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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, August 14th
Matt Prehm of 247 Sports joins Suke to talk all things Oregon football

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Aren't taken a look at our Brothers to the north of Washington State Cougars later on this week will let touch base with so organ state campy you don't Stanford. With a little whip around get you caught up here on everything you need to know. About tell your pac twelve football teams and then a team with a lot of height. Coming in and we'll find a way that hype is justified or not is you were organized just outside of the top 25. But I read today that Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury news who's kind of warned the big voices in the pac twelve. He thinks organ is a top ten team in the country. Was checked him this man Matt cram 24/7 sports. Matt thanks to take it a couple minutes force. Upon their Credo don't. These are the book but has organ is a top ten team in the country. I. Might treat really left the station on the organ and sheer. I. That get kind of high where. My paid. I think it acrid yet they're not in the top 25. Because that you had to Herbert who's. You know when he was helping Latino in the team averaged over two point. Game I don't care what Kennedy and it is your portrait or game you're gonna be in. A majority of the games that year your plane that he's in though at acting you know. Organ going to be right around that. Same level and be with Herbert back at these and human Eric Freeman gone and age you you lose stroke now and then and Tara probably on the open minded because you've got four the other starters arrow back you've uploaded. Couple impressive recruit on the topic of line you've got to. Are kinda receiver. And that running back he you've got options out think you have one guy that can. Do you richly commended aren't so you've got a lot of options that at that position in. You know. The defense is gonna be here it though I I I I can't understand why. They are in the top 25 and I'm not gonna sit here and they and their top fifteen team even. Partly right now I think they have the potential to do it look at that organ team right now it. They've got a lot of potential and their national meet page you know I think you guys can you really get I think you guys it. It can get into the actual championship that you guys can win the actual court. Eat Shalit before I can and then and say that you know you're you're gonna go to four. Yet it's interesting I don't know what to do with the working so I look at it on paper this is a nine win team minimum. Thank you just look for talent standpoint led. In a bit worse sold bat. Without adjusting her and then to be fair even with Herbert. Ever beat a good team in the two years that he's been a quarterback in the time that we did see him they are they were getting bludgeoned by Boise State. Like I want to like what I see on paper but there's part of me that just. There's part of me that's that's a little scared that the hype is is too much for organ. I think that it. That their schedule it is very. And a couple years ago. I think it was one of the first years. Chris Peterson hat at a act you'd you know they went like. 8493. Or something of that nature and they were back. It did they played a really easy schedule and then the next year they were. A much better keen but they have more locked because they edit a schedule. And I think that's kind of what bit organ theme is get that either he's apparently going handed bat. They played section I saw. Hong Kong because text detain them. Now back that idea when they moved the SEC and you ought that was in the contract and you know Torre couldn't get another big peaking in time. And you've got three clean cut you have scampered home you have Washington home. You're cut yelled play US the at all you your puppet games are probably on the road gonna be. UConn late November or at Arizona in the middle of October I mean builder. Two teams are probably gonna make or game back out and getting on going to be out here in beating a drum thing Utah Arizona are gonna win their base in the competition right. Oh and scheduled very manageable you know if you can stay healthy quarterback. And you can have a defense that that would like last season. Probably by defense that note I think the loan. Should be able to get hit that seven or temporary wind then how can you can you talk copier Turkey knock off you'd. And get that ninth win architect and went which is very keen of. Yeah I mean yeah they beat Stanford their you know look out beaches you know he said the first three year cupcakes Stanford's at home in the new guy cal which she should be able to go and long road. Many years here in Washington October 13 I think there's a real good chance that you've got an undefeated. Heated organ and maybe an undefeated you'd and what are the rubber meets the road that's when we find out how good organ is. I think at air per game in and find that he's because. They go into that game and they weapon like that they can be undefeated playing Washington and we can't keep teams that are. Somewhere in the top fifteen finish. Range that would probably be called the top five tank and not I would I would think gained it would be validating the conduct on the Eugene that. On their mortgage unit fired up and jacked up though. You know I but it they've been tampered you know then how they handle on the road and let it out because outreach. Ten of eleven starters including quarterback Alter operative linemen. And I I their defense is certainly going to be aspect of the payers. Wilcox for the good coach and you got better coaches around him on and that could be at eighteen I think apart her talent. They've gotten the opposite regarded quarterback. Brad rock band in. If things go right they could be at eight cup team it to how it. That is per game and it had so much for organ because they go in and it went. It was that are even hired a bit of momentum going forward way but it. It debuted back here per game could be built or can't organ that they were back and organs standard that the news an at bat. Making it the right now from I can't repeat that they got a car that arrow. How cal next week. And and then I cut him on the road who could be deeper. Yeah I cal around him to mean that's we'll we'll talk about it avatar with row later that is a vicious game right there. What is that what's been kind of headlines so far at a camp what's what's kind of been the buzz done Eugene. You know I I think I talked with. Let it be that you know I redshirt freshman running back today after practice and he kind of echoed things that can pick up on my down that. Practiced in scheme you run smoother. Guy to be getting more out of each individual drill crystal ball hammer home. Three things they're spring ball off and now on the fall camp once in the county doctor creep I'm a wedge corporate accounting and book the football. Two. Doing things. Fundamentally sound and then Corey being held accountable and I'd better at them all and is saying edit your camp had gone. Much more smoother. But it did the year before Africa what what does that mean you can't explain that in. And he said that guys are in better condition Geithner. The derailed make more sense guys are doing things and you know there's more clarity wider during an act I can't tell you how many times that seen. Jim master of running backs coach or Margaret talk to receivers coach or Hayward the eight stoppage row. Pole starter or third string warlock on. And Intel look you're doing that's wrong but it how you're doing it wrong we needed to be done this way and you're gonna give it. To get it that way and that is why we wanted to do it. Back in there and do it this way and the teaching going on Chris ball organ that this spring and now over to the Paula. It is pre those guys are saying knack guys and helping. On the weight room that has certainly helped with parent felt the strength coach and it's not just there are packing on you know wait. It functional way and you know out of my men chain the musical in bringing this past spring that he's their enabled somersault and now with. Or felt strength program and working on flexibility in. He can do some. He ticket I am or 320 pounds and I shouldn't be doing now I can't. And you know offered to Armin and decrypt arm and whatnot that talked about how. Biggest team quicker we can bend better. Tourniquet pattern and and to more football functional. Od and they weren't back he's. And didn't. From the player perspective no. The usual god interpreter actually died June jokes or on those are either stand out out during during camp but I I would they liked. You're back in Jackson in at linebacker war JPG on all one of those guys start your freshman that are. Coming into positions where there aren't published players ahead of them. And that force their way into the net in the second team and from that even with a burst. And yet I think though that out themselves the guys they're gonna play. On Saturdays and there it may not Egypt's special teams. It beat out big in nickel package bomb on working with one in nickel packages that in. And that's why they that they've got aging Jackson now. Backing up raid on an inside and also working on the back out front line back eating him more versatility. On the other side of the football you know. Our job that they're a sophomore who saw more than tired will meet today jacket to make plays all over the plate or receiver standpoint. At Bellamy took over that same thing there on media get last week at Johns has really improved play making ability and organ got a couple Pete is on both sides of the aisle that are you become bigger names this seat in those kind of got the talk and. Has your hand spring game you turn on those that out of out of practice showed up dressed in the media. I'd go out and and that had a that he you know my answering. To run too far so I had it been allowed that. I I I did you dare run a couple days ago that the beat the team crop the apocalyptic to get a good shot but honestly I should not open. I can cart wheels I don't know if on the hand and I'm no air and ultimately about. I'll throw out like a bad car Wheeler something down their you do it like to fill the sleeves challenge the he's throwing down the only did the media members bunch of both media. On not me that that not me. No unfortunately it they'll put it time I've been on the belly and. It was key man I mean if people don't follow yeah winner. I'm telling you you know it's it's to get the feel this leaves the use of the barbecue pit that's. Yes out of my way to beat you prepping and had an outlet claims organ or that because. Are you I was to the average. It at a barbecue in the backyard and I'm an organ went to capture attention and keep up with united was fully immersed in Texas barbecue and came back and like I wanna learn how to do that he thought that subplot myself and that it got an out of control. Well it's easy to follow on Twitter definitely check it out and read his stuff 24 sevenths sports or is as ago rob likes to call it the 247 sports. He's been tentatively as a great job down there and I think stated governments with a map. I appreciate it.