Mario Cristobal Interview 9-11-2018

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, September 11th
Oregon head coach Mario Cristobal joins Dirt & Sprague to talk whether the weak schedul early bothers him, different position groups, if he liked the morning kickoff against Portland State, and whether or not we could see The Rock appear on the sidelines of Eugene. 

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What's up everybody it's dirt wanna thank you for takes some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. On because now joined by now the head coach of U or Oregon Ducks Mario crystal ball he joins us now I don't coach. And he Brandon how we don't have. Now we're doing good we were just talking about people overreacting to the first game because sand Arnold gets a win and now everybody's proclaiming that the Cleveland Browns made a mistake and I drafting him. I'm assuming you're being in the football business understand what it's like to watch people all react to one sample size at. Well the first thing uses have they portrait yet all year starter. You know current color or certain of the under golf well. Overreact in you know it football is some some but by chapter. Part of a larger Soviet embassy so. Home but you don't understand got to go game and I'm sure so very a couple of draws some putt well or criticism and reviews and ought to racial. The culprit. In LA I'm I'm curious sassy college after that game on Saturday as to how tough was it to get your team up I mean at not only are you playing got a non conference game. Word people aren't given the other you're on a much of a chance that you got 11 AM kick coming just. How hard was that get not that early and get your drew Brady go and and such really kick time. We know really what a couple of mortgage operation there it is like we actually have Brett Serb mortar tricks certainly never leaned shorter 27. And it caught and were practicing here in the morning to cross actually X. Great. Wake up at the ground running go like mystery man. You know four that in the same that being emphasized we're really trying to you know sure it's gonna model are that. Our Tuesday and Wednesday practices. Are extremely physical addiction difficult immediate return of some you know there's it it opener soon and make it and so weighted. It yeah that we got to play a certain weight content and struck well. Excuse and excellence and you know I think that when you put electronic problem and there are so don't help out some locals results. And and more great thinkers are in early shook and it has been excellent and go and they've become a Google Chrome but I. The head coach of the Oregon Ducks Mario crystal ball is our guess is gonna join us every Tuesday around this time here on 1080 the fan their game this weakening in San Jose state. And you can catch it here on the fan. You know you you play opponents and I know you don't like to hear this and a lot of coaches don't like to hear about that the level of the opponent that they're going to play and I understand that part of it but. If you were to look at the schedule I'll I would I'm just curious is there is there a party you. That Connick braves are may be your circle and in two weeks is thinking about. Big time programming and miss San Jose state I know you're not going to do that but. Looking at these three games is there any party that wishes may be had a little more challenge the first two weeks. Well I think that's a big. Her Kirk clearly won that that looks at her opponents Groce who's on the schedule and doesn't grant him a spectacle consider that football coach a player. It great in the biggest domestic a couple of and I know now. Are redundant and cliche is it secure got used to the course of the relate to that at all. I don't think we have been tested yet that elderly economics about a double trouble you know only Baldor Electric all the way. I do think that you know that there's been some. Really good progress. In more players in terms excuse should look at trying to do it oh yeah Tucker's. Actually in government this week at a lot of really good actually that you know scratch output and space and make sure. Instituted a rule makes constituent phone models so. And that ought to be the complete focus I think that will Wear super accurate that. The vote them out to the conflict. This group such as people don't want to skip school board look at other things as opposed to the most. Which is coming up. And that we will respect I have to go to about the play in I'm not going to be completely focused a. You know 'cause a lot of people come into the year were excited to see in kind of wondering like your skill position groups are gonna look like Booker running back position and a wide receiver position and it felt like Canada a two par four EF felt like his solidified your rotation a little bit in the backfield so. Curiously soft from for Dell umbrage James and if that's kind of going to be your your 12 punch whom Florida and also. The receiver position we saw schooler break out make a couple of nice catches you got to bar Heinz involved in the offense immediately when he hit the field he got a touchdown. It's a wonder what you saw from your skill position groups on Saturday. Over the featuring an up on the running backs are bumping it local culture should come to handle gutter by nature really good Saturday dark. They enjoy it they understand what we're do that there and how shall. There is no reason to take our foot off the gas as it relates to all Gardner they're competitive. Situation and totally changes really stepped up on the buy extra public CJ intranet as. Torture it would look so well he's a different. A different animal well also. And and Cyrus arms who took or underscore what shall we shouldn't. Go to. On some of those would accomplish them and the fact that you know you script around the all around preclude this past week and I think a lot of guys touched on the receiving such. It it gives. Not only who can get the ball. So all you. Know lining up correctly from the right route to a tradition lick or two about all and so. I think we can benefit. All week while continuing to push this competitive situation that we haven't. At some point in time little little ultra mutt a little bit but so what would wanna do. This is ducks head coach Mario crystal ball and joining us every Tuesday now here around 1230. Segment on the show. Other game against San Jose state San Jose state this weekend. On you're gonna have to take us into the film room a little bit in this sense coach I can I can watch some games I can notice some things but ultimately you're the coach you guys understand really what's going on on the field. I walk away from Portland State game 62 points scored fourteen allowed 500 yards of offense and I just think. What do you what do you yell at your players for like what did you notice on tape pitcher telling your kids about the so far you don't like. Well the court that you don't like is the quarterback was sacked once which can never happen. We have a post all year round are you must not it's unacceptable. All are open to trick. Or. Treat people. Big big green belt which means very capture over on the street quarterbacks technical. Look out. Albany cadets and go to trucks are the quarterback and like this club America up shortly thinks about a bank. Get caught you know by Triplett. Another one who are losing our partner like they would like there currently are cute there are a pitch. On the one that it took down. A little later in the coming up back on the side that could. And trek the secondary little bit of those things really are acting at all like at what is what is it like it. Gold collar guys and you know I think we really could always go it is not good or not. When you lose it should be could not when it went shall shrimping record of unsuccessful legal ladies days. Reporter about it when a play successful public pixel. Likely to be stricter gun that you liked an apple. You know interest assi coach in this obvious isn't your first go round as a head coach now on college football but it's been a couple years since you've been in charge of a program. Just wondered how much different your beard doing things now than when you did things in FY ISI you Hamachi you changed since your last run as a head coach. Well allotted to the match and aptly issues you have to be that you are at a you know academic. You know we're good at Uga or manager at the crow or baker. Tutor you have to at all because like actually might regret over the program that we have inherited a fighter procreation. I should look a lot of things home that. Oh got all sorts collector he over called. You know some relief certificate. Circumstance. And I think wouldn't go to a place like well a lot quote adult men get Shia power fire broke grab runner director Brent. At their release should be offseason for a Coke where sports I call attack on mentality. The practice and the reps tell. The rotation. Every nickel all the way to treat game plan the way it's structured game they are and what coach multiple. What degree guys on each and every play that relate to what they don't look. I'll not would you go to player like I did cut a walk or quicker there create XP on several things could. Applaud the blueprint can go feel I've you'll probably comfortable and confident. More than anything good speaker congressman Billy cricket cricket after. The plan really it go it will. So when do we expect to see the rock on the sidelines this year what Diana. I you know what you are waiting for apple on this with all. Due. I grew Udoh you know what at I think of musical little support. Truck or. Redundant but one record rate and the guard so orchard look at court spokesman brigadier Richard. I just like any dash and his real quick and we guiana on this when not to be too summer anybody's got a curious designs I've never been able to add to ask you this where were you on 9/11 when that happened. I ordered workers to recruit older workers who actually it was my first. First drop per and I'll never forget we're preparing. A crack it should. Look at being about fifty minutes on the actual you know from the world trade carbon. And it. It affect about this whole country lecture. What else regulation history which will being a certain north east trek all the troubles in the creek American shut out and currently Archie. In the community work all. There will grow up outside the bridge loan that site on the settlement talent. A home. Actually it's. Yeah it's harder footwork cold will. It impact what a tremendous. Emotional bullet was. To work Eamon you know to the people are there are not a New Jersey. Are. Now we're up probably stick together published here. Now that's a challenge that most coaches don't wanna have to go through and their allies but I'm sure you guys were able to get through it as they staff. Mario crystal ball's gonna join us every Tuesday at 1230 here on the fan you catch their game against San Jose state on Saturday here on the ferry and coach good luck this weekend and outlooks are due next week. All right the Rio Mario Christa bald head coach for the organ ducts.