Mase Funa -- Mater Dei LB, visiting Oregon.

Recruiting with Andrew Nemec
Thursday, April 19th
Mase joins the show to talk his Ducks visit and more!

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Must say. We finally got her and how you and around here are you let me and you may be nervous she didn't he sweated out so we got in a place that we can hear you goods Howard Deans and our are you ready to make this trip to Eugene. There are these are going good right now ready to leave the house school meet up with Keon. For folks who don't know young where Hudson obviously committed to origin just earlier this month. You are strongly considering the ducks were you patents are zero U recruitment do you feel like you're getting close to a decision do you feel like gonna take until the end your senior year. How things shake it out for you. Until recently haven't talked in my parents and where close to putting have a top five. But I think now are should be ready and commit soon. Realistically if this visit goes well. With the ducks is there any chance potentially that they become your leader I mean it would date when they beat the team to be with a strong visit here. In our C essar they would be. Looking forward to out of this trip in Eugene everybody kind of here's about the facilities and you're about to uniforms. What is the thing that you're most excited about CNN UG. Com well most excited about Eugene is just what the coaches have to offer me in what the program has softened me not only for when I go there and but also for the longhorn. I don't know if you've heard the stat. If you were to pick gore now I'm not saying well if you would if you do not be the highest rated linebacker in program history. That needs. Not that select an accomplishment. There all that I'm gonna do with my parents. Now the train that we can't do. Organs obviously experienced a coaching change some schools have been recruiting you for a couple years. How was organ able to transition from the old staff. The new staff and staying. A program that's in the mix for you to date where was that pretty seamless or did you feel things pick up a bunch under Christen. Well as some people don't know or don't have been. Orient has been my manager in schools since I was little kid growing up as watching Morgan. And there are. Their football team just o.s stood out to me. And so even with the coaching change last group out there organ would still be at our school meet. We're talking a Forestar outside linebacker must say food and he is visiting or Ginn this week in his hearing a decision not ready to commit just yet considering the top five but. Organs certainly in there. You've got a modern day. And for a long time mater Dei has been a pipeline for USC. CE on is committed to orient you called or Guinea dream school. What is it about the ducks that suddenly some of these kids from California or given a real strong look. I think is just below that the coaches are showing two. Two players more argued Keon. He says the organ has been the only school that's been really Constant Contact with him especially during his injury. He cut that organ really wanted him more than other schools and other schools. Around rarely talked to him serious injury this past year. So yeah acting as stalking rookie coaching and the way they talked about it either and there recruits. Your primary recruiter and origin in what is that relationship like. Well has been a mix between. Coach solve coach Levy cook dinner and a coach Chris. How unique is that I know some programs cut out a primary recruiter I keep hearing that from recruits every almost every recruit I talked to you. It's being recruited by origin names 456. Primary recruiters. Is unique approach and what does that tell you when organ is. And he was so many different coach. You know that is released except me like cookie ounces just as much of the coaches have other players. And you know. Around just a way to talk to me a child though it was send me more takes a little quotes of inspiration and safety would coached. Dennison and coached limit always check in upon me and my ankle is Chris all your news. Posed cushion me especially with that in America you know I was ticked me every days make sure note that. On the guard and use and not come back bigger and stronger than before. So many recruits talk about coach Salave'a and how much they love him. What I hear it hit into what are what is it about him that makes him so special what is it of people that recruits I talk to just say all just. They'd love him more than a coach they love him like. Yeah you don't code so that those who played dude he's. Every morning tactical wake up and McCann my phone and his view video echoes of there's sending him. So I think that's pretty funny to me it's either you go that they were the boys were now even on his own skin tone it worked out in this. So when that was recruits. Mater Dei has a number of big time kids including you know obviously Sean dollars the nation's number one all purpose back. Jeremiah Dallack top ten corner. How much is Keon. And obviously yourself as well how much is Keon working on you guys trying to get you to come with him to Eugene and make it a modern day. Eugene I'd like. You just Tokyo on really want to hear all of there every day he's it was. Out there wearing his or you objectives and that when it reached and talking to us Comerica. Actually blocks in Atlanta after school during football you don't talk knows about organ and how much he really cared. Much you want as there was in which he keep his Brothers a unit. Modern day competing for a national championship I imagine in your senior year. What would it mean to you guys to win a national championship in your final. Two and national championship this last this mine last year. You know and beat it. Just like another console accomplishment just what bothers artwork. Only me and achieving Asia my coach have been Korean. Especially after last year's rent is we don't know that we going to be there we ought to be excuse to still. Pursue a policy music on. Congress welcomed she's scoped at the need to lead this team. Along with coach Rob Lowe and his staff who just believe in them and look at where could this year. A four star outside linebacker mossy feminine visiting organ as we get what's left for you on the recruiting trail obviously a visit to Oregon this weekend. Yemeni other visits planned or is it possible to take its organ visit and then you kind of slow things down and and spend some time with family before making a decision. You know disk this Dorgan trip is probably the only one I have plans so far. And then after that we'll see how to come back in public records batted in then. There almost are planning official visits in hopes we will be litigated and commit. Some return. Sounds good and thank you very much for your time I really appreciate you go across time and know you're busy and packed you packed up ready to go. Cyril Allred go all right and save travel is have fun with you on a Nokia itself in any trouble that grew older.