Jason Gesser - former Wazzu QB - 8.30.17

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, August 30th
Jason Gesser joins Dusty and Cam preview the Cougs upcoming season.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is college kickoff week on dusty and cam in the mornings brought to you by process really tour is light on ten maybe go through and I need 15 you Wednesday morning dusty here in Cleveland we are joined now by analyst conjured an upward of one meal essar former Duke's quarterback sport they're really good. Yes if you elect bush era like the Summers of getting about use you got a lot more of top. I have to everybody has more programs helps a lot more. Show us that the deet easiest thing to give we have a Coogan has Keiko exist now. Feel like I should I be sitting at this mean you feel there's enough space lease you have got an ends out on. Isn't that horrible offensive guys the stewardess. He's got that legal or rely on. The type of guy that would rely and I understand yes you can easily a tie -- I let's get out Willard just talking about it yearns hello he is talking about so much you almost you must choked out nine. Our producer. Give you go away would the big sky when streak end. With Monty holiday no doubt that in the question that night we go to break in last year we said has the exact same thing never gonna happen. So yes I would say this. User reasons life. The matchups on the outside and what this is gonna be this in recent and it's gonna create what was meet created for the cruised into a year opens. 66656362. She your future top four guys and oh by the way thrown in new incoming freshman Terry Martin who's 62200. Pounds and and they're not just big bodies they're guys that can go I haven't seen in 88. Outside receiving core even the receiving corps that has this much depth at this much size and speed and so. The the match ups that you're gonna have from Montana state just because of that. They're gonna have a very hard times in Washington they're gonna at this he'd say he's back to him to keep to seek his help on the corners and that's gonna open up that. The heat what I think is the main power off into the wrong. And implement a red running backs here for really good running backs James Williams in my mind is probably the best player on the field every single Saturday. Org do the best two teams. And so that Kate is gonna have a breakout season. The host doesn't have to be perfect which he always is he 70% perfect time you know and so. I think that the matchup is we really just too much for months as it handle. And do they have a good quarterback they can run yes and they create a problem for washes in the past yes. But look when that created problems there was one other screen was his first two seasons as as a coordinator. It was also when we were young as players on defense we have eight of our eleven starters returning. All of our guys up front are returning our two linebackers were mostly keys have to come from when you have a running quarterback. Returning now I think got in the game or so I think because of those factors. It's gonna be a game. That's. It's wheeze out match. Montana state. But more than anything he can you know this. As much as I'm sick of here in an upbeat Jessica we have those players like oh man and I talked to Luka talked all these guys and there. So at one point he's got to put your foot down say enough is enough and they've reached that point obviously. You know I think he just came up with day nickname for Luke fault unknowingly. I think his new nickname sex panther so since 70% of the time he works every time. It's a weird is that when getting Cary. Luke votes the nickname is sixteen there and I think -- Unknowingly gave it unloaded good nicknames so you said something that made my ears perk up because. When not do you sit your best part of the offense could be your running game ominous that with a question mark because when I think of air raid anyone else's and air raid fan does not go. Running game when Myers forgot tell me why you think different this year you think the running game's going to be more significant. So wavy looking to last year thousand yards mere thousand yards of rushing in 2000 or receive the back in which he between treatments right. So when I say running game I mean running backs. He's not just completely just and the ball off. I think it's. The involvement of the re Max in which every which way you wanna have them when did you run the big screen with a beat them Wheeling out in the past. Any of those things I think that our our backfield. Is one of the more talented Matt fields and when you look at the area office. When the air raid offense works. They're the straw that stirs the drink with help them without having those guys in the backfield coming out catching balls in the flats have in the run game Kapanen sets screens. The officers who work in soul because of that factor of the match ups on the outside now. Last year it gave mark's really good player game with a overly fast no over the big no one's a good route runner. When it when you look at pre defense of quote could just had on you sit and say okay. We can have a battle matchup with him a below one once and lumbering the bullets in that come river Chris craft seemed that. Will will match up with him but the guys they have now they're gonna be so scared to match up with those guys on the outside because. There's 65 the court and 59. He's got a pretty good chance it's comfortable out there and it's a team player on the field shorts at PI. So because it's gonna be more likely indeed it acquired the key eagles' safeties back in now does is opens everything up underneath for the run game and for the the involvement of the running backs whether it be running or in the ball back to a from the get past. Dissing guess here's our guess for team's quarterback you can hear on the king's radio network as Washington State plays. Montana state you can hear it here on the fan this weekend you mentioned about the defense too I wanted to point out that. There's no all conference returners but I'm a big fan of people or. How's the 011. Well I'm sorry you are on the defense yes I'm I apologize for that there's an Hercules is my stuff of emily's in the new leads that yes you know he is that he is a monster comedy do you view that what you and I really like I have always been a fan of people who were just 'cause the connection and knowing a Fuller family his dad he coached me at Washington. This defense is it gonna hold up a little bit in this north side can they be the team that propelled the team holds the team under 20/20 five point I feel like defense asked you to be competitive in here you gotta be able to say I need to hold 225 points in this conference. One at least maybe two times during the season doesn't have that kind of play makers out there. I think so. They dimming lash of the average 26 points for games in the right there. They're going into coast bridges third season as as a coordinator again said they have a lot of the they're playing a lot faster and they have. More athletic speed on the fueled with their defensive ends in Hercules got enough. Now I'm do you while coming off the edge on you a daily caller come up the middle. You know we talked about galore and talked about Dotson in the inside. Well returning corners and Atkins and and multi and of one of the best players I think defensively we do have juice Thompson's our safety. This kid is true self or play lashes is true freshman and I think debt. He's gonna really blossom and really initial this year he watching him in camp he picked off Luke. Three or four times Saul and who doesn't get the ball very easy. And so to have him start to play not just him the entire defense they know local screens once the nowhere to go they're playing faster playing more confident and I think that's. Released our national and now here's where I worry. And if somebody gets banged up from one to two. It's that it's it's and it's a steep drop. So that's where he's our rule worrying of okay look if somebody does get banged up who now steps and how did that affect the entire scheme that called Scrooge wants to do out there. You were remiss in one of our league tackle well tackle from Jerusalem line is playing with rage right now. And I think that's the one position to where every one myself included who's gonna fill that role. Whether they're put that in with with Kirk and Parker and on and Gaza space and aliens name but it's you guys rotating in there right now of trying to. Figure out who's that guy going to be and I think that because of what everybody else is gonna do. Kush Christians have to worry about that one position and trying to figure out how to replace Salome one rather than how to -- replace it with skim X. You know if you look at this includes team offensively they'll be loaded he's. You just outlined how they will be top heavy in their starters in defense. What's the expectation from the twos then this year we've seen a steady climb with Mike Leach's teams you've had the last two years. Which have been great season but nine entry back to back years 092. Years ago eight lashing for ash is doing for last year ninth the year before. What is this year is this year it's supposed to be the year where they they pop what's expectations and now locker. I think the expectation locker mr. Lynn the doctor of championship which should be a receipt here and and last year. They had a shot. This year they're gonna have. It in my opinion. They should be in the path took him to. It's gonna come out of the apple cup again in the actual Nordson company apple could just like it did last year and so. When you look at the matchups in that that apple cup game. Washington was the team this year maybe a good team this year. I don't know that I think that this is that the year that the crews get over that Huskies hope and the big reason why I think that is. They have the skill players on the outside to now create that downfield. And also. There's in my race before the and I think that's can be huge but couldn't because. They have an approach to be in the right way in the last three years and the coaches know that just like we talked about the first image he's groceries has not won. Season opener matches against Estes was last seen any that Obama anybody in his time at Washington State. So they've done adjusted so many different things from camp in all this kind of stuff. To go in and be ready for the home opener I think nudity vexing thing and how that of opportunity with death by a week before. To approach she apple cup in a different way and and I think that's gonna get them over the hump to get going so I think he'll win ten games this year. I think that US he's going to be tough. I think the last three games of the season against determine how the whole thing goes just like slash last year student last year. We had lost two obviously Minnesota knowledgeable man. Huskies in Ithaca and Colorado right before that those are the finish off starter season with two losses finish the season with three. So this year. Stanford. Utah and then Huskies so how are they gonna go completely in the year how they gonna go home plate when they have to go make a play late in the game. And when that defense is good in Stanford when the defense is good in Utah defense is good with the Huskies. That's when the biggest question is going to be I don't think our defense is gonna have a problem of holding guys in 220 fives maybe it'll thirties. I anticipate his office to score thirty to forty points per game last year 36 or belief so I think that they're gonna have that chance. But when those became begins come. How portable in the end zone to score. Are the image do and they should have the talent and the guy Fuld to be lead hoping so I think they get they get over that that the Indian delegate it to get over it and when. Kim would you like you respond in smack talk when he's the Teague says that they're gonna in the de facto how many times how many needs a little bit and many do reformulate my advice and give back to you. They let me go public think about those who do you. Haven't seen yet but. Last year I really felt that I really like secretly as quarterback I think he's really good quarterback. I hear in and from what I gathered their defense is even better than they were last year. I'm doing well as possible but it was piecing kudos to him Purdue on him and what he's what he's building there. I don't think that they have. The type of players at receiver. That they did last year. That will allow G-8 running not to be is not to be perfect he. You look a lot of those throws well those throws under thrown level associate receivers had to make a guy miss or make a great catch in the Nixon guys miss. I don't know they have that they are making ability outside so I wonder how much sex and the lack off offensively in my question is can their defense of didn't you help them out and keep in the game is because the fact. That's where I think correspondent. All right Jason guests here in studio we got a kid and has Keiko existing for now. For now I sub questions about. Some Mike Leach stuff and Luke fall in desert pertain to the run game what you're talking about right now though is Crawford was Fortson. This is college kickoff week on dusty and cam in the morning. Brought to you by frost brewed Coors Light on Jan AB both Israel and I were any of the Jason guests are former Ku quarterback Tony as you like in the I'd yeah. Hook me up and notice an advantage of these yeah. I don't local managed to bring it back I I didn't know you from lie Amy didn't stand watching us look Google's core. Do you consider yourself the second best quarterback to come out of Saint Louis oh unlike the fifteenth best quarterback Jimmy let's be honest you have an hour of them. Car think mark is Mario and one market martyrdom of one mocha. And I think eking. Pretty good system out yeah and everybody else that you can you can get. And I look at. Add to a title the title by Lola who's Alabama man I'm gonna find out we're gonna find out what is a way to put that turns out to be the nearly Timmy Chang and we'll see yeah. Dar arsenal's early guys it was so Darnell with a senior as a sophomore Tim you this hatred. Caiso Darnell goes and leaves you tol I stepped in we when we had we edit. Rankin of I think she knew we runs twelve to HM zero and number three in the usage today when it was never lost the game. And I leave TV sets and continues all the angles and he was UH we were the first school. For high school would have three quarterbacks starting a division one on the seems. Wow so doubtless now pretty cool yes we had a bad and then there's a school in Texas that hiatus. And then they'd be useful for analysts say it was a school that. USC quarterback went to. Gosh. Was beaten him anyway but I camera was school texts and without him. Since there was ever a play date either. Do you think back a bigger do you hate guys from Idaho or Washington more or commitment and a flu that's a good collection. I hate guys that were like I T shirts and were altered a bug you every day did he Wear. I just happen to me now is apologizing on my laundry and so is viewers is out everything that it does he learned today is your net dollars. It's economy taxi you know here you're because the view when they did subconsciously. Is I guess he's come an end. And yeah. At. But it is it is that you dubbed guys or is it a. It's I would say I board's Washington. And that here's the reason element throw myself under busts in and do they are not doing that all of us via. Is because of the fact of my record against. Although I'd be all that and I school on the and Youkilis and widows because the because of that factor that it. Well I hate to strong word obviously hate. I hate allows plain old of even death to anyone at this like yeah and then and then as you get older here's what they're coming to to find out you get older and the shooters are coaching certain known guys from their hands are seeing good idea here and all home. Are the way they most of whom act museums and Seattle couple good guys here and there which is likely kind of softened that dislike for your pants kind of on the borderline of but I just like oh. Yeah I'm on the border are like me and I guess that's tighter tighter racket worth and now let's gauge your response cam well Ed tube last segment. Gay guests are said hey. He thinks includes north nor is gonna run to than any he outlander reason he he outlined a great reason as it was his job to do that and he. Look I. I think of this kind not only in the north side I'm just talking about with top Washington Washington State there's no reason that I disagree at all. That that game is gonna come down of the apple cup I'd better come down to the apple company there's no there's no excuse for both of those teams just with their. Now only the returners you're gonna have both offense and defense put the leader to be the best too often in the north everyone's gonna tell me Stanford. I watched him vs rice it was a high school teams on not sold on that yet but they will be their organs up and coming so I'm not worried about when it comes down to. The state of Washington gonna control pactel north. That's that's for sure I do believe in that. I don't I don't think we YouTube made me also my ears perked up when I said about depth. Washington's depth has more when I think about the Huskies just there's more depth that in injury we don't to her present injury sport as guys are gonna go down. If a quarterback goes down or the receiver goes down river Cree craft going down last year that back. Huge impact high degree and masters and I financier is so. Quarterbacks Alabama. Colorado did you have those big games was it because of Jake was it because they found ways to stop him. I think on the inside she goes better I think that knowing that you're gonna have lecture capture more efficient guys out there you know any burners so. I'm excited I'm Knology glass half full in this area. But much much bigger question is is coming from recorder I want to hear from quarterbacks when I view this conference 'cause before quarterbacks going in. They could have four drafted quarterbacks they all went out who'd could have a top four according to extracted who is the guy that you look at and see Sam Arnold because it looks pretty and he he sells magazines but it's a loser for you guys don't you guys really wasn't a falcon you Browning these four are gonna put upon god Leno. Guys come out this year no I don't I don't say now if I'm not saying he's not either. It also forgot your fourth was accessed because you're asking you I'm dissing their fourth and call us the reader give me rank them for me and tell me who barrel different yes but who is the guys that you look I know you're gonna look towards towards Luke because that's what is great but let's break it down to gimme the fourth quarter acting human what do the intangibles okay so question is are those -- are asking for NFL we are asking for college I want I want I want college because let's be at Pacific let's talk him who's gonna be the guy in college right now you're looking this year this year right now. I think this year. It's basically. Arm in arm. Arm wrestle between Donald and I think those two guys are or are significantly better and then Rosen and brownie significantly. Better in the better come and our we'll have a significant better season he put that would have. And reason being is because of what's around. That's that's actually do think they quarterbacks I'm on the guy and I'll tell you right now. It's about the guys you surround yourself with him you can get yourself you know and talking to careful guys that have been down -- Lee's camp. They don't have a receiver though star on mania in embryos to the receivers. Off. There are guys around them are not very good. I'm from what I gather of Huron from about things about him he's got the best leader out there and that the team to personal bond and you know. I'm so I think that because of that there I think your house carts to one thing goes wrong and things fault. I agree with you. On the Rosen thing I think that there's a lot of weapons Browning has around him that. Where were kind of overlooking miles Gaskin being number one yeah I mean did that guy can help out your quarterback in ways. That you could to have Josh for reasons receivers you can't clinic here's a thing about these select a 127 best rushing offense in the country they're. They had no run game to help alleviate any pressure in the SE percent to so he's had a double an eagle on exactly at least Browning. Though there may be would John Ross leaving a little bit of a question receiver at least miles Gaskin is Browning can really you. Actually who you have the two best running backs in the conference at the tandem. At Washington along Coleman he could have 2000 yard backs this year legitimately good get out of but from a quarterback perspective began how good is it when you have to take running a 43 touchdowns nine interceptions and I can't throw out that being pretty. Pretty significant or is huge because it's really think that's real that's really good I don't know what else these mile doing in this year's OK when we did I mean that's fair that's a fair. Because you're gonna have different schemes you know I'd map lupica here comes from organ has a whole different scheme of offense it's gonna be added. To that system would Jonathan Smith. Again but as a quarterback do you like knowing that you have running backs he could hand the ball off to in certain situations. We're do you wanna put it in in the air raid system where you say I gotta get it TU like a handoff. A short screen like the way Washington State run that that's just a longer him yeah to me that's a civil pets is changing your running game to a quicker shot. Down the field that's that do you like the fact I can turn around and go play action in hand that ball do quarterback situation. Like that better I I I go to go die any day of the week and you can do is rewind back to ashes of Boca for a reason why we. I'm attempt to watch his biggest stop unfortunately Agilent yeah oh my gosh yeah. So beaten you have to be able to have those you have to deal would run the ball and I think that with the running backs that Washington has now. Have and what their offensive line three of those guys treat those guys up front. All there and play all through a collision. Although the was he gonna call play I mean because you know I mean during the time the broadcasting crew could even Joseph Klaas you could see when Luke was gonna choose either the check was coming. Is he gonna have more of a scheme and their maybe with a little bit different variation will you allow Lou to be able to do that. Or will be nominal Obama called Atlanta huddle isn't it isn't that went to bed yet other items Leo she might plea to have a quarterback that there was like 300 yards and a half net halftime interview will be. Our quarterbacks playing like crap. And Ed ball anywhere this is terrible you know pretty well the good weather than it is an odd but isn't the thing that he loves about Luke Faulk is the fact. It doesn't matter he threw for 300 yards she'll want you to check to the right place and Luke Faulk doesn't have the ego too I need to throw throw throw throw throw which brings guys to Washington State. Yes agreed a 100% that's the reason why they've had so much sit success owed his last two years in my opinion. You go from a 31 team too and I went team in one year. And there's two guys that factor into that equation. Luke flock number one issue new quarterback. Polished or just renewed its corner to. Those two guys changed whole mentality and change how the whole thing went on the field and Luke's mentality was and I've found itself early on I knew the kid I recruit him on high school knows coordinator over I hope he is were is only offer. I didn't get a job we got let go he ends up walking on a Washington State. So I go on I know they keep pretty well. And the first time that he played. In the USC game stepped in for four how are they going down honeymoon down. I'm in there I'm Obama had said on the radio interview the kid got my stat sheet and every single time Conner come in or any other players dude got much that she currently stash. The site is now actually he USC this they wanna wanna see that. We need to win. All you know he's one loss. It's got a really good chance Kiki cared less about. How many yards he throws for Youkilis in this stuff he wants to Wimbledon so whether it be throwing whether it be running whether B screen would Everett may take. He'll go into every takes too long when there again and that's why. I think he'll he'll be in my mind the most successful quarterback your come Iowa State. He's also done this and it doesn't it wants some ambulance marked. It might have some say you minus of the sentiment definitely getting doesn't and that's the way to the geely jokes about he's he's a call and like it didn't do and here are often so. But that's the one thing EU always talks about rising gas and come and actually record I guess the one thing that as the outstanding there isn't uncommon after getting this year ago I hope you do if he's any way to do hope that you know rip has overall this race. His ability without end and the ability to karaoke in front of people all times at all times at all times and drive the ball for years and he's saying karaoke at turner because we play Joseph is tournament like it was amazing out of nowhere he was rip. With the Mike karaoke. Everybody. He grabbed it he was it at a karaoke bars. They'll use mill music capella. So in either excludes or even these securities drunk like this election about Princeton newsroom in the golf turn the man grabbing the Mike out of nowhere without these super people don't feel that people do not do that. Gosh and then he pulled out my milk shakes ring of the bullies. Lol wow yes was classic view is amazing I am a lot as a review of the they had not and so on and food usually behind it. Two president very and a half of them aren't producer Diane Alex today. Bridges and that is set to September 16. Got two eggs BCS. If we go. I hope to see you in hat and have also urges after the game I know his Mormon he'll be working we know game after the game after game. You have people to get experience and lords and need to get any begins a little socialite would argue that you to you tomorrow. Yes well fireball at 730 tonight on on the road in the pac twelve network news usually vote we scenes. And comments welcome and I gave me a big game for you. I mean we were were prior Albert fireballs there aren't. Exactly that I you'll be in here in town tonight because you get to chalk talk tonight 630 twin peaks public house. Up in Ridgefield what you guys haven't store. So we would like to get together and we like to come down for fans and bring a liberal woman to. Or our crews down here in the in the Portland and Vancouver area so. He's mentioned how spring QB join his looks who he lives down here in the area Matsch has and our play by play on the radio on the broadcast with myself to come down. And base at least. Do we're doing here is talk about what's going on in field questions and and see what's going on in athletics he was going on with full ball cutting gear video for good though. The season opener at this week against Montana state and we have a good time. Did. The last time the last two times ago thumb when I did have a good time coming down here was right after the Portland State. But until we had one of the all that which was a little bit brutal but you know what today we don't work. We're starting afresh operative darted up. We don't game off and although we finished we did this season strong last year we still have back to back bulls which has not been done since back when my time you know LA and so go for back to back Abaxis since the same time so we have some. Very optimistic. They talk about like we talked about it and the rockets. Chasing guests their analysts in the Q Drayton network news or does it cubes in Montana you guys here on fanned. On senator thinks the time and patience for me is Alex.