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Wednesday, April 25th
IN THE NEWS!, also some baseball notes about no-hitters, and some Seahawks talk!

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Right not welcome prime time which buys it consumes what is going on. It appears that never momentum and unbiased just short of drama on compromise sports talk without booze sugar coat oh yeah I think. He links and everyone's life in war things thanks Isaac dropping jays insecure and it's kind of shot and he'd do my job. The best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consumed on 1080. It's damn right it is our second hour of the radio broadcast today. I was got a big night in yet Massa to catch ready for coming up in the news at 430. We'll talk about oh yesterday we were discussing the Breaux who is bitten by shark attacked by a bear and bitten by a rattlesnake yet. And somebody months or sent the world knows in three years old three years but he's only twenty so what's next. I mean cues. Queues for sure I was thinking you'll probably get bid by bigfoot I. Go Gator baby her possibly that you could cover if you see in the video of the Florida broke in the their there's Lego video that I saw today where. Big right on the edge of the sand trap. The ball is probably rest dean maybe twelve inches from the gators head. The dude like sneaks up on the ball. Quickly hits and they just turns and Moroccans. And say maybe you just leave that ball and may be dropped. I do win when you see the Gator on golf course videos yeah I do sometimes. Get blown away by how lomb. Nonchalant people are around them even. Again I don't film mom and get right up close to men that this this guy was at least somewhat nervous takes off he's with them about it like he could tell he did not when he did not address the ball he came sneaking up hit the ball and quickly got out of their bed. All is a foot away from me Gator. Then just leave that one so someone has come up with the actual odds of rescue what are the odds he gets shark attack. Bear attack rattlesnake attack three years. Yet the timing is departed which is if somebody in their life having all three men. And we have the actual odds so that will be in the news. And then Emo most prolific unsolved serial murder case in modern history. May have just insult you know the did you see kind of how it went down. I know we need to talk about that forgery is a really kind of mean it's a sad story but it kind of the may be a final act of someone's life. Helped bring this guy to justice. Okay cell where were re a couple of baseball items your brother is really pissed. You know the Mariners won today yeah. About this op O taco thing yeah where did that come from I guess he came on the program and he was outraged over the phrase he hates it. Opera tacos I guess if you hit a home run opposite field you call monopoly talk like I was doing a little homer that started the angels broadcaster. I was first named as lessons Rojas. He started that. Is we never heard it lynch said that he had heard of it before besides the first lady of us had ever. Heard that Victor Rojas is his name he's the angels broadcaster. In every the angels had a home runs the opposite side of the ballpark he hits and a he says opera taco in it this is your brother out. And John is now extra pissed because he Nino hit one today yes he did and it was indeed an -- a taco in one of those nine pitch granted at bats and then he'd be when opposite field two. Dominate the mighty Chicago White Sox and so John's mad now because not only did the Mariners official Twitter account use upload tacos they used in him OG. Other taco. For the top. Agencies that did they spell it talk and then use the ability or did they just they just said Koppel on the for the top Roman. So this these the sorts of things that will bother my brother on he's pissed about it Seattle Mariners did. I'm not if there's an up or taco involved so we had a no hitter last week as he did. Now I don't want all last year I guess is that all boxed and did against the Sox got sick last year it seemed like for awhile that that was like there was. How to be a bunch of them last year I think we just had warned so I was listening to. Dirt and slide our talk about this in the Dayton. And they are talking about how pricey morneau hitters in night no hitters are sort of like there's not that interesting and we don't they'll go crazy over the Mike Lee is too. And I totally get that but I think they have they haven't actually backwards that. We'll see more of them and it's not a thing anymore. I think they're going away and buster Olney wrote a piece on this and talked about that very thing it said that. Your ear now going to see fewer no hitters for multiple reasons. One is hitters are making pitchers throw more pitchers at pitches than ever. Yes hitters are shrugging out of time. But they're making guys work harder than average pitch counts are eight Ed correct that are way out. The belt had what when he says 22. Yeah today that was Hosmer. Well Hosmer was Brendan Bell brand about yet that the longest that that ever the I think he had to say it was 22 when he was when he won't want an. And it lasted like nine and a half missed it yeah yeah. And and I think he struck out there that had never happened now yeah he he was playing against. Debt debt down who they playing and remember. A solid dared to go tweeted out that that data that cost the giants like a 159 dollars. Like in baseball so in baseball and that's alum and that's at their price of an Ozzie they've they get a minute wholesale on the inaudible you said that it was like a 159 bucks were the balls. Yet the last time. At that went that long guess who was involved 1998. That was the previous record maybe it was Bartolo Cologne that that are out there against Ricky Gutierrez. But on yet when he won pitches against I mean Barea. Berea. Brandel. Pretty chatty anyway if I mean the strikeout numbers that you other astronomical so they said that from. Once it was ten years ago. That it went from. 23000. To this year it's on pace for like forty theory yes it's air strike united and twenty I think it's alarming 23. Percent of all bats right now. Our Indian and in third strikes. While be a quarter of bats are in the strike but let only was saying is that no hitters are gonna be hard you throw beaches hitters are making pitchers throw more pitches than ever managers are pulling pitchers early. And they're doing it even if they have no hitters. Really he had did that that's happened it used to be that if I had known now. Yell at you you didn't talk you leave him in and you didn't talk to the dugout and everybody knows it has like insulting just letting up. Well this year the Marlins pitcher is his first ever start. Against the Mets and he had a no hitter going toward the sixth or seventh inning in the poll them yeah there was this for starting cats and Alex avenue apartment yeah updated they've they've got pitch counts and they don't care about the no hitters saying. So managers are calling pitchers earlier regardless of the dead. And then I skips. Aren't letting pitchers throw a 120 pitches again it's it and that's usually what it takes like if you're gonna throw a no hitter. He gonna be up in the 110120. Range. And managers that makes him nervous because all the analytics and south and so. Odd date they won't. They won't do so there's going to be so busts are all these point as there will be may be a rise in combined no hitters. Which are way uncool Pierre when you get the bullpen to the PC like I think four or five guys you know combined for one but I would argue to say that that won't happen either because. Eat if you pitch in four guys one albums down. Not to have a South Park. Right let you what are the odds you used earlier by guys in Rhode that are on point that they had to you know that much that day so they have no hitters. You're gonna see fewer or no hitters CI despite. I hadn't thought about that when I heard during Sprague having this conversation in and I I was I wasn't there. It was his dirt and investors like dirge like art yeah I've remembers Sprague was pretending his kid was sick yesterday when it was eighty degrees out ahead. He's out be in assured his pro get ready for the coast. I heard that conversation that that they were having tonight kind of assumed along with that that would this mean he's number strikeouts Obama beamed like that this would increase the number of no hitters now. So they sit in in 2005 there were just over 30000 strikeouts it is gone up every year sense. India this year they're on pace for close to 44000. Strike. The lot. Pete Carroll takes shots next for fourteen on the fan. And obscenity though. It's tomorrow's round one of the NFL drafts. Even with. That's fan. And your sports grows. We're gonna be out Atlantic tap house for our show three to seven live broadcasts. Will cover the draft our mock drafts in dollar GMs will be there doing their thing. And that is tomorrow from 37 and we love three to be their lab tap tosses on southeast. Eleventh. And and cross street don't know again I had it in net loss to. So anyway. Let's see there and even if you're not to one of the GM's come on by have a beverage hang out. At times to be. At times we had everybody. And there's usually an open spotter to someone not shown up the may be able to slighted. Okay and where to get across street furry I guarantee that. Coming. There off the division very soon and know exactly what the roster it is. Here is the zoo men. Do mean these trees is that chairman. Chairman may go eleventh and chairman guys. Other now tween Sherman in grant get a table. Party that's round one and in Friday's round two and three and in Saturday's round sport says that. So I Pete Carroll before we get to in the news old Pete Carroll has made some waves up in Seattle tickets shots. That's. It's been a little bit of a volatile. Situation in Seattle for a number of years and little wasted time winning cures everything is your witty and no one talks about this but as the when he starts to fade. Then you know that these these sorts of things started to come out. Yet mate you're not I know Sherman's big talker and Bennett can't shut out. But I didn't expect this from Pete Carroll I just thought you know he'd take Ira did you notice that my loss of lets you know that he probably had to swallow his tongue for a long time yeah he said OK so. This is from CBS sports no one's surprise Richard chairman Michael Bennett had been quite vocal about their departure from Seattle Sherman who signed quickly with a rival miners. After being cut by the CI had played to say about his exit Bennett illustrated from Seattle Philly also be complaining but the coaching set up. In Seattle now it's Pete Carroll's turned to fire back. The Seattle coach who was asked specifically about Bennett reading during meetings and Sherman complaining about Carroll's coaching getting stale. Said that. Quotes sometimes guys can't hang with what's expected and quote. He said dad put the thing I would tell you about that is that we'd been through a lot around here we've grown tremendously together all that. In changes are inevitable. He's talking to Gregg bell of the companies should be and sometimes guys can't hang with what's expected for one reason or another. They're growth their development and all that and the best thing I can tell you is. That there are not here yeah end. While tablets you know that. Again all the Pete Carroll ma interest the competition. The other raw roster that wears on people. No these are grown man they're not college kids and and I was citizen and college is so much easier to be a coach because you have Altima and authority over everybody in the NFL you do not. In in college you get a new group of kids every you know sometimes two to four years will with a turnover in the NFL you get guys that have been around for 78 years you know better vets that are grown men that other interest than aren't just that in in your you know fun little anecdote especially if you've her ball. You know these guys are sitting in meetings have heard everything that Pete Carroll has to say and they're just not motivated by it anymore. And I think for a lot of people seed Pete Carroll that's very you know Jean. But you kinda have to go along to because those are you were big time players you need those guys to win but as soon as they're done serving a purpose for you better believe. That you're happy to get in the. Allentown yet but I think there's another side of that to you and this is a fine line because those guys are stars you know Richard Sherman a Michael Bennett. Help them get a ring and they were integral parts of that and almost during spied. Derek did the other side is sometimes these guys get too big for their britches certainly and it's like man in I think Pete what he may be eluding to is that did. We're not gonna win another one if you guys keep running your mouth like psyche you have changed not me yeah you yeah a bit and guys need to recognize that. Big dude but when year when you're an eight year pro. And you've been to seven pro bowls you can't be treated like your rookie they just won't stand but Hannity who said that he was treating them like Ricky and I just think that there's an element of that message in locker rooms with certain coaches rock rock coaches or hard core disciplinarian he gets very stale. I don't he was. Adding he was like and I don't know he's not a disciplinarian he's a it's really fun guy so raw rock guy yeah. And so I guess it just like the hard court disciplinarian that can we we touched Trent Dilfer about is that Jim Harbaugh. Finger is real steel in the NFL on the niners kind of revolted against it. It's the other way to it's it's it's quite such a difficult. Job to kind of find that balance to be that rod rod guy and preach that no one's above anything in the role in this together and we're gonna compete no one spot safe. When you're an eight time Pro Bowl you're punished than in here in that crap now when you're a thirty year old man with three kids yeah I mean. I guess he may have been saying that's him because there are getting older and he's a senator Bennett though. Cnet's Michael Bennett I think Pete Carroll is is Noelle you're not necessarily say to Richard Sherman and Michael Bennet might say to chairman because he's getting older but the problem is is that when Ben and Sherman and the likes don't buy in him makes it hard for the younger guys to write that I think what he's saying is there may be what he's saying is they body before why not now exactly because you're not the same player at thirty that you were at twenty theory. So I think Pete Carroll in some ways is probably very happy that this roster is getting re halt. And that they wanna try to go ahead and rebuild what they did you know when they first got to Seattle does yours look so interesting like when this thing started to not remember what year was but what what year today. Well you're they go to the Super Bowl did Deborah one. Boy anyone the first step in and lost in what year was the Denver or look that up for about that was probably what six years ago 56 years ago. Policy. Thirteen. Or twelve. In the when they won the Super Bowl you are correct they were the twenty. Super Bowl champion OK so maybe 2012 they start building towards this in their visit load is is pretty ged. Next year they won a Super Bowl I think a lot of people and I remember talking about them you know we're gone on my god. This is scanned this is like dynasty types of look at these guys there at some a Marie not not many of the key guys are young. I just got this young quarterback in buoyed this kid be around for a long time and remember you warned of two things one. The cap yet. Because your eventually gonna have to pay acorda Q you best window to win the symbols when you quarterbacks on his rookie deal so you can pay other guys remember Richard Sherman Earl Thomas all those guys not a rookie deals that's right none of them had been paid yet you were saying let all these guys are gonna have to get paid. One united be able to four up a for all of them and to. This is the FL these these guys have big egos. I don't act like just because they've gone to one Super Bowl means they're gonna be together forever and they'll take less to stay in this and that. And boy you nailed that gauges because. These guys every one of them has seeming it seems like they've just kind of been out for themselves. When it came to you when it came time to get the money. Here's here's the problem with trying to keep a team together why dynasties in the NFL are just so hard and then this goes for for all sports but I think especially in the NFL. Is kind of what you're saying there when you're young righty coming in the league everyone's kind of on the same. Platform right. There's not. You haven't achieved anything yet you're working towards and that you win you have successor Super Bowl champion. Right you've you've bitten to the pinnacle. So what comes next after that I've done everything that I can connect can accomplish except for one thing get paid. And if you want one thing that terra locker room faster than anything else. You're making 12 1000000 why am I making eight I'd better than you yet is important to you he got twelve we're in. What hell have they want another do you think did does is does this break up a deliberate on party been faster if they want the patriots verbal yes my breaks apart even faster. It's it it's just because then you really get into the we've won two now were a dynasty 00 hole I don't entertaining I don't care about winning anymore I've got my Super Bowls I I want my money and I want it now and then you really get into that. National stars why does that have a Q. Soup commercial what are things are Russell Wilson and all those guys are pissed about it the Russell Wilson was doing all the commercials and be historic. Russell most of the time wasn't getting paid. Russell Wilson made most of his money off the field but it's still this is guys off. Why is Richard surely needed to commercial now Weis heated chunky soup guy. You know we're why is Richard surely getting paid more than me on the safety are more important than a quarter these sorts of things they're going inside locker rooms it is why it is sold. Sold. Hard to build any kind of dynasty without getting by this in the NFL yeah and I think that this this discuss. Kind of to the whole Bill Belichick. Heavy handed thing that he's got going on is that he will not he gets really seem Pete Carroll. That it's a Justine Pete Carroll put up with that said he's like I I want you to express yourself I want you guys. On edge and you know fight on the sideline to need to it's whatever it you don't mean Nike he enabled them to kind of be themselves and and really I mean those guys especially Bannon chairman run there mountains in here mind. Bill does is the opposite and he will not tolerate heat he will he goes as far as who he wouldn't sign a guy like Richard Sherman right because he knows. That he's he doesn't want to put up with that crap and he knows that that kind of crap. Is why whether Richard Germans are right or not. Not important. It's fractures a locker room like you're saying an end and I think that. Because in this come out in the Tom Britt was that you wrote a book about the us. Where it was is bill Belichick's way in all the different things that you half to sign up for if you're gonna be a part of that team yeah. And it's a lot in no other coach or franchise asks asks for that but. That's what you get when you wanna play for the for the champs bill. Has led and this is just off the top of my head guys that are in their prize. Bill has led. Richard Sherman ego or not Richard Sherman but I'm Richard Seymour. Who was in his prime he let Mike Vrabel ago he led Deion Branch after he won Super Bowl MVP. Darius Thomas. Who was out for a linebacker and he was younger I was it thinks are coming JD Collins who's been their best defensive player for the last couple years Jerry Collins was dealt mid season to the browns. You know why he was don't the browns as an F feuded Jamie Collie about bench in. I'm Butler Butler yet since they treat Chandler Jones in depth. Traded him you know like a jet and by the way I think he led the NFL in sacks last year but Chandler Jones wanted an ass ton of money. And supposedly Chandler Jones was a real hyped about the patriot way. You're the best young pass rusher in the NFL oh great enjoy your time in Arizona so its interest in a way that it was structured seemed to lead to use splintering now. More so than it would another locker it is she'll sizzling heat ran so hard to keep the team together. You know that that that Dallas Cowboys team that won three super balls that is a testament. To how great that team was but even you look at that and if you ever read the Jeff Perlman book about that now after they won that first Super Bowl it was the does the ticking time bomb was going off. And they were white knuckle and I think the entire time and you know who was the that the biggest problem and that. Jimmie Johnson. Usually Jimmie Johnson was in the face of Jerry Jones. Jimmie Johnson would go into meetings and make fun of Jerry Jones he knew he was personnel guy in front of Jerry Jones he basically haunted Jerry after the second Super Bowl with the fire me. Go on I dare you to get a teaser Jerry Jones did and that's the head coach. Letting ego and money get in the way now put that into a 24 year old player. It's just it welcomed the NFL success. Gate being successful in the NFL is one thing stayed successfully at a fell 90% hard. Yet these dynamics are dynamics at fans never consider now because he just don't mean is still reeling we don't really know what's truly going on in there and so use. It's kind of step it's easy to ignore but it really is the real stuff that. Yeah that happens that that shapes things way more than we know I I was in Tampa when they won the soup or not there was any part of that is the you know pee on guy. But looking out at the next year in the know in some guys that stalker on that team for the next three or four years and watched the disintegration. Of what happening grows greens find final years in Tampa Bay and they tell me like horror stories. After they won the symbol of how bad and how toxic it got inside that locker room well I would like to state man states on the record. On these SEC controlled airwaves jays. That IA for 1 am happy that the Seahawks have broken up that crap because I found them a lot of their players not all but a lot of their players. Ridiculously unlikable. Even hate able. Oh these last five years and so good riddance go lose a lot of more gains in the east is so good that's all I want screw around. And you twelve is you have nothing to do with how many games are gonna win next year you know line. Occasion not a part of the team can beat can be humbly I know you think you are which are not. They're gonna win three. 84. In between half. Out of the couple more in that. Period to break Mike. I don't care that we're the official partner of the Seahawks. When I split a night when I when I like working for NBC sports northwest. You break. Don't care about it's I'm gonna tell my opinion. You guys know I've hated the Seahawks and I still hate him and I think it's great. I think it's great that they broken up an effect I really feel great about saying this. Now. Neighbors was to bring you already turn your Mike off no lets keep going and trying to bring eight more CR tape. Connect that we have in the news coming up next paid this is amazing folks listen to this. Whereas. 430. Only doing the news and we do in the news. The most prolific unsolved serial murder case in modern history. May have just been solved. That's next. Here's Mike. I'm revising its soup on sanity though. Well look where layover and great catch some breaks get treatment spirit next -- three minutes so let's get to it getting the heat is three minute that's one heavyweight round. People have been knocked down the first round. Oh god. Ding and it's RD the 25 yes it it had renowned attorney for the tape a tiny bit too doesn't he teed up the deputies then. I've got news contributor Jason as Kenny over there. Who will line contribute. All of his. Knowledge to this I think all of my news knowledge and he most prolific unsolved serial murder case in modern history may have just the in solved now I was too familiar with this case until reading up on it today. Little bit because. I got a fast these lesser killers don't ask why. Did you it's possible. But I've I've kind of killed in rabbits in your backyard and you squirrels. You know. That's how it starts out I charts that's on Halloween things of that nature. So I I have read a little bit about this. Todd Golden the Golden State killer. Who has been and now Lucy went 45. Rapes. Twelve murders I think twelve murders. And hundreds of breaking this using California in the sixties in the center seventies and eighties yeah. He stopped in mid eighties we 86 finish. They have arrested a man. They believe is beat Golden State killer out kind of a big. Can't say it's cool to meet its cop gets circular but you don't paddles all the comedian. So his wife died. What's about a year year and a half ago issue. And one of his his his wife was an author and one of the last thing that she was working on before she passed away was. It was a book on this and a couple other people after she'd she died kind of took up the man's love it and nick kind of I don't know gave the case new legs people serving about it brought back in the news and they are saying that this is one of the reasons that this renews it nude renewed interest in it might be the race I was I was watching between today airs Saturday and Patton Oswald was like in tears go and you know hey baby your you know your your final word got it make you. He passed away but this this was like a meaningful thing that you did and it was it was kind of a cool. Heartwarming moment forgot who lost his life today arrested 72 year old Joseph genes De'Angelo. And he is a former Auburn California police officer. Who reportedly was fired from the force in 1979. End of the profile that they laid out in the books he's. It's it's pretty spot on this says he would break into houses. By prying open a window or door while the residents left and I he would then China flashlight into the face of his victims tie at the female and if the male victim was present tie him up as well. I think he would ransacked the residents he would reiki female victim he often took small items like coin cash IDs to reach some of that. And a staff of pitchers reported receiving telephone calls from the suspect after the crimes in the mid eighties. I it's suddenly stopped in California but a similar ones started in Australia. Now lasted for a few years. In the San Cisco chronicle this week reported that local police contacted destroying authorities about potential connections. Team cases but down under the purpose known as mr. rule you know but here he was known as the east area rapists. In the original night stock. Now they can deny Tucker and going to beat Richard Ramirez in the yet in the eighties and think he kind of took on the mental and this guy kind of became that that you know they dubbed in the Golden State killer I don't ever heard of this until I read the story today. Yeah the Golden State killer some of the stuff that he did it was so disturbing yeah it's. I mean to and is certain rapists in a murder and all I know what the way that he would like profile the people's homes before him out super unsettled. When we need him. He would find a way to break him early when they weren't there. And he would unlock all the sliding glass doors and he would two make sure that all the outside lights wouldn't work. So that he could then return when they were sleeping in his in the darkness and get in and gave Israel detail oriented it wasn't like he was just randomly which one of these writing gigs costs. We have jas is yet to be beginning to implement in forty years. Yeah and checked what's so crazy that he stopped. Well you wondered do you think a certain age do you reach you were you physically can't. I restarted at that did today you know this is something we need to would this will be a club topic later maybe the speaker at maybe next. And I read a story just on that very topic of the day they were talking about men. And the holes like why do I are old people not criminals in the it's just it's all linked to testosterone out. And these you don't have the ability but like Dennis rader who is which talk guy that was a that was torture kill of BTK eight. He stopped for a a number of years that. Look I'm not saying I'm any kind of like expert guys that I just and of the stuff always fascinates me. A lot of the people talk about it like that the killers let's say that it's like a completion perfectly physically can't stop its its like an addiction. And then. For some of them made it it takes their able to subdue it for a period of time or to stop altogether and can kind of get back to back up so it's not uncommon. For breaks or a lot of times people go to prison for under related thinks there's been killers that go in and they get locked up for five or six years on something else and those crimes stopped because well you're in jail and you can't commitment. There was another note about this or that I saw that just recently two years ago he called victim. That was put it 25 year old flight 25 years past victim he says to remember the time we took place. That's always said to them out. Grossed all right here's a leader he still has Collins. Yeah I haven't seen anything on why they're saying he's doctor or what it was in these details are just coming out I just like an hour ago I saw us vote for the first time this morning didn't even have is now than dads out there now he just looks like like a parent body mean our current photo is mug shot he just looks. McGill yeah I would like little guys about that story I was referring to you'll do this next week but it's called the anthropology of manhood. And it said pretty good read it was in the yet national review national review dot com. If you check that's call it it's basically about wind up men. The science behind. Wind and Anderson violence in society and all Eddie goes way back it's it's really interesting because it really is spiraling crime it's men it's it's man and okay output 46 this beat in the news I have the odds you know that Borough bitten by shark attacked by a bear and bitten by a rattlesnake. I have the actual sleep video of the actual odds of that happening. Intrigued by this is we're asking that question yesterday we'll have that for you next and local. Music news next on the fan. Yeah. Soup on sanity though. I wrapped up in the news here frequently this they constant beat Golden State killer Sydney two year old guy. In the last his last time at least according this was 1986. Just in kind of live and as an old. They're in California they said that they caught in because the forty year anniversary of the first known crime. I had just passed in 90016. And law enforcement agencies. From across California kind of came together and one of them says look. We were kind of reminded them whoa we still haven't cut back nights in forty years there's new. I DNA testing that we can do it lets in it she said basically everybody just buckled down like it was personal we're gonna find this guy. It's funny like sometimes I'm not trying to do through cheated anyone in law enforcement that's already cranes. No unsolved crimes that are out there but you know sometimes when the public taste interest in this some within their than Netflix documentary I mentioned that panels wildlife wrote a book about this. Sometimes even bats like the anniversary sending people paid attention to it again we'll remind people hey guys let's put our heads together on this and see we can do and there is not a lot of details the declining to say how they found in other then they've linked him through DNA. Guess they said they examined all crime scene DNA and that allowed them to narrow the suspects and and she just says from there it was detective work from that point forward. The universe of suspects the fourteen DNA evidence was everyone everyone in the state and beyond that reduces the universe to a manageable. Level and they said this is De'Angelo that the guy he had not been on their radar at any point until last week so this came together very quickly ending monitored they monitored himself. They they identified him as a suspect in any kind of figure out where he was living in everything in the main monitor him and got to DNA samples from Steffi throughout the track ship. And they compared to choose and that's camp. And they went and got. So pleased. Being charged emotional capital murders and that he's getting georgians do yeah so I need that's an eagle Berkshire eagle on death row but he 72 and California. He'll diapers do you want to look at the seven broke bitten by a shark SE was attacked by sharks he was bitten. Well attacked by a bear. And bitten by rattlesnake all in a three years and easily twenty we talked about yesterday. And it was very fortunate in that the bear with the black bear is supposed to have a grizzly your ground. They're rustic but it was a dramatic night. And so that helped him out and then the shark was that was smallish argument like a tiger great whites are. Sadly these horrific encounter is that he's been really damn lucky did you know anyone of those. Could have been fatal. So we're asking yesterday talking about this guy what are the odds of that facility calculated it. In the odds are 893. What trillion to one. So they multiplied but he and he yet really they multiplied all three of these individual attacks. Together any any came on to that's the odds of shark attack in the US but can't actually ranked the odds. Most likely to least likely most likely be the rattlesnake bite when he's likely beat her than the middle will be the bear at least like to be sure that is right. The odds that he venomous snake fighting US. Is one in 37000. Discipline you know the odds of dying in car accident are. One and 37001. And 112. Expect. Some 9112. People that's that guy that's that's dying you know but the rattle snake is we'll ask him doubts yet just ended the odds of a venomous snake bites is just giving you comparison. As venomous snake by in the US is one of 37000 most people don't die from statements. The odds of injuries by dare in the US is one in two point one million the same way way to end the odds of a shark attack in US waters. Is one in eleven and a half million. See here's the thing though that I I I find it stinks I think this use them to that your state in the United States yes but if you're from Salina Kansas. You you're not gonna give bitten by sharks right now if you're in the ocean in years surfer in your literally in the ocean let's say like in Hawaii and you serve 200 days out of the year. I think those those odds get skewed EC in the United States when assigning Kansas anecdotally Tony which. If the answer perk. Well I think you were like it to be about you but yourself and you know blow out of the plot picker yields up like yeah so if he did you write them but did the odds of a lightning strike. Just he knows line by now. Yes I honestly can't get I figured do that everyone in the United States for the most presents those lightning strikes how many states have Beers companies they'd have. Sharks this race. The question if you wanted to kill all three of those birds one stone gap where in the world would you travel. You wanna get bitten by a rattlesnake attacked by sharks and attacked by bear all this but at least you can it near the same area where you go. I think it's California I think that may be the only place. Just thinking about Australia and it's not Australia because it you can get attacked nightmare there. Thank you I don't think bears her name to Andrea. I'll end. We I think I really doesn't have sneaks right Noah story has as a time missing as the industry has like every format oh we don't like thinking I don't demand beginning of life everything deadly ever yeah like any business and why not have snakes no voice that's. What is the what is the islands. Did they were. If there are no snakes they don't because they can be controlled. There's that old that is that like at the in Ireland they drove the stakes out and again I think that's a farce. So yeah Florida is Florida doesn't Ayers is now what is that there's. So he got to go to California I think California may be the only one that you can check golf all three great white sharks right off the coast. Many mistakes and I don't think there's a lot of them but I mean you can find you can find errors. There is that Alaska great panel think Alaska is as deadly snakes oriented beach you bet he'd rather and he California you'd probably get elected. In short I their way more shocking is the hard part is the shark attack yet and there are more great white attacks down there at all yet here so you wanna go to count. I don't know if Alaska has deadly snakes because if they do. That would be one but there's plenty sharks when he. Yeah plenty of Ayers. And in all my years of their right never encountered. A sneak. Apparently New Zealand business but really the possible. On because they've they've made sure that nobody. Running and snakes and by the way Alaska does have one snake. The Gartner stick. It to us in the state bites are out there thinking kid knows they keep getting in Alaska and Hawaii I was right in the Hawaii Q. This says until recently snakes had not found their way to the islands but now there right now. Well they don't have any link feature. Think problems or anything there really were only dealing with California here. This is just there to California. All right get earthquakes teams now want to get to music news NN and coming to town the team at that tomorrow. On our in the news says tomorrow from the yellow clad tap house for draft party there up next it's the hot cited by the time by sports stories today on the field.