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Monday, April 23rd
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They are listening to the prime time of the highs against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 do you not cute. Oh. Private club I would love. Now this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best and local regional and national sports. Classes mediocrity deserves applause Isaak rob miserable I had to get up at 4 o'clock this morning Jason's a candidate probably. This problem. Do prime time on ten baby yeah oh yeah. All right welcome back lasers post mortem today. Mystery game. We back tomorrow was worse deficit in the NFL draft this week on Thursday. And already things in the little hairy Julio Jones. Making an appearance in some of the rumors. Diana yeah I guess lie well supposedly that things are going well with him in Atlanta and that he was on the block and now. Of course the the infamous he's taken down his Twitter account he's made a private in his scrubbed all references to the falcons you know everything on a social media referenced the Balkans that's gone. Well so a lot of people think that he's been given the word. That he draft during a draft day trade involving mr. Jones could be happening like trade him. He's 29. It's getting old in all amazed in the NFL in 29. I. Yeah him and lead his contract since Yemeni years he has left he truly is awesome he makes a lot of money and ideas Beatty he's awesome it's like. You wonder why teams don't do that more often and it's so hard to do you beaches these guys are so good but. When you see I mean like when you see that they're just mean creeping towards the the time when they're gonna start going downhill mountain. Trade him in and so his cap hit he's got three years left on this deal takes balls that trade him. And it's gonna get stuck with a mother lives he's got twelve. Well I see no thirteen 10000151000000. And twelve million against the cap the next three years. It's it's expenses have you feel at all that there is a deterioration there. And that's that he's not to be the same player absolutely. If your lighted you can do you consider moving on from him and if your team. This in that market you think you can winning you can win right now he can be a difference maker than this may make sense for someone. Question really isn't Dez Bryant named Brian will make you more money than Julio Jones a worst kept it that's crazy is he's not near than nowhere near. So therefore Jason we need to buy for eight to. Ray well play and he is that correct well played indeed and the putt and it also confused at the word I think that was right. Two OK. So anyway. We get a gets a minute they'll address that beginning tomorrow the odds are out on who'll be picked where and stuff like them on. Crazy crap we'll leave Cleveland Browns pick two quarterbacks so so you know staggered so Thursday is round one of the draft. And we're gonna be out at Ladd tap house for our annual NFL draft party always get time so come on by. And you can show and get on the wait list to be GM and you might if if we have some no shows he's gotten. Nguyen a 65 inch TV ports is coming out that's the news and drink join us having uttered. Through degree kind. That. Lad tap house is a browns nor really. I didn't know we had a browns borrower it is for sure a round or. But I've been mayor during NFL Sunday and it was still to browse the browns the dog pound Canadian house. One become a browns bar aura Packers bar. Does that occur I think what happens is they have here's how I feel like it acres and I think what happens is those. Fans have a club or an email lists and there's somebody heads it up and he or she goes to the bar and if they're open to hosting them. In Mike may be even offering discounts elected to Caroline. Then they'll go there and that becomes innate email say in in the bars. Cool about it is that while it's gonna bring in fifty people put the flag and away you go yeah right like that I know the wooden shake it. That's the niners are used to the end of the silliness the the core fish out at the packer place. Florida fearful tortoises can build or. The cheerful tortoise is still around one that's right near Providence parliament of the name slightly wrong but with one minor problems sparked the build part. The bills are. What's crazier we have the browns are feels grounds. Kind of bills and browns have been around long time bills the bills and I actually didn't hit it in a relevant. The brown used to be great for the both cheerful bull way back excuse me cheerful bull political believer of that little bar so anyway. Join us won't you lad tap house. Thursday live broadcast. And then the NFL draft come out are we gonna play the draft on the air. And I'll I'll go to you for the pick Seattle got a bit on the fact that we normally do in the maybe after were off the year and we always do that. And that is how we'd. Better bring your Reagan who can do. And nothing port over my draft sheets right now he wanted the top ten. No I caught up its guard talked. No thank you let's play the drought is waiting for Thursday for any answers yeah the best player in the draft I guess I'd have Goer could really yet. I think fit into I think it the best player in the draft is let me give dispatcher picked pretty damn good he's awesome most most Sam is a top five. See I'm not crazy Italian but the NFL draft. Lead up India little nauseating you guys that can't it is is it's unbelievable blow hards that try to pretend that they have. I'm a firm grasp on what every team is do you mean it's it's it's and it's an educated guess it best I well if you're just tuning in in our one we went through. Post. Blazers. Playoff loss audio. Of Neil Shea Damian Miller sees him com. It took missile allowed to spend an hour generated dig Syria and I go back and was in any that you can podcaster show at 1080 depend dot com. We get a couple of other blazer related items get to this hour one murmurs about Terry Stotts job status with the latest on that. And we're gonna get to the Jason quake CJ McCollum for the lions pursue sheep if you didn't see this. That happened on social media now coming up in the club. I have a question bad luck. Or. Is there something. About a person. That brings on multiple. Sort of incident understand we are coming and I feel that we need to discuss. The morality. Is there on yet which will wait let. There's and there's news have. Which one to Merkel is an arrogant man Kate. In. William yeah there haven't another one parity charity hat now a third one. Yes this number theory. Okay what about him letters did you see the big camp outs huge Lang we need to discuss. It's much the real baby I need to talk about the reaction. To the royal baby in fifteen days okay. People waited outside the hospital wave of a baby fifteen case. These people. You you are aware have you read the story is about what's gonna happen in the queen dies Jack it'll shrink I read this is not just the whole thing I don't understand. Okay. Well that will be later now be in our club are bent down right now let's due to the hot news of the day it's time to dot by the five. Odd topics and opinions or. Aren't they and are there. It's time for the iPod hybrid plug. I'm 55 hour. Isaac and soon. Refresh my frost brewed chorus line download the reward happens starter in points towards one of the kind experiences game tickets and rewards. Seeing. Number flies. OK let's take a look at. Major League Baseball. Gonna get updated on what's going on on the diamond let's. You know the best team in baseball this would be buster Red Sox seventeen. And for now thought it cost to neuro muscular one run in both those games they got no doc. Typically they dig my day ladies and gentlemen hand out there. Second best so far. Is the year Mets yes military Diamondbacks are fifteen states I took the Mets were number two answer for fourteen and six. In Nevada are reasonable and by the way but this cannot that if it was. They are he's done. And at the Mariners are taken on the White Sox. In Chicago. They are playing tonight mariners are lesser records they are eleven and nine. Three and a half back of Houston could be worse. That's a tough division because Houston's legit in angels' lead to be really good do. Nobody can EPA's. Through nowadays are 500. Yankees have oral. The twins in the third rays have it's you know I think we on the reds early Indians to one of the there's lights a match it's going to be likely against a person Olmert. Okay. Alvin Gentry gets an extension after the pelicans we blazers. Alvin Gentry to coach. A New Orleans he is that now guaranteed through 2019. Previously he was just 64 and a hundred the pelicans that this season. Even after for the cousins went down the world's ended up winning 48 games and of course that is coming out party in the playoffs at this week for the blazers. That's kind of buddy minded and he brought this you know it's like they they took awhile to figure out how to play with cousins and Davis on the same line and once they started figuring it out Betty got hurt in the they had to figure out how to play without cousins that Mirotic coming in. And you know once they kind of put that together that's a hell of a job by New Orleans. And it's it's you know for all the talk of beautiful what was beat Portland gift that worries some credit for figure that thing out and held a series. Pretty get. Street thieves. And he could to get I need okay Lleyton on day next the ducks. Get a graduate chance for tidy end this kid from South Florida's names keynote Dylan. He's a spring game and committed to regain these big boy 65 to 62. On the other known commodity tied into the ducks is Jacob really now this spring game. Brought in a bunch of recruits and they actually landed three or four different guys in now into dynamic. The fans recruiting insider. The view Oregon mean is reporting that. The number three corner in the nation is expected to choose or again his name is Jeffery Carter. And he says he will announce ten days. The pundits saying it looks like he's in a cheese. Wearing in his offers from Alabama Arizona State Baylor Georgia Nebraska has the Oklahoma Penn State Texas. He had never it was on winter and spring and he was saying that this is kind of similar to the hype they had really Taggart was here. You know the whole top ten classroom that the department egos would some of these guys they're landing. You know he thinks they've got a chance to have a couple more and maybe put together that top ten class. Numbered. Niners GM John Lynch says if I charges facing Rubin postured their star linebacker cannot be true he will be attacked. Buster cases three felonies including one. Or domestic violence. So we'll see what happens there there we'll see you. The big talk. About whether or not we'll cut the guy and by the way whether or not they turn out to be true. So the gal. Ruptured her weird girl she enjoyed herself out of history Kumble. This is the semantics at this point I think Hussein if he's guilty campaign you know. Exactly so deeply Downey gets her to drop the charges are saving their and they can get this to go away then they can find a way to keep their super talented linebacker this is a bush league news. You know we didn't aid if that really is the case the you don't wanna when you team and have the courage to cut it. Don't try to look for some reason the way out of raiders have signed ex Panthers cornerback Darryl Worley. They don't mind that he was just arrested now. Here's what that about second chances egos to Oakland and jets coach Pete Carroll said today that there is possibly its place for college campus. On the Seahawks roster. In other it was a recipe if they hear from him. Rest every week we can deal with deal known as the sun that can she answers undergoing further testing his. Neck and so we'll we'll kind of see how that plays out and everything today that he's still trying to do to try to find a way back now do I need to buy for Kate. Tonight's. Playoff scoreboards at the between the NHL in the NBA he kicked him bite nose done and really confusing in a speed bifurcated. The perfect. In a speed we need some two pronged bifurcation right now. Yes yes we do crowd was seventy NHL brilliantly believes in the second period early in the second period one. In my for hockey nice was seeing bill Heinz has won enough and hopefully soccer field of and they capitals lead the Blue Jackets one nil. And there are a 32 in that series into the earth they've made a nice comeback they were they were trailing dad to death of him in the Bruins are up 32 on the leafs and answer. And I think that I I'm guessing my predictions NHL ago rate you've been spot on. The end I don't think you're ever picked your second Stanley Cup team and oh yeah add to that he guy with a bag and no one doubts rockets and timberwolves in the NBA balanced Houston leading to games to one duels went off. In a game three yes I got into a series. And in the thunder in jazz or later Utah leading that series two games to one that's a really wild and we'll have more time for other NBA playoff top tomorrow but. How about. Westbrook not shooting. But I cannot cut Donovan Mitchell outscoring Russell Westbrook in the fourth quarter 23 to two why it's. It's really weird I know it is not like that series and it's a fun series funded them really disappointing part of your blazer fan is you're the only sweep in the entire playoffs. Everyone else fails is still playing the notes that when Evernote at least has a game and you got out if you would have told me at the start that there is going to be one team in the plaza is gonna get swept. I would have I would have bet everything I own that it's not the for the droplets so a case of the just sitting in anyone had little taste of what Neil Shea had to say who will play clip for you. It get a taste of that and then on CJ McCollum. Is that it Jason quick. He asks his men see a long this lasts and then also murmurs about the job status of Terry Stotts he would tell us some folks are so and so it's by sixteen. On the fan. Show. Plus series that beautiful. Northwest day. I sell this and chop out there in the love the coops filled Willamette. Let's say let's skip an old Sheikh clip in three guys who haven't heard any of his stuff. And Ed and specifically playing this and because this is where he talks about bifurcation picked it right from the get go. Which means he had that thing holster he knew he was dropping. Drop in the bouquet out right there the camera on board or do you think yes dictionary he'll go to you and randomly point in found it amuses her time to think he was plain words with friends and that went popped up. Yeah I feel like it's one of those deals where ST Paterson to do this all the time to you yeah they do holster big words. And I think it's like straight out of PR one on one like it's it's like to make yourself appear Smart and they'd they'd look for words that will make them pierce a piece set up on the big cheer like Mark Zuckerberg is still on the booster seat can you wanna appear higher. So here is Sanyo chasing look at. Saint eye for it is what you say he's same bro bro I'm not gonna overreact now. It doesn't change anything about the season. I mean we've got to bifurcated those two things to a certain degree. You know we lost four games coming in to the playoffs and that didn't change everyone's overall outlook on a macro level. Here and I think the playoffs for a couple issues to bear in terms of your teams can go small. You I think those are some things we need to address. But they're playoff pacers' Roy is gonna illustrate. Your deficiencies right that's what coaches do they get to play four different times they find the weaknesses and you know we will address those in the offseason. You regardless whether we lost we got swept we lost 43 we get into the second round nothing's gonna go on examined in the organization. It's just a matter of I think this one was so extreme. I don't want overreact to one unfavorable matchup and a team that just played outstanding basketball. You you you you just can't do that to you just can't react to. Well now we have to overreact to how we play this style of basketball so look we're gonna do everything we can upgrade the roster like we always do. And morals and I can lose sight of the success we had throughout the course of the season and the growth that we had. Highest growth. That was directed to Joseph Freeman not chase no chase quick jays wasn't there he was still make his way back from New Orleans because the eggs and abuse happened Sunday at 10 in the morning prank. Okay. Neo O'Shea is upset. With you. Not giving this part of the narrative more credit. One of the things I think I'm disappointed with from a narrative standpoint from this whole year that nobody picked up on was that us. How important the quality of your players and building eighteen is. To winning and losing basketball games. Everybody wants to look in a vacuum at specific players. This player this player this player his numbers his numbers his numbers. When nobody looked out was the chemistry the camaraderie. The team work the way this troops stayed together we'd lose three or four in the world they never fractured and frustrating guys in the media because you'd ask de Maria Sudanese were fine. We're fine. And nobody wanted to leave overflowing. Yet somehow we ended up with 49 wins with a third seed in the Western Conference. We were fine they believed it they're the ones that have to believe they believe in each other and they elevate each other. So again. You know. I struggled with us to do a loser well it doesn't it doesn't insist he's. It's like the straw man argument actually shining shimmering screen that is yet here look at this it's this it's the straight out of that trump playbook he does this whole time that. You know look at that fine chemistry and camaraderie did you have has got new ten straight playoff loss for us and I think people are fed up with the that's that's the issue. That he needs to address but he want one more. On all Shea animal tea YC Jim columns mad at G ace. This line I think he's talking about. Sweeping changes I think he gets a little it is this is of the time he had to he gets a little fired up raucous people are thrown questions and my tea. It's time to tear down his time to rethink the CJ trade staying in. In mouse trap he's not listen if you talked to anyone that's close. Two GMs in the MBA you'll not find a GM that thinks more highly of his two guys that he doesn't live in in my column its stock out. Throw. It well you know Lester was gonna take sweeping changes because we got we got. Swept by Golden State the first round all the warmest overreacted and then Golden State went on to sweep you talk. And sweet San Antonio. And basically get a win in five without breaking a sweat against Cleve. And every overreacted so well let's feel a little bit measured and our reaction. To the fact that we ended up against a tough match up with the best two way player in the NBA having a career series. Drew is healthy and he played phenomenal basketball. It happens. But again this this idea of you know student. We're what we're early still want us to be should just ten days ago. Where were they they're the ones you know bouncing off the walls in the Mota senator will be at the third seed for the first time since 19992000. So it's our job Joseph to be measured and not overreact because when you overreacted when you make mistakes. Nobody thinks this roster is a finished product. Everybody understands it is a work in progress. But it's a work in progress. But we don't relative to people that back in December were complaining you weren't even gonna make the playoffs mirror purgatory we weren't gonna make the playoffs and we weren't gonna pick high enough and right that that was the rallying cry. Then it was oh my god wall they're gonna blow the third seed because they're gonna lose all these games on the they're not giving your home court advantage over reacted to that. And you know what. The series goes six or seven in game one goes differently. But we have the ball down one. Like who knows where the series goes but it didn't but again. You don't take four games and overreact. And diminish what you accomplished over 82 games. The foundation has built during the regular season. There are always expect extraneous factors that go into a playoff series and look we're the first ones out so this will be. Heightened. And they'll be over and over amount of attention. Paid to this series until other teams start going out and then. They'll all need sweeping changes. OK so that's a little taste of a new. Necessarily follow. Logic there if you can get their hands he did a couple of they begin going back to the Golden State think. Why just getting so up idled state last year matter. So listeners saying that it didn't matter the last go see because goals they was was really good as a trying to dampen the tenth straight playoff losses stat that's out there by saying well most of the warriors for him and then all of a sudden New Orleans is like this unfavorable match opened and why did that come from. Agency kid and than to say that that the four games don't matter. You can't overreact to four games what can I overreacted to four games is the difference being you being the three seed and not making the playoffs. Is this. That about woods. I understand some of the points he's trying to make about not reacting in that part I do agree you can't just go off half cocked and take got a may change for the sake of change but. And some of some of his logic he can't have it both ways. In the post season in the way it went down or how well more important and what happened during the regular season but it's not. Change for the sake of change it's changed for the sake of actually. Being better than average yes I. What I'm trying to say is you don't take a playoff loss if you think you ivy team. That is that is a real contender you don't say well we losses so you blow it up. But yes to your point this team isn't good enough we knew all along minus the thirteen game win streak this team wasn't good enough Damian Miller knew wasn't good enough when he went into the the owner. And had their private meeting so that's running is don't try to sell me. That somehow what happened in the regular season dismisses what happened in the postseason because this team is close because what happened in the post season as you got exposed. You are nowhere near. Where you need to be only he's obviously very sensitive in very defensive big he's always been like that he's. He's he's very much like trumpet that he just isn't it insults the intelligence of the fans I think that's his biggest problem is that it's not that hard to get people. To give you the benefit of the doubt. But he makes it hard because he's very condescending and he sort of he sort of tells fans and fans that are really invested in his he tells them that. Did their opinion doesn't matter any doesn't feel what they feel it's like to do it's not hard habit to skip their takes an accountability for once. For once and say this is not good enough. And we're gonna be better just it's not that hard is it accountability and in his interview it's just not that hard and in your pissing off a lot of people. Who pay good money to watch you because they know it's PS and they're tired of hearing it. Try to during the span just relate to how about some real talk about a little honesty but he just makes you feel like you can't possibly. Think that anything draw. You can't think that why because I'm Smart they knew it I know I'm the GM you're not like actually comes across in that crap man. People are really tired of that here absolutely and he needs to start to understand that although he's not gonna change ease ease the same. He's the same as he's always been so. That's a little taste of Neal Shea. Coming up next a couple of things Marc Stein of Marc Stein fame. It. He is talking about some murmurs regarding Terry Stotts job status. And why CJ McCollum and Jason quick. Are not gonna be dining together tonight not ready it will be given a bear that's ash doubted yard house or. We'll CJ would over a beer crusades there was the EPO I gotcha I believe was his spot they getting laurel horse market LD. The villages never once they get some Portland you're damn right it is. So that those items will be coming up next here's my. Basically they've. Kabila palate cleanser well. One elevates their kid could it be great to live in a major League City again and three. It would create competition for the air again as blazers you know like there's so arrogant the way they treat their fans when he talked to their fans. In and we hear from the fans of their test a lot of them. And others just. Eat it up as they love that they'd they'll build they don't care that. Does seem to be some discord there in in that they can because that it's like it's a one horse town you know it's like I just. Yani you talk to people in markets with multiple Major League sports and there is no question they create competition for the other end. It makes everybody be bad be better and you gotta you know he can get away with that dirty crap. When the Major League Baseball team. It by the way which would be playing this time of year don't. You know 75 degrees out there right now would be filled up their ballpark in treating people the right way cheaper ticket F few blazers. There is an element to that I know they get real sensitive about even the timbers you know come and I am right idea because of what it is it's a small markets there's there's only so many dollars to go around and in the blazes have had a monopoly on this you know since the port lumberjacks left really you think about it the Major League lacrosse team that we had or maybe the forced dragons. Yeah there is an element of that where the blazers. I'm certainly can can. Just think they're so great that they're there is there is some of that we've we've seen it in years past that. You know this this thing can turn ugly but as long as you're putting in wins out there on the floor. And I hit it kind of a little it emboldens you and important was the three seed. It's you wonder how many people really are gonna be annoyed by this or how many people are going to you know come next season are gonna be right back on board because the team at such a good regular season. To be just to see what people vote of four when a when it comes to their of their dollar. Isn't it okay here's the CJ. Dame thing earning them game. My bowling game in there again you click supple team with CJ Jason quick thing so Jason quake. During the game after that. Yeah our foul by CJ McCollum he tweeted frustration felt by CJ who has always bordered on cheap and dirty. Well he deleted that yeah and then he wrote an earlier tweet regarding CJ McCollum is flagrant foul has been deleted. I use deport choice of words CJ has always been a spirited in tenacious player tonight was no exception and I guess he doubled down on a dozen. I seen between eight and it was deleted but I guess CJ his brother responded to quicken in quick. You know kind of said well you know what I'm talking about. And obviously that made it back to CJ and nuclear rubbed in the wrong like so here's what CJ route. On the tweets he says a lion doesn't concern itself with the opinion of sheep. But you kind of do because you're responding to exactly but here's my answer. A lion and lion doesn't concern itself with the opinion she but it might answer the magic of every athlete does this in coaching GM. I don't pay any attention yet here I am a single thing that seven dollars CU percent see there but you know it's like Kevin Durant. Can I dread just won the title right then and he's worth however many. Hundreds of millions cap. Evidently indeed like. If he's any liking tweets that bash. Russell Lester you know it's like what are you doing. He said that was a mistake at. Well OK but still a juror was Katie was it holds multiple Twitter accounts in response to resumed we Kevin Durant with a guy called dowdy at the fake Twitter account was this troll and people on there so he says a lion doesn't concerns of the pain of sheep however don't disrespect my character you said what you said in you meant it. Have that same energy next time you want to write a story or get a quote from the one who has quote always ordered. Cheap and dirty and quote yeah that's the EDB. More than I need you FE. And did at the same time I get why he's upset that I saw that in real time I was kind of scroll to the Twitter feed and when I saw that. And I really like Jason quick sort of my favorite media guys that you know I've known for fifteen years. I've got to did one of these when I read that I kind of web Jude. I would like to do is. It's a bold move stood to throw that out there and and maybe it was a poor choice of words maybe he feels bad about it now. I don't know if that apology is is because he kind of felt like he had to war if he really felt like he stepped over the line. Don't think there's something about this series where people want. He even even writers. We're getting really. Fired up I mean this this sort of emotional time I'm surprised that those words were used to describe CJ who. Gosh I never once thought inadequate covers him a lot more than than than I do watch has more games. I just did those words never. Have crossed my mind when it comes CJ McCollum what made me think that may be. There was something going on that he seem more off the court yeah speaking of today NC cheap and dirty because I'm I'm with you see a guy when I saw that I was like really. I don't see them sieges game which him if April may be something behind the scenes led to just read. And it wasn't. It wasn't it a dirty play I mean it was a heartfelt supple way out but no one no no no blood no one went into the third row or anything like. It's I didn't even think much about it in fact when. When I got to got three got had to go back and like look for the highlight of the MB like that was the bit much well he did deleted. Yeah leading and you know obviously to OG music low Sanaa and that what initiatives that are maybe not a mantra now that. I am now. I I I just wonder CJ is kind of got. He's kind of got this aloof Americans about him to you and wonder if that hasn't played a role in how maybe Jason use him. 'cause if you don't. If you don't think that personal relationships. Factor into how all these guys are covered. Then. I mean you're expecting robots do this job yeah there's human beans and and I think that there is an element of CJ can be one of the tougher guys to. To cover on the team are. And maybe that's why. He said that it may be an I don't know I'm toxin that Jason I mean I'd I just I'm just speculating because ninety hadn't heard Ed I'd never really had apartments he need it. But also it is about about quicken that maybe this is just me defended him because I've I like Jason I think he does Elena job. On I do think that that was probably over the line in and I guess that I felt uncomfortable moment I read it dot there's going to be some blowback on that they're probably should've been. And we need you throw that out about the with character that statue but I also think it's a lot times these guys you got to smooth yet. CJ and mean it could end this is out in this kind of my point quits been doing this for a long long time you'll not find many people that are there more fair. In balance when it comes at a coverage team and will give the players the benefit out. Quick knows plenty over the years that he could have buried people with and he does not quick is he he is very good his job. And I hope this doesn't. Sometimes in today's day and age you make one mistake and sometimes that's enough you get buried for. You know people lose their jobs are these get ostracized for it I certainly hope that's not the case here because why did find that deprived you over the line. Jason quick has there is a pro and it doesn't deserve this to be a lasting stain on time. Well maybe G amber got him. You know he does monitored to meets UST yeah that's illegal only some is think he counts it's fascinating that so many people care that much about. In a little things like that. All right coming up next I'll get to this Marc Stein thing about Terry Stotts getting into the do you iron in the water by the way. Fantastic if they're on Monday no yeah. And on Monday that the police are pulled over someone on the Willamette there. OK it is 544 on him. Yeah. Tyson didn't sue god. Right now and be right here. With so many. He treated murmurs ten straight playoff losses will cost Terry Stotts his job. But. Yeah I mean. I think if that happens I think it's a fall guy thing you Willard came on his eggs in any view and and has always gone to bat for stocks. Think Scott's is that a really nice job with a went with what he's been given so I I think it starts and the loses his job I think that is. Aside that there was pressure from the top of the change had to be made ends. You know that the easy issues to make in any organization. Is to change that goes but. Damian that that is not a problem of this team Terry Stotts is not a problem with this team Stein writes for the New York Times against. That's very jealous and know that this time line. Yeah he he said in the treat the murmurs of our starting coaching circles that tank take it that feeds will custer's that's his job in Portland. But league sources say Orlando would registered media interest in spots. If he becomes available yet it's as if he adds you know gone he's one of those guys that'll have a job and it won't whenever you want. Terry Stotts is a good NBA coach do you think that Stotts is looking older like. Did you see him and that. I did presser yeah he's looked a little rougher in the edges. I think this these aren't I think this job is a grind and he's not what he's used to the to be an NBA coach it's the same daily uterus elected to the report after is like when you take the presidency. Thank you they should the president year one in the year four and if you get a second in his second term. Debt that the judges aging easier ass and I feel like an MBA coach and it's the same sort of thing. I think that is one of the tougher. Positions in all of sports and yeah I think there's some Wear and tear argue well I think he did about. While I would ask you find me coach who did more with less yacht that's our thoughts does a great job this year keep in this thing now either. That question is did the blazers have. A great year. You know that's really English you can't have a great year when you're the only team in the NBA they get swept in year the first three seed I think. Sense that they've gone to a seven game first round today have a good year yes they had a good year. Jack I don't know man I think he had a good win streak. TJ as before that win streak in their frustrating as hell yeah and after the only street there's four freshening sell so. Feel like the win streak is they kind of the novelty. And their more like the frustrating team that we sub for the Michigan that balance sheet so I think it was. More refreshing season it was a joyous season one give you that he was indeed you did eat out because you're what three or four games difference during that win streak. You know from not making the class of know once it's a good year but. To me I I I am a results guy and you won 49 games. Yes there was you were healthy team in and you. Had the advantage of Syria when he gets everyone that there was hurt he is still 149 games you still a bit up the three seed in the west. I gotta give some credit to that and say that that was a solid year but certainly I understand where you're coming from vet. Who is all it was a good year and in some ways it was a very very frustrating year if you're right before and after that win streak it was. It was Larry we are going right back to the oh boy here we go again you see the on the I think it was awful announcing. It is out on Twitter that they did a screen shot of the ESPN analysts who picked the pelicans blazers series now one. All 22 of them picked the blazers got. And so it's r.s twenty to support the rub while being one of many cars the rub me the wrong way about the OC press conference and it was asleep but all of a sudden now we gotten into this like this was like an unfair even setting it's an unfavorable matchups top. The matchup that every once said you wanted to all the teams in the west. This is the one that you want it give me add a pretty much everyone's an unfavorable matchup there's you only have one good player there's no. There's no excuse for being swept out of the playoffs when you're the three seed with home court advantage zero. Well that ought to put a bow on now. TrailBlazer season. He doesn't ET you're the new forces who help prevent him. Once it's there you've you've Balmoral. I guess fortunately it's been a very entertaining. First round of the playoffs. Minus the blazers Seattle I've I've been enjoying launched in the playoffs we're shore probably a Milwaukee is is made that a fun series Minnesota gave Houston you know all they could handle. In the one beat him handedly in in game three and now. I keep we got it on the big screen appear to Minnesota's gone back and forth and trying to make that a series. Utah Oklahoma City has been entertaining is that good game so here here's an upcoming gates. Because the off season. Is upon us may. Fifteenth. Is the NBA draft lottery. Care about that. That will be right around in the conference finals begin hopefully it looks like it's Houston gold state which. Will be exciting blazers obviously not involved in that. Dare definitely not in the conference finals you are correct the lottery lottery. NBA finals start may 31. The drafts the NBA draft which Paul Allen loves. Is June 21. As Portland twenty he. They pick it. Mile they'd be I don't know. Had a good answer. May fourth or twice for yes life for Kate yeah I think they're 2425. Somewhere and it's it's not going to be great yeah. But you know hobby Mayo I sell you this do they add that he got a big hard sell come and take. I'll alum of the draft if he's willing to wheel and Neil. Go get that one they got a mere 24. Our rights Gina by the way just you know for random sake. They have them sleigh team does not moves from Bosnia. On the US census not a small forward. Seminar can be best pubs and he gets off for a better be ready and how many years four years we'll casino old he has. All right coming up next it is time. For club 1080. S fast. But it's six something.