Primetime 4.18.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, April 18th
Some jerk kids flipped a bench and we're confused why, Blazers lose to the Pelicans again, ugh, and Ted Wheeler with the worst statement about MLB to PDX ever. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Trying to him on 1080 million and helped him run a little more corporate Cleveland. Verizon in the Wallace hit the ball. This is over playoffs we get a chinook trying to more guys again soon. Grabs you by red tailed us and it's springtime sale Friday April tiniest and even when he stepped up to 50% off everything else. Is that god red till dot com for more. Okay and. Why didn't. Boy yeah the weather is that your agent hello Mike this beautiful day outside Afghanistan Kabul tremendous. So we have a school around here yes the current school right yet think it is I don't know what ages are in there. Seems like youngsters yeah you get some I think you've got some 1213. It's high school so ominous a leg maybe eighth grade in down. So we're down here by the by the old spaghetti factory yeah down in south waterfront area by the by the by the duke filled Willamette river the organ belly Peter if you want problem and I found that found that out awkwardly that's next door that's next door. What we mean Akron well I would I parked in the back one day this is all this was a while. A ball game. And they realize that you're in trouble I parked in the back of let me tell you what they don't take kindly to that like as I was walking out to my car one of the valley people was Wadey. To come outside to yell at me and then like parking here is a real fight yeah. And Vickers I do that to build up to during the day when we get here but then at night all the classic show up and then one night I was back there and I was waiting donors' meeting someone. And so I was I was hanging out there if and apparently. I was creeping people out because I I didn't realize that you know they have all the windows there in the in the kidneys they are doing the ballet and the teaching is and what not and apparently some of the mothers were uncomfortable with my presence. And I was shooed away by some angry ballet moms. They came out aware that what you do well. In their defense. If you go back there and sometimes you will see some some interesting characters yes that often times don't look like they're up to anything yet. And you do I mean look at you mean nag you see why they took him leave pets but I did I care I might I got shoots I think they thought that was a predator. A bit I was like I was lurking in the back are we but that's how I know that that's the ballet company and don't ask don't her back there and they're back they're doing their classes yet and I actually have people coming in yet not I think the little kids come through our end apparently they don't want to creep close like hanging out in the parking lot I would neither we are little two cents in these days I thought so calm down because they're responded with you know that's my office and that's my car I'm just weighty ears so. It's kids and I can sit in my car at that makes you feel better to shoot a drop to do you know who the hell I am. Set my car and stare that that's out of this class is what I'm gonna do you deal with that ma'am. So are angry middle aged large woman we have a nice view here yes. Beautiful view as a matter of fact is if if not I'm going to is gonna do free yet on radio. Since no longer on TV campaign the pitcher well when we are on TV the backed up behind me right behind that backdrop is a beautiful window. And it is bulletproof competing with her. So if I turn around and look out that window. Looking directly down and the cell Woodbridge like right down. The Willamette yeah sent the seller Bridget look at that it's beautiful you see it everyday you're facing it's wonderful but they were right now did the pew content seems to be very low. The water is that is looking quite nice. So there is they've put who did it of his city or whatever somebody put a picnic. Table out here this. Well that walked the river can sit along this walkway they are idea Tesla. But it tables they have the local 100 they do a dad and that long this walkway there's different deck is Tesla moved in next door we have so that that there are up and down here you can find places to sit in and watch the doubt that the news either asthma and as Mike points out. He's breaking news that is indeed eight Tesla. Picnic and yet that's because they're right next or records right out of their property right outside their property right on the river to. But a whole kids just rolled through and tipped over. And I almost thought they were gonna throw it into the river that is dumped it on a thorough look at a you can see it. It will have the view with upside down yet completely upset them what does that'll. Criminals I don't occur. In any they ran off laughing as if it was some sort of how major boon major to put that they pulled off a nice. The wonderment of youth they had name tags on. So I'm guessing there out of towners are great though the that's the highlight like when you're twelve that I highlighted your day is. And it older the older probably 151415. Minutes what you should be smoking indigo girls and drugs at that point he should as of the imbedded with your time. And ended did the highlight to be to late tip over a picnic to tell on one was a boy one was a girl so I think the boy did it too impressed that she loved chest laughing that happens like every now that take my kids like a drop marked the mall. Is that Madonna knows who she does she roams the mall with an acre friends. And so you Joba to begin op EU see that quite a bit I truly believe that like 80% of the mischief if you. That is gotten in Dubai teenagers is done by boys to impress girls that's right out. Like every dumb thing you've ever done in the majority of it because you thought that it might lead somewhere order. I'm just dumb. That's sure to let the other 20% I mean c'mon out but I I feel like there is a lot of stuff these days that people deal. That has no benefit to them bright like there's no payoff. You know like we are talking the other day about the guy who walked into a barn through pain on someone yes that what did you getting out of gas what are. What is is that funny TU is that. I think a lot of it is like the whole YouTube jackass kind of cultures like if you did you go online in and you go to YouTube or what not theirs I get practical joke I think. We're so bored but it's critical to the board there's just a series of people now that are just keep each other in the nuts yes and like that's. And their friends as they gave what are you wanna do nodes kick each other in the junk and Xena people that run over other people with golf carts I have seen that. And then build the one huge like carpet rather than the guy got his leg mangled speedily zip yeah. Because it looks like I mean it's very violent and it's like it hurts in yet for a long time that was kind of the year you. You know that was the great tickets to one up mentality. It's a different mentality gives you and I are pretty good friends we work together for what fourteen years now dish. And we got one disagreement like one fight in that time and that was me being do you should I yelled at me I don't mess that was. Is there isn't a long time long long time ago. And and I looked back mama I remember what I was pissed about his off the air Mike got what was that I touch you opt out until you said it was really do you Xia in Ohio net I I agree Dallas had been. We have not had a a major disagreement. A really any kind in that time. But I respect you as much as I respect anyone. On Earth Day on earth including Jesus yes well he's not on and on but it Jesus comes back. No it's like it but if you hit me with a golf cart loaded you read me over and it's on we're gonna fight yeah. That's not me getting up and being like ha ha that's not me getting happens and you got me that's not me getting after being miffed. If you run over me if you decide you get drunk and I feel like I'm gonna run over suit with a golf cart just keep going. Because there will be a fight that is not eight is the thing that his body maybe that is we are gonna bite yet those people on online. They bait but no one has a prob did they got I got it got me out mana I have buddy that's a Larry hi Amy my diamond. These people he had and now it's weird that there's a whole faction of things going on that it's just it's like why you don't like he's trying to be funny. You doing in getting out of that. Apple. Weird anyway that's the world we live in today that in ballet companies. I'm looking out their window it profiling me yet again. Adler Vickers I don't think they were profiling you know I think that any guys standing out there would have raised an eyebrow for them. You know. CI I don't know you could do this AG to go hang out for like. I did ten minutes outside the ballet theater probably invite Meehan and see if anyone comes out there and shoo you away and like all hello. It was shooed away by a large angry woman and I felt that it was it was very unfair. Aren't. Well. We should probably get to go here. Yeah I did it did so well last night. I feel like in general the I feel great today rip city is the is is licking some wounds and going back to the old let's blame the raps yes. Lance because it's their fault. Okay well. Yet we should probably start there probably. Now wants him. And I think there's a lot of people that don't want us to. It should be and they are pressing to talk it has vaguely that that didn't happen but he added dozens with the Mariners we could. And so what he wouldn't talk like what are we gonna say they get their ASCII again I mean generally. Engine in ages it's not yeah lead with three minutes left in the day date. Was it did not win Jason I know I hate to report only note the unit down the stretch it wasn't even is little. Now it lets them so I am now what do you say about that. Will someone might want to guard Rondo in the corner. Our I think I have a few things to say guard. Allen believers with but don't kick anyone while they're down. Now because the series isn't over. No but it's as you see Twitter last night people were saying this was going to be a sweep. Now I literally did the had the panic button is been pressed its print more punched. I don't know I'll let you were mashed if you like like I hammer fist which is repeatedly struck let's go without that punch yet. I think it did panic button was pressed at halftime of game. You think yet well I think that there was a thought of like oh crap. This is a lot tougher than in any you know I think it. Did I the blazes when the series I did not think the pelicans were this good now. Nor does damn good I am stunt not to appear too low not the date the you know bowl games at home. I am stunned that the two best guards in this series. Bulls play for new war it's stunt very telling as dads that has occurred very telling and when that did the best player on the floor is Anthony Davis and then you bold your guards getting outplayed we you thought that was gonna be an advantage. I don't know what awards Dahlia. Again well if you don't know it's Tom. Then maybe we want on anything mean you'll come back and talk about maybe not have Zach Collins guarding Jrue Holiday one on one with like a minute left in the game that. Maybe a sudden I'm my biggest nights are at it now both favorites to Wednesday to pick the Winnipeg jets. Can direct it picked Winnipeg in the and he was debating in on who else he was gonna commit a promo out of it's that you picked Winnipeg and then said. Brilliantly against against duke. In any debt no. What else we have we have a Ted Wheeler. On a Major League Baseball Portland ease our mayor. Ash either holder of the giant wet blanket. Flout Ed what they would he said I have news on a gay pill. And Mike and I have found. Very. Interesting audio of air traffic control you know we talked about that Southwest Airlines flight yesterday in the poorly he died. Then a land is gone from New York to Dallas and it had to land in Philly because part of the in the one of the engines blew up and shrapnel hit the window and sucked a lady out but they pulled her back in she ended up dying anyway. Which is just horrifying what she died and yet. It's an error performing CPR. On her in the plane that's there's so many things we could list as to how she would die to have so much question. Yes so anyway we have the air traffic control audio. Of the pilots who. Landing that sucker in Philly it was related pilot to lady cut in her name is Tammy Jo Schultz she's the new solely in MySpace and she's about a yeah. Again it was all on Sully I feel like Tammy Jo needs of that wears to every Joe's movie did because the whole thing about silly has run its course important world I ever so again. Makes the Plame at this point where's Jessica chest they've played Tammy jell O. That's what I wanna know so we of that for you that will be in the news it a lot today folks we are regrettably going to talk about last night's game TO. Who do that next on the fan. This is a playoff we get they should know Brian John Morton Isaak ensued. Presented by red hills golf centers bring ten sales and ten AB Jose and right the blazers lost last night's game. They lost. Remember they're playing New Orleans all I'd. All games of the series will be against. Sure about that I'm here can we part because that was the match everyone wanted but at this point right. We change what daylight homeless it was that it would you like to EG team does not normally aren't they exposing. That you don't want any of these teams like. Isn't this is just two games but. Doesn't this tell you. Where the blazes are the pecking order in the last it's certainly is not a shining. It's not a shining star on your resume and he kisser say who would you pick like if you you've got to pick. Well who would you take mean at this point Minnesota yeah me in my BG. Minnesota's not a very good defensive team the New Orleans so. I don't know I don't know what to make it it. I just this this seemingly was a a good matchup for you you don't want Oklahoma City. Ranked I'd rather have Oklahoma City mean you've done it Orleans done very well against Oklahoma City you beat him four times and I think Oklahoma City is kind of bone headed. Right now New Orleans. Most all. You use it this is the point the point is no matter who you. Ricci who you insert there they all rats that it's the same thing maybe you let us on Mitchell's got a bum foot so. And now they need him to maybe that. It's just that the blazers you know that the playoffs are a different animal in the Blair and the plays are about to dent the lasers lasers. The playoff piece the playoff lasers the blazers are finding that out. In this is the one team that you thought maybe they they matched up best against and they don't they don't at all. And these games mean I'm not trying to do you like. It's half full sort of thing here. Well series isn't over it's not over it's certainly disappointing and New Orleans has been the better team the vast majority of minutes on the floor. You know these have both been close games and you are we talked about a game when you're at four possessions there at the end of the chance to kind of grappled this. And you had the lead last night with three minutes left so if you wanna try to find some sort of bright side here is that you've been dominated in the back court completely. And yet you've had opportunities to lead to take the lead in the final minute of game one and you had the lead in the final three minutes yet but that's any aim to. That's don't want airy you shouldn't be dominated no we don't backward and that's the scary thing is that the pelicans are not a great team they just not now you got to give credit for playing as well as they have but. I think the alarming thing is. How well holiday and Rondo have really just I mean they've made Damian Miller in CJ looked average at best that's putting it now. Ice what did you see as that wind when your holiday has guarded. Damian Miller in this series I did I have it right here if you like yeah I mean that is that is a startling number and and we've talked about this with two way guards before. That they dame has had some problems Chris Paul is one of these Toronto has a couple Garza Terry Mike Conley was kind of viewed this way. And us yet I think you have to put drew a holding in this class after two games that he has owns Damian Miller. Today I'll warn you about him or one yet you did. He is guarded Damian Miller 44%. Of the time loads been on the floor now. Dean Millard. In those minutes is two of eighteen for seven points. For the rest of the time he's been on the floor against other defenders load is eleven of 23 so it's it is a tale of two. Defender this year I look it's it's the the it's the idea that. You stars are the ones that win in the playoffs. In junior stars wilt in the playoffs. That. Boyd where do you start unpacking that I filmed the one guy you've got to be able to count on particularly with this roster is Damian Miller and when it's not even it's not even. Chris Paul and in and out. You know who who has it's hard it will Harden that who's got a guy who d.s up. Guards in Houston anyway. It's it's not even. Westbrook in in Andre Roberts and I know he's out but you know I mean like it's not the it's not even the guys to try and parents have always given them grow yet not even the guys that you know indeed am not it's guys that you thought they had a good matchup against right in there and they are dominating these guys and this is supposed to be good supposed to be the better defensive team because it's not just drew holiday who's done a phenomenal job. Knew it was just in general is harassing the hell. Out of both of those guys I mean their inaugural ball there on them like glued to your entire game there are times in their thrown three guys gals and so that's not just holiday that's up to say is they're doubling him on every N roll to every general yet two or three guys every time means that you just shouldn't expect much from Damian Miller. Right like how how can use it in a lame Damian Miller when their running. Two and three and sometimes three guys at him he has to pass right. Right yeah so then when he passes he is passing to guys who cannot make the other teams pay and this is a ice I know I sound like a broken record. But did see. DeFeo fought the blaze is one of actually many fatal flaws of the blazers. The other being their guards really can't defend very well even if you build out the roster. Did Damon CJ defensively they're getting smoked on the other end to. Here's the here's that did that kind of a kick in the united I don't know two to your point right Miller it's it's gonna be hard right in this series but last night. How service CJ which again they're doing the same thing to CJ. This is New Orleans plant were gonna harass your two guys in Europe the guys can't beat you I mean you had fourteen went five of 10461. Behind the yard 8%. Mo marquis was 551. For one from behind the arc Zach Collins was five of eleven for twelve points. On cartoon was with three of five so the role players actually last night played pretty well. Well will they get some shots but they don't do it consistently enough exact Collins had a few big ones. The late in the game up in the didn't drop and you have to be able to count on eight you have to at some point. Have somebody who is consistent enough. To draw attention. They will let those guys sit and shoot this. Old series New Orleans and its Arab plan and it's working to perfection. We don't care if if occasionally did the role players have big games when it comes down to it they will not come through in the clutch your stars won't beat us. And ours do that and on the other end apartheid is really disappointing is is probably has been a top ten defensive team all year. Jrue Holiday and Rajon Rondo gala where they want when they want mean they're there is no one there to stop and and I couldn't believe when it was it was a one possession game like a lay up line. It's for let me know what you keep holiday in front of it and last night for the look of god on the Rondo three possession. Big debate all our two Rondo he sat there had a couple T waved then then took the depleted possession or two before that were Holliday had to lay up. How does that Collins and of one on one of the three point line where drew holiday would no help wryly. Like bats that this is what like Portland has hung their hat on all year is being a defensive teen. And when it's not working for offensively. You better be able to place a marked on the and they insist it's not. In on those guards. So testified that their final get some of your concerns your thoughts 5530. Fives and Tex sign but the bottom line is and I know I had an album piled up trying to to repeated. So much that. Lot of people body into the thirteen game win streak and this team is. You know it's it's it's it's cranked it up a notch but man how many times do we need to see playoff time. Slap them back down and re and injure show you exactly what they are it's never been more evident. That they are a team that needs more playmakers this this was the knock on them going Santa Claus but I thought it. I thought they can get by New Orleans at least home court. He owned a world without their second best player. Inconsistent guys outside the Anthony gives you kit in getting boat race by them which is just glaring. To show you that nothing is changed despite a thirteen game win streak. This roster it's just not decorate you have to give Terry Stotts and Damian a little lot of credit for getting them to home court advantage. But when push comes to shove. They're being exposed yet again for what they are so now and we'll have all summer to be able to debate you know what did you have a fix that. So wool wool will lay off on that topic for right now but the series isn't over. Terry Stotts said it after the game said you know we have to find a way to win two of the next three period and so you know maybe they can't look again the pelicans. They'll give you opportunities and last night that grade us Anthony Davis had a bit and I mean it was a very effective game batting average for have averaged but he didn't dominate you but Jrue Holiday. Ands. Mirotic Rondo all those those other guys they. They they were the difference so that's the that's the disappointing part is he getting Anthony Davis to have scored an average game has been a killer for you. And you hold him down and it. The other guys. Come through in an end and slaughter you especially with the resident to guard position Rondo had almost what another triple double last night but he app like 1610 and nine. That Mirotic three near the end of the game though yeah that was overloading or snow was scraped the ceiling and that was actually good defense team they were right on any shot at over four with a defender was great Shia go simulate immediately this is terrible shot but isn't awful shot but it went in. And yet because I'm I'm going. When he took has like upper big date you know he. He's villain out here at that point I think it was still a 199 or one or two and it somewhat. I would dear Tex coming up next now let here's my. This is so playoffs we get a should know trying to more than Isaak ensued. Presented by redstone golf and his. Free content sales call and Jay Nady drove soon. I here's a tax on the blazers lost on the team. We need traffic rules in the double team right before little or. Breaks down as the standard known as scared of Armenians were turner heating yields on an Intel pulling its third reliable scorer shooter this is what they will continually see each game well. Yes and so I've been saying along. Dane or CJ has struggled good back courts yes that's pretty obvious. And you know Giroux holidays been up and down a lot of people have slept on him because. You know last year was in his this year and he has an off the court stuff going on and he had some injury. Our problems too and but. So so this is kind of a coming out. Party for him in a wedding every news did. They are talking about it did the gesture was and he said look I don't Ortega is if you've been watching us all year and they get you know wait you would have seen this. Like he is gonna make an all defensive team needs average and in yet their defense is middle of the pack is average in 1986. And I think some of that is just that he was overshadowed by if he cousins and and Anthony Davis in the fact that. You know it was not any lead defensive team but. Let's see how is it not in a league defensive team and you have Rondo who can still guard. Him if he's playing that well and an Anthony Davis like how is that in your testing guard a little bit. And it's it's that it's weird to to watch simply due to tell me these two teams. One of them with an elite defensive team it's certainly would be EED's watch these two games in May be New Orleans but you know. But it may just be that they are it's just about that they're played at a higher level writes it's just about matchups they can sell this the whole point they can sell out on the hearts out on the blazers guard and so. That it if you got a team that kit that that need. The pelicans defense. Find other guys other than those who guards then it's a totally different story. And that frees things up for Lawler in the column that this is that this is as we've mentioned obviously the fatal flaw the blazers roster in New Orleans knows it and so they can it makes you know it makes your guards look better. Win you can do that right like when you don't have to worry about to a bit or even sometimes three of the other guys on the floor. Then that makes them look a lot better defense. I hear some more tax. But Damian Miller sees it has a couple of shots at Damian Miller once as Willard takes horrible shots another says gaining as making a pass instead jacking threes it starts shot clock from 35 year passing when. Tripled in turn overs. But he's he has to ride that fine line of knowing that he has to score in he has to get going him. But also making the Smart play in eighth inning if you watch him as you all do closely over the years he's really gotten. Great at that like just by balance seen. You know scoring in and not getting into hero ball as much. And knowing when to pass in in making the right play he he's really good guys and even and he's got a lot better at that. In this series they are really making it hard on him. Seat to do that because he is kind of you know he's passed and when he when your triple teamed you have to pass but when he's. You know what he's got. A little bit of an opening here is taking some shots that you probably like. Im not too but that's because he's just not seeing any windows game when he when he does get once a Mac I gotta you know I got to. Get hot from the start I'm the guy that has to score so I've got to take some of these and he's just not I mean he's Islamic and I'm not there Russian German. And he's not been able to break on the defense he's knocked into the free throw line he's not know everything goes easy buckets how many of free throws a Dana. Shooting free throws last night they were the shot ten in both games they've barely gotten a free throw and they don't get to the people on on any now. But that Willard just hasn't been able to. Just hasn't been able to impact the game and they waited. A little bit in the second half of game one which is what kind of you know brought him back it wasn't a horrific night but it. You know both of those guys pulled Damon sees here right now are I think there's a frustration level that has said into you like and did you hear his. Commentary after the game little certain which one well I mean he just you know he got a on the podium and he was neglect you've got to hit. The world is playing really well and they're they're doing a really good job on me. In I think it's taken the blazers by surprise that it has is it played as well on them in the regular season now. So I think there there I think Willard is you know it's a lowly heat struggled to adjust for two games. The problem is again to go back to this. Is he doesn't really have anything else he can do and less he has other guys out there that. That require attention from the defense and they just. Don't have that this is why Terry Stotts is the next narrative. This is why don't bash Terry stock to much even though he is getting out coached make no mistake they're getting out coached they're getting out worked. And they're getting outplayed. In this series no question Republicans want more it's a lot of it seems it seems that way and their make it some hustle plays both. Games when it's when it's come down to the final 23 minutes there there does seem to be a lot of those 5050 balls. And a bigger liberty and said that I did here this when he said they're they're going right near than us right now that's right they seem to be getting to the loose balls more than Portland does and then. The other big point two is is you know under which was being an aggressive at the start of the game and then obviously he went out with the with the injury their only played fifteen minutes but. You know and Turkish you're hoping it was the one guy that was gonna be able to to take some of that pressure that if you were going to send to treat guys the guards. New Yorkers was a guy that was gonna be able to to maybe get something going in the middle. If you only plays fifteen minutes it's it's just that it's not much harder. For for Portland to to get those guards to loosen up. So the other narrative is that is the Terry Stotts on and people get fresh Shea with salmon. You know why is he not doing this wise you know I'm making this adjustment in this tech says look another match of it has not been talked about a lot as Alvin Gentry is owning Terry Stotts. And I guess my only retort that is and I'm not saying Terry Stotts had a great series he hasn't. But you know somebody else Texans a wise pack content getting so many minutes he doesn't have anybody else. Over there knowing the problem with Millard and and they'll Shabazz Napier think. It right now New Orleans is bully in the smaller guards and Napier is the same fame on eight years been really bad over the last couple weeks. He's missing wide open shots and make him bad passes bad turnovers he's just been awful Kessel let's not act like lakes are Baz Napier is it's not like you have. The bank you have some some needle beat player on the bands like a sixth man of the year in and and you're not putting myth. Yes so. You know could stats be better yes. But there's no magic want now this is the roster that he's been handed and I think rather than bash Terry Stotts for two games. Against a team that is a really really playing well. And has better players many of rather than bass and I think he deserves a tip of the cap for getting the blazers. To the point with dame Mueller NC Jim columns helped to getting getting in to the point where they have home court advantage. There's only so much you can do with a roster that he has in New Orleans is absolutely. Exposing that so I I don't blame Damian Miller near as much I don't blame Terry Stotts nears matched this goes back to something I've been saying all along. That they just don't have enough playmakers it is a roster problem it is not a coach problem and it is nice star problem. It's a roster problem in New Orleans unfortunately has exposed that yet again so hopefully. Now instead it is BS that we get from the franchise about they're growing and they're getting better in the thirteen game win streak in now or this much better in the next year will be damaged. It's all bull crap they need more playmakers so until they get that I'd done. In how to Indiana had no idea. Then this is going to keep happening this year can't keep getting fooled you my only mistake was I eight I just thought they can beat. New Orleans I did to it I admit I think I bought into the team being a little better than what you didn't I do think I was was a little bit about 3813 game win streak not saying that they were conference finals team but I thought they were better than this. But that you said and it's it's two games both games have been very close this series is not over. Mark this needs to be in the starting line up without question in you've got to find a way somehow to get one of your two guards going in Dirk is tasked to get healthy and their contest to be a dominant force in the middle. This is the series is not over. I know it certainly doesn't look good right now but you are not being blown out you're being now played. But those games are coming down to a couple different possessions here they're down the stretch and if you want any kind of bright side that's that's what you have to hold onto. Couple other tax Evan Turner looks terrible. So much from court advantage. Let's talk Judas Priest particular show that it was yes it's. Oh he needs to get healthy. Turner's a liability with his inability issued in dribbles so much it's so bad game CJ can't get to the basket and or dribbling no player ball movement is an allowances Xeon on the mind set I'd rather have the other guys take those of the shots are better worse because they're open and it's good basketball. Until it's better to keep everyone involved long run we gathered they're gonna have to. And knock them down and I mean it was knocking him I consider if you look through this supporting cast it was not a terrible performance last night. It really what you lead with three minutes left to go in that game but they'll take that New Orleans will take yes the New Orleans will take that that's the thing. OK well if you text there thank you three feedback it's pretty obvious what's going on. You're right the series isn't over so. Latency what happens tomorrow I Evan Turner is listed questionable. You know I heard is. Posey got a two contusion either way he needs to be back on the bench in the heart this needs to be in the starting lineup one other aspect of this game we can talk about the weekend wait till later if we'd like a respite Europe. India's sorbet may be a Pallet cleanser and excitement. But we could get to the referees the officials. From last night's game. Eyes as I was online last night listening to all the the fund whining about that including regular broadcast partner tweeting out I love that that's where rat we might broadcast and in and in a no you're my bracket league's broadcast partner like like putting together their low like clip of the rest is that somehow that's what's happening in this series I screamed about it but it was after the two missed out of bounds call tomorrow I was like. Really well them arrests were not cat and you know it there were some bad calls. But at the same time. You know refs make bad calls and they do it against all teams such issue. I got to overcome a and you know fans can never admit that stated there was feel like they're out to get them now. They're not they're just sometimes it doesn't go your way in let's get over it next ask pulled on you got your ass kicked in the game. Seriously I'd give fans drive me nuts with his bull crap and it immediate you're right it is. It is. Perpetuated. By broadcast partners by videos like the one you're talking about putting a compilation of all the bodies are adding all it is embarrassing. And this is what fuels fans to think that the yes is rigged. It's such a dumb narrative. Get over it you got short ass kicked twice this series isn't over it looks over but the rest did not cost you. Either of those games now so. That's enough arrests or named holiday and Rondo but that's not the reason why you're down 20 in this series so do you wanna hear what Ted Wheeler said about MLB to Portland's lawyer Ted Wheeler this is my second favorite comment right behind the new new roads as long as he's the mayor issued a statement animal rated T next on the fan. I. This is a playoff weakening should know primetime what Isaac ensued presented by red tells golf centers bring tents sales on ten AB Jose and. Ray dvd to on the fan ten either. Has commented. On everything is going on music based out of Portland yesterday show they revealed. They made bids on two parcels of land to try to build a ballpark in a surrounding entertainment district. Here is all. Ted. Our mayor said in its just such a wonderfully uplifting statements he says that he just EA put us they mean and have a press chemistry I think. It just reads quote it's easy to see why Portland would be an attractive option for Major League Baseball. We're growing medium market when he booming economy in a rich history of local baseball. About the way on the growing media market didn't you know that Portland as a medium market has jumped to number 22 here are creep but up there and we were 25 top twenty right on the corner. Lot of people here then he says but any path that leads from two dates opening day is a long. My focus continues to be on addressing our city's immediate challenges creating more housing helping those experiencing homelessness and maintaining. A safe livable city. It's my belief that city resources. Should be directed to these priorities. We will continue to watch beat Portland diamond project proposal. As a developed. I. Understand why you'd have to take a dues but. Audit and in my understanding they're not asked keen. For a whole lot they're not asking for public money yeah I'm not sure what he why he said that I don't I don't. Understand that what what's he resources. Aren't going your way dirt you know like in Detroit they just bigger agenda in the little Caesars arena. Detroit sold battle end of the military on the for a dollar. Diana that yeah you think they paid a dollar bet that. Club did they they give there was a huge parcel at Indy in Detroit was like please don't leave. He each year take take all this acreage cause it's Detroit Italian do that I'll buy bombed out buildings. No ASCII that asking the city to sell you anything. Asking for any sort of vote to do you know to put money the damn them public body they have the 150 million dollars that's a bond that that's been their since 2003. So I just don't understand this whole well you know save a little got to worry about experiencing. Homelessness. And had it who breaks that. It's just it's sometimes it's just did it baffles me. There's this notion that it's something that people could be excited about that I don't see the negative behind in the city at all I dorsett would city resources are being used to this. Why can't you at least be supportive from a distance. It is that it doesn't make it doesn't make two cents to me. Yeah well. Look it's not as if he can't come around. In can be convinced ranked the long way to go he's right it did there is. You know today it any he says any path that leads him to date opening days along when he's writing a true. But. He. Yelled this is a let anybody that follows in either politics in Portland know that. It's just complicated in. It's it's kind of inept I mean let's just call it what it is it's like they're too many cooks in the kitchen. By that I mean there are a lot of rich guys. That control certain people and have their hands in in. In city government. And they they're looking out for their own interest now which are not Major League Baseball and you have. Neighborhood associations. Very powerful here yes. I mean they they run tests mean it is voted download a whole project over in though is that the gummery part because their neighborhood association didn't want to block the view of the bridge get big. Mean what the hell. Does it amazes me at times though that were I guess I shouldn't amaze me but this is a city to its growing even says that in yet. It's a no and no one Indian government wants to accept the fact that it is growing in this whole keep Portland weird thing. Do you worry major metropolitan or what are we over two million people now. But how about some progress how about some development but the idea that you wouldn't want a private company. To comment and spend private money to build something big is going to create thousands of jobs that 81 times a year. What will create money and cash flow and people and development that it's it's won't just beat. In a stadium there that there will be housing there will be businesses. Look at any so between got the great pitcher of the gas that district in San Diego before. And after echo park why would you want that for your city for the love of. God but tell you what's really on in a treated this out today it's very simple. It's that it's no secret that Ted neither wants to be governor. Ranked yes. Well who can help get him. Salem. Not a baseball people now know he he is in the pockets of the people. Who can help get him to Salem. In a lot of those guys. Big money guys. Are in our inability to name names of those view that followed closely of who the big players are sunk that the of the city. It's it's it's that money. And those guys don't care about Major League Baseball they care about their own interest you know and until you get a mayor was some balls. To say no we want this you're gonna get on board here's why. Then then this is what you get you get the tail wagging the dog and this is nothing new for city politics here and it if anybody that follows it knows this. I'm so he hit his dealers he wants to be governor Ernie knows that the big money guys you can get in there don't care about Major League Baseball. If they did he would be all about this so it's it's just it's typical politics the islands of politics all the time. Talked with for an S who's up in Seattle now mean for nest. And he said yeah ice it isn't one of a thing when politicians don't want public money to come in and do something good for the city ranked candidate if if you agree appear that was that we're down in Texas they just built in their building a new ballpark for the Rangers. And their old one is team paid off yet and they want 500 million dollars the people which by the way they gave. T that's crazy I would abused we have if Wheeler came in here and said there's no chance that's crazy here's likeable I would agree with us theory give give. Burt but that's not what it take its its I know once the only saying that so that day again just the idea just it's been floated since its inception right now. And it like at every turn. Like a wet blanket wants to be the only he wants to appeal on the fire and I just don't understand. The benefit of that even if you don't bet on it is he has again he has. His big money guys. He is pandering to them. But at the benefit are the big money guys that this is again in the don't have an on my my oh my a hard time wrapping my head around. What is it about a project like this we're talking about. It in both cases a neighborhood desperately. It would immediate. Coming in any improving and a neighborhood bringing in businesses bringing in housing and bring it in jobs bringing in money bring an it infrastructure. What is bat and by the way privately financed what about that is a negative. One what phone they were. They say legal resource is city resource is being spent towards homelessness and making it up a safer city. What I don't know. What he's talking about you want some private company to come in a decade it will take a billion dollars is spent year and we'll just build you know. Will build things for you the way you want him I don't understand that you're not taking away city resource its. Yet that. That part of the statement is really puzzling because he is basically argue mean. Against an argument that wasn't present. Right leg. They're not taking is not fact they're not only not taking city resources they're doing this all privately. Their building housing yes they did that helps your issue and so he. Him not. Addressing that. Is weird and and we'll have to I have actually put in you know what his guys as a listener to our show. And I DM to him insane and if he ever wants to talk. You know. Here's your spot and he knows he knows that that were popular and got a lot of sports fans and if you if Ted Wheeler ever wants to. Address a sports fans I've got an end with a guy who can maybe make it out I just don't think. He's not gonna do it now but eventually. These questions need to be asked of him but the reality is. As you as you point out property taxes alone on on the ball park and everything that they build around it is enough to pay for. Housing and fund. The homeless problem you know year after year just the property taxes of putting it up. So so there and two wheelers not a dumb guy he knows that it's just. This is not something that is big on the agenda of his big boys they can help him get or he wants and so therefore he's not gonna commit to it. So that's it that it's just politics at Sox. But this is where Barrett's group Portland when he called I'm surprised Portland diamond project comes in they have Tuesday claimed that they have a lot of guys. Who are very did in dealing in with politicians in dealing in seeing government and in work in that room working those angles. And so you gotta trust that they can get these guys on board is right now. It appears that there is a lukewarm. Reaction from at least the mayor. An Indian you know and then you can argue do you even need the mayor how much TE Niedermayer but. The question is how much do you need an around that yes so on and so this is where those guys expertise comes in Muncie would take India. Maybe making getting mom board discusses that's a durable you think the use taxes to help the homeless a vigorous debate a job with the homeless problem over the last couple years well again. Its revenue in its revenue you didn't have before it's why would you not one that. In it it's one thing if you're if you're solving the homeless problem and you say we don't want this to impede and everything they were doing. They're not solving homeless problem and they're not solving the housing problem it's getting worse it's so for. Why take a crap on this why ticket crap on more revenue. As opposed to working with the group insane hey let's try to find a way where we're gonna work hand in hand with this. And we can make this better with a private company that wanted to come in and and we can find something. Two to work on this project together as I guarantee if they came into added to the Portland Arab prods and it's that let's find them it's mutually beneficial of course they'd listen. All right long way to go on that text type IPO plan to get to some of your text and get a qualifies more GM's brand appalled draft party coming up next it is 403. On the fence.