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Tuesday, May 15th

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They still listen to the primetime with Isaac and sue I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that this is our podcast that welcome to our pod as well as regular job though you're not but it. Do the right thing since 1952. Each making arrangements for children. But you know up. Where the NC man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk 600. Those results. Explanatory and the lives is because I thought we were leaving at six. I know we'll. Didn't play his time as we go. Beautiful homes and figuratively and literally. And lots of. Why would she do add to that. I don't know. There's going to be dealing with the lake has thirteen year old girls. Wow yeah. I welcome back. Still none of everybody's had a good day persons are killing dogs are literally every. That's what's going on reliably mean it is seen this. Now cleaner they got the World Cup coming there telling law and so apparently Russia has a stray dog problem. And so apparently they've contracted the company to just go around with a poison darts and they're just. Shoot dogs did in the road these are like wild dogs yeah they got straight wild dogs of the barely they're gonna deal with it by just poisoning and apparently they're their goal is to catch quote unquote. Over 3000. What they call unsupervised animals. And put them in shelters but people are saying that those shelters don't exist yet and they're now fighting dogs in the side of the road with darts in them and well those dogs are dead. So apparently they're you know there's gonna kill all the stray dogs. And this is caused some sort of uproar even though we did the people of Qatar they're just Jolene workers. I realize that that do that that Russia is going to kill 3000 dogs in preparation for the World Cup. Qatar is going to kill over 4000 human beings basically slaves in order to get ready for the world I am not on purpose though. The Condo on purpose their slaves. You know soccer stadium. They toilet. No other got a bucket. Toilet and they're not allowed to leave. Or asked her breaks her. Scooter and I saw that sixty minutes he's it's crazy yeah case so I'm. We have more speed of dogs. We have more canine confusion that would. And a lot of this lately and it was a story recently about a Chinese woman. Who found out that the puppy that she got from a pet store in China and is a fox but. According to the Davis Gina fox and as an adult. He's he's the questions I I'm bringing a table here Jane is let's questions. Then we had the woman in Texas. Who picked up. Little baby kittens the year act from the woods home. Yeah not kittens they were bobcats. In the U ripped the hell out of her and with the husband as well. Well late in Britain meaning they just realized whoa these things here. You know. Pretty aggressive with the hell's going on oh wait until the bobcats and bobcat and so they need him but but who. I can't can't bobcat can't you. Know evade the bobcats that vicious. At the other white meat piloted into the bobcats split anyway. Is it really doesn't. Up where they had to put him down you can't be releasing into the while you can't kidnapped baby bobcats and thank god no counties to this lady just not there's these kittens out in the middle of the blitz apparently. People who really stupid drop since the problem is you're giving people way too much credit. That's when you find something cute adorable however you want a fake bids like your CV yeah I know. As adorable and I give them credit them and coming to the table with the question is it really that hard. Because I saw the picture of the kittens yeah I'm looking I mean the bobcats yet. Let's. And if your outfit is closer than you think it is closer than you think if you're not super familiar with that I can see where someone mead. That mistake but. Why it out in the middle of the wood yeah you just your going to describe the woods on Democrats these beautiful kids and you're like oh yeah now about this money ready for another one. Who's there's there there's a third on the fox when I did that go baby Fox's. There's no way in hell that I should ever mistake a baby fox for a dog for a puppy that's ridiculous. So this according to the independence this was two years ago Soo Yun of coming. In the use none Yunnan Province of China I'm fairly certain you pronounce nothing correct here but let's allow it let's go with it. Oh you're right and a game Soo Yun. Or you know you know I don't like human. From con means. Not coming. In the Yunnan. Province of China sure. She bought a puppy she's on vacation is that element empathy is put cubic feet I don't believe you now students. And it much. She thought it was a Tibetan Mastiff. Okay he's big dog possibly with Tibetan masters they kind of look like lions. So she brought it home on the itself it. We're there. From day one unit in her family were impressed by their pets massive appetite. The dot reportedly chow down on a box of fruit into buckets of noodles every day when. It was an Intel the pet reached 250. Pounds. And it started walking on its hind legs. Did they realized. That there may be in the state guerrillas. It was the it was a bear. It was a black bear at a picnic picnic at a 250. Pounds the have you ever seen a 250 pound dog. No but Tibetan masters their big like great games maybe. Mean there's the beauty fix the big dogs than. Really not certain how you confuse that with a with a bear and got a look at a baby black bear. As I've got the baby Tibetan Mastiff. No. Not a chance but not a chance in hell but you could ever. The player. In the eyes those stupid. Did they not realize that the three inch O clock on the the bear was it was maybe a bit much for a dollar it. Well they said the family was very frightened of the years. Or else they would Kent now they they gave it to it. Via wildlife rescue sent through the good looks not seen and apparently it's gonna be fine this looks enough feet. Reich a dock right absolutely nothing. It looks like you know it looks like a bear yeah it looks very much because it did fair. If it's adorable. Is this goes back to my. I believe that humans greatest ball. Above everything else on the planet is our ability to align ourselves and I think doubt they ever would says that what separates this from the animals. Like opposable thumbs know its ability to lie to ourselves. Because. If you if you have this being Catholic who doesn't that bears or do work. In what again a very big they are you talking. Cups. Yeah. I have a beer cup even some adulterers are pretty durable. Clearly you look at this thing in your life even as there is no way I can keep this this is the bear bear cubs are pretty much speaks it's a what they doubt but you don't you can't keep the Blackberry you can't keep the bear but if you light yourself. Oh I had no idea what he's talking about it's. You lie to yourself because you wanted to be so it's the same thing with the fox is the same day with a bobcat. You know good damn well but that's not what you think idiots the used on and you don't think they're just stupid now I think you just actively lying self. You've been there like when you're younger and maybe you. They are maybe you had a friend it was 280 yen addicted stripper ever have that for in the data the stripper. Or dating someone that is is really hot but his super crazy. And to have person tries to convince themselves. This is perfectly normal what are you talking about don't know it's. It's fine just to be of that and I'm I'm telling yet. And they love and they lie and they lie why because they wanna go home to look at that when. You know campaign and exactly. Why do you think you know you're really different game. I'd seen it you've got a heart of gold you know it's it's it's different. You know this is what you do this is it who you are. She's dealing death on the side sleep he would like nine other dudes and as an ex boyfriend it's gonna move it to your couch you probably stab you. But you don't. You don't wanna think about that do you tell you so feel like that's what's happening here with the bobcats the players axes. Interesting theory. I tend to think you just dumb Dunn's that your that stupid yeah this that yeah yeah pretty much. But you know it's now I want a little baby Blackberry that's the cutest thing ever. Look at that thing yet and to keep. Why do I wanna give it away after awhile but if you told me that I could raise a black bear for like six months and put him with my bulldogs I would do this heartbeat. Be adorable. Of course you don't baby any things are cute. Tiny sudden it's a baby daddy is a key. Humans. Babies are. Home. None home room. Babies are cute all right let's go to the animal. And find me something in the animal world that the baby did easy cute. McDougal a man. Is your pride get in the Lexus we did. Disgusting things like that isn't babies equipment and you look at the cult officials pretty normal. Just behind me then did they do seem like a baby goats accusing the baby koala adorable. Where here's the question what's an ugly animal. Find me an animal he would look at you like that's disgusting. Like in any near her like an art barker so well and it you know the when it about an ostrich limit to prop this up yesterday the slapper tenacity. You have to look at baby sloth flops or not. Thought to be a rebound lot of beautiful it. Look at baby's father right now and tell me the you don't immediately wanna take that thing home one of my wife's best friends for you pivotal role as a sloth. And she loves off in this thing there's only cannot. That's the cutest thing you've ever seen exactly. Lucky enough what are they don't what's an ugly animal and then get a look at the baby version of it and I bet it's really cute I hit those are attractive right. It was it was a pretty ugly what about baby ostrich. Things looked up a baby hippo and tell me your heart is that he owns a cute isn't immediately melting ostrich like that. The youngster and now cute note they're adorable but the they're adorable because they don't have long legs yeah bigger have to be needed all kinds of Republican but it baby ostrich you'd taken that thing home in your cuddling with the I don't think you can really have. An ugly baby except maybe you don't humans. I'm with yet which is always says the so do we need your friends kid it's ugly year he did the right situation acute. Sort of thing and I bet I guarantee a baby that's cute. Baby nutria also accused Malia. Look at a baby no baby bat hold look at baby yet. The bats are not following cannot read it eats its second on a little nipple there dad being. By the way union I would like to bear that a league a bottle nipple precedent and no one's breast team that no. That's the things tricks so they've got it wrapped up a little black kids to go to you want to look with a right now. And their clients biblical pitch he'll have little honesty and I admit it grows up and not a cure all. All right it artery can drag you out. They're pretty cute right now I'm telling you we add on and keep looking we lied to ourselves. Who eaters and eligibility 618 on the Betty oh wait coming up next the new scam it's getting guys with. Sixth why that's next on the thin. The senators on 1080. In the. All right so we are in search. On the Whitfield with the ugly is obedience because there's not many. Was universally they're all very cute baby anything is the durable but we have found a couple that are yeah we've got winners that are that are pretty bad. Leaders in the house anyway yeah. Now the first place in might have got three. And these all come from the listeners so thank you for your interest. As we being doing frantically all very. To meet the ugly as baby. Is the baby mole rat agreed. It is something straight out of it a nightmare is frightening. It's it's like a weird. The lump of of team clay with with she's. And he can kind of see through it's skin is translucent. Dan I'm gonna go. Eighty possum. Now not that cute no no but nowhere near as offensive as the baby mole rat and man. The Q what did the brand new born positives can kinda be cute but once they reach. We can tell what the you date they kind of is the stuff died years again. And then in third place but worthy of consideration is DDB parents now I. I'm gonna flip this on new and I'm gonna put the baby Perritt worse than the baby. Pots really yet because I didn't notice when parents are bored they don't have any feathers. And quite frankly it just looks like dead. It's preclude a dinosaur. Yeah yeah it does a good dinosaurs looks like key that you ordered naked week somewhere and that's what it looks like. It's very strange it's not good very strange I kind of assumed that baby periods. Came out with some kind of feathers. So they go. Parents. Blossoms. Or is it O past for animal. We can't conclude dubbed their premium. Do. That's an upset I did not think so. When we started this the Micah forgone some photos and indeed baby octopus or occupy and his that you visit counted the guy who tipped as city and to the baby naked mole rat. Is a veterinarian. He cheats pound. He knew that now does he have to deal with the baby. And he's right it does look like just wrote it does is it with teeth that is inaccurate pictures screw with teeth that today in guys. That's something out of my head and food and horrific think Steven king now now picture brain wheelers are I don't know. Though. Restored and find out how many teeth throughout. But the changes that are just him too long teeth. Full set of regular teeth right in the middle of stroke. You know there's a movie where. Brian released. No it is not in the is as far as I know it does not have a the screen actors credit ratings like that idea. But there is a movie where a gals. You know. Grows teeth. And and now that's that's I think the movie is called T. And there's a scene where a guy tries to attack her and have his way with there and now she defends herself or should I save her two dvd business today and I herself and I hate to admitted. I've seen that movie. At CNET reliant no I don't think that exiles to supplement that with what if that did exist. Players and changing it yes that would GSZ isn't good idea I think the you'd have to be a little more for cars maybe that's an evolutionary sort of thing but. That movie does exist and it is terrific. Don't panic in the assure you so here is the news spam. That's it's rope in some Brazilian is what's giving people yet isn't well yeah it was news small penis emails it's getting guys. Now this one. What they're saying is this happening Richmond Virginia right side. And the Better Business Bureau there is warning in the black mail email scam that popped up in in guys in box near enrichment. And it puts the name of the person like for example you get basin ski connector in the subject line. Followed by the words compromising video. And then the scammer writes I have unpleasant news. And notifies you if there was a virus on your computer and after you. Went and watched it. Floored damn jobs all. Day and so damn one of these on our tax on ones hey you remember him. So then what happens again remember that but I want you to know that I was not looking at porn. I was looking at port hub and I was only there to watch Hamilton yet they hears it they say it. They say that. The camera. On your computer again. Was filming the deal with the FBI thing. I don't people that put like little yellow post it notes over that camera because they're convinced that the year that the feds are spied on. Any get two options one pay 361. Dollars due electronic online bitcoin money counts go. Or the evidence would be sent to the victims' friends and family. Really eats on the guys aren't phones for that one. I can't believe anyone would you why would you fall for them well because guys are. Scared to death that that's good in the event that's true but that's what they're asking for public. They've got you by the short anchor these are the rescue for 361 dollars I think that's that makes it's that they can actually get it okay it's an affordable yet bills yet like okay Salinas. See I actually think you should be in the hope. That that paid fifty dollars fifty bucks and something most guys data. Just think gays I it would be easy buckets supporting insurance on our side here in here's fifty dollars. We got this on our text line like a week yeah I think I remember there was an email it was a text and it was the same thing exact thing. About how. Did the only catch is that because it was the phone number because I have all your contacts have I block your phone out. So I can send this video do everybody a misuse semi big points it was decoys to mess up their own generals like. OK so back up center literally every number that was ever and I guy's phone because we got sent to Howard. We think about some people in all the weird stuff they look at myriad people kids may be like a principal of the school year really look and it's a weird stuff. Right I guess he worth fifty not apparent Miami said in a little bits of maybe there is of the debt 361. Dollars and that seems like a very weird. Oddly specific but random amount fears 61 dollars in big points. I received upwards of don't have the house and don't you get a magazine's fight this year. I don't have declines in oh my god it's going to be sent to bulimia works have been out with one that's more media can't Trace that down. It's of this is working. It worked on this man in Richmond Virginia it is like oops they need to also. He went to the better business. Trip. To go to the big east. Unless you're really looking at some bad stuff that you don't go please let's probably a lot of with the people a lot of people that fall for this are probably two machine to. To do anything about it and I hope it's like. I think that I think that the whole shame factor plays in it's right on a lot of this stuff. I got a buddy of mine is in law enforcement he tells me some times that they've investigated over the years. They can cybercrime division that a lot of bad porn sites I mean I'm not talking to Blake. It's your standard online porn elected fetish stuff that they absolutely would do that they overcharged. And and run up bills on people and Condit do the would you do about it. Thank you do you really wanna jones' do you really want this in a getting out you wanna contact your bank and a lot of people are really really ashamed about density just kind of but yeah it looked the other way and it there's. There's a lot of things in people's lives that I think that they would rather pay to keep quiet. And they know it steamers now. But in his hands and people don't. Now it's not real a case that we have in TT news left over from yesterday yet. And I don't know whether to be impressed by now we also need to talk about this story. And that is they cheap. Stormy Daniels. Is limited to. Yeah I forgot about that it's this weekend is really yet that we can plans do you. I'm gonna be in Vegas. Otherwise otherwise. Media nine. Would it. Now lead actors might. Okay. Okay. On 1080. Love CNN. Okay as someone reminded us. A pink. Is here tonight yes they don't show the love my life. No I'm. Thirty pennies on stage I think I'm gonna try to elect wiese my and I want this and go to the children of the about Stuckey like it's like afterwards you know. Kind of lurking in the bush is sort of thing yeah kind of doing doing one of those numbers into the paint she straight games she is just simply wonderful. Got a whole husband in like kid they know this is really kind of start to bring me down. So happy yeah household things yes it is she with that. Skateboarders biker gang has them go to Oprah esque idea hard yeah he's cool he seems really cool and handsome and again it's really put a damper on my efforts to try to win road so. You don't of that what's gonna work for me may have to move on from you know from herded some that something more attainable. He can't bring ideas if she's fallen on hard times since it got anything going on currently they can make my way over there. Presidential gal pal stormy Daniels. This. Is anyone paying this fifty year it's on the myriad make America liberty to. He's on early town does its course issued guns I know a year and adds. Like I don't know figuratively and literally idols yeah honey dad's. Those that it but I have heard. I have heard radio ads for Motorola yeah on our staging. I don't think it's on our station Whitman in but as I've been flipping the dial I have heard ads for her appearances which is the only reason I knew she was completely free tickets. I don't think there an average. Is she coming due and stories. Yes he's doing the stars Jersey she's gonna be in danced. On it Thursday. At this week at stars down there. Then she's gonna be at the Salem stars on Friday. And finally. The grand finale. Will be in Portland at the stars down there. A 55. Collison I period. I really that is not understand that good what does that wouldn't be. The 26 and it's a fun time. In my own town is Portland. Like oh let's Walton measure panel and someone out there that other stars can get the Beaverton one closed it if they're running kids well yeah. If Sanford for over two feet Walton Philly is to ours cabaret brutal and can and should be there. I Saturday. Why would anyone. Paying. Up to goes I don't know eat. Stormy I don't know what's gonna happen. It's like get a look at what that would I think. Think we need somebody to go and then report back yet someone out there I guarantee we have the listener that's willing to jump and it is all about parity have a listener going or it. We'll ego please give us a reporter may be alive call in. Think she's the spanky sad. 4017. Like C list forests are this slow new Donald Trump. Why don't get it either one week what exactly is that. Do it for anybody so the the poster that. That she's advertising her. We're against stops yet with has hash tag tidy why eighties. And hash tag for displaying. His trop where Teddy White isn't that witnesses in the and does she have like like a faked Donald Trump gets onstage because wealthy what I don't wanna see that. That's that's not good that's that's a very hands that if. Resorts. Space or what went wrong is she as tag fake news that she's not attractive. Little did you detect. But yeah I'm with you on the idea of like it doesn't. But it doesn't really matter. She is who Lucius Wright like guys just. In the gates say is that you don't these strip clubs. Matter who they are not. There's still look like so here's my thing you can go into any club in Portland and find bright women that are. Ten times harder than than stormy Daniels. Some think bare. This is. Did I don't understand it but you wanna do this year because you wanna see. The lady that got naked in and rev things would Donald Trump. Or do you wanna see her because you've watched her videos and have a joint. Critic does this might yet seated fans apparently you don't how bout with. Regular strippers who don't video yeah true but before stormy Daniels rub shoulders and whatnot with Donald Trump. Did anyone know who stormy Daniels was really happy yeah they're probably one might think Mike has a good point. Did dirt bags they're gonna go to the show would have gone this thing. Before the trump thing anyway okay did because they know her she is a famous course anger I never heard before it's stormy. Yeah I mean I've heard of porn stars but I can't say that I've ever heard of this. And that when I saw that that trump was with the forests are and I looked better if necessary to stormy Daniels again that's not fair is nice she's not. She's not like ugly but when I looked it edged out when I when I heard words are dropped and I saw our eyes that that's that's about. Like the who's the other gal the plate now that was Lou which. That's the end to get it Carrey and McDougal. Stormy Daniels and his his sales browser text in we turned down. We declined the ads in the army but the debit they are running not here but there are running on another station you run in saint helens yen. But. That's where we're expecting it's that's weren't quite that nice. That nice balance there but so anyway so world go right there. Nominee yet town. Although I'd like we go and I can be talked into it quickly and how much is it cost I don't know there therein lies the question. Yeah appeared comfortable experience is it going to be most. Busy strip club in pursue EST that's a 1990 do these shoulder to shoulder with other guy yen it's gonna be packed in by the way she's not gonna do half pianists. That. The you know the other gals who hurled drugged up well. The third tour what she did in video this bitter rug done. But the damage to a pulled now assuming there's no eggs form. Cover charge right. Gotta be. Ruled stormy. Anyway. To be here Thursday then abandoned Thursday that their promoted and other gives it its presidential gal now. Stormy Daniels. All right coming up next we do you John in here BK is the announcer said David mayors a word about it you in all seriousness it's been a rough couple of days for him. I'm John wraps it up next on him. My lonely. That this lead. Lesson at times of the week is John in here. Talk about the death of Robinson Cano down in John's phantom in Indiana in John stand up which I'm sure is is waffling. Mario might sports fans are very very very. Don't go there are giving him every time he to start this one listener points at the transition to being a Portland baseball fans to start cutting the cord now soon to be an easy transition. Well it's gonna take ten years to get it teams so I should rip that up right now that makes a lot. Well you hate nothing more then cheaters in baseball and not your best player a man you loved and adored. Is Jeter. Yeah I'll have to gut punch its ticket punch for a franchise that is tired of getting punched him again for sure usually. It's on the field craft businesses. This is different I'm I'm I'm disappointed for sure you know. I'm BI it bothers me for sure. There on how do you reconcile this when he comes back this will be back next year do you. But he knew you'd disagree Furman hoping hits fifty home runs in his more sauce stopping just as a gay kind. That path I. No I don't think you go that far at. You know I mean congress now for our Mercury it is it is big joy to watch him if baseball really years. And I will miss watching him play baseball and when he comes back I will like watching him play baseball again but what it does the just. You know it it paid the legacy you can never. You can never thought they. He was on the I have weekly you know and the thing is we'll never really know I heard you guys talking about it earlier. You know as we've been doing this for a decade these people who want to see tell the truth and you just never know. What we do know is he got popped for written it's disappointing and in. You know that will always follow him the rest of this trader that that kind of disappointing. So you hate. Alex Rodriguez you hate Barry Bonds' bat. Don't they Robin secure does is deliver critical of the big Fella. Oil and it looked as though you're gonna try to rile me up I I don't hate. Alex I part of why he would out her reasons he skipped the bears. I think he should be should be that the mayors that he's also a cheater. Part of the reason I hate bonds it's because want to cattle steroids for a decade and abused the gate I mean. He made a mockery out of the game and numbers that are held secret is that Robert decode it well. It's not Robin to connote good but they're all Jeter's that you could even with the same brush. And I I can't argue that though like Q you might as players they have speculative speculative way about them effective canal now. But but I'm clearly biased spin and I accept that. Does it mean anything that your three best players involved improper spirits. Well I just think it's interesting. Like I cannot be Gordon got pot preacher like I forgot that until today. And it's funny bit. The whole lot seat and he was like your big acquisitions they got him in the hall changed your position. And I don't remember it ever being mentioned not only by younger writers but quite national writers like it ever got bench it like we all forgot it. And I heard rocking picked up an interest being here earlier I talked about this. Maybe we just don't care anymore about it it it was never brought up again I forgot B Gordon got. I don't care about the only thing I think it sucks is un American as I don't have what my best hitters for eighty games in the close season ago. I don't care of. Right and that's in the and honestly that's what I'm that's what I or bad about that anything about that the bears would have made the playoffs this year but they have a good team. Right now he's a huge part of it is go to duke act. And repeated screws the whole team in maybe the whole year that that bothers me is dear Santa how more bothered than that then. I don't have the moral outrage that he took. I'm Matt in Egypt but it. I'm more debt as a baseball banned it are don't have Robin pick adultery. Do you root for the Jersey in the logo not that guy and it. And come on Johnny took more than masking agent let's be honest. Well like I can't eat that for you to decide which one to believe. It. It's sure it certainly looks that way and that would be. That would be avenue that makes most sense but it. We don't expect a little ways I'd love what John wants the moral offense and it becomes these guys love it. Allow I'm not trying to because I am. I am biased but baseball came out today and said they tested 1002. Weeks before that bill passed. And they tested in two weeks after the failed testicle of those currently. So what that means. Means that he was clean and then got popped because he got caught doing something in Major League Baseball only suspends. Basket ages when they have proof that you used it to cover up tests are clearly they did. Now the depth that's what I play is you can you can write for yourself. What he did indeed do all NATO is that he got popped it and that is supported visitor center and I'm upset about it. Where you can just look at the facts that you. I just told you track. But it looked the whole purpose of this for you that you're trying to you riled up because you know that this bothers me edit that. Though I can't defend them not making an argument I disagree with rock Eiffel bat that I lost. One of the best players on my team treaty into it when he comes back I will cheer for him and I hope he plays well. It at that base via surrogate Chris. I'm much spirited. Phil would you want okay so let's say piano comes bags and I'll give you know heating to sixty with 25 home runs the floor. I'll give you a super juice can know who hits 330. And it's forty bombs. Which would you want to. All too often noted 2001 Brit boot yeah cricket yes but you're still shouting him right. Well of course I know you want to you want the 330 guy with forty bonds hasn't. Of course you do absolutely. Think we've learned something new today about my brother. Yeah isn't what it's you know documents as much about steroids you need them. I used again aren't due out of moral outrage about steroids no but few white picket me he would Jeter yet. And good night we love. I love you too daughter. Any aids when anyone else gets guy he's exhausted but not his game I love this is gonna be like when Kansas goes down and the neatest thing except I'm going to be the same way back. Rational fans with the idea. Right silent giving John correct everybody's doing it that's one of my three favorite hobbies are feeling needle in my group he was clearly bothered OK we're back to mark hate Mario crystal balls can dinner show on Thursday. We're back tomorrow 37 on the thing tonight.