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Tuesday, June 12th

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They solicit the primetime with Isaak in suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that. This is our podcast that there are welcome to our pod as well as regular job though you're up for it. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is a US open which edition of primetime with Isaak and suit brought to you by area heating and cooling on to an 83 am. She'll make him an adult and our children. But I know up. Where the incident Lou. And it does go well with the chicken. He's Smart hurtful disclosure morning. Temporary super intelligent just does that affect the legacy dissolving your rental cabins. Yeah and once those things where oh where are gonna lose most here motor skills and we also gonna lose a significant amount of great functionalities 72 hours forty. Starting. Okay. The game. I think it's. Himalayan snow content and repeatedly. You're gonna. And I am back in the saddle here for yet another. And our fifth one more. 'til tomorrow and then when more and more and more after that. Infinity. So I'm gonna start win. Well I don't really have anything to say about the North Korean summit. Trumping Kim Jung and I mean it's fascinating yeah I've read up on an I don't know what to think of what they did. Yeah there's conflicting reports some people saying it's huge deal other people saying that nothing obvious he was put on paper and the risk you have to win seven plays out. The only being that that I think is is weird is it and maybe it ends up being a good thing and he has to say it. But like trump talks like they're like best friends booties yeah it bit you tell us who the guy is is a he's psychopathic he'd be big when you hear all this about how he loves his people the people love him. Slaughters people less is on people that I thought it was weird to be meeting with him in her eyes. You know like legitimizing hand unites us it's the whole thing is so. Weird that they need big ego blow. Gail I guess this is good then yeah I think if it leads to the to them you know standing downloaded in that hole well no because they want. Yeah and they they say than that anyway I don't know what is there is there any doubt bizarre did those two guys. Are just saying all the right things for the media. And the thing that they've put out is. Not true and what they've been doing is secretly plotting. A world where pretty quickly is is there any doubt the gig gave Mr. T ego and risk. It's the piece of ice take risks they get a life form an alliance of power. And and North Korea in the US to enforce than take over the world just feels like it's colorized. And it's like there's no way that they're actually hockey so there would be talking about oh that's right they probably called it. It's got the boot non face time and now it you got that yet. Kim Jung trump in Newton if kids want to go after. World's it it's it's really weird to hear rafters to see all the rhetoric of a little rocket man and I'll I'll destroy your country to hear him. Talk about him like he's just the best guy in the world that. And I guess that leads to peace of against the leads to eat today and get rid of obviously the stockpiles and he's got I would hope that leads to some form of better life for that the people of North Korea. That's only part of that I think is strange that they're really jumps out amused guess how complementary is a little bit. Well maybe he's butter it up maybe maybe that's maybe it's part of some sort of grandiose as tragedy tragedy. Cut plow the reds I can't fit it's the Indian strategy distaste for teetering instead of strategic trees could say strategy. Made it didn't really back on this that we were we were asleep around the entire time but he was smarter than us all figuratively and alternatively severely doubt that. But yen to go through with it and not it would lead. Even happened did you see the video of and then I'll release standing there getting ready to sit down the table yet in and they played. They played Larry gave it. Curb Your Enthusiasm music I'd speech you left out it is so it's just they I was like are you getting good photos dvd is included. And did they show Kim Jung and his looks confused and frightened and they certainly in the cared music and that's it. Set to get video feeds is the incredible thing is bizarre but I I name. I just hope we drew a good outcome. Yeah that's gone on. Rob what's it all goes out who isn't. The dollars you can it's just it's it's a bizarre thing and obviously there's a lot to be critical about for people played. You know if if it it. If him being complimentary here or whatever legitimize and if it leads to something good again maybe there's strategy behind it's like this guys is thank. He's out there kiss and off all of the normal leaders. Like did the good ones now and he can't get along with them any leads early but he gets one at the and he he rolls out in Russia and north greens again. Those what I mean it let's it's just bizarre world. And in clearly this guy is right the catalyst rupees. Destruct and who would've thought that. I here's the scene is a crock story. And by the way how the fact that every time we talked about this let anything into anybody in the expert don't yet that seems that drop in the leaders want Jesus drumbeat gets really mad. It was tax the nest. You know coming you know like that I can't and he was being sarcastic Betty here there's always some of the gets really mad about the state is pretty cool drop its do quite. Then I'll listen to Marcia Cano. Possibly worse if someone said oh yeah by the way guys Satan is not cool and I respond with an idea who you like how do you know. And he you give us a serious answer he gave us like the manifesto that yes he does the embassy and expert go. And New Zealand and that Satan is not completed unwind all our inside jokes and drops it would take eight shows I don't like it's just. If you if you hear his say and it seems pretty cool cast live. Inside joke. Somebody had to but I had to explain the brain you're screwed somebody you know and I get it thank you sometimes he treated like what. They keep referring to brain wheelers wrote it seems like an odd thing to refer to it it is clear however there's something there this is only got to listen every day. He never you know in the next inside jokes I want killed every month seat and his cute Satan is a panel. A crack it out as if you're helping. A crocodile has killing Protestant pastor who is advising followers near lake in southern Ethiopia. Don't show as steady was conducting the ceremony for about 80 people on Sunday morning at lake about idea. In some town in some district residents and police told BBC. A crocodile leapt from the water during the baptism and attacked him and relive the crowd went airborne. The pastor. Died after being bitten on his legs back and audience he's he baptized the first person any passed on to another when all of a sudden a crocodile jump saddle aching grabs the pastor says. The local residents. So this is how we can conclude that the croc is Satan yes but that will romp. And when questioning since. Could be just yet he needs to be a crock. If crop was actually is Satan wouldn't this be happening a more baptism thing. And other assorted things. You might want us just wondered and zest in the question and. Thank. And I think it's a look at what makes sense and it's and I go on this. Those of Satan was snake. Michael item and you think what kind of sneak was this crap is Kirk. Despite huge efforts fisherman residents could not see passing these fishing nets to prevent the Crockett out from taking pastors body into the lake. And crocodile. Did escape. With that now and coming up now with now not with the OK in Attica eight days in revolted. Fishing out there but it's a sad story rocketed to heat but it looks great I. They give you're gonna die like appear in that Palin was like in God's service anybody wanna go what do you think it like that this year like the dead. But that's a sure fire way to get to heaven. Think it if you could be if that's what you believe cardinals pretty cool and that you know there's going to be some sort of judgment you be based on the kind of life's work sort of thing please critical what. Baptize seen people. Like you died baptize you can't. That's not happy like a free pass this right for you to be like making huge jerk for like thirty years you like hey I entered my library as bad as people. Satan is cracked got me and I would think that makes saint Peter over the gates like come on so you're saying the croc is gatekeeper. Possible. It's just not. At from a religious broad standpoint I would think there's worse ways to go then veterans and people. They view like Saban like a busload of kids Nike die at least she saved you died seat in a busload of kids. Although crock attack did we see that video of the crack ripping on the crux leg off. Yeah aren't they fighting on and off course or something I don't know it's just like it's like in an alligator farm in the lady as the lady bro throws a ticket. Out there and then now the trucks were to get it and one of the Crocs going to get it mistakes. The crux lake. Further peace the chickens are grabs the crux leg and then does like the death row and it just rips the whole leg off. And the carpet got his labor dobbs just let me guess you school the. He was. He turns his take a look at the other Crockett is just like what they had no man really dude tactic is weight because trickling up. It's the most not sure aren't amputees in the history. I've animal as a proxy what ever. On the dvd player that plan watching it now UC throws the chicken. When it happens utterly stupid. That's a Quran did the crux. Rips about that than ones that India killing kind of Dez turning go. A man yeah that Danny's like parent thinks they goes back to do whatever cracks a fetus. Inflict maximum. Sort of literally if you dripped off my honor. Stopped medical attention. And circuit I would be pretty angry or third I would be a lot of pain. Users hear yelling yeah this chronic at least give you like us gold cleaners Pete. This crock apparently is unfazed by. I had no idea you can just ripper Crocs are and be leg whatever so. Stupid question and yeah. How painful is that for a crime I don't know clearly not vary because this one doesn't even. That is means I. Writing in pain I would assume that meets the dead that if you're in pain you don't. You ever a time dogs are in pain in the to sit there and pant. What is the dog ever had like an acute injury what is anything ever had an acute injury like all I don't know a live being ripped off. A huge as being like whatever just to Cashman did a teaching bet it. Talks are some scary as things man. That's free. Of the isn't I don't know if there's like Satan. Although you know I'm open to the idea but that's that's a freaky story and that there was another bit of crack news. I think it was frustrating to see the Crockett knocked out the guy bonus and Campbell destructing not to idea too that you put him in the truck they're so in the -- has been a real asked about it so they had there's a crock it was vita news do you go to golf course the public on. So I feel bad they. They don't attach duct tape the malice and assuming that's the of the crowd you're gonna kill it. And do what it is like slap in the croc he's like TV it. He's a master relative slap in its head in the they go to threw it in the back of the truck with one final act of defiance. The crack head butts him knocks the dude out Cole I thought again this tail now you hit it gets into the habit and it's and those things are. Well there look there Satan he said. They're wild. Seed and it all right our next story comes to us from siblings. This is club on the NBD. And all right. Not assembly news. Think sweaty cold cut used words like yes treat you know political cut you. Analysts and news of you know I had a subway run in my life beat duke in just convenience and two animals once a week Kellan for. A longtime auto tunnel on its on again at a meat balls from there and I think that's about it don't. You know don't give this critical components that need is the worst towards the middle of the night as the differ although those little those little blocks of sheep that are supposedly chicken that they have as those lit and it didn't meet oral is so is suspect and by the way and so Weasley is our sponsor yet we learned that we look reasonably get that IIIINN. Assembly round in my life right if their old time I've since moved on that. Yeah you're right did the meat is in a perfect circle and they've put on make fake. Like texture her to their meat like peace can't pit like in a press in it's always wet. Which is disturbing in its own right you might be in little bit watered the chunks of chicken or would have for that use. Bill is that you know like sort of look at the chicken may not get it was like no the no that's not near the weird enough. Let's see if we can top that we got it's can I am also pile on a little bit unsettling here yeah for me to this story that your. Subway is designed to be fast. Sure that's the whole point. Yeah it means they crank them out isn't it incredible. How slow they are. Now I have a bit there and probably a decade but yes the agenda is not the speedy instance it's I was supposed to be yet but the good person working behind Americans just used to just make him again but that's rare. I mean seriously did it take some like eight minutes to get their stupid glove. Zone they given the hardest gloves to put on eighty notice that if they give them the hardest loves to put on in the struggle with them for like three minutes like a game. We look were the American they go back to the staying in this thing about it then I got to go back to the backing get the bread. And they don't find his cameo white guy. Don't care ever you want woods. You need bug got to get a clean it just takes for ever to get through that got. Blessed subway line it. And please get accurate it's a sandwich artist. Member yet we it we get a sandwich artist whose chimed in he says the worst thing was the bacon yeah what is that it's like microwave to date can't. And it looks like but the dog toy yes. Amen amen to that connect so she's than that of all the creepy things that are there the bacon as I used naked. So certainly some way finds a way hopefully they're a sponsor is huge party this mountain missile to some off more decades in the news here. A subway diner and she's a hot mentally name is currently on my weighs just look at subway Carly Carly Colton. Cues she's at subway and what she did. Was this is over. Across the pond. What she did was she ordered the you know they they advertise those. Six inch five dollar for longer winner like six cents a expert. And put it what they advertise on the five dollar for loans or whatever gaveled this was she got a six inch gap OK so whatever they advertise their future. She whipped out a ruler. Yet she pulled out a ruler. And she posted it on social media that her six since. Was four and a half inches and beat him. That's what she said. But Carly dropped that one yeah GBC and the guy behind the counter though insisted that that was six inches no. I mean I don't know what what did as you can watch it that six inches I promise you solid scientific gators take who fought long and yet it hasn't been map and down. And they've been ripping us off and by the way the guy can chime backe currently instead. This in which is a grower and unsure if you're. Nicole thank you thank you this too. That game. Can expect it had to say it's not out of the water you expect this stimulus to be at full mask all the time love that they've been ripping us off and I feel like that and he like if you look at them. Look at the picture. I mean that's a lot of sandwich I mean you're on the and an inch and half as the that's a lot assailants it's missing that's BS man who and so that went viral features the bread just cuts bush down to its nots most. You break Google here I need to see this I just told you. Earnings Carly Colton she's a hot like Carly with a night. KARO line and ask subway. NC in the mean that hard time. I might trigger went to look forward no it did not are manually Cisco Harlem. He came armed and one. What happens is she different angles. Keep that just me this is not the worst news that subway is handled the last couple years I am right at a yeah. It doesn't the scandal that now a bug me if I'm subway I'm thrilled that people are now completed about the size of my sandwiches and not the fact that you Bettis Expedia is your spokesman for the better part of the decade. I'm looking at that evening. That's that's that's been his kindness that you are beat him last year that Metafiles are behind bars OK it's over. I'm still thinking you'd like. You could its bush that bred down. Here Columbia SunPower at least journalism here. Just think it's a little much to say did dad the dead at some sort of outrageous thing you think she's pushed the bread more than you think subway's been. Shortening the length of their subs for years framing him what you get out that you get at the foot long Bret what we need to do is measure the full long breath again right it doesn't look like it's twelve inches that's actually she said that that and that's. The key here because there is this an honest mistake and so we just cut the bread like if I gave you gave I gave you a foot long piece of reds had cut six inches. I like you've seen me become an up by half an inch of records of insured and then. There's some some bushy when your making this terrorist is yet to cut the dreaded path and that if you don't have a sharpen up night dyken swished the bread down a little bit. College BS on this. You shouldn't blow and believed that the lid off this thing apparently Sibley RD had to settle a class action lawsuit on this very topic really they paid out. Yet says they picked out they paid out of three dollars and 95 cents the cost of the six and sub. Counts class actions and there's a bunch of frozen on their peers they do this all over the world for Kelsey asks the judge this was in 2000. Thirteen an Australian teenager posted an image of a sandwich on FaceBook and it was only eleven inch kids. Never questions. The image. The image garnered international media attention including investigation of the New York Post which found that. Four out of seven foot longs it purchased in New York measured only eleven Arnold or eleven half inches. And the judge approved 520 grand in lawyer fees well. GAAP and they they settled. Seeing this up way as as part of the settlement subway agreed to ensure that for at least four years and of that its bread will be at least twelve inches long after that. And who would be up again I just find that ridiculous that we had to go through a lawsuit for a half an inch on a sandwich. Did you below you we had allegedly easy isn't one inch not a half an inch and hers is it is now they said between eleven and eleven and a half it was eleven inches that's it that's one edge you give me an eleven inch piece of bread and I'll give you afloat long I can stretch a piece of bread and half an inch to an inch in the year you're gonna be advertised in. But long sandwiches. At damn thing better be afloat long a. I elected this is what we have this is the world we live in now this is our biggest problem. Is we're dealing with a whether or not regain the I shorted on a crappy subway sandwich by half an inch well I'm sorry. We show the class action lawsuit against the chip companies to fill half the back where there with less worth three quarters of the bad with an error we send that's the one that I've got an issue how would those she needs to be on that it. Yet he needs to make that is life like work tonight we just go around a fire house aides Jimmy John's in the out of these are measuring food. Can I measure my stake is that they drank a little bit note is they don't today. Did they advertise that you're supposed to get a certain length yeah health none of note there like. And a Jersey Mike's those giant is there and does their full or half like it's baked. He's always the one that's a game where you need twelve inches but not much a so I usually with me I go to stakeouts can take gives drag and drop the scale out there I think I get. I go to recently. One night I couldn't but the developers ivory and if it scared me like my asked that the 24 rounds Porter house as a right here it's twenty to ease some of the beat. To start bring in a ruler bring it to scale you know I don't want another snake island I'm going to city. But it's the incidents like that pose that went out to me like you know have a serious looser at Dicky you may be in new would only guy here. But seriously chip bags have gotten smaller. And then they still fill them with half the amount of chips and now I don't they still charge you to sit with that's their freshness that right. And dirty old at this I don't believe got to keep different keep them fresh yes so they've there has to be some iron there nights. Why why is that the that the its disproportionate the number of chips and the size of the inside the bag the Fuzzy hair because it bit. You still have to give him like I love and here's another Greg that I have. Speed agitated chips. They've got me hooked under the livid she market back there they've got the. What of the of the kettle chips. The they have there battleships that's what their good friend is kettle chips Perez get a chance you get to New York chatter yet the new cheddar kettle chip he'd be gone is that a delicious in her at delicious chips. They don't I cannot find that anywhere in the full sized bag again. They haven't done your recipient's phone aren't going to make I've got like three grocery stores in my little general area there. All three shades of B I have cheese grocery stores looking for the full sized bag of new or cheddar kettle chips and they don't carry him. And that's ridiculous. In the CD drive on the strategic and apparently it is believed this flavored chips and yet they can't find that in a full size back. And you're certain it's intense as the full size yeah. The Houston and in an omelet yes these. This guy says I can tell everyone I'm 59957. Now you can't serve. All of arousal city. A taller youth. Think you walker Craig get the tape measure to these it'd take measures. Yeah it's tape measure and a team for the future. I was at tape measure. Don't hand me a tape Fisher yet now I never put the error that's the tape measure you'd think they don't need to others on there you did eat dinner. Measure I don't think you already have that are mighty need another might slip me on this list measure right you know personal first or is none and he yards and hurry. The sept there was not an earth achievement it's tape measure. It's tape measure but to be go to Amazon it says best eight measures. Not measure mirrors whoa. It is in my mind if that's true and I didn't know that snow. I had read a tape measure. That sounds so wrong to me does sound wrong I bring her. I did iGoogle tape measure and it changed it to tape measure its tape measure in the house. I'm sorry guys meaning to moments that you know because I look now we hear that witnesses tape measures and it's tape measure. The impact. Is that I'm sorry let's take a break let's talk she wraps yeah header do you have Lowe's they debate but I get it. Connect leaders ask this question for you to noodle over the break. Why in the large knives. Do you feel like the chips are. He right amounts to. Whereas the small chip bag you feel like you're losing all the chips well you don't just in the larger bags you get more chips are you just kind of put in a tortilla chip bad I feel like they're always full. Well here's the thing yes yet they are because if you do by tortilla bag because they know you're getting for some other cheaper second that you use you know you're getting them for Dickie here's what we need. A law although for Jeff Berkeley or whoever the hell else is on whatever run and for some than. The reason why tortilla chips are always full is because their clear backs. And you get to see all the way to the top and you know how many chips are in there if you buy in to read those who were there is the big kettle chips and it was a clear bag. I don't think you'd die. You had given what kind of crap is that in believe he knows the tortilla chips are squeezing clear back to rate that is they can't fully integrate points. We should pass a law saying that all the chips have to being clear bags that way you know what you're getting. Leslie you busy crashed on the tape measure I can't wait. The picture now as a sort of orders called into I didn't know. Does this for once brought as a right for once my ass for correcting you guys all the time. I don't know how you guys have shows. I didn't know how many people that the campus football stadium I know that now I'd try to correct unit knows tape measure so icy go hand me the tape measure. Yes content so weird to me. It's right you have seceded measure. And be detained as your heart that your best life. He gave me the tape measure are the only live once right here's Michael sports eighty spare them. Time to build small. Yeah. This is a mariners momentum builder where it. Big John satanic. Although one of limelight on the accuser is down down in insurance for your nose in Toronto and offers a number. That's wrong. You've got the tape measure it was bad and what is going on with my. I didn't bite his mind is that glow at by the Indians did biker beauty and crucified. God is as good as you're out one person and it was with us want to. Aren't there on an island flag bearers me right back at least I'd feel better the year we me I'm glad that we live where it's not what decided to exit nasty nasty that probably does Miki detonate a little bit better. His viewer on an island on this count. That's a tough final yeah it's got bad news. It's really gotten it really has completed quickly Darian renewed his on this is nice work radio show posters if if if if I. It's this is Atlanta's on my job and ask him to go get the lumber stretcher is it can all laugh when he turned around ago looking at the but other people are downright just like here's a guy who's like borderline like really. You that's what you thought yeah that's just the stupidest sounding thing ever. Dieters pissed about BYU passing kids through English much Meese pianists and he called us the as a former root for either one of you would have asked for a tape measure your ass would have been thrown off the roof first up know that the but he missed it but globe settled down there. Then when the here text authentic sign a five by three of I would tape measure be the operator of the tape measure to admit that there is different you. I think I certainly did they'd be sharper here. War if you actually measuring tape yes they knew that it would be a team that's validated those years I only used my tape measures in picture other tape measure. And he wants to know how many people does became a stadium hold added that. It got hot here speeded up but did not. And what purpose did find is that I would like it Sitka is arrested tape measure and I. It's the others three of us whose salary is three rows on the ninth. Anti now there's three total with so you have five on the islands are coming in hot now at the finally says some support that you know that are going to admit their shame and ominously over the decks program. I actually get out here and awkward it it inflated. Little. Well I've got an update on did you see the FBI broke story. Now what happened now yeah he got charged with assault will be yeah I shot a guy yet he's got a felony assault any views seemed the video this after that now. Well I mean that was the video the whole time leads I just I I haven't seen the actual video of him with a gun going off. Yes it's been out there I saw the video of him dancing with his sweet dance moves it is a back flip and in the gun files he goes to pick it up and it fires yeah I had seen the actual video there where it fires. And the best part about it now that I see is that after the guns fire he puts his hands up like no harm no fact I'll. He just walks away and incredibly sands of no big deal. But yet he is he's officially been charged with a felony assault. For shooting the Bruins allay. With his with the sweet dance it's all right John wraps it up next on the man. Right here is five minutes left in the brightest mirrors are hot. John as fired up. You almost. You're looking at tape measure urgent measure how hot they are. He's you know it was a tape measure. Of course an oddity at a concert that you did. But all are certain that it is like I told Mike Furrey they're very little conversation. The fact that you're on his side too constricting Hitler and it should make him feel better treat. You spears sign that you're wrong. This them the the less and BC Kenny Britt. Are you people are happy and somebody's feeling a little inadequate over there picnic and started cooler yeah. Right exactly adults oh it's better. It's a what does that that. I hate to admit this but of a 29 year old electrician in three months ago bigger protected to abuse the tape measure. I think it verse bravery for coming forward it was a it was it was a gutsy move on his part. Of. Do. That if I'd let us not the point. Twenties or. Seattle Mariners got how many teams have better record than you element to drop to one. The mighty god that's not too unfortunately. We play seven times in the next ten days it's. Oh it's it's a meeker and yet the angels went in the Red Sox and the Yankees in the back to the Red Sox. Yeah the next the next two weeks are really early parts now. They're important for you right now may be to get up and down last night if you feel that Mike Trout are the only problem. Gossip and as he let me just that you watched Mike Trout is that. And a piece jumps out at eight it's insane. Some lawyer out I don't remember where I heard this facility was having a conversation about Mike Trout and that they took their. Wife or girlfriend to a game. And she knew nothing about baseball. And she's eighty said the best player in baseball is on the field see if you can take him out. And he said at the end of the game she goes oh yes that guy and he said trot went like one for four with a single and she's there I was like yeah that guy. Performance and it's funny because he started like two years ago people started playing them this despite what you think there is dispute it. Your beat you barely recognize them you know you look at their numbers truck numbers are better. And in and out of pocket my dad my dad grew up watching me he's like an artist. Pretty much what it was like to watch at all so it's just. If you can be acknowledged as the best player grateful and you'll be accurate I think that's probably true. And to think animals always John. Yes we hung out with. Ever. Yeah if you ever if you ever looks on the Q now on the battle it out. When he was a rookie and the people that watched him play the war regret ever and after speaking with veterans day there's this story is. That he was never get it full speed his entire career so you wonder what you would have doubted didn't like not loaded trickle otters BO. Yeah yeah they said that was there likely sprinkler heads WGC's meet the fuel was awful and he would still blow Barack. Heard so there all the time. Yeah rookie. He created was recorded losing out you know back in the states they're. The little bitty bit surgery in this rip you up with the with a scalpel would try to do whatever they're gonna do it. He was never the same boat. But double. The mighty 4224 years we'll put you in different notes on the watch. Michael like to remind you did the Yankees also had a better record in the manners like to drink go to hopes he said. And milk and you know currently Oprah's winning percentage in baseball. So much. I'm not we're not really percentage for certain reasons you like never before left skate and so we'll tell you actually play a full schedule it and cut the. Will the yet that the menus on mayors have played more games the Mariners are forty carry the same amount of wins as the Yankees but five more losses and so with the better record 42 in 190 mayors are 4220. It might might opening statement let you have your Wii it compares to eat up the. You are Williams is there any collateral records Tonya you're shift in the goalposts on that yankees have a better record it's it's fine to say the Mariners have deep third best record in baseball doesn't take anything away from. Well perhaps I should be the goalposts maybe I need immunity measure because we're put. Write this from the two guys who think it was a statement accurate if somebody edited out there we need to ask we need to ask you guys about. Hate about as major cuts that it. If it picked up front and they don't act just like we knew you needed to tell you that the gas can had that little aero uses that no idea. Like right you just found that out too. What the gas well results began asking you Timothy gas key against gays on a car I absolutely clear that I know that you had just learned. Don't know oiler like I was in late 2001 I was in Scotland in my but he told me that. But there are things like that the good with your whole life and some intelligent like only kept. I did wrong this entire and you think it's a safety deposit box. That they begin. His safety deposit. Do you think that's what it's don't know it's safe deposit does anybody say safety depends exactly I think Pete I did yeah I think there are people who say that. Aren't artery and the topic is it be any of you gonna have a bit. I don't have to be cool yeah I have my Jews. I not America collectively predictable piece of taught us anything it's an advocate on the recall and I've only if you really wanna like that kind of armored bucket list I wish. I wish I had a good department while Aaron and typically did and yeah but it. I would check atlas and I think if I did and I would just go to the break all the time to go to there you know little rumor that your big even here in the acquired I still wouldn't look at. Yeah it's pretty dead as you better have the season thinking what are your floor boards there's too much cash like passports to. We're joined we're here at the office accidentally get the sledge hammers like in the basement system we weren't. They can work up to deny announcement like it or whatever. It was. Think yeah. I haven't and I commanders art career and I. One ratio. Has come in hot or not you know like today show needed children now and I came in on I was almost late. Steve traffic and try that again tomorrow. Look the airport airport for no reason eager to get to go to the air force very definitely it's called it the airport. He's gonna go to the space tourist I was not it was called airport line matures it's important let. Goal goal trigger some people who can look at this is golf. I did all right we're back amounting to seven had a great night Isaak duke. The fans. Right she's. Okay. Maybe we're not you may not know. That's work and many days did I did a did you do your you and Freddie are still look at total many this is the conversation. That I had I've tried to add a victim of bad enough this period this experience. Syrup plenty radio Mike. He's.