Primetime 6.12.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, June 12th
Beavers into the College World Series, 3 NFL names are in the news, and IN THE NEWS!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaac concede podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Front month. Of being this is the fans US open with traditional primetime retires against duke. Drafty by area heating and cooling don't wait for comfort with theory heating and cooling go to area heating dot com today your local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the train. It's US open week on primetime retires again soon gone 1080 pounds of ground. I for a. I'm on the stand they severe weather center options to kill. Fun first hour unfilled not stimulate more often light hearted if you will get revenue get time on here today you were right on time around the world. First few seconds it's on and I got my what did you do in a coming up this hour in the news not so fast on road rage grow you have. That must leave baloney he's the guy we told you about you reached in and broke that. Ladies are like snapped a non actor. I've partner girlfriend died. Significant other and lover whatever. Just say that that is one of the more uncomfortable things you can Colin of the person let lover let her partner. Should be given that. That's a live sketch with zero in the hot tub they Will Ferrell and and a regional Dragic if you think this is my left her. They've I think you got introduced to someone and instead of as saying this is your will ITV said this is my lover. It's just. It's there's no reason for a no it does get it there's not hear your husband alive you're with each other and it it's implied it might he say that but this is remembered they were merited not if the but they're they're partners. I think they're married. Where lovers but yeah I guess there's a there's been a twist in the story is this suppose he knocked the other one out. And they give made it sound like at the time was the worst thing that ever happened. No charges. To that at 430 we are talking about what should happen when a home run is hit. In the new Portland baseball park. Yeah we've got the we get a good and we need a poll in center field at maybe a gal takes a standard to Iraq. Celebrating the great Portland culture that we have Kabul attacks here this one says said the home run should have a choice of whether or not it wants to be called home run out why you guys assuming it when it wants to be that of the bank or a great point great all decide whether or not it should be thrown back or stay where it's that did debate at the base paths needs included green bike path in the home run hitter hops on a bike and NASA stopped for trying to bust is little worthy of murder on their heads and debt is something. One else we have here instead of a home Randy should be be affordable housing around. It's that they homer content uh oh home yet afford affordable housing group yes I can't I again and again it. It's death there's not a given in here is a cult after a home run. You need to return the ball to home plate Portland's only did he is six Bosnian tie game we can't be wasteful that's sure all guys that when you were played again with the ball as a kid I dip so jumped the damn dancing get the ball but if we just did the naked bike ride every home. There just didn't did you find out news wade now consider feel they do is race swayed to go across and give my travel will smooch easier rule by. Are right. Where were re. I don't know what we're gonna do well. Let's wrap up the local sports news that I. I'd be reserve in the college World Series in I'm going to be homer ensued when the Cisco would that mean out of this look awful it. Video in the dominant right now mean but some people are saying that like all along that the last what two Teresa season they should have been the number one team and not Florida. Scripps Florida is Florida guess struggled on the Strachan and lost some ball games but this is good reputation that at this point organ station to. I mean organ state is that is a national powerhouse is the first time they didn't they're two time national champs. Yeah Abbott the Beers you know it's like this is now they're seventh. College World Series now. And it's it's crazy to their back there again it's like become old hat now. But the kind of need to get another one you know they'd that are there only two titles does your job and what have you done for me lately well yeah a bit what how many of they've been to that in win but this is their seventh they wasted a three in a row and they won the back in the back two of the three in a row rights as those six or seven they've won over ten years yet delivered just let's be SEC. C'mon pat. Let's win this one here okay. And I said I it's it's fun to watch this is that this is a tough one for me it's it's hard for me to fully get behind it you missed it on Friday unit on crazy work. While they've they gave a giggle yeah landing Owen. It's people were tweeting that it's very emotional and I didn't crying at the comic. I just I just can't you know at same time go to bind it can only do this can we talk about the beavers going to the college World Series and just. It bifurcated the Lou comic story at this point. That's what I'm trying to do because none of the rest of those kids deserve any of any flack from it under the same for me personally. It's hard I have gone down. 221 of their one of their games I think in every. Called while I guess not college World Series but that the regionals and super regionals that that that they've had an organ state. I've always gone down there it's agreed saying it's a great environment. I like baseball and obviously in the don't get down their during the regular season very much put policies are based off of state and I really like pat Casey is is it's an easy story to get behind the group for organ state. And I think it's amazing what they've built there and just this year it's it just it. I can't do it just it's all sides by the conflict in me bifurcated. About deals coming in with the after every home run no no I. Though after every number I'm Brian wheelers roach should drop from center field. About that all that's on time and it's uncomfortable that's line that's my Dolly the dolphin. It just makes me cringe every time. Well anyway the beavers on the football tip did get easy they got a. Big recruiting continues yeah I guess they're saying that was talking dynamic kind of a little bit of back and forth and did did they have made a real a strong push to. I'm kind of turned things around recruiting wise because that's something that people realize we Gary Anderson is. Not where they're not getting wins on the on the field but they were arc hey heck I guess in the way they went ago when about recruiting Jonathan Smith is it's a good job guys is is given a shot in the arm it seems like a big at this big four star defensive end Omar Speights. Doesn't he just sound like he's ged and Omar spades Writely doesn't he sound like a guy who's going to be it's redeemable at that include ballast for 400 X laid straight Norris had one of those names the end he rushed the court and isolated no or not said because can telly has another and they got him a thank god I can't carry. Anchor and there's no way that guys axle moderates Bates. Omar states he's a defensive end yeah but I guess or is that it is is doing a nice job and I know things change. IBC because some schools don't have watched him until I and I don't know if this change for us I was maybe three or four days ago he simply doesn't have one commit. Yeah that's Chip Kelly right this ship Cali already kicked off the bench offensive lineman from his team we have an act of good some people that think that there may be some growing pains there I think we've had a not have any commits as as for the next this for the next yet yet. And it's said it's it's sort of the prost Benedict or estate right now is ranked like fifth or sixth in the pac twelfth. Which I know it's gonna change as more people get recruits know they'll fall a little bit but the fact that they're off to a hot start and they're getting kids to commit. That's huge that's a huge boost and then organs lighten it up it seems like it in every you know every other day organs get in some new stud. They've got another corner that's looking that's like a top ten corner if he finds a way to attempted to land in organ going to be three. The three best quarters they've ever recruited rank Y as will all be in the same clock is that you just keep these coaching staffs Canadian got the ducks and beavers trending up towards would love relevance at the same time again I'd miss the days when the civil war meant so you know not disturbed you know civic pride. But how fun was that win that game meant the rules bull for for both teams. Or at least it meant a good bowl game for one in May be trying to keep the other one out of the rose polar pac twelve title. How would be so much fun to have the pac twelve north title come down that we that the apple cup a couple of times be nice to see that here in the organ to the ruling Kansas was really high up in the big twelve recruiting rankings 'cause of those kids from Louisiana. Now we talked about it they got they got a couple of big time kids from CNN it's like early on before we ask then they're like one or two in the big twelve. I was just looking at it they are now tenth at ten more ahead. No there's only technically ten teams there's two teams down and don't be ridiculous. How bad is that you're not getting the you know I your agony out recruited by Kansas. Our rights are coming up next three names in the end. NFL are trending let's say they aren't why. When we return is for fourteen on the fan. This is a US open which edition of primetime with the Isaak ensued. Brought to you by area heating and cooling on tech they need both prayer room. Right in the news about ten. What should happen. Never gonna be getting for sure than a 100% Alia teams government. Andy in this guy says everytime a home run has hit some skinny twenty year old should run out on the field as a smelly NT Favreau. Think get tackled by a cop in all the adults that job stand up and a bit but it broke. They capped the stadium pluck but this Seattle now I was gonna say may he may be half the stadium it's. It's depends says doesn't matter what happens when a home run is that there will be a petition against its. Question is targeting passed around Dexter and that didn't sign that it's happening there's a petition handed down you. It again here I'll something to calm my god what's this one's of news city or it's against a camera it's outrageous. It's affecting my quality of life so there are three men three football players trending. On social media and I wanted to talk about each one of them tell you what's going on. The first sign. Is Christian hack hammered. Because you can't play football yet he sucks now Christian hack emerged. Was he don't want that Trent Dilfer. Was in love with here on when we had to offer on. Different liked him he wasn't very heat he came out of high school it was like alleged he would like Andrew Luck sort of hide it he got to pay his face or is it true freshman and then never. Really developed through wasn't very good but they do you know Dover said he had all the tools any thought that he liked him he thought he could turn into some because he had the raw skill set with the right coach gene. Any got to the jets and no he he was like. Fourth on the depth chart yet it wasn't any good with that I remembered that they windy his rookie year they were trying to shield him from reporters. I guess it was so bad that they didn't want people to see him and that when they actually got to look at them I look at him I think it was an OT is there may be was in mini camp. There or people that have covered the jets for 20/20 five years said they'd never seen anything quite like it like you almost never played the game before that's how. Add the well or its work out of New York it's a strange to me that this is kind of one of the things about the quarterback position it's Hartford is to fan like me to reconcile as that. He went first of all he went ahead of deck press got to get that out. But also. Guys like Trent Dilfer are really Smart. Football guys got you know like he is a really good quarterback guy and so is Jon Gruden you know he does that at cornerback camper or whatever that TV show before he got. The job with my readers. So heat so gruden. Did they at quarterback. QB camp whatever political action heroes is QB can't get as gruden became because he did on with Christian hack amber. And I guess he loved Christian hacked Emmerich so now he's at the raiders the raiders traded. For Christian heck you Maria in the reason hack Hamburg is trending today. Is that he was. Cut. But three weeks after they traded for three weeks we even heard it was like Kia. Yeah go right and that's what it blows you it's like Grunin. And Dilfer really Smart the bug eyes and grant instill wanted to give a look at him gable give in the left. And he's as a low. Right leg but how can they be so wrong. How bad do you have to be in OTAs reg guide that low do you who traded for you to just be like yeah. I know where where we're not do and sometimes I feel like Dilfer would. Touts high school players that he really liked personally. Or that he wanted to give them a little love so that people seem to get his name out there like I think there was it an added data. A bit of an agenda with him because he worked to Natalie eleven or works in Natalie eleven and I think sometimes it's easy to fall in love with guys and you know you can ballot counts you know may be hacked amber exhibit is a great kidded. But he obviously fooled people but he yet how they keep. He was even go to college I know he fooled coaches and and but how Levy didn't tell me what what was it about him it is handed Jeff George sorting aren't. I guess it is a big our crews really smarting in meetings and was able to draw stuff up three looked good in practice. I don't know what is I never understood the fascination is do you look at this college stats. He wasn't good in others what about like JaMarcus Russell right ignited the big year at LSU you fall in love with them. Hatteberg wasn't good if you look at his numbers in college as a true freshman. In fact I think the issue freshman was his best year. He you know you Josh Allen wasn't great. No I drafted that's that's heroes him. But at least at least what Alan you can make the argument when you played with lesser talent he pleaded Penn State what was his excuse for second. Yeah weird so anyway the raiders don't have to give up a pick they it was a conditional trade so he added Placer number gains or be on the roster for certain memory games there. Two to fit for the raiders to send it was a 2019 adding a seventh round pick. But they don't have to send that to the jets of Christian Hatteberg. Hack in burglary. Has been cat and something tells me that this is probably the end of the road for Christian hack and urged. We need you don't saw the NFL like mile up in the mind goes caddie told this to me he was like it's. It. It might be time dude. To go do something out appreciated that I appreciate the honesty I Dana White does this like the USC guy. You don't come around that looked. Really appreciate the fight it to. Go find something else to do they're Symbian NFL bro that's that goes and tells Christian that number yet it's that it's so I spent some broadcast. Had a. Coach what about. Well a case of the next guy trending is is a broadcaster yeah. And that is a Reggie Bush. Now why is he trending. Reggie Bush has made some of bold statements interesting story where it would mean Apple's Williams also you've got maybe something different about Kathy bush yet he want his lawsuit. So do you ever when Reggie Bush got hurt. He was playing for the 49ers I remember watching the game I remember it as it happened yet deeds on the concrete he had a punt return any ran out of bounds. And he runs kind of pass the I sideline. And towards the does the wall that is the stands and the in the right in front of that is cement his concrete that is uncovered. And he slipped and fell any Torres meniscus in those that haven't been following. He was signed by the bills but he didn't mean he into anything for buffalo he hasn't done anything since that no he he tore his meniscus slipping and falling. At the Edward Edward Jones dome in Saint Louis. Well I didn't know this but he sued them after you see that rambled thirty million dollar player wanted to salary. And he got it today he won he won the he won the money is he he's he the rams have to pay him. Twelve point five million dollars for that because they said that it was. What do they deem it. They said. The rams allowed a dangerous condition to exist in their down. It is ridiculous that the deter of did not extend all the way infer if you. Have ever Warren now most guys. Skill position guys always Wear our cleats there's two different kinds that cleats that you that you that you Wear. And even on like field turf you can Wear like soft these which a lot of offensive lineman where that's like molded rubber. And then hard cleats which are like a hard plastic and all skilled guys where the heart cleats. And if you've ever walked on concrete in hard cleats holy hell. It is straight. Like I like that walking on ice it is really really Dicey. And your run at full speed in your front and on turf and then all of a sudden you get to concrete there's no way if you to stay up. Surprised that he did did that this hasn't happened before and they've taken the steps that extended but it's ridiculous that'd that anyone would not. It was like what may be five yards of extra material to get it to the wall why don't what you. Have all the way there. Well he won in in the third guy trending at from the NFL as Andrew Luck he's it's he's big in the news today because. He. Well he threw a football. The football. Predictor of football he threw a football and that's the first time he's done a football and long time yes this is what's cents. But October. I think. I don't did a year and a hand he's a quarterback you'd think he'd throw footballs allotment in October was what it was shut down Yahoo! surgery was back last January so mean this the further it's nice to get to see it. I sellers videos are still kind of laugh. There and by the way psyche was unloading was through on the swing passes it would have when driving the ball down field at the held ticked down it was released them. So rice got a laugh at this thing from the calls that I go to photo I don't know. He'll be ready to go day one well we'll see about that. Is that that the fact of the matter is you're not that far away from the NFL season started and you're not even doing it and if helpful ball yet and last time I checked you can't hit an NFL games. I'm not convinced that that thing is ever gonna be that the same I mean you look at how long this is Dan and how slow they're taking it and even listen in looks comments he goes look I'm trying to stay Tuesday by day. I tried to skips. Steps in the past which. Why the hell are you trying to skip steps when you're the franchise quarterback and he said he's he's paid for through try to be real cautious with this. I just if I am in a colts fan I'm scared to death. You know these these shoulder injuries it's it's that we have this idea now would medical size seeking to sprinkle some fairy dust. And any entry in the your match the same there are some injuries that you never come back from. And I think this is a is a real scary one for Andrew Luck and for the colts. Are coming up next is time for in the news boy do we have they had twisted attorney and that a story. From band about the road rage bro. We'll have that for you next here's Mike. This is a US open we tradition of trying to. With eyes against suit brought to you by area heating who. On 1080 welfare and hundreds attending games. You've made it. TV June. Twelfth 2018 edition of you use. Your noted newsman here with eight follow. Like files count. More to work. It's something they can kill you think you're probably doing it right now tune in tonight that led it. This guy's name was. He looks like Roy rage road rage yes speaking straight out of central casting them but plate where we eat. A little off on this story. Initially reported and we told you about last week that. Jay was the guy that after it is decent sum this happened around about in and after a concert or something. It's out of the car he does the flying fists. And breaks the detail late in the real. The rear window at these these cars it is they cutter a they cut him kind of mob that is said to be grabbed the lady's arm. Twisted it until it broke it in a compound fracture. Then the other lady her partner. Gets out and he starts pummeling her beating her lover yet look prepare these kids are running a budget this. Love her NN he tried to get away but then the the cops say he tried the to go in the land but the cheese dip so he had a lead in the rest. The donated cheese and now he's been in he's been in custody and he got out today and there will be no charges filed against this guy old and you may say well why. So that the women's names are meg and Stackhouse and send a man Steve fiance so yes that definitely lovers. Partly yeah yankees organist in doubt well maybe they're waiting to mayor Canada so glad that was the report last week now this guy's 48 year old guys from Redmond. And he's been behind bars the whole time he DA John Hammel said in the statement he decided to drop the charges which include felony assault. After review that review of medical records witness accounts and prior incidents involving the two women Haggis says I have no confidence worked he says I have no confidence in the credibility of man and Stackhouse. Casey Baxter a lawyer or bar bogeys then. Reached yet and said his client admitted to punching up the women's window and a fit of anger which is still might not give a deadly crackdown. Did you punch out a back window with us. Think it probably hurt me maybe LeBron can it would because put some things done IE finance window if not let's say I do this the I'm super Lloyd rich guy. And I roll up there with my dad died in night light beard. And I punched the back of the window it's going to be one of those scenes like from the movies where nothing happens to the window and I just pick right didn't. It's like the guy who doesn't break like you're in Friday and try to break them word don't bring you go against the grain as opposed to within. So I think she can punt generally go I don't know. The back window those things seemed like backpack these things seem really punched infringements and today. If you had asked almighty god and yet here Cleary you and it hurt could it uses. Like every now and then you need to put something. Let me guys probably constable Olivia film handling it right then it's just trial but. Listen to this did it. And played out thing it doesn't hurt him. Casey Baxter's lawyer he said the client did admit. Q punching out that out the women's window and he was pissed. But he did so after their Kia soul. And hop to curb while leaving a cider festival nearly slammed into his pick up truck. And no and the woman flipped LaMont in his life flip democracy diddley rather wait used to kid because that would almost feeds you did in the gives you the birds is go to get your car eagle publishing colors. Guess it has something about this quote from the attorney says I think it. He really never once struck any of those women that left the picture out there who's really the entire event was terrible lie and it turns into international condemnation. I guess this story went international debate was talking about a great growth down at your target sack Qassam man did not respond to requests for comment in interviews last week to pair said our vote tailed them for blocks in his pickup truck after Stackhouse plan fun of him while leaving the horrible. Thrown. Apple insider and he. So what they're saying is. He he reached into the car snapped snack as Stackhouse is Armand is bare hands and he punched in the face multiple times a lot. Pummeled in his statement said the women's accounts could not be substantiated he said Mans. Claims. Of injury in the heart of the case were debunked by the medical records while Stackhouse did suffer a broken bone in her wrist there are competing. Claims as to how her injury injury occurred in based on her lack of credibility I cannot I stand behind her version of events as. DA and yet you say that he may have broken her wrist or arm by slamming it into his truck. After he punched out the window. I'm not entirely innocent so as the DA world. Did did she do that like kids she was angry about the window it was trying to get his car back or was she doing it to try to make it like. Like he'd he'd be eater. Does is that while man dropped to the ground during the altercation there is no evidence that she'd been assaulted or thrown down. They ousted during the investigation we found out that man had fame to be an unconscious. In a 2016. Traffic accident. And that she had intensely two orders of under the hood of another car. In the road after drinking was Stackhouse at Ben's character ten barrel brewery and that was just last week. They see for yourself under the hood of the carting tried to claim that something greater that they got drinking on. And then they try to get some money on the way home sounds like you don't like this is kind of one of those things they do so. But no doubt in the fact that obviously ranger -- or brokerage guy jumps out punch of the car and then after that they're like well all right let's let's do that to Justine well why did OK so what's interesting that this is like well I guess you read a news story and you go well okay that they're reporting that that's what happened. Not what else to have to go on and if you listen to the original story it says that he was arrested the durable Kabul eyewitnesses the two guys again and made it seemed like everything was on the up. Not in it all seen yet but it's just like I don't know we let our brains immediately go to C well that had to be what happened right here you know I mean that's kind of clear why we do that. Like like we never because of I think it's because this guy looks like he would do something like that sounds horrible. And that these are just too you know two women in the little Kia soul he's big he's big buff guy you know it is beatle. Brian Wheeler screw trapped. Beating them then edition make the regulars pro life. You know like the little things drop off that threaten the new schools involved too violent and area. I. So why why is that we ourselves. And really be condemned this guy do it granted sometimes we rush to judgment this to me I don't. If anyone did I don't fault them at all but when it was the other way around it where it was this guy. And needs to see some ultimately did that take yet you know I think we did we decide we. I understand but when you. When when you get out your car you punch out a window. The woman does indeed have a broken arm broken arm and broken wrist. Yet it's it's herself down to myself but I mean I'm Zain is built if those eventually did just those facts urged her not to speed abiding. There was broken arm. It's it's too late eighties small ladies by the ABC the photos of their tiny nineteen. Yeah their debts and hot summer you know they're like little hipster kind you know dance classes and apparatus as well Portland. Yeah I'd sell its ease and an interesting so you get carbo you'd get it you get out a big balls weightlifting guy. And I tell you that he voluntarily got of his car. Ran over broke. The window in the taillight witnessed this. And the lady has a broken arms and the other what was laid on the ground seemingly on colleges. I just don't think that's much believe I think some as we do rush to judgment I think this is one of those that. Even the cops they showed up was like all right what happened and witnesses say this guy jumped out broke the the car. You show up in the lady's got a broken wrist the other ladies laid on the ground it is like what's happening I've got a concussion. I just I can't fault anyone for jumping to the conclusion that this guy didn't play in the original story was an at bat he said the old girl in the guy's car was. Eighty new model can leave yeah like leave the seemingly as he's done. Reporter Soledad Timothy this this is this is a human to adds up to four just turned out that. It didn't this one time it was it was it was wrong but I don't think this was a rush to judgment or good or bad journalism. I just think this is one of those weird case where everything looked to be going one way it turned out it wasn't true somebody was lying down. But still if you wish they still got cut off in trafficking got out. Punched out of windows down a window. You know that that's sort of thing to get some when shots. Like you know you get out of the car in your office is obvious that you could hurt you punch out the window when you look like that well good things that we didn't let a guy that she. Your dad is just getting in Jay Alan bar though. Is out of jail. So until next enemy decides to punch out the window and it'd be punts and if you get into it Megan stack counts and listened to man watch out you don't they're out for your wallet collide. All right coming up next let's go dumpster diving with Kylie notion at it's 445 and yeah. This is a US open weekend edition of primetime revised again soon. Rock you by area heating cooling off and Ted may be rare. I guess somebody was asking about. I Lucinda and Stephanie and what about charges. On them yeah shouldn't have some sort of falls. The lake making false charges statements well I don't think they can prevent either I think what the DA is saying this look. And we really trust them. We also can't really prove that they're seen as true they don't have enough witnesses yelled something happened that we go and our city penalties it is a holding on to these events he played down a path they had some replay. Everything's fine so would you wanna be yes. You wouldn't know fade. I don't would you wanna be an investigative reporter he returns to god and wanna be at we have had given up there as if in your TV fun don't have to doors at night knocking on the door with a cameraman and they don't answer and you like JJ it's mechanic action team. I was never understood that because open the door as it is in the history of journalism. Everything. Journalism as anyone is that technique ever worked on us and opened the door still open the door and don't even say something like Kennedy yet Aaliyah. And that's that's union he got a good segment thanks surge you wanna comment on. Hours in the little preview like the guys face is blurred and like are you now get some answers I would be the worst. Journalist ever when he can't that's a does that translate. I don't understand and I'm glad there's people that do the fewest of regularly go to war zone they put the cells in harm's way to get scooped. That's the meat visited people aren't. Yeah I did this I think is like an adrenalin junkie sort of things do you go over like you meet with like Hezbollah you'd be would like ice is whatever you like embedded. And then like you're shocked but it doesn't turn out well yeah it. They wanna get the story. It would get story for you it's their job that's I think they signed up for I value my life over getting this story that you veto when there's hot Brian we reduced but it's the chance that my life is on the line well you mean. Brian we oh scrutiny though. No I don't because that's what was in the top right. It is for a number of incidents. Would you. Love that I know I'm not a journalist and I think people that do sign up that like that is. I think that's Dick I think it's thick part of the thing I don't think it's about honestly like beating that the story and bring it to the people. I think it's there are drugs. The people that are addicted to that sort of thing I think that's a very narcissistic thing not a I'm doing this for the benefit of pain. When a pander as many yes look at what idea. And I can write a book about this when you dad's like why Brian Williams is like oh yeah I was a helicopter in the danger that I was in bed and you. Can't. What Kylie bushy is the new in town of investigative reporter and you don't want to mess it. He's the KG MB yet. Alan bush he's on the comes in knocks on your door and you better not to college though she comes a knocking it it's. You addicted Pete you've got to the Kurds that it would turn up and I know it's a bossi back what do we do. Has he done it ends well his news story is confidential documents found in Hillsborough recycling dumpster. On. Never they'll recycle that apparently. Highly bush he went dumpster diving. And found Social Security numbers but he's all over it. So hundreds of pages of confidential legal documents were found in a recycling dumpster Hillsborough the papers included tax returns with Social Security numbers pretty copies of emails. And sensitive client records. Co op. It's not it yeah sure that's. Yeah you can't just wrote me a month shred shred otherwise it otherwise otherwise cows gonna go through your trash that's right and Kyle it there's a photo of Kyle. Going through this recycling that he's he and he's not getting around he's in a suit for his care that he's gonna get dirty piece bucket around at their years. He has so I it through the cardboard boxes to see what else is in net. Dumpster with a so this woman's name is Melissa. She would not like her last name used him he's working pizzas though she on the story. She says I was appalled that this information was just sitting there she works at nearby business and now the documents in shared recycling dumpster outside you'll throws her mom. Those people's responsibility or was like a business that did that prove it simply gives a law firm. And they came on city you know sometimes. Well that there's you Mary can make mistakes Ari who who says that the or bad that now it though she's I'll upon them in and they're in trouble. Don't don't just don't know so that it does she goes out there he digs in the dumpster and he only finds he finds night. Okay there here's a telephone numbers but that's only thing they happen. Got you again this ridiculous. And they said their best estimate is that no more than ten clients information was effective now my question and very first thought when I read the story was behind guide. Would you ever noticed that. If you're dumping something and and in a dumpster like there's an. Thinks they'll look closely and neighbors yet in order to notice that now in high school that that leads me to this question no she doom. Miniseries just in the you know maybe she's a nosy person. Today your right leg why would you look. At a document let's it was like steering you right the fake food. Papers yeah let's see what's on them it has no that was emptied my mom's newspapers and recycling bin and I found in the world's greatest collection warned a combat. And I did. I did take bold statement world's greatest collection well I mean as. Except eighteen year old me at the time I had a truck of war. H flunked supported filled up my entire truck and that was the magical summer. That I was willing to go end to be recycling bin in order to get that out but it's easy to spot it's like whoa hello. What is this the recycle lead that is. You know this did that associated never admit it you had to kind of route through that did the paper it was. It's just I am on top now right like what's she doing. Bottom line here. Nothing gets by caliber machine it even. Papers buried in a recycling bins outside of the Hillsborough strip along yeah basically that law firm that they could get maneuver and you know what they can't not on Kyle. All right that's in the news or Tuesday June while it let's get to the hot by the five. A lot of stuff going on today in the sport and world sports yeah very big sports day who is nick nurse. In Italy. And I did I know that today it do not confuse him with nurse nice apple nick nurse she took her and she's not judging managers cooks for you know. At least not yet. And most up next on the fan.