers that's happening right before her eyes. I think in a couple of years as I won't be done much of an issue because all of the players who are now currently creating the culture shift men will be the veterans and then. We will just have a hopefully more Fun League in that sense I mean imagine. Hobby by as being the vet on the cubs in four years of public Agnes and the cubs now have one of the most happy go lucky fun playing guys out there as their leader of one of their leaders do you imagine frank you indoor and seniors. Exactly yeah. So I think out officials in time to be viewing this because. Days. Horror they're kind of combating each other and if you're gonna be a manager these days. You have to know how to relate to that personality. You have to that's why Joseph Girardi got fired even though they had almost had to the World Series. Because. He had no connection reportedly with the players and some of them despite a bit like like him. To use an example in the Joseph Girardi thing. Aaron Boone was hired specifically. Because he is a good relationship. And good a good player manager who. And there is a very does any of that from all his experience. And there's a very stark difference. Between how the Gary Sanchez situations the last two years have been handled them Gary Sanchez couldn't block a ball save a life last year. George are already publicly to the media. Im ribbed him but he said he's not very good that we need him to be better. The center etc. maybe maybe hash tag I'm gears a little bit sensitive about it he about her and it all went downhill from there. Gary Sanchez. Lost the Yankees again against the rays two days ago by dogging it on two different places. One cost them Iran. Defensively. And one cost them a run offensively that would have tied the game in the ninth inning. And what has Boone do puts on the DL he was hurt. Well he is here while he's on the deal like September now so he's actually really hurt him but Boone says to the media. I have to look at the replay and I'll talk to here. He doesn't throw under the bus. He doesn't lash out at him he goes he's very passive to the media. What happened behind closed doors I don't know element you know maybe he maybe he did I react in an angrily to liable if I was the manager goes BS would dead but. The difference in approach. To a team that is exceptionally young in the Yankees and means everything yeah. So the cardinals I mean may have a interim manager right now yes but they're gonna have to go out. And find the next. Alex Cora I guess. I don't Roberts. Yeah I don't know how secure is doing in that sense of being a personal manager I'm assuming well because the Red Sox are best in baseball bus stop. From. They have to go find that next guy yeah whether it's a former cardinal player. Which I don't have like to do in the past Maureen McGuire. Well. Or there's just a high a highly touted as assistant. Her bench coach is going on right now. They need to find that one who's gonna relate to young players and I think that's why we mentioned about shoulder thing in the last segment. I wouldn't be surprised a part of it is because Buck Showalter. Is old school yeah like super old school cardinals they have iron buck but also buck is very relaxed. Mean sorry I wandered back help Cellini fights he fights for his players really well he does he's one of those guys that book comes out of the dugout. Like. He's pissed and he's got your back but. I mean your bills and other they're really bad debatable program and from this year right. And I think it's great for the fans the baseball turning into a sport that's all about fun. You you the players wanna have fun. And that's good you want yeah our early I want that I think small school this fall fans who don't curious game you have to take it seriously pump they're not taking it serious or just. Only a little more Lucy Doocy retirement through it looked fun aspect of it. But. I mean look around the league right now. Ends. Find me a team that doesn't play with a lot of fun and I'll find you a manager that is probably a little bit too old school. First in a house in my mind Toronto Blue Jays. They didn't play with fun commit certain leaders who were vets they're all gone now John Gibbons you can tell he's an old school manager are really old schoolmate. The same time Ron garden garden higher. Eminem and he told them to be a tough sample size because tiger is super bad to have this first year there anybody here he is peppered tied for sure. Trying to think now other teams that are like that mean MB angels I guess mind you know Mike's ocean is old school you. But I think they got enough guys in the clubhouse like pools. And my child seems to be having fun all the time and Simmons has fun all the time. Speaking of our pools just passes confusion here for most home runs and you know usually history cassava. I'm sure Elizabeth to other teams are missing but I I think Jesse what you mean I think you're gonna start seeing there's going to be pretty receivable GAAP and you know while a team is. Third there in the summer grind for real or not really having fun right now. Yeah that's important are we come back I know we are kind of mention in the Yankees and Gary Sanchez when it come on a dive into this a little bit more because. There's a little more to it in my brain. Then just everything's going to be fine air balloons that is backs and that's awarded to at mortgage Gary Sanchez. And we'll do that next it's 815 here in Portland sports leader this is to any event. This is well. Hot corner where terrorists away and Sean and AB growth trend. Better you paychecks and 55305. Of them. How you find this. We kind of mentioned this a little bit about. Here's inches and how. No. Aaron Boone handled it and I agree with you a lot in this month ago but might my biggest concern is is that I'm kind of starting to wonder if Gary Sanchez might be on his way. Then. They've got that they've got roam my neck in Venice a fight that's what will suffice but they've got that other Katie seems to be decent night as an adult homers Gary does. By any means he isn't as flashy but Gary's struggles call games he struggles defensively catch any struggles to maintain an average it could be injury. But I do you kind of wonder if he might be a sexy pick. To move right now. To get a pitcher. Yes and no. To me personally calls a great camp he's he's a really really good game caller he just can't either not a great defensive catcher doesn't block the ball well all. I'm but he also has one of the best throwing arms for capture in terms of mailing us at second base generally also this year is the first year of his career that he hasn't hit for average he. Before this season the talk. Among all the Yankees writers was. You've god does you you guys to him always players but Sanchez is probably the best pure hitter of all of them. I don't know if that's not true anymore mean one bad season and a really bad season at bat doesn't make that not true it could just mean. He really found himself a slump he was not injured early in the air. The groin injury he came back too early for Manny can tell you when he hasn't been running hearts and he came back from the injury. But which is only three days. But I'm so in essence I say no if they still consider him to be the best hitter quote unquote of that group. And he's at a position where it's really hard to find an impact player. And he still hit like twenty more home runs and any other catcher since he's been called up despite his average this year. I think you only consider trading him. If he gets your gala Jacob to gram. But. The Mets ask you pressure the drama so silly little big and it should be I don't even think dollar suffice in terms of just getting to grumble that cents. So no I don't think they're gonna turn them I've heard boo I've heard fans say they should trade him I've heard back kind of bandied about on social media. But. I don't think that's realistic. And is a really clutch hitter. And has been in the playoffs. Well a buck eighty eating so great for Sony's best hitter while some things this year has been an incredibly down year. And the big thing for him. If he's really having trouble reading the slider curve ball out of pitchers Candace went to so many bad curve balls. Bush is a justly estimated. You know it it happens it's what his third year in the league now and he didn't really have a sophomore slump so. This'll be I guess his junior slump. And we'll see if you can adjust to it but maybe maybe he's not as good as he was pursue your specialties he's in the week offensive catcher generally. Yeah I just wonder. If because all the plethora of talent and no that's not necessarily good excuse. But because of all the plethora of talent I wonder if I wonder is now would be decent time. To trade him. Legacy at a might be. Just because he's like if he does this this year and he does this again next year. Then his value will limit but the problem is is he's doing it this year. Which means that the teams whoever it is are gonna ask for him plus have a good prospect for really top arm. And I'm not as a Yankee fan going to give that up for a potential rental top arm. I wouldn't talk about the Britain trade specifically specifically choose me but. The the Yankees who are having trouble getting a starting pitcher although I saw. Decided to go screw it we're gonna go fourth inning on bullpen up for starters socket. And try to win now and honestly I think that's a fine decision and in the current way to image league baseball's working. Bull pens reign supreme. And the Yankees can run Al. From the ninth inning backwards because these are committed go to LA are almost Chapman in the ninth. Zack bring Zach Britton in the eighth what do pick up that is David Robertson in the seventh Dell and its chances in the sixth stupid and Jonathan holder in the fifth. Who's had relative to we are for the mission in green in the fourth or flip this and that the only grocery innings exactly if there. That is an unbelievable on paper bullpen yeah so. And that's and I can't get a starter. They're not country Sanchez for anything else yeah I'm gonna go all bullpen all the time. And I think. Yeah I think that was what I was gonna interest in his is was the Gary Sanchez thing was is kind of like. These trade him because of all the issues going on right now. And get a starter but it seems like they're building the bullpen and they'll take a chance on just a Sheffield. They'll bring him up and they'll say hey could you not want to include an entry yeah maybe this is the guy that will push the Soviet Schmidt did. For Zach Britton so yeah. And remember you got her mom who got sent down but had a a couple of good and weeks supportive and some issues you have low low Liza gunman got sent down because he got hurt. How much he had a couple of good starts and it got options. And in that sense being patient and Gary Sanchez. Because he's proven to be in the past couple years. A top line player in this game and maybe he's just having one of the maybe there's something on his personal life and you never know. Angel attack could be could be the case and he just kind of try to let him work for. And I don't think budget team. All right now we can't beat the Mets for the rays so Mark Ingram is kind of interesting that she camped the trees and now. The he's got swept by them last series and it is close to refer to them just. I will say it is if you there's somehow find a way to get Jacob to ground rule and your life. Look at that won't find. When you commissioner John punches the first thing you can him Bentley keeping bogey going to warriors is sucks like dig wrongly yankees have been the worst thing ever Solomon like there's. You know he can handle pitching in New York pressure they're both a little bit different but he understands the scrutiny at least. Any was in the World Series of them as well so he understands that the hall but with a I look I would love to drama obviously he's a he's amazing but I I said this on primetime yesterday. And I'll say this till I don't have air my lungs. I truly truly believe. In building a team through the farm system and using. Some. Money slash trades to build ancillary. Did develop in the way you want them to develop they mesh with the culture in the way you want on the mesh for the colts are considering a minor league system you. And as long as you have a good scouting department. They won't usually becomes solid players. And it if you decide to trade them for rentals. Generally I think that's a really stupid decision. Because. A couple of months and a chance to the World Series went for a team like yankees or even that autism in the image how to discussion or having all the much I was at a different level. Already have a chance of the World Series. I don't like tennis strategy I want my team whoever it is. To keep their top young players. Because. You worked so hard to develop them in they'll be cheaper and controllable that'll help you out in the long run like the Indians have been treating all their prospects. Fur. It relievers essentially you know and your Miller M Anderson although and Brad hand under control of their Brad intrigue. But. Some I guess my question to you is. The Indians have traded a lot of their top guys then they trade Frazier grid or super high on Frazier goes out it traded justice Sheffield you know. And they just traded Mejia the catcher who was supposedly to top hitting catcher in the all all the minor leagues Yang was something like number eight overall. In all works for a couple of relievers now good relievers are believers. Are you OK with that knowing that right now your best prospect is a guy who's having trouble hitting in the major leagues and Brothers armored. I think the Indians are tricky subject in this because we have a window we don't have windows very often. You guys have windows all the time until isn't yet it's always open and for us we see with. Krueger Lou indoor Ramirez. Braly to an X to an extent that we have a chance and we have Edwin Encarnacion we finally got a free agent player to execute and stuff. That we finally have a chance where in the World Series two seasons ago. On that we have a chance so for now we half to. Try and take advantage of that now I do think both of those deals were great I think the main he had deal. And definitely the Frazier deal may not see it now but in my view later is great because again we're getting these high top relievers but they're under control. But we've Branyan to a 22 point one. That I'm okay with I don't know I mean he is going to be great why hasn't he come into the major leagues. You know every time I see a prospect that's ready to go that super hot but it's still not getting called up Amal is like. What's going on what is what's gone on this about the same way about frank you indoor. I was wrong. But that's the only one I've been wrong about the dispute the way the Indians finished the prospect that maybe trade try to take it too slow could be I got no problem with trading prospects. To try to win now. For controllable deals like I heard the Indians brain you know Manny Machado was like no don't do that. To do that you you want Mejia. For a guy who's no way get a resigning Cleveland. In no way right so I'm not interest and in that but somebody that's under control. Andrew Miller Brad and I hope you are this is that's the well is Hewitt is. I'm very much like in we talked about the cardinal way they're good every year for reason and because they develop their skills of their prospects while they scout well. And be very rarely make trades that give up their young talent. I like I like a little bit more of an aggressive approach some of the cardinals do like a mix of both. But it is vital to me to nurture your young prospects and to bring them up and have to make an impact in the middle and we're seeing that with the Yankees right now and the Astros. They they didn't trade in animal way supper Judy Martinez. To be sure there are having hard core and all even though they want Walters. And I think he's decorate. But one Julio is great. So are you seeing it now what those teams a mix of both. Is the absolute best way to do it if you can. But if you just have a small window vigna maybe it. Yep small windows when you're small team like the Indians itself and about small windows side and 972008. Fifteen. Sixteen excuse me. B eighteen those sleeping during. Are we come back it is fair or foul. Sands Joseph addition. Whichever side around the and so and funny might that you might enjoy it and we'll do that next the first is Mike was sports and John generating program. Fair or foul. As we do every single Wednesday at age thirty and we're just gonna come make this up as we don't we'll see on those I guarantee minds and we really bad. Believe his shot. Yeah. Bring. Our got a couple good ones yet you wanna go first. Church. My first if I wanna do all trivia I don't for really setting him of the in my opinion all day task opinion but. My first question is this. Mike Trout. Is the leader in on base percentage in Major League Baseball correct. But he is only. Ted OBP better than second place. Murky bets in thirty OBP better than air and judge who is not hitting as well as he was early in the year only. So let us try to question oh I'm sorry is that true oh Sadie and then. Trout who leads the major leagues nominees for senators only has attend though if you lead over bats every thirty OBP lead over and judge. I mean that's is Killen. He is Killen. As part of me thinks that like bats might have been key in on base percentage. A mean who'll owls seeing this is. She faults. Correct foul would be an early foul deal and yes charted and first he is a twenty OBP Liederman Cuba Susan second. In air and judge who is an obvious first machine. Is 68. On base percentage behind Mike Trout. My child as a 457. OBP that's ridiculous moves you deaths for 37 Joey bottle for sixteen. This guy and the reds named. Julie Jessie Whitaker. But the for a five coming up dances and things we anchor yeah but it says he qualifies. Freddie Freeman a 4030. Air America for a two shouldn't suit you of course always. However for a two within judge 307 Lorenzo came 395. Interest in this Jesse Rinker I have as. Two when Ernie won a bathroom 34 plate appearances. And nothing's got a no one's ever heard of it apparently having a good season not having 302 of. Young get on the movement gets you waksal. Did not watch a lot of reds games and scan to be honest here figure may be seen one all your media and it was because it was forced to like you left the TV on and came in was literally baseball. The only date him beat up and red codes. I got one for you to Boca. More like a choose your answer. Who's got a higher batting average. Gary Sanchez. Jackie Bradley junior. Or Zack Greinke. It's a fair question. Or writer on the same place has the highest out of both yeah. There'll come a writer on the same spot. I mean it sounds like you want me to pick staggering human I'm gonna project your brother junior the answer is Zack Greinke didn't patent it and it is ridiculous because he's only got like you know. 46 plate appearances. And Jackie Bradley junior as 336. But Jackie Bradley junior batten who ten. Right now yet he. He's gotten hot recently. From its content like what are you week ago I mean that he was near Gary Santo is a 180 and he got moved out of line up consistently. He said Judy Martinez on DiLeo the oh I did see that article any superstar himself gave them a slight tip and all the sudden sort of hitting again the old one do Leo. Zack Greinke is batting tools fifty. With an on base percentage of 302. And he's OPS of 627. While he's got three stolen bases hash tag pictures to rake you had do you and let's oh man. OK second question Urich. Affection double I have two questions facing the same thing. So. The leader in defense of war this year. Oh well okay I'm is the Oakland a's Matt Chapman. Allow okay he is far and away he seven point seven points higher in war point seven points higher the next best offensive player. But Matt Chapman. Is a top ten player in baseball. In all over war. Barrel well OK okay. So he's got defense spec houses on base houses slugging OPS. RBIs things like that gun. Will somebody has got to be. Doing something for the aids. 'cause I can name like five of their players. That someone is chip lottery. Yeah Jonathan blue crew is sucking for them yes to a Grand Slam candidate but is up on dope he Johnson. And only open for contender by. Most she's playing for an enormous difference to show they should trade him and beat though. Then backed attacks in Cairo could hit Mahendra had a bicycle kick off if it. The go ahead and say this is fair only out of blind judgment. Because somebody else has to be doing something for the days otherwise they wouldn't keep winning games I he is tenth in war pass. At a five point oh war mostly because of his defense he is. I've been reading a lot about his defensive metrics you're saying here is just absolutely incredible on third base he saved so many roms for his team the future Josh Donaldson. Dubbed pride better than that just off the weren't thinking of the Justin Wilson is here wolf the other thing I have. So I'm gonna name knew nine of the top ten in overall war cape. Mike Trout gave number 17. Point two. 00 Maris number two. Nokia deaths number 38 Jacob to ground. Number four at a small boy Chris Sale number six the mind going to skipped number five. My feeling door number seven structures are number eight whose errant judge number nine is Matt Chapman number ten K. Number five is a starting pitcher. In the National League came. Who was. Five is starting pitcher in the National League east fifth. In war is a better war than Chris L Max Scherzer and to grow almost third and he's tied with the ground to browse to hide with the go wrong yes. It's a war. OK. So let's think about this it's a National League east and yet this pitcher's stats this year just stats. He has tore his twelve and three came when he 242 ERA gave. He has 136. Strikeouts in a 134 innings. In just 37 walks. I'm gonna go away if rods tripling. No dang it let me keep things in. And see who else could this year. It's probably somebody from likes the Braves that I don't know his name. Close yes we do you know. Indian those name you want to allow claim for the brings up the Braves. When. We do know his name and you likable in place for the Braves know stop the Braves but as close. Is an air Nolan. Oh Erin know a fifth term in war for him in the major leagues this year good for him you know I learned about air Nolan. And Jeff. Button that Jeff was like there's this came from all we know he's sue for good his name is Erin no luck. And haven't stashing reasoning great in the music called up what you would see him in a washing as it does no good. Who who who who is Sox do to. Now he's all like in the second inning and an all star game and ilsley game could cost Jeff another I do like air Nolo allotment of potential question I have for unity and I asked them. You leader in doubles the Major League Baseball. Jose Ramirez Eduardo Escobar on the unsuitable I've got him on a fantasy team. And boy do I love that because he qualifies for second third and short and also to government and outfield yet or have the other guy. There for a Zaria to editors are no errors are Ilya. They'll just like you know De Rosario and Eduardo Escobar was confused yet another easy bail late rotate premium feel their leg what do you wanna play today I'll play here okay cool part of their mirrors are Melissa Glendora 34 and second. Awareness is due delays there's something I saw the boy out partners third. 00 I'm so glad you mentioned Alex pregnant so with Carlos Correa being hurt do you know that mixture Allen spring winds gonna qualify for shortstop. And he needs like six more games at short to qualify for ESPN next year really yet nice because Corey has been out for a little while that says Sue Bird. Good thing for fans such homey look up on that are you kidding me who. Alex Bregman is my shortstop meanwhile my third base against Manny Machado because he's still qualifies for it you know that's BS men at school as great. Adding that. I think I was gonna ask you do you prefer. Pitchers hash tag pitchers who rake or chicks dig the long ball. Move. The hard hitting questions at church on deep. I think I prefer checks the long ball yes they're in this thousand. Little bit also the inclusiveness. And if you can we are inclusive here on the women like baseball team like at. I think I think you're right I think I agree with you. The mayor pitchers who rage is awesome but there's not a lot of time and noble and they do it's fun or. Do all of Michael Lorenzen pinch hits in real games and it's home runs for the Massachusetts super joke if they wanted to go to the other home run derby here he should go he should've. As the only thing that's gonna make the home run derby exciting is like let pitchers hit put Ichiro in there and mad bomb and that reds did that I'll always for his name. That you just said five sings gonna Ari throughout his name again. Yet. The that mildly that's sounds fun and I don't care if they don't forget about it anyway. Our own we come back we'll finish this bad boy have as we always do it's 840 foale and is the hot corner to an eighty the fan. I. This is blow hot corner where terrorism when John Kennedy trim. Be. Globe. There's doing it under young bureau quick. Com. Listeners on us tomorrow on our core clock. A war brings so because this this bumper music Greg knows Justin Timberlake. Some of the guys out of the Marie they're really trying to make a make a beard featuring the white male hump which is a Southern Hemisphere if I believe it's Australian at the is is is the scenery that gray rain and its subsequent to make sure okay and think you can directly compete certainly tournament picture yourself. Wait didn't we do so shows it was our signal there. To see what can tell when you're there would you be over there is clearly outside. On the single it. The only unity oh yet Peter we know we wanna make history that features a white male hop I believe it's Australian might be using them but I'm pretty sure it's Australian. We wanna name this beer and not me it's not my idea. They want to name the spear Y Mae a river. All the and I think like every time you. It's someone orders it you have to sing the song. Really what I mean Hillary is. I'm there. A lot of outs on one I mean wound me. Well let me learn. A loan that's on that's one of those I feel like most people. Best song was over played for like three years for shirt and it was. Every time I heard it in that three year span I was like yes. Yeah the song. But I still have enough my my teams today. Mean embodying college recent played at parties all the time you're on the guitar and dancing with him liquid little duet hotel owners say integrates on it really is I love that it was about. When Britain's hit it's well and can you imagine if JT would drop that video today. And it was clearly about britney's spears in break the Internet. It literally like it would shut it down and I don't mean it like that's a funny amber did it no I mean like. Beings would explode and they were absolutely explode can you imagine they're. Late beyoncé puts out an album that may be alludes to the fact that Jay-Z cheated on her. But no this is like Joseph did the girl in your video looks like Brittany spears. I think you would I think it would cause mass hysteria yes. Just another reason alleged treatment he has. What's his demon. What's his team in vehicles like. No one can be that perfect. And nobody. What's he got going on behind the scenes that he is he's not so pretty we've never yet you never heard of any light. And you like weird sexual assault things there's no being you know like. Homophobia or racial no no drugs do you lie Eminem and I imagine the man likes to indulge his fair share of recreational. Activities. But may be his so called push her love girl obviously talks are every drug in the book then. Yeah he seems faithful there's no do you why les it is game sites. So what's his deal. I think his deal is is that he seems in full senate should have a bad habit that might be his demon okay. You know. In my hands that's your demon your doom life. Literally correct. Nothing wrong. I'm really turn things I mean we are unless we we wouldn't know I'm just saying hello everyone has their demons and I wonder what it uses. I imagine he has herpes because Jessica Biel has reached our founder Jeter to everyone knows that. So data kid then I can clearly say that. He's had sex with a right. This tax remembrance what's the subject operated too dependant JT is every chase but he's no way. By mayor rivers on the Hawaiian island of oh god that is called collide a wide that's another mistake but I also had this weird thought that it was the wrong word. And runs through the one may Kenyans maybe it's a Hawaiian hop. May be no it's definitely novel and it's definitely Southern Hemisphere but maybe that's where the marathon and net. Why won't would be in the Northern Hemisphere for sure insurer. Yeah the equator is goes through Brazil. I'm just trying her picture were Hawaii using consideration with it's like why is almost like directly west of Frisco. Really may be LA medium between Frisco today I didn't know that I just knew I they're gonna lie but I I just knew it was southwest. Fish. We anybody Ottawa's further southwest flew everything south for months. No that's not true that. OK might be good boy did it Canada's north local well cream Landis north. Is suck the other day that Greenland might be the biggest troll job in the world. What why because they're called dream let McNabb recovered a nice oh yeah and Iceland is covered in green I thought that was actually I hope there is. I think it is a troll doll I think it was likes the vikings or somebody. Made the names different so that their attackers went the wrong place. Because they're like call delivered a land of screamer gonna go to green limbs. If she is flight Arab paradise Weasley and I also saw something so big fan of bush our thoughts on read it cut it to pass the time quite nicely in their basically things that. Don't make sense when you really think about it like. But don't make sense that that makes sense but you would never think of them this way Phillip hi pops yeah lake did you realize that when you were a kid in your mother picked you up and said she down that at one point she sits you down and never picked you up again. Boy oh yeah how did minister of Yemen and things like that. And there was one. Doing in dollars for this is such Stoner talk. Mean high in his despite what was the swollen. Oh by the way Hawaii and who is. Parallel to Mexico City. Well boo ya got it I don't know anything. Chalk it up a level that the tax lines quiet all night but someone says an incorrect geographical statement were on it but it is Northern Hemisphere you are right or yeah of course I knew that is close to them and where 88. If the west of San Francisco you know what it is west of San Francisco. Yes but it is true don't. Art shower on a it's it's actually really great shower thoughts is excellent I would like I could sit here for two hours just reach our thoughts and listen do you laugh. We look like I'm sure the first woman that ever gave birth to twins probably freaked out. PC but I mean infallible logic dual. Whoa people tried botulism which. You know you zinc. Did she think one was like fate are. I don't do it doesn't meet your baby is able to identical and she goes wait a minute I've had kids before I see your belt is heavy the pregnancy made me see double. And I'm okay. MM. Hmm that freaked me out. What were the test to see if the second baby was real. There probably weren't tests may and the prime and having twins front like centuries cussing real test some like. Did they poke I am happy if they reacted to all of that be hilarious is they were like well the first when they came out clearly your child in the second one must be a spawn of Satan in the river. It's not funny but it yearly I think there are not being. People out there are lapping the way you said it was funny well yeah because they're probably they didn't know how to react. Always scary. Theres another great one showered ought to be stacked one lasagna on top of another lasagna. You still have one was on him. That's reality. I. That's that is so true. Yeah and I do like those kind of thoughts the other respondents remain calm when your head noise. Don't judge me I know this is gonna sound weird to think about business like how come every time. Like an exit and erode merge into each other well late in the left lane and rightly. What is left lane always when he gets in the right lane in the rightly it always when he used to laugh lady lake design flaw massive design flaw. I don't understand these about it you get off the if you didn't if you okay now if you're on it I give up. This is just that that the mind boggling thing it can't figure out I don't understand is like if you take 99. If you're 99 himself. Cash and then the mores and street bridge singer and I finally take the horses street bridge. And you wanna get off and go down to 99 that lane comes in the left lane and everyone going south isn't the right way. But I feel like. Everyone going south in the rightly wants them to left whenever they just got off that exit was moved to the rightly. And why don't we figure this out. And urge them to well obviously you know put up a potato man. Well done you done. All right I need to not be image here and the building gather it's did you that it may have. All right from my glands are passengers check out the bears on this broadcast you find it on iTunes who play any affair website wherever you get your stuff. You can find it there though drop tomorrow at 4 that he am with us are going to be fun will be back next week. Hopefully Joes here I might get some sleep. That is something I would be proud.