Jason Gesser Interview 8-16-2018

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, August 16th
WSU color commentator Jason Gesser joins Dirt & Sprague to talk all things WSU Football, including projections for the upcoming season, who could possibly play QB, and Mike Leach's future in Pullman.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. We got a good time to bring in our friend Jason said the color analyst for Washington State football. As the cougars look to move on from the Luke fall air and see what they can do what this season he joins us now hi you doing Jason. Underwear or doing good man it's nice to have you back on means policies and is upon us and how good deed in Washington State is based on what you've seen him. It always question because tickle it but it's just early and eat each and engaged. What you lost to which are seeing who commit back. Panic did soccer teams around the area are there other it is. I it for a heated hate seeing if and don't appreciate it. We will find out you want I really don't know there's there's been. So much tradition here at Washington State broke not only players in positions and leadership but also Coke. When you haven't retired yet we're gonna trickle choose Carter eagle. Record to trickle or he came back. Impact of brown but you also change your Egypt according to you change your linebackers outside linebackers coach quarters court seat he's coached. You're out of line coach running back coming there's so many different. Very that go into this all by the way out. A position that quarterback acting. It's always did the first position you think of talk is gone and of course the tragedy. This offseason that was so sad to see with a lit ski I don't. Toward the names and what are we looking at a the quarterback position and I can how do you honey is stacked memory is right now to be the starter. So rule would eat when you look at it. We have a couple. Frequently an epic org and these guys have been here for a couple years now they're both redshirt. Richard junior energy transfers to even ago there's certain that. And and that being said though you guys know the office data we understand the offense. The team respects from the response to them the older two kind of may. Hey guys right now we're here we come back and that you go to the mix garden bench. Are there was everyday graduate transfer from east Carolina. Transcript from there got here this summer he knows it. And those three guys are eager means treat clay that court recognition and you have a term heart. And the Cooper. Who the or star recruit at so and you early grip track girder to gradually. High school but you hear all last Dirk what drew all spring ball. Gotta take what it takes went for all summer and now you fearful it and so. You look at Google or players current scheme to bring down. I think looking in the coming out too this is no matter who they start coming out of camp. Oh home defeat probably three if not all for those guys play. In the three games. We opened up at Wyoming in the that we host housing estate in eastern Washington Seoul. I think we'll see all four guys see from time. And whoever Kenny merge article or streaking to go and accomplished when it was. Outlook determine cooler back don't want to Quebec's director he's. Now this is former quarterback and now color analyst for Washington staple and Jason gas or you know you you're so close to that program. How close was a leads Tennessee stuff I mean that's a story that it felt like he was basically yet and then boosters stepped in for Tennessee. And then on hold just debacle how is do you think he really was stood to leaving Paul and. I think I think who have a lot closer then there obviously you want to lead directly out to be dark but. It was one of those situations or got applicant is seeking. From beginning of this was just kind of look everybody. Would like I think we're at a as you well in there and they're urged Christians or look or whatever he wherever they look yet at every uses or later. Mean Google are aware what was going out could see how many cooks denied them work or whatnot. Home but acting is yet to eight of settled or be the case now a coach like coach Leach out of production act here at Washington State what he's done. Over last year's Connecticut in pro people. Coached and so that these that he easier. He's resigned a five year contract so. Don't believe the heat and equaled anywhere any time soon and which is which is good for the grand nation. But as hard court uphold that goes I think he's the only one making really carrier and you get that I am. And you are reliable read series secret for so could could look at it like that true or go to each. You mention the other coaching changes that we saw this a seasoning and now it's strange going to Ohio day not Tracy plays a new defense and coordinate air. How big of a loss do you think ranges and leaving nag gig and in how much different we expected defense allowed this year. Yeah I think you're the huge loss in the last in my personal opinion of the reason why he went from three wins one he's an. And I went to the very next season. And going to three consecutive all games for only the second count schools which it will because of too many people. An old Oscar actually call ends go to lose both of those guys. But are circling around grinch on what CDs here and how how well not just what you became credit wise and we implement it but the culture keep Greg. Look at that script next Google or to the Oscar that would boost politically correctly. He's a special people. That one's Coke is that you and your your round here like he gets he gets the player laser sight yet yet knows if recruiting. Yet the management of the coaches. You get the big picture and silk to go like daddy's huge. But at this same time. I think that what typically east is it been able to do community. He is done. Such a tremendous job looks at mr. and look I wanted to reinvent the wheel because look how well Oscar stage here. You wanna change occurred. I'll see you had just been on everything but he tried to take over as much terminology from their stamp for watching at that point he had changed every around. ET each turn in the terminology is green and look at Washington State in so they can help what the. The players and their learning her out side the technical and they'll hurt as well. Thirty minute he'll learn how to guide cover I think frequently in bringing. Your per packet the packet. Where where where they look like look at your ailment bringing four guy so yeah more on how he lashes. The cornerback in the old quarterback and we saw that idiot that. Yeah hold able we're so. He did a great job against us let them walk in are also at all in all honesty we had smoking simply. So. That these. I think I did see what you want on the little comfort of our own crowd I think it is. I absolutely can attack well you know you go to eight and work. Opposite they have 68. Peace somewhere right around the seventeen to fourteen hour Kurt twenty and it just seventeen mark he collected will be an average follow around 11120. Over the position game it square mile hires how he translate out he adapts to what other warcraft consulate he just didn't want to. So. It's going to be a fun year that you gonna look a lot about about not only coaches but our players. And a local league at that particular market you can get past that that's it's a market that global. You know Jason guess there is our guest you know if I was a Washington State fan I have to be a 100% honest with him and I am nervous that he is gone next year the way that the whole Tennessee thing went down. Thank you dire in lockstep and how we really perceived what was going on there. Does Washington State may be identified similar feelings because the last thing you want is to slip back into what you were before he got there there. Maybe start kinda I and who some of the up and coming assistant U program does stuff like that knowing that he may be looking around. Outside a Pullman. Well I think as a when you look at that question you look at district general. If you if you'll patch unarmed that they director and current shelter our president in Europe. Good president or read in any respect your old looking for the F a cup you look at your your head up also who's next to. Coming up next and how your has your Clinton placed speak. As we see occur are college athletics and continue to have half. Our home now is well cold streak is it ethical what he's done here has been phenomenal. I'll go up their data outages albeit it it was president fully. A huge influence earlier it was film that huge a pollute earlier. I'm in I'll be able to the passing of the guard and how goes to that might boxes as well as it is seen beat you hear what dodi's. When he's at the renovations in March stadium football complex. Here in Pullman car right next to the stadium on all of those at the foundation has been included police. To where if coach Leach does decide to go to coast east and it all a lot of at. Heavy lift it to get rock phenomenal coach is she turned to a date but it would fit that bill. And president will do and so that tree do that trio right there it all the emulated do you work that are now. And you know I don't end. At that happened. The foundation is late so you hear your and the poll concluded that up and comer. Well I think that we won't let it fall back to what it was prior to Leach getting here is we're trying to say. So alone is well it electric may be leaving next year may be Elise what is now pretty don't tell what you have to happy at. All future treaty cannot protect that director to know okay cool let me be executed next on now get people out there and stayed out you know. And that is be real east dale would look for somebody else like that culture. But I'm sure he's he's got it and pull oh who is up and come and who that that the potential. Next coach may have to be if coast reached exactly. The fact of north this year is is walk and it's going to be a tough division Washington getting the playoff conversation or in seems to have high expectations once again this year with the talent their returning. Cal expected to be better in your 200 Justin Wilcox how do you see the north and anywhere in the Washington State falls and that picture. Well at the million dollar question I think I actually do think that you don't as. They have to say they have they have all the favorite going their their their cornerbacks in the background in the back clear preacher on testing there. That is who she went door to let Pete. Bombs may look at organ like accepting or be Berry tree. I stepped Stamford always going to be your tree so I think that it Utica between. Whoever's in there who cannot or Stanford. Organ or you would you get beat paper now for far as watching dateline and Eric I think Washington State or. You're probably gonna find out all the transition going on. You know I think we're. I think we're better team or eight but I don't count eating better. You aren't aren't and an organ state because they're adjacent. Is it already aren't. It or is that the looking at the UN endorsed. So I think you'll you'll find us somewhere in the of course assists out of the north. Prime Mora. For a spot. Just in realistic terms of cool ERE did you hear a pick to get back to that that that level. But now that you've referenced earlier. As far as going back to where we're prior so that history prior that mean because record for likely to it was. Once every 45 you could go to will be very important or years. Now closely to put their head so we've got a streak of technical as it would acoustic this year four consecutive destroy your. All that out but earlier records here quarterbacking are the book and numerous senior music there but he mostly. Political tradition and I think that. It really get so we'll be this year Ellis speak. Value on Al value will coax Leach is what he has done here at university as silly bill. Mean that that would classic about great picture a distinct that is traditional year end of the finest right there at lower. Middle to lower part of that that the pac twelve deal there but the reality. Yeah in other young color analyst or Washington State football Jason get her former quarterback as well. Well it's kind enough to join us here in Portland knocked little cougar football a good time when he met we'll catch W and seizing its own. Belgrade is heavy on and now hopefully get some greatly. Yeah the recount Jason guests are color and analyst for wash. Football.