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Tuesday, May 15th
Hot 5 at 5, NBA Draft Lottery done, Kevin Durant is amazing.

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Private club hybrid club. I don't want to. Now this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best in local regional and national sports. Or classes mediocrity deserves applause Isaak rob miserable I had to get up at 4 o'clock this morning Jason's a candidate probably. Do prime time on ten ABC. I welcome back it is. The F 5 o'clock hour. There have been times in our history where this is being called deep power hours it yes. So it is no longer called that their fours not as powerful as it once was. But in week well at the door to Iowa and Paula what everyone's it's 5 o'clock hour I feel like when it was the power hour and added a little something to it now like by and let me give you a little boost to get used to be that Saddam. You know the the 5 o'clock hour was the biggest our you know because they're Betty gets up market five and a whistle blows in the Indy cars your home by six but now we traffic no one's home by six right in act like people leave later and later from worked on youth. I think the 6 o'clock hour used to be a non commute hour in. In in radio world it's our most listened to our now well let's just has were great well that's true oh when Clinton eighty know there's. I know for a fact that there are people on the there is a difference in people on the road now between six and seven vs ten music absent. So this is power error I don't know but you know it is the Ed powers our home we are going tune. Get after I can promise you that we get Iraqi on Tuesday. Because Elton Brand lives at the NBA draft any of the NBA draft lottery lines on the draft but it's a lottery draft lottery. Don't confuse people what the draft is today who. The blazers get for a reason Elton Brand is there for the 76ers. He's like a big sixers and massacre its idea that they love him I did not know that brand could deleted. Couldn't agree more analysts think of him as the clippers though he was so good. But he just. Other something about him that makes him to totally forgettable yeah yeah. Yeah it's like but he was really get it does but any yet some big knee issues it was never the same afterwards I think it was he gave his act gives an injury news. So I am anyway and we press on so we've got the NBA draft lottery going on a big blow to the manners which will discuss here to bet. Also. Much talk more about last night's. Kevin Durant fast. If the rest of the NBA just BP team. The Internet just about broke with people having a pity party for the rest of the NBA. So in the club is it easier than we think to confuse house pets are wild animals. I'm sorry I'm completely distracted now by Mick Gilbert. In a son of Dan Gilbert now we owner of the cat this is the same kid that a number of years ago. China to make fun of him until you know I'm not I've not seen it thinks I. Well there's there there's a little kit another look at. This is from the 2011 yeah this is the same kid same kid they had it and now he's back and he's grown up. Got a beard years but I think they're good luck charm doesn't viewers you're the number one. I don't know that I don't know but not. NBA draft but he's exactly yes to your point I think. There's something in. Just stopped to make fun of him that's all Wednesday to stuff but he gees. These guys rise and can dig rise up no need to practice. Radical candor at the moment. Is it easier than we think to confuse house that's from wild animals this will be an expose a in the club tonight at the essay question by the way is no except for this dumb ass and we were talking about the scams. To go fund mean page scams that are happening yet. There is a new email scam and how they are getting mostly men on business but this is diabolical. He really doesn't just involve sex that's really all you need did you get any sort of man is not a bad guess if you ever seen dateline NBC hit it. They were they were open those guys left and right. We get we do things he showing up to like some fourteen year old house with some sandwiches right now though let's get to the hot 55. Odd topics and opinions or. Our ebitda and are there. It's time for the odd hybrid club smoke pot yeah I'm pockets of good enough. Isaac and soon. I'm refreshed by frost brewed chorus line. Download the reward happened starter in points towards one of the kind experiences game tickets and rewards. Guess that's a good evening times its anchor. Gilbert skidded to Cleveland the cavs owner again why is he where they would that's a thing now like a book isn't really. Think that the guy's got a word of Warren wouldn't let those guys puzzle pieces okay. But Eli Manning the giants quarterback has settled his memorabilia of fraud lawsuit this is interesting. Which basically means that he indeed was selling fake memorabilia. You Danny you when it's also doesn't could be the highest paid athlete in NFL history somehow was it was needy this cell. Knock off merge yet he got caught it at. Oops so what happened was they had a deal with the memorabilia. Company. Where Eli Manning to give them game news stuff but I guess he like many wanted to keep his gave you stuff so they came up with that is my dad is given this and tellem it was Warren give helmet rough it up a little bit and it does give born so they were getting ready to pick the jury this is going to trial. In all of a sudden it was nice to be rich yeah it was all going away magically goes away details of the settlement have not been. Anyway many McLean. We know. And how many can say this simple logic and often loud because it's needed it to go Landon needed trashy trashy and I'm just trying to. Had to move on and an eight and play Michael Finley representing announced he looks old. That make you feel that Michael Finley's up there and he looks like that yeah every now when you see someone like that you know does it for me is doctor. Yeah yeah when I see doctor. I'd David tepper is about to be in new NFL owner pending the other owners approval which is expected to happen he currently owns 5% of the Steelers. And of course he left his sell their shares the once he does. You'll pay a record price for NFL franchise at 2.2. Billion dollars to save some middle of the road franchise in a fairly small market is worth 2.2 billion dollars. Well actually they were valued at 2.3 at a steel deal. If you imagine what. One of the marquee franchises which sell for. This either sell for what cowboys beat the most well that's I don't even wanna know what that ten billion. Because not only do you get the cowboys beat give the stadium to get the practice facility right all that stuff. So why that would give David tepper is a hedge fund manager worth over eleven billion he plans to model is operation after the mighty Steelers he has no plans to move the teams everybody in Charlotte's creating easier. He also once called Donald Trump a demented narcissistic Stanback as a there's active too easily you became ridiculous answers from the Santa David tapper look at her. John Jake Tapper David tapper Jake Tapper of CNN. Is worth thirteen billion dollars NBA draft lottery is tonight as suns have the best odds to number one pick Tony 5% that's followed by the Memphis Grizzlies 20%. Dallas Mavericks in Atlanta Hawks and around 14%. So the top three picks are selected by the ping pong ball dropped out and then four through the end of the lottery urges worst record on. The teams that are bad that you. You're guaranteed to pick no worse than. Think the teams that are really get that are really. But Denver is in the lottery in they have eight point 1% chance of getting an of 15. Ten games over 500 worst. I guess that that that the longest odds get the best team. To end of getting to getting the deployment of the blazers when they got noted that they yeah that was a big shocker it was a show. Sports gambling is set to begin in New Jersey this month. It will be a historic Memorial Day weekend on the Jersey Shore where Mike's from two of the Jersey was his wave you through this is waiting to pound and I have been to this place many a time and it. Is it is it just a racetrack if the horse racing track in and this is literally like ten minutes from my aunt and uncles or how sweet it. It's called Monmouth park racetrack and they've spent 2.5 million dollars over the years getting ready to open the William Hill sports book. So on May 28 just a couple of weeks bidding begins in patrons will be able to. I bet on the exact same stuff that you can have the you can bet on in Vegas including the NBA finals other states moving quickly after the Supreme Court decision and yesterday. Delaware governor he says that full blown sports wagering could be in their casinos as he ended June 5. And then in Mississippi they plan to have an up and running at their tracks in casinos in time. For this upcoming football season tip of the iceberg man that's in its government everywhere intense it's three month London free money for people. And a number one is. Mayor in a news and are not good mariners. Second baseman Robby can no Robinson you know who is already. And a broken hand he was suspended eighty games without pay by Major League Baseball for testing positive for a. Banned substance yes it was a masking agent who's. Something used obviously to cover up use. And can no claims that it was unbeknownst to him that he took it prescribed by doctor in the Dominican Republic. But this doesn't hold water. Basically baseball under and this is on the by the way that I did know his wife and a couple things today about the music based on drug policy. So they don't immediately suspend for masking agents. I guess mainly baseball says that if you get caught with a masking agent they investigated there will be suspended you they can prove your intent. This happened in the offseason Macy baseball investigated. Can no appeal he dropped the appeal because basically based. All apparently. As evidence obviously on his intent to use this is a masking agent otherwise they wouldn't have suspended him so his whole. BS statement here is is out the window it doesn't hold water teas body games and the policies that yes and he that's the big thing is while one he forfeits about twelve million dollars by half of the salary gap. But to UI he was gonna come back from that hand injury. Albeit later in the season but he cannot play in the post season started and MLB rules yes even though he comes back in mid August even if the mayors are still in contention he's out and got us I didn't know that they either but I guess that happened in what 20142015. When they toughened. The does suspensions up to eighty games for the first offense they did include that as well isn't that Melky Cabrera. Of the giants whose whose Qichen but yeah in the name popped him and then he was leading the league in India eight he had been it will on the giants are a good idea. But he couldn't. He could implant the policy in the policies of the mayor is currently have the fifth best record in the American League big bloated them. Talk more about that coming up next the hot by the five is refreshed by prospered course like download course likes new rewards at the start earning points or is wanted to kind experiences Ing game tickets. Also as a topic that pertains to Kevin Durant this will be how you will die. All right it's important safety tip that's coming up as well here. On the. I think in the zoo. Could get him a draft lottery. Remember the sixers get the lakers pick them. If it's number one or ten to thirteen let's not ten through thirteen we know that. Boston gets the lakers pay if it's two or three. And did trade keeps its pay if its top three. A which it isn't. Note and I I think Val was ten which is why it's as sixers at ten right there oh I Suu Kyi mean yeah it was art that's why there's two clip. Lost there are kept the pick that they might yet lost the rights of the clip a decent so they are through. Fourteen to four Denver OPEC fourteenth that's. Not as Prez now other clippers picked thirteenth and twelfth hornets eleven to an end yet says sixers at ten. So that means delays sixers officially get the lakers first round pick yet number ten so we're down to three it's gonna be Phoenix Atlanta and Sacramento in the top three Sacramento is the one who entered the top three I was not they're not those the other dealer who of the kings get Mikey so that will be the top three we just don't know the order of that yet so I mean. Talked to pick is nice and you know Philadelphia a's if Marco faults ends up actually doing anything in yet another top ten pick to an already talented roster. It could be a again just at another inch Justine in a couple of years here with Philadelphia and Boston is Boston comes back at full strength and adds carrier meaning Gordon Hayward to the makes cavs got the eighth pick and they went to brakes will keep get keep it close on that stars Robinson Cano goes. You know I don't. This is so weird because. First of all the stigma of getting popped for performance enhancing drugs is gone but it doesn't seem like anyone really cares. Such a scene like Nelson Cruz has been popped yeah cruises older than Robby can no idea Jordan. Yeah bogey Gordon to be what we shall we say the second or third best players this year for the Seattle Mariners and no one seems to mind. That Nelson Cruz and and anti Gordon but. Neither one of those guys on the cruise you know as they canosa Hollis chamber. I can knows that he is on a different level neither one of those guys. It shouldn't like think about that team ten years ago Seattle fans are gone crazy that they brought those three guys now the holes are at stake now everything. It just doesn't seem especially with the Dominican of other guys from his neck and you know it's just. We just don't we don't care it's like you just serve here. Serve your time. And come back and hopefully you hit forty bombs and then we everyone kind of judges when it's when it's not your guy and we get all high and mighty blow it. You know mariner fan has every right to BP as to mean this really does kind of rain out their season and it's and it's a nice season like that the bears are legitimate you know contenders. You know you and you make an argument top sixteen. You know in in the American League but certainly in playoff contention. You just us your best player for eighty games and the rest of the postseason so. Like canola Betsy will be embraced back by the by the fans the distance is the fact that this absolutely tanks what was a pretty promising Seattle Mariners season. He and it's nice to me text and he can text bent excellent iPod through five. You know won't be able able to play in the post season and now he said none of the Mariners combine the post season. Touche I mean look the AL is stacked up let's be honest the jails that they're gonna it's it's. Well there's a long way to go but you know you really your only chance. Is may be to get wanted to negated that wild card game. Against the angels are the loser of the reds and Red Sox yankees but Manny got to keep up with some damn good teams you do with it probably not go to the playoffs is a tough division but still it's. Is that you know that a lot of people down if you're Robinson Cano and then to come out and do the horse bleep. But excuse. That you didn't know when it was it was prescribed by doctor and it's a masking agent but you were taken if for something else in your very vague and that doesn't hold water. That's that's the other part two that's insulting our intelligence. When you come up with some sort horse crap excuse for it SO he's been in the league now for fourteen years. Age 22 to 35 and he has played. And his first couple years he missed some games. But since 2007 on he's played a 115100. To 560 games a year and has made what eight all search teams you know apple gloves insistently yet he is a she. Or fire hall of famers asked the question I know you know the whole legacy thing may be people don't care. But it does Robinson out Robinson Cano getting into the hall of fame now or does this caught him like Palmeiro. Is one of a handful of guys ever to have 3000 hits 500 home runs and yet ruffled Raphael Palmer will never get it. Robbins a kiddo is a hall of Famer Bo because of this do we taint everything that he's ever done. Because the word kind of out of the steroid era it's forgive or forget it and and you know can no will not face seems sort of scrutiny did Sosa or bonds McGwire. Guys like that face state. They he definitely will not face the scrutiny of those guys you just want we just changed our it changed your view on a rover we've we've gotten our. You know we've had our pitchforks out there I had a pound of flesh and a and it's it's just we moved on I just wonder how much. Has he not run route as a Canas obviously taking a masking agent to. Hyde performance enhancing drugs and basically is just proof that otherwise they would suspect I just wonder how much of him being good. Is attributed in good consistently good and consistently healthy can be contributed to this like is this. Did he slip up for the first time in fourteen years and finally get caught he's been dismissal time or because he's older. Is he just trying to yesterday on the field you start doing it is 33 year 32 because he fell yes I slipped and I think those are two different things and how we view him differently based on that it will not that ever will never know but. I just understand why guys. As good as him would risk that mean did he cost himself twelve million dollars. I'd get a marginal player who's likely I had nothing to lose I can't get a job in league anyway. I understand that I understand that. Actually understand why any guy. Would try to get an edge or try to do what it takes it even if it's a push in the amble up to stay on the field I understand these guys are highly competitive there's a lot of money at stake. But when you're that negated. In your making 24 million dollars a year it seems to me the risk reward would not be worth. Unless you feel that is if it's a pride thing. Your use you've been good let's let's go under the assumption was taken nose clean to at least 32 U 3132 years old. And then like every other 32 year old athlete. Start to go downhill start to be you know it's harder stay in shape bat speed slows down a little bit you know more a kind of aches and pains and you take something because. You don't want to admit that it's coming to an end you don't wanna admit the you're not the same player at 35 the U worth thirty wonder or 29. And then that comes into play to that you've got a lot of guys that wanna stay on the field and ego wise don't wanna see you dare statistics drop. You know you've been good at something about if you if you Robinson you know has been the best at at at claim baseball. Since he was probably five years old. That he is Vince personally that is a hard thing delay go. When you're still in your early thirties and I think that that comes to play for some guys so many text and Michael not a yankees an ex yankees get in popped. She's not being. Held up well I think it's leisure to get that stuff in New York that it is in Milwaukee but like. Is anybody surprised by that some of the biggest names attached to steroids played for the Yankees across the last decade and a half. Well why do you think the other thing that comes into play here isn't the New York thing that I think it's Latin America you know and and some people have claimed that this is is racist and you know it's it's an educational program is language barrier. And the reality of it is is this it's it's not illegal in those countries any and it's been you did music and go to the Dominican Republic for your. I effort not Ireland but my sister while you can walk into any pharmacy. You are in any beer in Mexico and Venezuela. I would go to Venezuela right now. You lived that whole revolution being going on but you go to any Latin American country that you want and you can walk in your neighborhood corner store and you can buy any office. And I I do think that it and a lot of those places the stigma around is not this has the same. As it is in Major League Baseball what amazes me is how many guys can't figure it out you do have to come back to Major League Baseball drug testing. But to me at this point you can't ignore the fact at least from a cultural standpoint it just isn't the same deal. In Latin American countries it is the United States where this is viewed as like a controlled like like extra one drug viewed as the same way we view here winning cocaine. OK so. NBA draft lottery sets. The number one pick goes to Phoenix. As. Were the objects and Mickey for Phoenix worked. Number two pick. Goes to Sacramento. And they were supposed to be in that the draft heard that the top three they're the ones that they climbed up right. It never jumped in there at least the fourth or fifth team in terms of positive that operate as they did they really tanked they just kinda sucked yeah. Ranked. Then the third pick goes to Atlanta. Who can't think they did DNA pretty much tanked yet the Memphis gets the floor they're disappointed because they had the second asides and give them one so and they certainly tanked. And then the five goes fuel. Dallas. And they also tank. So what you're saying is take keen works delegates are higher draft is just usher said then I didn't see who got six. I'm still pieces to get a Chicago is seven Cleveland saint Nick's ninth in in the sixers do get the lakers pick. Because that is ten so so Phoenix has wide Cleveland and Cleveland and Philly. Two very good playoff teams. In the top ten of Phoenix has what Josh Jackson and it's. Loser you out Booker and now Welker probably. Eight. Yeah. Does that tickle yeah yeah yeah. I mean. Yeah maybe one more year of taking it to fit that added another top three to this. Yeah 88 and a pole like a a bids it was just sit out for your look at nondescript like back injury. It is sit down for a year let's continue to be terrible at one more piece to this I think the interesting team is. Is is Sacramento. I mean you know so that I probably take the Don such dire it. Yes because they're number two they're that's their project team yes he's the kid from Slovenian box than they have like a big year he wasn't there it goes. I think that he was thinking is very average volleys nine the bogey healed healed. Well he can shoot. In a meeting now they're nevermind their neck nevermind Papa. Wrong. Didn't guard them different meats in the third game right. Lot of kids boy thoughts are right mom. Where were re okay let's let's move onto Kevin Durant this just in he's get. The lawyers 10 lead on the rockets. And business about it. Yet they collectively make NBA fans everywhere their hearts were smashed they Wear those believed it in Houston was gonna be the want to give the rest of the NBA hope. The like they did that the warriors weren't invincible and then the span of one game and by the way the series is an old. I knew I almost every night it was a close competitive game series overdid. Things ever I was like well god nothing we can do now throw our hands no give me gold has stayed there invincible when they arguments in there get them with Kevin Durant nobody can beat them there 25 and three in the post season which Iran went with Kevin Durant 45 and three cents a broad but it seemed pointed if you could direct I had never gone there. The NBA is a lot more competitive the NBA's a lot more agers seemed you had Kevin Durant already the best team in the NBA and you know you you've got something entirely different like if if Kevin Durant isn't there last year or do is do they beat Cleveland. Not certain if they don't have Kevin Durant they beat the rocket this year again not certain with Kevin Durant. There does seem to be a bit of inevitability. That did the idea they're gonna win another title. And then like and their young girl under 32 year point the warriors before they got to rant. They lost to Cleveland. In seven games Oklahoma City took them to seven games up but now they've gone to rant. It's just nobody's touching them it be be like. You know what that the only the only thing that could rival that. Would be this hot season if LeBron goes to used Houston. Right in any event. Do you think she's indeed yes I think if you add LeBron to Houston I think they hate they went you know the thing I had trouble I was looking at as trying to look for some stats today. So during its record at least that the warriors in the playoffs is when he five and three and assume you know a lot of time in Oklahoma city's Cuba. You know with leg. Major League Baseball. Players are what's the seas like NFL quarterbacks. Is better example. We know what Tom Brady's career record spreads its team game but. We always equate wilder you know 129 in 63 wood or what yeah. They do I am having the hardest time finding netstat for the studs. Of the NBA elect I was trying to look at Jordan's winning percentage in the class jordans jordans record. In the class CP he played in them like a 179. Left games I think LeBron has now passed nice nearing the ladies over 200 now. And those stats are really hard to find career playoff records. Of NBA players. I'm because I wanted to compare that I debts that is 25 and three. Is unbelievable it's pretty get NS and it's like. And I think this is maybe the this is the run here when they wiped. The slate clean of Houston and get them out of their way think of think of how old lame in the finals are going to be. If they if they're gonna do this season. Think of how lame the finals you know we're not right not peace and yet but I mean I am they're not going to be Gomes and you're a short handed Boston this version of count. Owners on so I think this is finally the realization what what here eluding to his people finally have in the realization that yeah. You know we thought maybe regular season he's usually dead this special with the Yad now now nothing is a special is what the winners have it's an all time team. I heard. And dirt and Sprague debating whether they would beat the said that showtime lakers in there in that category and I think people are ready starting to realize that the not to get touched. Well if you win three or four you are year in your rarefied air should have forced radiation or if it drew in my green doesn't get suspended they probably do win did give four in a row. And then year you really are talking about something special boy yeah I this this belongs in a conversation with some of the best teams that we've seen. And you you look at it. It was already a special team before that was the best team in the NBA knew that the second best player on it now so same thing. The only thing I could top this is LeBron the best player in the NBA going to the best regular season teams not the best team now. Going to Houston yes indeed the equivalent and I still a baby toward that it would be allowed more edgy. Be allowed gorgeous and deceit and vehemently and I hope Houston I still think he's seeking give them a run for their money James Harden was fantastic last night. No one else on use and really played a particularly good game. Chris Paul was okay but don't know shot the ball well. And yet at ace they shot. They they hit the same number three is gold status so if you go to Houston before the game and say hey man you're gonna hit the same numbers of the name that same number of threes is them. Pardons gonna have 41 you're gonna shoot 46%. You should be in the game what do you think now. Who are likely chance like and they lost by double these are just not they work they got kinda close towards the end. Did anybody think the rockets were gonna come back when that game much in the second half now first half was great but the second half it's just warriors you're too good in a thing about it is. Is this Houston team was built to stop to rent. It was built to stop the warriors. And they threw six guys determined to ram last night might yet direct shot thirteen times on iso plays thirteen times six different defenders he went ten of Tony ten of thirteen. And one turn over but it it. This is the team built to stop him and they can do nothing to stop him now it wasn't even close Kevin Durant is that good. You know wonder if we don't appreciate Durant enough or forgetting keep just grinding grinding griped and until he dies. Then he jumped to the lawyers but at what point we just going to call him one of the most entertaining. Athletes. That were watching today. And give him a lob that he deserves her being great. Well it because there's this notion that they didn't need Kevin Durant when in reality when last year's finals and this year in the playoffs. Everyone's realizing that they really did need Kevin direct they're pretty close that they'd say they need they needed Kevin Durant he's made the different strain dispute a nice championship team. That won a title or two and potentially being something that dominates the MBA yeah. For years to come and I fixed that curry is the oldest one in the east thirty years old. Four or five more years of this if they want. And if they're willing to pay the the pay the freight but they. I hate to do this town because I'm not saying that he's better than LeBron James. But I think last year in the finals there was a little bit this guy. Kevin Durant the best player in this series and that includes the brawn James. The first time I remember hearing people say that someone could be better of LeBron and a decade. And if they find a way to meet the finals again in Kevin Durant doesn't to them again any whale. I think that's gonna be the one where people kind of take a step back but already out of this is deaf Curry's team anymore Seth Curry is a two time MVP. Arguably the greatest shooter in NBA history and I think when you dig a goal say it's no longer staff curry. It is Kevin Durant sit currently Renault I think is appreciated for what he means Google's say words because of cat. What Kevin Durant has done. Yeah text 55305. On to get some of your hot takes on this. There was a tweet last night and enjoyed it it was by AM. So getting Kato. Kelvin Cato Cato Caitlin Kelly kid like that the former passport Naimi. Is he was he was a setter for Betty let's K okay. I don't follow him on Twitter but. You know what I do you follow you look they're Kato Kaelin yeah yeah or at least what I did it may not content it could be it could be like a parity count. Well anyway whoever this kid a guy was treated if you're locked in a gym with Kevin Durant. And you have to stop him once and do you guy in education. I just punch him for a and that the answer is yes probably Diana getting the rules are you just have to play regular defense he can't do anything out now. Casilla I said regular NBA regular NBA rules is he's little and I feel like if I hit him really hard he'd go down and would get back up for awhile. Well what are your chances we'll listen in on what ever want to thank immigrants little. Yeah he weighs like 180 pounds the seventy tunnel panders to has had he's very he's eased thinly built I don't know that I'd call him little yes he is thin and another these little. But I EI Nyhan a gem yes ever when he has. What are you supposed to do what did you CEO penis is your primary elements that's I don't know literally can't hit a hundred out of a hundred and he he has. He is one of the more unique players to ever. Roll through the MB yet he's like as a mini Texan said damn yet he's boring. I'm Katie scraped and I exciting infected a born yeah I don't. Think at all IIIC. Jordan and watch him. He certainly I mean and not not with like then. Spectacular dunks itself but just did the style of game there's an all of it range game and people have no way for a reason direct. Gifts this this label as he's just to score Kevin Durant is an all around player he's eight vastly underrated defender he's become a really good rebounder for his position. But there was the sense equity came in the NBA that all he could do was score that is the case anymore Kevin Durant is a well rounded player. And is a gall darn unicorn. Tee to meet when I watch Kevin Durant I ACA more offensively gifted Kevin RI Kevin Garnett. He's the only other guy that I can remember being this nice. It's athletic they can handle the ball they can play defense could rebound he's a big ticket but he's a much better scorer Ben Ben Kevin Garnett ever wants. Mean it's that he is he is beyond unique. Emily Emma get Samie taxpayers dimensional and get to those. Coming up next 547 on the fan. Revising its products. Authentic side by side through fives talking about so appreciating Kevin Durant and a lot of people hate pro Kevin Durant and for example. Get a guy here he says beaten. He says you know during an amazing player I'm old so I can be acting like announcement on guy it's the fake Twitter account type stuff that makes him unlikable. You have to like the guy a bit plus he has a little of that entitled eight U player in name only praise or Izzy goes fractured great great player but he had. Hard and it Westbrook. And he didn't make doubt work clothes going to minority Greek team also turned a lot of people lot personally I'd go old school defense on him and beat him not. Today's players hate that. He is can't. Need to do though like he is so no you can't rough month. Mean you can try that every Kevin Durant is is is closed on guard bull they have those guys. James Harden is is there's no one in the and getting guardians are one on one. But Kevin Durant he's unique in the fact the seven foot he can put the ball on the or meet the deacons shoot from anywhere and he's got a mid range game and there's really not a whole lot you can do against Kevin Durant and he is a well rounded player he is a good defender he is a very good in a rebound there isn't a whole lot of weaknesses in his game and we've assault last year. LeBron James cannot guard him. This version of the broad. Ron from from a handful of years ago would have been a great cover on them but this version of the broad authority whatever. 33. Ish LeBron cannot guard one on one Kevin Durant can't do it. Couple of others Katie boring that's BS gold stayed the finest team to watch by far. In anger at that. Allen says he's a bomb of course he looks amazing when he plays look really is the Louise played wed if LeBron was on the lawyers. He would be way more dominating than KAD could ever dream. Well being LeBron James is a better players in Kevin Durant making that argument that. If if you wanna argue the bronze green is you just take any player in flip him with LeBron and don't have the cavaliers where LeBron has an SO popular San flip flip Kevin Durant to Cleveland. And the cavs aren't. Well the yeah aren't in these final Kevin Durant is a phenomenal player but he's not LeBron James the no arguing that the big Kevin Durant was up is a better player than LeBron James. The bronze in the conversation for the greatest of all time to rate isn't there but it doesn't mean that to rat right now isn't the second or third best player and probably with white gold see is doing the most important player on that team. In anonymity said bring it up to the blazers could've had him and is an aunt up. And the other yes as you go to pitifully could have put I don't think people thought that he everyone knew that he would be a scoring. Champion I don't think people realize that he would round into this kind of player well. Here's the way I think blazer and should view that just think about this or dismayed this may help you feel better. That if you've got Kevin Durant. He probably would have left. For the lawyers who have the best team was anyway if you didn't put so it's more heartache. That way then just not drafted and yet shot with Oden. You know I mean I think that way even though we don't know if that's true it still wouldn't have to ready prime literature art just like he ripped Oklahoma city's heart am left for the best team. As is I even if you drafted anyone that you wouldn't want any specific about that. Serious they had. And I'm Thai and Oklahoma City they had gold stayed down 31 can couldn't close it out. And it changed the course in the NBA for Africa's Kevin Durant and upping Golden State. This thing may not have an end the voting policy that can happen to Goldstein right now is the owner refusing to pay. 300 million dollars year to keep this team together which is what it's gonna cost in luxury taxes these guys continue to reside that's the only and that's gonna stop Golden State seemingly. Maybe Boston I don't. Boston you know gets this roster together in and you get carrier every backing Gordon Hayward and or some of the rom is a Boston may be able to make a play for quite let hurt. Some out packaging you know a young player and and carrier reader peck and try dad quite Leonard's to that mix. He's tainted his legacy when he chose the easy lay out the it's just a crap story nothing cool about it and he just. I think that'll fade I think got a lot of people are pissed about that right now but I think that'll thing to say that about LeBron when he took when he went down to Miami absolutely and and guess what it faded yeah does anyone say that about LeBron now that somehow retained his legacy that he went to Miami wins to. As the saying a few titles at dated and it won't fade into Iran as well now you did fines. When percentage stats did it how did you do that public forever. Otherwise it looked up Michael Jordan career playoff record. And and I've found like maybe the fourth or fifth when down now they are kind this is clearly a Michael Jordan a slanted piece because they do eliminate. A couple of seasons where where Michael was coming back from the into the retirement. So they're there they're saying that this is in in. Seasons where he played the majority of because in those two did the comeback year. You know they lost they got doused I think by Orlando in the in the play house when Michael played a handful of games and came back. From retirement. Sort. It if you wanna throw that out Jordan was a 114 and 54 in the playoffs. It's of a 68% win percentage in the bronze it about that same win percentage gather their really close. So wonderland like like Bill Russell is. You know all those showtime lakers I just I switched that's that was more. Won easily accessible and to. More common yeah we delivering to think about that but to put that in perspective Kevin Durant with the warriors win percentage playoffs. 89% yet. And and who knows they've only lost three times and they're and they keep Roland who knows that this and that being a series are not. Giving about Jordan is you know. I think people. Forget how good Michael was I really do and you know they're gonna do this this year's. I I just I really do you think that there are people that. The further you get away from Jabbar the further you get away from magic from bird from Jordan. It's it's always easy to crowned the next great thing and I'm not trying to deny the bronze greatness. That our goal all go to my grave saying that the Jordan never faced a game seven in any of the finals he was six for six. And never got to a game seven never faced elimination in any finals. He was. Dominique onion is reason lies best player in the game yes mean he's let his sense is best player ever so was an absolute assassin. Complete package I Getty didn't have the physical. Skill set that LeBron does. Aegis at least from from in my mind you can't convince him there's someone better in their release about the 23. All right coming up next is the club is it really that hard. To decipher between our pets and wild animals really shouldn't be easily got several stories on this different and that's where we'll kick up club next on the fan.