Primetime 4.26.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, April 26th
Ladd Taphouse for the draft party, some drafters are already there! Talking about the QB's and the Schefter report, plus Jonathan Smith joins the show.

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They are listening to the prime time and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1952 you not cute. Who lives from alleged kept house on southeast elevens and Sherman and this is a special draft day additional prime time I think the more tape you watch the war his value was apparent you can join us for the draft and hang out with the guys are consumed commissioners why you get our team GM's for the transit annual draft party brought to you by the Ellen -- auto assembly value driven values driven by encore audio video check out their showroom at fourteenth and average or online and on core audio video dot com and -- lead depth house there's always something going on I'm glad to have house trying to iron on your own for the NFL draft Tim AV. The little program. Hey what do. Got an echo yet you blow them right here. Pulled would you rather write its screen directly interior yes the the act it was one thing but the super loud what do by the way I'll point you goods there could. It's very about right here you know I've only got one good ones though you're good enough blow up the left that degrade on site engineering at Rick's all of Britain. Yeah hey Erica and they let you still turned me down disputes there yet issued can your headphones by Amory like like my headphone volume UK I've got you've got a little swagger go where your eyes Arrigo big Fella you're like in. And he eardrums feel about this is still is super loud and syphilis on syphilis. I'm okay well at recant that he's aren't here there you go what is happening you know the thing about Sports Radio. Has that much batters he wrecks on the case is when you that you what income came at him there all my good team and an eighth and in Chris Kaman and wow. You know what that worse thing in radio is what. Single worst thing in radio that's the big state notice bowl this is that at bat as a host. The worst thing in radio is double audio in your pets yeah if it's just area I tried to show that with the echo. Yet it's like you're hearing yourself what you just said only two seconds later you hear that like musicians that they get the heavier stuff and I can't I don't know they do and they say it would it goes. Flakier that's why they pull out the earpiece. They're like you're we're complete because that's what happens to me. When you got there John you know 60000 not my arena shows. Your big history as the CEU is Celine Dion hey you know what I'm fired up date you wanna analyze why you fired that begins today. Is the NFL draft I know you're sports fans run it over. I am wearing my officials were there yes you are I have my raiders had on authorities still aren't your sports stance INS is a little while pressure. I I'm raiders and I Imus over black asking with the team needs are you. Everything going for it well there you pick it Vegas again right Alina I'm doubled down on on the short with a picked the right. Yes so it. I'm glad you know that yet what is it. The need I don't know the Oakland Raiders have no idea lot of marks have taken at the at the player yeah whatever listen can I just say something I'd go for right off the top of the shelters. Oh there's my. There's Barbara ago so raider nation greater man Atlantic pays them a greater and greater and is tablet to beat Gilles eyes and nothing less and he's got a mustache and a pony tail. Yes sir you just made my day which your name. Eric nice to meet you thanks for coming out are your GM perpetrators. Mayors have to bring it fantastic and that's. Our first GM is house romance for our mock guy without wrap party which is here at lat app house now or at southeast eleventh and sure. And sure yes now this is the old the oldies sepia let's laugh blitz. But it is now lat tap house and they've they've kind of committed re model they've changed things around. Open it up a little up brighter. I'd be painted a wall all the TV if you will yet nail all the TV that that their ten TVs right in front of us our mock draft party which will begin in a couple of hours but then at right back in this area where we are theirs they're fourteen television there TVs everywhere. It's a show huge space of plenty room come on I would be one of our GMs are not come by have a beer at this hangouts will be year so what. Usually have it would go to seven but we use it at hang it out for a little bit afterwards and you know got to be joints and first round the you you know draft in this as a browns back our nation's I I'm I'm at the browns backer bro you guys earlier he's out there was decked out with an attempt after he was witches inspire crouch his name is Kevin. Can you pull the couch off of that why would you want to do that. A fifty mile. He was he's probably the best browns quarterback they've grabbed if they want whoever can return an elective like Brian site Jersey or something I'm Kevin. Little known fact used to be eight Sports Radio. But early on before 1080. Night at 910 we were mad and I intend. Now I'm after. It was ninety and then we've moved over here in ninety and became backs nines and but before that fifteenth when 1520. He worked at the fans and it was. Fifteen Tony that's old school red Dreamweaver yeah and he he if he says the browns. Backer bit yeah. For all the browns backer bros and they're gonna be up front here he said he expects like fifty browns fans and the big day for the browns is that in their line. Their reports are today is that for the last six weeks the browns have known who they're taking. And that seems to be right now Arnold leaking out of baker mayfield Y yeah that seems to be a consensus let's get to that but hey listen first buy it two things one. Jonathan Smith is coming on yes to those of you that are like I mean you can't. I mean look it's got the team well. I like the draft particularly like the top of the draft is Hewitt quarterbacks go it's such it's very interesting but. For those who don't care about the draft as much and find today sort of they. Nauseating Sports Radio today this is a lot like pac twelve media day if you're a football guy in your Jones and fortunately it's that they shall we do. If you kind of prefer we get out of left field a little bit. It's not gonna take it because we have this a little more folk if you're that guy who finds today kind of irritating. Let me just. First tell you that I am wanna deal. And my job today is to tear up. This guide pyrite who has won your journalist if he got earlier notes and stuff it's very Smart football guy and let that you'd never changed never changed drive. And my job is still bad jokes at the end at some levity. As you know I feel about Jeff but that's not the did you feel this way about the draft now that it's here yeah. You know at least get to see who goes where and that that's. That's if if you honestly want. To me that is the most. It's important to click record a Christmas I've IP recording in the NFL draft very similar debt. If you don't get right you will not be successful the problem is you don't know if they get it and I actually at every hours now that's my point is that it's it's it's so important. And the coverage it deserves because it is the lifeblood of any NFL team and its lifeblood of any college program but. That's what it's become. If it's it's a bit of joke. The hyper brow bits. The industry that has been built around it. It's exploited an interest that's there and it really has gone over the top again the fact that anyone could possibly greater draft on Monday. Is just it it's called are ridiculous her to somehow know that you think what's gonna happen to those top ten picks. We could see it we could see it trade at two at four at five at eight at ten. All those picks are available for sale so you know to have you mock draft is that what you gonna do that have no freaking idea. Everything at this point to be counter intelligence coming out of NFL teams. Oh and by the way once the player gets traffic. Don't think Bradley each of the next Mario Williams is next on Miller. No one knows every year there are guys better or can't miss prospects edit Debian absolute boss and there's guys that. They get draft is it without the reach where'd that come from the guard turns out to be at all for a guy goes in the fourth or fifth round as an afterthought is that beater working for the year. So might ask a rather obvious question passed away why then will we need 38000. Breakdowns immediately after. And because tomorrow as the interest is there and it's because the people crave it and they eat it up and football has become a 365. In this is sort of sports gala then there's just so many grows out there and it's it's the same recruiting against. There's just over it I can't walk that constant information source and you want to know they'll be people that will Olympics. And sheer picks for a kid that they've never seen before that's the amazing part to me. Is the vast majority of people that are gonna get called in this draft are people that that team's fans will never had seen it back. I think a lot of people that pretend to be draft expert I question how much they watched. I do think there's guys at a bail out I think I Britney initiate or McShane I really do you think that they do their homework and they really dig in. But I think a lot of us that are bought off though they. I think there's an element of that I think that they they can be influence but I think a lot of this is just it's group think. It's like well if you tell me I'd have enough people tell me that this guy. Is an elite prospect or this guy is is someone that it's gonna be great at the next level I think a lot of people just take that hit and run. With yet but you know what though I've never met a fan particularly a stubborn NFL fan. Who doesn't. Think he's right yeah. Right like they. Thanks so these Brown's guys in here for example they don't need somebody break it down their picks they'll tell you instantly exactly right they they you know they already know what they think. So it's. Now at least a futile exercise for me but I totally get it I get the I get elaborate we're here to cover him dammit we're gonna do a good job of that and by the way the NFL draft. Picks will be lives yes right here on the stand beginning at 5 PM. We'll cut it and I will do my best. It did tell you what I think of it. You know that there's certain guys that see a lot of if you played in the pac twelve played a major program Alabama Ohio State otherwise I tried it again the group thing the group think where I can keep it general consensus that what I read about it but it. You know win in week we get a linebacker at Virginia Tech gets shafted here at number twelve buckets that hearing gave you a twelve minute breakdown because that's who can play one time. One we call someone from Blacksburg at a he ten minutes on that is that obviously at that opinion. Great while hate. It is a fun NATO goes you know the fans into it and I love our mock draft that we do here. With our listeners. They we have as of we just heard raiders guys here he's our first. Mock draft the idea of now there's the ox got a lot of people come with the actual bar of the team that they're yeah that there are represented here CI outgrow so cooler coveted in the that you know green although their ray guy opener raiders fired as you said rader at greater teacher pony tail mustache that use yeah. And issues new balance we yeah that's not the became mobile won't. And a scene grass stains like that that varied Edmund it's party's gonna build the later all right so listen. The draft in all the rumors all the coverage in all though what had reasons Susie let's it's. The companies in the what's the Jews the Jews voted to college football in our next segment. This weekend is Oregon State's spring game organ had their last week. The coach Jonathan Smith could viewed he's gonna join us next on the stand. Still Evans and Germany has brought to you by the Ellen Weber auto assembly by encore audio video and by the lads out to us primetime retires a consumer the NFL draft and maybe those. Refreshing beverage on an 85 pre game that was just water or at the Gatorade he. Alligator water Apple's. The apple seems like. Payola the NFL draft and I lied about everything except the first segment of the we already have now listen here's here's something that's kinda cool Lotta developments yet we get developments that Jonathan Schmidt that the beavers is expected to Colleen your beat Jewell college football. But them. We have already had two of RG Ambrose. Not that she not an official GM now. Are exceeded those the cowboys in the box guys can't make it yet so you guys aren't here that wanted to get on the wait list. To fill in as GMs there they're in yup there's one other guy on the witness so I think is a good chance if by chance you really wanted to beat GM. You can come down right now get on the list that you might be able to get a spot where only once. Got away remember how this works is you come by you you get your team you make the correct pick your editor for these 65 inches TV they were given way but that's the official big gas TV. And all the people get their picture right or rendered that so I mean usually if you can you pick right in that the maybe six to eight people. That are in the running for that so you got a real good chance of locker room that he. So come on buying to this so this is glad to tap house southeast eleventh in Portland in double go to the picks live as they begin and it looks like this of course there's countdown clock yeah one hour 41 minutes and 35 you know 34 no 33 seconds and will take up until we go off the year but you know this will be the first row go longer than world on the air so by my count that means we're actually going to be pushed to about 515520. Before this thing gets underway yet. So while we wait on Jonathan Smith. Tell me what you think is going on with the speaker mayfield. Stuff is this a smoke screen writer do you really think he's gonna go to number one. Reading through today. You know all I can do is is go off the reports but if it it sounds like baker mayfield is the guy. You know there are some people now that are hurt trying to refute that but you know there's a lot of sources that are stated that the Cleveland. Is gonna take bigamy field. And in the report that the coach after the pat that's at six weeks ago. The browns made this decision and in four Q Jackson two days ago up with their takings of this is not gonna be up to the you know doubt the wire and my guess is that quarterback already knows whether it's horrible whether it's baker mayfield so. When you hear that this stuff that's leaking out that that it's baker mayfield and and you've heard this over the last two days that would coincide with how we hue Jackson. And once you start telling people that you're gonna make you know this decision. That information will get out that leads me to believe that indeed you could see baker mayfield go to number one that that seems to be the general consensus right. Now so there was to clean this morning looking forward here. Will Brentson. He treated as is this is on my Twitter time limit it woke up this morning. Any said currently at sports book got eight G they're no odds available for the number one overall pick. Top bet sports. Says it opened baker mayfield at the read it to you. Got four maxed bets within thirty minutes and moved mayfield the one to one took it off right a buzz is palpable. And that's again coincides with. Making the official decision it's it's sounds like GM and ownership knew this along time ago went through the process due diligence. Child is probably you know throws and smokes weed out there see what's up but once they make that decision and you start telling these it's hard hit it spreads arms I'm sure whoever is mayfield those. You know his family knows it. Because you know they can probably tell baker if you hate your guy you know. Don't tell anyone and that he tells us that his dad tells the spread index you know this stuff starts making its way and you see these sorts of things get out and I do that 64 Max sets. On that. And let me tell you what. What went Vegas find out about it aren't start change like that there're some teeth through that rumors though I mean this is gonna be a pretty controversial move remember coming into the season Vick. It with you with maybe a third round guy announced an even see that people what is the my first round when his dad he just. He's more impressive in person war president as they are I think he impress people become buying. And just the year he had an it seems like this that the idea is that that they can mayfield has yet you know that. But he had that before say what's changed about the third round to personally he saw I seasonings Heisman Trophy winner and the guys really good now but what is it. That made him jump from class. Mid you know middle of the drafted today to the very top especially over Donald Rosen and Allen all these guys the number one thing that I've seen it's it's they've gone through some of the analytics and you look at that everything from. You know that the stats from clean pocket too when you don't have good protection to on the run I think the accuracy of baker mayfield. And he'd be improper and as people have watched him play his ability to push the ball downfield better than what people thought. I think dealt with things are what kind of lead. Perhaps led it to this kind of ascension to where he's going to be the number one guy. And I I think there's a lot of I think there's a lot to like about baker may feel but I think there's a lot and not like. You look at the two comparison you'd get our Russell Wilson and Drew Brees. He is not as mobile or is capable as Russell Wilson and he has no where near the pocket presence. Of Drew Brees and I I get you know coming out of college I mean you can certainly learn those things and grow develop and the convenience of going to cleave he's gonna sit for a year to. Behind our rights are Tyrod Taylor Bennett. I just think what I hear there Russell's injury bees breeze stuff well I think that's really really lofty here's. And Ellicott comedian idea let down. On Politico the city could be that baker me field. Nate you guys because some of the other guys are basically saying they won't go to Cleveland. Is that possible I suppose there's an element and those guys pulled a John Elway at eight point Eli Manning I doubt that I I do you think. The other thing that it's helped baker mayfield is. As you've gone through this this draft evaluation process and again this is only what you read here in China stay up on it. Baker mayfield is the one guy that hasn't stumbled. Really in this process this or that valuation goes the only thing that is really got him. Is you know kind of that the and of that that the gravity of the crotch you know that sort of stuff easy easy to enemy but. Arnold has been picked apart a little bit Rosen has been picked our intake depart a little bit. Even Josh Allen what do they see it that Arnold had to pick him apart and what he was peddling guys all this makes adults will you you look at that at this senior year and that turnovers in the accuracy. I think that heads has scared a lot of people. And really you haven't heard a lot of negative about baker mayfield he has. Matters to kind of stay above this and and when you hear. People but at that I waited him in in the interviews in the growing legacy data that the charger one where he didn't show prepared that was a couple blip on the radar. But he's the one guy for me an actual football standpoint. That seemingly has really had his game torn apart. And I wonder if it's been like a battle of attrition. As you've kind of gone through this process and you've evaluated these quarterbacks there seems to be big knocks. On everyone else and mayfield believe it or not is the one guy that the on field stuff. Really hasn't. Half of a big negative but isn't this super browns you know I mean doesn't this just he up. Has to say Cleveland is just gonna go all Cleveland here because. They're coming off the I mean just like it's out of left field with mayfield. And then boom seemed to Arnold the franchise quarterback it everybody I mean most of the guys at. That I've seen and figure one of the utility like rose. The Donald's the best guy here. Of this at a Brown's argument. That it's a depressed maybe just being real browns here in this is like the most brown. And of course it being the browns that means it won't be a good pick with let me let me let me just say this right now quarterbacks that are this this style this. Size if you will there's two of them. In all of the NFL. And what is Russell Wilson and won it Drew Brees and I don't think he's restless now that you Drew Brees so now that he can't be successful but this. Bold if you will. Has traditionally not been very successful in the NFL and I I think that is is is pretty scary and again when I watch him play. I think there's a lot of junk email and cell street ball 5050. You get away with stuff in college the way he plays kind of that gunslinger. That does not work out in the NFL. And for every Brett Favre that does make work because he's got an all world arm and he's got a little bit of that immaturity but kind of that moxie that every man. Jim McMahon sort of thing for everyone of them. The NFL is littered with forty guys. That that are just like that the fall by the wayside so I think this is they appeared risky decision if they go baker may field of one but isn't the big problem with me feel that when the when he ran from the cops. He fell and broke his face anybody can make it ten feet us how do you not far right do you not get out of that the that's a red flag a house to be fair and admit they may feel the god like I feel like I could speak a little. Or so on and that some guys that watched a lot of make me feel. A lot of what he did at Oklahoma the its capability factor that will not exist in the NFL he is not and and athlete like a Lamar Jackson or Cam Newton or even John Lehman itself is not that kind of athlete. And it's one thing when you're running around bacon plays college in your dodging guys in the NFL we will hunt you down. That that the speed and the but this is an affront seventh in the NFL. He is going to have to change the way he plays. And become more a structure person because he does not have against the media lettuce is. This capability or Russell Wilson he needs to be more Drew Brees and that asked in a loss at town like Rogers where he can't run. He's escaped he has this capability. You don't want him Jimmy Hedo if he's gonna succeed he's gonna need to be pocket yes. So can't Cleveland here's a text you can text of its excellent at 55305. Where it lad tap house enjoying. Via pre pre game for the NFL draft. This Texas hit Cleveland then take Barkley won and let me he'll fall to force an example while. Mean it's possible but you don't know that that he's going to be there for looked. Going to be Iran on quarterback court tackle either be out but if you think baker may feel that that much better than everyone else the notes are that is what I see it in the book I've got my reservations about it may feel that my reservations about all the quarterbacks but. I said it before all I'll say that the unit that the day I die in the NFL if you believe. That a guy that is available to you is a franchise quarterback. Did you do not screw around you do not try to get cute shot tried Q Dexter picks. Whatever that is unified way to it to make it happen because it's that much of the difference maker in the NFL so if you think baker mayfield is the guy. And there is any kind of gap between him and Rosie and Donald or whoever wrote that you love you don't skirt round you've taken a number one. And then if you want things you can shop the four pick in fact. I think it's a real chance that that's what happens is Cleveland takes their guy mayfield Arnold wherever number one and then that number four pick is for sale. And someone else can move up and grabbed their quarterback in Cleveland is happy to bounce back. Maybe get an extra first round pick and maybe two to news. Dictator rebuilt this roster because they need there is holes although this Cleveland roster all right so I'll we will try to reconvene with Jonathan Smith here org state football coach expected to you could join us and they'll see what's going on there. We'll be tenuous and draft buzz there's a Seahawks rumor float around out there they're treated. Yet though well yeah it's that that's that's a guarantee is also the Earl Thomas rumor so it's at 32 tonight we'll be right back from wiretap mouse here's my. Gentiles primetime retires again soon. Moment he NFL draft Tim maybe you go through. 835 on the band. Well we don't know what's going up to Johnson Smith but hopefully all is well. But haven't shaved ice. Right now it's rides after practice flavored you know out of the those sorts of things. The big highlight there spring practice it treats afterwards what's your top labor. A cheery watermelon sort of guy knew. What I paid you as cheery guy who heads the list so bush leaves Jerry watermelon may be if you want a nice great on announcements and a great great would be member of my number one grape is refreshing yes you know what once they had a sour apple and it was simply delightful that it sweet flavor that you are not that's the problem quite yet ovals as they'll things that we eat. Situation. We we're well we'll see. I don't let Jonathan Smith is gonna have Colin before for fifteen dollars grouped. Yet because we've got we've got a very big in the news because bill Cosby's. Go to jail where. I've got a theory on this guilty I don't think he ever sees that they prison so we got talk about that. If we have our hot by the five then we have the NFL draft so next couple segments he may or may not your job as if that's the best I can tell that someone will get him on hopefully today if not maybe tomorrow. You want this funny little thing it 2018 mock draft. You ready I'm ready this is what it's gonna be like today okay. Number one pick Brown's 100% guaranteed doesn't that the just for the sake that the Cleveland quarterback. For two giants someone who'll hopefully keep all ten fingers for the link to his career. Now I just keep personal. Number three jets. Another team's future third string quarterback. You left because it's accurate they're gonna take quarterback. Before Brown's our condolences. Number five Broncos another quarterback must. Number six calls are random defender at random defender. You'll never hear again in five years time. I think that's so true is that that the the German kid from Florida State problem Bjorn Wagner Herbert. Is it exactly that's my point he was their first he colts days the colts the first round pick of the defense abandoned. You think again that the fact you're saying you. Buccaneers number seven. Who will. Number eight the bears someone to help lose to the Packers twice a year. Stinky. Is making a comfortable with Obama I'm going to be doing whoever for the guy that's pretty good you know I don't know that it that this is not meet badly I'd edit I saw this on. It's just. I've heard something about it ever experienced myself a lot of stuff on whoever the people like I've counted on there. Bears so much to help visited Pakistan is year number nine niners. Soon to be convicted felon. Who that. Man the holiday. And dirty Rubin positive did not get that woman remember that you predict he's recanted her story are raiders fans cheering Allen now here here comes the raiders though number ten raiders this cellmate of the 49ers pick the. The magic of the NFL draft bra Roger Goodell in the house I saw I yard. Number eleven the dolphins. Player who'll get good in three years only to be traded away. Also true that is a rumor that Miami is even told him he'll that they may take a quarterback if one falls to them at eleven. Got to feel good if you're right can't help fifth let's go to fifteen the cardinals. Some white quarterback who'll eventually have a season ending knee injury. Like that. Number seventeen is the chargers some whole line gash. Maybe the debate yeah yeah yeah number nineteen cowboys have fun losing in the playoffs. That's a little weak picketed in better there. There's more ammo there 23 patriots local 59 Caucasian Wal-Mart cashier in future pro ball. That makes slot receiver. Falcons' 46 someone to help not blow 25 point lead in the Super Bowl coach. You think falcons fans are at it now and I don't think you're ever did that. Let you go ahead what is your ball that would it is being for a long time gross Cleveland fans of their over the fumble request reader for him there with a tuck rule yet. You got over that. Now by the neither much money on it game are raiders guys and they were gonna win the simple day here they worked that that team that team is gonna win the simple. Tuck rule baby tuck rule. Don't beat beat me you let you know economic team donated hair go patriots Alice it's yes. What do we have here the Steelers 288 crazy fast wide receiver. And 31 the patriots a promising young quarterback Tom Brady will eventually have traded away be mighty neighbor walk in and two years greatly. Probably my craft there for you on she will we come back we need to talk about Josh Allen being racist. Or how they the fact that they had the Twitter Coutts group and that would have been set on this this entire time he had he he got. Well it's a little dirty in any event this is the day of the tragedy Asa got millions of dollars yes so. Well we could talk about a comeback but I mean yeah described it months ago which means somebody spins the numbers information. For awhile now poll released today. Yeah I think you said it so you know own it yet right now I needed now he's in but he was young let's let's talk about this a coming up next it's 340 on the fan. Sun southeast elevens and Sherman has brought to you buddy Allen Webb auto assembly might encore audio video and by the lads out house primetime with Isaac consumed a moment the NFL draft did maybe those trim. You know it's really cool but this draft party which got. Somebody who has drafted in the top 41 of that but he's in attendance. Look at that right there yes that guy right there that big guy. Number forty overall 1939. Yeah well he could beat Nia yes it is at 345 hit with we're gonna push the Josh Allen topic you next hour because we found our man Oregon State coach Jonathan Smith. Is this here on an as yet beavers have. Their spring game coming up on Saturday. Coach you know the beavers haven't. Not I mean I don't know and I'd I don't go to it. But it's from afar it seems they've never done much on the spring game front so what's coming up on Saturday how do you view the spring game. All excited about it I mean they're. To be able occult to make all of us that we could work on the last month on the air speed improvement gains made with against the way to look at. We're Condit of Arctic Circle back out and and have another game would not be two hours straight script you're going in equal work done before beginning Arabic and become. A more I play. And it document opportunity for our guys score I'm gonna show the improvement in their incredible crowd and India would compete a little bit. I should be a fun game and initiatives will work supper create a baseball game right after junior guard picked those guys council would look reporter. So you know you come into this country take a look at some film and you'd see guys in the weight room but amid ought to get him out of practice that you learn a little bit more. What era a couple things that you learned about this team since taking over now the good of an icy seas of people with pads on and move it around the field. What we've learned pressure put on me to meet the waiting for a I mean it worked really or if again and everything was new on them but the first couple practice the waiver to a bit going for the package rules to the just the full practice what you want and need guys really poor or to. And it does come into focus for a two hour practice and get better. Not a lot I think football means a lot of which is also because you know the action our staff and complying with these guys. That's been organizing group or it would open conflict between doesn't have room to complain and our print. Eagle not a solitary police surprise particularly impressed with them necklaces and we've gotten. And I like it couldn't work ethic he beat those things together. We can do some things. Built momentum here and onto campus but some are alive and that's where next step after Sheridan. Who. The beavers that stood out a couple of guys that that you gave. Single out that really have jumped off the page in spring. Clean carbon. That's a lot of guys for a couple of comment or direct Q actual the right around the currently you know it's athleticism and look what do in this scheme I think it fiction really well he's now some also sprained dark will look inside the wind acts that's really good thing. Drew so the second area right now look bank Nook Logan and expect very. Gonna go to opportunities to begin didn't help out there and there can be things have been impressed with the whole quarterback room the way they've. You know approach Lerner and it is seen me Democrats and talent and that broke you I think extraordinarily well. I commute and and it kept swimming computer goes through curriculum and in Maine complacent. And you'll have the depth we have an O line have been impressed with those guys who got an older group a lot of disappointed comment. The guns guns and dependent on an insult. You know there's there's a lot of things that are composite of about are we here yet you know I mean we can compete we get to work with those guys have stood up to me. What does the strength of this team right now. I our I think you know we cut you still fighting each other open I think normal form we can win gained in different race I think is in the country and here are people. A pop. And we've got the capability do it there but perverse target and that capability discourse a couple of a couple of I think we're pretty huge YouTube you can special teams and and we got a lot of young players that haven't been out there quite yet but they're going to be able contribute storm missed the cooking them more into their side of the ball or the and I think we can do some things in the end in which can carry it felt. Like it better we arrive the week here yet you know no one is at this point but I like we're headed. This is Oregon State coach Jonathan Smith with us here on the damn what the NFL draft picks they're about to begin in about. Like about an hour and ten minutes we'll have those live right here on the Kansas State team that. Oh describe your offense. I'll I think we're trying to be. Be multiple the same time worked skills that we have we've found out a lot here in April and record into that include that clears the committee could place. No it won't work have a scheme offensively and he essentially. Put these guys in good position. And and I considered it feel to be multiple. Period to put these guys in good positions and it's gonna work well. I think created the ability lead guy because our coaching staff parents are multiple background are doing a lot of different range from Jim hall and multiple lines currently Coakley can couple different styles. Offensively obviously Mike Larry entered the country that. You know you've got a lot of mines in the room and able to get there and depend upon the current. Sort here in this current. When W I mean quarterback. What will this be something that they goes until you know that you don't fall camp middle of it or. Is there a leader in the clubhouse and also you know replacing Ryan all will there be a Bill Powers that's gonna be by committee. You know work. We're still kind of find no matter how would no decisions Gergen made. On Saturday I know Erica are likely competition in those two room. I don't think it. He'll be Gordon signify just one guy. That probably doesn't mean you're really beat the deposition I think we've got two guys to contribute. In ball goes room. So yet who works for the deadline like hey we have at this point when we know will. Lord Alfred. But not a criminal Saturday. What do you learn and it is this you don't first head coach you know. They all of a mater what has changed about you in the these last handful of months that you've learned about yourself for your Siler. It may be thought it was gonna be one way and you know you've you've changed a little bit. 40 I think what am I realized and learned in this role isn't it. He's got to be able to trust the people around you. And that's why go back and who have often about this there have been required to trust them to go out and do their work have been crucial impress. Kind of watching and teach in coach out at practice. Because he's got to be able to trust the guy is going you don't come and backroom deal optical coordinator maybe just a quarterback coach. You know I'm responsible for those that credible are those for our quarterbacks and Coke that's what you focuses who work and get those guys better. Let the head coach collier we had ninety's come on guys got to bring art practice. Couldn't be in Ctrl+Alt and I knew those guys. On that individual bases active yet trust those coaches do it in August. I could say Democrats want to work and really watch in the play your work and listening from the teaching going on. He doesn't come apart. Jonathan Smith aboard escaped so I think you mean you Alexis knows all the coaches know it snows but. In the head coach what are your tactics for building a chemistry building that culture. Early in your tenure among a group that's really been through quite a bit. And and they have I think. They keep you know going back to the last season and what what took place here. Those unbelievable expenditure of some of these guys I think were a culture in he got a bill with no buildings and try. And it can attract them when you really got to know them. The owner. Deeper level than just on the football side and so we took an approach where we Rhode pioneer and heart to know these guys completing get the opportunity to tighten their homes and recruit him and beat their parents and go to their neighborhoods in. You know he is who wanted one thing I did start. Was second with that experience myself running back came up here. Came to Corvallis two years with Mike Garland and he he left continent a new coach new position coaches came. And so being able to tell my story of arbitrage transition and it worked out really well. Doesn't mean one way better than the other doesn't mean you could do which. But it does take place and we try to make you different sort of an integral to. If we we have recruited guy here that it works worse than that he was the last couple years that has not been very good for the states is eve Condit you know hit the pavement it seems like there is it better reception for you guys that there is yet. A bus that you guys have created early on scene. You know more. It's more of a positive reaction when you go with the living rooms now. We felt good about good vibe it's continued being created. I think where you pick your place I think is a great place go to school get software education and be around them. Just great people students professors all of us thought I do think it's a contemplation. Like the Bible god right now. I think on the recruiting in acting big you know. Yet you turned aside eighteen to twenty or guys a year and so we're looking for guys that love football schools important and there could do Spiro. They're picking between core ability here that we aren't in not every place is perfect for every Warren. And you don't want a couple of great could that pressure. What's the realistic turnaround of this program obviously would have went through last year. You know one of the worst in the end and the power five. Coach walk away in the middle and he commits a certainly this is. That's gonna take some work but what is a realistic approach you know timeline. For organs they sent. Oprah for friends that think that that this team can contend again. Well you know it's tough to put a car market but you know. I'm optimistic I like these guys have more with these players there are good kids that can play in a good thing I know. On another note this week is tough I mean have been in this league that's where your Cologne played I played in new flea control its competitive. Not pretty geek he got to go learn. So I think every year's a new start for every program. And I think we should feel confident that we typical work prediction you improved boot she can't work ethics. And then we'll see how it'll play govern on Saturday and pull. What area have have a great time Saturday's spring game and that continued accessed via. Our group here at. Are able talk deed on the road that sort of state coach Jonathan Smith you look at Oregon State and you know it's gonna take a couple years it really is for them to be competitive and they played. Outside of the SEC west. This is the toughest division I thinking college football. Org it's going to be good Stanford's gonna be good you don't is the class of the conference. Washing it states that very good program housed on the rise this is gonna be a lot of easy outs here. What you start look at it org states and there's some things to like about this football team I think there's an NFL guys. That are younger and I I know he was out this spring I think a Morse and in the in the secondary. Is their best player and I think he is a potential star. And you've got what tight end that they're just I I think. Your starting the season glimpses of maybe some difference makers their Corvallis that I don't think you've been their for awhile and that for him to say the office of line. Which is really storm last couple years as more veteran league group if they can get that going a little bit. Got to be a big deal for organs they put. I just think that first year you're just. You're trying to be competitive. How to liberal Colorado did this right you're trying to. To be competitive in the game that it made happy about wins and losses for years to. It's organs they can turn that corner I coming up next you have very famous NFL draft draft he joins us and we talk. Josh Allen. Eroded bit. Little bit but again it's is no data on him yet year that it Europe's they write us all that coming up next it is that a paragraph they live here on. 1080.