Primetime 4.19.18 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, April 19th
Hot 5 at 5, Blazers/Pelicans, and some fun w/ audio!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Trailblazers are back in the playoffs. This is a playoff Wii edition of primetime more eyes again soon. You I have read tell bus and screamed as of Friday April 20 and 22. 8% off everything top booted off reds held dot com for more DL primetime. On Jenny you. Kyle welcome back the extra pages it grows robbins' suit here on the the finest sports stations yeah. 1080. You're having a wonderful day. So out of hope you're enjoying this so whether many boats and paddle boards out on the level the Willamette including. We saw eighty we side Dewey. Out on the water we saw the police jet ski. Pulling someone over on the the lovely little about a poem and a and so begins be safe out there are. Yes and it was like Oz seventy degrees hammered on the boat in the police were there to say Nady. Coming up in a. Club tonight six to seven will talk about the resurgence. In Vegas. On a myriad of France. Also Jason. One simple thing you can do to be less stressed really weak. I don't think that's what it is okay that may affect I've had this man notes allow I don't even remember what it is and it's got to click the link and read reread it figure out what that is present that T tonight and guess it's gonna be we'd we will seek. What if this hour the browns take two of the top quarterbacks. At the top of the draft what they do that the most Cleveland brown thing of all time in the name bulls miss. But that could be assortment to. Can you imagine they get they took Rosen and Arnold and both ended up being warmed over garbage and you know there's some and the other kid that Deb quickly we should just quit new did you know that were done. Thanks this is this is that walking away. We also have audio of Mike Leach is thoughts on. Golf. And folks it is a very big night four York Portland trailblazers. The Darius AA must win. Will have more on that and the NFL schedule is about to be released and will know where the Seahawks. Are planned and noble thing. What we can on its staff gathered to leaks out there for for individual teams that we know when the season gonna start with a full schedule coming out here because just tonight. Before we get don't get. I like the NFL schedule released. Actually do I think its interest to see. You know who's matchup with who and where I love the that when people go up and down the list and like well tendency though. Add to start the season no problem and then those final games. Think people actually go through win loss win loss is if you have any idea who's gonna be catered. Now but it's fun idea. It's very sporty thing against and light fascinated by fan that's like that's. You you're telling me that Philadelphia Sports Radio isn't doing that here about five minutes that their schedules right in front of me it's already out. And I guarantee they've got to fifteen and one right now they're probably dull little authority to pride in a big leg roundtable on the air about weighing and win a Joseph we have fifth laws fifteen in one maybe fourteen into over the what do you think RD. There is a group we've talked about this that there is a great movie tickets called big fan it starts Patton also walled. It's about. He's a big giants fan I've seen it is it's a really good movie in the best parties at the end they do this with the schedule as he's going to prison. Him and his cousin are sitting there and her go through the giants' schedule and it's just it's the most sports fair and accurate thing of all time on the schedule release I like it because. It means I can ignore NFL draft average for a little bit. And I like that beaches the NFL draft averages. It's a little much for me it it can't be it's seek a lot can be a bit much. So we'll get to us and scheduled news coming up a lot going on right now the hot five at five. Odd topics and opinions or. Park today and are there. It's time for the odd hybrid applied smoke pot yeah I'm private Bible. Isaac and soon. Refresh my frost brewed chorus lines download the reward happened start earning points towards one of the kind experiences game tickets and rewards. Sport exciting time. Number flies. Lance Armstrong has reached a five million dollar settlement with the federal government in a whistle blower lawsuit they could've sought. 100. Million in damages. From the cyclist who was stripped of his record at seven toward France victories. You may ask why the government the ball because he was sponsored by the United States Postal Service. And they don't take kindly to that that sort of PR rubbed at Daytona yeah although I think that's a pretty good ideas like get. And a great deal you can see effort I mean at five million bucks not to give away but. Better than me ensued for a hundred million. Looking at Lance Armstrong's Wentworth I Betsy he's doing just fine though he has had to pay out quite a bit of money in these laws passed. But they're not the only but people executed but still he's doing. Yet he's he's well over a hundred millions of yeah so I don't it's disgrace in the index in his name's and a mud he's at fifty million according to celebrity network shut down. I think if you if you had to go back in the if you glance would you rather just be some random cyclist who would you rather be disgraced my arms over fifty million dollars I'll take a glance over. Floyd Landis and tackle or. Anywhere else. I had only five million pearl I'd forgotten that was still going on. Look surprised they settled for that. Yet if they were gonna go to trial yeah in Washington did the news again about that he could go bankrupt. So much. The Mariners had scored four runs in three games against the mighty Astros and today. They scored Q the they say it is the opposite of the truth and at this point bears lose 304. In Houston. And after taking game for that series at 8922. Charlie Morton. ET. Which he did leave the American League here is a pitcher's duel for awhile like in the fifth or sixth or what one does not beat the cardinals behind Jon Lester. Eight to five the Lester threw a six. We're sitting tigers over the Orioles thirteen to eight braves beat the Mets are ready first inning green after that we'll. Yankees blue jays tied to Q. Also either red flags their manager today. Bryan Price of him former mariners pitching coach do they like three and 12% and no chase their dream fifty. That's that's a good and that is unacceptable they fired him in that witness its union. They may clean just it's just pitching coach. Gregg Popovich will not pitch game three the spurs series tonight against the warriors after the passing and his wife aryan. Who was just 67 she passed away after a long battle with illness I still can't find out what is known she was still living in very private creditors and a lot of people didn't didn't know. Again lets you were really close to pop I guess this has been something that he indeed has kept pretty quiet so. You know whether that's cancer and who knows who did with prodigy may never find they'd been married for over forty years and assisting coach. An ounce chlorine Messina shirt. I didn't say they whenever the name like music ankle he's gonna fill in no word on top status for the rest of the series in progress. You have yeah well indeed back for Philly is a good and is it should be there in Miami Philadelphia 4347. Right now about five minutes in the second Indy has served six points Belinelli fourteen off the bench. And for the sixers in that spurs warriors game three. And introduce them later along with I your product trailblazers who are in New Orleans the pelicans are about a field goal favorite. Evan Turner has been announced will not play with that toe injury suffered in game two so that means restart this should be inserted back in the starting line up. The blazers are going to Wear their alternate Plant City jerseys tonight with the plants and love those years and they're really cool. So maybe that'll sparking. Germany so. I don't see by the way has come back I think from Rio down so amber and I don't think you ever had and at NASA and a seven game series. Surgery yesterday that you know 97% of the time. Her skis B ninety cubes and the time you go to a day when the series. And I think that article I saw that no one in the modern format this comeback from the 30 down Mike can you think of a team in another sport to. And Kim wasn't. Third step and as. Hey yeah kinda think of. Was that the red ones and then it Red Sox rely. That's up grass roots up some yankees I remember. We've got to. And NFL. Schedule news. I have not. And have to go DA a little bit to get like the full schedules changed their ballots yet so I am I I mean segment needed that out can do they had little. Bit ago the CX it six got some details on it it's like okay we'll get to that next here on TV some highlights. I'd be too doesn't eighteen to those nineteen NFL's schedule could see acts are gonna play the raiders in London. That will be October 14. I've titans and chargers are Monday in the next week after that minutes Eagles jags voyage expenses is having in this line beats. Yesterday. As the season ticket holders and that's the defending Super Bowl champs. And they're putting that game over in London and I guess Jacksonville and none too happy they want they want to host Billy at their thing we do at this it's a whole game. Go baby ever was all excited when they heard that Philadelphia was coming to Jacksonville resembling jags have answered yeah jags have fans because they're good again and they. Redid the stupid uniforms there about the dumb. Moment anymore all black rams and chiefs will meet in Mexico City got to be November 19. We do you know the Eagles are gonna play the rams in LA again that's our Carson went toward Disney last year raiders and Jon Gruden will cross the beta visit the niners. By the Steelers get a rematch against bolt the patriots and the jags. And Dow weak one. Pitt said to very handsomely paid quarterbacks the niners are playing the vikings in week one it will be. A drop low against cousins yes the very very handsome giving Europe Lou against us the kind of handsome. Kirk I said handsomely paid I don't but they're handsome too. Apple Louis hello is you trying to aged Cooper doesn't blow grows I just all bad. The drop below is yet cousins I wanna twice in one's very handsome and once it's still hotter on it but it doesn't twister tornadoes that makes it hotter. The not satisfied is refreshed by prospered cores like download court lights new rewards happened start earning points towards wanted to kind experiences in game tickets. Before we get to a little blazer tock let's take a look at the Seahawks schedule on some other NFL scheduling notes just out that will be next on the fan. This is a playoff we commission on primetime what Isaac and suit presented by red tailed off and this. Very intense battle and 1080 program. Prank coming up and our next segment for you dreading. Scheme and pelicans these very vigilant. And that will remind you what the pelicans president said about how great the New Orleans Arena and fans are. All the while begging them to show up and be loud. The government would take a look at the stumbled into it's gonna cost me to get into the smoothie king senator. Before you did that give me the sea hawks schedule. Hello I'd just add that up that. Two seconds ago here a couple of highlights of the overall in Tel scheduled industry and Easton. The falcons. Are at the Eagles to open the season that's the Thursday night camera at the sixth they believe. As correct Jason to number six here very good. I thinks Thanksgiving Day games. Is always interest in his Chicago at Detroit. Yes as usual man is it wanna see Mitchell tribute ski and action Washington at Dallas gets traditional. And Atlanta at New Orleans. But then some good game. The of those that's by far the best game as I mentioned in the hunt at five the raiders play at the niners this year that that'll be fun. The rams. Host the Eagles. That's probably the best game. Of last season end and people think that's a preview do an NFC championship game would the patriots did the patriots have home games against both the vikings. And Packers it's fun to. Randomly also have. The vikings visiting the Eagles. All of that is I was thinking I go that's the of the cousin's. Cousin's game. But vikings. Oh no I've seen vikings are at it he said vikings Eagles yes I apologize. I apologize it's a can't we all make mistakes I was thinking that cousins going back and and played Washington may be would. I don't know why but that was popping him head. Browns chiefs. It is yet it they opened September 9 Sunday at the Denver Broncos. Did you have what for primetime games in the 5 o'clock slot then their adult and therefore yeah. Whereas the other one. Is just a mistake prone player here in your over the hill hurled. Is urge your senators on time and I didn't see that there is in a game. Brad arts. Helped us there on the road amber on the Chicago to start than their home to the cowboys at the cardinals' Lou. Home to the Los ages rams and then they're at the raiders and that's when it's going to be in London. Then they get the bye week at Detroit. Hold against the chargers home against the rams home and there are on the road against the rent skis meet home against the Packers on the road against the Panthers. And then the forty niners and vikings both at home and then you finish up on December 16 at the same Disco 49ers now. Wheelers to organs after that that's why you miss it there's too below. They finish 45 at home silk. Miners vikings at home than at niners and chiefs cardinals at home grumbling in the DM but can go to a get a click on the photo India extends. She's. So the CX give the vikings in the Packers in home yeah and the cowboys. It's kind of fun home schedule except there. And I can be very good new Seattle yeah and I haven't thirteen and three dip in pencil through their data. Let's go through a win loss win now thanks and in the they're not gonna compete for that division they're just not going to. With the niners gonna be good the rams are gonna be good if Sam Bradford to stay healthy I think Arizona's going to be equality. Just. The the Seahawks are not going to be contenders this year if the chargers play the rams in LA but that. It. The chargers play the rams in LA. Of course the game and being eligible there but it said the rams are technically the home team. That cool so what does that stadium gonna be done. They got another two years. A long long time playing in that. That piece of crap the Soccer City and they can't I don't know episode. Remember when that things have to be down but it's to the tune of five billion dollars. I think it's great that the chargers can't sell out is that like it's like 27000 seats on my got under thirty grand. And they came to sell that thing. Page it's her head in dead to play the Steelers in Pittsburgh got to begin always get there. And now all of a sudden Jacksonville. The other pretty get a date they got some key games. Those guys in the eagle's eye on those should be better than pretty Q a demean. They host the patriots. Little rematch they're trying to. Think of what it wouldn't Jacksonville finished last year I know lives they made the run of the Playhouse but. What their what their regular season record at all or lemon five. Don't know why you would think it Jacksonville's gonna take a huge step backwards I know they mean injuries and in there's there's some you know influx there there's always going to be team that we think is gonna be good. And not be but they're really should be no reason why Jacksonville minus injuries should take a step backwards 106 Jason McCann. So mandate and universities and then yeah that basically the same uniforms they just got rid of the stupid. The dual how they got a predominantly jerseys all solid color yet but having likable. Color different so no colors are logo change anything the big one is that just got rid of that damn. Dual color help continue called for that you nailed that yes you know there's no way that they were going to be able to keep that that was like the biggest. That may be the biggest uniform farce the history of the NF now this is there's no way they're going to be able to keep that. In fact they even like when they were tees in the uniforms they re even making jokes about Stephen Jackson on the that date they couldn't keep that. But there because that's want keeping them like when you make a change like that you have to keep it like changing uniforms in a fellow Harvard and other get credit color rushed to use Elena here. There I don't think they're gonna do the color rush anymore just on Thursday that I think teams are gonna have the option if they wanna do but I don't think you're gonna do a mandated Thursday night color match. So do you lie I. I like some of the cholera she needs some like when the Packers went all why -- the patriots went all blew those were good looks. They're just not gonna have the the Thursday night games beat color anymore will bulls teams have to do. One other notes the raiders. And Jon Gruden. Monday Night Football week on now makes cents which is great yeah that that does makes him or are they doing to run and against Henrik on. I was just checking. And by at least. This week here just days there. I Billick had a posted. At the empire can go to yes yet and tested the only. Farmers only diet can. Emeka harmonies. We have to human and I team's week one jets at lions. Why weren't. Yeah Cobb have the worst pick of games would you do dat. She had to you know I think that might be a drop with China and but why would you do an analyst China and then now rams or raiders who seek rinse your readers and that makes me that's going to be the Chris Berman game isn't it. Yeah was. Well you're right he's easily zero him on the second are you gonna lose and Billy's built dilfer's around him hours on either gonna give the but that was like maybe they'll get The Who was the gal that did it. Beth Mullin the agony bent Melancon Rex Ryan on the no not Rex Ryan. When he's the one that did it with there and how he was awful yeah it's the if he's on the day is the one to do. So week one we've got niners have vikings. Falcons at Eagles. Cowboys Panthers. What else. Steelers browns. Lets me. I've benefits are coming up next the trailblazers are taking on the pelicans night and guess what. We're based in Portland we're gonna talk about it. And if you're in New Orleans for 27 dollars you can be going to this basketball game what do you think it ticket prices would be Heatley did you check that. In fairness I don't know what it cost to get into the that was him but at least it was sold out. This isn't sold out this week seeking center also. Briere revisit what. New Orleans president. Said about. They're arena in their fans it is great fan base literally about a half hour from Tet. And here's Michael sports. This is a playoff for commissioner O'Brien John Moore and Isaac ensued. Prevented back redstone golf centers bring tents sailed on Jay Nady drove trail and. Mean let's get down to suggest that needy greedy. Why would she do that and schedule. In at this. I just got to. There's a regards to be lions and jets Monday night matchup. Space horse. She had to yeah. No one wants to watch the jets the lions jets and lions fans don't wanna watch the jets in the alliance I can't imagine that there has been debated. To the biggest of the jets get a new quarterback. AM theory. So you can get into the pelicans blazers game three tonight for 27 box is seven bucks a secondary market and actually went to see if it was sold out and is not there's plenty of seats that you can buy off the pelicans website. They don't have apparently a 200 level these 700 level and 300 level seats. There's no. It's now they're out of it there's no 200 level the lower bowl is 100 in the top is 300 I don't know how that's not sold out. No it is not there's plenty of seats in the upper level. What they'd. He skipped you hundreds like the thirteenth floor behavior they just don't happen that's sort of like Weathers level in three or by what about the two there's no two. They did so I went and wouldn't the upper level two and one would think but apparently not it's the three at a level does play any in this 300 level for about a hundred bucks. And then down below their. There are less. They're they're kind of scattered around but for about a 15060. You can sit. Up to two to three people down in the of the lower bulls. Wait and confused now hundred and how much per person gets like a 15060. Now. She had to but there were a lot of available together. There was some singles there're some doubles up top you know like 56 figures to get close to sold out of it eclectic eight. I suppose snout there a getaway. In fairness it is not sold out now in fairness to them. Can't she get blazers tickets pretty chi ME and others playoff games are sold out but. It's not like your pain a minute to get in there on the secondary market late like right right of like say a couple hours before the game guest and I think I'll. Text might take you got richer for forty bucks you get in under served for forty about she can probably get and a 300 level and for a playoff game. Yet for like a single first single. I'll ask what's for a way for a double. What goes into the game wondered. The game to talk and secondary market secondary market. Could I need to say that but like most time I've found on the secondary market you get a better price. Unless it's like a huge deal leg in the World Series of summer they get paid in the nose. For first round playoff games are console biggest did you get better deals on the secondary market. OK so here was Alan you guys cut its predecessor and it'll play again. But down the president. Of the pelicans was at the game in the night here in Portland. And he was kind of taken shots at the hands. A little bit San off. We're we're we can be much louder in mini basically doesn't is is begging people to show up until I am like yeah. Last night did this is amazing and this painting. We can't wait to get all the Sachin. Islands on the pole record Thursday and Saturday and there's no question about Gary when. Seems to think that this is the what the best places to play at your home team but nothing that you want to look. We can be allowed. New Orleans bring their passion and down. When their cheered their cheer from the heart so we can meet everybody there and I talked a couple players this week they can't wait to get back home we can't wait to halve the hole. You know lob they asked if there was at least tell us again. It is now. That's good everywhere tonight please oh please bring your a game. Yeah tickets are still yeah. And Mikey. I have is I mean she didn't mean to you know she probably had no idea that even so like that's our Brooke whoever is down there are real brief whoever is doing their courtside stuff I mean we all have a she could not have neutered that guy any now more there right she didn't mean to do that all she just wasn't listening to his hands now it seems that I'm sure someone says hey I mean sure you mentioned tickets are available. You just got done BM IK that's it it's aids and the bees. Chiefs are allowed to just an incentive they'll be it TJ there. As if I was I got to go to the gamut of like you know what guys I don't think I'm gonna go lol lol what. There's a DJ. PG split its is gonna be they're tall on and DJ split this ship at. I don't expect to I went to show blocks or to a white buffalo show and I did know the opening act was it was that relate to wonder ballroom. And what we like device on us on the poster that nobody dad to his route Jack and then DJ split the sort of a while a you was really good coming in as a country western DJ. I think he also that president also said knew what Lindsey's and there yeah. He was kind of nervous is on like Holy See says Ali we can be way better than this and I know. Our fans and our fans cheer from the heart like no other towns view as only in New Orleans can do now is sorely use of New Orleans he's Diddy says. It's gonna be sold out Diddy bags people to show up and bring their a game. And by the way as soon just pointed out it is not sold out even go to pelicans web site to a desk or New Orleans and nods his nose bleeds either you can get something down and in the lower level now here's the thing. And down perhaps this is a good thing. I don't leave the blazers get run around the gym tonight maybe it's cute thing but here in Portland this is crazy to me. But you had a blazers playoff game you know. Dads will only be on NBC sports northwest you'll not be able to get it on NB ATV and they get like a they cover about 40% of the market is that what the numbers I think it's it's it's less than half of the people that had did that have access to look that I'm gonna go home tonight. And as a DirecTV subscriber in Portland Oregon I will not be able to see the blazers playoff game now. I'm freaking believe I now. I'm serious that is unbelievable it's it's it's him there now what I do is I'd pirate somebody's. Yeah pass ordinances pull up the app but it's it's like come on and announce that's that's what that's what people resort to I I have Comcast and a bitch I have. For some ideas how did you get three or four people at a she detects taking you give me your pastor Rick absolutely hear about it. Yeah it is it's amazing that a playoff game. In what market 22. That you won't be able to watch it like 60% of you will be able to watch but perhaps that's good news. For all out because half the state well now Hollinger eyes he's closing his legacy get to a bar. Yet you. And nobody's as that's the I mean the point. Tied I mean in this day and age of all the technology. You can't get the damn game in everyone's household it's just ridiculous. Does seem that way and it's been going on for years and years. Nine OpenId you would think it would all be resolved by now a key member when that holt thinks are like ten years ago at least. It was at least ten years ago. Sit there they're really gonna just be patient is keeping with the actual Democrat every year after year there is going to be a night. We'll work out a deal and now there is god just doesn't even be doesn't give you any hopes again it's it's it's not kept. DirecTV is not getting in the pack to a network anytime soon. And now they don't have blue laser vision interviewed nine dollars and 99 cents. We had dinner Paul Allen on that. Yap pollen around it now my dad had an illegal cable box and and we would steal it the best part about that is is below. Below the game you know where the Havoc that the ticker that comes across with scores. We would get a little black stream saying that that you are you legally access to in this game and that it's like a federal crime. We would get that worried it would go across the bottom of our screen. Off my dad's illegal cable box the big Bob Brown he rolled the dice. A man loved good pirated. Basketball game and that was great well. Don't ask for the TV ratings. Numbers for tomorrow. For tonight for tomorrow on tomorrow tomorrow for the game for tomorrow. Org you know go to editors and there's ways she confided there are ways but you know how many people know that kind of stuff it's a pain in the ass knocked a mini. Now there's always the threat of viruses on the house yet there's this me a lot of people they gonna be wait wait they're going to be they're gonna flip on tonight seemed like. When minutes. Where's the damn game they're gonna go to AT&T they're gonna go to ESPN I could find they're gonna get there they'll probably didn't go to Channel 8 now and they can't find their own team's game. No. It finds a Mexican side that'll habit that's what I do like the you have season ends boxing if it's not a big enough one where I wanna pay for. But I still wanna watch the fight then I go and find some like Mexican or Russian broadcaster and it surely get the Andromeda strain on my computer but I I will go find those out there. Our rights. Coming up next what if the browns draft two quarterbacks. It's been done before in the top five that has not. In Libyan president is well it. I 43 on the ten. This is a playoff for commissioner O'Brien John Mark Isaak ensued presented by red tailed golf centers bring tents sailed on 1080 Beltran. I committed in the club. Why did trends Celine Dion started the we'll talk about that. I go to my ticket guy college action and think you bro and he said it was 8200 to get in the games one and two just get in the door prize. At the Mota senator so you could mean that's Steve let you could. Go get a ticket yet if year by yourself now what about a pair and it's a game it's I've seen in a bump up if you wanna pair over a hundred bucks for repair now. But you could get into the arena fueling defense but that's that's kind of spending he did when Audi and he said that the New Orleans one was Jim Hoke but. He did bring up this point in defense of New Orleans he said big game three is is gonna be worthless to them is a game four will be much more expensive. Is game three if you're in New Orleans fan it doesn't mean anything if they win tonight that game four will bump up because people wanna see the clinch. So he said it's it's it's pretty it's it's a joke it and it was a Saturday night yet and the Gaza said that its its Portland which using and abusing huge drive also said too that the first round to be funky said liking Golden State. Said you could probably get into gold state games for for not that this year comes in because no one wants to go to game glued to around one and although state fan is saving their money to go by conference finals and finals tickets aren't sensitive you've got a dominant team you can weasel your way into. First round games for for really cheap and also heard that New Orleans is a unique city and that they do a lot of walk ups road shows in general they don't necessarily cells they tickets are up about but they have a lot of people who on the day I'll walk up and go it's still pretty bad though that your your an hour away from tipping your not sold out. Not even an hour to ten minutes to he had ten minutes that's the worst that arena. I don't know this with the Kenya's I don't even in New Orleans once in my entire life and this was long before the smoothie king senator. Eleven loans had been in a long long time EMI and was in college. And it's right next to the superdome it appears. To have. So when did that would used to play. Because that. Probably where the older arena was. And I needed. So if the browns all right let's get to draft order here get so I think the browns are what one in four. And yes. It's browns. Giants. Jets. Browns. Bronchos yes in quarterbacks are gonna go hot and heavy in fats apparently John Elway told people today that the number five pick is a for sale. Yet there's people wanna jump up and get a quarterback if she could go you could have four straight quarterback to top of the draft yes Cleveland will take one dared there's seems to be some debate where the new work world that the giants would take when the jets or take one for sure. And then of Cleveland does it take one at number one though obviously take one and number four. And then give Denver sells their pick someone that's moving up to the five will be for one of those quarterbacks Smart or dumb. Cleveland drafts two quarterbacks. One at number one and one at number four. I don't know I. To me it seems silly at first but anything can angle. Whitman. I guess you cover your bases but how long you have to wait to find out what she hath. Only got a healthy competition but I look if if it happened we don't make fun of it because we say it was Cleveland brown thing in the world but. When you look at the cost to move up to drafty franchise quarterback you look at some of the the bounty to people of faith in order to move up. To go to waste one payback. On on a guy that isn't even mr. that was big it would be your backup it's not a terrible idea well also think about the idea of let's say ego don't Arnold. Mayfield yeah. It and you EU your hitch your wagon a Donald that you want mayfield a push him in and outs you know look competition on there whatever and and Arnold wins. You can't see you trade mayfield for a pretty penny hit it well it depends of the gift mayfield shows you some stuff and in. You know you like oh yeah we may be able to recoup some of that it's not. The worst idea in the world at at first site people are gonna make fun of it now Washington did this where they draft they gave up all that crap to go up and get. RG three and that I think in the third round I was fourth. Third of four they made the pick on cousins at wild cousins and that be in the franchise guy. I've see he's left now but RG three and to be in the wash out after the first year in cousins is the franchise guy so we've we've seen that before but leave. It's rare you see someone with with two top five picks. But it is not the the end of the world if Cleveland were to do that they should not just received Xiamen scorned again. Here's the thing and first recorded accident about a 50% rate right. You are two bombs in theory he what do of them will hit you end up with a franchise guy India the other guys that being crap. All you can say is we wasted 11 round pick defined our franchise and they are about you guys out of that's not a bad idea but it's a top five. I understand that but if I told you right now give give me a franchise quarterback in the NFL. And I sit all eighty get a team that doesn't have one and all you have to do to get that franchise quarterback is give me the number fourteen extra costs there's not a team as a team in the NFL that wouldn't do that again so I am saying I know where's the logic behind Cleveland doing I get CIA I actually think. If they did that it would be bad ass and not only in only gets the worst idea in the world. Because they have a kind of picks and yet they have the there'd they've been out all together all kinds stock piled up. So I don't think that's gonna happen. But I'd be sweet if they did it certainly would be Justine and it would get the NFL talk and the only thing that age you may get some blowback from the guys the you're drafting ages would probably be pretty he's pretty pissed about this and so I don't know if you wanna draft a franchise quarterback in and rock the boat that early but. If you wanna do they hate this is an open competition we have the Redskins did that it would. The year they took RG three day day got to Kirk cousins steamy air yeah I just was again it was sell product and a you know I don't know how that would necessarily you know working as far is. You'll locker room culture and again what it would do just that to the guy's psyche but if you wanted to true open competition. And that as far as money goes. Do those girls slotted spots. So as not as if you know if you drafted sake on Barkley. On number four that did that it would be a huge financial difference yet and I think that's a good point BK is it used to be that. You you wouldn't do that because you would have to pay so much money out to those guys they've limited how much money those top five hit those you know top guys can make Nelson. RC will make a little Morley if you draft a quarterback number two verses a running back there is that the court Greg does get a slight bump but. These are slotted six minutes you'd what you're paying them the same it and actually you're saying is. Whoever the browns draft at one but it's a quarterback linebacker give them roughly the same did the guy at four. What position is making this imam there that's gonna dislike the system so. It is you know it's it's a way that you could control your quarterbacks are re not have a bleed over the only bad part about that would be. Italy let's say he carries a cap hit I don't know I I'd have to look and see what that cap that is let's say it's it's 89 million bucks. Maybe ten. That dude. The backup would also carry with that act. As opposed to that cap hit going towards another starter. You would be paying a significant chunk of money not starting cornerback money but she would be painted shut it changed to a guy that wasn't gonna play that be the only downside to a good. As I checked Cleveland has that an official asked ton of cap space I don't think that would be the do the end all the deal well that's a ridiculous today to Cleveland is considering perhaps taking. Two quarterbacks in the top five. Okay coming up next is time for the global talk about the Vegas resurgence. And one simple thing you can do you Jason to be less stressed. I'm still go with a weed bed and we you have another answer to this fight it to six on the fan.