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Monday, April 23rd

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They still listen to the prime time with Isaac and sue I'm Isaak the cool want to. But if this is our podcasts that welcome to our part as well as regular job though you're up at the picnic. Do the right things since 1952. Making. Our children. But I know up. Where the incident Lou. And it does go well with the chicken. He's Smart hurtful disclosure boarding it's not. Temporary super intelligent just does that affect the legacy dissolving in your cap. Yeah and once those deep blue where are gonna lose most here motor skills and we also gonna lose a significant amount of break functionality for 72 hours forty. Starting. It. I'm breaking news. Yeah. You can't. What an exciting time. Dublin. All right let's glitter hair down. Ma'am. Thank needs. He had. I had here I laid down its freshly cut today's there really is nothing new and in stubble. We're supposed to do. Just think about not seeing pictures of you with a bomb on here yeah there had knowledge I have known here. Don't build this when he started the Buick you were allowed them along here those are the only time in my life that I can actually grow long and yet you have long. It was in a failure that was right afterwards like I'd grow longer in the summer and then I'd come back and they would make me cut it. Like once spring practice is over I would stop that he might hear that when I came back to August they would force you to cut. You weren't allowed to have here like pastor color you weren't allowed to have any facial here other than accretive molested a stand like to have long here like. I miss it but do you like it did was it. It was you and I always think about them like my life my life has long. Glad I didn't have here like back at Villanova it's the same idea that he gets to a certain link to click on that's it's gotta be heavy. It's got to be beard is Italy's team playing with you blank. I just it was donors giving your mouth when you're two men think women haven't Kerry here and news. I will say that the day hanging down in your eyes that kinda suck the little bit. But if you're working out when you played yet we are one of those little. And only the things. And you had to keep your hear from them flopping in front of you but I miss I miss having here. Moon passes it was a sad day we know that day. I was not be Miller and trying to hold onto some scraps I assume that a lot out there with the guys. And and I Tiger Woods isn't that I'll reducing Kevin Durant. Who drinks who. An idea that if you look at it it is rare. Big guy he's got to find your alignment is called bodies. Growing yeah it's it's no good. They kids and LeBron is looking. Well LeBron is that is on the TV he's he's got that is ours on the back in his head from and here surgery so he can be really shaved his head. Because he's got he's got big track marks from where they've taken here out. Yeah he's backed himself into a corner what do you think it looks better. No it looks terrible that's like a badge she hit it. But look at Google image Kevin Durant here. He's got all kinds of weird stuff happening there it's not good at all. There it sucks when you when you looked up when you realize that you know it's it's all going south. But as soon as I realized that it was it wasn't working and the the use kerosene that sucker Danica I'm done. In hope that does science comes up with something for him. Okay do you think that there's something. There something to this guy. Having gone through when I'm let's say he's been through or is this just as dumb line. And okay in this sometimes it's night. Have an affinity for yet there always seems to be some the end of the guys to get struck by like the new lice yet. All that dad jazz what is. Then they can you believe in some sort of you believe in luck. That some people they're lucky that there's like a cosmic force. And now widely everyone's. Good and bad. At some point you realize if you live long enough I think you'll get both but there are some people that do appear to be luckier than others. Repeatedly that you see those guys they win the lottery like for a time clothing but what the hell but but gave it. Seated thing about that is though. That's no different than some luck you've never done it's just happens to be have a bigger price tag attached to it. It's just look it's it's there but doesn't have a price tag. He just got lucky you won the lottery was abused longshot yet you witnessed humorous that you win a scratchy lottery ticket for Ted bunch is and that's the same thing as the guy the Winston million on the schedule out of you don't know he has longer odds and just seen it like something. Hit him and cash. People got app people blown up front's got the ladies and iTunes and I don't know he had two kids I guess there's a volume button on the millions. I turned them over again mute. And just like. I just think you've had good luck. That guys had good luck you've had bad the bad not bad guys have bad luck down he happened to have did not. On a much. Grander scale yet. But I'm sure that something could happen to you at the next guy. That. Is of the same on like CC to guide extra but is again against circulating twice this. I think there's there's really not that I think there's there's I read something not too long Doug I think he'd been struck seven times solidity at the super what are the odds of that. The same time here's the thing you. Knows what about this like today guided that wins the lottery like let's say guy wins lottery three times I've never played a lot of human life I've never bought a lottery ticket outside like the you know. The five dollar scratches whenever. So. Yeah that guy is is obviously luckier than me but I've never played I've never given myself that chance saving of the guys get struck by lightning. If you're out fifteen and you've got an affinity for like carried around like metal clubs while you're camped in thunderstorms. Meanwhile there's a lightning storm I go inside are you really unlucky. You're dumb ass putting yourself in risky situation. Asian history that's I think you can say about this guy on the team at this guy his name is Dylan mcwilliams. And he vetoed the fluid he is of Borough. And he's from the scene. In Harrisburg. That this guy. This history indicates it's from the star advertisers as still McLean's doesn't believe that. Old saw about lightning never strikes vice not after he was attacked by sharks Thursday in the waters of life. Less than a year after he was Malden dragged by a black bear in the wild Colorado. It's certainly not after he was bitten by a rattlesnake in Utah a little over three years ago. He certainly as the man that likes to be outside what is what is it about this guy that draws dangers creditors Rashard teeth. He says yet he's from Grand Junction, Colorado yet he says I don't know brown. And neither really lucky if we really unlucky. Let shook as you can do glass half full glass half empty right he survived all three of those things went to the any one of them could have easily kill the he's twenty years old. And your right he spends more time outdoors the most old spent. And you look at it you can definitely tell he's an outdoor room that yet he's got to do exactly this he seek out. Dangerous situations like is he easy that it wants to be close to he's like looking for rattlesnakes. Looking for bears little you know I mean you out or resistance. He just happened to counter all three. It's how amazing it within what. Is it like a 33 years and those three years. Three years rattlesnake bear sharp again now that ever happened I don't know that's like the ultimate trifecta right. The lions and tigers and bears Omani. Other to be fear the shark encounter in the very counter. At the time that you did I assure you I did buy bears survived that's pretty you or your fortunate or your bad ass. But they were. The the bill was a small black hair in the shark was with the Demeco shark. It was it. I'm not trying to prove to adapt but it wasn't a great white in it was a round and stood right. Like evocative that should read this story about when the black you're gonna. Now the black their biggest hit. Like he's got a northern scar on the back of this goal slow he said the bear came into this tent. And grabbed him by the by the head and kind of swung him around a little bit he was able to fight it off. Now if that had been a broad there have been a grizzly bear. She's dead yeah so there is that there's a lucky admit or you're just fortunate enough that it was they've. Web it was a black bear not a brown bear saved it with a shark if a great white. Bites you would like his leg got him in the calf the great white bites you you're light is probably gone and you bleed to death. But this look shark got him and yachts is a pretty good gash be able to swim back to shore. So he's on Mikey but he's he's very fortunate that these are bigger animals. Even so with the rattlesnake bite he said he didn't get that much venom he said it was a glancing blow. And the state didn't really get to it to sink in and give my full dose but he's been very fortunate these attacks. Did they could've been a lot worse. Well. I don't know what it is what you think about thinking that this guy who. Games but you know Dylan he's Debra by the way it's not gonna stop being outdoors let's I feel like if I get bit by a shark that's the end of my time in the huge. This says that this rattlesnake did surprise him he was just on a trailing you to and it jumped out of nowhere and it was a drive by the team leader didn't make it stick predictive yes. Through cameras like you point that's been lucky. And in the bears story. Yet they got him. See July he received nine Staples Center to underneath pound black bear wolf and we'll woke him up as the customers of you know. We did not that that's not scary to have a bigger bit. That's my size. Educate yourself like as 700 pound brutal bear. It walking away from that you think deals right when he Texans as guys like that died from an infected paper can't eclectic. There may be had a massive attack at the something really stupid gets him. On the plus side that guy's got some sweet stories like at the border initiatives and sticky. You know check analysts got my scar would have been. Bear attack. And by the way you don't mention that it was a drive by you don't mention that it was a black bear you don't mention that it was like a little make OSHA. You just drop rattlesnake to bear and shark and let the imagination run while Isaac. Yes. Don't sit what Patricia was already know. I'm known since it was big it was scary and it happened fast and I've lived. A student athletes. Baird got me by the head that Saddam today bear it and wrapped up targeted by the elected out there and I. By the name of Roy Cleveland Sullivan's. And he was United States park ranger. In Virginia between 1942 in 1977. Struck by it might mean. Seven times. Survive doll that's unbelievable now he was park ranger yeah he's out he's out there is he walking around with. Yes they do it in the air the whole time. You write this sixth time do you maybe split some but I think the guys there as it was either that or maybe you're just emboldened buyers like after this break and lightning. The first six couldn't kill me. He is recognized who has some people wouldn't figure to be a big Guinness world record he's trying for the record seven. I guess he got hit and you look at it reduces the grizzled look at old man to begin in something that I seen getting anything. I don't really famous man is dead now but you know. Yeah he was you know on the talk shows that leaves scared he gained the nickname the human might be grounds that he thinks that when he gets. Hit the seventh time is he finally flabbergasted that or is he just oak boulevard and really put it not. Yeah really got to be kidding me. Yes but it or is he just stick it does it happen the seventh time in he's just like again it dining and think I'll makes soup and by the way did this is not like like my attitude three or you know any degree cornea. It shook a little bit so I'm reading through each account of the lightning strikes. Dude it's Cuba or glancing blows the last service here on fighter. He was finished that the last one was 1977 he was sheep he used them. Less assistance and why. It changed Michael Jackson's life forever. Philip fifty hair caught on fire. It should steer too well. This gang. Shark attacked it appeared. Bear bite on his still. And rattle snake thing and he only to money. What could possibly be next for you waiting for something else. He just waiting for it raveling he's just head to Africa at that point it starts on T lions a dinosaur that gets them. The loss of raptor but they were all dead. Noble woman with a life found it totally about it he's gonna get killed by a squirrel and heavy hiking this gross gear media's giving them tumbling over a cliff. All right coming up next. What GM says something about them. Didn't I didn't talk about the roomy that's. It and I don't weekly media discusses. It is 616. Theaters on an AD. And okay. We've got a new. Royal baby we do you don't have a name for it I don't think we've got a boy we've got to heightened wait. You don't think they'll name is relatively says it's bullet. More can I wanted to be liked had to pick it up and frank. Gifford's waiting for some like prestigious name. Build a real baby that's bill. He signed we'll bill is daddy's name yeah he'd built Billy is the fifth in mind to be whatever keying her. Supreme ruler being fifth in the fifth in line. I don't know who else like I don't know how all that you the plan goes but I read that he was a fifth in mind the people go when. To bouts over there as the I welcome as more and I was looking at some of the coverage. This awful like the dead tent city outside the hospital people have been there for fifteen dates. Two ladies that travel like 200 miles an have been posted up there for fifteen days. I fascinating that the fascination in the royal family. We're seeing general anyone that would camp out for two weeks for any people who as she says could be being born and I would camp out for two days to see something. Like I did the job right I suppose like if you're gonna do that these have been about the people that don't have jobs. Think it yet nothing else do the time you I didn't have a job yeah I just think I'd be users something else that I can do with my time right and he just does it seem like. Seem to be normal folk. Understand what causes. Normal people to do that like I get like even people we care about like a week in advance for Star Wars. A do you find that sad and pathetic that we should get something to the end of it like you're hanging out with a Star Wars people like you're excited they get to go see the movie at the end. Nothing's happening here they now. They're gonna walk in front of these people would be like here take a photo with my baby there and literally sitting for two weeks out from a hospital bed to read on the Internet. Paid there was a baby when you know they don't come out. Tonight dangled the baby over a balcony or anything but now. Of levees on the Michael Jackson's in the run a blanket if you will blanket and look I think that was I was I was a kid that was the kid you humbling to have about. Only country for years I thought that was like a big name and they realized that it was actually. Think it. An ending that was real but they just leg named him now because the blanket do now know. Don't know the two did the Jackson kids are doing their rich don't acts in attendance of layered girl that's a boy. And one gals like Oliver social media. That your daughter had a daughter. She's all added up it's like a model instead of others blanket so blankets the youngest deadly gets the youngest. And number actually he's like. Biological. And he adopted. Well anyway. But he gets to the royals. Put. Worries that the royals still have like beholden to big deal and Peter you were saying when you went there as crazy it was great and I it's. On the monarchy is it is interesting. There's a history there's a reverence. There is a there's also I will tell you this when I was over there there's AM. They provide Nia and even words like media stability. And media com home. Over people really you know because they're just so. They're just. Always bear in UK economy being in night and they only see the right being in. Present themselves the right way to just that I really did to sort of figure heads now. It feels like OK let me let me let me through the city of uncertain times the United States right lot of people are are. Are lit and worry you're frustrated is that imagine if there were just sum payment it really doesn't do anything. But they are so revered in so beloved. And they would just be called upon to kind of calm everyone down and keep everyone Mike. Like a well respected Kardashian. Family who threw the Kardashians there were no one ever eat it. That's kind of what I that's the feel I got I don't know I'm talking an anti just visit one time for a couple weeks name people here are sensitive in the Kardashians. I just think that over there a two part. I it's just it's it's I can see why you I got roped into it food and erupt into because you're going to see you go to see all of there. Other big grandiose buildings and stuff like that the queen's castle in Edinburgh. Is freaking amazing. It was weird because when I lived in Scotland and they don't hate the royals so a lot of people do yeah a lot of people like it's a waste of money it's always. But I I there's also the other side of it that is still very very very popular for those reasons its. Think you heard it we. Come up with a new royal family that it's it's. We just said hey who would be a row they just they were gonna have a king and queen and they're not gonna do anything blacks who put months plates. The wave the American flag. They have like a parade 'cause that little bit at taxpayer dollars be enough and like you know extreme. Could we have public. The king and queen we can do like an American Idol sort of thing we could vote. I. Well I think the royals do I think that's taxpayers they know they keep paying to the end for them yet he. Would really don't chat me the wrong way I think each has a lot of people on the net and be part of my taxes were going to support that. You know that and then I just I can't give find that I was I was blown away today when I got up and I saw. The the people camping out but the whole Merkel. Thing with scary that's a big deal to people people just go. They go crazy of these folks in the sacking you you become one Mikey and and Megan Merck color content. Merkel. And I think it is back. The sick he'd become one you thank your set for life. People are saying Oprah maybe. She's get except that she shows her politics. They did it today I don't know that the royals really. Again I don't think they really show that they signed a one way or the other feel like they're above all of that they're they're like above everything. That's not whether green it's like the ages. They're like gods that we all that's kind of went the way they are treated its its like he can't say you're dealing to get a guy I. Anything that's offensive to anyone they will not him. They're literally like they're in they're really good about staying on point like they I was reading a list of words that they don't say and they're not bad words they're just words that. She's just learned to have well because you don't wanna (%expletive) anyone you missed it may send a message. That you don't wanna Sanderson mean there's there's certain words that they avoid using is that he's. This chance like is this one of those things where they're like hey we get a good deal don't screw this up to the today volt can be like word not. Get a pay for unity. I don't know them asking you like it and they can they give them particularly given the boot. Can you reboot the royal family. That works here the six words you like this and F on that list you'll never hear the royal family CD six words in his life. Social anthropologist and author of watching English keep box it was a fascinating incited the vocabulary loved and hated by the royal family. You'll never use the word pardon. Like pardon for. Pardon me eat or lake Burton is in we're gonna. Beg your pardon it says. Not being royal a gimmick. We don't waste not part in was more polite in the alternatives. Not being royal however we were wrong party in reveals. Oh okay. Pardon she reveals is forbidden to use instead. If you haven't heard but the duke of Edinburgh has just said to use you say you should say sorry or even sorry let. We're simply pretend. You have heard did not and is now let me be the best they don't say pardon me okay and it that is no if if they were saying matter if you meant like you know. Hardened criminal. Toilets they do not say toilets you would you put the word toilet. May be more palatable term and fog or Lou but it's the latter which is used. Whenever a member of the House of Windsor needs to relieve themselves toilet is French my emergence noted. It is apparently avoided. So if you ever wondering the desk wondering if that's quarters of Buckingham Palace desperate for tingle ask hitters but man where did you live at the they concede that. Perfume. Complementing someone on how they smell as a treat when it's a fine line between coming possibly is nicer displaying PP unfortunately the royals preferred. The word perfume. Of the royals preferred word for perfume won't help the royals don't Wear perfume they were sent. Sadly I like percent. This is lonely sound creepy things I heard that these are the things that they do I wanna see you offend you at this is the links they go to YouTube be. And now. The next one is teeth. According to Kate O box one sure fire way of outing yourself as being beside Lee and royalist referred cheer you need Neil is team. If you don't want to convince her. Your blue blooded invite to clean around for dinner suffer you probably won't come to release shall know which merely referring. He this I would just sounds like such. This crap that's kind of what they aren't seen. Just look at appeared to you theory annual budget is to run the monarchy there. 360 million dollars. That's lower than it would have really. 62 run that crap. Lounge. The palace has more as many rooms that not one of them is a lounge nor living room this isn't because the royals are permitted to space to watch. Movies or play cards instead it's because they retired to eatery drawing room or sitting here. And the last word as pots. You know use the word posh. He never referred to similar. Yourself as being she's 48. Yours mark you know in your rich and you don't have to do anything six words the royals. And greens. The risky thing that's not a. It is. But I like that idea again I think it's I think it's cool adding the queens of bad ass. And which you guys people are gonna lose there and he's a crazy. All right coming up next TV talk is linked. Sale on the. I have a little bit TV talk here pulling. They just looked back up with that rockets tables and everything within a point that you right it's now twenty month old. By the way Houston and like literally last time I look at it used. To one point gain yeah. So that's an NBA its presentation of the Houston Rockets. They're pretty good. The rockets yeah. So. Less world the new season. Does begin Jeff and I have no idea what's going on. Did you like oh wait you get much was ruled these evil I watched it yet abuse wanted to use that has yet to did you watch. The first episode yet I still don't know what's gonna restore. Can save Mike and I haven't watched the first atomic DVR it started. Last became analysts namely people had to DVR like you to assure you this. Having watched it and then gone back this morning in watched parts of it after reading still on about it. You know about as much as I didn't know what's going on the first season even though her in this thing it's easy even though. You haven't seen so is it losing you because it. No I didn't I'd just I'd I want answers. Are you I'm just to suck it and see where I'm completely sucked and I just have no idea what's going on. Thank god. This gets frustrating if it. What was so here's the thing. The wife and I went back and watched an episode one of season one up on Friday we were gonna try to be brief him. Watched the whole season in two days we do we only lost first episode to that it and it's very hard. End re watching the first episode of season one. They answers so many of the questions in the first episode. But it's confusing to the first time viewers because there's lots going on and there's all these things happening. I have a feeling season two's probably the same way you're gonna finish the season to go back and we watch it go. Moon. This is in no way build my enthusiasm for US world which I apps these blood and I was enthralled. But it was definitely one of those where it there's multiple time lines again going on in its in the in the first episode. So there's a lot of like wait a which what is is that all is that new and I had to go and I I read like a quick summary of it afterwards and then went back and watched it. Again this if I could better the whole poll what was going on is the most complex she'll ever created yes anything and nothing about this first episode. Will change your mind from that fact it's as complex as ever and there's at least. Two moments where you do one of these holy hell that just happened already yet. How many episodes this season is because eleven. It's sort of a watch party I love Lewis who. I've never been to a lodge and everyone watching with you. Miller talked about it. Afterwards that might. And don't actually want to do realize it was. Hey did you watch my blog entry yet. No I have not seen Ludlow country that's the documentary about the crazy folks around species yeah. Yen little harsh critic parts is that there. Crazy he is like this or like to have those who like to do it really there everything's on the up and of their usage. And I just think that was art while everyone crazy stuff like I think that's I think. I'm gonna go through and say they were. They were any street you need to once but the first one when numbers there I'm through the first four the first episode though he did a guy. But I haven't I've stolen Indian not take you down was one I couldn't put down really guy and I couldn't stump want. I watched the first part of that win. I was coming back from spring break I was sent on on the way back from the ease and I saw the first episode and it was the only one that I downloaded you know we on a plane. You don't have Wi-Fi sieges download. Whatever and I downloaded from Andrew's humor. If it was a friend of ours they're recommended that. They downloaded the first episode of it and that's the only one I've downloaded and I haven't gone back and downloaded the others are gonna need to carve outs and time. When you all finished. Talk OK and you're done little thing yes I did too much talent and it is. Fascinating I thought the first one was good but it didn't it ramps. It ran a couple of that's a big thing to guide it with them making a murderer or would you call that had to be to murder whatever that was sneaking a murder taking a murderer. And those same one where ever it was like you gotta watch got to watching your watch it I saw the first episode and I kind of went I never gotten to know. It's. I am I anyway so when you follow country is. I think he can be done in fewer episodes. Like six seems like a little bit too much. Well they have so much footage yet and so many interviews I don't know I think six is about right but I'm enjoyable models Hillary. Of the Reich niece she's out in eastern Oregon yes and that is something that I don't remember I don't know if you remember it. I don't remember no not really growing up. In the eighties it was in the early eighties ideas and you'll hear proudly remembered vividly because it happened to your own backyard like a does not something I'm. Can't think about science fascinating thing about is that always heard about the log on and and so this whole thing yet at no clue what all that entail and Rasheed are river Rasheed was called the blog want him that was kind of his nickname when he was here I was Ian for an escape and yeah he offense gave that related to it looked like he looks. Rasheed with that beard yeah looks like. Pablo. Yep this is habits I don't know I mean obviously I had. I've heard that I heard about that over the years but I haven't done well initiated our outpost suck it up and launched an all girls give that another crafty with the over. Righty nick. Theme that came out of it for me was. You know. Look they they were the rush niece she's were. You know. And it's. The overriding theme as someone who has the overriding theme I think of that is. We're just as bad as they. In his since that. Were on exit where justice on except mean in gist is. Fearful. And just as. You were supposed to be like this country at alone you know yeah I mean welcoming and in in this groups committed yet they've got some stuff going on. Earned it they wanna use. Just leave them alone because that's what they want. He bragged that they did people. Aboard again and in the government got involved in the police itself. It really makes you. Think twice about. Your own actions you know like. Do you do you mean this get made a really I don't. Lacey is a good show crowds it and I just legacy and I didn't know I didn't know much about it I just think its interest in adding it's an interesting topic and Eckstein talking points. To not just sit there it like when you get down and you don't just go well. Okay they were they were bad as crazy in you know that's how it played out it makes you think about like. You know just how we treat other people that aren't like us I'm uncle. I can give this is thinking cracked I place and I watched the first one on an airplane. Maybe not the best environment Betty it did not wrote me in and given another crack you. Given recommend. Is there there and make it murdered did get better. After that first one done making murder rate theme but right up to that it did not grab me like if it did everywhere now is to grant wanted Lewis Allen was too long. Yet making murders was like ten doesn't like tenants belong commit thousands. Yet this twelve month and he gets you. And can you say is you're about to watch an eleven episode what Sproles and give but he I think that given that show you don't want to end now and it's spaced out in the has said that. I got a lot of other things going on so if you wanna grab me I'd like 56 shows are now competing for my attention. You grab a beer in the otherwise I'm moving on to something else the west worlds got me they got their roots in the years. All right I sued ex brother in here I'd I'd just as seen on tweeted that he is already disgusted stirring up his hands and mayors misusing the lights on its. And that was really about it for the what's this oh in his office he got my buddies and Austin bureau and can't score another win and it appears it's AT team and he's on the feature everything. Over the weekend all right 645 on the stand. Maximize your coverage though best tell you online and BI SN ETT dot com big bat. Okay areas and John. Not causal tonight excited at that. I you know aren't comfortable out here on out there on that I actually got the spirit out. Well into the lobby rather aired that we've offered the most in the shotgun right now bullets. Mind you know what would have been on the third street where. Start to pick your work and arms were assisted throw it to my wife Alicia. To heal to a. While this. Above all things you could be doing right now especially knowing that the Mariners are on. I am Politico that he right now I can wait demands on the car for now would be more surprised. Well I told they haven't you haven't been wanting to hurt to see the doctor and air irrespective library you bought. Air that there's been wanting to learn how to do it aired. And yeah and Mary you're on record as anything the moment it goes wrong I'm an idiot. And so we have really good friend. It's called from the state patrol great guy. He's like the cool older brother never. They and we're sorry we're watching the Mariners and I texted my body guard them at the white boxer foreign porky. They've lost seven of Euro and one of the five worst teams in baseball and I can't watch this we'll go portly it would feel like you immediately evident now. I call them are very accurately you negotiate with stuff right now so we're down and we're down out unloaded and reloaded picture shoot the shot and. While we can't. That kind of blows my but you did in on something there that under no circumstances. Should a husband and wife or try to teach the other one anything I'd know not all its pursuit of firearms are involved. Well it and you don't like I'd acquired the hard lick my leg ever so I tried to her. The moment she doesn't understand and then I get frustrated you're frustrated that god brought it turned on me that we needed well we needed an expert. And then it went in Auckland and and Toms was a great teacher and de Armas doubt they're a little bit it is so this secured where they're prepared to light which again is very career threatening. Maybe once electorate situation. Now I gave that to you as a gift like ten years ago is this the first time that's been fired. First of all I don't think it was ten years ago I think it was like four years ago no I was a long time we give Japan. Arabic word against her or her purse back and where it. Which owns Stanley ready for the zombie a puck and settles we managed. Heavy lifting the whole package go on all our front door release here. Throw it pretty out there lucrative. Car market packets. They're cool to be a huge ebitda. Should not do that. By the way is an previous years it did that leads did the package stolen leader wanting to do this. Well to see. Her several years to. Look at their kind of how I want the comparable. Skewed especially shocked that the little trick people murdered. Aaron does not like a little pistol or anything associate bird did over the years. Then in classic media never got to beeping at aren't so. But there that are not adequately in her walk the dog and we got it done that night so yes I think you can put through it together and faith because they're directly. Bolt he the car door package burglar. Had questions. I did she. Did she enjoy it. Yes in fact we were kind of happened because you'd rather. And then after after she fired the first time he kind of programs that are. Obstacle that's a look at this like unlike the in America board in this week we get are the guys that we have created here. Curtis you follow up question you finding it. Here. Somebody in this room or on the phone now. Describe what is great about that like what what is it. Am just asking. What is. Why did she like it like on what is it about that I look out and I'm not a good answer for John but just from my own beginners when it comes to. Really a lot of people but I think women especially it is a feeling of power it is the feeling that no one can F with me now. I've I've I've been a with a lot of people when they first shoot a gun and it is crazy sometimes you get this visit was like oh I. I never fired a before I don't wanna him to do with that Campbell I got there I need to dig let's get another one I mean it is is an intoxicating to some people. We'll look for the first questions is yes after you got that it was. Asked. The steamy ones who now. Now need to got a birthday. Dissect our hunger in America that. They're they're a well I don't know. Call it your hear what you think that I was terrible leader Eric. And then there's the helix producer. Initially this little boy you are that that's the rule. C get this feeling. And alone. Knowing can NASA yes I guy I know China. That's that's the real thing now could that be a bad thing yet is that now you go through life with like thumping you chest down game. Again try any respect for any growth beat Jim chartered Bronson in death wish. Yeah I don't much like ice it. Ever happened that are currently. Here it's popped that nobody's nobody lives there that that. You're okay. I hypocritical. Here there we go. I think that's. Great read a massive John's Kim Hatfield McCoy is now contributing to make you grandma's. Tired and it art. I did I got them where that in years and years and years ago it's funny when I did. I didn't know if it was gonna be okay exec out of my brother for his for their Christmas and Heather was not happy about it. And how the candidates. He's good full vigilant taiba or it's all right we are maximum I hate tomorrow and clubbing of the red house furniture and Malia the guys in the program. It says developers can. I'll just Wear black leave little. And why he pulled back furnished. Also on our show not treatment for thirties. Oh against NFL draft thank you death. Now the deadliest day in he's done thirty. But it is 67 we'll see tomorrow on the sale. Right shin so. Okay okay.