Mike Barrett -- Portland Diamond Project

MB joins the guys to talk about the Portland Diamond Project and MLB to Portland. This is a must listen. 

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Right now let's talk a little MLB to Portland on the skits or sports dance to it yes he has that we we hear a fan. Pro MLB to Portland and down and last time we talked to our friend here. He was broadcaster of the Portland trailblazers. He has risen from the volcanic ashes. And found him self a. But part of the poor. Projects but today Major League Baseball the religion my okay. Thank you please be seated everyone. Yeah I I don't know a long time I apologize for the I ID that now iron I'm able to speak a little bit which I'm happy about how are you guys don't. I tell you Mike it's still about the same I can't listen to blazer games it's it's wrong it doesn't feel right to not have you on there. Well thank you appreciate it and I know that. He does this affect look at it this guy's about to bring Major League Baseball. Yes what are the announcement of when we get the team name like opening day it was evident. I wish it did take all of that stuff and by the way I'm gonna tell you everything I can. That if I if I I have to step. Sidestepped the question is not out of you know in the fact that I'm trying to be arrogant or over can technology that it's just kind of the way it's gotta be and that's what we've had to wait so long to. C'mon talk about those that it's gonna have an effect that we're able to we've been planned to go public yet I mean that you know one of our offers here. Was gonna go public and certain record. Politically go public become public record on April 15 and we didn't know what would make much out there and we didn't show. Are there things got interesting couple weeks ago when all the stuff came out so. You know it's been interesting is then. It's been amazing I've been doing this for what we've we kind of started doing mystery about eighteen months ago and really started cranking out a little over a year ago and it's. I mean has been full time and spend a lot of stuff certainly come a long way and it's. It's been a lot of fun to us that the that he could beat park the cars that are working on this with me and I'm working with spam. Are terrific so. As a as kind of an opening statement is gonna blasted open for the past and that. We all knew going in the distance is going to be you know it's tough at its arduous there's going to be. Times when it's going great there's going to be setbacks and think when we haven't had many of those cut. No it's really exciting and the vision is is. It's terrific and it has been put on. It. It started in comedies now you know Craig cheek is is a managing director. Support and project and Jason that consumed and higher are managing partners. And then we have a full team. But works with us as well. Craig you know Craig was a long time Nike guys. He characters I hear when heat last night key and art has you know kind of similar terms. I was long time blazer guiding and kind of a left not knowing exactly when I was gonna do and had some different offers some offers to stay in broadcasting some that would take me outside the area which wasn't terribly interested in and I and I kind of had enough at enough votes. You know announcing the family and traveling a lot and so this was something that I cannot let you know right. I heard about it the first time they kind of pitched me and wanted me to join the group them. You know I thought about it all angles and I kind of went home and talked to my wife and I just you know create the opportunity here. I mean we all know it's a heavy left any time you try to do something of this magnitude. The opportunity to have such a lasting legacy not meet personally it is to be involved in something that can be transformative. Personal many people it was just too great an opportunity to pass up and gays in the same way that concern in tire Wear on some projects together anyway he's become a great credentials critic. And so between the three you know creditors. Very well connected guy who has accomplished that Tom McKnight he ran like China ran right back in North America. Sportswear and got a lot of contacts series and was a four term senator in Oregon and then. Who could run a governor he probably wouldn't tries to seem to pretend someday. Terrific guy and so he's more on the political side of things. I am kind of more of the can do guy in terms of community and communicators and community care peace I don't care rather arm in so between the three of us and then a group routine that has been built out. Underneath us and around us is pin these guys are talented and it did the team is messy and agree. And an arm very very few time or Constant Contact and meeting all the time on conference calls every day and yeah they're they're very few times and we live somebody's ever gotten. You know we're able to argue about things were discussed to record and that we always come back. To the greater cause here and that's what's been fun about this and that's what's been enjoyable see how far it's come. And and certainly lately and that you know part of that is just coming out now what we try to keep their. Very low key try to stay below the radar as you know we were asked to do. And so that's why it's been so sensitive and are some things even out at work you know can't speak about publicly but I can tell you that confident things are gonna allow. What is the benefit to keeping things quiet. Well number one and we were we raptor. Them and not not by anybody around here and best buy it you know we in we think that. Well number one is there's a whole lot of people involved witness who. Wanted to be involved with didn't necessarily want error names out the public to this point and so that's one reason out of respect for them. And and yet things are you know when you come out west. Ballpark renderings. Which we had a and plan and details and details about money and people could be funding something like this orange fasting and stuff like this. Not a lot of those people really got to be very sensitive to our. We we've got. A lot of people involved in so. Yeah they don't necessarily want to have you know reporters calling their homes. Night day and that. That's how it does happen and has happened a little bit even now. But I think that's him more than anything. Plus it's you know we wanna be in a position to help Major League Baseball and to help commissioner Manfred and in what are you attempting to do in terms of you we know we know is he talked about on his West Coast swing last year. Expanding by two teams eventually. And then it so happens that relocation appears to be something that is possible. As people talked about so we wanna position ourselves. To be able to help him. Giving him an option in all of these ways and and he spoke in Seattle and you know he talked about needing a West Coast team meeting a western crime zone to human. Almost quoting from his mouthpiece that you guys can you know you guys can understand the possibilities as well I can't. And he was strictly about Portland solos were all good things. But. Bay we also don't wanna put words in his mouth we don't wanna put him in a position to where he's got to come out and speak about this every Tammy talks even though clearly read our expansion is something that. You know he wants to get accomplished we if you look at accomplish so I think those are the main reasons why it's there and at times. As you know sensitive issues and things that certainly we can't talk about and I'm glad we can talk about something. I'm because it's difficult to go along especially given my past life and friendships like you guys that are guys who have not re really people come out and speak about this because I know. It's going to be a popular thing you're gonna have your naysayers here and there and we fully respect and appreciate that we also know it's a great thing and it's. Something that is a unifying and and and going back east last well a couple of times. We traveled some and going back some gains were Yankee game and dissing their families there and you know price point of Major League Baseball in the Summers. It's so good for families and the the idea was our weather in the Summers long summer nights and you sit back and watch those games to realize outburst. Where we live and how terrific it would be touted as an option and people here assemblies and and and have a real regional draw not so local and all of those things that I'm the player and and we've run lots of numbers and talked a lot of economic study groups that are not local and and wanted to get the numbers and the viability of the year and and and every time we go into some of those meetings we weren't sure what we were gonna hear these are independent guys and every time. The news has been backed yes. Not only could you have a team you should have a and you're over do. For a team so that those are all things and make his cup. This is Mike Barrett of the Portland diamond projects he is part of the group spearheading. The idea basically based on a Portland and it made two offers on two pieces of land. Which I wanna get to now Barrett in the interest of time can you come back for another segment Ivan got Dini my questions yet. I can definitely do our our I would have slowed. You take a break already which are. Now you can do and Utah. Your IIIR. I have been on the air a long time man I have things that day. We should show him highlights of the NBA game and just call so we can. I got that they NBA two K Lee the new. NBA. I figured I didn't go to a little those are seeing some things on the committee senator could turn out to handle watching it material that I could. It's yeah. It'll take just a case where John holds we're gonna get thank you Mike I appreciated my parent with a civil asking Smart questions about measly days on Portland. Including one question I'd like to ask Mike is the mayor just came out to the data is big thing and said well it's is to add that. Well why does he think it's and what is Mike Hsu tort doubled to all that coming up next for thirteen on the fan. Where is it gives you god. That's 417 and the failure like there it was just Portland diamond project thanks. So that's a rare look at cutting edge and I think if girls think oh now I just that maybe go to this. And kitchen group Pearson and I know Mike Baird sooner dated date basis. RB yeah. Take another call media has asked in a rod Mike's big fisherman used pictures bulbs. Fish that he catches a case of follow up on the big money guys. Can you are alluding to you know at their their more guys are there that the money guys whatever he wants no but of course you'd you guys wanna protect them. You kind of caught in this little. This little interest Tina scenario and I wonder year thoughts. I mean you say you've got the big guy at the you know the money. Behind this but not revealing the money or the names of people that leads to speculation that it's not true because people here have such. You know there so skeptical of all of this anyway because of art been down this road once rightly or beat up. So how do you how do you solve that problem where is that even a problem. You know it's like you're saying can you posted well it was a year old it's. Should have access and and that you know improve and I can assure you that it Israel and and I can't disclose all mourn Emma. When I was in the dark out what programs are. When is the time. Dads did the money behind this. Is revealed. I don't know when that time will be honestly say that something right I don't know at this point win we can go and talk about her that. We when we do you'll follow well. There are reasons why we can't calm and there'll be a time when battery electric bill understandable Burke. I wouldn't be putting all of my relational capital on the line. And go through relationship. That I haven't built and any trust or like ability there. Built up in the community. It's this was a little help me put it that way. I'm very confident in saying yes and I'm very confident saying. There this is not throwing something against a wall on a fixed. There's there's a packed this and it's a well constructed out that I have great shape so. I'm not saying yes to quicker court in part because right now that is gonna have to be good enough. Check me if I'm wrong here on this 'cause I look at this he gets talked about all the different studies that have done and you ballpark renderings you're into this already for millions of dollars. You've thrown out and eighty million dollar offer you know plus another building I mean. Just I can't imagine that someone is is well and at this point to done nine year hundred million dollars in this campaign. With Saudi belief that if you guys do get a ballpark ballpark built that baseballs coming here. I I just can't imagine any one would would do that. Yeah I mean I think that's that's a good point you make and and that's yet that that's all the more reason and I and you know yes this is an expensive game. Error occurred you know all parts of our fairness it it will only get more expensive but I. We're well equipped to deal with that I can say that but you're right when you talk about. You know you start thinking about. You know how real is this and have those questions if the wind or prescribing it in your own mind and making it real yourself as is accurate. So let me ask you this I know you can't I talk about what you discuss amazing baseball you've you I've received had discussions with them do you believe. Did if you build a baseball if you can get this approved. Ends in you can buy this piece of land and you guys start construction do you believe that at that point you will get a measly baseball team Arab. I believe that yes. Is expansion. War. It's a team moving more likely end is the ownership group care about either I mean does it matter to. There are pros and cons to bowl. I know that's a gray area answer that you probably don't want but there are and that we aren't. Yeah we have we are we are making ourselves and that's always good and that's the way to to increased electrical and he'd likely ability. Make it more likely it should say that you will be successful if you are quipped you know this is a rare time. In Major League Baseball history we note Major League Baseball is not relocate change or we don't know that they're going to now. But we know that there are struggling kings and we also know that they are going to expand to thirty chick. So there are four opportunities. Out there. And that's why this is the rare time I don't know if there's ever been a time like this and I don't know their daughter be a time again so that's why the window of opportunity. We knew it was going to be opening and is still opening. That's why we pounce now and that's why we are moving along at a steady pace to be able to be in the past. Possible position. To give the commissioner and Major League Baseball. Agreed option and one that he had this himself has expressed that MLB needs. And other West Coast western times' own team to quote him from his talk in Seattle. In this is my opinion in an honest question Mike but I think it's important to note that. If Portland is serious which it sounds like they are. MLB. Wants to keep DA's in Oakland they wanna keep the rays in Tampa don't want to have to movements of Portland can help them leverage those situations keep those teams gases. Jesse's first in line to get an expansion is now that's just my opinion in obesity really helped us here's a team so Mike on the note of the mayor you gotta get with the city in this you know the the politics of it all. He has so far Ted Wheeler has not been. Overly. Welcoming needs is only put out a couple little a statements but he most recently said it's too hypothetical why does he think that. Com I don't know why can't I can't speak for me here Wheeler. But I I think that if we can continue to help him. And checking things off his priority list which he has come out and talked about that's why this is going to be more than a ballpark that's why it is going to be a district that's why we came out and release and talked about the workforce housing being a major element of this district. And all of these things we know about housing crisis and Portland and if we can you know. Get some land to be able to pay you hit it if it's one of the new models like. Some trust in the Atlanta medical live work play that's fantastic and bit the workforce housing element has to be part of and that's what we've made it a priority and if we can. LB local politicians. Again check things off the list than we think it increases with these two and a likely. Will not only be successful in. Securing a team that also in doing something great. For the city and really and that's I don't know it sounds political Underwood sounds symbolic. But it has been one of our. What sparkles in the beginning has been not been been more than a ballpark and lip outs. Doing is doing something great for the city not just. Baseball and not just ballpark. But this see it it's a private group not asking for public money. What. What gave you don't know yet. We support from the mayor's office can you guys still go ahead with this. Or eventually do you have to get the government's backing in order to achieve what you. And we were that we would like to get it. No way we're we're. We're we will move ahead and and let me also add that something that we talked about not very much but we've talked about. At two sites that we've placed offers on those are our only two sides there are sites outside the city governments. And so that. Those are options. And you know in in some cases some of these sites outside the city limits. Perhaps are basing the same. Issues and so on that we don't you know our our our goal now I think that. Judging by at the news and really offers have come we have our priority list or heading down but there are options. And all the data back. I don't know I ID equal in that either one works great free obviously pros and cons on bulls but. Maybe an update on where your ad on either of those. I'm pretty much where you know the news that came out last. S rose Friday night. You know went win when news came out army MP PS site so. It's clear that we've we've offered there and we would love to cook. You know we got to explore that site we can to best way to do this is to opt in. Sites and then to do due due diligence and you know as far as favorites. You know I think we have a list of preferred site I don't wanna Lincoln at this point but as you said there are positives and negatives to ball. An and I will say this the the ball parks dialed the ballpark look the ballpark design is different on the different sites that's been one very cool thing you know we're working with. And it's been released likened tiger we're working with TV air architects and Portland and cooperate with populist rhetoric and the city. And populace is the premier. Ballpark designer in the country and they just do her nominal work and soul. You know I don't want to achieve this without quoting any kind of rendering which were not gonna do yet our. There are conflict their their amazing what could come up and so. It Tokyo against a group called a little future they're good but what they've come up with as they're just tremendous and and everything's changed you know things change in sports things evolve and you can receive a trend in. In baseball in terms of what the next great ballpark looks like can we want to create that next great ballpark which we toured some of the great ones and the latest one is in Atlanta and mentions some trust him to great call park and what they've done and then. Out of here. You a lot of ballparks have gotten smaller and we've talked about and a lot of ball parks have taken some luxury suites out they've added some. Two more firm areas for fans just to kind of standard and order in Rome and I know that Coors Field has done that and that's another ball the populist along with the Atlanta San Diego San Francisco Pittsburgh Washington you're gonna analyst. So we're taking the great ideas the best ideas from the best. In class builders and designers and we're gonna try and create something that is again the next great park. OK to Porter on this and this is Mike Barrett Portland diamond project with us here on 1080 the fan because you mentioned renderings. What what is a timeline for when fans can get their eyes on how to get a deal that's the first part in the. I don't know where I I you know it there's there's been times I've kind of pushed further out a little bit but. For a lot of very good reasons. That's not something that's gonna come out of those points and I don't know at a time on his on what I get back. I will certainly let you know. OK but I I was his at sort of bigger picture and that I was kind of thinking that you know that's something gay people seeing that printed in and going and looking at that on your website and stuff. That really gets people going is now they can see what it what unity they can envision it. And and that leads to my second a part of that question which is. At any point. Mike do you think you guys really need a grass roots public. Movement on this in other words when I was here the first time MLB to Portland was trying to happen. It really felt like they tried to go this route that you're talking about it well we'll deal with this behind the scenes and we'll deal with the politicians and he really didn't stir up the public in favor of it. And so I think the politicians didn't see a real sort of commanding. You know unified hey we want does bring this year for us. Do you think that it is that's important at some point in this process that you got to get the public fired up and you've got to get. The grass roots movement killing. Definitely absolutely. I mean you ask her arm you know when you wouldn't. We have a web site it's not quite and failed the president on prayer ultimately their the landing site witches Cortland diamond Carter got a comment. You know that it's it's been amazing to see not only people. Registered for. All the news. During their first cut to the count on how that is going so far I don't have the latest numbers on that. It has been. Great to see a lot of a lot of the people and a you know when you when you do that you can actually leave a message and so. A lot of work on can be. And the people on the things they say in the stories they tell about on street park and about the history of baseball in Portland because I think it's. Gotta like. There's a richer baseball history there's a lot of people realize I. Once we started digging into it so. Know they're back but to get back your question absolutely. We we want to create and we're in the process of doing that but again. This just kinda came out we were quite. To the point where we were gonna go public we thought it might come out but we're getting married terms of trying to build that. The grassroots effort that absolutely we need I mean. Certainly and and that's kind of what we started and that's sort of Akron at the landing page with got a little social media and although we haven't slam that yet working on map but it. There's been so much going on in preparation for where we're at now. Yeah we have to. Well assuming we're we're talking maybe three to five year time period if if all you know word two were to go weld to to have a team but. Is is it is it fair to say in any year six months to a year will have a good idea of whether or not this is. This is gonna happen. Well so yeah I mean you know I never goes as quickly as you want to. Yeah I mean it takes. From the time he sticks shovels in the ground you know is judging off those. The most recent parks you know it's three years. To get it to get apart completely done. But yeah ID and then that goes back a chicken and egg thing that I to talk about a minute ago. You know when you pretend you do it might might and might have sort of sherbet talking about. We win the assurance comes that you're there and they need to start building you know what comes first and and got all that happens those are all questions that we're in the process of answering that. I'm your timeline I think is pretty pretty right and I think you talk about. Being down the road another year and no we're not. You're in the game or not you know I think it's realistic. Another year I I I think it's about right we discussed that some but right now our heads down and work is currently on. Every day it's inspectors there's new things to accomplish and and you know a lot of meetings. That's that's been funny part can be used in in my previous life as a broadcaster Mary cooker of the game and -- a lot of it became clear your desk look at the next one these have been as a bit of new world that's been really exciting at times but it's also. At times it doesn't go as quickly as I want excellent. I am I end up talking a meeting with you know. Different people lots of lawyers lots of it strategists and smoke but it's been very educational at all and a lot of fun. Given ownership stake. Would you. No I had no not at this point I mean I don't know what will happen in the long run but. Not. Amount. That we'll cross that bridge later. I don't know got good people lot of blood you'll assume that I. I don't know I say I've got a lot of traveling you know there's a lot of my kids' lives and I'm not sure I can go back. Honestly that I haven't even thought. I'll take season tickets behind home play sequence first baseline I'm in the outfield on the notion of people okay public upper deck behind home play yeah. Yeah yeah well you know and that he. You start talking about that and I agree with what you're saying about the renderings and that's starting to stir the imagination of fans I do agree accuser and I think that's the when you go to another city and I know you know I took you to Akron. American Iran and then won the title and that's in Nevada where I was at almost you pitcher's ballpark when I was there a connection times that. You know it's it's it's amazing when you think about our weather. You know during the Balkan this season and bodily Portland during the MLB season has that six at least rainfall. I've any manmade lake city which pretty amazing. But when you talk about. You start thinking about that you guys are starting to think about you know seats and you think about the long warm summer night we have that's that's what kind of keeps me going Matt Lindstrom imagining and colleagues think about this happening in becoming a reality it's kind of magical really cool. Yeah yeah there's nothing like living as you know suit. There is nothing like living in the major leagues now it's the best I was in my buddy's place to lives over in in the pro in and who's in his apartment it's has last weekend. And he he looks right down on the that the Portland public school site. And we're both it and there's there and add and that's all we can talk about was what it would look like their immediate really does just the idea of that. Stirs the imagination we talked about a for a half hour just in their opinion about all the different things. You know take you know a water taxi across or are walking a park in all the different things there I mean there are people. That are arriving for the first time really been excited that this is a viable option this feels different that I think past that yes dollars down there. And I hope I don't that we are trying to lot more than you would get talent guys on the job a career that pro opposite all work during. All we're thinking about sleepy but of course you're all baseball and so. That's our goal and and failure is not an option I would like to say a mission hard and he would love to see it happen and you guys talk about renderings and you know it he. Technology Tuesday's see somebody's renderings and and to see how they can duties. Animated wipers. That's what it really gets your heart is talking about a two dimensional. Look at you know perspective ballpark we have some some cool things that. You can acquire at a ballpark and see where Serbs and you can almost smell it and that's when it jumped in real close not. X and. Libyan is at the bottom line yes that's not okay. You member of that. I do I don't remember when a senate that. I've been on here a number of times it has been awhile so it was nice and an external list welcome by the studio it all hang out gearan. Other delegates in trade for Maloney person calls and then those caught good. Bring renderings done and done I think. If every renderings of do like it. Can I get in Maloney stricter. Yeah it's that app and to tell your appetite or the DNA united Mike Bell I'm easily. The impressive. Thing.