Jeff Sanders Interview 8-17-2018

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, August 17th
The main in charge of the Winco Foods Portland Open joins the show to talk the different golfers competing, and how an event like this comes together. 

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Our next guest is every time I see this guy. But my goal is to heat this individual that's it life's goal as the turning to Jeff Sanders and I. I curtains regulated the death I don't know if I've ever happened yet known though there's no way my choice. Let's make bogey nightly on an app can't see L is talking about this though and shell. If you have that same intense reaction with other sports but you play pick up hoops or sop on strike you know. That is as famous as golfers golf separate now I think it's this. I think you'd better you'd yet the more. The more you expect right or irritate you get with a bad shot golf let's say. But no I think I think when you're overly competitive like I am and you don't really micromanage peavy is intensely trained them. You know. I need you and I have problems in but it's up to get a beautiful iron that we we love coming out here in the last couple years it's been like. 9900 degrees we are to say and this year is the picture perfect. I can't believe I did this weather's you know that smoking and whatever that was couple days ago things god left this weather today is as good as it gets mean. It's just perfect out here on CNN and of course pumpkin is the world class and you know almost everybody knows this yet now we we traveled the country rent golf tournaments and there's no venue like it means there's that from the parking two of the two courses today. In all the things we can do here you know for the the fans you know the fan experience that. The new greats in Purdue's engulf you know over there on twelve and mean just just fun I mean it's it's great places got such history in Ireland. We did years amateur here in 96 and tigers repeated in the women's open next year on it it was trying to repeat. And that's as close as I've is as I've ever seen two witnesses in Allen and why is that well because. It's so competitive and there's so much on the line these guys out here tonight and utterly reform on the air that. You know these guys are playing for their dream their life their career mean they this is being okay and and last couple years ago or Varner. You know came down the last day and yet at getting his card number 25. By 200 dollars for the year in prize money heated. If you did you know 201 dollars heated and down the road rye and you know it that's where that term trunk slammer came from but they did a opened up a structure bag and slammed it throwback Florida could get a stop for gas you know about blew his brains out of the way. I but it's it's so competitive he's got to shoot 61 here's Terri currently gas Soledad you know one that Wells Fargo PGA tour event three years ago. So he's a PGA tour player he's here is status back let. And idiom birdie eighteen and in part by the team humbly I overburdened right so I can't let alone a round of golf he Scottie Scottie here intimately they're real ally. And that's ran a one because I we talk a lot about it and lack of course bring that up on the golf show but for the people who don't know they haven't been out here and don't realize what's on the line is explain where this falls in the schedule. How the points and yep works in what guys claim. Four OK so there's a. 156 guys out here at the top 156 money winners on the Web.Com PGA tour and they've been this is tournament like 23. And at the end of this tournament the top 25 money winners mean right off the money went to 25. They get their PGA tour cards they're guaranteed to play next year and the PGA tour. If they don't finish the top you know 25 course there's there's four more tournaments there's 41 million dollar plane 300000 here. And a 144000. For first. There's four more tournaments term is 2456. And seven they're called the finals events and those of answer million dollar purse and so what happens is. That the number 126 to 200 on this year's PGA tour or semi five guys. We'll get together with the top 7512. Semifinal on this tour for the years make it killed 150. And they'll play four tournaments million dollars million dollars million dollars million dollars all start from zero money. In the top 25 money wares at the end of those four tournaments will be than will be also get their card. Shall be fifty total wealth and the way they viewed as a scissors in the hands of the number one money winner on the Web.Com. And the number one money winner of the four finals events are one and two. And that number two money winner beat factory in and the number for so forth doesn't count to fifty so. You wanna win the qualifiers you wanna finish first if you want in in higher you finish course. Like if you win the web if you're number one a miraculous Web.Com tour that year in all the tournaments in the in the nothing uses it you one bit of playing your year plan your schedule and when I played the two hour I mean. I was a wrap it is Monday qualifier was no we have not gone right right either played in the tournament are you practiced for a week now. And eagle try again in easy about a 150 guys for thirty spots. And if you're one of the thirty play if you're not you'd you missed you missed the Monday year you're down the road was not perfect Howard Johnson's in red roof and an audience we dealt a death yet anecdotally red -- it is yeah definitely a brand new that had bad eyes but by the way when you really got hot missed every putt he could throw it he could throw a ping answer putter right through that well law if it. But he did right on through. But union EU that was a different day right so you use. Now you can actually play all year. And the cream does rise of the top I mean you can have a bad week or two or three term but if you play enough good weeks you're gonna get your card you know and like we're talking also. There have been 36 wins on the PGA tour by graduates of the winter coat whose Portland open. Justin Thomas being the number one player he's won ten times since he got his car here in fourteen. He's got he's won ten times in the PGA tour so when you see are ads says PGA tour golf in Portland. Well it is PG cargo earnest you know their current one of Wells Fargo he shoot 61. Justin Thomas is his cart series won ten times so in peoples who how you how's that workers who work. Taking anything you take all the major leagues like football basketball baseball soccer hockey. Out of all the athletes in each sport OK and then compare him to the number of athletes on the PGA tour in the Web.Com combined. Three iron fifty guys told between the two tumors PGA tour Web.Com. If you do the math for the NBA in the NHL MLB NFL. There's more than three iron fifty athletes yeah now so so that's why this is release these guys it is that's what it with the numbers on the scorecard the UC. No surprise to me once wherever there's only three and fifty these guys in the world do this so they are PGA this is PGA tour golf and you get a chance when you watch his tournament. To see the next you know see who can Bubba Watson. You know. Tony Fino autumn and out Daniel Daniel Berger. You know Justin Thomas yeah those guys played here and there are now superstars on the PGA tour now and all the news it was it was a tee time. In his communities that they couldn't get one but now they've got one and of course rest is history. So it's just fun that you know I've been members since 92 and I love this place and it's fun to watch light up for. This competitive golf tournament and also. It's fun to see people coming out here you know for junior day for family game for the breakfast ons practiced on Sunday. Pia everybody before the final round and and and the awards ceremony on Sunday night you know we give up to 25 cars on the families cut right and there with their son who's now that it tour card let's say and trying since junior golf high school golf callable play the whole time. And now they get their tour card in this is like in all happens right here in the eighteenth green and it's just unbelievable now you know super emotional. Super competitive. I was gonna say judge Sanders or gas. Those guys and I imagine now but somehow have to be breaking down a little bit Riley oral coming down I mean you have total lifelong dream yet realized yeah surgery. Now it's it's. You know I I I would I play I played at a two or five years in a long time ago. Now lost my card every year and I I got this thing called tour school which is like that grinder well Anders. Five times and and so I can remember each one of them were it was what it felt like. Aspect and had to pay phones you know beat that with a quarter in the eight page it that the card. Was a card call that he is definitely on its iron about this state ball was let you know four feet high eighty feet wide you know if it and you know you can call home in years you tell your parents say them my card you know. But eventually when my license plate said no wins a new I was out there. Yeah I. A lot you know it but it but it was fun it was gradient you know playing golf around Portland and it is we have so much great golf here's courses great players. Great young players right now with the story got off to me and buys it. A lot of those guys come through here as well yeah eyes here in lies would what a great story now. I ain't got time got his first tournament this year while he got his card it would a year ago yeah. He wins colonial thing we talked to a monster where we definitely on tell ya he's a is he hits that mark in Austria. Database you want to me it is from the golf that you played in now watching these young guys it in the EC a guy like Brooks Capcom hockey championship. Did you ever think that you big game would evolve to this point couldn't believe what I subgroups doing mean win when tiger was put it on him on the back nine Sunday. And that rowers were going on people talks people with there. The toll that they've members days have seen crowds like that in tiger was doing as tiger things you saw not at any fairways which is sixth floor if at any several almost ended and and but that Brooks kept making birdies and back when they were afraid of them. I'm not afraid of many more they were one time. They serving in bogeys when he started doing there and he would one but now. You ski don't and they keep the pedal to metal images they know they got to go lower and lower because someone will and it is fun is fun to see tiger back land. You know the fact it is the rating feature off the charts again he plays his great great for the game and the great thing as he's healthy I can't believe he's actually able to play in practice the way that he does after. What four back surgeries now I mean crazy. We just heard a story he was that a gust or two years ago and I guess champion yet another champions Agassi was walking on Saturday I'm done I can't I can't walk very get a saying last Ryder Cup he couldn't get out of a golf cart Kenyatta Walker and now equities do I it's amazing I think that's the story to not only is it tiger it's. The physical come back that he is made it is lies. Yeah I mean it's he's you know Lanny Watkins are talking about him one time in you know any sing and he just never you know he can't count him out I mean when he was a fierce competitor on the and Andy you know he said Jeff he's that this guy was he said. He made spewing church Massachusetts cannot get out you know how much I needed to ISIS' dealer remembered egos. The Tiger Woods is just one of one and you just never wanna cash and now maybe thinks he won't be back to really be careful because. He's gonna work and work and work and work out to where you know don't be surprises come back I've just been amazed at how well he's played. Last couple months yeah it's been a lot of fun. Just real quickly put out get out here information for people that maybe listening to this for the first time about that we go foods Portland open. Where they get tickets. You know all that stuff really simple you know win co golf dot com you know fifteen dollars a data come out remember with that fifteen dollar ticket we're gonna be ten free tastings over the gulf in graves and bruised area yeah we check that out today that's the place to be right if you if you're you do the math a little bit there you're a network that originated it and then that fifteenth gonna go to whatever charity want to go to an in Portland soon he's cool now you've got kind of a double win. But you wanna take exit 55. Off I 26 west which is I think it's Durham yes he's just won a ball X 55. And he's come out here parking tree. And then you know the golf school and on this afternoon until 630 or seven. The grove is on fire until 630 years and that's not a hobby over there you know by and shots at MI and I. I it try to stay out of trouble but we're gonna we're gonna have some fun of their social social great you know golf straight. And then tomorrow Saturday is is family day from 12 o'clock on the violence for the first turn fifty kids. And then Sunday we buy everybody comes out here in the morning breakfast here and then we watched the guys play their brains out to try to get a tour card. And it's just an unblinking tea right now it's is this the most emotional day. The spotlight will be on pumpkin around the world now these guys this is where it's it's it amounts to. Ivan you crazy yet. Taylor amounts I think he's got a future. You know he can't sell you things. But. He is certainly he's the east and got a chance it might make it yeah he might make it if he is keeps grind and it run these Dreier oh you know try to lift him up to date on a daily basis that our company was pretty mixed when he left half the room was crying in the cap it yes I would I am very tired it was a party you know captain yeah like bonuses and you know he's going over it like yours sports they were there that you're the rumor was well nevertheless there you go out and work with the ethnic ethnic. Now he's great we love Taylor now sees of course he went to Islamic University right local can't logo a gay rights tells it like basketball. Actually Randy was coach yet it is coach said he weighed about fifty pounds less than he does today. When he could not miss take this nickname was cotton. Involved that I am that never touch the rim at a hot and only this president Lula thank you so well thank you guys you guys agreed to a job. Thanks higher drugs I had great partner in galleries out Sanders out here at the Waco foods Portland no gravity get time what's not about the Monday Night Football stuff next on the stand.