Kevin Patra Interview 6-12-18

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Tuesday, June 12th
Author of Around The NFL on, Kevin Patra joins the guys to go through the major NFL storylines as minicamps open up around the league.

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What's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. We wanted to toxin and a now a lot going on in the NFL on the different mini camps and read an article the from Kevin Patrick's. And he's joining us now on to any senior important night Kevin. How worried you won't ballot. We're doing a fantastic things are making the time for us man out really good piece on I guess those are with the big one in this is a puzzling one for me Julio Jones is choosing to. Not attend mandatory camp with the falcons but he's got three years left on the deal so what do we make of Julio Jones making this decision. Yeah I mean it came up to this decision made about him he's he's got an average of fourteen point five Portland 25 million. On the left EDO. All the equipment aren't aren't and that eight. Eight under puberty page right out and hit dot that's how he even. I'm Catholic Dovonte Adam. Anti lock and took got paid sixteen million per year a hundred degrees partly to expand. What do I got a you'd get paid I'm making less than half a let you get paid Matt Ryan. The bat and run deep talent wise. I carry the football team when Matt Ryan struggled sometimes. What do I need to do to get paid I'm I'm look at the numbers cannot work or not gonna make it here I wanted to pay a BB not coming out saying it. You know keep doctor PM the couple a weeks ago. And suggested that it was immediate application McNally didn't show up to would give what are we to leave. You know. Actions speak louder than words and that to me just thank you want to reach of the deal were Utley got a couple years ago and sorrow dictator wanna top receivers in the game. It's not fake news after on a bathtub. If that we we got a handful of high profile guys early on in nudges Julio the Davey Johnson I believe Aaron Donald wants a new deal. Cleo mackerel oral comments. And aluminum I might even be forgetting something what would today's standards. Do the logical one tackle from the right and yet which one of these sand base is should be most concerned about their Sar holding out of me camp. I would think early on because there's been talk. On of them trying to trade and they try to trade order. The draft didn't didn't work out he won the older guy he wants to pay what could he lacked the contract. He talks. Don't don't don't tell what they want to vote get into the demand of why wouldn't they have already at stake it. Maybe somebody comes back and opera Arctic for next year and he thought that it won all the other guys the young guys. That still aren't rookie deals that these are gonna get done sooner or later and it's not gonna gonna get franchise that went on shall. Solar power on the Eagles want that stand out after ejecting that you don't get. But if I had to pick one that eating out you wanna. Our guest is Kevin Patrick you an article today on About the 28 NFL squads and a little mini camp and out what to look for the story lines and all of those you can find that I kind of a stay with this with the Earl Thomas and see out two parter for you one. What would you be willing to give up if you were an opposing team and what team stands out the most in your opinion when you kind of look at the landscape of teams that need a free safety. I mean yeah it wanted that it team to pick apart like a person yacht he talked about and that outcome. That's two he'd want to play pork that's been talked to the he talks earlier in the year what a happy it didn't want to give up that topic. Out of the third round pick get it done and now. But she's still up in the problem there a common stock to pay it eighty backed. You don't want to your country you're not gonna comment click for new team without and beat the promise of any deal. So to meet the one that jumped out would Atlanta be able to get him convinced him to come play for quick for one year pay and that. One year and what you. Would he not pick pick a penalty except that under the salary cap maybe because they take that we use that that would put them over the top man at the and a cup and a deep. Bill but in any doubt is the one enacting the reason that he had moved is because who nobody wants to. Paper paid high draft pick and give him a contract he wants at his age. You're one of the enemies relies not a guy holding out Buddy Guy we've been waiting on seeing and finally did today is Andrew Locke I think he was throwing high school's size football's not quite the NFL. Size but how big of a step is that in in just kind of what are we hearing out of Indianapolis in terms of him being ready for training camp. We'll get you know twenty minutes ago he was just talking to media and clarified that yet that it that there are high school football. But he has loans and it felt like what all AK that duke with frank Reich. Under under guys. Prompt the coat had a coat promised not to tell you about the he has thrown at local while the hole but usually hear it. Slightly ridiculous. I think they take away here is that. That put them on tape. To get ready for a training camp which was always the goal. And it was kind of weird that we hadn't seen him throw any balls at all even even even high school football to this point because how can you be fully ready to go into week. You haven't done that. Even that we just throwing. Court record high school football whatever he can't out there on the field is that it would benefit to the stands to go. To calm them down and it was just. A weird situation. Where we hadn't seen you do anything at provost here last year they had all these problems. Before about how he'd be great that he had many what those kind of Asia all over again for colts fan but thinking today should call from the sat down and you did. When he was speaking to immediately Dick pound about it happy is we heard him to tweak it he'd. And it sounds like he is trucking it. The paper he's armed and trusting that he will he really will be ready try to get it pat not too much trust shall. Democrats are is our guest he wrote an article going around the National Football League to for many camps. And you can find it up on their website. Aron Donald is holding out he wants new contract he did that last year as well Cleo Mac. Is saying that he is gonna hold out because he wants an extension on his rookie deal. If you are having to choose between these two and a node a team isn't having too but if you're having to choose which one would make more money. Premiere and Donald. I mean. The pressure he'd get up the gut is just ridiculous and when you talk to any quarterback. That. Where he really struggle I mean you can put extra blockers. On the outside you can get back to ship you get a tight end chip but there's only only guy when he double teamed up the gut EE eight to. You can even back colonel back and yet. He can eat eat Wear them out. Aren't that bad it doesn't sound like he's in good position to get them out because the spirit contest between Aaron down in the Mac it's like. Mac has the leverage to weed out where it turned out pretty much done to Egypt where he drafted out at the top and. You know a lot of these new holed out guys are stealing the headlines away from one guy who has been distraught about his contract situation rely on tennis lady on bell. In Pittsburgh who wears this get it houses could end up I mean the guy's been dominant when he's healthy. Beat. It's it's unique window and Pittsburgh with Ben Roethlisberger getting up there in age our ideas and palladium tells situation going. It is just meet perky only get from what I've. Reading no sort of situation I could see Clinton beat that I think he's gonna put out. And eaten take care of business and when he catfish a lot social up until playing on the back again. And that helped create texture and also eat it doesn't. Did that Pittsburgh Steelers are one of those organizations or not gonna go on their way to recreate the patent schedule for running back. It's just not how they operate its just not well they they've ever operated really and it. That's what you want to do you want to get paid. Recently occur a year and a half now he. You want to get it but not running back and the number two receiver he wants to reset the running back market. Are guys who are dual threat like Egypt and he feel that they're getting under pay economic working some ten million dollar year the next quote it's unclear eight. And that that gap gap which is not really painful and not kill an unlucky which is pretty. I don't get Johnny on this one of Sports Radio so let's be cliche let's to a scorching hot take from Kevin Patrick non playoff team last year that eating has this chance with a Super Bowl this year tell me it's the browns. Well I wish I could say. I wish. Yeah that the non that non playoff team from last year but now I'm gonna go to Houston Texans. I think it they if they can be if they can get but we helped edit their. They get it only guy that were injured Charlotte NC a lot clowning Ursula. Yeah added honey backed IP that they can eat dominate eat and I think what would he bring that up and and I think they can it get it to a much tougher. It now. But I think that that he had been put them on the top and that would be. I think it they needed them to the clout that that eat and the it's only help eat the whole year and JJ watt who can beat even beat you keep record isn't what JJ watt light. Still better than most other heat and letters I think they could they could make a run in the lap that Japan. Aren't there ago Kevin Patrick Rank him follow on Twitter. And he just wrote an article going around the National Football League with fall of the mini camps could stuff kennel catch over the down the road and talks mourn without. I.