Primetime 6.12.18 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, June 12th
Ropp tells a story, plus the Hot 5 at 5, then Clickbait radio! Blazers trade scenarios and Pac-12 bowl projections!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. It's 5 o'clock 5 o'clock. I remember the the rough is extra thick this week. All you're trying to do. Is defensive back into the fairway yes that's it yet no expectation that you feel this is prime time almost ends US open week brought to you by area heating and cooling. Don't wait for comfort with Syria heating and cooling go to area heating dot com today you are local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop its great. Primetime retires against him gone trinity. Round two under welfare. I welcome back it is Robinson you're sport grows Tuesday rocking you wanna Tuesday. And our revenues. Came right. It showed today or give enough and coming up in a club tonight six to seven. We have follow up to trump. Un or Kim Jong I guess we should say they're they're big gas summit boys some of that stuff is just. I'm I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around. We also have. Satan is a crocodile news yeah we didn't get to that yesterday now that's puzzle as we know the things pretty cool but I didn't know he was crocodile cool. You still have those items for you in the club our 67. This our staff carries in rarefied air and we're gonna do signal on click bait. Jeffrey Arnold got my clicked today. In a just about as bad when one of those things actually gets you like here on Twitter and it's like 36 random historical actually do well there goes apps are. In isolate grand lady artist and read the comments with the current and blow. You read the comments on that thing I wanted to see what the fans were saying. Never ever. Ever. Ever. Read what fans are saying about blazers trades. Ever. The coveted sakes that is not a good exercise that comment section is the word I'm so sorry in listen I'm sorry to say that because I know we have a lot of listeners who love that kind of stuff but. I'm here to tell a man. Like if we responded. To every. Fan who set off. It would guess that this figured it out it it works on the trade except Khryapa. We can get LeBron here's how here's outs you know I mean I guess they you know every fan comes from a different place in terms of their knowledge of the CPA and you know Collison it's us it's like Alec got its futile exercise it can be very good well look let me blow your mind them for amnesty trades about your team but every kid I mean I totally get it. Everything and as I can tell your story before you blow my mind Mike I was into your quick story that. When I was. Backing Kansas City. And how CK you actually. And and so I would I worked in the sports information office KU. And that means that you get to do stats and stuff for a K you basketball games at different receipt of key intellectual. In one of the guys who date so all those guys you know you see down on the scorers table doing all the official things. They're all guys from around the community here whatever they are there from Kansas City they bring him in and it is sports background and their their official and cool in there was other Coca. And one of the guys that they use to bring in on a volunteer basis was a guy by the name of an ominous. Was his name for the curbs the story it doesn't really matter his name you can really see any Naimi wine and we're not gonna question you kid you could while you be able to Google and scene on time treat he was the assistant general manager for the royals okay. And I can picture him but I I gonna have to dig up his name. And he. And I knights struck up because I love the royals as a huge rose fan obviously so I I would I struck up conversations with him out like who. You know very subtly. And Monday it shows they recycle every. Red looking back maybe but. They were to me at least look at it this way have you heard of does Barry Bonds guy if you considered maybe gives it it'll put it this way knew it was. He was he was engaging with me like he didn't blow me off my dog did this guy likes him and I'm gonna be the next team right there. When a bomb and it jumped him on the as a little young and I just need and a here look green yeah these decent season so here we are riding in an elevator together. And he asked me can you imagine the general manager. Of your favorite team. And he asked you this he says. So what are you thinking what's ideal. But what what kind of trade should I make but he opened and he was just you know obviously ages started out and lesbian fund major sports fans are I mean at the C teams they did but at the same time I was terrified because I didn't have had nothing but fan trade upholstered I'd I'd I didn't have that one letter that I wanted to write the GM and some dude if you just do this. The team is gonna win multiple champ out. They G embryo if that would be a great like party trick. Legacy just like you could he walks into a place like you go to a wedding. Point two awaiting a couple weeks back in didn't really know when he went there and the first gathered as it just introduced you came out to be in his first thing was. Hey I know you dog and wanna do is that I got to ask you about blazers and he got a lot to do it aren't sure yield gets that you broke is that everywhere he goes. How great would that be if that's his go to you to try to gin people up all right so what's your plan. And then no one has when the guy dot dot I. What hand is not ready with that question right I did is they think they're gonna throw your. Achieve that nine out of ten fans just trips over their own you know lie right if confronted with that by the GM tomorrow I made something up. On the spot and it included Ken Griffey junior at. I remember it vividly given up alma creed you you're and so now you end up not yank you mean Brian McBride McRae skews it yeah he had been a part of that deal I let him get that guys like Tom and I totally believe that I should have had something. So realistic. In my head that I can have proposed to him. That made me look really get a leg hey you know what I want you to come work with me being injured or something like CJ McCollum and the number 24 pick for quite Leonard because that was. Today I know now that scientists they got my clinic but they did a and sell number four pick. And CJ. Furcal I Leonard well we'll get to that we're gonna do a segment on that creepy now Mike was gonna blow your mind. The or again. Lives cesspool of the comments section and I do agree if you like reading it for fun because I like to laugh. Sounds dangerous actually was probably about 955. In the greens are thus saying this was one of the worst. Trade articles they never read saying that none of them were possible literally none of them were possibly were despite smells like don't you guys. Because you're right now there were like the most realistic for Kyle Korver treated them like yeah probably. And I just know that when you when you venturing into the comments section of any don't do article it's not as you urge you are asking for it would ever comes your way whatever sort of evil ignorant hateful ass. That seeps into your brain US sport. Well. I thought that Jeffrey Arnold if you overtime he posted a list of seventeen blazers traits. In a course like wide why it likely that but I did I did as what I read and I got to have with their might come down but. Was gonna say is listening very profound I don't know yet about halfway through regular while I why did ideas. But does global adult and that was to get clip and it got your click but he said on there he wrote a paragraph before he gets in the chase like look I'm just thrown stuff against the law here but I thought he did say. That all of the trades worked out salary wise yes they have the trade machine you can go through and conceived puts the blazes have treat exemptions that they cut. Thirteen million dollar one of three million dollar one. Yeah all of them. Worked out in fantasy hit a if the other team doesn't have a GM in year on like MBA you know two K seventeen you could make these deals absolutely. Bylaw I'm a guys' names on the tip of my time I'll find that right now we're way behind so let's get to the hot flat and Gucci's. Odd topics and opinions. Our and I'll bear it's time for the iPod hybrid club smoke pot on private five. Isaac and soon. Refreshed by frost brewed Coors line. Download the reward happens starter in points towards one of the kind experiences game tickets and rewards. It's a number applies. To. Phil is nick nurse. I don't know. I didn't know before today but easily NBA coach now. Yes the raptors fired Dwane Casey because they keep getting swept by LeBron James today sides. Did they would just bring in doing Casey's. Assistant coach to coach team. And his name is nick nurse the final pieces in place. Would nick nurse he's got to be white right. With a name like nick nurse I'm gonna go right. But I'm not super confident on the net if you Google image and no I just read it this story today he is indeed why. And he looks like I tried typing in new partners in it auto corrected tonight's winners. That's that's my life partner letters guys this was not. All he looks like a nick near him he looks like a kind of a bloated David Duvall little bit. Got a real leggy young frat bro. Yeah thank you guy because he's got like a good team but no mustache Iowa. He is where Mike boardroom battle again Drew Carey sort of thing. Anyway nick nurses can coach the raptors. Jim my dream. We'll turn down an extension with the Golden State Warriors says he wants peace keeper Max next season that we may actually. Do you the first of the dominoes to fall they're not gonna give him. Well I don't really get the super Max by the way yes to either win MVP. Defense player of the year or be all NBA. And defense they're here all NBA one of the the three teams that the possibility begins that he dealt with for 200 million plus. Super Max deal and in if he gets that's got to be decided that the vehicles it worries them. That they're willing to pay a million dollars for the championship. Also a Celtics all star point guard carrier ring said Tuesday. That contract extension this summer does not make sense for him and he's already bracing for the daily questions about his feature his sole focus is just getting healthy for next. I'm not gonna talk about my future and I can think about my future but in reality that's all I think uncle clear. Who. Are going to Kevin Durant stain two hours. Yes and they said that he can have everything. Here's ably Jack Kennedy years you want you to do shirts or do you and a larger one when it. Is that they duress not pages and taking a pay cut to illustrate agree this time they've won their titles now it's time to get. Glorious announcement I think it'll be very interesting to find out how much treatment means that team. You should look because essentially he's having a hard sell tobacco you can't lose given all this comes down to is due to the warriors are they willing to pay 300 million. Forever roster. The Dodgers lose another starting pitcher and with the disabled list on this time that Ricky walker dealer. He got hurt in his last start it turns out there right rib micro fracture he took a liner. And so he does on the heels and the Dodgers have played in Kirsch. 98. Rio. Rich Hill and walk revealer all on the DL the only guys did it's it was in their original rotation it's still pitching as Alex would think you look at the Dodgers and I don't seekers after the year. The third third gave the 33 and 32 like everyone forgot about the Dodgers begin a sister to a horrible start to the doctors did health. They can do right now yeah that they moved into it Yemen following the you know last there they moved into second place they have the number one run differential still enamel vision and they are. Three games back to the Diamondbacks the Dodgers aren't going anywhere when they get healthy when this when the smoke settles the Dodgers reducing you'd be right there hit mariners won last night they are I'd now 42 and 24 it's in like half of those have come by one round it's it's insane. The last night actually won by two runs Nelson Cruz hit a couple of dunks as did Mike Trout. Remember when Reggie Bush. Was playing for the niners and he slipped and fell on concrete in the Edward Jones dome in Saint Louis do remember that. That's tourist meniscus and ended his season to date the rams were ordered to pay him twelve point 45 million dollars in salaries damages. Yeah he's sued the rams and the city of Saint Louis and the judge dismissed. The Saint Louis part of it. But they upheld the don't know the rams are no bridges Jewish kids twelve and half million dollars good for the rich good it's. I've torn my meniscus like five times I wish I got twelve dollars. Tonight's news. Number but she's argued it was the rams landed dangerous conditions exist in their down and number one we go back to the NFL for a two bits of cornerback news Andrew Luck has thrown a football but yes that is the story today. After a football. And high school football and not really downfield so much is check downs in a this the first time anyone still has to give to a football and like a year and a half. So he threw a football and that's really the story. And there is a quarterback that they're claiming that he is gonna be ready for week one so why would they have him throw a high school football this is smaller I think they're gonna go into. Progression which says you have a delicate that thing is he's not even able to throw in the NFL football. There are being so cautious that this would be tried it to be aggressive. And maybe it's constant UC's. Some people think he may never be the same again and it's. I don't think those people there outline so I think there's serious questions about what it looked looks like when he comes back. Traders are also RD down the quarterback Christian hack emerge he's been cut after just three weeks. So that trade with the jets to get him they will now not. Paid the jets they draft pick since he didn't make it and make it to seize the third peace accord veg news if you buy key is the the ravens I guess or just in love. When Lamar Jackson and they are using him on the field at the same time as you flak. Glued to quarterback to quarterback and saying this for years. At sustainable about their only matter time for everybody in the office is quarterback with Eddie stop. I'm I'm guessing with a defense like diesel can block key putts Abbott the passes. Maybe like five quarterbacks on there they say they've never seen and happy quite like and they call him a young Michael Vick. All right that Jihad by the five its refreshed by prosper of course like download course lights new rewards happened start earning points towards one of the kind experiences. And game tickets will do a segment on click bait. Next on the fan. This is a US open which edition of primetime with guys against suit. Rock you've by area heating cooling on Jay Nady prayer room. Right well worn you down. That's this segment we should not do. But we're gonna do it anyway against her better judgment there and sometimes. The seconds sects the six feet and sometimes it's too sexy but lovers. I sometimes that was. That was weird I think it's really sexy lovers is may be the most uncomfortable word you can use to refer to someone sometimes our finest works. Are the segments we shouldn't do you know so. Here goes. Click bait. Story one organ line. Seventeen trades that makes sense for the Portland TrailBlazer. And a pair of extended their own team right it says on it says right on there. On the like the precursor paragraph in by Geoffrey C Arnold he says. Are all of these deals great for both sides probably not but they wanted to get the ball roll and find out what you the fans. Think about some of the players. Who may be available on the market this offseason yeah I don't like these trades at that you might have some better ideas are ideas you can use the years in trade machine you've linked there never in my. A helpless some of your own. This is it this RIT definition of could be glad and it worked because they are clear as is put on it we did we all three Raddatz. Now to bring it to you whether you like it or not but I'm gonna I'm going to insert some college football and here too because. I think another really dumb thing that. That college football scribes are probably forced to give me is in a June. Put out bowl predictions. In June. Well I mean Phil Steele has put out his pac twelve football bowl predictions so we will. We on in this segment we'll rotate between gray blazer trade. And pac twelve football bowl predictions. My favorite is that it like I get people predicting the rose colored. The cultural health but who who is getting goes seven and five in play in the that that ever popular Sun Bowl. So you tell me more realistic the football bowl prediction or the trade pact. I place. To listen to move and Peru. Half blazers are risky to have this to trade CJ McCollum Meyers Leonard in the 24 to Detroit for Blake Griffin the first on the list. Right. It's him yeah not gonna happen. Blazers trade CJ McCollum Zach Collins in the 24 take Tim Minnesota for Carl Anthony town and. For a starting she'd not gonna happen oh yeah Jeff Teague don't forget the year throwing and Jeff Teague. Because apparently you need to adjust to debate the salaries work he's a nice there right there the death officially broke me the duplicative or what was bad enough. Second anomalous. And I went and god. I started thinking there might actually be some reasonable ones in the air. And I was like are at the beleaguered one maybe you just try to grab people's attention really. You go with arguably the most talented young big man in the game but guys he's not champion Minnesota right now in May want to leave the thing you're throwing out exact Collins IC unhappy with another desert Iraq. Having worked hours he's the you added that he's the as a crew of farfel between him and because submit a big guys ever have the feel of the guys ever. Again to Bynum was never happy. Some whites are not happy correlate the towns is unhappy. Happy Davis a kind of appears to be happy. Him well at least he hasn't said that isn't true a DeMarcus Cousins is always unhappy and he's a big success to the search bitches that. This Ziyi you don't get the respect you as the it's only keeping the ball. Orange Bowl Phil Steele prediction Washington Alabama. That's a wave more realistic than anything that's on this list. Well look at Washington beats Auburn. That's the key if they knock off Auburn. I think is a real good chance that washing goes to the cultural left is it gives you you can lose somewhere along the road and I did think Washington is the most talented team in the pac twelve. I think they have if not the best it was the second as coach and David shot. And you look at their schedule there's no reason to think that you don't if they can get by Auburn. Can't get through that they would only one loss and they do that they're in the cultural stuff blazers signing trade use of generic kitsch and trade mode heartless and number Toney for pick to Miami for Hassan Whiteside injustice Winslow. He do that deal. You know I don't know that I didn't know. Hassan Whiteside has really soured from me lace our for a lot of people he got benched in Miami last year and now and it's one of those things where you wonder if thank you know he gets in new. If he's like a focal point with the blazers or whomever he eat green gauge or if he'd just be a bitch and their two and I haven't seen enough command in knowing the about justice Winslow and a big kid at a duke and they were. I guess either they are hiding out and he's panned out yet yeah I don't know based open he has loads of potential. Blazers straight Evan Turner to the mavericks for Wesley Matthews. Well that'll about how nobody would do it. Would you do that and the second is madness on track all the books look how lit but I'd have to know how many last year makes a lot of money doesn't sort as Evan Turner and Wesley Matthews to be is better than Evan Turner who makes more. That's not receive salaries match you got to see how many years he has left but if you tell me did just from a player's standpoint I could have whereas the map he's instead of Evan Turner did it deal tomorrow I would say slight upgrade. I mean look let's not big buzzing that he's out to be like. He's not a no specially since he came back from the injured at least he gives you he's tough minded and I would dig was the Matthews over ever enter looks them up I might just in just. One moment. I very well. Or very well may not. Blow your mind. Are you did you tell me that that turner better. No that was the Matthews yes I saw it that Turner's report percentages better than what amount I said. I believe that to be a slight upgrade and I think all right well as he met these contractors. I think he only signed when he signed with the mavericks I think it was only like three years so while you do that I'll give you this is why I said that the U dub if you get by Auburn. Then there North Dakota. At Utah lost launch I guess can can can be you know may be tricky place to play but you dub is much better than Utah. Holiest Arizona State only gets Brigham young win win. At UCLA and UCLA is not supposed to be very good this year that's a win that they would be could be a tough test on the road at organs. But again you can get lost in here and then at Colorado home act cow home to Stanford by hold organ state and out Washington State the US dominate. They kept. Are organs are they get by Auburn. Washington whiz is in the pac twelve title game and then that's for the right to go to the cultural left. A gala I will not be blowing your mind regarding. The terrorism as it is Wes Matthews greater than Evan Turner. Well I think he's a slight against slight upgrade he's hobbled now he's now he's BB yes he can shoot better if he can still defend we like team because you know what he can bring to the table defensively to you right yet he can still guard. But look. Evan Turner's not of unease is really fit yes in the in this he does not this team. So that one actually created. Hot second of debate about that and before we go to break and we will continue this next segment. Fiesta Bowl filled steel projects Texas. Against Boise. State. I actually exceed that game and is Texas supposed to be back. I don't know if there's chemistry back there's must be improved. And they showed some improvement lasting or improved doesn't necessarily mean fiesta. That's that is true yeah. All right Al we pots and get ready for the most ridiculous traded you've ever occurred coming up two from now. Here's Mike with sports. This is a US open which edition of primetime with Isaak and suit. Rock you've by area heating and cooling on Jay Nady welfare own learning. It's in Canada. OK we are smack dab in the middle of click state radio. And we apologize for figuratively and literally trader bowl game. Yes. Seventeen trades that make sense for the blazers from Oregon live through. And pac twelve football bowl predictions. Which is more outlandish by the way Texas Boise State not a pac twelve year and a prediction I don't get why he threw that in there does from Phil Steele by the way you does it make any sense. Okay. Looks as the road rage story now let's go back to my is it lasts only had was blazer street Evan Turner the mavericks are Wesley Matthews. Blazers trade mole heartless Evan Turner. And number 24. To Oklahoma City for Carmelo. Anthony. Are back to this one. This is actually one that I would not do. I would want nothing to do it is. In either Portugal one town they should get Carmelo Anthony last year when there is that talk and they were they were. Insane that that they they would like to go get them and did you reiterate in Oklahoma City that he is an absolute bomb yes you don't want anything to do with him now I'm with you on EEE he made it loud and clear that the only thing he is anymore as high priced. Okay Meehan flip screens here I bow our BP forget how young Mo heartless is. Actually may end up turning into something that that is is nice for. Fact she's got a guy that somehow he'll end up in San Antonio and will become adults are lit up with Popovich or become a key key rotational piece to a title. Great little player. Mobile TCU Stanford. Move. Sign up for that. Thanks Stanford by the way oh under BQ eight and a half wins. Until bind can't download. Well no good if we can not and very sad about the next please oh god that's why I'm trying to prove I'm joined a of filibustering right now filibustering to you there mister India to filibuster in my queens new and until you get to this this backswing got. It's just. It's so bad a healer reasoning. Stanford Bryce level I think is best running back in the country other bracelet was desperate to back in the country last year he comes back and there's some good pieces there but I do not buy. Costello is their quarterback I think that guy is terrible and Stanford says Andrew Luck hasn't been able to consistently find good quarterback play. You think Erik Kevin Hogan despite all the wins. Was very up and down their core prices raise last year's terror. Blazers trade CJ. McCollum numbered money for now pick to the spurs for a call why Leonard. And bring in Forbes. So what you're saying is I think it's really sexy that one of the top 56 players in the league. And it VP type. In multiple time NBA champion and maybe the best two way player in the game not named LeBron James. Then what it takes to get quiet Leonard. Out of San Antonio. Is a one dimensional guard. And the number 24 to not just lie. Also see an end to brand you that bring it. Blazers strayed CJ McCollum number 24 pick to Memphis for Marcus hall and Dylan Brooks. We do in this or because the organ connection. Ian Brooks actually turned out to be a nice little player from Memphis a nice little player dies and it and a you bring American Idol and you get rid of Dirk pitch. Sony Texans at this list is cheese and could. But if the next is the Holiday Bowl. People out late Oregon not mentioned yet and we're going in order a double games count and this Phil steele's. Who put all over the deaths of a go to we at least as of June that David just look at organized here is in the bowl game against Boise with their coach and a good looks a good Holiday Bowl USC Iowa. Idiocy when eggs notables like what fourth. Or not look for you see you know San Cisco bull or again. Minnesota. PJ flagged her but now it's up the terrorists headed towards turn bill. You know what I big organs could be better than that but I would be I would like to see that game heading towards turn bill how bad was Minnesota's profits last year. Oregon Minnesota Simpson's double number at Minnesota Oregon State game news. Ranked. Next straight on the list see who the blaze is giving for next to nothing. Blazers trade CJ McCollum Zach Collins and the 24. To Golden State. For Klay Thompson and show on Livingston. It's blood time. All NBA guy and all star again one of the better two way players in the league. And they're gonna trade for CJ. That they can put to very small guards together. Which is what they had to Monta Ellis Cameron and stepped curry and then they're gonna give up the other point guard that they have been in John living with me. Board it John Livingston not miss a shot in the policies. Seems that that way he's that guy he's a nice. Complementary piece wild career with us Livingston was wasn't a star in the making before his knee got bad ninety degrees the wrong way. And he's had a nice comeback there. Either either wrong here or did this trade machine assumes that CJ is a top ten player and exact Collins is going to be a hall of Famer a shot up there and that's 124 peak is. He really valuable yeah. Ari. Blazers shade Evan Turner out for a could mean new number 24 pick to the raptors. For Serge Ibaka. And owed G. What a critic and Adobe yet again the Ricky is an Iraqi. Yes he was. Banks and I mean sure fine whatever and blazers trades each chemical and opera community Cleveland. For Kevin Love. And Kyle Korver and actually. It's a problem for love I think I would treat seeds of love I think I would team now. I like I I like CJ alive but I just think he's another one of those guys that just doesn't fit. Into what you're doing and I think Kevin Love is it's gotten a bad rap city now there in Cleveland and it's. I I would be intrigued by that by bringing Kevin Love in sommelier atop vs global. Oh OK. Okay we're got to the next hour we need to I mean this is all sides of the night while that this is the whole point what are we doing its June. It really like this like how much thought do you think he put into this. Heard he does draw names out of a hat you look at biggest win projections and uses flag and others those two in six games of this kind of throw me in here. Vegas receive baseball Colorado Fresno state. Cactus bowl Arizona Iowa State. Cannot. Get some about the winners. I could be interest in it that hate the quarterback they have detained is he tainted dole is name is taint hate. Eight Tate who has wanted to touch entertain us that's disturbing. Yeah cleanest Sheila he's fourth or fifth in the highs and ups show's garbage let you do it. That changed the tape man but danger. You know I saw the odds for the Heisman in 1000 base I think seeded team you've been on the haven't Sheila. You know it was fifty to one. 51. What's is nuts from Clemson sports is nuts in the quarterback early bright yeah he's fifty real. I set up little money on the and I thought I'm betting. Stats with apple but stupid bad staff aren't currently 1520 bucks. I kind of forgotten the odds on favorite was he he that surprised me a little bit but it's Jonathan Taylor the reduction Wisconsin and yeah. Life's gonna get a juniors are now but it just it was kind of one of those things in knowing care I just didn't. I guess I'd I didn't think about him I was I was kind of go. Gladly do I will bet you a million bucks right now that I don't have that Jonathan Taylor does not in the eyes. He's not gonna in the eyes. Lost one game last year again he is not gonna in the eyes and you will go for an. As sunny yards whoever between OK so between here's the deal with the eyes is my eyes as stupid. The Heisman will be. The best player. At best skill player at Alabama. Likely their running back well actually did did the highest for Alabama is the guy that is even been named their starting quarterback yet it's too. He's the he's the bad were the best dog but he's not gonna win is about how he might mean he might if he if they if they've they're good again in their in the he's died in finals again. So it's again it's the best player if he if he is the best skill player at Alabama he'll be he'll be right there it will be either him. Luke Luke Bryan. Ceasing country music and look at a lefty he's womanizer and he plays a great guitar or acts who's the Kelly Brian Kelly at. Clemson in the now whoever did at Ohio State will be did and they will have a guy who will come out of nowhere yes veggie. Is JD JB dobbins the running back there running back yet he's he's a big deal that guy in the and who else is supposed to be really get. Is it. A team will Bryce loved it's I think the odds on figures and got by him they give me a team that's supposed to be like Georgia like they're strawberry Blackberry and guarantee he'll be in depth right it's like. It's so predictable. Who will end up. Who will end up in the in the Heisman. That The Who had to stay you know any kind of Taylor may be beyond stage is gonna put up numbers I I've amen I bet you right now I won't went in he had 19100 yards and thirteen touchdowns last year that he pitched. As a freshman. One else he's on done with Phil steele's predictions thank god. Can we get a good trade here let's see I blazers a trade off I have a Davis blazers trade CJ McCollum to Oklahoma City for Paul George and Corey Brewer. Apple was like a sign and trade sort of oh here's one the blazers get mark health falls for a bag of cool ranch to read us a picnic at a psychiatric. CJ McCollum the number 24 pick. For Robert Covington and mark helpful that is one that I would not do. I will pass rarely last time we saw mark hill full speed he could shoot. I want nothing to do with that Ashley now that I went strategic season is a good player I think that some of his stuff like quite letter Paul George. That's ridiculous and it's absurd. But that CJ is a proven commodity. March 04 it's number one pick broke hell no is only had a year I would do that deal for sure you what is needed for full because they're not going anywhere. They're just they're the same a look at a power rankings data blazers guess what thirteenth pick if I would I would not do that deal is coming from good three point shooters have been however is that another guy. I don't know. That's a nice player he's good defender Covington group. Well I don't know he clearly you don't either soup doesn't know anything. Nobody knows. I guess he's a nice player look a fire that. You've got the bit that sake blazers sign and trade use if they're kitsch. Bad Al farouq Aminu and the number 24 pick to Dallas for Harrison Barnes and Maryland's Noel. No no no no no. Plays it straight CJ McCollum to the clippers for. AM the number thirteen pick yes yes. But I know now all but a then blazers strayed most heartless Caleb swan begin to Denver for Wilson Chandler. I'd have to look up to Wilson Chandler's doing and you sheet. Why Dolan who cares plays it straight Meyers Leonard number 24 yeah us yes. In the end of the NFL Al Jefferson hit yeah wind does a thousand times yes there's been that the only does that Indiana would hang up the photo on view but yeah and here's the last one this is from the Oregonian. Blazers trade Alfred can mean new number 24 to Cleveland for. RAI. I'm Jay. Serious serious click page if there are few and you know. There were uninteresting. You know there's about what two or three I mean if you could trade the one minute that I hadn't even thought of. That unlike now if that were on the table. It's interesting would you trade Evan Turner for wasn't Nancy's dog that seems kinda realistic yes other than that. And had I think he kept them. Kevin love's get double specially LeBron James yeah and let that be like we trade CJ we both though is that if I didn't Kevin Love is underrated in and I. I think there's something to that they give you could find a way to get Kevin Love. And insists it's a matter of what you value CJ but we know that the G Ambrose values him more than I think everyone else does. All right coming up next odds on the next burner account on the camp. This is a US open reconditioned over primetime with guys that ensued. Rock's new play area heating cooling. Yeah I had the rough month. Yet that was Mike's well. Give it Mike right there right buttons I got cut up and pleaser trade hysteria. In our outward skimming down from real high. On the issue. Hey. You winning Finley for packet to get to the same call rodeo on Thursday July 5 if you call us right now. We're gonna need the fourth caller at 5032501080. That's 5032501080. The 83 annual Saint Paul rodeo is back July 3 through seventh at the legendary Saint Paul arena. Tickets available online now at Saint Paul rodeo dot com well we got so hot and heavy on. Blazers trade talk in hand and projections. India don't start another available particular bull predictions my sports fans run of overkill like orient lines. Totally. Did Phil's still there on unlikely paid to do it with ridiculous that is. So we got so wrapped up that we have we have zero time. For any more stories before the club I'm Bret. Part two is on Twitter real quick apparently. The earthy beavers have taken on the the odds on favorite to win the calls were a series. As for those and XT when the deadening they were over Florida. Over Florida and Florida ended up what I saw was like fourth down the list for big people there in the list sketchy did not look that great against Auburn. In New Year's super regional but he's acquitted this. Were. The living it up I was 37% or maybe it was 27%. To win and those were the best rides to win the college World Series. Icon next it is the club our. Club 1080 liked Colin TS 27% for organ state 23% for Arkansas 18% for Florida those your top theory. So trumping Kim Jung in. A buds now insane is a crock of those stories and we've pissed off Jesus pro over Satan comments coming up next on the van.