Primetime 4.19.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, April 19th
More MLB to Portland talk, talking stadiums we've been to, and IN THE NEWS!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Occasions just meant more or. As the playoffs we get you know trying to nobody is against you. You buy it back. Springtime tailback right able to you defended attorney. Up to 50% up. Red tailed up for more details Brian Tyler Moore and then maybe she'll stay home. I did get that done. Really do it again right yeah it's just like he needs to make a case that rubs. It. Happens it happens to the business. We're Nike is the worst of us well you. Loans Ezekiel Ellis he's eligible eligible. The bottom up I don't I don't know however big they were at new you know you mean I know that's work. Did I did a did you do your yeah you can pretty. Mike. So hey M here's this. I don't view it what is those. This Kansas City architect by the name of populous yeah. They have been they've been hired on by the aim will be to Portland group and then it in conjunction with someone your local yeah the partner with one of our couple Barbara's. Architect rose. I wanted to tell you what parts they built just to give you a feel of their bad broke with broken. They're called populists. Options. And as so they built Camden yards back in the day which. I designed and will kidding yeah because the dead I'm sure the design and whatever firm here will be there when nicely constructed. On him yards with kind of the first they started this trend of the retro. Ballparks yeah. Registered at the time gimme yards was viewed is is just this this marvel at the warehouse there in the back and bullet it's it's. What they did was something that I think well they did distance India that it is they also had echo park on their listing. V they really did spark the revitalization of of parks out because Camden was kind of the first one that everybody went that first new one. Where bella while. And they use the existing area. As is kind of the stadium it used to be the aegis you'd get these stadiums that you put in the middle of nowhere. Or they look to ruby out of place their surroundings in cities or neighborhoods in Camden yards was the first one to kind of go with the retro. Director of field were it felt like it it always been there. Think it was part of the background of the city and for a lot of people Kenny aren't distill their favorite Major League Baseball stadium that thing was built. How was that an adult in the ninety's. So the partner here is TBA architects in 92. Now while. That's that's. Really in a moment Nash been around a lump. Anyway. Populous Arctic said he Kansas City. I've they have designed more than twenty of the last MOB ballparks built. And they will design this along with the Portland from TV architects they did deck candidate you right date they really ushered in the revitalization of parks. Particularly ones that were baseball only yes is member a lot of those in April Philly and Pittsburgh and stuff than ever. They were able to use stadiums in the case that they were they were ugly they were functional. Where is these ballparks now whether it's it's in baseball or even in football. Especially their become mean. A sense cheesy but they're they're works of their architectural. Marvel. And they have a lot they have a lot of lot of things to consider likely Baltimore they just hit a home run without one in that is the kind of the gold standard news is it's baseball only. But it's also. In an urban setting them. But you also. In Vista that have to honor the historic. Area in the historic nature of of the surrounding area and they did that so well with Camden. They try to recreate that would pick apart which is not as good as Camden they've also done new Yankee Stadium. And Kerry which. If it's beautiful assist it. And I know I've never been there and it's hard to it's hard to replace old Yankee Stadium that that's all but. One's gonna know Wendy is gonna doubt the the new new Yankee Stadium is a beautiful park. Is just horrific if they ever tore down Fenway it's after like the new Yankee Stadium a sterile and bore yes SF like doesn't get. A lot of love at all nobody ever talks about how great Yankee Stadium city has its not Citi Field but again. I would make the argument that if you put new Yankee Stadium somewhere else and it was a Yankee Stadium people have a different view of it I really do now well here's the problem Mike's been there. Yeah I've been a couple times the problem with that is that it's not about the baseball game. It's about the entertainment it's about the big screen it's about all the food. It's not it's it's not like you did it just doesn't feel like a baseball game which is why I went to see it go for the first time last year. It was one of the best parks had ever been to you because they doesn't mean that's all yes it was new looking right away I mean I've I've had experience under the old Yankee Stadium which was falling apart. It was Newark. You it was about the baseball game which she could also wander around and do not baseball things. And that's what the new Yankee Stadium doesn't have said he feels much better than the new Yankee Stadium because it's about the baseball game. With some of the extra stuff. The in Citi Field also get some of that criticism for being kinda stare Roland and not great but again I. I think some of that has to do with with new York and and what you're replacing. They've also done. Marlins park use yeah I don't know about down. Well that would got a bad it will first it's got that. Awful thing in center field are Jeter took that out did did you rip that out finally. And then I think that says about his there was about because it date that the taxpayers in Miami Dade County got swindled the on the hook for like three billion dollars from the conducting often. Know what's gonna give adding any credit because it just what. But it doesn't really get rave reviews target field does yeah target is that a one they did that and they also did Nationals Park which I don't hear much about that part either now I don't know a whole lot about that. So that's that's what they can't that's just part of what the Kansas City company has collected and has designed they've done a lot of them they did that and soccer stadiums across the pond. I'm just cool stuff couldn't ever really even looked at Marlins stadium. So they've got this looks like they've got the same kind of retractable roof that the Safeco as we're just slides out. Over the that over the stadium which just think there'd be a lot of pressure. Yes it's your designer yet secure lead designer on that project I think that is a very very people are expecting like people are expecting greatness and sometimes you don't always hit a camera now and I think it's in there is a lot of pressure just asked him Carla Stan. Thank you. It's got it up my game is easy gotten any better. Not at home on the road he's at like 320 homer certain like zero suddenly I have good news that box. In his the pressures appear ready yeah. John Carlos Dan has not struck out today who aren't it will Bravo is take the other. Flew out to deep left field on a hanging slider dismissed it's so there you are old enough of the good app that OKO for one no case positive thoughts doom. I'm looking at photos and Marlins park that thing that was in center field that may be the worsening in baseball what was that thing. It was a big when they were hit home runs it was just like a big like pinball machine in the the ad like this marlin that would jump over the top bit. It just I'm I'm looking at it and I didn't know they they'd take that thing out but it. It may be the worst idea in baseball history this must be like that they come Maarten in pay like redesigned legacy world sort of thing. It's it's just it's the biggest albatross I've ever seen. Where is like it was at that I know they took it out but number the does slope center field up in Houston. Oh yeah so they put that in there. I just to be I wanna it was unique it was a throwback to I guess some of the old stadiums had had that sort of stuff. But even stuff like that I mean I know it didn't work out it was dumb but number royals called Enron field and homeland and at Enron people out of their lives it means you minute maid park now right yeah. That's kind of a cool you know they have the train merit to your attic of the train that's that's the great part about baseball stadiums is opposed anything else is all that there's none that are identical. Even the dimensions. Like an info you can change it basketball but it. Baseball's the only thing that you can have. That's the only sport we you can have at it it's it's different every park. You know the height of defense the length of food that the field there's nothing else like it and so aesthetically. I said there's nothing like. Individual baseball stadium looks like they did that on to you what a minute made minimum admitted that. Yes they've done was the press release added them like twenty of them. The news parks in any minute maid park this is cool we wish it became wish to do this in the break protects harass us between the three of us how many bulbs are so we've been. I have delayed list that but yeah we could figure out how many what percent of treatment hey you know we're gonna reveal that coming up next we can do that. In a mine won the note too late now to late. As Michael Parse out there now isn't. In his house and hopefully our news is that extra. Hours in it would be hours yes. Our fair city. Okay will be that coming up next and we'll also talk about why the biggest nights are so important. The best story in sports. Whoa it is. It's the best during sports we've seen in years that cocky Sonoma cares. There's Burt itself for thirteen on the fan. This is a playoff for commissioner O'Brien time more of Isaac and Suk presented by red cells golf centers sufferings tent sale on 1080 Jumbo shrimp. OK a little hot Vegas nights not coming out pretty amazing. And and and told. But first if you've ever wondered how many Major League Baseball ballparks we volunteered and I'm sure you've all just been waiting on the -- your seats you're finally getting that segment one person. One person has and so we shall answer yeah but the hills punitive. So some clocked out Evan Turner's though out by the way Evan Turner I have I have added it up and he added that I have. Now we've got to go get a break it into two categories son and current Major League Baseball parks. And then also. Defunct now defunct Major League Baseball venues yes that we had been took his world so I Indus on the dock there are no longer in service he said I've not been to the new one. In any of the well outside assay errors they've obviously I have been sued nine current parks I had been to thirteen total parks and cash for I've been to Shea had been to Yankee of into the Kingdome and I was at Turner Field. That are all no longer can there they have been torn down and and need a ruling. Can't okay. Now I've been to ten current Major League parks. And five defunct. However does mile high count because I side baseball game at mile high note that doesn't count the football stadium and get the Rockies played there. When they were yen date and they were building there. They were building course film I I actually saw him play at mile high but I'm going in note that's out so then force had been to four defunct. The Q Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome and did you. Think that it was horrible up I was that was cool did and I wish it would have been to a game this act you know what I remember about that place was over the hefty bag myself they had the longest. Rose. In between aisles like at the rows of seats but if you are in the middle. You were crawling over twenty people either way Italy's they were it yet as mess it up in that way. I don't know why but I mr. that's always one that I've again the unique touch is I just remember that hefty bagging curry pocket like being up against center field. He is so did the site offenses Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome I went to the old turner. You know I was one and that was when in my defunct into the old Yankee Stadium and went to candlestick. I have been Q. Eight current and four defunct so twelve total. I went to all these stadium Shea Stadium. Veterans in Philly which was the worst stadium ever been to in my entire life and and then pro player when the Marlins play better all allow. That's an upset him you know what I need to add I'd. Did anybody ever go to old tiger CNET does only he did now I just didn't although I love that ballpark I forgot about candlestick. And adding one but it didn't see a baseball game there one that doesn't doesn't count now that's a no counties I just was like in my head I was like oh we forgot that they played. Baseball candlestick. To. How about cat can I park Wrigley on if I went to a game there that didn't happen. On that rained out no it got postponed because of the death. It'll die. The cardinals starter it Darryl Kile yeah you weren't that I was up I game when Joseph Girardi had to come out of the dugout until the fans that they cancel the idea that Tia one you've been to Wrigley Field yeah yeah he did you wearing your seat yeah we were there for over an hour now it's house first pitch time guess alleged yeah you know give. And it's because as you got to see yeah if you're in it. Most random Iraqi Government and pro player minus Chicago had the White Sox park yeah I went to game. The old one now the new one guaranteed rate field got a guaranteed rate field. Cellular some that are used to be US cellular but now it's called guaranteed rate he hopes that it's called you're gonna get -- smoothie -- Marino baseball it's because you're gonna get murdered you and I can't tell you it's not yet it could dodge the lake area of Chicago and they tell you if you go out and they they tell you like go to the game in the d'souza gives every get on the training get the hell out of there but that's not the place went lowered around afterwards you know get shot until were stadium by the way I will see Griffin stadium and I would give you the Tropicana Field. You intermediate horse in the Kingdome yes I would much rather see a game of the kingdom which became the committee is today as a kid but there is. I I never minded thinking don't I'm telling ya I went to fifteen games at Tropicana Field and I lived in Florida what a Hulk. Of acts that thing is awful in every. Aspect now one I think is underrated that never gets any respect to Citizens Bank the new one in Philly and I've been manner injected two really cool stadium and it's right there with all Hillary has its I was kind of find fund liberal near each other. And it's right down while the cheese steaks the original trucks are passenger miles and it's it's a it's a cool spot and can. AT&T my favorite stadium and I've ever been to love it serves scattered in game better. Underrated of the ones that I went to the you don't hear talked about I don't Comerica field in Detroit was boss. Just great experience again to Detroit. It's it's even it's it's it of its it apart it's kind of being built up a little bit like they've got to forced yields down there in the go to casino. There's more stuff you don't feel like you're gonna get necessarily murdered. But it's a strong statue game lots to do and roam around. That is good time before and after the game as I did actually watch it again until the the Camden yards. No not a game advisor list of the OK wanted to question thin layering it. They're been to Fenway so oh yeah hundred urban apparently that'll help okay aliases generate greater than Wrigley really I loved Finland. Now you can't it was all you can't go wrong. Another both great I I'd prefer Finley to Wrigley federal Fenway will happen for insisted its maritime afford it so Safeco Field as one of my favorites. Fenway. Of course strictly. In the in the parking Kansas City because I'm bias yeah but they're they renovated it it's really cool people rave about Kaufman it's awesome the waterfall. Certainly does. When my word Atlantic. Unique out there with has all. Unique to restore me you know so that. A waterfall there on the Marlins you instantly know when you see it. And that's the cool part I like about baseless stadiums is when you see you think their. Was fairly close to where I lived grown up never went there. To Busch Stadium in Saint Louis and everybody raves about PNC park in Pittsburgh haven't been though. And then the old classic is Dodger Stadium which I just I love everything about Dodger Stadium I'd I think it's fantastic. All right. He the Vegas golden knights have Varity advance to the second round you are corrects her of the playoffs they swept York Los Angeles schemes. My kings and they can and so the nights I am reading our co favorites to win the Stanley Cup yes. They weren't going in but they've now been bumped up well they were at that that started the you know here's the thing for those not following hockey. They are an expansion team since this is their first year never happened in all of them the big sports what the nights are doing right now is unprecedented it's never happened. So. They started the season 200 to one odds yeah they are now 41. Tied with national is again it's it's the story that not enough people are talking about is the most. If they were to pull this off this is miracle on ice stuff you and here at their owner said at the start of the seasons with the he said. Quote we don't have high expectations for this year. We're going to be competitive bid for going to lose a game we'd like to lose by Golar to not lose by five or six. We don't wanna be a walk over team we want to be competitive we want to be entertaining on the ice we wanna score some goals. This is the owner saying this they went I can't. I can't stress this enough in the expansion draft they did not pick the best players so everyone knows on expansion Jeff works right teams are able to two of to safeguard a certain number of players overdosed goes into a big pool. And then that the nights get to draft their roster from those remaining guys there were some quality players out there. And the next didn't take them. They were they were they a lot of mad expensive contracts and and and it was gonna make a difference anyway as the night's win young. And they went cheap with a couple of decent veterans. And every I was like well clearly they're just they're they're not trying to be competitive they're gonna be bad for a couple of years and try to get high picks. And mobile they have one of the best records in hockey and here they are it is just it is unbelievable what's happening here. Of these 64 expansion teams among the four major US sports leagues since 1960. Thing about that 64 since 1960. Not one of them has posted a winning record in their first season. And tell these guys and none of the day have a winning record that. My G two was a big with the best record in the west I don't think it was overall. In in hockey but I think it was the best record in the west. And they swept in the first round of the playoffs no weather expert Steve has ever had a winning record what is happening here. I don't know if their team added it is really not that good I don't know like him in terms of players on paper your life it is murdered I'm guessing the devil I I really do you feel like somehow Satan is involved in Vegas have B. For the fifth most points fifth most points Nashville have the most. Man there Winnipeg and saves for I don't know Idaho Boston and then they. They didn't it's that's the only consolation in a bottle or they're like a really Smart like they looked for certain things and players that. They like detainees. We all went including them. Just think they try to go cheap this is like me you know the movie Major League. Where they drafted seem to be bad and then it goes on in in his gut that's what's happening in Vegas no one including anyone of. Earlier it with the night's thought this was gonna happen literally used to be really good and then stopped being a really good and is now amazing again Marc-Andre sorry he was great. Back in his early part of his career especially in the playoffs but any kind of fell off the face of the earth on paper it's the worst roster in the NHL hockey question. Can Vegas and Nashville meet in the final. Mayo not. Those as he agreement to be chemical small markets like that you're depict what a month in my jets and they do and they went and the closer is a wild I don't know I don't know guys claim behind the nationals going on I don't know where that series is that. Oh this is totally wrong and when it is just extra idea expansion team got the best draft ever has the NHL lowered the amount of players. Teams can protect from fifteen to tends to get chance to pick better players than any other X that is true but it didn't they didn't but they didn't do that that's the eight bit there are a lot of guys that wind when they saw other available like this teams can be so bad. No I haven't got drafted like they just they went any different direction and lo and behold they've done this. Discusses is Vegas the fix is on the ego. Isn't that the fix is in the audio fix is in the mob does in hopes. Would be awesome mob is in a hole the other team look you wanna talk about biggest wins tonight you want to let crank in that story up a notch. How about the games are rigged. From all the Vegas whales or would that be so bad be awesome. In their rattle some cages a little bit cool story bro bro you and your Vegas nights all old forum that that school I'd I'd. It's kind of like that team knows that soccer team a couple of years ago that Lester everybody told us was you blizzard like that. Yeah I did maybe as I don't know why it. I man river time we were saying that that was monument also. I I just can't believe the knicks. Are you need know is that what you said no expansion team in the four majors ever ever has has had to do since 1964. Has had a winning. Record end the knights won their division had the fourth or fifth best record in hockey and are now co favorites swept the first turner co favorites in Vegas. To win the Stanley Cup coming up next it is time for India's I have. License plate news for you who. License plate news you can you lose a since our first ever hot license plea news now we talked Dallas is there's four yet remember we talked about how many oh yeah states on your varieties in its way more than you think Brad and another one in Oregon and just wait. And it's not united on a the primetime license plate also a story of the man you won't believe where he hid to evade police. I saw the stories so I will believe wary hid in if we have time how's this for a friendly game of golf. It is 431. And this being my. This is over. Playoffs we get a should know Brian John Moore and Isaac ensued presented by the red tailed off center. Screens and they'll call in ten AB Jose and. In the blazers game tonight. More NBA talk coming up. We've got to get Tebow right now Jason. It's April 19 2018 temporary and I mean at a news man. He laid on the rather make. I chart. They're late dinner and yes yeah that's right. They contend. Bahrain where we began. I have. License plate news. As die each person highlights display news reading and not the license plate in Oregon. And when he knows is on it for the last we have the blazers right. And I remember that was a big deal and wine country it was a long. Before that the team. We have crater lake we have the salmon one of their all of the Pentagon cultural trust we put this out there are certainly many underlings that to be Jillian. This field I just like the yellow with blue. Yes oh you like field I like the old school looks too much like Michigan to me. They get it makes me think of Michigan because of the colors yeah I'm a sports gang I just grown up we didn't have a bank in May be needed to have all these fancy license plates. And when we first moved from Alaska aggression that's the license plates we got and when I think of Portland I think that you the organ trail one. Thank yeah it is the explorers on merit Yi is there like the end we still could have Lewis and Clark point you know nosed cop. Pete thinks so. But I'm not serve well I think he's just the old school or just did the rich DOT gangster a bit of the tree in the mountains he that's not would you want no it's not the OG one is in the document blue and yes now we moved here in eighty he. Like 8485. And now as he had man. That was then asked as yet and I that's still look in my parents' garage they still have their who organized and so when they switched to this month. I just did did the tree picker and well it's only me that's the new one will depict a ads gray whale mother and her calf is than normal. And there along the coast of Oregon okay. Which news. You can buy a voucher forty dollars online. And the money goes to the Oregon State marine analysts future. And they've sold yet you guys character it's kind of cool assist coastal playground. Yes very blue and there's jets and I'll probably in the there's a light house right in the corner I doubt. Seal Wales on there yeah that's that's solid effort. So you have to sell at least 3000 vouchers and they have. Which means that as an effort deemed he'd start producing it now I have never had expressed his license plate in my life I haven't either. And I'm considering this. Now I know on the big mammal guy. PV CD. The ABC one now it's human. It's got the city and then it's got the carpet or we all wrong. City carpet while I'm looking here in and I don't know if this is official or not I just Google organized they options. And there's one that has collected the carpet Harlan and this guy in the city and then it's got the airport carpet in the background. But it says keep for the year and thanks so maybe that's not official. And I think that's an official to the city here with the rest of them. Yet so once once seat by about your online and then once they're pretty used to go to the Indian exchange voucher for the play. Super cool. That is one of the better ones I think about the different options my brother has he is Washington State it's all all his cards have the cougar one. Little threatening as. Yeah they've they've paid for. A case that there was a drunk driver who is covered in dog fifth. Do is arrested last weekend in pierce counting Washington as of this does this gave me a chuckle. And you that is its top. Then help. You can get just south of Seattle cop. And but they didn't know where the pin up. It was mistreatment yet because he did now recently when they showed up nearly a great this guy craft itself. No he didn't know I didn't he would not correct themselves and to figure out where the two came through it what is Ed doing. So eight minutes after receiving initial reports of a white Subaru running red lights and coming close to hitting things. A woman called 911 down someone had driven through a gate on her property was pinned in by her husband's tractor yet they blocked a bit. That's when things got a little Marley. When deputies arrived at gave this is. From the woman's. FaceBook posts about it. When deputies arrived at the residence they contacted the homeowners he told the deputies they've taken the car keys from the driver who appear to be drunk. The deputies flocked toward the pastor gate where they found a white Hebrew cross track blocked in by tractor. The vehicles occupied by mail on driver's seat who appeared to be passed out. As noted in the deputies report as I approached the vehicle. And you at least now they very strong motor if he sees it Panetta as the you can't really mistake that for anything else you know there's dirt expressed. There was. It's strong and ass too overwhelming need any others now I saw there was feces smeared all over the driver's side and the driver's door handle when I contacted driver noticed the it PCs Oliver's hands including. I also noticed the smell of feces. Got stronger in and nearly vomited several times. And do a network PCs. It is it is it's a funny or do you think the only areas if the officer at that point you just turn in my call for baca particularly look I've. This fellow man you call for the little man on the don't think I need direct yadier stat is dealing with this here's one Gloria this is malicious tickled at the firehouse guys that were dealing with the stone under acute in the guys like look I'm Levy and I'm not dealing with this. Okay now where where where where we. Did did to Adams the deputies announce their presence and the driver woke up he appeared disoriented and struggled to answer deputies questions. Just answering that he was doctor he was part. We ask you been drinking drivers on it yap a lot. He also acknowledged that he should not have been driving the driver told deputies he'd been drinking shots of tequila. If you get a wake up more of the deputies asked about the peace seasons now. So what's what's up with that the the driver said he did not think he dedicated himself and denied being covered in feces will. You've been out of crap yourself but you're indeed accurate PC answer is they put them but I'll be tuchman parliament and this vote thing. The driver was correct about the former but very very wrong about the latter due to the fact that the driver was covered in biohazard the deputies elect not perform field sobriety test. As the suspect. Exited his vehicle he stumbled nearly fell over the deputies had to hold his arm is they locked him across the property to their cars. Our friends central pierce fire and rescue responded seeded I made the suspect and placed in. And he tied vaccine to prevent contamination of anyone or anything else. Gillick a body bag your key to us that the step inside this room reveals it Pia as a suspect was being tended to you deputies. Re contacted the homeowners to solve the fecal mystery. What do you suppose had to fight I've seen the story I know like he's seen a story but oh well. Giving guests have no. Earthly idea then husband told everybody accidents. Elect Porta potty accidents newscast. Animal department on. The husband told deputies that there'd been previous tests on their property says he's locked in the suspect's vehicle with a tragic and it's from leading homeowner said the suspect exited the vehicle ran away. The suspect jumped over fans and tried to hide in a large container. That was full of dog. Yeah. They read they run a kettle there apparently on the farm yet they have several odds on their through this putting them one container over fifteen kennels were observed on the property that's. Knows the homeowner also deputy VD yelled at the driver the better get back in his car he was being a world is yes. Literally Getty RD was parity. Out. Dove into a big steaming pile of dog crate and climbed out of the container got back into his vehicle through his keys the homeowner and waited for the deputy. Comic idea that night did you take is to look. We know the deal lies are bad but there's varying degrees did this for a right. I understand sometimes you think you're fine and maybe keep you know you shouldn't be behind the wheel but you're like look I I really did think I was fine. Then there's other times a year people in their like I probably shouldn't drive on the risk and anyways. But this right here and they'll live drug you have to be. Picked her to go rolling around in dog crap and end and all of this. That fascinates me did any you can get that drunk and still get behind the wheel of the car and even get there in the first place. I've had drug once my entire life and anger bombing in lane down in some bushes and follow this lead. At no it was the car an option. But I don't understand the extreme do you want to fight that mentality and just it's apparent constant talking to your doctor about your who. Or in this case your ducks. I they did after he'd take the deputies can at patrol vehicle. And had taken out of service for a major bio hazard leaving. And it seems they just call the fire department to scream down at depth and think things just. It's break I think that's enough. They get the hose just have a and it got a good deeper how's this for a friendly game of golf next on the stand and this is a playoff we get a should know primetime what advise against duke presented by red tailed off in case. Very intense failed on Jay Nady drove trail and fell as well by the colts and bears GM's. Our lab test house and a draft party next Thursday just text Indianapolis. And Chicago I need those words exactly. Two wanna be to bears GM tech Chicago called CM text Indianapolis. Those are exactly 255305. Chicago or Indianapolis 255305. Right neo. Where an old in the news now later you're going to hear Mike Leach. Talk about his thoughts on golf. The least and development not a huge fan. And that is so not shocking no there was no chance the Mike leads like to go he hates golf somebody asked him if he tells. You know you know he does. This. And magic this where you're friendly outing of golf friend like he got to play golf and you just years. Evan a couple of drinks win any game topping your body's. Beautiful day carrying knives maybe smoke some pot I don't. Which beauty in there. This is two guys in Melbourne. A couple of might best hope. For success here. Couric in the ouster a year you've got a knife on you at all times at this for a friendly game of golf so. Matthew McCain is thirty when you view into his close friends had been drinking and watching a boxing match before they hit it too broad for golf course north of Melbourne. Trio played a few holes. But McKay was intoxicated in was damaging greens. Scratching one with a flag in stomping golf balls into another. That means legacy just. He'd like blocked by your pollen stuff honest fashion into the drink up to his friends Simon mud and John Peterson. Chastise him. And told him stopped. So McCain. Did what most John golfers who do you and that's probably what tone it down a little days I would think so many us in the cards and take take a break take a breather. He stormed out to his car and return they pulled out Smith & Wesson knife and attacked his mates and I suppose is better than going to get a Smith & Wesson gun but they can have as an extra. He first swung the weapon and mister Peterson to return to mr. Matt and drove the blade into his left thigh. And I hitting a large artery and blood gushing from the deep lived writes he was airlifted to the hospital where he received a major blood transfusion in emergency surgery. By the way I want has this notion of like your leg is a good Plaisted you know for damage. At this several artery there and if you hit you say it's your ass mr. post man he lost almost three liters of blood and it's endless minutes from dying yet it's no good your leg is not a place you wanna get to establish shot. McCain in that shooting 77 at the the live that went out. Now will be cited no McKay was sentenced to one year eight months in jail he pled guilty apparently sent up all sorts of driving out of problems over the years how long. Now he wants one year eight months okay he plead guilty. I don't know if someone was killed yeah I would think that I want more than than a year and eight months in jail for that person you'd get half that time. Fairly short tempered and you'd think at. The judge said that he has issues but I hate to say it is I know people can change but at some point isn't enough enough of a when you mean you would you ship from somewhere we need a new Australian. It down now we need a new I think that we can just all feel like look back illustrate you know what did that the membership dues of the human race they were this isn't working anymore so we hear it's. It's quite an island somewhere and you go there and spew that went out and owners need to disguise so his sentiments you. Tech country you were talking about it rehabilitate sell their prisoners. It's neat you. It was even you know it was somewhere in Scandinavia. To. But they actually like half jobs during and it is still home to the present at night. Yes they let map that tells me the visit editing and tells me this guy is gonna be real high and the work release program. Since I don't know the game of golf led to a standing up. The golf can make you quite angry you know this is frustrating to be surprised now this is the end not the first time he steps and really getting stabbed a woman in 2009. And slashed a friend and must find that 5000 dollars K he stabbed the woman he slashed a friend now he he's stead this guy on the golf course again don't we have enough information here. Can't we send him somewhere. Nice Donnelly firm. Even maintenance and you know what six months after that he'll be back gets stabbing someone out. So Rangel. That is in the news for April 19. Tomorrow will be in April 20 edition in the news in the in the 21 question not not at all but it. I was incorrect on the 23 date the hot cited five is next we have side to give you set up for the night in the NBA. The NFL will be releasing its schedule we hardy know and the Mariners played today all next on the fan.