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Thursday, April 19th

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Thanks to listen to the prime time with Isaac and sue I'm Isaak the cool want to. But. This is our podcast that welcome to our part as well as prescilla job though you're not for the do the right thing since 1952. This is a playoff weak nation and I'm Isaak and suit presented by red tailed off centers spurring tents and a and an eighty shoot them. Make him I mean it's our children. But I know up. Where the incident Lou. And it does go well with the chicken. You smarter full disclosure boarding and it's not. Temporary super intelligent just does that affect the legacy dissolve in your back who haven't. Yeah and what does he knew where it'll lose both your motor skills and about the Duluth if it apparently. Now it's happening to our tribute to the Arctic. Why would she do tend to. Then the okay. What is your morning. Yeah. It also getting in now. This. Night I made some. It's enough. You cannot keep serious. It's serious but a terrible idea they can beat him but we do here we got it. Problem into the game surging assertion that. What's the big game. You need together it is a must win game to remake of him. Fifty. Can we make Clinton. Macaroni cheese it was an accident caused a cynic out. Now that maybe he's gave pills taken and you gotta get Royce. You know let's get this done really bad to a lot of people who didn't hear yesterday's show. Yes it was a reference yesterday that apparently went in neglecting them what was that lyric. Some like that some white guys they've obtained Hillary. He tried to claim the painkiller metered game space tourists who. They've very. Who should putter on this ticket note there was a guy who tanks in his said that. He got a standing room only tickets. Where you basically just stand at the top of the arena yeah for the blazers team I think and I am a recent game Argentina and it was thirty dollars. Really you have first any room yet that's. And he he and I asked NIC do you ever get to sit down like. And legislative seats if they're not films and he's been taken he said no we had our backs against the wall standing the entire time that we were in the arena. Yeah idea. From the past. And Obama pass on the thirty year huge blazer fan never been a playoff game. Yeah he had dogs and heat in the huge pleas of urgency from the person you think that's the thing you watched the game up there. Knotts not all the way up there and I've been in the 300. Tough watch he thinks so it idiots and went I think it's as bad as night sounds like NFL stadiums and the stadium. Around. You've that I I was up there once their resilience it security group as to who's doing that the think they got free tickets in the blazes or whatever which school. They take a much of the kind of proves is that sorry wins out them and we were like three year four rows from the top. Which again at you know it's cheered being you're not given them like hundreds of seats but it was it it was rough the mirror we're out there and it's. Let's you've got binoculars you're not seeing a whole lot of what's going on the issue of the big boards now you can watch the news. But you do you find yourself in Europe there you can't really watch the games you just you watched the X. And you watched that. It is too quick and GM car. Any doubts that you. But to the Bengals and the browns now this will be to Brown's ex. These are these execute an innocent you want to be one verses four and here's the thing like in our in our little mock draft year did you get to pick right. Only do we get it right or enter to win the grand prize. And so by having the browns have wondered for a real good shot of knowing what those Pixar and been able to. State of religious a look at the biggest TV. So let's do that you wanna beat the browns GM and we'll pick two random random text. Just text Cleveland's. 255305. Right now any outward exactly Cleveland. Q 553052. Will be selected their tickets let's also do the dangles. This is kind of weird but I'm gonna need since he. CI and CI. Analysis and TT 55. 305. That leaves just found this out here quarantined. Three of cork twenty people. Only Fuller. Spots left and we will Lou it is an out tomorrow to be listening for the lead exclude on those are. And then Thursday even if you don't Q what did you in spots could join us anyways can drink with students to timed out. We liked yeah we. Hey and hang out for a little bit its food beverages available. So but. Celine Dion. She went to Vegas every that would seem to be with yes I got shot and people made fun of yet they did there was sort of this statement that you go to Vegas that's like where you're looking at now you're on like that Andy Williams circuit was I think Branson Missouri and it's like where Elvis went to die. Right like it's like you kind of a joke now be trying you're atop the thing in your big fat Elvis adapt voice or no wind is is willing to. It becomes CU out my kid in you can't sell a big reason anymore because I got word Vegas here's twenty bucks and goes to big fat Elvis. That is not the case anymore don't know whose biggest runs are big deals. They really are says they're not cheap Celine Dion started this trend and this goes with the that you know Vegas is really making a comeback. In one area which we all know grew ominous chords down with hockey and then you read they have their ferocity building. Legal NFL's seemed to readers. They are really pop and on the sports front on the sports tip feel and so people are saying like you like a pac twelve title game if we can put that biggest. This goes and knowing again. No one wanted to go to San Cisco wants outs putting Vegas says Celine Dion started trying to decide this on the museum Knightley were talking about how all these artists now long ago. Do you what she did in setup shop in biggest because and teams because there's no one there's no travel no you don't think they get tired touring if they have families they can be around their kids and see their families more. And down they make The Hague has boxed in when that. I saw an interview with Garth Brooks that said that Garth would fly in on Thursday. And he would do like a sound check kind of do it then he would do was show Thursday night and they we do to. Like Friday and Saturday night and then he would fly back to Oklahoma. And he would be there with his kids and his wife or whatever and Garth Brooks made hundreds of millions of dollars of his state he was at the win. Got the last time we are down their me in the misses me and my wife were down there. And we've looked for tickets and anybody like those seats you can't get those at the you know the discounted ticket brokers. Hit by a directive from the wind and the like 200 bucks a pop. Music's visiting and it was sold out the that is huge money. If you are it's been their like I think what prince how to run their Britney Spears had a run there with the latest is. Yeah and they're setting up residency there like their movie yes. It says she's gonna be different extended period of time yet jailers there and then Lady Gaga is gonna do it she signed on. And in the next one after that is when stuff on. CN and for people like that that's a good deal because it puts the funny do that but she's a big star. But it brings the funny came to the motor center SpinRite in a film that plays a giant but doubted biggest it budget drug bachelorette parties and if you look down their show packed a place every night you know that her show will be full of penis straws yes. Little Debbie penises and get me in gebbie penis for all of that me right up top though the people. Yeah and a bunch people now nearing its like they're always looking for them to do and paying his site he mop the tables for a couple hours take Gwen Stefani split up. Her worst thing and just on the strip violence does seem that. It's genius and looking here. You see why Britney Spears a per night and she's still there GCG has signed a new deal. And so every night that she performs 3101000. Dollars is what she puts in her pocket. As she doesn't have to pay her yet just dirty she does not have to pay for the stage or anything so. Would even think about when these bands go into words they have to pay for the stage in in the trucks and all that's a very expensive thing to tour. Britney Spears and have to do any event she shows up and gets a check for 3101000. Dollars a night game or invade I have two questions about her one. And we completely under sold her Renaissance. I'll say this. She never could sing so it wasn't about that. She is terrible she's a complete fabrication but. As far as the hot this come back. It's completely under report a popular 32. PM are going to her shows and gals lover. My kids sleep under sold her Rennes yes she she has really come back and is not. That is not done enough credit to see her go from shaved headed Britney Spears Kevin Federline like. That whole thing do where she's at now it is an amazing come. In the second question is fifteen really year by the. She's here yet I want you to guess her network. Britney Spears yes hundreds of incidents Q1 EDT at 5215. Season or 215 million dollars she's just so here's the question about how much is she worth it you know the Kevin Federline in the photo the whole thing. Racked up anchored her her low point it seems yeah. If that was the end of Britney Spears in terms of does she ever do anything after that. How much TV. Probably nowhere near this. Means you that I know of his biggest thing restock the conference big time. I don't know I don't know what she would. God is giving a hundred million. I guess for hers in September 2014 an article on Yahoo! dot com's homepage he needing a lot of confusion by stating that according to court documents fears that a network. Of slightly more than 41 million. She had seven million in cash and the rest is in real estate and now this. The sense that her comeback she's down 200 whatever who says that this article failed to mention is that 41 Maine is just to buy the assets under conservative ship. With her father. Roughly five and a half years ago issue of post movement that think we are many acres yet they put people turned. It yet they through it and trust and it's controlled bank and it. Down but thanks for Lady Gaga she's guarantee. Between 75 and a hundred million dollars they're saying for that Vegas. With very little effort yet and she doesn't have to travel so she can just hang out. Vegas go to the you know. As guards. Future innings. Jennifer Lopez deal was apparently is better than that neither one of them go in feels when it. Well when he's more. Jennifer Lopez's they're seeing here between 350 and 400000. For a show. I would guess. Be honest for Pete's reply. The biggest is the place to meet up again people Vegas is really coming back folks and I'm bored. All right coming up next. Just not something. I've got study news story. He knew me in my studies and talk to the music business. Today compared. To. Analysts say that this Doctor Who is a lot of people thought very highly of them not so much anymore. Yeah. Beginning studies. Not doctor Oz. You know it's doctor desperate and I would media is not seek. Here's Dan and I guess they they found a budget journal writings and he was an Austrian doctor and he was kind of the first guys that pioneered. Autism research in the and it's Asperger's syndrome and and kind of legitimized it and I guess. I was reading today that. Yes you EP pretty much was complicit in the whole Nazi thing in governor good citing. Participated in the euthanasia program and yeah its. Is that's a good Saddam courses to be called that we should change. And Asperger's syndrome due to sent to death because well. Think I was a Nazi that you can't have like big it was syndrome like you don't want that lake. You know Joseph Parker Bowles doesn't though that at the same ring to it but you know he did do some good for humanity. Yeah yeah he didn't. But honest and very very then. Those is weird that it's yeah I did what we do with them I took some some medical classes back in college before Rios as too stupid to be a doctor. And I was taken in neurology course once and it got a little weird but the teacher is talking about that a lot of the early study of debris was done by a c.s because they didn't have to. Yes and guys did what they wanted to do that instead they said that a lot a lot of research a lot of really good. Resurgent advancement came out of out of that regime bit. There were people that were designated for that yet seem to them yes it was like here if you would you want with them and so human trials know that that obviously. We can't do. They clearly didn't have a problem doing that soon it was is this weird thing where. He was sorry about them the advancement that were made and in some of that the different resurgence at that lets them. Was really groundbreaking. To the point where it. So it was even more advanced than some of the stuff we have now again because the can't do those sorts of things. And so it's just it's it was a weird bit of history so I guess that was what was happening with this and he was cans or hogs which everywhere you don't want. Bonds never hands now triple you can write Ruder. I think there's tons ons to revert that's the thing in the date they see it. Anyway they they said that. That they were there's a bunch of new findings about his writings about he was involved in some not so good things. Is Baghdad and the euthanasia program I guess over there was if you if you had a child that any sort of physical or mental deformity. They just. He put the job now in Vegas he was. He was complicit in all baton. So some people are trying to defend and say well he didn't have a choice. Right kinda had to go along with the program and other people are saying that's not excuse. The same player whom was doing and I just was following orders. Bennett. Bit of the little muddled history there with the doctor Asperger's now. So and watching video and it's on TNT. For we guitar hot stressed on. The cops have released video of the scene. From when they found prints. Who they found prince he had dead I get the elevator. Yang is right outside the elevator and it's fasting BK as he watches video and it doesn't show him they'd they'd they kind of need. He's lying or that they just wanted out training camps but they're but they're kind of not only. Look at that place that's his house. Tell me you didn't think that was some crappy ass hotel. That's his house. It's good that it's got a real Graceland by the bag given to Greece and not have a banana which means we've seen enough of it that when you go to Graceland. You expect to like the ultimate luxury in which she realizes just a real tacky ass ninety entities mentioned what it is this house looks like it was cool like in 1979. Yes if you came here in 1984 you would be blown away about what prince says go and on hasn't changed a bit to know and it. It really kind of looks like gay. Yeah like a bad museum. Yeah like he does not look like a home in like you said it looks like a crappy S hotel and he related his logo. I figure would you have if you had an Isaac drop logo would you put it in the middle if you didn't work. Worse and then would you have full color paintings of yourself. I'll look in the clarity and then now. Would this is really fast and looked in Britain and all of in the house. Who like yeah. All over the roles he's got life sized paintings of themselves. Is that shocking in the least it shouldn't a little bit sprints. I kind of liked his kitchen has boots. Got they diner smeared replace a case so I'm just telling you could put any. The wood and which you have to tear picking out which he could be museum like you're talking about Elvis thing though is it 2000 I know I'm just saying. Did they can turn it into speaks to sleep and how attached people would come in in Florida yeah. Well I'm with you on this and I had no idea what for but we try to say this liberty houses just in general fascinated me. Like that show MTV cribs I loved it. Yeah I could watch that all day every day. I wanna I wanna fool to her references home and that's what is the dancers I want the whole thing with the medicine cabinet in like what kind of shaving cream he uses on ala yes kind of products. Watch them watch the Michael Jackson documentary the victim untouched in the final hour hours that because they take you through the police went videotaped. The the currency which is his bedroom. And you get to see how he lived it cycle orders place. Like it I it's it's an agent now you would think that a guy that that would live a little better that it was it was a full on junkie Alice. The camp. We're was I don't know we get you real buddy we had derailed by prince's death photos do you folks want to. That's something we're all. We're all wanting. The cup that's I think that is a larger version. I think yes people get worked up over a lot of things. Here's one we can easily you can do it you ready this is this is from a steady. That's that he tuck. The elite. These. A lot of benefits. Maybe that's when a bit stressed. So the Cambridge analytically thing you know he's. That that set this guy off this steady they're steady growth and signs for a that's sitting on the take a look at. What faced with goes to stress levels. And so there it says University of Queensland. In Australia. And you know. So this was professor Eric van Minh. And he wanted to investigate the impact of quitting FaceBook on user stress level overall loan bank is you know when people when he faced the other enough that many now. I quit faced with years ago I quit FaceBook before apparently was the thing you did you'd use his but I deleted it I just punted on. I just really says is it's interesting see I never use it however. Have a hard time do. Why is that I don't know I think it's because it feels so good to do until it I think it's because. I just feel like media eventually own needed again there you become I don't know. I don't know I can't just deleting specific site at this years ago when I told people that I deleted it ever what was I want. The why would you then. Or they did this 10 yeah I totally wanna do that and that I that why don't you well I can't. But it yet to meet there's no benefit I get my habit yeah. And don't use it it's kinda deceiving one. In my deleted. I ever know that has FaceBook pizza. I did horrible but it isn't like anyone that's like really evolve again I grew up in the nation and of the sisters. It's about the obvious church does nothing but bitch about like what they have to do in the church and I was I was it will then why do you do it sit in the FaceBook. Again I think he's a Islam evil bitch about all the crap that's on there in people you know like. Oh my god in this day and in the united it was a whole FaceBook fight night I can't believe midnight. But then just get rid of it but they can't. It's like it's become a religion to people it's got your book. Seed but doesn't mean that I I have a hard time believing it now hear the results. The results have been published in the journal of social psychology. In the may convince you to hash tag delete case. If he's not. Professor Damon and his colleagues examined two groups to back to active FaceBook users comprising 138 study participants. In total one group was asked to refrain from using FaceBook five days. But the other groups continue to use FaceBook as usual the researchers took saliva samples from the just principal at the beginning of the yen. In order to measure their levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Big core results that the big shift that to. Professor Damon sums up his findings reporting taking a face but great for just five days reduces a person's level of stress. Level of these stress hormone cortisol. Which is known to soar when a person distressed but in fact the hormone is considered to be to keep players stressed regulating how body responses. Too much for resulting comprise can compromise our immune system of law. And yes. Obesity mentioned here yeah. However staying away from FaceBook might also make you sadder. At least in the beginning as professor Damon says while adjustments in our study showed an improvement in psychological stress by giving up these but they also reported lower feelings of well being. The word is it's a place for people. Yeah it's the plays were in the Mickey can only you can pretend to have line GA your partisan you know and you can pretend that your. What is the latest savior and against Uga or whatever they give you go to some wearing you don't take a photo of it Howard's was still the people the your life is better than frank. I bet you can't just can't say that the wind it down we room believes we went did one of the Mayan ruins Noah brought a camera. Is we're going we're gonna do the key to me afterwards. And never was a moment god what are we supposed to look like you can remember it. Well financed don't think he just you'll have that image and then we all laugh who's that well then how can we shoot those photos of people in the Buick now look what I did. It makes no sense we've become addicted to it it's it's a drop and give it. And it sounds like it's the same sort of veterans can actually affect normal. It absolutely can yeah which is crazy and he suggested the findings may apply to all social media networks. We don't think the findings are necessarily need to face that gets people stress level would probably reduce any time they take a break their favorite. Social media platform. You can only in activated. There are you can deactivated anything deleted she's really hard to. It may get tired and he Dennett them but. Couldn't remember my illegally but. Keep in touch with a lot of from them. And it is different. And I've just never never. But when you're not. It is true they I think FaceBook is different for you. In need because time from a different part of the country and live far away from a lot of people this year. Tonight we know from back there and you're not you're like in the same town I would think you'd be less important less literally keep in touch with the people of terror. A terrific book that in the future that's true all right do you wanna know what's going on in the trailblazers game. Like globe via. Julia Williams tonight I just. I can tell you here's Mike did Gillian Anderson. But it do you want the good news or the venues let's go to the good news first is a note the bad news is going to be. OK I don't have any good so here's the bad news. The senate and the blazers are losing by sixteen. CAA. It's a little. Rescinded you know the one thing to for the net good for all years they could gumption kind of like that grit and fire in the if you were gonna happen at all it would have to be in this game must wins. Well let dad didn't that didn't show as move on. But you know is not a game. There is just like there's a lot of series they're getting X. Lauderdale arrogance and it is in there a missing every single shot they simply didn't lose your kids see little immediate policies and stance he's already stationed at the rants you read I think he's getting he's gonna do wanna do you think your right he would get. Booted or he'll just go nuclear to pick and score eighty. And they'll lose by twelve hits it's not going so well right now I I've read notes that we don't need to get through was worth I am style. That more than looks this bad and that. That they could be viewed it totally against Buehrle viewer gonna tell me before this series started at Portland was gonna lose the first three games of this. I just I would not have believed it I really wouldn't. The map up matchup that we don't like it. Ends a you know he can't admit that in the world is clean radar but it's brutal and it's a New Orleans but it's the pelicans and there went out and a first or second team all NBA guy. Imagine if you took Portland's roster and they knew eliminated CJ or Dayton from. That's what it was like with a bogey cousins gone and new roads is still doing this to you so. This is pretty much what happens when you had 261. Guards and that's it. I can't thank kind of sum up. Everything. He had he had two guys you 61. Point slashed its guards. Who only got there if that's what this looks like co host Curtis. Client for whom by Leonard Aldridge. They act as really loves CJ and nurture and anyone else that you want him I was reading today that. We'll type of this harbor quite Leonard they go to the lakers. As he wants the island. What was I guess LA does that young man says the contrary opinion is let it's got to know the euro's contact. Yeah although I suppose that letter could kind of pulling you know forces when he could sources we had to thank you either trade me were are wanna go you know us only walked away and and do nothing called George. Chris Paul yep Carmelo Anthony. No loan. Yeah you can you when you've got a year left on your contract you can you can certainly do that they have a story about a Russian woman being in bombed alliance. Well she answered no. Isn't it possible this is terrified yeah it is. Feels weird is that the story comes from my. And Mike. When he contribute stories they're usually have the kids really aren't orbit each yeah my foot search says something about. I always find these stories on Scott checked I I go through like the random news feed stories they view. Whenever I see an instant when I was sort of want to die every snatch as well she's she's. He's chief of this cheese. He's not wrong I don't know is done. Seeing is sports I like the music dialogue expenses these sorts is its war he's kind of like whatever it is you lie. I think this school that. We found that out. But in London and track. We gotta give this Internet text do you think I know it's it's really really slow parade it's just. It really causes problems on the broadcast in this corner of the building is really really and what is. What what happened to us multiple Wi-Fi routers are McCain even computers he used to be fine didn't yet. It's just it's it's recently. It's like dial up Internet here during the. And Villa. Email me at Isaac brown that it will look come. Guys get a hold on gotta download this toward its gonna take me the next nine hours to do so. And college that you're waiting for that photo did download. If you wait wait almost a booby here. Lou I'm seeing on snow tonight this story is mostly faults really. We usually falls you and noble will get then sank a thorough leave no sleep and let's not get the fact enlistment let the facts in. But the truth of the great story yes she's 27 she dies in excruciating agony after she was bombed alliant. But he formaldehyde pace grip instead of being put on C lenient and horrific medical blunder. No she was supposed to be and a saline drip but was given formaldehyde. Formal aside for a Mullen. The formal entry contains formaldehyde and he's used to prevent decomposition. By the choice of field was only in her local hospital in Russia for routine surgery but the medical blunder meant that she was involved alive and in severe. Well I would say it is that it's rushers so I feel like anything goes. Good that's not one of those places them with a decode do you surgery demons and I don't know what deliberately don't even know it's wrong like right like you're like going you don't limit its. You know what is happening happening I do you know they did embalming fluid is not good or you know that's the it's quite bad. So what is Lou why they say that it's mostly. It says. On snows that says what's false is she was not given formally intravenously in did not experience deep functional equivalent of being on the line. What's true is she did die after a medical error resulted in her mistakenly being poisoned with for a moment. So the exaggerated this. They exaggerated to choose even make this trip she wasn't. Today she was given an embalming fluid I guess she died from the bully and fluid just not on a drip yes. So they she says she did not. Have the like this whole idea being embalmed alliant they're like they're IV drip of this yet that's not what. Hoc but she did dying she was given the wrong. They have. Again welcome to rush I feel like god doesn't make unity that are now done it doesn't really. Go to Linear and I'm sorry if I'm offended anyone but I probably will it look like top five countries that I don't wanna medical procedure and and it's too we throw out there world right yet recognized source. Even in developed nations Russia I don't know if they're gold. But they're they're on my mental standpoint many Indians. You don't like it actually India is. Think a lot of people go to India and is it. Yet to kind of pick and choose that but it is actually a big surgery boom and there's a top of the doctors that come from the union backed a lot of our doctors are coming from being. So believe it or not that's not a series that you'd be terrified to have him there. ABC news now like where they're I was just thinking of the one and then there was that. And I was Indonesia yet ready where they use the guy's leg being TDs Lincoln used to does that pillow that prompted yeah. Like in India there's a lot of people they go to India to have surgery they don't have insurance and then makes you Stater resort make recover. That's kind of like a booby business but I just feel like in Russia. For whatever reason. I just feel like bad things are happening there like a Russian hospital. I want nothing to do with. So here's the here's what actually happened. March 15 two dozen eighteen medical personnel mistakenly introduced formally and instead of saline into the abdominal cavity of a twenty year old female patient during a routine operation. She was on the operating. They put involving fluid in her yeah yet in this says after detecting when it happened doctors performed a cleaning of the abdominal cavity to remove the substance. The next day the woman was transferred to another regional clinical hospital. Into the most effective course of treatment the patient was sent to you dove. No place says precinct four investigators. But the criminal code initiating a criminal case of causing serious harm to human health. Through negligence as a result of improper performance that person's official duties this even happen how. You mistake that. Again I just feel like you can go over and like within a week you can become a doctor. It was an unknown nurse washed the surgical site with formal and instead of sailing. Imagine. Again and I just eyes feel like other coaches don't have the the most sterile conditions which is alerts that are getting sucked out of an airplane window twenty minutes in your flight. Bill is well guess you're out of that so right union unite after surgery. You probably don't know. Now she woke and yet answered fans maybe I'll take the plane I think that was probably were pretty quickly. Thanks. My comedian and blazers report. It's worse than the first two games guys. It is uglier and more of a bull racing in the first to use our guard 3924. Republicans these. Navy petty damn island the blazers are this committed three straight turnovers and for sure. There's always the second half for a game one when they admitted comeback kid. Sort you surprised and tried to beat. God given right. Pelicans are shooting 50% from the floor of the blizzard hitting 34%. I think John wraps it up next on the things. That mourns the zoom right this is millionaires and big Johnson Janet brought to you on the stand by business and insurance get the right insurance for your business all moron though isn't it offers a number of national and regional carriers to choose from to maximize your coverage of the best value online at VISN ETT dot com. Do you read something gee are you ready you're ready be read history and to be red suit is DM from engine in it to mean because he's coming up next. Recruiting the danger to make tonight nation's number five outside linebacker. Mosques food not yet I guess he previews his organ visit. Nation's number five pros out quarterback paint ball Meyer. Discusses his beaters interest. That tonight. I've beaver interest tuck right after this program. He he's done how are you know is he doing. I'm feeling pretty salty. Tonight I dropped fourteen days well the keys off the yeah it's the years and that would just gonna turn into a miserable human beings. Well tennis isn't the first point in its class apple are brought her there because. This is the first point here where aren't officially discussed with the bears for the first card. So you could say well we don't of beta today that particular or you could say not even may yet discussed with it just depends on your. You really don't know what to make that a miss is the most predictable thing every. Yes it was a really tough. The extra aren't really good edit stock secure. Makes me Matt how good they are aren't watching network series they are just look there's only that we could undermine our. Scrubs they bring out the danger they're pitching staff this particular. And it's just. It makes me very upset so ideally Adrian healthy that's the Beers tonight if they rolled over again today and got real. Like five or one nothing like after five to. If you cut if they were point five beating game the Mariners would have been in all the they would they were competitive. True divided into every game unfortunately they played nine with some cooler based marketplace aren't. Then. Whatever happened in 86 through knives. It was not conducive to the bears within the game. He's got to hope for a lot of rain outs the problem is that you get there retractable roof. Gallup we need to do sabotage the roots of the hit close to people get a readout after bonds. Yeah. They've finally rob Becker economic roots are bigger ethic that the group to pick up a bad it anyway. Nor does it feel that when it so that you can't even tell there. Well John if I love him to retort I have a different opinion about that. I feel free to tell me what I think about politics do kinda I don't know. I just think differently Erie on that. I your regular grip wrong. Okay well. I just said it was dark and I think it's we went win then when they were this close became feels much different and I think it's just dark I think issued pain it's like they paint like and caesar's palace you know the ceiling and caesar's palace is paid a disguise and chemical. You know that next year it will be cynical puberty or Sophie. Speak to every sponsor is well publicity you and go with the whole light fluffy. Between the time on the route. Even a little Euro bent out of shape that it's not going to be Safeco Field anymore because it's an insurance company. We'll just have another corporate name on it. I don't want it to you about that it depends on the day like. I console I've come to enjoy Safeco Field its price are they grow up they go field I love it. So I'm not opposed in principle they've changed the name because yes it is just the company what I am opposed to was that it the Mariners. The people do something stupid and it will be to sleep played Tampa Peter Steele or something ridiculous speaking better the mayor's. Have a high probability of screw that he can't hurt that he. This plant to sleep lighting at the theater I expect it. Correctly the murder after I want it to be DK is the young senator that's my favorite arena in the country that's gone now let's lose a couple of days. It's easy it's ridiculous but obviously but what about this pledge which by the way I can't watch or you match up. But we don't want like. Well aren't I kind of don't like to play so it might wanna watch this unit may. You better understand this but it is competing adequately if the because it's stuck playing its duty to field. This is our car. That might be the final product which is due to adopt or he looked like that you're. But when did you and John Smith became sick they jump jump but geez field it breaks you. Eight a good news uber cup again can be like the jump did you senator you could have police field to his copy. Record that might feel like they compete but I predict that you're pretty critical of them don't cut him. Pick a field that good after all that I kind of like yeah. So part of the unity we worry about it's I'm not yet done this. Week here birdie that one of my favorite places to go. And watched baseball he's got it there as productive days something that I. Here with a brain is that the right side is after you play the Astros nobody scares him so he should. Have a better time. In the next series. Hopefully Philly we on target on that they had apparently there but people here the much anticipated. Ichiro sparked a little cooler after that you give your experience and we're here and there. And since that's kind of you know. Our children. You best fourteen to solve these and I used against. He he touted that series even though we're admit he April and talent that series is like in some big deal that was like some sort of litmus test form and by the way they failed. They don't know the Israelis gathered at the based on twenty. Right in genetic recruiting coming up next we're back tomorrow due to seven on the thing. It shoots. Okay.