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Friday, June 15th

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They still listen to the primetime with ice chicken suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that. This is our podcasts that there are welcome to our pod as well as regular job though you're up for it. Do the right thing since 1952. This is a US open which edition of primetime with Isaak and suit brought to you by area heating and cooling on to an 83 am. She'll make him an adult games for children. But you know up. Where the incident man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk 600. Well most pretty self explanatory. And alive is because I thought we were leaving at six. I know we'll. Didn't play his time as we go. And have nots. It's only. Yeah full media let up. Okay. I was addicted to the cynics. You know one night and big regrets is angered that Jason could jump in there yeah. In the Montana today from Mike Lynch this one yeah. One of my big regrets of falling ill over the last couple of days was last night. On my I cow. I had Jason quick and gave sharp poke. His study got chairman of my party it is great to use. Yet you have but you know him well I do. Did at least is here yet but he's he's a school teacher he did it for the kids they they hit their grades. Piano I gave impediment that ceiling that's one of the things that you wanted to bleacher days and that you use the excuse a Selig will view it degrades all do it. Then out. I'm not buying it anyway I had I had Beers on the I cal with those two rows last night. Had to cancel. It might regret is not missing the broadcast for two days my regrets that now. It's sipping weasel my way into that when you reschedule that Libby knows damn well I don't enjoy the jazz this news that David and mr. quick goers today Jim drew column. Chase. CJ's growth broke the Jews for a just for a pro don't think I've ever had anyone call me cheeks and the mr. county case I think I would be uncomfortable with some called the Jesus is looking here kids and I'll take broke seasonal thing GAO takes you politics again I don't think a big cheeks grow. So it's Father's Day on Sunday yes it is. You're my game out yet is your game. You've known as Seattle yeah I'm gonna take might Jimmy and I wrote my old man in dude as well we're gonna go Marie go cigarette sucks. You mean the Mariners. Yeah recipients he doing this. But yeah. Said the right fielders Zito we get a sunny day inaugural edition entered her room the outfield and seeds of the two best teams in baseball those systems favored seats now he's come there to do it too I'm zero for pro right field yes nice that they couldn't get does because there's so many of us. They're six there is there's six of us going so. I could not get yeah normally did this season ticket holders that in the right field on the affirm brother who is available. You can I think there was four of them that I can get this time so we're in the second row but I of this upper deck in right field. Lesser charge an arm and a leg in the secondary market for the Red Sox. Mariners. Not the Sox fans there on both sides and it's Father's Day in the red did you know that bears a red hot. That was the nice part about when the Mariners starter is you could get fantastic seats. Like when we went up to the reset front row right field which I love. And without us is the angels and I think we got tools for on a weekend for like 3637. Bucks. Great deal and now I'm paying like eighty bucks per second coming upper deck. That's the cost of winning you can I had this thinking Kansas city times change. When they stink it's great for like ten bucks you get into the voting while I was never there when they are dead. But when I was there and we are going to games either five dollar GA isn't. Literally I've known for you I'll review it. He go every when I lived in Tampa it was the same thing for less than ten bucks you can get into rays game and then wandered that absolute pit that is Tropicana Field it. It was sheep and so when the Yankees came to town or whatever you could go see a real baseball team and so that we thought let's be honest what do guys really want for Father's Day people not to spend money. That's one that's definitely one quality. We don't want gifts and that's for sure I think is what you're saying. So we only get so we don't in the reason we don't want gives his father's is because. Being a dad. We did the same for thirty years we have everything we want to. Think there's literally nothing in only that but. Kids are terrible gift getters. See in this is this is the one thing I'll give my kids credit for one my kids love. Giving gifts that's a big deal in our camping we're gift givers. And we try to goad you generalize and wanted to give it your brother is a great if he's phenomenal my brother is the best. But like we always try to get unique kind of things that to be personal did to people. Is so big gift giving in our family is is kind of a big deal and ought to have my kids. They surprised me a lot my kids go go go big kid they there there's a lot of tears on Father's Day because they use to come up with something. Pretty solid I only year that's a mutual. Ranked. It is you know that's an usual route like those other times it's like a hug coupon. Honor her like a tie 8% CBC is they don't. It meant we could dads don't whining because they know you don't know once again it's the classic day and you know the first thing about me gifts yeah that's what it is. Bush is it like it if you don't know here's my thing. Don't spend money on something that you may not certain your dad's gonna lines. They get if you're ever in doubt and you and you need to give him something just there's universal gifts that dad's gonna love goat and you're better off number one dad mug. Really money with your other siblings and give him some been decent there's nothing worse than the Father's Day gift that you know. They people don't know how to get something they waited their Fred Meyer and they had that the little section says gifts for dad you'll like this a view but it. It for you for being honest we don't want any of the stuff forgetting its. We want to be left alone don't spend money. Who wanna drink and watch golf for playing off his guess is very hard crazy and he says we would like to injury to be watch golf scenery could be nabbed you eat have sleep. And then it's and capture them and you know maybe some foot rub in somewhere during the day immediately I let's go to Brad to regain its hold it planned no really only wanna do is drink watchdog drink eat and sleep. None I can't. Like they asked me what I wanted to do for Father's Day and we were going to deplete chambers bay. On Saturday and so I just have one week to stay up there and then let's go watch baseball. Because that is a bit like on on Father's Day big think William what do you wanna do I love watching baseball I love Safeco has the Red Sox. Gotta be a great Father's Day like I would need anything else I know they'll give me something else. But I guess that's kind of the hello. When you've been dead you pay for anything anyways exactly that. It's just when you know we don't want to spend money it's a happy Father's Day to myself and I am also big proponent of just giving yourself a Father's Day gift. If you're daddy you know that you're not gonna get anything good. I did for yourself goes splurge on so we do anyway yeah we'd that's that's what I'm saying is that we have everything because we buys them for ourselves is a chance to do that killed three. The you can wrap it gives your subject well I am a good dad chambers of guilt thing. At that. Good Father's Day gifts over the years yeah again here in usual tell. Americans spend 23 million dollars on Mother's Day in only fifteen million on dancing yet dad doesn't get anywhere near the exactly edition of our moms moms they seem special debts they seem sometimes like can't learned that the little forced health. What is that show wolf has said that has a dinner or send it back where she talks about it that she doesn't wanna be a mom she'd be good to wants to be a debt. Because even the best dad is only a average Mohawk and right. Easiest Qaeda is right yeah he's just feels I don't talks about that age kids don't really understand why there until they get money for me. In the background there BS dad does not give it did did dad's day. Does not get the same retreated with the reverence now that's all I'm saying yeah let's just be honest about Father's Day tally. Plead data alone and go play some golf. But save the money don't give him something crappy don't get in the tide don't gym socks. Stop given Xavier going to actually give him a gift. Then put a little thought and effort into it and open up. The wallet just a little bit but that's insane people on. And honestly give them the world's number one dad teacher the and I just that that disappoints you so much it really does if someone give if you got a dad. He had most of the audience I would I would wells out of the woods dads and their lives and but technically there as a father think you're right it's the when she's when she's saying that 100% of people had or had made in Jesus. Kinda sordid. We knew Jesus. Is that for that guy may be heard them. I guess technically he is agenda. He really have likened the dead dad couldn't. Be out again with the bad. I is that she was not that hard. I AC here's the thing about gift giving hope it's not that hard it's just that people are so lazy and that and not thoughtful and that pisses me off now. It's out there bro bit better than that. This is a great gift a few moments excellent and I. Is perfect for someone like me last ten years to pay for my dad's a movie season passing until the games and I got to my hundred dollars for the butcher. Three and meet and baseball doctor prompted. But that's awful to say well I just like hey here's some Sox since these are two things he's violence I don't think he can just tell me hate being thoughtful. I mean some people just aren't there the whole point. But the thing it's not an Armageddon would would we didn't run an answer for us and go play trigger girl is era debt on earth where you don't have one if you got a dad. You have triggered your dad if you got one. The trigger another trigger any of you when you'd be like. Yeah that's also known Alina and I would say no offense here to answer everything. But I would say is why the hell did you buy that I have a grill while you are a terrible human beings money. That's exactly what we're talking about why spend 800 dollars on a grill I've already got one I want. What I wanted for Father's Day is don't spend 800 dollars now you are current much on me you are you always agreed with necessary and miserable curmudgeon you have all easy to this assessment if you are you backing down did do you know why I bought some deeds for you like I wouldn't say that would be your response is no I would say I. 06 Davis is great and then in my. Head go by the announcement. See here's the Gregory if you I'd hate when people spend money on meaningless crap that you don't want but. I just think there's some things that are universe that you would universally liked but did she buy you a news at a golf club would you would you be upset. Yea exactly. No probably not see if an index. It's not gonna do that this and it's not that hard if I was your wife or up I was your husband it's okay it's twenties eighteen we can do that now. If I assure has been. And I was sitting there be a make you know what he's been such a good father to you are at nine adopted children. Is that so many we have a back problem and do something really special it would take me two seconds. After the QB thank you know what I'm gonna go to go get him a club fitting. With a true advise him that nice at a golf clubs that he didn't live for himself leader special this talk Howard. You're stressed the sort of doing. Foundry special. I'm all right what's next don't know. He doesn't need so be it. But I'm insulted but we're salty. Memos salty and listening to my game salt. Relief yeah. Don't think it is. Notice. Theo nicknamed old salty route. Don't buy new president. But you Father's Day present. But can't come on many. I'll get yours nice if you don't mind you so lonely I will. But we know you want to bring you base of the from the mayor not school understand his need dining if I get everything any is she gonna give you anything. I doubt it you can't think for. Not really I mean meet my cynical idea Jimmy Carter symptom. Slices on my stepfather your stepfather not a real fun for fifth at the. This seat even ever called you dad though right. Now now know his dads is dads around I don't but it will mean they did have two dads have come down 190 dance I lost one he's in the woods somewhere right. Disappeared. But I was called both my dad's dad you know. Did you came along when he was oh lead that Reagan. He was too. Yeah so and then my oldest is. Was adopted and in Baghdad but again there's not another dead pitcher. Please don't fear through your dad that therefore you add. No no dad no dad no Father's Day present that's why you're so commodity he just he and his Father's Day present. Apparently you don't need it and you don't believe me then do you spend much do you ever for our times many many years a fluke. Not really known. We need to put a couple of quick sometimes also guilty about buying stuff for me. My wife she's always do this. She would always. I was like a really easy. Fuzzy give because there's always stuff that I wanna but I would never buy Buchanan wanna spend the money on that and I don't know why there was like a guilty noticed alike. But you know I was splurge you know as a lever myself that somehow I was doing my family wrong and she and I hated I think every yeah same thing I do the same thing I sit there for days like. Sure I buy this kind of want their prime chemical found about spending money on it. And Alex and that is don't buy it at all. I think every Dennis. That's kind of what I'm saying that's my whole point I was you'd been that this. This assessment I know you're I agree with the assessment of the million anymore I hate wasted money but it's a waste of money if it's something that you walked. So it's I have an exciting partially agree when I was trying to say is Massoud don't know what their dad wants because their dad has everything yes they're very high debts are much harder to buy for the mom CN I'd I have always been told that I've been very easy. Person to shop for because I am a hard time buying things from myself. Hi 8000 dollars that event's first off. Was a thousand dollars and I bought that because I do commemorate. Moments of my life with a nice and I'm gonna splurge on scene for us to just thanked me about it and you want your money. And it was I don't care if it was not a thousand on the bag but I do love that bank. More than island you. Tonight's bank this could back. We are so like I remember one year I want to do about ski sweater from Pendleton. And I've looked attitude daytime there and I don't know they're there to 300 bucks somewhere in that range. And as it is like and I need to spend 250. Bucks on a sweater. And I've looked at it. At least a dozen times and it's not liking it's even a bunch of money but I would never pull that your running 250 down Q after it's a really nice when he's still out. And then some so I was like well let's get a bite in his letter. Then once I was ended up until there was this winter guest can look at that thing I would like that. And we now expect that that's the same as the trigger idea it is don't need that letter noted I want to but I love my sweater to make everything that I don't. It's connected tonight and I wish that I didn't have that sort of guilt when I bought it but I do even to this day. I stub a hard time bleacher on stuff like that. That's where for the victims and I we have been thugs you aren't suited to do. What else is doing. A what does we have a home. I have a dinosaur news and bull frog news on also I did so I think this is not bull frog to temple. But did something today that I realized that I have not done in probably. Ten to twelve years. And it and I don't majors to deceive you done this as well. I thought golf balls for the first time in over a decade today. Wait let him about gospels. Okay that's there's some like to I don't but I always just gotten golf books I hate. Don't ever let you had to find you sing you had divide them I purchase nobody gave anti free yes in our line of work. And the people that we know is not like being with the same you purchase with your own money and buy golf balls on time dear yeah. Well I've ideal length and you know we we were partners yes I get there but you don't like technically you don't really buy them. Not technically no because it's through the endorsement yes but again I ask the question was last time education for you people you took money out of here. While it and you bought golf balls only. I mean I can't even remember how you hate. Only. Like for him or like you've let Sam oh my god I'm a deterrent and anyone going to sleep for something buddy I usually get my balls and I ate today he went and more things and I purchase golf balls and as it was it didn't goes like had I went I was hitting balls today. Added to at a campus meadows and there are shipping and I realized that I just had a couple in my bag and I was like well. And Isaac I need to go by golf balls and so I went over and I've got couple sleaze balls and as I was doing it I'd that thought did dawn on me. That almighty god our NATO not but these probably in over a decade it's one of the perks of. This. This job you should have axed me gap because. I will do this night would make him because really need to not a good chambers yes I'll show you a picture. These stack. These stacks. Of cases of golf balls in my garage if it's really yes because I play answered I only play titles yet. It's very high yet people that's my that's the below you prove he went bowling golf I know people that don't golf Latin. They mean I think it matters the bowling golf matters a lot will they tell you though that like with proving once they get to your not a good golfer that's not the best all the way I could see that yep and you want rocks. Because it rocks you it was a does Nike buzzer Le Hart so anyway I'm just telling you that I have so many in my garage. That I would probably if you're a little nicer to me. Maybe analysts say due to forty dollars out. But you are going to be discussed in the nation need to picture of the number of couples and I'll probably never use that he did this one of those things right I can't thrown away. There's no way I could throw blame. And I don't wanna give them away because they it just in the back Obama might well. It and we'll play those eventually with summer ninety semi those strict signs that we go their names on how we got those from as a gift from a evangelist. Peter Jacobson at one point. Easy end up with it are light of words you just end up with golf balls and today I realized. That I did not have any guys getting up to it that. Too laid back to it now that. Poland and then you know for years years when I mean we knew what you guys at a Nike golf and Nike Disney golf balls anymore right that's true whatever irony golf balls that color us the Nike bruised okay. Connect and a can I grab a couple but now. None of that and so that was something I did today and it was it was weird it was one of those things that I didn't I do not realize it until I was purchasing them. Andy that historians who. It just encourage Democrats meadows like no that's that's a little weir and you don't honest I had the thought of I wonder when's the last time. Our top. But golf balls and long time it's it's it's what any legs and if I didn't want to buy golf balls anymore and still be a long time because. I did go through all the balls they're Mike Barack agency and they have holes like hell hole. Tub of hodgepodge shag balls that good at it in there isn't a mark that is Zagreb when you're gonna get there. At some times causing achievement no they're not but I also feel like endless at someone like you that plays a particular golf ball. I think that's one of those items that people don't buy Dana you just. The news you just give it his lead here but again a scramble maybe against her Father's Day someone gives them GOP's all the time it unless your some early cubic also lauded as like a really you know single digit guy. Most people don't mind of what you've just. You you accumulate them they just somehow magically show what you like I've I've got a golf ball like tease you really pay for tees are now he's. He's having handled if you happen to get an invite to country and like Nolan told the restock banker believed dead anytime I've my buddies remember it's. Royal oaks that's the first thing I do what I wanna play out there like you have a handful of the things the right field hitting golf balls with. Yeah I think I have some might never golf's now India BC he has I have some from here. So you get you get given golf balls and Oregon hello OK and you keep them enough in here's the big in our promotion that's it went so we'll have her on the office. Our promotion goddess deletion. Had a bunch of golf balls like cases of them in the area so I just was like I'll go in there and I'll grab the case and and I'll go up. So I went in there as she does know those are accounted for as some want. She does he Alex Webb was given waivers and secure as those are all accounted for. Is that we don't have any golf balls losing a set of golf he can't station I'm big seeking to can't give me a hope that happens and I kind of body like. I really don't hear a look at Linehan and yeah now we you don't care he'll play anything yet I don't like rocks that's my only thing. Not a connection that's gonna eliminate some of the things that I have for you but I do have that loud. I'll bring something okay at a gift card and it will be for fathers they gonna bring you some feedback from the mayor street don't do them I'm going to I don't want anything you're guaranteed to bear. Nothing to get something. Guns are ranked. What's next. Dinosaur and he's dinosaurs or temples here's my. All right. We're almost done with the with the thankfully for you you feel okay. Not really down decision to come back he says thankfully hasn't missed the last few sounds fine he's Don Murray and I don't divided. And I think had been cranky and I and I just it's not would have been streaky I'm sorry he bit a bit of blue they just don't feel good DMX. Good stuff to deal because you've been the pillar anyways so in the salty rob as you might call of those. That kind of sounds agree get into that we are public sixth and again the salty rough cleanly into that the. Think what he wanted to hear about the so pure luck. But give you Deseret and it won't do in the salty drop as militants fifth but if if you. If he's seen the Muppets are suing. The Muppets yet I love the markets Willy DUP don't go to the movies are very much now there is a new. Muppet movie he did that's coming out for adults. But it's not it's not the Muppets they just have published that look it's the same Buffett technology but it's none of them the Muppet characters. And think Who Framed Roger Rabbit. But instead of much in this that a cartoon characters it's Muppets and and it is. Dirty. I mean did the preview Ford is political. At the same thing guys amid the animated woman was dirty little bit about the food or melancholy I'm Melissa McCarthy is in it. And I'm I'm not sure what it's called. While looking out for you here but if you watched the the trailer for it. Even even without the sound the end of the trailer and I'm trying to think that the best way. The best way to describe it and while I'm assuming it's not a food orgy that happened at the end of the movie I'm thinking of the end of the movie. Where the firmness of one where they out there all in the aggression Stewart and yesterday its do you and sausage just obsessed. It's didn't from the look at this this is way more offensive and sausage party. I'm trying to be that so. It's it's like a crime murder mystery. And involving a buffet detective in them Melissa McCarthy plays a real person and they teamed up again I think Roger Rabbit. The final scene is OK the but the detective had need. But that love and with his secretary. And let's just say there's a scene involving silly string and a lot of silly string beans sprayed. All over the room. The media it is it's called the happy time murders yeah the happy time in her purse. Just watch once they did the trailer for even without sounding just skip to the end you'll be thy holy hell it looks hilarious but it is so filthy. And the Muppets are soup eaten them make presented ultimately because it's so filthy and there's a mid eighties. Damaging the broke it and entry in lake to drooling all over the good reputation of the wholesome -- camera are the are they saying it's but they're not saying it's market know we can't say that don't know they're not but their point is they look like muffins they looked like Muppets they talk like mothers that don't act like Levinson so their there's certainly did it also says Tim is through the credits like right before the trailer it says. The director the Muppet Christmas Carol the director of Muppet Treasure Island yes your Muppets tonight. So it's using them updates now is that an old Muppets director at thinks so and so there they're touting that yes. But when you go to watch and I am BD when you go to watch the trailers you have to say that your old enough to watch it. Think it's it is a part of substantive truly deter a fourteen right out here it's increased eighteen no no. Yes but it involves. Like drugs mounted murdered gist. Like multi prostitute. It reminds we have the the South Park characters the little little animated like uniforms and went bears and stuff yeah that are mystery murder everybody instantly. It was a governments and there's a great see where Melissa McCarthy is do you mean. Some sort of month it Angel dust kind of like a liquor. At the collectively Kurdish like to read my name its I I am excited about it but I I just think it's and I exceeded you probably shouldn't. I love stuff like I know it's it's gonna cut that tomato moves do in the unions in the whole thing blows that calls sausage party I thought that was kind of (%expletive) yeah. It's it's it's win eight times when they take kids stuff and a you know they just look for the adults. Iowa now getting help pad the limit. What my brother is not coming on so if I wanna. And he's gets up and took it he can't. He didn't warn me today that it can and he had to shut its next it's got due to a family stuff in things you would think it's important things stuff and things. You know my RX. They're rapidly dinosaur eggs yeah that's in this trailer it's fantastic TV guide to the end seen yet in a quiet you still do in the end she didn't trailers disease picnic there. There are a diamond mine too sweet tea into the NEC this at least drew yeah yeah I got there. No but there was hopefully. Act well there early you know it. There's there's the winner. Thin and you'll only do not think it just keeps going and until the kills well if that's that's there's a lot of famous people and there. And it looks freaking hilarious but it just looks be on. Dirty. Aren't did you have the disciplines at the tagline is new sesame Wall Street that the that's the tag lines and didn't. No John raping and up next on him yeah. Brenda Johnson nine cell. Blitzer evidently dinosaur is about that yes I saw this and I guess is hardly new because I read an article about dinosaurs coming back and it gets even talking about this for the last three or four years. But they are close to going Jurassic Park in bed beat able to recreate dinosaurs. Sorry to say yeah Yale and Harvard in the Vegas there's a bunch of other places that they're kind of the ones that are focusing on this. And there's been a little bit a little bit about this member when they talked about maybe trying to inject. But a woolly mammoth. It. DNA into an elephant yes and then maybe they'll think you give birth to a woolly mammoth. That's one way but this article that I read. They're trying to turn chickens. Into dinosaurs. And their closer than you'd seek their party from genetic. Generic genetic mutations. And and you have changed things around they've already taken the chicken's feet. And they've turned it into a dinosaur snout and how they're working on the little Wii is becoming little dinosaurs clause. They even started to be able to grow a tail. And so there they say that we may not be able to fully get like a T Rex or whatever but smaller dinosaurs. Because there's aimed at birds there or what's left over from dinosaurs that within five years and we be able to turn chickens. Can do little dinosaurs. Fruits and around town wonder where I've heard this before he got it. It just turned to determine how well it starts with chickens in the next thing you know they do you fated T Rex and then we all die yes answer remember we won't die. We will be here's line. We still appears Pratt. But that it and Bruce Willis right Q it somehow to me Bruce Willis this. And I think in this article they read they even said that whistle blew can help lol hopefully you know well of course I love Jeff Goldblum but anyway. He's fantastic I got a star in Hollywood this this weekend or some from it took that won't happen so gold in the start yeah. About damn time he had the guys. In the toilet in the personal. No he doesn't down the toilet he's the he plays the the chaos mathematician. He doesn't doesn't die he just gets and he gets beat up beat it's like his ribs broken in the T Maxine but they said the other thing about this is. Not only can they they're gonna recreate dinosaurs through chickens and other birds and they're saying that like with an ostrich we need you get bigger dinosaurs so think like the las rafters but it's an attorney to chickens into it we could change. Larger birds in the larger died is what's the biggest bird is in an ostrich I think you know surgery may be like a wingspan can do like Condo world. Or likes of the Eagles and they said that you thought Turkey vultures are really big here you have but that probably limitation on the size of dinosaurs because of the birds aren't that big. But they'd be. To listen to this scientist talked he says that you should see some stuff they're doing. They are genetic bit genetic Ari genetically changed a beat you to a dinosaurs snout. And their party changing means to little cloth eyes and the tail is the one that is the hardest thing he said they've made great strides towards that. What could it and stepped what did she can do we have already in a lab somewhere there were pictures of it. But a chicken with fingers. At us now and a little starter missed field that's weird but does that really scare you. It does these Don and then like moving on to elephants like you know bigger creatures. Does that scare him. I kids they're gonna move on to bigger creatures in the TV that I. I think the whole thing is a little later to be honest with you both so here's to your point. They said that they've already did they've already done this and they do this like back in 2005. They drop back eight extinct species of whale and guilt already. So stuffed it goes extinct within a couple years that we have to DNA. So back in 2005. There was a eight. Freeney I'd X which is a kind of a goat that went extinct. In the late ninety's. They had they don't give birth to what they've brought it back from extinction and they also did it with some sort of it was a smaller whale but that went extinct and they had a beluga whale they gave birth to an extinct species of way they do that. As we are date they've saved the DNA. Of extinct species let's say like the white rhino writing is on the verge of extinction. We can take that DNA. And then if we were able to to spliced that and that we can put it in another rhino he could conceivably give birth to an extinct rhinoceros. But it wouldn't every time. It is if we genetically mutated it. So do you take. Do we he had this like it would key here doing it now there were basically taking an embryo submit no longer exist and were cramming it into something else thinking give birth to it. In a way you go. It's pretty freaky when I read this article I have no idea that they were this far along. With some of this stuff like they're really far along with a lot of things you don't wanna and then says he has a kind of read do that was my thought of really wanna be told in this bear because if you can do with goats you can do with the whales can do it Brian knows he can bring back dinosaurs. Did you. Potentially. Probably. It's just it's the united debate it's a little it's a little freaky. On it for you if you can take a chicken in turn into the dinosaur can you take a person in turn it into like a candidate. Probably real sin again. They needed changes you can change wings to a little. I historical ice. Let's not even taking human ears of turning them into something cooler in the give you some big Arnie Palmer and it's in my golf game improves he broke. Well and already they're talking about the near future and you'll be able to. You give birth to your child you can pick all the features you're gonna want. I having great weekend and a great Father's Day we're going to be back. Monday 37. Red shoes. Okay okay.