Primetime 5.23.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, May 23rd
Ruben Foster is off the hook, Lenny Dykstra is still crazy, IN THE NEWS!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. If you can find that time. And you can time the time to spin your actual yeah primetime retires against you. At home when bill ball early and I'll go. Think yeah yeah this is prime time and I didn't. Know. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here are rising Robinson since a candidate quit trying to I'm Jan Brady. Bremer plan wounded today begins. We've got nothing from Mike Lynch and now he's in there chatting with masters Pete who's visiting the broadcast it 'cause the death metal discussion going and everything you. Investors feet. And I saw him. Diaz junior owns. Our challenges and best he's in there yeah is this Clooney's later our if he's down with the removal sperm and Britain's diplomats is pizza a small guy so I don't know if he's used to be in the little spoon while he's going to be smaller the mayor's office record at the parent well and it's fun to be the little spin in your begat we press on with outlines aegis and there is watching baseball targeted. Now record that displayed as a podcast later guaranteed a the pizza pizza hot sports takes you want you know his hottest and I can I say your hottest sports that you're dot net now masters Pete is a big get ducks. Yeah I did the duck can't but he's he's a basketball coach longtime basketball coach knows the game of basketball. He. Hates. Dana all he hates the brush not a fan. That doesn't think he's kid is that off the court he wants him out note. Note that finally able that's afford I do it for you masters people Sina. He shaking his head no no he he's defiant he's IQ and he will not back down confidence and maybe you. We can bring him in here and he can explain it seal although I might get in trouble as we are now the home of the ducks I would love the year. I guess if they'd be off the court stuff without bothers you like some of that stuff down into the character okay then I would love to hear one of uptick opens appeared organ where you don't think it's good enough they he's got he's got a hoping that let's leave that alleviate the final fours. And they make the turn it last year those bones. While pay us so will will maybe get to that in a bit used game for the whole show. Yeah he'll be here for months now. Give him in here. Delegates in a story that Sports Illustrated posted them and I didn't notice I think neither this so I just today came as a revelation to me and misses the the FBI case against college basketball of course against USOC the USC assistant obamas gave what all her own. Yeah amongst others in this major is involved the US are indeed is grassroots basketball I was suppose we Sean Miller that case. Well there's something called the Brady rule. Which you don't need to go into but it basically requires the prosecution in this case. To supply the defense with evidence that's favorable to the accused yeah they have to they have to. Give me everything is turning over in that report. There is mention of a guy named Jeff and I Jeff De'Angelo that's his name. And he was the lead agent he was the lead FBI agent on the case and he may have the fall in the same fate of the college basketball coaches he was the central figure in the investigation and I guess he misappropriated funds he he went when he was out in Vegas investigating some of these shenanigans. He took money that was for the investigation and he would gamble and he bought food anybody else's and the accusation. Of his own illegal activity. Had him removed from the case and then when the defense asked for more info on this because of course they were peaked too they're like our own come from. A window has cracked. They were denied service the other side wouldn't give them anymore but now they're onto it. And they also said that there could be multiple multiple agents they're more than just this guy debtor under investigation. For misappropriating funds. Wouldn't it be great if the FBI is investigating the NCAA coaches and players for misappropriating. Money. And kind of back Alley got as she deals and then year doing the exact same thing while you're investigating them. And if it does go to trial that's another when I read today that this could be a mark Furman type situation that the lead investigator. Is is guilty or at least is questionable does that provide reasonable doubt to just say luck there can't believe that you can't believe him if he can't believe the lead investigator how can you believe anything else in the pink could come crumbling down here. To quote from the story this is from Sports Illustrated he wrote about this and Mike Cassidy is his name he's a professor of criminal law at Boston College Law School he's a former prosecutor. He is not involved with this case but he's familiar with the facts of the case and his quotas. Quote the question for the government. Can we structure of the case that we can prove this without this guy without putting him on the stand. If so you can argue to the judge that it's not relevant if not it's a challenge because he'll be impeached and will be cross examined. He's a liar he's a thief why should you believe him down and quote. How about this Luna. You think this somewhere like acting like Rick Pitino and everyone else is just like. Cast member Rick Pitino has a hundred million dollar lawsuit go out against Lou that we know what is all the Rick Pitino who comes out is like I told your. Why they know that you fired me I know cause the you know he's got to beat this is not well pitino to you but he's already this is little doubt. Because some and just came out in the NFL all tied in here it because same idea. The niners stuck by Ruben Foster and turns out yeah I use it just it just came out a bit ago that a Reuben thought the judge I said there wasn't sufficient enough evidence to continue with that case therefore all the charges against Rubin fossil linebacker for the niners. Have been thrown out in the niners' said wow you know. Clearly he did something here but he probably paid the girl offers of the it was domestic violence those on now for the first to get that the two major counts of domestic bad schools are gone the weapons charge has been bumped down to misdemeanor and he says that he still gonna fight that in in June so. They group Foster is back on the 49ers need to be going to be just fine and the niners took a lot of heat for standing by him saying. You know there's and it will let display on the courts well. It played on the courts and look at what happened where is Lugo fired they're fired they loved yet. And they fired their head coach and are now embroiled in a what a hundred million dollar plus lawsuit was there but you know. And they had to settle with their AD for what was it like six million bucks in. Twenty years of of tickets and insurance and all kinds of wonderful things form so yes can you imagine if this whole thing falls apart and nothing sticks. The Louisville's is like Cano counties Rick in but having your. Church and Didi you think ages welcome everyone back McCain can we do you know counties here. Sorry back. War starter increase reckless is well it is interest in that Sean Miller still coaching yeah. I get up when I was back in Kansas for my parents' anniversary party. Everybody was always eat you know they're all big sports fan has caused us opens he what's gonna happen with K you what's could have gone to CD is. And you know I haven't I don't know. I had no good answer for that I paid feels like they've got him dead to rights and it feels like. The NCAA should come in and there should be all sorts of punishments and firings and but as massive change at all. But then Sean Miller still coaching and Allen seems to care and it's like now we're getting reports that there was a renegade FBI agent may be multiple. And it's I did this nothing but I'm starting to get the feeling that nothing is gonna come of this it. If not if that's the case the NCAA is gonna go bigger and McCracken they're above the lob nothing can touch the nothing sticks to those guys. NCAA it's like the most corrupt system that you could possibly come up with and that nothing can ever bring it now. Northwestern those guys they try to unionize a couple years back and is the fact that did their able to get away with any richer model crap and then this comes out and here's think. We don't know how dirty it is. But everyone does every guy how many coaches are we out on that are like you and you know we've all known this and ever knows how dirty the shoe companies are but if this if somehow this case crumbles. All that's shuffled just get swept I need the rug and we'll just go back to gimmick and stopping any attention to and we news going on anyway. That's because Braswell has been on attorney you know it's it's amazing that somehow the NCAA might find a way out of this. But the North Carolina cheating scandal same thing lights. But fifteen year. And I think the difference as we thought you know this is the FTI yeah this is defenseman. That that wasn't and it's just. It was the NC AE you know they don't have the teeth of that throughout the legacy FBI you think oh man this is serious and discuss gonna come markers on the court upon on everything. They haven't found out anything outside of what's already come out and idiotic. So suit comes of that I don't know. Our rights coming up next oh we're early I've got to lend action news he's been arrested. Is that we're not really early were actually on time. Yeah that's that's certainly that's kind of the weird part for us is that sometimes we break on timer like me and it seems. Seems fast and you are going like oh that's when we're supposed to break here's a quick text from a listener who does remind us that Tina was basically running a brothel. So there's that you know separate of all the other stuff he was also running the let's let's be fair he was running a mom and daughter brought. As a member yet the mom and the daughter bull look at on the side it was together six to get true. But the Tito's discuss it because the member of the building with a I was going on is named after his brother in law who died. In nine left. But it was so many years ago. Another two aces in just excited for the inevitable Scorsese die out think about this five years. Where's the thirty for thirty on the smoke. I want secret footage of the FBI guy just going nuts like it to win in Vegas is that you wanna know what the FTI has how deep this goes yes. Let's thing is that the case crumbles when you define well is supposed to come out once the cases you know kind of go to trial. But even if this falls apart. You know there's gonna be records dump. It was information still exists out there so even if somehow this doesn't go to trial of the FBI has to kind of bag this or the case falls apart. Someone will leak this the dead spin the big leader WikiLeaks source pumpkin. And and some will have an and it's all gonna come out and it's gonna make people look like crap but. Then the people will be like it lawyers say and you know deny deny deny. All right coming up next Len dykstra arrested we'll tell you line it got in the news ahead we're man stealing plants and we have dead will lose a little boy. They're calling in pollen minister speak. Blow this thing up it's up for thirteen this is the fan. I can and abundant. We can't twelfth. Another runway crash. And stealing. In the wild out there and does not local that'd be seen the video of them Milwaukee police the T seen. Pollster Lee Brown fan boy that's not a good look. Known as of now that Milwaukee police chief the guy that isn't he like one of the sort of come. He's one of the police chiefs nationwide it sort of gets propped up for. A Buena. Beacon of equality he did come out and say that it's disturbing he's like it's not ease that it's not that guy yeah by the way is a basketball player. In vehicle yeah he's he's a guard for the bucks and he was parked over couple handicap spots and apparently that led to him being aids. So we have. We of that on the same day that the NFL comes out and it's. It puts out of puts up fines for kneeling for the answer back that's good luck for a pro sports. Any way. Len dykstra. Yes speaking of not good looks otherwise someone correctly points out on the text that line five I've unified. Shouldn't be news on a day where Len dykstra doesn't get arrested. For cocaine like that we out the bigger story if led dykstra didn't have cocaine on it yet this is the least surprised teen. Dramatic story ever yeah right. And this though the where have all the throw the gun away just not the Coke and he is right that if Len dykstra doesn't get arrested tomorrow now we should report but. You don't give us give us credit when he did shave the mustache also he looks less. Homeless maybe they need the needed before. So he's in now Lindell a Linden New Jersey out any threatened an uber driver. With a gun he pulled a gun and -- driver yeah I guess he was going somewhere that he decided he wanted to go somewhere else in the super driver was like no a minute taking your original destination and not just going to be your off course. At that point he said that dykstra pulled the gun on him and said he was gonna kill him. Yeah not gonna do you can't do that Nicole so says the law so that the guy smartly I guess he was by the police station. So the driver does it and goes the front of the police station and just charged jamming on the war and and kind of making a scene in the police parking garage the police come out and he gets out of the car and takes off running and is like hey by the way. Lenny Dykstra and so they found Coke. Ecstasy he. It and thought or something else but they didn't find the gun he never lied dykstra served prison time yeah I was fraud. You energy number one heeded because that read this and I totally forgot he was second investing guy right yet but that's not why he went to that. You know look they they pentium on this one thing is this easy was also key is accused of stealing his sons signing bonus. And there's also the porn star jewelry. Yeah he's he's a world did I mean you can take your pick up absolutely and I literally in two pilot he's the farmers outfielder in the eighties for the Mets in the Phillies CN nails. Yes so he spent he he's six months in prison for stealing valuables so heap he filed for bankruptcy. Any had a mansion in California and he broke into the mansion and would take the things out of it adds right he was cells alum. And that's late nights when he went to prison yeah I forgot about that yet they've they've put my kids they could they boarded up the mansion yet as per well it was interesting people like kind of forget this because he's after Katrina like now but. Like sixty Mississippi's I'm Len dykstra for a brief your time is viewed as like a yes of aren't a funny that's. He was like a stockbroker and people loved him they thought he was like this he had built up this massive force and it turned out it was all just horse believe. And yeah I filed for big city board of his house I do remember that he broke in it was was selling stuff that they didn't they didn't do big HBO feature on him. About how uses grade investors gap and then it all kind of went but I remember too that. I don't remember if you went to jail but he stole a bunch of juries don't like hundred grand in jewelry. Someone a Charlie sheen's porn gals. Charlie Sheen had doubles porn stars around him. It is dykstra was party with them and stole a bunch of stuff from them end he has a feud. With who's addled wrestler from the wrestler who's the guy who played Mickey Rourke yet he is a feud with Mitch does he really he had eighty. They in need. Yet very public. The only. They see each other and yell at each other and we can make videos about one another he's done this much like he goes on he goes on the radio shows and he opting gets thrown out or ETVs India. In a fit although I would say this you know to bring this back locally. My brother once turned down and Robert turn an opportunity to go party. When Lenny Dykstra really got on Joseph was out of the wait I know one yet you think is China's party. Ray and I still think even if you don't party used. Have to go I can't think of two more opposite people yet and my brother in Lenny Dykstra sojo. Went and it was the baseball hall of fame and dykstra was not at the hall of fame. But he was like yeah John Daly goes outside the masters and I saw his hitters he he had to do like not his it's not looters and it. He has a band eighty parts outside of scooters yes and he sets up shop there and drinks and smokes and sells merchandise I guess dykstra does that over the hall of fame weekend in Cooper stick half a and they can't stop them don't only just got to go find the part about somewhere and so my brother went in the gospel a job for their big guy he got Lenny Dykstra is autograph. And does the story goes that the guy that there was dykstra handler. Was like hey. For like a 10200 bucks. You can come party with Lanny. He's like what goes guys that we're gonna go drink and afterwards and club where every goes you know gives couple hundred bucks and and you come with us a more hang out all night and John was like oh my god and I guess that the and it I guess they were dead seriously does he pay for everything then. That don't pays for I don't know but I was upset the John didn't. Take away that I touted yet god to scale. You know even if you don't do any being just the fact that you get to be there in witness what's going on that may be the best or opportunity that's ever gonna happen. And John totally brick don't you know not her opportunity steak yeah you gotta say yes to Africa 150 bucks to it lounge. Well anyway dyke show is going to jail effect yet. So this if they're able to find the gun. You you can't point a gun at someone's head that's that's the note though in the on the super driver note. I never had to do this but you can't tell an uber diverted to altered the route. I think you can be you have to change the you know that defeat. Right you can't they be at a big into all together and stop it but here's the question he may be the uber driver was like look I want nothing more to do if you. It's probably a case by case being yes I'm guessing the uber drivers like look I'm I've had enough for your crap we're going where you originally said we are gonna go in and that's it. What does he wants you to go to like the shady as part of town I mean he did have we'd Coke. Ecstasy and a gun on him so maybe the uber driver just at that point is that she had no we're gonna end he's. I mean there's no it again and who are you sure this doesn't it tells me Lenny probably offered him we'd Coker Ecstasy. Or you know maybe was flashing the gun around. I think I'd probably didn't know but that that being said. Many Dex is crazy and has a real bad drug problem and so he probably noticed there was something to laugh about him now. Can actually actually it's your card it's normal thing now and and I don't know about you but I look at Lenny Dykstra and I think there's a smell. It goes along with that. And I I feel like it here and were driver in Indy drivers tell me out on this one back me up. I feel like when when a guy gets into your car you can tell just from the smell alone if this is gonna be a problem. They can't just that there is there's gotta be in order re you're like yeah and this is that this is not going to be a pleasant ride. And I think Lenny Dykstra has that smell about him. Certainly had that look. Our eight in other news that pertains to athletes going off the rails Rubin posture sounds like his freeing clear. I'm he'll return to the niners look how long before he gets arrested again. Well I don't I don't know much about and it is easy been arrested life. Sure seems to be in the headlines quite a bit but as you've been arrested law. Not don't know Sabena rested now so do we think what happened here is he paid off the girl I think so yet domestic violence incident. She realized that oh my god it's his country in ruin his career ends so they settled in I a tend to believe that I don't think so hit charges have been dropped. To prove it's he can't hold it against them but I I think that that's probably what happened they said insufficient evidence to proceed with domestic violence charges cancer preposterous so he he is likely going to be back with the niners and eastern final time they are waiting. So Smart move by Dan what do you think that's smarmy or not though based outlining his name there and now they just point this is they look. Nothing happening court so he'll play I hope. Whether whether he did this or not right kids look at you gotta take it at face value I did there's no charges pressed against him. The case is dismissed the girl said she made it all up and if that's the case and he's the victim of a terrific. You know con job by this woman and she should go to prison by the way for for for this crap. But whether it's it's it's true any pain or off or whether he was the victim of of a horrible situation here. He's got a start making better choices he does does mean whether it's it's a column by and stuff. You know what did did you know been involved with this. I just have always believed that it's not that hard to stay. Out of had its age shouldn't Ezekiel Elliott right it never really did anything that horrific he never was charged with anything there were some some speculation there was some rumors. But he just could never stay out of the papers and it really isn't that hard and someone needs to get Olbermann fostered that man. Your career is on the line here in New York bright young player got millions of dollars online you have a really bright future. And whether it's necessarily a hundred say your fault or not you are playing with fire and it just takes one of these things to ruin a career. Be smarter. Did you watch the Pollard a dean on the cowboys it yet know like I did watch the Michigan one ends on a gala scab was on the ball very yeah. Of course it it chronicles the cowboys. Last season than any course all the drama with Ezekiel Elliott. I think what date they they're in on meetings where there you know as equally. Overslept and he comes in and out I mean. Ezekiel Elliot is a great neighbor own yes like he comes across the heat he mumble doesn't speaking mammals and he doesn't. He is he's a fascinating. Did but he's just a damn talented and able puts up with Diana innate they've put up that hell he walks in in one episode of that. He walks in after over sleeping. And they've already had all the stuff in the news distracting the team and everything he oversees shows up and it in the running backs coach is like look here's a where in him. We're gonna punish. You need to go downstairs. Eat take shower. Eat your race practice. Tells it like that that's a day. I mean I keep silent Ol boy he's gonna be suspended game they got to get him in line in his. They like him and now we get it go down shower you treasury practice. Welcome to. The world Meehan a fellow that was their punishment yeah for Zeke and now in 2000 ember we get really have a lot of malcontents. And that was a pretty good locker room but in. In Tampa. There was plenty of this where. Some of the better players were. Were like this and it it was fascinating to watch. The might mean I was worried that no matter what I did I was getting yelled that was gonna cut like I was paranoid at all times. But it was issues in the seat even like decent players like guys that were quality starters. And that crap that they would have to go through verses the start a starting to age you bitch just didn't do crap and I I honestly felt that gruden and some of the other guys. On the coaching staff would take out their frustrations. On and role players. Right like Kee Shawn Johnson just would show up to practice this wouldn't be there and it would be agave is seeking shut now. Is to didn't show up to practice. And the left guard. Wouldn't would be. Literally thirty seconds late to a meeting and he would watch it ensure honest here at marine. Threatened to kick off the team in and year like holy hell. A key real racists like five minutes ago we're all talking about that though the receiver their didn't show up. And isn't gonna show up but it's gonna give your reason why but this cats in like thirty seconds late in year raider rickets have off. And I always is kind of laughed and I'm like that's not about him be in thirty seconds slate that's what you wanna say he Shawn Johnson puts you can't together over compensating for knowing they don't have full control over everyone yes you know that bothers yes. It because there were guys that were above the law Ximian rice Warren Sapp Kee Shawn Johnson. There are guys like that that just couldn't really be judged and so it was it was moved the other guys that they took the beat needs. Our rights let's move on to in the news coming up next demand steals plants and wears pollen in many Needham here's Mike. And we're advising him to go. Right they're beautiful day in the northwest. Along in this last. Week Friday. Really think it's supposed to rain. I don't think it is someone told me that that's Mike Mike told you that yeah I'm just looking at the forecast today it looks. Pretty get all the way through the weekend Memorial Day weekend genre are are we gonna say it's summer and. I mean yeah. Yeah I'm looking here on the and the weather at its summer bro I got 73. On a Friday 687774. No rain. My cube lions' second you know was it. Timing is gonna rain I said there was some rain in the forecast on Friday I beg to differ I just looked I see no rain in the forecast I think where the news San Diego. I'm proclaiming that climate change comes up right now. It is may. Tony third time for news. Noted newsman here you and that's what I had some stories for you. You don't think he smoke. I don't think he'd do they do yes you do have that where you know moment what was the last now first. I was OK so we have Fred Meyer's spread our house has to fight Yani who doesn't show up there all the time meat soup. It's wonderful that the changeover though they're getting rid of all of the year after admiring staff has become an aggression story. I'll really gathered to Kroger and you know it's their Kroger is into their doing away with. With most of the stuff and it's gonna be mean aggression story now in all of them because they are remodeling in the 19 yeah and all of them. It's it's gonna be a couple years or phase everything out but you're gonna get rid of most of the clothes and and like no more electronic stuff like that. And this is gonna be a few home where is the most he's become Hershey store them. YouTube but I stroll through the home where they pick sand they can go there immediately Rhodesia in a bar Stewart and he's he's W I gave that violence really delighted by that in all it's only thirteen dollars at. But I guess like that that's what I guess it's more profitable but I. Miss the fact that you could go into a Freddy's and by a couch. A rug. Like a mixing bulls and dog food and like as the Nike shoes yes he had never the clothes and shoes and stuff I might as well I mean it's been a point and that's why they're they're doing but the electronics. Comes in handy for like little RadioShack type stuff I've got my last TV at Fred Meyer is you don't and then I think it's you know like. OK so here's an area where I bought stuff from cred credit cards DM. The patio furniture touched. It's a pleasure be walking through there and you think of the seasonal you don't think of Fred Meyer is please think that's what I bought my TV on a whim I was I was really remarkable one. But I was walking through they were close an outlet one of those 65 like curved TDs. And I looked at the price went oh my lord. 60%. Celtic team and they were closed and on a Mike in there we go else they have about the hand warmer and there's wonderful gone the bandits ahead by those lunches. Yet lose and you can break them open in the UN and every time on the box of those you've ever. It's a great hustle stocking stuffer like around Christmas it was do you have like for my kids sake I just roam around Fred Meyer and he just kind of pick up everything you need first hockey cards yet if you like to send cards for various. Earth's seasons such. Firewood pumpkins there really isn't anything you can't. They still scented pine cones around the holidays time. Not simply delightful hours you will pick up flowers or anything there you go even jewelry Hassell bank there in the chases her period Fred Meyer and it. Well hey this a case of what I was getting at there. It was how we get derailed a downgrade Fred Meyer and these things we died Fred Meyer and so you know how they put out on the plants yet and their outside now. Do you ever want my Agilent my gut I can take five he's in they would never know all the time I I go by stories NIC what they leave outside and that is my first thought is why isn't someone robbing them blind right now and always the flowers in the plans that are out yet Dolly yet they did they just don't care like. What other merchandise would they rule out a dissented in the argument you've mentioned patio furniture my different Meyer at least patio furniture out all the time is a Lebanese unity. Driving through like going to give my twisty cohort in the middle of the night like a birther bill. Don't look at it I'm like how someone not just viewing that how different it's like. Thousand paddy. Do you said in its unguarded it's not like down bush is sitting down from this hour but the plans to concede tonight after a distinct communities grabbed a couple of them one of ficus with Cisco and I think this one in the city Timbuktu and it sure. There was a man in Vancouver. Looks a lot like you Imus saying boys and he was arrested after police found more than a 150 stolen glance at his house a lot of plant so he got greedy. Now did you do this all answers as an Johnny Cash one piece that time sort of plans to leave overtime. They say that's they identified Thomas Alden he's 41 year old man. An ace today is it gonna find him a suspect in the search his house and found 6000 dollars worth of stolen plans. Wind and other items. If you're. He's how many players. He sold them. So he got it arrested and booked. For possesses on property theft of intent to resell trafficking stolen property in possession of controlled cents. Now other drugs now it's but it echoes that thing look you're willing to deal and plans yet only willing to deal in other can't want yes men. Indian 157 stolen plants and garden cart in a display Iraq he just took the whole damn thing them. How long was he getaway you have this season. Maybe he wasn't done maybe just you know you've got a little too got a little too rambunctious DD. Still the place. Gadgets. So dead humpback well news there is a dead humpback whale that washed out in ocean George Washington bring out the dynamite. Yet that's what made me think that is pollen in the home exploding well thank. Every bit as I don't know we got to do something let's blow it up bloody classic classic idiot pieces of able. Well I mean everywhere this this whale this come back 28 feet. Only about one to two years old and I've got tangled in crab. Which are which they say killed and I don't know what was it. Probably think through exactly pops right. So the way they did is they let out big lines and then there's the big pots are connected jumps are probably got caught up in the lines and lines up. Well they've not called pollen and blow it up and they called the you to blow it up that you know they're gonna do you do it. In an apparent. Lack of dignity and variant of the Bay Area but I guess the smaller wailed it suitable included indeed. You can't dig a hole and wet sand. Bonds' status beyond the age policy and Holloway. That says it's gonna be buried actually do it now trying to stretch it out to see you let the ocean take care. Well you gonna drag it out there well you get a big goals Tug voters on the entire thing to its tail broke and right got to see is typical wasted bury it. Let's let this take care nobody that's what the seed is it deals with the families most of I don't again drag it out let people sharks eating OK you don't know it but use smoke. Always I know that story next on him. All right it is seven or 49 hot Sunday night ten minutes or so yeah. Got a couple of text here we're right in the middle. Called the addition of in the news or Wednesday may 23 public text opinion regarding India Fred Meyer now. Story yeah. In a lot of people have stories of stealing crap from our local. Apparently that's the thing it is a thing well those sorts of so the game. You know it it can lead to that at one guy says the night I knew a guy who walked up to the youngest employee outside of the skiers. Instead hit his spots Islam more help me loaded up. Never once paid for. Someone said they've done studies. Did that he's seen that the the exposure from products being out front more than makes up for. If people go up and then steals. Exposure meaning they just they sell them yeah you sell a beaver like little little guys native plant I'll go by that and they accepted that you know part of that is that. Some people are gonna seals there's still stuff I do know that a lot of those costs are built in like in the grocery stores. They have it in their budget for the people steal this happened here's a guy says he works that. Home Depot. And uses the same deal we have our plants outside we don't own those plants they're paid by scant. Meaning that vendor doesn't charge. Them for the plants Intel they sell them. Those of you know if they don't sell they just Austin after a loss of they get stolen did zero loss for Home Depot the basically what you're saying is the free throw line from The Home Depot don't steel plants from Home Depot. But if you do they don't care the orange had a guy in the orange. Think the Avery paper in his community should and should pick any words of the new on this program every damn day. Also hearing the Fred Meyer tool section is where it's. Lot of our tool grows out there and many people think that. I'd target and Wal-Mart are cheaper city go there for their kind of their catch all store. But Fred Meyer cannot be beat in the tools such him. I'm afraid he's millions of the because it's so close to my house can be Miami creature can be yeah. So you don't smoke right. Apparently I do and I. Wasn't aware wealthy live the big city your breeding in polluted air okay it makes sense it's like smoking cigarettes. And now we have an app. That is going to tell us how many packs were smoking by breathing in the air in major cities throughout the world. Meaning. We tailor down as the Q we real nominee this will probably have to agree I don't wanna know abbreviated. These points. It's called on IOS it's called shoot I smoke. And on android it's called. That and run accident that. Rhymes with. It. Eyes and a digital master spin on the ship. I smoke yes I've missed. It is a created after a steady compared cigarette smoking to living in cities with high levels of pollution to steady measures levels and cancerous microscopic particle called PM 2.5. And created an equation to measure the number of cigarettes you'd have to smoke to inhale the same amount of that article ideas PM 2.5. They're familiar with that. Need to unite work with that my basement idea that all the time soon as. I can't I can't tell you gonna do is. Now if I don't think you did and me wish I had a basement I'd like to do step down in the basement that have. Beans from the midwest now is on it's that place that you're down at least as much economists have in the basement. Yeah accept there that we I went home button home home yet to mom are Opsound status line yet in those basements in making it little mold on. In this kind of is does there's a picture a washed down is where. But still like cool stuff we knew her kids creep factor to cool stuff happened in the basement there is a creep factor people's you know tops of the first time down in the basement yen its sinister stuff went on your feet yeah. Some bad it's gonna happen is getting beat him for the first time he tried drugs the first semi got to top off all the rest of in the basement. So people start to become more aware of their quality of life which is related to the quality there and we stayed the same here says. The owner of the gap to to gather the data the app uses information from air quality monitors throughout the world. Time now. You wanna know how much blood doesn't have to Portland on your right that's the Portland or Seattle I can't. If that doesn't do you view Q did you know what do you may have lived in San Francisco. Don't have any direct. But I do have China because obviously intractable. China's overall living in China it's as well place on earth for it sounds exactly which is why they're. There's this story has China be kids. They say it's so bad over there it's in the it's knocking many years off of people's lives via the average air quality the United States. Average in the US is equivalent to smoking less than half a cigarette per day. It's a feel good about that okay that's all in Portland were probably better than average everything right so I think that means I nonsmoking. Well you smoke. Less than half a cigarette you take a couple times guys have taken a drag right as I'm walking in the odds of Acadia we believe someone. Compare that to Beijing. Where the app says greeting the year is equivalent to smoking more than six. Cigarettes. Today. That's not so think about that. Just breathing the air in Beijing is sick sick sick yesterday in on a bad game. As they have been invented yeah that number can get as high as 25. Smokes is that a pack. That's more than I don't know how he's what twelve pounds one when he I have no lineage I've never about a pack. Secret. Yen so but I thought maybe 25 looks because it kind of looks like a package Koreans. I kind of going off that part of world prints. Excuse me apparent when you say cramped but it and a did against. It cramped. He says cry yells. It recruitment and in turn in turn Peter found Portland he doubted the app now get 2.3 cigarettes they import. A day it really it. Seattle this cop sorry to smoke he's not used. We all did so maybe it's just say that within just taken money just smokes. Him and Steve McQueen and smoking four point six cigarettes today so what's the difference. And he like OK so if I smoke four point six cigarettes per day there are different streams spoken to and from work yet what's in. Your putting less neck so basically smoking isn't killing us. You because we're killing we're dying anyway. So I just. I'll just you know and that's good news for the cigarette companies to shoot the tobacco companies should be out there as well anyways why not enjoy it people in Beijing you're smoking a pack a day anyway. I think that's that rush is their TVs customers. This can and a lot of parts the world is down but over in Russia and China it's like through the roof but it got there is probably element of that leg well gonna die anyways. Highs will go to flavor can chew on there and Mike was right he is CNN news. Our smoke aficionados here twenty cigarettes and okay. And in a car and I came from massive. Masters he. X. Am not a smoker disguised as he went to Biggio their Beijing immediately checked the air quality to see if you do where the pollution so that's pretty. Right but at this called. Shoot I smoke or ship. I smoke you know hitting on violence or entry that is you're in the news segment for today Wednesday may 23 hot item five is next on the fan.