Phil Steele Interview 9-11-2018

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, September 11th
College Football insider Phile Steele joins Dirt & Sprague to talk Khalil Tate, if ASU can continue their run, what's going on at USC, and he scouts OSU's next opponent in Nevada.

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What's up everybody it's dirt when I think you for tickets in time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Our number two under and sprayed with you hear from Portland sports leader ten AD does fail we have a lot of things were gonna get to hear in the second hour. But usually we catch up with our next guest at 1230. Now he is been gracious enough with a scheduled to push it to 1 o'clock because we've got our interview with Mario crystal ball. That is started this week. And if you miss that and you can catch it attended the band dot com. Less Schwab tires podcasts fills steal the college football guru the phils still preview magazine He's on Twitter at Phil Steele 04. Two thanks removing your schedule around a little bit for a spell we always appreciate that. I wanna start the pac twelve because I want to get your thoughts on Arizona. And if I would have if I would have told you or showed you how bad air zona has looked their first two games not just the record of being go into. But you watched how bad they look how surprised would you have been. Our you know my biggest question with the result recommended that year was Khalil Tate has some last year. If you watch your resolve in his first six games. He averaged over 200 yards per game that was unstoppable. But over the final three games of the year once teams got film on them. I think he averaged about 35 yards per game rushing so what teams really took Kuwait Iraq and what happened was a result of loss or last three games and lost by twenty. And eighteen and and then they lost a close ball game that they trail that one big. Our biggest question mark what I tactical somewhat this year was so what what's gonna with Tate is to get a return that 200 plus former is he gonna struggle like last year and as we've seen he has struggled so far. He has a grand total to 42 were church after two game just loving search for game. It seems like teams have taken the plots yup let's stop his running they can't throw to beat us and he's only getting 51% with a 12 ratio. I mean look at that entity other school in the state who is a surprise in the opposite regard that is Arizona state of the big wins Saturday night against Michigan State how surprised are you abided to and most are former members and can they keep this up. You know I think again not that I don't consider my contender in the south but we believe there are pretty much picked last in the south by the big twelve media at the start of the year but when you look at this team a little bit closer they got. Got the weapons to go one of the best wide receivers and Katrina keel very at quarterback they have any Wilkens who's a dangerous water and throw work and he'd get up 51 ratio so far this year and then when I talk to her office coordinator in the spring went over the team that doesn't eat felt that eagle Benjamin company would come very close to matching the production of collage of regrets Richard hesitate at last year and Benjamin sure has looked good so far. Ever urgent five point four yards per carry as they afford another six point eight. Eat sensibly have on eleven sacks in the first two games she always looked at Arizona State come Costa boss and said while they've got talent an atomic plant after that connect kudos to comment worse. You guys are weekly visit with Phil Steele to college football guru the phils still preview magazine every year you find it all over the bookstores online as well. Phils still dot com. And on tour at Phil Steele 042. Let's go to a pac twelve game that happened this past week in Stanford USC out one of your thoughts on that matchup but how wind down into. How discouraging. Is it to watch the way that they operated with clay Helton in terms of how you view them going forward in the pac twelve. Well you know when it's about a quarter Brett makes his first road start yet to be a little tentative with company. He'd stick about it excellent defense you look it's their first line backing core overnight tactical charmed spraying. He was extremely time this group of linebackers that they have felt there were one of abreast of the country and they sure do not to confuse young quarterback in this game is good to see Boris love get on track last week under fifteen I'd urge rushed. And he just felt Stanford which in a better situation you know you look at McCain statistically. Our USC actually had a twenty to thirteen first count allegedly games so it's not like they were dominated the line of scrimmage although they did lose by two touchdowns on the scoreboard I. I think. USC's got the potential to lose again this week at Texas but that I think you'll start to see the change and I still expected to rebound to be a contender in the pac twelve south. You know so one of the did you talk a lot about last week you were still high on because of the way they lost was Washington where they want on the road basically a road game against Auburn and they showed a lot maybe should've won that game of a couple of things. Bounced their way but that may come on it after really slow start and then didn't look particularly great against North Dakota is there any fear there is that a hangover game where you out now two weeks and on the Washington Huskies. Yeah I think there was an and overcame it really when you look at their schedule this year there's two games so I'm really concerned about and that's one albums this week at Utah Arctic Utah's. Load it although their game to get started although I was a lot closer in the final score indicate to Italy I hear structure return touchdown. They've ever been up by more than four but I think you just going to be yeah a tough game this week in any organ gave up the road. In October that's going to be a couple of for Washington. They did finally put up 632 yards it was a bit of over for a couple not that big game against Robert. With the conference opener and Becky can get a much like yourself what you what they had. And that as long as they surpass their pass this week's cast their Utah. I think he saw the breach got to make the playoffs this year. Where tiger with Phil Steele of the foot appeals steel college football preview magazine As well. What's so what's a team right now whether it's a top three team a top ten team top whatever team what's a team right now that you think is fool's gold that not a lot of people. Have that opinion on. I'm probably gonna go with the top twelve teams and I still think it's not going to be quite this season dead everybody's expecting right now relish you LSU if you look at them in the first two games at a Miami pretty much shot themselves in the foot in the the opening game. They played a great game. They beat Miami that in the long directions Qaeda that last week. It really struggle without southeast Louisiana they've got to play out Auburn this week I expected to lose they sought to play Florida home against Georgia home against Alabama. App Texas say it now. I don't know if you're gonna seal which you ranked at the end of the year but right now they're covered twelve and country. So just arrived is done you tell me not to dig LSU plus the nine and a half this weekend with. Yeah had a pretty much that's if you read the lines that's one barber last year when those two played. Auburn can't bet they do which is dominating and they ask and then in the second half sister to let up a little bit Belichick came back and actually beatle. I think you'll see zero let up in the second half of Robert regardless of what this tourists. You know one of the teams here locally we have an ass you much about Yad and and another fan base is always hungry to hear what you think about it and that's organ state they got their first win of the year oversight. Over what do they play southern Utah Southern Europe I tell you this weekend and now they're going on the road take it on Nevada and I it's one of those situations are I think we we always look at it we wonder. Wasn't that we don't know anything about him that has so what does Nevada have been what do you think organ stays chances are to get a road win this weekend. You know I've got to give the good shot I don't think I've been most impressed with which ordered state this year. Is clearly be in the run game you look at the opening game that your music while there's a good party backer tedious durst it too long runs against Ohio State. And that last week to bear Jefferson's steps in with 200 yards rushing but you guys have combined for over ten yards per carry and seven touchdowns and he gave me to have a sponsor party back. And I like the chances that helps out the defense even though the defense is not been very good this year they're given up five point seven church for carried 68%. But there I think with their two headed monster deck gives them a shot not a bad as much improved and Jake are real second season. At the Helm this year and doesn't get it good quarterback. In Thai PGA and doubt they've played well times this year in the first two games in are not picking begets Portland State you know which of course dominated at Vanderbilt. It's just got blown away but they'll be fired up at all I think organs states get their coach shot at this clearly are great to give a toss ups of the beavers can get what currently. Agassi. Not PS for the better get this one. Our guest is Phil Steele and Phil Steele that comment on tour asked Phil steele's 042 to college football guru he owned he always joins us. They weekly appearance for him during the season and now it's going to be here. At the top of the second hour. I do wanna ask you about the organ docs I mean they played Portland State they took care of business they got San Jose state I'm assuming the exact same things gonna happen big blowout. And then they get Stanford to kind of open up their conference us laid there. How tough do you think dad is. Just with your when we do with the way you track teams over the the past few years how tough is it. For a team like Morgan I have three taxis like this and then just oh hello your Stanford. Yet Stanford can be a much better tested team battle the USC last week at San Diego State the first week of the season. But I think with the docs cities it's not 61 goes in the other if you look at the fact that it trigger remain healthy. They figure to play a lot of cups of these first two games giving them experience in the DN gaps that they probably one out. They were poignancy and interstate USC so I. He died like in the fact that organ to commit murder cabinet team. There's still averaging over fifty points per game and he tacked just in Herbert starts with the quarterback spot still look explosive offensively Stanford's defense be a completely different animal but. He got like the fact that they're going to be able to play a lot of backups these first three games have for the record. Yeah I think your play a lot of back coaches get to have a big state and spartans still struggled in the the second year at their new head coach. You know one given that I had scheduled her circled this weekend and just for the implications down the road what it can mean is Boise State out Oklahoma State I think it's a pretty interesting game early one on ESPN and you know we always one or one of those teams can can have an undefeated year like UCF did in Boise State off to a good start what do you make of that showdown in so. A lot there. What you know at the end of every show we do guys you just referred upset pick I must sort out earlier and that's. How like Boise State in the squad as much upset pick of the week when a look at Boise. I'm just dealing dominant team now critic Connecticut's defense last week has to returning starters I and let tactical jets sold in the spring. They have about two seniors two juniors they're real sort of freshman and sophomore. They put up 318 yards but I think our defense played extremely well. They dominate which for you on the road back 36 point got part record quarterbacking attempt starters back on defense. Excuse me Alex Madison isn't a return a thousand yard rusher elect to receive recorded opera supplied and well look at Oklahoma State they don't what the first two games. But they really haven't played anybody yet there's still a very young team. And that there were at least expert teams in the country I think Boise so much more experts seem they've done well on the road ethic they can go on the road get this wanted. Might just cement that New Year's Capel. It's group of about five bowl bid. Because it's they have won when Michael Oklahoma State which is gonna get better seizure blows up. I think give up a really good China cabinet spot. Our dejudder here and a big two harder for you fill out one in two weeks the all too early who are your four best teams that you think right now. Blue collision course of the college football playoff and then. As you last week about ranking the power five how does that stack up after two weeks for you. Well you know the power tribe has really taken a big turn the SEC and big and I kept pretty even up to serve the year no more the CDC has just been. Dominant you'll mark's got to put that number one of support the Big Ten member to the ACC had a couple teams beat weaker than expected. Excuse because a barely get gas stand up last week but still put the ACC three. The pac twelve war and then the have picked twelfth number five as first light 14 surplus I am goal with Alabama. I'd or how little and there are yeah. It's closer to get there. I think Ohio State gets there and it for the fourteen. Well its top five I think Georgia is the best other team out there. They're gonna probably end up losing caliber avenue SEC title game but I'm article with Georgia it is part just edges out Washington. Now it looks scary in South Carolina that's for sure and every go fill steely joins us every week on Tuesday at 1 o'clock to kick off the second hour. I'm Phil we always appreciate the time man and I won't talk to next week. As always lot of fun talk football or do you guys have a great weekend.