Primetime 6.19.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, June 19th
This week in the police blotter, what weapon scares you the least in a robbery that could still hurt you, and IN THE NEWS!

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. And time Mon Jan ladies Sarah I'm Jenny you do you think you're going number one I know we'll noble. It's time to restock their shelves of professional basketball. Let's see what the MBA movers and shakers have him. This is a draft we commission try and judge where does it consume. You nicer way building from there this summer after a project and remodeling stores or online at SHU. WAY dot com primetime on 1080 bodes very. Put up put up. Throughout concede. What was the X-Play. We timeout double what we'll put it Yemen and what will it said one up what up new until you do at EA yeah. So this is our. The same there are a really ugly when do. Yeah it is pretty and this is not the traditional. Sports police blotter is isn't do you liar. He like that and so. Whole other mess to former blazers will get two in a moment. But first Kellan went slow junior member of that story we had last week of him. He was milling around trailer park and there are some big some of said that he was he was break and break it in. He said that he was how shopping and then he changed his story instead using him for his dog Clifford is big red is your read any did have a big red dog named Clifford which is great like three days later. You know his attorney was like god the truth would come out and will be exonerated like three days there they arrested him and not for. Breaking and entering and certainly not for any sort of criminal mischief no don't don't own home. Now I guess that story helped the cops pulled a case together. Because. They knew then why he was there yeah. In our history this tee it says an eagle eyed neighbor helped crack the bizarre case of a former NFL star now accused in a slew of attacks on women. This is just after 2:30 PM June 7 when the insidious California residents spotted him a halting muscled 64 stranger emerging from. Her 86 year old neighbors mobile home. He had no shirt. In no reason to be there she found. When she confronted him he said that course and is looking for my Dodd. She he she says I go what died he said a red Doug Clifford. And I went there's no dog here so he hops back it is black SUV and left the woman called the cops who soon arrested him. I'm near the trailing back near the trailer park on a burglary charge. Well it was Kellen Winslow junior. Who is. At one time one of the highest paid tight ends in the NFL yeah and he's the son of Kellen Winslow senior who has big suits dearest friend well. I have had several meals with them any. Couldn't be nicer guy is a very interesting man and his son on the other hand that's much Winslow posted bail the next day he usually is the prosecutors say the answer was a critical clue for authorities who a week later. Charged Al Winslow any string of sexual attacks this is from march to may of 2018. On women in insidious where he lives so he stands accused of targeting five women ages 54. To 86. Yeah he's targeting transient. Old women all. He's basically I mean. I'd like homeless or had dropped his cell under valuation is disturbing and putting him on. Now. It seems he's fighting these these elderly. Out of India India your transient or. You know we get a reported several women and he's he's taking him back to their trailers raking them and then threatening to murder them. When slow us stands accused of turning five women ages 54 to 86 in charge is better including forcible sodomy rape and kidnapping if convicted he could and a behind bars for the rest of his life. His lawyer of course has denied these allegations in two of the cases police say Winslow Lesley found his victims as they. He hitchhiked yeah he Joseph of the women to remote locations where he would rape them. The first database 54 was attacked on March 17. Whistler junior told her if she screamed he would murder. My god another victim 59 was sodomized in a third incident Winslow is accused of exposing himself to a 55 year old woman. Gardening in her front yard he was charges burglary with intent to rape the ball they 71 year old woman and the 86 year old woman in insidious. In the trailer park. Yeah that's what he was doing in the trailer park who apparently was not shopping for for a home for his mother in law I was looking for another elderly victim man what that apps going on there. Well Elaine Allen to me why. Immediately known and he can he build a CT case while I've heard there's some people that is said that he may tragedy that. Good luck with that defense his family is saying that he didn't do it of course and he's claiming is innocent split. I mean this is just I guess it's age shouldn't be more disturbing. Where the year kidnapping every teen you know a 22 year old during an 81 year old aids in their horrific led. I don't know why but there's something about the age of the victims that is it going yeah. But let me tell you the time they're rape isn't about sex it's about power it's about control but it. Analyzes the it's it's a disturbing detail to an already very very disturbing case. If former blazer was arrested Friday night for stealing a 100000 dollars and cashed hearing aid Georgia home invasion that left to teenage resident with a broken nose. Yeah it smash his face. Would JJ hickson was getting your Portland. Year and a half. Double double machine and blazer fans love to know Whittle JJ hickson music he was a scrap her parents and that's what we fear that he was he was a big deal. Yeah. He'll prove to JJ hickson will now you can because. But clearly he's not a very nice guy all we've known that. Apparently too. He was big party Jimmy hit that about him now I never heard that about him. I heard about barely blew through 27 million dollars to that's pretty may now he's 200 grand and by the way. How is the family does a hundred grand. Link in the house auto diagram with the stuff. You get into big suit manner you get away with a right. 4500 bucks with the stuff hundred no this this is cash hundred grand in cash all I thought it was just like cash and in prices come like you know we can game show now get a chance to steal 100000. Losing cash and prizes that. That's a lot. Yeah Chris at all hundred g.s so he obviously news there rally right yeah let's read on Shelly let's do it James Edward JJ hickson junior who was drafted by the cavaliers in 2008 entered the residence located in. Cold wet account any. Through the side door and used a knife to attack the seventeen year old. It on four forced an officer told fox five the victim was beat up pretty good. Dixon was chargers are grab robbery in connection at home invasion. Authorities believe at least two other people were involved however as of Friday night case is the only one currently facing charges. Authorities said the former NBA players relationship to the victims was not clear. The 29 year old was a standout high school player globalized kings blazers nuggets wizards. He does round but I guess he. I was her that he partied hard when he was here now apparently he's an MDA party through so here and a lot of money he would have known that there was a hundred g.s in there. Yet there's a connection there are somehow he and I just randomly go into home. In on an Indian I hope they have some cash. That's a lot of money to have that there probably be like OJ. Insane like well I'll just get my money that there are a lot of money with Nevada gambling dinner whenever. They brought a knife candy that I guess that's better than a gun may be. That that. It's no bass playing but it's not the war zone but yes there if you are gonna get robbed better with a nice dinner gun. Perhaps I feel markup well look if I'm being robbed yet I feel a little bit more comfortable. I with a knife and I do it again I'm. I'm done and all of them can I supposed to be a little more menace seemed like if he knew what he was doing the U zero tore them a little bit. But he thought it was like a ninja sort of thing that was Tor and and I think pretty scary yet it denies the idea's like if he's in my opinion yeah that's gonna suck now but you if you feel like you got a fighting chance for you only messages pulled the trigger on the gun and need to be dead boy's cause like run away because. Once thrown and I catch you. Would it be through it and loss in your back you've seen some of paradise it's a lot of hard tonight to stick in the in in in some being but you've been. Sold a bill of goods when it comes to movies about weaponry and I'm telling you had that did you took like a random kitchen knife the movies would have you believe that any like how's mom can dig a butcher knife and wing it is someone finish is gonna stick and you and it's really not the case it's quite hard. So really it's got and I've argued at least you can turn and run as opposed to the bullet that you know. Reggie down. So I JJ hickson. There's an armed robber. Not as bad as Kellen Winslow junior legacy as ankle from. Now and then the other piece of sports police blotter involving the blazers as the brother Zach Randolph was shot and killed in a bar in Indiana yet in the blues room he was part of the hoops fan Lian was some. How shall we say. You're checkered. Socialized Rand his name is Roger Randolph Roger I think and he was a he's gang member. If you member I think it was a number of years back Roger and Zach were to bar and well. Date Roger did the shooting and Zach was there yet and I remember that you have Roger clip someone at a bar and Zach kill them. Our beat killed somebody shot him behind yeah Roger was. You don't wanna speak ill of the dead the let's just say that Roger lived a it's a checkered lifestyle yeah about a brand outs when they were here were yes blame via. What anybody ever blew the lid off what they were up to you and they were here polio. Like depart I kind of laughed about Mike Quinn went Qyntel Woods got to assume though that dog fighting stuff. She was best friends Zach Randolph and Zach Randolph had a pit bull kennel at his place. And it certainly wasn't Qyntel Woods that was fun dean. The the pit bull ring in Virginia had a hotel room camera with a bronze and yet the stuff is exactly bad. Accounts he's grown up as Richard a little bit but he does. Yeah I suppose it always is gacy the NBA his brother was not. Does say I was not what I read this icon in one of these yeah that's. That's that's about right one day after the brother of NBA star Zach Randolph was fatally shot investigators have determined that a fire was likely said at the Indiana bar with the shooting occurred. The fire happened at hops blues room in now Marion early Sunday less than 24 hours after Roger enough was found dead now. Says it's it and that's saddened condolences go out dogs into the Randolph family. You know I use. Just not necessarily surprised. I can find the because that I'm fairly certain that Zack I was there and and in there was a shooting in the exacted the and I'd I'd had nothing to do with that isn't there another one where they've got pulled over. Again their guns in the car. Zealous staff. They got pulled over and Zach wouldn't let that the cops searched the car but they could see the firearms in the car and that's when I hold a member of the road that's when the hotel got exposed. Right he had the CA he rented out at at somebody reds at the penthouse and like a hotel and he's just kept it and that's where they would you know. That's who they reduced. Yet do stuff like. Assault people in this they did stay did stuff but I will say on the jail blazer tip BO yeah. The weed stuff didn't. Now yet you like a big deal now back it was a huge deal that now you think about it but if if that we're now and it was just the we'd violations and a whenever. Remember like we are talking about the FBI broke member of the did the back flip and in his gun fell out yeah why don't remember. Big drop. Part of who Jimmy and the big rock band outside issue and his gun fell out bro like outside the locker room was his Glock. Kind of got it was remembered but I remembered falling out in the NBA BMI goal. Yeah sorry about that later it's all like the the wives and kids ninety reporters way to go in the locker room and I thought to myself. Well that could have been rebuke. Fat but what if what does that grand goes on to rise like gun falls out of his sagging pants and then clips someone. In the hull when he. I love the the motor center I think it's really psyched. Didn't have a tough one to explain who they write that into one of the kneecap presumptive. I buy one of them family. All right the beavers you know that they're gonna play it Kallis who World Series and their next gambled that next on the sand. This is a draft week edition of primetime revise it consume per. You nicer way of building answer on Jay Nady both. Fiat deal ask us we're tying up the difference between being robbed my ninth forum down yeah. For person of the ninth turf for personal and again. The most likely Lama with the gun AM. What about like a champ with a guy and now downstairs but it Eagles again with the Catholic and they're a little tap ins but that. Where you can just fly around she thinks about incidents feat they've got clocks. Gun feet. While holy hell mind blown deal last so what if what if it's a bayonet. But if that's the combo fit the getting on nine pulls the most is like an AK 47 exhibit there must get I like my chances at and laugh when you see the old fashioned bayonet and what you have here Latin pop. What are they got like the most obscure weapon that you would laugh that would be really awful to be robbed. It's broke out like that that would the brother got stabbed by his girlfriend with a sword. Walked into my home with the sort of was like yeah this is the stick up I would laughed a bit serious dudes gotta go or is there one rules and do you team. Spectacular one would hope that he would just wait right there I got some kind of real Finney won I was out in the driveway and a spring alien. Lot of stuff but he can be rob would that be scary. Isn't good offenses are points that got a offense sport for the nail through it. Again seem really not a big deal until they started swing and that they imagine walking down stuff for a pay so go zombie fighter I knew that's funny terrifying story. If any are lifted up this was back in new year the 2000. Zach and his brother shot a guy well sacks brother shot a guy and an Indiana bar and Zach claim that he was very but he did having to do with it. And of course and his brother went to prison for a little bit over that one and in this time he was shot in the Indiana bar but he was the victim not a shooter. You know be scary and perhaps scarier than the ninth hear me out on this album when somebody rolls in with the Clinton rob admirals and he's got to bow and arrow. In a little in little tights. Now does that C area like he's dressed up as Errol Flynn like that kind of Robin well it's like if he's really good with that bow and arrow like that would suck in your hoop then knife like he said he's not gonna throw the exit he has to attack you with a night and they maybe ideology couch cushion or some that I can threaten to quit he had exactly the five these bone marrow man near where the trouble has brutal. I'm I'm not sure whether it make it better or worst if he was dressed as Robin Hood. But you get what does this idiot or you being lucky to be really confident without bow and arrow and it's like this little scrawny. Do you she did it ladies dresses Robin as you like and hill and any pulls out a bow and Arab slackers when like right by your head he's like I don't have to do this is yet to take that seriously close the prince's bride well well. Here's the thing with a robbery. Get it no one wants to be rob but it lives in danger to give the forty bucks your captain your wallet it's. Don I've got between like forty and eighty dollars army and some credit cards and I can cancel and a DMV leg licenses can be a pain in the ass that are like oh well. Here's a question that somebody text in 55305. Baseball bat or ninth. I think I'd rather be robbed with a knife. Why does it feel like I can better defend against the nice that I can against the baseball bat. And let's get pretty close and and and personal with me. And I feel like even if you cut me a little bit Buena bigger guys fairly strong if I can take may be a slash and gravel your arm. Maybe I get the knife from me but it. At bat you've got arrange. Yeah get a Highlander that I can just like grabbed the bat when your swing it that night can do more damage quicker and that's true. But I feel like I got a better chance again in the knife away from you that I do at bat. Do you view wouldn't know it all you do what you swing the bat you break in something but if there Rowland with numb jets is a scary. Known and dozens and knows how to use now chunks of shares did you try to Robson who would none judging you're gonna hurt yourself before you heard the other guys so true. Wants to be Bruce Lee but it doesn't work out that way and knows how to use the whole stay right. Indian Joseph hodes mace would mace bother you were yen Nissan extreme base is terrible. And then once you get mace your hoop you can't defend yourself at all now what he's talking about a physical means. Hole like well like seeing the spinning ball and chain miss that's right now that was that's called yes that's Mason to Mason. Idea that well that's right out how again it would that tanked nobody can he really. Yeah it's like a bad bad I really getting me you can get anything can swing nothing you at Stoney little Robinette bro. Food looked I don't like getting the X rays if you're gonna give me I feel like I I want a chance did you get a get close to me. Again that close he ordered me okay the better chance I have both of them do it's a bit. I think we've got ranges like the boxer work in the jab army in I like that what about night for teaser. Again I'm gonna take the denies it up to today's topic is there. But the ones the shooter should. Can't think. Do he can kill you with a nineteen kill you with a taser dole once you go down and he your your helpless you take few minutes you're gonna take it but once you're there than your incapacity you do every once. And what if he decides to probe what does he goes all space force aren't you know. The good thing I ever get fears he's horse incapacitated and not been able to defend myself all want is a fighting chance. And I filly gave you taser me it's like I can go all hold can take it tase or. Yeah taser you're going down on the ground and then your whooped. How chance to defend myself. Crossbow and that's right now. There's an I don't know stresses your got a bad Erica imagine a knife is way worse it's true good point now. What does someone robs you with they came in with a snake they were unarmed but they had they had this giant. Hungry python and like I did you know now here's the deal no. I feel about python's taken it down rattles. No room. What is it came value of the poisonous snake like any KG was like I'm letting this thing go yet you know your house what he did it and I'm at a third annual first off I'd go to the broccoli as a defense read. And then once I collected myself I would scream and can run you two being given every wanted. That is interest let me be the most effective way to rob meek is with a poisonous snake. Rolls up with a rattlesnake or whatever. And he's a guy gimme all your money are much listening to. In your home here they get what else where else do you want David A that's that's so interesting because like with a gun or in nineteen feel like. EU should indeed SP feel like maybe you can get that away from them and you were in control but snake clip this snake now. If he releases that snake and you're right out. I help unload my GI help unload my TV Indy his car now does she just slowly release sent orders he flowing out. I'm assuming that there's definitely need action and I'm assuming there's a there's a thorough Izzo it's potentially hitting you in the face immediately exactly your house. Not handily to a snake be in there and I'd be very well at all. No that is right out. What do you want from me now gonna help you loaded up what about the idea of the disguise is releasing a snake in a room to people is not as affected because both are in his the same. Amount of danger know that he's throwing the snake in that mean he's taken aback in cash and running yes and now all you're left with is no cash and into a room with a it would dismay python. And what that guy is like friends with the state bro what up there working includes I don't know he clearly is more comfortable dealing with the snake and I am because he brought the snake and is willing to like Greg throw it. I bring a rattlesnake I'm completely incapacitated. By the idea poisonous snakes listen right out set up a cannon outside your house and play and you're ready at the but he left that technical side right powerlessness bulwark to and it it's just he's like I'm gonna like this if you don't immunize your money now we're just take your chances are just getting ridiculous what does the setup of meth lab and littered it was like I will blow this thing up. Adapting doesn't work on the TV my money kiss if it is. Takes one of them is one of those goofy your front door. One of those old carried candles he'll be taken to ice box of poisonous spiders train thing is let's say a whole box you got whatever right a year take it. I'm dealing with that yet the box is worse than the snakes spiders can all go hide the NB I mean out of this little could tear but there'd be a hundred spiders in your house. That's good yeah yet delight your house on fire on him and I'm. I'm OK with a lot of animals but the poisonous and now I can't I can't deal with it. Thank you be talking with a leg there was a coup I know that it's probably kill me this bid at least ideally dizzy chance. The poisonous stuff knowing it just gives me the he BG knees you'll listen stakes as some spiders and scorpions. Some like toads they can spit at me and I'm done I'm not dealing with it but what if you have Ricky Dickey Tatis the at. The snake army in the mongoose a hole hole from the so and so that's the key so that's it'd either do I need a surge shared around like a holster with a among news images and snake row roles that BP. They can I know no news no you keep it in a cage at the and then he rolls images snaking he's like got you out of does this snake YouTube and if you don't gimme all your money and you go aha. Release tricky Dicky Debbie. Met at a Xenia drinks or in any fires the cannon gave that. Were to have Vince is on tape that would be they single greatest moment in into the history and so inserted robs them where they snakes ate poisonous snake and simple responded. With a mongoose. Like nope wrong house bunny boom up mongoose out what if someone comes to your door when a claymore. He goes I'm gonna put this somewhere in your lawn if you don't give me your money play chances in view. Hitting it well that's that's your choice was put in a league can I have the mind and I yeah I put a land mine somewhere in your backyard. All right you that's a tough one to go deer hunter at that point pretty you'll fun again neighborhood cat just released in your backyard who care kitty. Stir some cat food out there and let him go silent kids or for fifth at the you know to sacrifice. Since their their braves aren't. We got nothing we wanted to go policies and we will next oh it's time for in the news down here. It's official you know that that thing that they found that the Montana rancher shot yeah the mysterious wolf thing Nina after they sent that separate down Ashland in May officially figured out what I want you I'm not sure I'm buying their story sold it to that next in the news here's Mike. This is a draft week edition of primetime revising consumed breath you guys are way building center on Jay Nady both Israel and I wrangled. Still given. You realize stagnant. We'll enjoy their conversation. Absolutely. I mean what if a guy rules of the guillotine in a track you guys around you you be prepared for these things of bear girls tell me anything it's the menus prepared. Is the man that survives though so it comes you there snake do you have a mongoose do you have a plan. June 19 2080 different. Lose every noted newsman. That is me it is I here for you. First volley wild Sunday night in Portland solace but. There's big crash and I five. North near to villager stopped traffic for hours. It people pinned inside cars I did see that they do we have any fatalities that I don't think they die I think they they got an all out on the airlifted amount of their game because that's higher than 100 people that were in serious condition and hence the name when and I don't think any any deaths there but it shut down the freeway there for awhile knock on wood then we have these scattered thunderstorms. There was under. And I was reading a story about there is a Father's Day party going on this a family in Lake Oswego. I was hanging out and in the rain can't be route back right party and saying hey dad he's a great. And we'll overlook all your flaws just for one name. And then the rain comes. And they've moved inside look to get they may dead because a giant tree fell. And it landed in their backyard crush their barbecue. And was awesome. I don't think that's awesome. I mean not us you don't like but no one was hurt officer for the so you were scratched there's a picture they all go once a scattered thunderstorms clear. Becomes a nice day again they go outside and they all sit down and eat on the on tree. There were like seventeen people on that tree. Really can't you tell anybody seriously here big gas tree should never an outlet near ruin fathers' day they're lucky I think about that too because it is I've never really had big trees around my Helm but does this class when I moved into its got to probably. I mean like the big yes evergreen trees like hundred foot suckers just these these mammoth things in their right by the house there's quite three of them. And I always wonder. Hike if it's one of those things falls on the house. What is my house like shrug that off or didn't do we I'll die inside police thought there was a story recently month last wonderment. The woman tree fell on a house here somewhere around the world was. And she was dated happened to hitter Wright issue was in bed and killed her takes. See that big a ton about them is that irresponsible of me to have repeat these giant tree she's and he can't control that now they're dying. The yeah I don't watch that I did I had to those suckers need to come out I had to cut down that they weren't anywhere near the size I too probably like maybe fifty foot trees. There were cut down there were kind of old and I don't kid when I say that these that you can't put your arms around the streets it's those kinds. And they're just they're he can do. I didn't know how to take those only those of Debbie thousands upon thousands or even cut those things down they can do it. So as expense and the thing really I mean a big tree like that may be would I don't know I've had trees taken out because they were just they died in Europe there hazard. I just never have dealt with with those kind of trees but I did think about it sometimes and in the backyard a look at the dynamite if that thing came down thank. We're all kinds screw you know I love trees big tree guy yeah tree hugger image to begin its nicely she needed treason organ remains in doubt however. Around your property less is more because. You gutters. That's true clean up now. At a guy today come out and he's given me a bit on open in a new loans sprinklers in the house and by the way clue help. That's not just we are to get through this you have about you that was with a fake long and now our look at it like JC put in innate he realized I was regroup on that jobs you can get yourself in now. No I didn't go well beyond my scope. BA he wanted to cut down a tree and I was kind of like why in his thing was the leaps and as I can't. A reason to cut down the tree. Now that's just yen and anymore money and I I like to treat consumers birch tree in the front yard but believe leaf cleanup is kind of pain you think you can put sprinklers by yourself. Yes now the kid I would never do it than it did and that is my right out tonight you know I think that because my neighbor did that. We're really gonna launched an analyst and it was the same it's kind of property and I you know let them he was Smart to do that themselves because that's not that hard I got two quotes today. If this different August of two guys come out what a day when in night. For the same thing just the front yard geneticist eight at 121001. World 5000 for the other. I was the 7000 difference well this Reynard because once trying to review seven crimp or he's just so busy that he has on the job he's like Hainan has been. That's they didn't like they're busy and they're really packs they just can't we look at it job and they go you know what. I only want this job but fine he'll do it for 121000 and I'll do it at if that's what they do. I just I couldn't believe it like I get like I thought maybe you know there's begin someplace or more expensive than other one for five and one for twelfth. Kind of blew me away he should go with this five month. Not gonna go to 121 another doing the exact same thing I really feel like I should give Baghdad now it won't be exactly yeah. Let's get the twelve but let's get the twelve guys a little bit more credits gonna be is is gonna be sweet it's gonna be slightly better but yet people holy geez. OK so it's officially fish and wildlife forensic lab which is down in Ashland that's the United States fish and wildlife forensic lab down in Ashland yeah. They study that grey wolf you know that Montana rancher shot that. Wolf looking thing you know really was sure what it was they said it it's kind of look like a dog or a wolf hybrid that the chief were different in the paused weren't work mining happened. So no one knew what to otherwise I was going would you put copper DSL. They compared the DNA and it to thousands of other samples of dogs wolves and coyotes. And or is coyotes but he said there. Proper there are picking go either way opinion I think coyotes is like slang. Is it definitely is coyotes so the Phoenix. Coyotes hockey teams is the coyotes as coyotes. So clients of coyotes is just a short series is in San the coyotes say the same address to help before the this really long Kennedys really long again assured that it kind of staff then later on city east exactly it is stresses me out city's east. Think when your tech sergeant can't write out or anything no I'm just gonna write do you not why don't you kind saving time. So it is indeed a grey wolf it's. Yeah but they just said it was super small it looks nothing like agree won't. But ground integrate well. It's a shot up at the it's a great wolf I'm claiming government conspiracy they just said is really small town say it's cheaper Khyber and they're and they're just. Really trust the government agency the mysterious creatures shows up and they tell me that it's a wolf I don't buy it. I angry wolves and that doesn't look like coming up next on in the news we have protesters down here in front of our building. I gave them the thumbs up did you. Ants being news for them for protesting I don't want like in a protest. You Clinton just know I don't know like what's going on tonight and protests about some good error that's next on thin. This is a draft we can they should know primetime advise against suit crusty a nicer way building sensor on generating those shrimp. All right last stories we're in the news today June 19. She doesn't eighteen Fermi noted newsman and news contributor is hash tag occupy ice pediatrics yeah. Now. The ice offices. Or whatever there. Whenever they're building gap is right down here next door to us I didn't know that that's where that. Want us I thought I was the Michael Bolton studies to be like a Wells Fargo Bank center. Is he stepped armored trucks roll in and out of there I think it's only been somewhat recent but it's been a IC get Avery did that he makes several years ago and there for years they've been in there you know and I think does armored trucks the subtlety illegals. But she phenomenon in there they used to be some sort of banking facility and know that. The M some else for your right they didn't Indian but the Lester for years but at one point a number of years ago I went to Poland there. Did to kind of backup and I was met with our guards yeah oh yeah. They had a garden it's out there and I didn't realize that I just I I turned in their that was gonna turn around and apparently you do not turn around in that parking lot wrote. Now you get free food to go their protests with them. Yeah they had a big sign that they got a tent and it looks like a bunch of festive little picnic. They've got going on there yet they've set up shop and I yesterday they were only private ten people out there but today there's a ton more in the damage attendance and they're really taken over out there. Of course they're protesting the what's kilometers. Yeah immigration policy we don't know. Ice is the immigration is not a crisis now ice it ice he's an ice is ice I know it sounded like crisis who know it's not nice eyes this is taken over. No that's what trump once it's seeing immigration and customs enforcement distant people they know what. I easily illustrator separating that used to be that they would just deport. Families they came over legally now they are criminally prosecuting them which means. The kids can't stay with the parents down in the same jail so they have to separate him and that pisses people off which is. Which I totally get and what side thinks it's once called this a thinks is the other real it's even that it is it's terrific some of the video and then like audio it's just it's it's awful. Yeah I it really has but you know on the note just down here at film at the Portland ice office and do you competition out there. I get my get airtime this really liking member of the women's march. DC oh yeah but this much talked about here is that we have been smarter than we did we did have one here but they marched all over the organized this big thing and I think the early hour. As a powerful thinker like an ever wanna include. The power of protest and people yeah I mean. If you fighting for what they want and it went through that what I'm saying is. You know like when it's like if you have a big giant protest about this. It's nationally organized or like a big march on Washington or something about it yeah. That I get I really don't understand. Twenty to thirty people running down to an out of Portland. Ice. Building and protesting us either but those people. They can't change a damn thing. Now I guess maybe the idea that is if you get enough of those people around the country you occupy enough of that in the the only way to getting done is for. People's voice to be heard and I guess it's one of those like what Evelyn upon sort of thing ripples. I I tend to agree with him just a weekend but I. I always that some of the sometimes the protests that just annoy the hell out of me but at the same time I tried to not be like that. Because I know that I and the last person ever to protest. And so if every person was like me. Any sort of government agency can do whatever they wanted in there'd be no oversight eggs I do that well whatever when am I gonna do about it. So I'm glad there's people out there that are willing to try to hold you accountable and put some pressure on so now I get that thing. It's it's but it's a dual starting point for me just feels like such a waste time there. My feeling some of the people to be honest. They do because there's nothing else to do it gives them purpose. They giving you look at some of the people out there and I don't necessarily feel like their sacrifice in the old nine to five they're just stand around holding the sign like did you not. Make yourself useful on that very cause in other play one would think. But again. Think some of that is a self important thing and it gives you something do you feel a day that maybe doesn't have. A ton going on but you look at all the things that have happened because people. Racist fit in protest in the their voice be hurt. So it's dangerous to just say that all protesters stupid even though the outlines and that I've never protesters said that that's why I was saying. I never want to prove the idea the idea that now I just think on a smaller scale like this it doesn't. It's just doesn't. Hopefully you do it's part of the bigger thing our cities the Coke machines like tipping over a soda machine counting on a rock and a little bit maybe this helped it all starts here. If it all started with that one guy ran up front and ice port on McCadam. Funny side I know that the often can't possibly can think that's beauty. Beat both are bankrupt it. Ankara that's our street now I know that that's the nice senator I didn't know that before so I've learned something he did know that because the guy came over and give us his card and he said hey if you ever wanna come through. Sue we do. Let us now. I do remember that it's on at lunch in yet I. See here's the forgot about that is don't care who. Now to air marsh. It's really hard it's hard to get me to care I bet you're in the news coming up next we have the hot side at five we have World Cup scores at least I think to be a World Cup actions naymick. Yes there were three games excellent an update on who the beavers who played college World Series. And as another step it's more 58 on the fans.