Primetime 5.15.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, May 15th
Reacting a bit to the Paul Allen stuff in the Ian Furness interview, NBA Lottery is today, and In the News!!

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. If you can find that time yeah. And you can sign this time and student yeah. Primetime revise against duke at home what they'll all journalists and I'll go. Think yeah. This is primetime. And I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here our eyes and Robin Jason singer Janet quit prime time on ten ADP. Yeah rose narrative. It's. Our cycles are seen in stereo we're available so. So I'm talking about this in a bead of Portland thing. And you know how the blazers. May be fit into that. Because of the blazers don't wanna the blaze on the timbers will nominee although it is very protective. Of of Portland that the blazers Brandon not wanting competition because let's gods there's not a ton of advertising or fortune 500 dollar you know companies. Two to spread that money or. I don't know. How much this matters. But it it needs to be mentioned with the MLB to Portland thing. The blazers are aid are an obstacle. How much of one again I don't know. But the blazers are definitely gonna fight that and so the timbers you know Merrick also as a heavy hitter he'll want to wants that so look that's it. That's something that. Not enough people are talking about but could mean it goes hand in hand. I with the theory did that. You know Paul Allen may be may be fed up with the new collective bargaining agreement in any can't keep up in this news super team environment and he's not as aggressive as he was. This just in the US how he's via the Seattle and any easy here any easy hero in doubt and fear he's not he should be a hero because I believe that without all out in the Portland TrailBlazer are no longer in Portland I think they're gone. Is we were not a built in of a building for them and and they would have gone somewhere else but he is not viewed that way entirety your guess under appreciation. I feel like he feels that end. I just he is he does not have a love affair with the city member of the whole thing about bankruptcy and I in the arena and NFL and that. So so would he if he if the rumors that I hear are true and Paul Allen sells the blazes I think the first thing needs to be said as. Hopefully somebody would come and keep it here in I think the NBA would want to well and I I think that's. To me that it's moving the blazes is the non starter. I just don't they win and now I'm not saying he would now. None and that's not no don't say pollen would not move the dogs in the NBA in general I think after what happened in Seattle they do not think the NBA will allow someone. To comment by the blazers and move them out of Portland I don't buy but I do think pollen could wipe his hands of Portland now in the team and get involved and bring in the Sonics back is he doesn't have to build an arena out there it's there it's there any could be that as as you said in any kind of back you up a final kinda legacy. Move you've saved the C archer ardea conquering hero and now you bring back the sign the Sonics. And as you've mentioned many times are you reading his book that is the team that made him fall in love with sports and basketball and so. That's the story went to use it pertains pollen in his legacy play but also the mayor here because you know Vera Katz just died. Fairly recently and you know it would to Justine is somebody said to me that. You know her funeral of course you're castles and she was mayor here back when they were trying to get MLB to port on the first time I was trying to get the Expos in of the internationals. But Vera Katz was very much a cheerleader for MLB to Portland. Her funeral. It's not about you know when they sit there and talk about her legacy it's not about her budget cuts or her. Or or the crime rates or the homeless. Count. It was about what she bill it was about what. Came under her watch right end. As it pertains to Paul Allen. You know. That's a big deal the Sonics could be coming back there's an arena now I have an opportunity I'm fed up in Portland I'm fed up with the DNC BA. This is my city they don't care about me down there F I wanna be involved in that because you know I'm getting older and I beat cancer twice. So legacy plays are a big deal and in so that goes back to you. Current politicians here MLB to Portland do you wanna help if that's a legacy play and you need a mayor who helps bring major. Basically symbolically through Major League Baseball. Make Portland a big time city. Because it's common whether people want to admit it or not this city in the next fifteen again look up and on the West Coast. There's not a lot of room for growth in your target major metropolitan areas except in Portland and it is going to be huge but how do you handle. The idea that you can also run the blue had to run the owner the blazers out you don't need that guy now. That's it that's it's adjusting their kids their timing is or is it sinks you said 20/20 five the lease is up. Yet I'm doing fine but wouldn't. Would it be a big deal if if Paul Allen sold in the teams stayed I think it is. I think it is a big deal because as you said pollen should be here down here he should be he. He has done more ending this is part of maybe his gripe is he. He built he's made the blazers route into the playoffs an awful lot yeah half and was it when he 22 straight years or whatever it was he did lie wasn't all him no but yet he built the arena and he should he just so. And he's so aloof he's kind heart he has really connected with the city like he hasn't Seattle but. And I think that's part of it too is I think two people in Seattle won you and you won a super or not obvious he's a big deal but. I keep US seat that. He saved the franchise and in Portland I don't think people view it. As as saving it and I also think that in Seattle he's one of their own and in Portland. We have such a a long weird history with the whole rivalry and and you know. Little brother Big Brother thing. That I I do think that a lot of people in Portland I've never felt like Paul Allen has really embraced the city of Portland always feel like he did he gets the he's an outsider that visits here. So if you lose him. You you even have a blazer stay you run the risk particularly if MLB comes here you run the risk of being just a small market team may be within ownership group that doesn't have deep pockets like him to be one of the richest guys in the world that luxury. You'll miss that when it's not absolutely right so then you start to be run like. I don't know. Gimme gimme at. A small market team and its crappy. That has ownership to can't you know that goes on the cheap and you know the whole wreaked. The did the best example of that right now is not in the NBA it's and it's in Major League Baseball and that's the Miami Marlins. I hate to supposedly the Marlins came in and and there are already in debt and the Marlins don't have the money to dig their way out of it right now I mean that's the easiest one to think about. Yeah it's not Dodgers beautifully years ago before they sold it to the current group would they have. So McCourt Africa McCourt. Couldn't penny couldn't paint it. Yes I alum and it's just it's gonna be fascinating to watch this MLB to Portland paying. And then how does that affect the blazers what do the blazers say about that what what did they do behind the scenes to. You know in in now whole thing at a final straw if we do get rightly baseball or pal Allan just on the says you know what screw this is right I'm with you I think measly baseball is coming. I think bed behind closed doors I think you have an agreement with a Major League Baseball. Get a ballpark built you piece of the team and where the city get some boards that are not I don't think that's gonna stop this group Baird on we asked him I think they obviously prefer. Did you party with the city because they wanted in in downtown but I think this group will find a way to get a stadium down whether it's Shearer or one of the other locations outside the city. And boy it sure sounds like it at least there's seems to be some some very strong lean means that Major League Baseball. Has all but said you get a ball are done you give yourself a team I think it's come what can be happening with. The CDC adding the city what they're not gonna get in the wind and so get on board yes just that you can't. Oh they do the city and you realize that you can't stop it. It's coming whether you wanted to or not why wouldn't you want it then in your city why would you why do you wanna be the one that pushes this. Out aggression morale 2221 of the suburbs so that's the other thing that critical events in the pressure will get to and they will go along with this and don't give cold in one of the downtown locations. Like I did little to I think it if you can't. Play that card yet like if you're Ted Wheeler and yet everybody breathing down your neck about all these. All these issues you can't just come out and be very cats and raw rock for me Libya's output because what happens is you only have. So much political capital right EUU so so what happens is is you say okay this is this is gonna be my thing it's gonna be in albeit I'm all for this. NN well everybody that's that's that's battling him on. On any of the other myriad of issues comes in says oh okay I see that you want Major League Baseball we can help you with that. But we want this so he only he he can't he's got I think he's kind of sit on his hands right now he's got to play equally with what political capital he does have. But they ultimately. When push comes to shove if Barents group. Has their ducks in a row. And Major League Baseball as we've come to understand is really behind this seeking get some I just don't think the city gets in the way I don't I don't but I just think right now. He can't just come out and be like super cheerleader right because it's just politics but when it happens it's a nice little legacy builder right or shore look at what idea but then when I helped usher but then does he is he the one that. You know then to the blazers say while he's horrible. And here's your legacy it's crappy be easy Rand Paul Allen Alley you know you know you can't make everyone happy all the time that that's Uga then that's an interesting dynamic in this whole. In this grand scheme of things not popular talk about how the blazers in the timbers now feel and how politically charged are they. Because their big players in this market they are. They're one of the reasons why we haven't seen any real development down there in the memorial coliseum and have been torn down. And were one of the blazer one of the reasons why we didn't have the stadium built. Down there at the Rose Garden for the minor league team back America also wanted to do it they could have been upgraded to a Major League Baseball stadium yet how much wheelbase clocks so anyway. I just some to think about coming up next we have the NBA. Draft lottery primer it won't take long. Nobody who will be the year at the start because every year there's there's a star they'll be a hot check every odd checker like a little kids will steal the show and then like explode councils of media. For sixteen on offense. It's against god Kennedy bill. And let's move on to something we're top 22 nights ago according to its activities. In the cavs and Celtics. And then it completely. And that's in the media. Like C a split here as we get real series. Woodley all but we also have the NBA draft lottery. And we find out when Boston will be added another lottery pick to their already ridiculous roster yes so couple things you need to know. Before we get to in the news one in the cavs and the Celtics. I just mentioned them their in the Eastern Conference finals in common they both have a lottery picks. Now. In all likelihood Boston won't end up with the lakers take this year. But just the idea that the cat ended the cavs and the Celtics. Have a chance at picking in the top five I know it's kind of crazy to think about the year in the Eastern Conference probable cause has been doing is Boston's been good in every year. Ends up Boston's last year in the end that would Jason Tatum. So the capsule probably pick in the lower half of the top ten so I mean that's that's a big deal for them Phoenix by the way the team most likely to get the number one overall pick they've got a 25% chance yes there's 64% chance to be in the top theory so it's Phoenix line at the grizzlies to. At 20%. The mavs in the hawks are each at about 14%. And then the measure leak. At 9% an ever. It seems to be fairly certain that the idea under eight in the dead center out of Arizona will go number one and then it's that other guy the blue colors that are rich. Did did easy easy European and people talk about him my keys the second coming he's well as Marvin badly too he's 66 guard. Yeah everybody it seems to be the big kid from Spain and then eight and every every one I've seen. Seems to have those guys going one and Taylor talked I was manager in Jolo about him when he was on just while one was that. During the dominant dad and IQ were you talked about that guy that. Was a kid from that don't teach yankees on peace Pennsylvania but he plays for real luxuries like seventeen years old these Jesus Christ and Tina. Older looking year but he's. I guess they say that Kate nobody's ever done the things that he's done at his age yet. People is he's delivery wowed by resent Mike adding I've seen Jerry Jackson junior don't above about realize and drafts to. The Michigan State Michigan State you know. You're right he. He just turned nineteen. Like they don't ago yes so anyway. You know I don't know how good of that. In other words like when you compare it to the node in Durant tied draft out of doing laid drafting and all these great dressed. I'd I don't night it doesn't seem to need to do country Aden please off wrong so as badly it's like. EC YB they're draft pop eyed guys mentally and looks the part I mean he's he does he looks like an absolute freak but around these guys are like. Yeah I'd say time is slam dunks there is the differences he said between B and a number one and number two overall pick from the thirty year I mean there is a different street a guy that comes and it changes the course of of a franchise than a decent player me. Number one last year was it was Marco faults but they'll be doing tea is good about Anthony Bennett that oh yeah in that swing and a myth is that Cleveland that was Cleveland. I Cleveland took a number one overall. And then they took Wiggins did in the trade wigand's furlough was Anthony Fenton emblem overall I know now I remember that when that happened it was like oh my guy who wickets. You awake as it was wasn't. Our guess is it any sort of franchise player far from it. Yes he did that he's good but he's not easily migrated adjacent Qaeda well you know who's number two and a Jack news Sony really get up there only the glow. I was deal deep blue grass you know people to go watch it's I know materialize and a big. Even guys that are good as I mentioned right Tatum Boston in a traded down and ended up which is dated just Tatum is gonna be really good. But is Jason Tatum gonna be some sort of you know transformative player. That they just alters the fate is that he's a solid players that no one no asylum in the heat he's awful good like some people think he's like their he's their best player. Ready to be eased Jason Tatum is. His trajectory everybody's talking about them. Simmons Simmons and rightly so Donovan Mitchell the boy. Don't forget about Jason him out but again is Jason Tatum gonna be a very good player or is Jason Tatum going to be. A guy that defines a friend says even like Anthony Davis right at the Davis that went number one if he Davis is ridiculous. But he hasn't he hasn't met in New Orleans. What do once in a generational player means where you you come in and instantly it it it changes everything in the entity that address was all depot to you. Otto Porter three. Cody Zeller foreign Alex land line that's the only saving grace for Cleveland is that drafts CJ attend at John assigns compose and he was fifteen I had sat so that it now oh yeah that's like when king. You know I. You look at that draft you're like me. Who else who else was obvious there as opposed to some drafts that you know you you look back on the alike yet you who flat out with Don that seat. Greg Oden. Kevin Durant so there is a thought that if the mavericks get tonight's get a win win the lottery tonight. The it was the ringer that threw this out that if the mavericks get a all cubes is gonna trade at. Yet BK is. You know the thought is Eitan skated bad these can this foreign kid there are abut. Now as wanna win now and they wanna win now player meeting in chip they can trade the number one pick interest. United NBA draft dot net has the blazers taking. There on the lottery anything but I now check in NASA trying to remember that the semis I was some foreign kids right. Yes some foreign guy all I can go SFG. They've taken their share those I ever remember legged as we talked about is like a month ago when I've I looked this up and it was. It was some power forward from Bosnia or something they have the blazers at 24 taking deep then sends CO or whatever it. Did did all of the kids that Villanova knew and although white boys are back from now the hero. Of the NCAA down with him defend the deep intends even Chen's he scrappy gym rat shooter yes after the blaze is loud and lowers his sneaky athletic center that racist tweets that it in Iran. Second it's. Features sports pants tight is better than grace Alex I've also seen mock drafts with the blazers have if taking grace now and and which duke which would you rather have probably do even ten ZJ Kennedy give me the kid that you can't pronounce of the Lenovo. Wants cores now. While the top three spots. In the NBA draft lottery would set will be decided by the old ping pong ball draw. And then four through the rest of the teams in the lottery are ranked by a worst records or remember they they've kind of changed it up. I'm here last couple years but the best odds tonight on the son's 25%. By the grizzlies at 20% match and hawks' 14% in the magic's 9% I think that gets underway next hour we'll keep you posted. On all that. But up next it's time for Jason it's 430 broke I'm ready in the news Kate I have two. Airline stories true to kick off the news for guessing they're not positive that ever okay well they may have solved the mystery of the Malaysian air flight. I saw this 370 but no one ever comes out with a breaking news is there an airline does great everyone happy and doesn't doesn't happen here's Mike. What buy tickets to go. All right still to come we're gonna hear about Lucas Glover his wife who's Lucas Glover he is seeing. Professional golfer who is his wife she's insane. And he won the US open in. Say 2009. And then. He has an affair with a Nike certain. And hasn't done in his life then divorces him. He goes to rehab. Depression and everything will now he's back in he's married in. Brigade golf firm. She. Is certified is this the same way for is this a different most of her life got in and you. What that that it wasn't certain on that this life. The other wife left him. He has this one should probably do some even as Weller may be he should do believe somebody later we of the top out at 525 minutes like on today the NBA draft lottery is tonight and got more on the warriors. In the rockets. But right now it is. And as at 435 days ago. May fifteenth 2080 to. And in their communities man two bits of airline news to kick off. This segment. First of which is they are claim mean. These in icy day experts yes. Are claiming that they have finally solve the mystery of the doomed Malaysian airlines flight that we can't find yet this is the number of years ago and it disappeared somewhere off the coast of Australia in the Indian Ocean. Yet so I think Eds this idea that they'd solve it is a little. It's headline grabbing but it's not true I think what they're basically just saying is look. We're done. Spending the money there's no other option is yet we've got we've laid out everything here is the prevailing theory and the prevailing theory is that's the one that's been. They are all along so I don't know why this is this really breaking news is that the prevailing theory is that if that was pilots it was. Yes yeah yes so they say that. To go through it. They were 239. People on that place and Malaysia airlines flight 370. And they're saying that they were all unconscious. An incapacitated. Because the pilot deliberately depressurized. Bid does that the the the plane to cap it and so did those people had no way of knowing. Did they were on what it of being like an hours long meandering path dipped to their death. And and whether he let the plane ran out of fuel and crashed where there he took it in to the ocean but this was the pilots who decided in murder. So. There are a lot of unanswered questions about that. In the by the way they haven't found the plane and probably never will they said I know they're never gonna. They say it isn't one of the most remote parts of the ocean on two occasions whoever losing control of the plane it was probably the only one awake. It tips the aircraft to the left now. The experts have a theory that the pilot was taking a final look. At his hometown. And I do that now grimmer think about it they're theory is everybody is passed out yeah. He's the only one he's he's the only one. A weight and he is gonna take the plane down so he dips the plane to the last which they know. Because. Doubtless he he that was his hometown that's where he grew up and he was taking one final gander at to. I guess wherever. And wherever and where he's from I think I did see the hometown but if you seen the search created. For where this potentially could be where they last. Saw the airplane. Vs. You know when they believe the plane went down or how much fuel they had left the search area for this is. It's astronomical. And there's. There's no possible way as a reason why they haven't done and they never win so that so they say that. This is guy and sixty minutes one of the key experts. Said that the captain dipped his wing to see and saying them confidence and equipment that's his hometown. If you look very carefully you can see it's actually returned to the left and then start. A long turned to the right. And then he does another left turn so I spent a long time thinking about what this could be what technical reason is there for this and after two months three months speaking about this I finally got the answer. Someone was looking out the wind up. It might be a long emotional goodbye or a short emotional goodbye to his hometown. So. Then it disappeared. Now the other unanswered question is. In and of course they know it crashed in this you know far southern Indian Ocean Mike said but they're also wondering why ain't. He kind of toggle back and forth between I'd difference. Flight paths yet like flight pass beds that were being monitored. And they say that he was a very experienced pilot yet nearly 20000 hours of flight experience and even built a flight simulator in his house he knew exactly what to do. So one of the biggest questions surrounding why was how could a modern aircraft tracked by radar and satellite simply disappear. Well at one point he flew near the border of Malaysia and Thailand Criss crossing into the airspace of bull. But neither country was like. Likely to see the plane as a threat because it was on the edge of their airspace. So bulls of the controllers aren't bothered about a mysterious aircraft because OK it's gone it's in their space now not in our state and north. I don't need to worry about it so they said he'd this is the theory casually that he calculating he knew that he was doing toppling back and forth. Throwing them both off of the trail. Question I have about this as there's really entered as what happened to the copa. Yeah kids because obviously they'd. I find it hard to believe they all went along with it so what TD due to incapacitate. The other people in the cockpit. Yeah his co pilot he had it doesn't saying they don't have a hearing and on if you don't find the black box will have no idea of you know what happened in. They they're saying that parts of that notion. That there had one definition of a needle in haystack that the search area as that of an entire continent. Worth of ocean and they're saying that some of the you know the depths of that. You know we can't even send any went down to look at it in the bottom results still it's good so even if it hit solid is a good chance that it's covered by the bottom of the ocean and this. So here's the other airline story remember the story about the old woman that unfortunately died after she got. Sucked out of the window yet part of this southwest flight engine blew cracked the window. And she got pulled out part of that way and in died from what blunt force trauma that has happened again. Hope it happen again Erica. This I did not see. Let's keep eleventh has had six what a jerk. The Sichuan airlines pilot was pulled half out of his plane on Monday after the windshield. On the Airbus a 319 broke. It's even notice that there seems to be a lot of planes like like windows Kirstie lately right let's now. I'm open I'm Gladys and in the aisle wasn't there another southwest had a window at a window break I really don't have died when I just like a couple maybe a week or two after the what with a lady dotted every. That I didn't see but apparently the window blew out and luckily no one died and were strapped in that I'm sitting on the aisle from now on. So nobody died in this emergency 119 passengers were onboard the flight. But to the pilots know he did not die. The captain told a business news the windshield made a loud noise when he shattered and it looked over to my side half of my co pilot's body was hanging out the window. Fortunately he was wearing a seatbelt. The incident happened at about 33000 feet in the year the aircraft depressurized the temperature of forty degrees below zero only help the situation was very critical. You think if you think so there's an injured flight attendant said the emergency happened while she was serving food. That was thrown into the air all people were shouting on board it was chaos we just tried our best to reassure the passengers and make everyone believe. Believe us that we can touched down safely there's not. It is see here people every dot com and everything is. By the way is there anything scarier on earth then being halfway sucked out of an airplane my god at 700 miles an hour and 30000 feet. It's unbelievable so I guess he was you know I guess what they said about the woman on the southwest flight was that the trauma because they were also that I am GAAP. The trauma of just the air and the wind gap to her head and get whipped around was enough to killer yeah that was not the case with this guy apparently he he made it out finding was he united seatbelt on zone and doing better. All rights to flesh wound and they say he's in normal condition and he's resting and down he just has sent a few scratches on his skin can media and maybe start taking a closer look at the windows windshields on these airplanes yet they did compare is is it is is it the same window manufacturers on the southwest flight. And the answer to that is no. Two different window manufacturers if you wonder if maybe there's you know something going on with the people that are installments at lawsuit. Here. All right. We knew none. And look machine here. Takes a second went to get to break. In nine days now. Counties something. I always have to tease though that it's all about the tea does he hasn't hit on a tease. What he does. Oh that the story. We have a homeless killer whale prop up your yes. Yeah. DOS in their home. Number. 00 I think my blood and I always I think it should be it. I think that was on us just. A look at that next book 44 on the stand. Where I Dickinson come on sanity out of for. NBA draft lottery coming out. We'll find out what the blazers won't take in the lottery. Well right now we're. In the news. We are talking hot airplane. News here and I looked up the search area for the Malaysian flight. And there are some experts understand that some debris a little piece washed up in Africa as they think may be based on the current there's some areas that where like in another. But the search area that it could be in. Is roughly the size of Australia. And in Australia is about three force the sides of the United States. So if you wanna think about how big your searching for and and parts the ocean that aero mile plus the that's the says see what you're you're talking about at this point and there's no more BT you're just. A year basically just flying over three forced the United States hoping that you encounter something that's. A mile or two miles deep in the long huge deal and you come in the desert. At the likes of baseball's found if we came back and win and yet so how long do you here's a question. How long do you. Look what I guess for the most part they're they're not look. I mean did that the government only no but how long do you look like a hot how long is appropriate to. To look for that this crash four years ago I spent a lot of money yet. Us they have out and from from different agencies different governments the United States is blown ships Warren. Look at that at this point you're just you're not doing anyone gets searching for you're just wasting time and resources. And I know it's Sox for the spam is they'll never get those bodies back in. And you never have a clear understanding of what exactly happened but. That's. And it's it's it's an impossible mission at this point. This is going to be one of those things like a hundred years from now. Some rich students get to be out on a yacht or whatever and he's gonna stumbled across something or Paul Allen or James Cameron will be down to the submarine. And they'll fight this thing that they have they have no idea what to. The end of the plane that went down the French. Alps we knew where that went down and it went down into the mountainous. And it's still took us like two years to fight. Through. Eddie pollen is the right not just gun it he finds everything else get a sub they just kind of start. News in the floor that is found some old. Warships out. But think about just the sheer size of that it needs find the Indianapolis as the one where the sharks in all the rooms yet human. But he found that I imagine he's eight OK from Chicago to the West Coast at. So in that area the top to bottom. Yeah anywhere and by the way could be two miles deep should go looking for that he's. It's an exercise in futility. Heated on the USS Indianapolis. Mission in 1932. Acted to reward you. This torpedoed. A Japanese. And that's the famous one minute word yeah quid from jaws tells the story about right how they went in into the sharks picked him off the course the next template and Emeka. Another movie about that too that was pretty popular where they're all just you know on the modern. They're saying my name is never knew that it is the Nike just try to survive and then they would huddled together at night and then they'd wake up in the morning and in their dispute a couple of them that we. We're. The golf. The Oceanic white tips though not great whites aren't yet. That that's with the ones that were coming in and grab in the news tonight in a lot of guys survived but every owners so those bros and I don't. But it was just made famous by the job speech to great speech in upon Allen. Here's a lot of cool stuff. What we got like seventeen billion dollars you get a deal you do cool stuff we can do anything exactly. They gave you were not checked by money I bet you'd be do you include things you're doing right now but I don't think I'd be doing. Is cool things allow that I really like what he'd loses money down I mean his businesses have not been now dead. But top. He has cool and it's actually fight James Cameron does is receptive. Explorers and I find it takes on Elon Musk. Okay we'll have to get to the homeless killer whale story tomorrow. Who knew that the homeless problem was that bad here in the northwest that now it's you know killer whales they do have a quick bigfoot sighting. Almost bigfoot is Lebanese or gay bigfoot or is gay homeless while you play you can make the case. That this could be. Gay bigfoot pictures. Still and expect quite frankly that I'm interested at this point this is a New Jersey in a way out in the woods in the New Jersey behind parents. That's where the Jersey devils because of double dip down. David is life. We didn't wanna shared aim. Spotted something they could not X hope. The woman claims she saw bigfoot. In hears it she said. Whatever this was it had literally. Leapt across the entire road. Is about sixty Tom. That's not a desk that's not necessarily big slit like a light colored hair kind of like you dear. But I'm like is certainly wasn't a deer because it had its legs escalated. And it almost looked like a ballerina leaping across the road commuted just betting against six foot woods Ben thank running around. Well hope. Mean if you look at for gay bigfoot yeah I mean what if you saw meets Israel and around the wits in the middle of the night I could shadowy figure. I think you missed an important if you're looking for gave big thing the ballerina. Some light on dad's nimble and little to be tele nimble or. It's doing to doing twirls and spins and whatnot and she says it was off road it. Yet near browns mills she says she saw the man and beast in the rearview mirror. Thought she's always been a skeptic but they'll know more them and eats up. Rob Lowe said now with his boys to find bigfoot. If Rob Lowe can't do with the help cheers to the residents have. Maybe was achieved with copper fox Tony nine tank Flynn is gone of these stories ever Haig does he Astor do you consider this credible. Good question. Ask the person to claim do I've seen gay big foot and she she sorry Hank asked the New Jersey representative. For the national bigfoot field research organization. What he'd done is he's legit. Player Eric is his name and what was his response. He says I do for a couple of reasons not only is an uncommon for somebody to report seeing it in their rearview mirror as she did. But also because they weren't out there looking for bigfoot they were just out enjoying a nice day out of the woods with a dog or willing out of the woods and then this happened. Which that make us. Yeah what exactly what did happen other than use something kinda running through some scraggly woods. Yeah Bayer but that ballerina make it. Well and summonses I don't quite frankly this is maybe the first reported sighting of the moderates. Of moderate. Sixth. I'm 636. Or that's not well maybe he's six feet but he has gigantic he worked all bigger than that. Mike's hairy right now what do we hadn't what might got to Ohio on Ambien but might and I was big get run into the woods maybe you'd think Mike was medium fly a fallen asleep for a sort of do you ever taken Ambien and stayed up you get tricky stuff. Yet what have you should just Mike's point is one of bigfoot is called bigfoot only because it has big feet. But I've read something else is being but the rest of it is small yet it's not. It's not just called to do it now to big baby. That is true. Hot every other every other story as he bet big cities like nine feet tall or those people are looking ingredients yet I did maybe this is this is it this is it. This is the first legit one this is medium full he's actually only sixteen he dances like what about it if there isn't crazy stories from those pine barons band ever announced and that's what's happening as were all the he'd. And we need to be looking straight ahead in May be then. We'd see more of never happens in the rearview mirror that that's what makes I'll hit you believe. Whatever but I don't think you see in the rearview mirrors exactly what. That's in his for May fifteenth. Coming up next we have the hunt cited but can you believe that. I can't birdied the hot that night hopefully with more good news revenue NFL owner Eli Manning and his memorabilia fraud lawsuit. Com. Robin sink you know that's the big news today directly hear what happened with him that's all next on the fan.