Ian Furness -- KJR in Seattle

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, May 15th
Furness joins the guys to talk Cano's suspension, as well as seeing if he can add any info to Ropp's Paul Allen hypothesis. 

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Who better to talk about this story. That a former host of this very show it is great interest kgo radio in Seattle. You. But like a life. I would go off like that a decade plus you get a bit on the year. And now somehow we've yet to be fired we have we think it's some sort of clerical error like we are fired in 90007. And no one told us. Like pretty geysers survive like five different GMs that program directors are average I mean that's that's something else. Yet but I think the real story is that you left here and you've been on the air as long as we have in a much larger market that's. Yeah out but I. I got I've got that cocky guy I mean you can trickle for a lot you know but I've moved around a little bit went from a night show it would be ratio at. Pocket lots pocket. And now work by myself I don't play well others apparently stepping up they told me. Rank your regular Colin Powell hurt. Well all. Of its IP they carried away. Get I don't have no doubt about how are you guys. Great we're great Donald disappointing year scooped. By Z 101 in the Dominican Republic on this Robby you know stereo. Yeah I want you I I can try to break all. Stories Dominican related to it would it got away from me out we got away from me but I. Arnold frankly I'm just not that. HE baseball players having a really solid ears off edu and shot chalking. Yes so I was we were talking a dissent in our first segment but outlook and it can knows you know sort of his son his history and you know he he came into the league at age twenty TU and he has Dan. Pretty much tell the he hasn't been doing something the whole time in ordered it in order to stay healthy. Have you ever heard any rumblings about Robby to know before this pop today. I Pallet I think but I mean I think with him. You know omitted so many of the guys on base all of them popped in and it's almost out of what its become acceptable but I mean it just in his own caught als. Nelson Cruz and Igor needs in the last couple years have been popped with this organization and you know it it. Now what happened to kind of it kind of comes to go to serve your suspension and and you move on line. By you know I had not heard that nobody really how big I I think it's unfortunate because. It's it's all dealers to suspicion anytime somebody had a good season or gets better with age or doesn't get hurt. In baseball you just always cloud hanging over guys and for me and you know so many different ramifications from that and the other day. You know I don't I couldn't care less about Robby can ultimately I don't I don't give one and I I couldn't care less. I mean diet I've been on American and 77. Like seemed to break a seventeen year drought post season and I think it's quite undecided you can eat this screwed up that this is the op bit. If you're looking at a legacy or look at us talk about all it would be like I don't know how Robby can totally different that rob yelled I'll narrower it pretty well. Yet as we can knows one of the guys that he signed a monster deal to come over and people were balking at a but you make the argument I think it's a pretty easy when they're Robby Cano has been worth the money I know the team hasn't had success but to know had lived up to that contract. And as it is just your general perception on what fans are thinking that from my understanding. You know canola is a beloved member of of that team in community and in just what people are gonna think of us. Who got that million dollar question in the case in all eleven point eight lose it. Mark showed it was still like. Yeah are you here this guy ought to meet you all they gave him in terms that is. Perception that aren't going to be because. It straight into Turkey out burst to gauge how about a lot art. Big strong argument. That I think he's eager to hear what you're really hurt. Every American League but what it. And you can't win the division now looted. If they don't get beaten it largely to play. Had a big ticket policies that they don't want a World Series if he can't play art. Egypt early but these. Are your beauty and beauty you ought to negative acting yet. Bit well patient ignorant. What are guys doing man I'd like I'd get it for the marginal. Rose these these guys are looking to get paid that Robby can now. His did an illegal long time he's making 24 million dollars a year I just don't understand. Why in practically with a harsher penalties that a guy would risk it I mean what did do it must be. Amazing. Remember it now Adrian op. And if he was going. And then he got out because he tried I do. Not think that most regional indeed in other. Older people creating a knowledge it's in our daughter here PE. Don't we lock all. Eighties in terms early ballot and be like Coke are Coca-Cola you know I needed it. It's not that it changed he he was going to T need some sort and any I don't I don't TDs. I don't know body guarantee you ought not go away I guess maybe I'd actor got people back to burst and bet. How long. I mean. He just decided this year at first I. Got up and dull we all all your product or where it. You don't think all lot over the years. You don't become more important is it wait a high up. But now you don't base all other sports getting Adam about Egypt and now this guy got. Yeah I need the excuse that easy isn't about that doesn't hold water because you know Mays in baseball doesn't automatically suspend for masking agents they say they have to have proof. That he was using it for that purpose while he appealed Mays in baseball investigated found evidence of it obviously and he dropped the appeal so clearly the amazing baseball this isn't just about you know he knew he had a masking agent they've got a good thought that he was use this to mask. He cheated it brutal. Problem in India to date like rule take it the rules. Thought a lot being a lot of different businesses can't deal. And in baseball you're not allowed to do it I mean I I you beat out today it was that I. Lot of legal and I like iTunes eight now it all means basically you beat oak barrel Lotto Wheatley a lot at stake. But a lot of jobs you can't smoke marijuana. You know instruction Abbie let being run rate or. Maybe you're in the media whatever might be calender now we college athletics in giving it vigilant scholarship. You can't smoke marijuana. Well it just don't. It's what you want. That job or not scholarship you don't you don't break the rule it. This could be a very simple thing. You're not supposed to puke or dancing drug. User users act better not odds are trying to mask them. And she did pull in got caught and now you did right or shortly just what bothers me. I'd I have to look. He went to a big John got to stay on our Twitter today the world large. Injury he's primary until but he did Irish what you got quite a helped out by. I'd like him and others that are emotionally invested. Think about it if you bought tickets are forty eat out at each year here got all around it. I expect is rule indices. Are bass player. And it's one thing to be out or six weeks broken and it's another thing to be out eighty games knock them back to mid August. And then missed the post beat this guy has screwed over air base out. Lot is people's talent again. It's just it's unacceptable outcome reliable except. This is Ian finessed kgo radio up in Seattle like I agree I you know. Since Ryan Brian this is by far the biggest star of it's it's gotten hit for this in and it must be worth hitter he wouldn't do it in and I think that is a very. Interest staying in big question you raise and that is how much does this have to view. With why he's good in the first place when you look at is double or whether or not this was raised will cloud everything he's done ending guys like this will bitch and moan and say one thing doesn't define my career bubble we don't know when you started when you finish and a everyone's fair and will put his entire. What fifteen year Major League career hall of fame career. What will all be put under you know it's a suspicious lands him it's not. You look at you've got you've got to put together a couple of good years out to this that are clean Munich big board has done. Thank you Gordon got popped a couple of years ago weird because Barry Bonds is batting coach Arnold what is a connection archer. But up. And you know to get operatives got back I mean actually gets tested probably. That might you know every other day now and and he's obviously clean and have a career year and a great year also his you don't keep it laconic queries name. But you're right you're thirty pleasures all of your name is is Robinson you know you get pop Al. The masking agent every being edited there honestly it is certain agenda now is can he put himself that is. He let me ask him I'm doing that a little lamb. A little Perry Mason work on another topic Unita NL and I haven't been able to totti got the jobs ask you on the Al Allen had talked about Paul Allen. First the ball how is he viewed in Seattle. And how do you think he thinks he's viewed in Seattle. It. He got coastal properties at the top lit the east state football in Seattle stadium built. Products championship year old championship which is getting it all make the dock agreement to you know the wind. Championship this country is a bully get that. People eat but very very highly Seattle are on every level mark is perception that it. About people they might think it's pretty good shot at it got people around him you know we could be our organization that I think he called it an idea that. Yeah maybe like gotten hurt at the dating game he keep the rest of our organization that year you know many years ago. Argentina are all all rod. The hiring of New Orleans not. Where it got hot rod they got one here aren't we don't mean what he's eligible while it does things got pretty flat and and and he's he perceive that there aren't aren't here. That's inching get I think he it does matter to him you know that's yeah did you read his book. Idea man a course that was him responding to all the stuff about Bill Gates is the real brain behind Mike's uncle and his sense he's sensitive guy and I think what I'm getting at is. Down near Portland I think he feels like he's under appreciated here. And I in what I'm getting at is that wonder death in in this is where you come in I wonder if there is. Aid. And an opportunity for him. As one last legacy play. To bring the Sonics back T Seattle. Are you hearing any thicker but these guys again hockey right like what what percentage Locke is NHL to Seattle. Are right. Right so they'll let me ask you the same question about what percentage locked. Is the NBA back to Seattle because when Ian Diego's backs Seattle course they kept the Sonics name it will be the Sonics which is the team that he originally fellow mode with that. Ultimately led to him pine place. Billion we will be back in wedged it it add DHL is just and a contact your age you'll be back. Out now all of 41. War that franchise in June. Now probably in regional awards or drought there is art though traditionally or franchise make it official all but it it's a done deal. DHL orders slash read operators re doing what he's been here you know you group double what we keep Brothers and others are Bonderman. And Jerry Bruckheimer get on the orders brought our producer. They are out that point blank and his studio too much on what go. Piece that they want the NBA they'll want to be partners all that kind of stuff but they wanna let DHL. You don't eat for a couple years I think the earliest you'd see the NBA back. It's probably 20/20. 320 twice or somewhere in there I don't think they don't want it back to the age old firmly established. How valid but they've basically said so I think you'll come back out are all out all of it. I've always thought that made sense I think are always out. I you would be inducted swaps prodding legacy here at Seattle via conquering hero. Idiot of basketball. And we all luxury watch or work out everything else comes up whenever a drop Martell Webster batter if you know you all previous I got up close. But I I think you want to do doubt whether or not they'll mean. That makes sense but I think we're at least what without B 567 years elect. Yes well they their lease at what and other matters he owns the rose arm and a for in terms of the city there lease is up here in 2025. Well yeah I mean that. They're perfect party not in her exotic but I forty twice by a number ever else. So I've heard that all. You I've heard that in this is just a rumor this is rumblings are confirmed I know I know like. Guidance for NASA level journalists here at Dominican yeah. Stewart and Robby can I'm not a 101 a Dominican Republic but I have heard round Paul Allen. That may want to sell the blazers several reasons one he fought for small markets in the last CBA and he lost. So he knows he cannot keep up in this news super team environment he lost a Marcus Aldridge and if you look at their moves over the last him fully years. He's kind of lost his urgency he used to fired GM's right left to say no this is a good enough let's win again they'll now and he says not doing that I think he feels under appreciated in Portland unlike in Seattle which is when has getting a few. And I don't think he exactly has a love affair with Portland I also believe that MLB to Portland. Could be happening. Which he'll hate and then there's that whole sonics think the reason that he Thelma with the NBA. And that would be his last legacy play at have you heard anything about this at all anywhere up there. With Paul Allen. I haven't heard but it makes it it may take back it to be you laid out expense it makes all sense the world. I mean I just go back to him you got all being its first love yeah I'll still assault Allen. You know what they don't play or are interesting because no problem all our ice seizure right I mean when I was there were watch that thing everyday. I mean it didn't mattered GL what they mean it bit rushed in all Pritchard would I don't like got. Backed got a Turkey is all about the contract he laid out as an unbelievable. Guy I've got blown way out right. Got about the basketball team got back or just watching what you target this year. You should be compete as a small market team but you can't be given certain bugle cut contract. The simple that not that terrible bet she out. I'm you don't mean drops. Out be light that in and it was but it probably had say a couple more misses it. Contracts and doubt it yeah you out all columns there is watching game episode except I got Little League coach great coach Terry Stotts. You've got. Is good back court not in clay and stuff is there as Western Conference at least. You've got a couple pieces up front so your GM got a better job why wouldn't you guys are based off. Can't get a stadium built to do that that means you won't ever be a cure all that's why I brought up one or the other right all looks this. And education or baseball in that way it works. Give all the gonna build a stadium and there's like a homeless shelter out in the you know like left field as the crowd is gonna be homeless people has like put about it I feel like in the nose bleeds work out makes sense yeah. Indeed they could be routed Oakland and it still would. All right we'll keep your ears of the ground on that pollen thing my spy he senses are tingling down here and I and I'd I'd like to see if you. You know a few into a real journalists like yourself comes up somewhere on that and now local captivity against CN. Work you know I go to the golf course right now off the clock that's bad literally that this works out is not. Not when it got all that. Yen on year lazy but it doesn't have to be today. Now this down the road is across the years of the thank union. I will be not a big dogs will be well. A few days.