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Friday, April 20th

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They solicit the primetime with ice chicken suit are my sick the cool want to. Mind that. This is our podcasts that there are welcome to our pod and so it's prescilla Sharpton you're up for it. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is a playoff weakening Chenault primetime went Isaak and suit presented by red town golf centers bring tents now on 1083 man. Make him an adult themed ads for children. But no up. Anywhere the NC man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk six. Those results. Explanatory and the lives is because I thought we were leaving at six. I know we'll. I didn't play as time as we go. It's only. Would you do it adds to it. OK. Okay. Yeah she's gonna Whitney are you. OK like joke going. Still be climate especially with the. You get. Rove. And now. To the worst hour in Portland radio. And the most I history there I guess that's the highest rated do you do. You I. We're ready to be disappointed. Is ready they'll laugh. I have airport news kicking off today Jason. Now a lot of people. They they're very proud that he Portland airport. Has been number one. On the list of American airports. In travel and leisure magazine for each of the last five years that's really. I still have me drive to the airport is says it's big sign tell you that if the number one airport and they're unbelievable. Yep last five years now as one of the league is it like did market here quarters it is the number one here it's nothing gets the number one airport. Go us our airports pretty sweet. Is any ticket price gouge there airport right that's nice that's right that you buy a pair of Nike shoes are like a Wendy's chicken sandwich. And the same price that we have well against right. Can't Jack up prices. Right. Now. People here they you know they don't like you're in the is another airport it's kind of we get a little levity at that kind of up and coming we do over airport pivotal here for carpet with a deal that was. Yeah do you ever get into that bit now does anybody care the different. Now now I mean aren't it was iconic I guess a mean game when I when I saw that I knew I was told you where they're from garbage tonight. I did run out might buy airport socks or something now I showed you a bunch carpets did you pick out with a new carpet looks like he hit. Similar to the well again deals it. You can pick it out the darker shade of green in the little whatever that thing is is is that good design is different but I can pick it out. Well because like that giving you some kids city. In airports it's big you can you can probably pick out features of the kids a year were right. Yes yes the same thing again. That the major places I've lived so I can pick got the Anchorage airport and and tell you about stuff in there at the Salt Lake one in the world. I don't those all have. Images ever did in my head when I think of them there's very distinct. Features of those there and history of the airports that are they're all different path. Memorable on their own little ways. But we have to do their part that is number one now this is number one in the US yeah. But it's not travel leisure so people get there like love and it doesn't count I don't know I don't know I don't know why travel leisure has like the ultimate. Airport rankings but apparently that's the default ranking at least some who were still number one in the U traveling ahead and I think that's what people who. This is according to the prestigious annual sky track's world airport awards okay. The number one airport in the United States. Confuse but that was an acute. This guy tracks of world airport awards okay. As the big. Not much good talkers have been home. And yeah. He's eclipsed how official any of these rankings really are being. But let's let's let's throw it our top airports. Is Denver International. Airport and it. Did it number one in the world doesn't seem. There'd been that it's definitely the times followed by Seoul Tokyo and Hong Kong. Did Tokyo and I did differently at times I've lived every little bit. It's nice I don't have. Having big it was a about Denver it's. Nicer but it doesn't stick out of me there's nothing doesn't sound and destiny at the top of it particularly pitchers did career he can't. I does the white to like spanky on yeah on the town it's on an Illinois of them ten things I do that when. Rivers when you fly any you know the airport gears a little bit of that show on Denver's all the best that the peace cutesy and publishing. I'm really when you first fly into the Denver airport where you can it's just it's it's has to be has to be clear day it is hardly the first time you play there a year at least in my mind like when you fly to Utah yet dimmed in Denver is very flat. Yet there is a thing about Denver that it's just it's flatter than you would think yes but until you get up to the rock you would think that we knew what when you fly into Salt Lake before and acres yes comes right there and gave out the first time I think we did Denver. I've got to get off the airplane to be like about everywhere in the figure if it's cloudy day you can't seem not your off in the distance. And then you do the Dem Democrat due to injuries will advance and we landed Kansas am and what the hell. Very misleading so I was thinking about our airport security conversation we had the other day yes. And your stance was that airport security is an illusion and we're not. It we're no safer now I believe that a 100% that if you did away with the vast majority of airport security we'd be exactly as safe as we are right now. And at airport security is just there to make you feel better but it doesn't do it. Well I believe that if we didn't have it we'd be in trouble but then I thought maybe we were bowled a tad off. That was kind of reminds taking place but I was thinking about it nothing you do with the airport. Yet that I picked. Airports are fascinating and I like to think about airports but utilized fruit he's been everything about airports in mammals interesting. You really are world golf your lot in mammals yes so. But my thought was he retirement security your right in the sense that Mike airport security. It really is just in these. I feel that way about the vast majority of security not just in airports I think in general security only keeps on his people. But do we need anything or the dumbest of the criminals but you know. What I thought about that was in and it's Saint Louis when we talked about this it's like it's only crappy because it's half past. Right like it's it's not. It's not real security it's in its understaffed to me in the don't. You know they'll do it right now that's why it's you can't know what they always what you do bullet well yes you can't do it. But you're right that no one's willing to do you can do it. I want to do hapless 500 last year and there's like 25300000. People to go through that and they work do we because it was the whenever anniversary and that they were doing all these security checks and the winds are sold long. This literally in Indianapolis 500 speed that that the people came out just like just let a man. They're like no no I don't do real security that would keep you sane. This though why would be sold long and the delays so vicious and the costs so high. That would be cast aren't you know what is really is willing to do you. What it takes financially or tight lies actually have real security anywhere. Right but the CI think you'd be the other way I think that if we if you really went all out yet and spent. Is whatever it took to get the greatest technology yes and make it so that it is. Super efficient super fast but you're talking about staffing. A ton of people like to write. And I believe it would be it would be faster all lord it would be a could be I think you'd be a quagmire of galactic proportions down they said. Doug B three outs that's OK so let's say this you can go. Your airports have no security faster lines and more convenient you can have that as option one. You can have mid level security which slows us down but doesn't really help us much that's what we have right and so we have now forty could have. Super high level security. With like did the that is well run. Properly staff the latest technology that gets people through there are many many lanes. Yet I just think about what I don't even know what the technology is but I'm sure there's technology. That can speed up the whole thing and by the way you're you're just costs so much money decorating your do your airline ticket that now cost 400 dollars now costs 600 handler we just haven't fun. Which have fun to calm down. This third option is high level security well run. Properly staffed latest technology. What is the safest. What does safest. Yeah what what what now what is the safest less than most people think what is the best option. Well I'm gonna be probably on an island because because of my haven't you're gonna say no security very little yet but he do you have to have metal detectors he can't answer when walking in with a machine got. So yes he did. I just feel like security and catch the dumbest of the dumb. And outside of that I like this whole notion that we have to keep checking ID used to did go down to the gate are you kidding me. Rights of some international terrorists and that's what's gonna foiled this plot. Is that won't be his ID doesn't match his two kids like that that that notion that you can't go down to the gates. In order to see loved ones away that's to me is the dumbest idea in the world that guy pilot built purpose what so I would argue that if you spent. What it took. And did it right. Security would not only keep us safer but it would be more convenient than it. That's an honest. I agree it if you actually spent the money on it he did it I'm picturing like but it neatly piled up there there's police staff. Phillips didn't want her to leave you go through the the new machine or whatever there's five point. So each line is every people along and get through and you can spend an extra three minutes getting spam or whatever even Europe and you had Navy SEALs at every gate if you'd have trained US marshals but guess what it's not practical. Which is why unseen it's practical we're just having fun here which is why would be faster and better if the money wasn't an issue he's not gonna happen. Yes if you had that Betty you know which is why we you go to a blazer game you get a guy that 75 years old. Or the lady in the wheelchair that's running security because she makes eleven dollars. That's why it's neat teaching your point yes if money wasn't an issue at all and you can do it right. You could spend as much money I would be a 100% for the but that is like saying that if I could have you know towards the right around but I rather do that and of course sure. I'd rather ride to unicorn were the polar bear but that's not gonna happen. And to me when you just think about security measures on a day to day basis whether it's the security measures got a house. The security measures and sporting event security venture of airport. The only people that stops are the dumbest of the dumb or the office. Loosening up look at how but about the loss doesn't need it all over it you here but yeah I wasn't really that was the spirit of what analysts. Mean look at how about lost names from a hundred years ago I have a list. Of the 100 great Los names these are no longer means that people. Mean there can't speak any of well he's. Yes anybody quick releases spoke as a smoker different I think you had to be in atop the case of the dead of the night. I think it's like you had to be in the top easterly somebody needs their kids' night. Olden days. And maybe. Eastern bloc that's still popular as it goes and goes like him now account acres of the unit running through them again. A little uncomfortable with that I think if they're not in the top 1000 names there on this list of the. God. Yeah like if needed Jeb a diet aren't you instantly a little uncomfortable. The question are you Amish but if I met someone on the street he's like animated jeopardize some instantly. Go the other directly about Lucius. I think that's kind of an advantage act. Is it wrong but I think they do just that manner Lucius fox and it's pretty. Now is loose is one of those names is that go across all races or do you have against that idea when you hear solutions. It's a black yeah. I'm like if I gave you a deal on. You're not going wiped up. Probably not but with the Lucius solutions to me is both or either go black or you go like. Southern hillbilly. Solutions solutions and I think you'll like me of like I've been being missed the and in. Where it gets a bit like I was have this when I first and for said that I was like is that like an appellation. Would like rather well there appeared like it that's solutions or. Yet and think that that kind of the old black man listen these nasal we'll get the finest names. There's lots and generation IP solutions like that coming up next on the fan. It on TN AD. And Kara. All right. Let's party. The brunt of these. But it now that they usually have some of my desk I don't anymore according to go. Into your belly. Usually lose this is one of those things about a radio station you can usually find. And world drunk on the time yet you look around. I don't think it. Wolf I have any year either used to have a bottle of Tila Tequila paste I don't think yeah the thing and only kilos dilemma and yeah that used to give the desperate I don't think that's their anymore either. Who wanted to find out that you don't want I think it may have given that today the the Special Olympics radio Thon. It's one of the volunteers zionist and I was like. This week we took it and that's right we took it in there does have some shots after the yeah yeah. And one of the ladies wanna do they think they gave her theater will the games. But camp at this point. Let's not names. Now. There is a look a operation called name Barry. That revealed. 100 great loss names from 100 years ago. Now we're getting things like archer at. The end you know there's the slot attendees at the attitude and he says that its candidate now conjured. And a lot of hunters. You know what that. Does nature of the phone and I mean I'd love what did you guys like Mike and I don't hear it right but if you look at the hottest baby names right now yep. You have. Which I will do for you. Presidential names are really hot. We get some Obama's Lincoln. Reagan. Yeah I'd I know plenty of those did that people that are having babies you're going at another trend is strong female names. It's like you know strength because even there something well that's that's actually Gideon's strung mean Elena hour. Really. A little here's. Yes what's weird is now all the shacks that seems Sophia because they're all kind of coming up now that you know and did you UC's CoBiz. Yes it is obese or thing and I'll Milo. He Milo is my I mean why it's. Why it's. Can't well all. A decent at the time a hundred years ago all of these names were high up in the top 580. Games and now they are not in the top 1000. I don't know of any easier to be in their it was like now when you see some religious names their kid liked it at the Richard kids named Al just go with an old school give me a Bob. And 2000 your als non here so here are some female first Agatha. Yeah personal that you need. Birdie digits. Yelp only young Bernard that I know is from Big Bang theory yeah. You know it's going to that you get a Bernie king and at the song Dixie. 'cause I concede Dixie making a comeback kids in the CX he's got a little like pitcher like short haired tennis that seemed sort of thing happen. About dirty. With this being your daughter dirty no no no no one's going dirty this dirty your Gertrude. Bill here's one that add to surprise on the list Pauly. Poor gal yes no longer in the top 1000 but PO LOY yellow line. The regular she had the folders in the opens I never thought that that Polly would have been up there period. I would expel you don't really there was a time announcement I don't. Remember a lot of Polly's. About Mimi. On me any and we had one in. And all the markings mean I thought maybe they can nickname yet I don't but he denied me bond or something Mozilla you can on job. Do you hate your child and no rights pod. Just come out with like a cat sweater on you without the Purdue it's even. The that's its petals to a targeted level aides are als Ted's odds frank. Benedict. See better day to go Benedict Arnold and then Benedict comer bench yeah yeah. The Benedict dad's legacy go dead Alfonse. And yeah. Outs on this and that's what it says here wants them to name their kid fonts with. That would be fantastic see it it features a but he has the there's a little fogged you out there and around and that's bad. So that Kermit is on the news. You know nobody's getting named chairman and I think the front room and it you know your current work Kermit the Frog you. You know the only curve that I ever kid that goes to Washington. Homered. Is unless Lucius. Ammunition that is kickass Luther other big scene shifts like that's. Now there's pretty cool too I can't have another kids if I did I kill myself but. If I had a son and you could you could convince me to go with solutions. That's read about you can't put that Cecil. There were Berle the pearl MB URL public good I know sees no but I can't elect liberals bring into the table here's my next kid throws somebody did hold out. If it pearl girl weighed in on any kids so is men next diversity to say about it then I'm done if I ever Democrats to Jeannie and I get three wishes. We know one of them is going to be the good things he's doing his real winning year retirement plans. We just be magical. Cornelius. Millions great man. Wrong that I think of a predator when I hear Cornelius really half a predator and creditor. You mean like in Nashville pretty down now unions like a child baggage out pretty grim. They affect me my neighbor he's like I am cornea is a mixed it with my kids that it's like a month view I'm watching you. Corn. Corn meal like Disney and I find it very unsettling when Disney more Roscoe were ruthless and now we're talking it's. It's your problem think of the vice meet Cornelius for sure you yours sex predator if I gave my neighbor and his name is Roscoe instantly we're hanging out together. Here's a really good run it again efficacy of these are seems. 103 las names from a hundred years ago at the time they were in the top 500 names now they're not even in the top thousand. Ulysses. That's good game there's there's one that is you don't see that every now and that's a great me as a great. Busy that's a that would like Roscoe will never make it come back and that's Sheen is rust colored people trade should come back that's great but. I can see Ulysses bacon a comeback. In my approach. You want to lower your addiction. That's good times I can see. I can see you this this bacon. A comeback like batted a real hipster sort of way. I had that that would be resurface. Some point. And then on here is sent Thaddeus. I knew the Kidman. Uses. He didn't pay schooling studies might. If that is young and yet did you see on user travel Lizzie I read it I actually read an article recently about just as Thad Lewis immune Felton. And it's not a fan all those on here although Indiana. Whenever it is a common when that's on this Stewart. You know I'm not a common name was passed. You were serious here. But while though and everything good Waldo I think of the Van Halen video hot for teacher. The little nerdy kid though those video in videos that was pulled him sit down when. And treating they can have a powerful first in. Impression well that's why that's part of what their retirement this article I was reading about after American names. In a lot of people wonder. You know they don't they don't have a lot of Anglo names committees. You know like names like Jack in Mali or not is common among African Americans as they are white folks I mean. And you know a lot of people wonder this like where did that come from white why do you does it seem that African Americans named their kids. I can't begin flexing his football players like are tedious mean go to him. Name name their kids such. Distinct names to British shoppers again it it'd be any comes from. He wasn't into it until like the seventies like the black power movement. It was really something that ushered in. African Americans embracing that movement and really trying to standout with what they mean their child like accentuate in affirm. Yeah they Europe hardly new meaning you crowded with my security with the name in losers of the do you like the whole getting ready your slave name thing like the Venus yeah likelihood is that it could to contain and executives told me. Something and I I can I can tell this yeah. That unethical it's basically the level that they say they sit in this thing black mean Seattle is sort of like. It's it's just like any other cultural movement. It happens in the seventies and its continued. Today yet there is living there are names that you just that when you hear him use there is a certain place you go in your mind. And certainly that they keep you here D'Brickashaw you're not the unit and I guarantee it up history Isaac rob. Like hey this is my friend to stricker shot that I shoot you usually get I know why really focus only on. Those names and not like you're names that white people. Name their kids I think there's probably an element to that but why don't you think of the names Stewart and thinking of white. Yes the sheer Moran. Who ran the Brandt Snedeker acre. And there's definitely those the the only the white girl mates and now there's there's there's a real element of that. Where you just got to get the although my sister in law is defeats this her name's kinship. If he's. Yeah and by the most people would assume that that would be an African American youth. About Rand. You've written that come I never met never heard of never met a reign ended my life and that guy who's that if the birth certificate no excuse last I would articulate Paul ray and I thought for like a year that it was wrong. But a good yeah. The guy that was an old man is the old man that I I was like what there's hope you know you hasn't really freaking weird name. That I've never heard anybody else on this is that guy that worked for trump deep ball he's long fired him that he was. The previous guy every its ranks preakness or ran its previous night. No I don't read the rights or reits and again very strange name. But he's fairly dead but it's the one that's weird to me is RHY yes Reese are raised depending on the pronounces. Why. Why is it leased or reason. RHY yes the name RH why yes. It's either race or race it's weird name any of the Phillies first days. Yep there. I've had I've got an old red and I've got to. Isaac and we. Dating to canonize him. In his his YZ yards as he gets he gets it adds. And then over it is true that there's that there's a dash or she gets. A lot it is is there I don't the people giver and open or in war with or live. She always gets through because a lot of they did you know dashes like there's. What is shows up like on your first is schooled is never a dash and they just put it who are reunited as opposed little dash. I ranks that is hot. Friday named time and go figure. But that decision rain shortened yeah. He's good isn't rain and I've never pretty did anybody go that never met a bit like never veteran I've only heard the woman. Yet oh yeah Rian small and it's that's right for the old trial. I think this guy's name is writes I'm pretty sure its ranks right Revis up. Revealed. Our rates in our next segment you'll hear something. Truly. Incredible. I love god yeah. I love god god god god. Boy and 1080 I loved it and kept right. Yeah. Well I promise you that your not to hear. It's gonna be means I don't know about a navy dive that was pretty interest in this today was articles in the respect 44 things that were once considered beyond scandalous. A hundred years ago but are totally normal today and and it was just kind of funny to read through some. Like number one was reading in bed. There is an op Ed piece that they had an 1832. We're from the Stanley monitor which called bedside reading. Is the amount that attempting guide. It was the most dangerous thing you can do for yourself or others in the that you read in bed you were considered a selfless under the you know what. Because when you read in bed it had to be by candlelight and people would often fall asleep tip over the candle light to damp pops up fire. So if you worried you were reading in bed you were considered as selfish in person go vote and he should just be doing it. It adult and don't like it can't live bed need more babies to keep populated the world. Yet speedy. And in 1904 the first speeding ticket was written and they have all kinds of articles where people received expedient. Was gonna be the downfall of society. And that there was a belief that if you went too fast that you would died of asphyxiation. You know what the first speeding ticket was. How fast. 403012. Miles an hour a complicated. And they actually have this what is from 1830 the horse and buggy there receipt theory that if you went over 25 miles an hour that you could you would you would choke it would die units exceeded their care through your lungs you couldn't handle. About that twelve. The hour and that person they said he was shocked and they immediately looked at all. Because he was the first got to get a speeding ticket in new York at twelve miles an hour city ever think that. Obviously there are things that. That he'd use that laid down that are completely and that's ridiculous that's kind of thing is they. You know you'd think about what a hundred years is done to to these and what we're gonna few hundred years now right. What do you think it is. Won't we I think is giving her I think when you grow it out again big there was like they did deer purple would come around as they did. Weird you thought you die from watching you at. And dear to keep kids up drugs it's don't we store like three blocks away it's. Three blonde it. Are you got one little closer that's you. Now. I got three blocks to go I could to sit down to the lead story. Did you know that the first man to open an umbrella was pelted with a rubbish it was forced to leave his English town. Line he he had an idea that he was innocent make and sell umbrellas. It didn't realize that at the time umbrellas were viewed as a sign of realty and oppression. And common folks thought that if you had an umbrella. Then you were like an oppressor and they would not stand for. They literally rocked him with that garbage and he was forced to sell everything he owns and was run out of town on a rail. Because he opened an umbrella. And had the nerve to try to sell a notch in this one was in. Save big this is in the mid eighteenth century. Electricity at one point in their early twentieth century. Would electricity started to make its way into homes. There were articles written and this is a quote from mom predators will be able to tell if you were in the home because the light will be on and you'll be able to see them. If there's anything worse than a home invasion while being electrocuted we'd like to hear it. There is thought that you were either when diet electrocution. Or that this was gonna be the place where everyone would know that your home and that they can come and it acts. Well what he's easy to sit in the dark. Yet was electricity was viewed as a it was a negative things people fear monger against him. By that logic in. Home invaders can't seek impolite. Now apparently don't blow it out and insert music. Look the bottom line is just do it with no lights that don't read no candles hope no lives generic to sit there and do it yeah. Bakken and there the late eighteen hundreds that's the way it was done this is another good one and this is 19100. Kids going to school. They sit in in by 19100 only Arce said less than half of US kids between the age of five in nineteen went to school. Now this is well when they started making it mandatory. And this is honestly this is they a member of congress from Iowa. That wrote in a same thing in a in an op Ed piece he put that forcing your kids to go to school was anti American. Anti Republican anti democratic. And anti god it. And the alternative was their home last night you don't need we don't need any fancy school and he said that this was basically what you did that our country is on the way to becoming a monarchy again. Where you're forced to do things he said this is a free society is unjust and wrong and unconstitutional. To force kids to go to school. Nice that was from the US senator or congressman to sedatives he's a representative from Iowa. That wrote that and was named ranks and Republican what his name was no his last name was keen. And apparently he was none too happy. About it. But in denim jeans and a moment. Yeah there's all kinds of these tomatoes were viewed as a bad thing. Bikinis. The color purple. I daily showers were once frowned upon. There's all these things that you go back and think and it wasn't just like frowned upon it was lake. On the need for about that we had to break. I want to shower room speaking of the shower and on the east room back there and do. Period of the century ago bass were special occasion the kind of needed on weekends. Like for a date night regular Beatty did become a thing into the mid twentieth century face the magazine ads for grooming products and aggressive pitches. But it. They believed that if you constantly were in there that you would. You we deal will add negative effects because you were scrubbing away your skin. And people thought that you would get sick. From regular why machines. And this so that it if you were if you were first there regularly baby you were viewed as sickly. And some of the people that wanna be around because you'd be contagious. I'm not down there. To people it's no bad that was like a musical films little it was a positive side. He Mike. If you lived back then. Nothing you insinuating that I mean. I spell that night announcement that the leader of one guy who smells bad here. Not a station that in the building. Not yet it is known doesn't think it's really I don't know on your game. People known teams can. Bunkers now. Of all the things you can be having been the smelly kid may be the worst. Night I think John wraps it up next on the thin. The maximize your coverage of the best value to online at DI SN ETT dot com. They say I see my eggs in you know picked up right or left us. He's done right here in a crucial situation whenever somebody who into it now did you decide did not see him again. I'm actually kind of pretty quiet site. I've ever hated you know I've been upset anatomy star that never hated him you know I want him to be good both for Tutu strikeouts. Argue struck out again so it don't you go to treat got a waiver but that's nine some kind of they refuse to score more than one and it's good that we export order order and that was what this court to. So need to use the operatives around all pleased he's back. Japanese awful so he's got two doubles tonight that he's not right it pretty well the bigger world. They can't score they restarted by the Houston Astros pitching staff which could there. Your taxes. They still can't score is going to want in the first they're is it that did you. Throughout the loan Bartolo those tomorrow. Nine. We're out of time we are to talk them. So I can you. Have a great weekend and if you have a better attitude about the Mariners next week. Hey shut up you remembered. Book ever Korea. That's great he really is the that is the great department here. Ninety easy. I don't know if people affairs committee the and his. And here again yes they do that is your late field today out pretty good. What happened to you. What happens desk and just to cram does not. Told me what was what he eats it it makes it. Won't it never left. We'll keep neighborhood. Will be closed double team every day bananas. Dude it's a company you have today. No more cramped three. Monday. Okay. I. Good to be prepared. For his big giant. Were I'm more than happy to. Boehner has swamped. It's. Bloom time I'm.