Primetime 6.12.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, June 12th
Ropp BARELY makes it on time, talking about Portland traffic...large crowds discussion since today is championship parade day...a guy in traffic is next to Neil Olshey, and more!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time on attending the fair and that I was punching out with a five iron all the hey David is that right this is the fans US open with traditional prime time revise against duke. Roxy but area heating and cooling and don't wait for comfort with the area heating and cooling go to areas needing dot com today and local train comfort specialist. It's hard to stop the train did see US open week on primetime went Isaak and soon come to an eighty's so. What. As compared to what you without you on the new baby drive and are you again put and is doing tell you what that's. Good flick by the way. And at the end of your great movie. You don't like David. It's okay give me a second OK I will give is that near Michael top look at grownups talk so I don't know what's happening here. Robbed literally locked in as the the show was starting we got attacks he did he didn't make it on time to give him a little bit of credit. He was in exactly. Right as the open was almost over that's surely made it just on time to be got a text and about what to use thirty to forty in yacht somewhere around there Andy who just said. Air where Ryan traffic bad coming in hot. In so weird the odds on whether he is gonna show up and I'm gonna tell you about it says the odds were your favorite you know is being committed a crime mentally they're texting and driving it. I did beat the odds I got here for the what did you do yeah so that was my goal that well. Yeah why would it do for those really close and I I don't and you got the Ed now my guess was. This huge GPS. Two to see what time you're gonna be here and it said like 303304. With that one of those. Baby driver the new baby Jarrett epic army via was pacing at 303 PM yes based on my tractor and have been at a time it like I was on thirteen it was 250 out. And GPS at thirteen minute I. Is I think what is say it is a real state of panic. When you know you have to be somewhere like a hard to get behind it well and the start of radio show and you look at that GPS you do waves or do whatever would you ever be you know maps service he used and it spits you out. Like three to board minutes over that time. That is a that is an uneasy feeling we you know that somehow you've got to make up that time you cannot just go with the flow of traffic day. You have to go baby driver NB a little aggressive. Can recall you mentally driver into the baby driver into the hall and every mile that driver. Dad better skip to the meat details before we find out what the hell you were doing on how do you not like baby driver I'd instead and like it you give us. You didn't miss it one of the best movies last year is an amazing and I think that's an indictment on movies now does that allow. Now listen I feel like first of all let me file a complaint shirt and then I'll give you my formal complaint away. My complaint is I think Mike. Quick updated mean there. Really yet he couldn't help me out stress and little couple extra stories. Also you'll see in the headlines today rob that is a stretch stepped in a stretch is gonna get that he could have told some jokes it's like Dennis said. Like a lot with the analogy is always emphasizing is a rising red. Thirty to forty Brzezinski you did send a text saying Pauline in that house Poland and a dried out here in house listener might set them like that yeah this. The massage. I will say I didn't of the phone in front of me it was in my pocket I felt the vibrate. Of the tax that I went that was me. That's rob vibrating my fire right now that was rob pulling in half he was pulling him with literally no I didn't he was I didn't know what the text said but I guess that you were. Very very close I did stretch out of all the stories today I stretched. So I don't know like that and Mike that's not a candidate that's not a convincing ice stretch that good. Today I'd try and let if you like me to put in my update that Josh Gordon is high on the browns' receivers this year these templates and drops did you talk about Andrew Luck there and high school football I did yeah did that was. Let's laboratory of today but did you mention the high school element to it was a college ball but no it was not what I read there was a college it was a high school football and why he's going to school football because he can't through normal size for points and smaller and they're smaller and lighter like things are on paid the shoulder is AOK. So yeah. This is on my phone I cannot be blaming Mike I cannot be blaming anyone but myself to what has but you know it is now it's like so I had to go to the airport. San Diego routes are on the way out of around the the brother. Yes my brother his wife and their two little girls and therefore into. And if there's anything I've learned as you all. Probably knows he has two kids or more than we knew with a floor in a two year old your not in control now. Anytime you have little ones and Michael heard this because you listen to us you'll have kids because you stupid. So learn this lesson well they'll harsh but OK it's true. He won't look at B knows he's gonna have kids console can and now. When you have little lot of people do take what ever it is the youth speak you're gonna do in the timeframe and just add. And twenty minutes away. Did you leave the house bare minimum add twenty minutes. Yes and here was my mistake is I didn't add that when he minutes you know I added I added some that I didn't know enough I didn't you like Kuerten. Cats that now and end with a good byes unique and easy to buy examine Graham I got to seek abided. And Danny now you know I just didn't that was totally an error on my support did you dare use that time however. With the year then I was merely. Off my only about ten to fifteen seconds yep if that if you think you came in when I was what it billions not understand like me be. My calculations drop five to six seconds and for that I apologize I am down to the second on my calendar pretty impressive look at happens bush Java was pretty crappy today. On it took me an extra. Imus it to me extra fifteen missing in their. We talk about that sure do we need to talk apparently for Tolbert some traffic better. Portland trafficking comes up is Tim's Mike's lamentable news that's like and that's its tail he's gonna and then you know happy with the toll is pulled tomorrow. C'mon I'll pull sock. Because massive back ups from Ireland now welcome to Portland and once we get him it'll just get worse and worse and we're it will never get better because we refused to do anything about it. And it got me try to bring that up to someone that is give you well you build more roads just make traffic worse. That's why every other major city has that at least a half we defense is decent infrastructure. It's now not keep what you think it's all the numbers and lists that are out there do you think it's well it's probably come all of that all the people that live here now I think it's the hundreds of thousand people to swarmed here over the last you know couple years adding that probably has them to do that but there's not any like when I was out there. Do in my middle aged. Baby driver bit jerk. I is teeny construction mean it was just well like he was not and it was it like it wasn't gridlock it was just is slow slow yes they're nowhere to go yes rush hour starts in about 230 in the summer so. Yeah but see we let the CI I know I knew that. And I factored that in and again I was only off by about five to six seconds yeah was that almost got it but it's. That was it was earlier I mean we were stuck in traffic at 145. Yeah it's it's bizarre it it's they're seemingly no rhyme or reason to at least like you said on the days where there's construction there's or record something. Are days where it's just it's low like you said it wasn't. At no point that I stopped today that you're going 1520 miles an hour the entire time aegis is a lot of people. It could just be you know I've seen different studies where they talk about how one thing can impact I want. Can cause you can see the ripple effect for you know miles behind him. It's just it's or if you just have like what drives me crazy sit is that there's like let's say a stalled out car yeah. Or even just a car that's been abandoned him nobody's anything tell and he's just sitting on the side of it and when stops global slowdown that way way too much. These sit there or don't do that. Or the other big east or a cop in the middle of the road that'll slow you down by ten miles an hour you know the other does one well no one will pass the cup. The other added value here is. All the tracks now because the ports yet the port slows down it's only more trucks on the yeah that's the bit like I don't think today like I don't. And I don't allies track that every day yeah but. On honest it's the so many people who volunteer caddie is hostile the stack rose 42 said it's like. X amount of people move your daily it's so like a hundred people or something is crazy the trucks porting happened years we should build a wool Oprah huge all the big wool keep it to keep California pizza with Warner. Ocean water river water water with a metal. Willamette Rupp water keep these damn people out owing I'm Diana I mean I got here to again Michael later than I don't. Rain and you fury on my ticket here and I was like by Dave does that. Yeah they can or seven years ago so is that as apple for the most people came here most people don't think it uses transplant. I came to Gresham and I was five. My timing Gresham I feel I have a lot acting Gresham and would birds say you know what I've done it right I've done the did the bad parts. Or did you live in would burn and so I would burn by the get down their simply a GA after it was cheap it is a big piece of property. Mean give them regret. Button I was fine until the Russian mob moved in next door and I don't sad story I remember quite goats were murdered by the Russian mob's dogs and at that point I figured. Should probably move. I did do you remember the story from India award winning in the news segment we get a couple of months ago where we were reporting on all the big summer construction. Things that are gonna be happening on I five guest is gonna be screener video that hasn't even started yet. Have fun with that legacy at the first sign for that today yet you've got weather paving right now Abbott they're doing that overnight. These are like. I know nothing really cool like you won't notice their procedures like restabilizing the structures yeah on all four jumps since. Of I 584. In the Rio. The real punch in the fun bags ready cash and prizes what you said he bridges when it's done you won't notice it now I desert yet like I don't you have to do it thank you can't have crumbling of the structure but you would hope. That with all of that cluster F that we're gonna have to go to for months months when it was done. Excuse me god bless you. What it was done and keep that you would notice an improvement. But you you won't want to suffer through it and it'll be donning your like go. Nothing changed. I do it at the same time as they are restructuring also Catalina or something has to make a little bit more beneficial wideout help put emerges and what not to that's where it gets Erin knows that the traffic really gets after when you're trying to get on our last three busiest construction season on Portland highways and freeways and a decade well this is going to be wonderful in the summertime they say. 84. And I five those ramps and bridges and those will close one bridge will close at a time. And so the bridge connecting I five north to 84 east. Will never closed during the day but the closures will last for two weeks or market that such a big one. That normal only close and I'd get a shall close during the day and they'll rotate and they say the project's gonna begin July 8. And the planned closure of five south ramp to 84 that closures expected to last all the way until tonight when he. Soon. Like when he 32 full weeks of out of him was think fully closed feel like I needed take a vacation. Yet that's they say they say look there's no way around us now Indy really bad it's gonna sock give yourself extra time in May be just leave it just would be. They get fitted in improved like the you've ever been good lengthened the that the merged let them merge like on ramps on and off friends. In where you live in Vancouver. Awhile back they did that there's there's an exile mill plain that we just killed traffic tickets when the bright when you come over the bridge the the first takes you come to and it just it would. F up traffic and the extent of that thing they extended the the on ramp by the market it's its enormous now the more traffic. If you can actually fit and asked on the cars waiting to get on and off and I. They also do that on five or. The thirteen state route thirteen the first woman her 1414 yeah it's like a big Kirby on rampant now also via five to get the third. It's is that as you would hold that there'd be some sort of like hey let's even of and a billboard saying let's improve the on right now nope can't do that. Now let's build another bridge for the bicycle is though let's do that I read my bike I don't need another bridge you know what they do need a better on. About that they dash it'd take in my family to the airport on a bike for. Today if he that would alert that's its heavy right mass transit should bike to work is a departure cart the maximum wrote the Max for an hour and then come back to your car wreck. And they get stabbed while I'm there. That I just record factor in the time that I go to the doctor's office after its. How does that work out probably. All right while. Made it. I'm really excited to be here warm welcome thanks. Appreciate that. Well stocks and sports yes yet championship re going on today had braids big news yes Jordan bill steals the show. Yeah like him we'll see him jump off and got an extra bottle antique. Yeah that's big big story today yeah a basket beard reports still dropped. Has not been sober since they won the cup was as faced and swearing onstage today that was fun and will not let go of the Stanley Cup. You may never letting go he's still got it yeah he may pull a potent and just keep it. Yeah I guy and sorry it's your not having it and capital seems to mind there is letting him have the cup you know we should do today. She talked for four hours about where LeBron logo are reading about that today I saw the definitive answer that there is a reporter talked to him that he hates Houston. And Gary Payton reported that Brodsky a dirty enrolled in school Los Angeles yet they've already been down their while I guess guys they've I mean they have an offseason home in LA yeah. So they're his family's been there forever. I know Gary Payton says that they're going to LA Serena it's a done deal guess his kid goes in the same school and Tanya it's looking more more like that's true but dead head master of that private schools said no. He's not enrolled there so. Conflicting reports today between couldn't believe the headmaster for Jarrett a glove if we're the good luck at its shows and it's amaze. All right let's get started with parade tock championship top 315 this is that. This is a US open which edition of primetime where guys again soon. Grabs you by area heating and cooling on tech navy welfare I'm. I think when he it is parade game for all of these teams winning championships. Washington DC hasn't had a parade since the Redskins in 92 down. Guess there they went big with this thing the of the owners said that it was gonna be bigger than. Ending may scene about accounts it it was a party and a half so what does that mean. Side I don't know brain like looking media I guess that you talk about the may be more floats are more crowd interaction. It's just they were saying like it when I was reading today as they did a really good job opened on kind of the big extravaganza but. Monopoly you can't make people show up the cubs. I think is the biggest that we've seen in in modern day history they said that cubs' championship parade was like the seventh or eighth largest gathering in human history. Yeah we talked about that it was like what 56 million people something like that showed up at that one of the parks and Chicago. Still blown away and it was even number one on the list I'm still blown away by I'm never going to that list yeah it's really. Rather mind blowing. That. Concert in Rio di Janeiro yeah I was it was like Rod Stewart or something and it was a seven or eight million people in there is that there is that there is a funeral on their arm looked ended up on I've found that list. That's a yes or number nine was a Rod Stewart how many 3.5 million people as needs it but Roddick 3.5. And Stewart in Rio at on the beach yeah right yeah so if you're in the way back. I hear that tool or are you just. A jury I guess there's a big video board and yeah it was free. There is different speakers all the way down the beach for miles apart like I think that what's good. As the beach isn't very big now so how far back I. Looking at the photo and it doesn't even look like people. Did. Like an aerial shot you you can't tell the people it just looks like like crops there is there is just there is no room it is. Kind of awe inspiring but it looks like they have lights. Did extend back to the to the very back to the crowd like did the stage in the set up so. I'm guessing me they got like expected to probably have some sort of sound system they can respect of it's it's it's not it's there was a funeral. In Cairo in 1970 that five million people showed up for. And then the cubs were number seven 55 and a million people estimated at the cubs World Series parade. World youth day. But had over five million and change Pope Francis in Milan had I pigs I would world youth day bring out five million people in Manila. Now let's so special about that. Five million fire and so did Israel hasn't it obviously you can't get an accurate count in our friends show up. Should show up for world youth day she was born in 95095. OK I think she's like fourteen years old. There we had a Pope Francis was in. Manila again. No yeah. Roughly six million people tell you what they they come out party in Manila the Ayatollah Khomeni be funeral for him and I ran ten million. And and then the funeral of someone that I've never heard of in India in 1969. Fifteen million people that one that CNN. Do very. Well ever heard of him but fifteen may be should have been India. And then there was a festival and Iraq were seventeen million it was about 2014. And then there was a a pilgrimage in India and 2013. Thirty million people. Thirty. Million people yeah in a pilgrimage in India in 23 team. That's WW wanna see you had a big crowd looks like look at a photo of Mel pilgrimage where they at this point it. Find that they were looking for fresh may find the holy Grail I don't know but there's a bunch of like it's a it's a cities they can cityscape. I think like pour over the all the bridges. And again all those bridges are lined with people and then all of the river bank as far as you can see seated here yeah. I guess I guess I can't imagine what thirty million people it looks like it's a deal where today wash away their sins in the river there OK and so that's literally a sea of humanity. It is a thirty many people were all fighting to get a chance to dip themselves and some river that it's the holiest place in the Hindu world. They go there and that's what that is what it is not about it right here you talk about these like I knew that he talked about the group field will Amanda. What is thirty million people jumping into a river due to people can we get no matter. We get over our pilgrimage. Became the proud to have dovish. I get about 175. That it would thanks in people seventy people thirty men they could go dig a dip and wash away whatever. You know Sorenson Dave we get does he does he's an ordained whatever. He did he did a double marriages does he could very doable as seen in. You jump in the river doing the polar towards this now all that stuff I just you know I can I get it I guess I just did the one the Bosnian lays the roster concert. There's like Appleby Rod Stewart arena happening anyway. It's free so yeah right well yeah I wonder. If you put something in the United States like is is there so they could even drive a million people if even it was Frankie did a free show now yeah. Like didn't have had the capacity to hold. 56 million people like I think Garth did that three Garth Brooks did did the free concert in in Central Park that draw. He sure wasn't Chris Gaines. I think it was a dual head there they're Chris Gaines with the opener and amid guards came on. I don't know that's an interesting question like if you get a free show. Anybody but you've Led Zeppelin got back together and L I've Jesus came back. Jesus appeared like in Branson Missouri. What. Turnout you think yet you think you. You have three that lame people. Well I think mine but eating fire department. Officially reported a crowd of 980000. Intended to corporate sponsors but this became close as the name became close to a million Lamar my minute you've ever seen photos of that it's it's insane. Garth in Central Park now realize. Dead overt that did three and a half minutes that was sort of the million and a half million people showed up for rob three kids Stewart. I can't I still I'm with the I can't rap man around crazy of that top ten list that's the one you're like really and they let Rod Stewart. Adds that one of the things by the A-Rod Stewart come here defeated December. Yet now and heat a camels or anything nevermind I love Brad Stuart I think he's awesome I'm going to be there are eight get magic going I thought about going and I thought no. I I would have wanted to see Rod Stewart in his prime he pride it is abused me. He was that sexy ID keys to care that I love Brad strategies great if you glad to see your Rod Stewart you went through your IDs up on stage and got it you would. So one of the thing while we continue to be bogged down by this. Hub. Was that show that show OK so it's a Rod Stewart and I was in Rio in what year as the 1984 or OK perfect. That's like the height of rod Stewart's yes I think that is peak peak roster Rod Stewart and that's also unique photo and a that was 94. OK so you get older I think you're still you know what you're probably getting like this version of the broad beat this deals a little. But still in the fun and he's still in the finals would that have been the greatest collection of talent. Effort in Rio think about it a broad Stewart concert in Rio the beaches. Of Rio de Janeiro. Rod Stewart's. Audience of people have a connection to Russert that's nothing but hot right yes. Two months find me at find me a better. Collection of talent. In a larger collection of quality town and that's yeah and year besides Las Vegas on any given Friday night in year that. And you're right about that tops were coming off bottoms brigade it was a free for all think think think about it if you couldn't get laid at that concert then he just was never gonna hampered never gonna happen for our right well anyway. The Washington DC green I guess was crazy. I don't know what that means for a parade. But I guess they just drink more and throw stuff and maybe they did a giant inflatable. You think they did a giant inflatable. Like blow up of the lady who shooter been beset jump at this when they won I saw that someone made a standing kept that in that he'd like cancer society. They put like this begin in the Bible or on top of it. It was pretty solid pick out of their social media it's that they got what they wanted they wanted they wanted to be passed around on social media and it and it. Yet now I sir I gotta go about this 'cause I found another list who gene Michael. Jar is your rear. If your pronouncing that correctly no. I don't know that that's it he shares the record Rod Stewart for largest concert ever. He spell his name please will gene Michael he's an innocent and then GA RRE. Who is that. In room but he was commissioned by the mayor of Moscow to give a concert at the Moscow state university in celebration of the city's 850 anniversary. Again estimated three and a half million people. Well that can't be because of JMG's pull. That sorry but I'll pass on that. And then the next highest after that just under one point six there's three and a half for rod three and a half for J&J. Where the hell that is. And they believe dungy. Now it's J&J you said GA RE JJ RRE. Gene Michael of the JA RRE areas. That. Some guy looks like him. Musician of some sort death and then you get down the third highest is AC DC Pentair the black crows and Metallica. Is a French composer. Three and a half million people showed up to see him. Pioneer in the electronic ambient in new age genres and panel. Parent allows a hell of a show laser displays of fireworks. He's now Pink Floyd. Do the wall are right so anyway we we digress parade tock and then we have a local sports stuff segment coming up include dean. Talk of the beavers headed to another college World Series it is 331 here's Mike. This is a US open which edition of primetime with eyes again suit brought to you by area heating and cooling. On Jay Nady those prayer room until we see nastiness. Egyptian raids then I have. Well we'll see if I could maybe do some. Dig in and it's if I get an estimate but I haven't seen today. Now is wonder how they estimate crowds like that I think what they do now. I don't know they did this with the presidential. What they call it then. Gosh when you've been gets sorted and one of my thinking of this and show. I cannot erase an hour ago and why couldn't come up to that to music yeah or in Chicago Cubs for what it was Apollo. It's a big big issues that dictate the space they're able to go up and they take an aerial photo and then. There were able to calculate the square footage of the space and then aides and Albert rhythm and you're able to do based on that the size of the area. Some assuming that's what they do for for these massive crowds like as he's taken number of people that. You know can occupy his base and you look at it and it's it's an estimate. Mean there's no way to know whether it's three and a half or whether it's you know 3.3. Of you in the ballpark. He think the warriors line is. As good as the first he'll probably nod. I think I think the first one is probably always. The best especially if you or your city hasn't won anything like Washington. With the Washington had won anything since the Redskins. You know you link either the Redskins have been dreadful over the last twenty plus years the capitals have never won a Stanley Cup they haven't been there and twenty plus years the nationals have never been to a World Series. Citing in the wizards stink so I think. I guarantee that the the party was bigger and better in Washington and it wasn't Golden State and ensure third one in four years. Sent to the cubs of the cubs had a worlds of every day when the World Series this year and a half million people are showing up to that. Mean that was that was a hundred plus years in the making so. Sounds like the warriors. There's nothing out yet today is a breeders' today but yeah. They're saying that they were estimating to be about a million people okay. That would show up so I don't know what and a patent and and who pays for these parades now these parades put on by cities it depends now there at. I think a lot of times the city foot the bill there have been I know in the past cities instead. We can't afford this and owners have often stepped up and in picked up the bill has yet think the team should pay for a while and I think that's with the capitals owner was saying is he he's gonna make sure that this is the I proper parade he doesn't mind putting the gulf port but it has been an issue in the past with cities in the right now. It like and I I think if I remember correctly it was like is yet to pay for overtime for cops and you know security and all that stuff but they they can run a couple million bucks in order to safer on the Ambien very confident. They've probably news in the Henne. The crowd control has a Jordan about the the scene today at the Golden State one. Was that jordin bell shirtless Jordan Hill yes was party in on one of the floats. Any runs out of Tennessee yeah. Terry showed him like he sees her in the bottle upside down and we drank it says there's nothing left and so what happens someone Democrat someone in the crowd flash as a bottle of Hennessey adamant he's like oh my god. Any jumps off the float. Jumps over some barricades and you know through some security in this and that. And he goes over there any takes a bagel shot Hennessy act and any hands the bottle back if I'm surprised he didn't just take I. Now weaponry and I thought that may be used available bucks so then he he's walking back in their based on crazy. And this woman is said on TV and external I've hitters than and he stops for an interview like I hurt her big moment. Right at that moment Jordan don't have as BS she doesn't impromptu interview in two rebels on there being on Jordan belly now assured me in any gives dumbed bad. Any goes back over to the guys with the Hennessy any takes another shot and he hands the bottle back to them ism. This pomp and heads back to the vote a fantastic. It was good times is both afraid. I love championship parades it's just. It's it's fun to see the fans it's me it's fun to see the athletes in. And that and that state I see I was thinking it's got to beef more fun for Jordan bell rang at like this is his first yes is a rookies out as is cool element. Title my first year any contributed you know did manes. If he played I think he won the parade for Golden State no question he he partied harder. Then anyone that it was his first year that I was thinking that as I've that's it for carrying during those guys you think it's tedious at any point I don't think it every gets tedious but I I certainly don't think it means as much is the as as the first and how well you need to do is look at like Kevin Durant instead of curry Klay Thompson. And then look at Jordan down look at Alexander Ovechkin. And tell me that the first one is it more special than the others are remember when Jordan what does for sort against the against the lakers. I Jordan just sat in his locker and held it in cry. I don't think he was doing that with 45 in six. Is it text text AuthenTec sign a putt putt three appliances yet there's easily between 1000109. People. At this lawyers for a picnic just estimates somewhere yeah he's probably right in that range that the drop estimate for. Huge. By the way at. We've got to a Twitter follower Ryan Twitter Breaux who is saying that he is he happens to be on I five right now retirement traffic and understand. Right next to GM broke broke the face of these listening to everybody do you think he's he's in his Mercedes given that. The rolled around campus rolled down numerals and anymore do you just have any idea. Who would you see. Not just a quit. Speaking gets the G amber elect knows taken. In traffic a defense every bus that did you ever do and so little time apple picked and goes all the time handwriting and the worst is figure like to knuckles in an and you glance over in the person's Darren hagee I had you got me you know I understand mention. Because it's not fun watching but he dig for gold we ought to do that it from time to time. Why they're staring issues seem to do with it. That's a you don't wanna pull this turkeys and yeah we got cod on national TV you eat it do you think O'Shea sitting on I five right now saying this to the cars and from the balls move all. Stuck in traffic. Ensure that it really sucks Elena imagine the person who yells betray an idea to him in traffic has the most outrageous trade idea. For years to get started trade for both George the giant did just. I was. Doubled up on your salary cap but I don't exactly what you need to do. I was played Tuesday seventeen grown tea roster that I managed to assemble I did put force trades on your gonna have to get two guys to do that to borrow what did you see in did you read organ line today. I did maybe I didn't load that uh oh yeah you're talking about Dick bait peace Jeffrey RO seventeen blazers trades. In there it's. He should go through that can I genital areas than I did click through that listen I like Jeffrey on but I do do. That's that some of the stuff that's. Particularly he puts on there it's like army and really. But they just want your clicks and I will admit that they got likely today. And I read do that so let's what was worse the curry Anthony tells us or the was that that was bad no the choir Leonard acquire lateral was was was bad you mean a lot of bad ones but those two particularly Meyers Leonard and Evan Turner for violent act of what a picture is about subway in new stirs up or below the other resumed Carl Anthony towns won in a in a Leonard won that we're just. I cut it in what were is is that is that a trade. Well will go to that later look you know that we're gonna do a segment on click bait. And and it's gonna be those trades in and it's also going to be something else that I saw today and I get that they got to put this out people heated up. But it's they they already have the Phil Steele. College football. Pact to wield. Bowl projections. Play yes. It's a packed real. And it's all season and I tell you what if your ducks fan. Your fist you now I when I was in Vegas I did lay as impeach your dad's like Ozzie how how does. Really how how does. Become on what is that I don't bowl projection. Yet to do exactly so it's click date but will do well do a segment. Offer you both of those items that this seventeen blazers trades and the pact whales. Bull projections all in one GC a segments if you don't turn on the radio at just the most ludicrous things that we can come up with him. Anyway collegiate that months are in the pac twelve what I took some the over under win totals the that I liked. And then I took the I took the dogs to win the pac twelve out right. The Huskies I think a win the pac twelve will be odds on that the. What they get a matter favorite I think I got. Yet they it was them and USC and Stanford I think we're all up there and I. I'll have to look it up and see what I got but it wasn't it it was actually pretty decent. To look at have for you we come back you've now announced. Right now. On your heat and in your 48 words per minute I was pretty happy with my 48 words were the shots fired pay for me. Poll out taken Daiei politic by 48 per minute. All right do you think it's easily brought this about Irina thought about it but is the Philly job something that. GM broad apply for a thank you Vicki want to jump yes that's a sustained I actually thought about that. But yes I would. I would think that that is a a great job it's. You're coming in and you've got. Young assets. You've got a young talented team and you can kind of as they ride the coattails there it. Pro you pull one more piece on that team in you're gonna have the obviously duty free agency. Or you know you make once they begin moving your contender I would think that's one of the more attractive jobs in the in the MB yeah. About lay also on the GM bro in traffic report he says no sign of bifurcation anywhere there's no bye for now going on you give bifurcated traffic I can ever imagine can't do that all right so hate. Okay there's tot trade talk OK let's get to some local news local sports news what would happen what should happen. When a home run is hit in the new Portland baseball park. If you like to protest a breakout of something. I still enjoy the peak the homeless camp and Cinergy field to make it authentic Portland and we've got to add beavers. Or to say headed to another college World Series. Those items next on the fan. This is a US open which edition of primetime where advise against duke Roxy by area heating and cooling on 1080 Beltre him. I can and Epson and a felt there are three NFL's names trending. And we'll tell you who they are reminder trending. So I looked it up. And yet it's basically you do it's is basically a money line and it's minus 110 on Washington win. Say leave like fifty bucks on that I laid my biggest one was that over wins on organ. It or was it seven and a half I took the over on that he ain't half announced there is seven and a half and then howls I think was. Five and a half and that was my other big one. I laid down a decent chunk on cal to be the over. I think cal will be a six or seven win team and those of the three best that I lead on packed on the pact wheels. When I was out of Vegas and was milling around from the that's exciting super exciting now just usual some of the 42 college football season Wheeler. When you're there a couple weeks ago we tried to ban on. Beavers in Oregon State. Is there's like Hezbollah that old baseball yet baseball is there a plan on page are in the full boxing bears was like at three and I didn't. I didn't wanna touch that I have no idea then offer. Deanna. Well and the guy kind of he kind of scoff at us like they were offering lines on WNBA games and I. Various stupid things. And what book were you at an aria. Because they're at their weird Mandalay bay and they had called road series are it's small book but I'm sure that's like that that was the data beavers but they just torched it could it played performance. He remembered LSU LSU data Deanna were torched and LSU in that day we're gonna bad element. Analysts. I remember looking at Nester type Vick organ state is its third starts even second at the time we are down there. Florida I think was still the odds on favorite DC their win last night yeah. He Jose Canseco did about them. Have you know so Florida I was playing Auburn for the right to go to cause with series it was 11. So this was last night was the the winner take all and Florida woman on a walk off home run bid bounce off the right fielder and win over the fence. I he had in his glove he had it in his glove and I could tell there was no other angle on the shot I couldn't tell. If if he literally robbed him of home run or if he had it before defense I'd that would have gone I don't think he goes out if it I think it hits off the top of the ball but he leapt. Any and it hits is and his glove he just doesn't squeeze it manages flies out and over the fence in Florida goes cultural series for the fourth. Straight year it's insane like I don't know it was I don't know if I've ever seen anything quite like that in your I'd take that yeah I mean that that enough is don't get out of this don't like a meeting this game mean this was to go to the of the World Series. Mean what the hell yeah that's brutal. Poor kid I mean how do you ever lived that one down. Now know how big of a deal baseball is it at Auburn so maybe it. In which you imagine might that be you know a football player. Thinking and Auburn in the you have to go back on campus and in live that down. It's unbelievable a thing they may not care about baseball out there and well being great it's really expensive and try to watch it again here it is CU. If it would have gone over because it was that. Even if he doesn't catch it needs is its operable to double Ingrid Israel experts. But I am I'm trying to see if I get a better view to see if it would have gone over anyways. It's an ideal said the Florida's run that tied the score. 11 was a steal of home yeah cash. Men as those gators but I I think the beavers have a good shot mandated air fun team to watch and they are they are playing well. I'm. Boy it's tough on it's it's a 5050 call because they key said the angle is kind of weird in in it's hard to tell whether would've gone over not the job. People people are high on the beads and eight. Mean I guess Minnesota they had a close game at a combined they haven't lost yet meaning they steamrolled. Their regional. Evan I like it when they enclosed in I think there's something to. Then just being tested now and then having to come back basket you know on a role in you know like win every game by a hundred runs. If this is terrible well you know I mean yeah I'd want to you want to test like to be battle tested that's like the Mariners right now. Like you think they're scared of one run games who would they've won twenty of the last it was an odd mariner game and it. They didn't win by one run and they scored more than two rounds and had to deal with to my two out homer and a good. Right now on the north last. Washington's in the cultural series organ states in the cultural what are the odds on favorites in the freak and the Arab leaders about that Portland team. Maybe someday soon adapt eighties in. And I'm not artful Lana bared her feet right go home most nights and watch a good hunk of wood every game is on from the hands what should happen when a home run as it in our new ballpark here we think should happen. She should be like a giant. A bomb ripped the town center field instead of the he has the guy that slides into the sides can't we just have a guy up there on a giant ball ages lights on out every element lights of the heater in and have that. I think to protest a break now I think that be cool. Get some rockets eats up. If you've been beaten up some like green acting that. Protest every time in his home run screaming and yelling at the picket signs I've always now on the Mets fan and I'm always partial I like the Big Apple that comes up. With the that's kind of an is kind of a nightly got a decent and Milwaukee's is cool. Is a mug just like fireworks or something what if that you know cycling Darth Vader. That beside and bagpipe dork if he if he's kill comes out and jugs that she easy putt but there's a bridge. Got over center fecal than aegis. If roll right out and rolls out there that he sent an tech's 553 a viable comeback that's an NFL stuff and down more on the local front including now. What the blazers. Need to do a number 24. Scanner sits on being general neutral fresher. Right and underneath yeah what happens when it's open it's a home run whatever it is needs speech and needs and beauty gender neutral at 59 on the fan.