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Wednesday, July 11th

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They solicit the primetime with Isaac can sue I'm Isaak the cool want to. My aunt if this is our podcasts that welcome to our part as well as regular job though you're not but if do the right things since 1952. She'll make him an adult and our children. Up I know up. Where the incident may does go well with the chicken. Plus. How and why are you don't think so yeah. I was pretty self explanatory. And alive is because I thought we were living in sixth day end tomorrow. I know flattened play this time his sleeve. You guys you know this period. This experience. Searing pain Clinton. Forced to punt VMware. Yeah that's usually what he did you just kind do you make noises or do you. I deferred until it's out of I'd just like the ball's. In you know Laguna. Weren't those watching some of the guys on the bikes. That is always happy. Plug and includes an eighty. I love our new ground into a Gordon Hayward yes yes that makes me happy both of them. And daddies are always have exit just makes me think give the guy he's got to do it would daddy deaths. And speaking at daddy's the graveyard to the Cologne is on the mound he's pitching against the yen at the Red Sox and they saw this on Twitter. That. The current Red Sox coaching staff. Has faced mark to include 63 jobs played here. The current players on the Red Sox roster. Sixty T you. I thought that's fantastic yes that's the greatness. Of artillery Cologne I believe he is the last player left that played in the kingdom yes you glass and now there's all kinds of like wonderful stats like that now. But if there's a percentage they key is pitched. Against it's it's like 17%. Of players that ever played in Major League Baseball yeah Jamie Moyer ransom from gasoline down is there's all kinds of wonderful numbers like that and I just look at the great opportunity for loan and just. It makes me happy. My secret hope and is that somehow Bartolo hangs around right because he's he's still effective. And and it's not gonna happen because he's but he's 245. Wins. There's zero chance he gets to understand if you knew if he can hang around. For five more years. And we intend games a year. That's not looked just an unreasonable. Whole disease like forty. He's a thousand I think he's like 4546. Document pitch to these people he is older than me. He was born the same year I was down love 45 no use for his birthday is in me just turned 45. So if you. He can somehow make it to fifteen. And he got because if you get 300 wins here in the hall of fame yes. And I would just. Come on you wouldn't travel to Cooperstown for Bartolo Colon induction I think I would travel. Now is for that I thought you would do their zero. But I say today's the big key role in about Dick as the nets did stand. In the end evident in the Lansing and it landed ditched him in the dip in Minnesota they ditched him. And now is kind of got a little some go to Texas or he's not bad but you shut down the Mariners earlier this year he owns the Mariners. Listen there's there's a law that's a lot of guys on that list but Bartolo owns the Mariners they cannot touch him that matter who pitches for. He drills and every time it drives me crazy and get you the sub earlier. Normally. That's hate bucket material for me yes I can't I don't hate Bartolo Cologne you can't yeah. He's unable IE I agree with you I think he's the most unhittable player in baseball yes and there's people like insert make every industry has them where you can't. He someone they're just so lovable because you can't hey mister Rogers right now move on Ross yeah. Pay tapping trees know anyway is white and after nobody needs Barbara so there are people that are not treatable and part two of the Colonia is and my point is he dominates the mir's you don't need him. That may be the only man on the planet. You can say that about I agree anyplace where division rival. And you still don't hate he's played for every division rival. They for the aid. The idea that answers. Well. But they weren't always they weren't true yeah but the victory dance he has played four in Seattle and it Cy Young didn't say no glitter. And it. Bobby wanted them. But that I would've been proven I think I'm alluding Cleveland leaky one in the Anaheim and then look. This is hard to sports into the club and what are we doing Canada I was really did you come when I was distracted by the great Bartolo Colon. You can't beat your beat Harrington did while he rankings an hour after we talked about the into the world. The lawyer he regains now it is baseball related. So we'll talk about as. Yes let's talk about it now and they visit some what's brewers but it's kind of clue because as you ran in the eighty dings. And then we'll move into end of the world talked with the loss that will. Kill you and lay its eggs in new and then of course the 2000 year old curse that's coming for you an announcement talked about confidence. But I think that's a natural transition I think so. Michael you Brothers up. Earlier we were talking about heating. Baseball things and you asked me for my definitive. List of teams in order that I hate the power rankings of your neat because people relate you made you angels more than the yankees' yes and you said yes and I went well. How many teams do you pay more than the Yankees and who's below them on your under powering the answer is three. More than the Yankees while the Yankees break in at number four in my power so would you like the American. The national league's a little bastard guys because again I don't watch as much National League. So. I don't hate them as much if you want a national league for sure you like my American League hiring ends up. They whatever you want them as a journalist you pitched. I want the American league for OK would you like me to start with the team I hate most and descend yes or start with the team might be at least Angola TV's most hated team I hate most. In the American League is the Anaheim angels. I cannot stand them. They. Do you think the angels I hate being angels in these primaries don't want you need any of these it's. I don't know why do you not like Brussels sprouts. Sounds as though like you don't ever reason and subpoenas I see there are reasons for some but I hate the angels. I don't like Indian angels teacher nope don't like him angels committed number one angels committed very close almost one EB. Used minister though Texas Rangers all my gosh I hate the Texas street. In fact I almost bumped them up to number one because of one player no because the angels won the World Series. Back in 2000 and three and out and that prevented Barry Bonds from winning a World Series to I hate more than any other single player. So I almost gave him credit for keeping bonds out of the World Series championship list. But I couldn't do it so hate the angels more. About there was one man that was get above enough for you that plays with the Texas Rangers and I'd known you despise who's that doer yeah I can't stand. You know you know. We talk about some hot corner two we don't like him. But we like that he punched Jose Batista on the rise in act and that helps him up a little bit Mike Mike asked Torre not this year sound pay kind of overall overreaching. So angels are my most hated team to Rangers are next third worst team in division the top three are all. The police next door codes to the Oakland a's they're atheists he can't. See this yes I can't hate the gays and I do because they're supposed to suck and they never do women always deep she'll hate you they never do. Right there are a little skinny kid and I'm picking on the playground because I think I can finally beat him. And they kicked my butt all look cheers unsecured. In case there winning now like seventeen to twenty years of ridiculous pay the day's night and about it your incident you're listening to it. Peachy you know I don't love him but he likes these days and then the Yankees NBA teams course. Hate the Yankees dugout this would soon with the Astros overtaking them as they spend more years in front of you have to check with Libby list right now it's the Yankees. So following the Yankees on number five on Monday and this is the Houston Astros starter take Fiat and dusty here along with them four of the five division. Four of the five in division earned my top five now it's the bully next door and you're missing one because the Seattle Mariners should be on them well we talked about better leader right and ended any given year I understand now that's funny you know their ego. So following the Astros I beat the Toronto Blue Jays because they dig a received go because they take over Safeco Field. I've known you so long that I can I gagged I know why you would hate certain. Is when they've played in Safeco it's like. 30% diluted pace stupid blue jays and make currently feature one of my most hated mariners of all time with his just smile in her son had knocks them down a little bit too. Have no ill will towards Canada pursue any parent but it also bothers me that they've won the World Series twice in the Mariners have never been there back to back and they came in at the same year there are they're the same page franchise so that bothers me a little bit and cancel the blue jays are at their following the blue jays or the White Sox. Eighth the White Sox. To house of horrors he wants because the Mariners go there and get drilled constantly. You know who else I hate Paul to America in any play anymore and I hate that guy choir at the Red Sox are Melissa Mahan can monarchy will get to that because. There next. Next to the Red Sox and also this Red Sox really don't bother me so much. I don't like Red Sox fans in general. I think part of it is I was probe Kirk's. For a long time by get bothered me that the Red Sox won the World Series not because they won the World Series but I like the curse of the bambino I like that narrative. And so. You know they were the lovable losers for awhile and him the recent hatred plus cheers is a really good show understand Ted Danson pitched for the residents native alone right. The Red Sox don't bother me that much. So following the Red Sox on my list. Joseph is your he'd appreciate this the Baltimore Orioles. Now I look cal Ripken but I hate curious why 1997. In my opinion the greatest mariner team of all time. Not the 2001 mirrors the 1997. Mariners were loaded. And he rolled into the playoffs and they Baltimore with the little guy named Randy Johnson. And he loses twice the Mike Messina. And they're dismissed with extreme prejudice and that still do this dailies to managers hate the Baltimore. That's why they're on that list there's a valid reason following the Orioles now we're getting down into the teens don't really hate but I got to put him somewhere down the tree tigers. Don't really hate the tigers but they got to be on the list somewhere there. Then the Minnesota Twins. Can't really the twins no ill accuser leveled at the twins and I love the twins yeah I don't really. Then the team I knew exactly at least every time didn't. Based solely on the movie Major League as the Cleveland Indians understand so. And then the team I hate the least. In the American League my team members. Snow has left two variants Tampa Bay Rays. I donate the rays at all. Don't know I don't care those really do words no. Plus they got a big tank out to center field full of praise and Nelson Cruz hit a home run into the tank two years ago and yeah. We have the definitive. American League hatred rating downgrades and police had no hatred for that in fact I don't think there's any hatred for the race. Just donate them don't think terms of the nationally almost tomorrow will come back we will do noticing in the globe and let's be real protest movements towards. Tomorrow we'll get your National League major drinking there enough and may do a segment now just. John ranks things that he hates stuff I hate to have I lost the monies we come back the Davidian fame and. Club can maybe you guys against you we just doesn't assure the leader who are who doesn't you can't go. Just a week or did you just say we just got her shower. Rick okay. Clubs and maybe on the street and is broad view by better you today real weight loss results education accountability and lifestyle embarked on your way Glaus journey no way better you today dot com. Now is getting requests for you to come up with a random things to hate more stuff I hate go. Indeed years to win most hated items in the candy I'll go out here and dumb lynch throws outs Marty how can you hate smartest Marty's or PS through postal workers can be out there I said if you have Margie is he like necco wafers to get smarter than Halloween you just know who really does disagree. I would Wear them I'll trade you. You can pick your chocolate candy outrageous for smartest Iowa have any talk I will have any chocolate can because there're enough I know you wonder value Belmont given it to two for one -- I'll give you one mini Milky Way for two Texas Marty I'm coming out ahead net real familiar not a Smart he's soft snow is Marty's are good that no Q is underrated milky ways way gender equality bar but no we never really pays any dissident if you make your busy focusing on the Snickers bar right you know what I'm not a huge fan of its controversial. Not a big fan of the three musketeers. That is controversial like the I'm of the behavior of guys that I am a three musketeers agreed on us in the three musketeers bat. Yes but other day he did not a lot to its two pillow I feel like the big putts good that's the lowest total sales and their job and I don't want. I'm Elijah played Mary. John places capers regulates his teacher at today's and to be thick meaty I like to know the kid he's there when I needed you know and I wanna new hit core course and Kara Mel yourself like that maybe this is a really unpopular opinion but I think one of the most underserved in the bars. There's a payday. Volume it is really really good deaths and nobody ever gives the mouse theme my eight under my aide. I guess undervalued candy bar if you will. The GE Martinez of candy bars this is phenomenal that people don't pinned up against him and don't want to pay him the hundred grand bar 400 grams good to huh. Hundred grand is delicious they just recently is started making its way into the fund like the value packs of wild blue ones together hundred lives and Jim I go right to Sunday the Monday grand every dime you know hundred grand legit thing is it's phenomenal and we need more what's McAuliffe's out there you know those are hard to find what you would call you have to go to like a specialty stewardess on the opposite side of the coin of the hundred grand which I think is underrated. Is ID do Nestle's crunch is overrated. Yeah I can see that but I'm going to give us not bad it's just ovary I'll never choose it might money is the Hershey bar. The plane Hershey bar. Hershey those. Now thinking let's make it happen once distinctly delicious milk chocolate. We also made receiver she's win or not they have multiple bars and pisses exactly so throws it's about the plea bargains like the regular. Hershey kiss. It needs seven. And it's so the regular first kiss off mark that stick. It there. The plane Hershey chocolate the the mr. good bar the yellow one that come the -- should all those are really good he has now I there's not that crackles not to notice that at. Whether it. The mr. good bar for your gonna go mr. Goode. These twin brother of the mr. good bar of the lesser popular crackle. Well throws I don't think the crackles with I think it crackles the same thing is Vanessa and I figured crackles better than the Nestle crunch I think it's the same kind of the same formula is different. The ticket the difference in Adrian spirit. Lately you get the little three baggy at the disregards the crackle in the mr. good Bart. Does encourage the crackle of the same thing by the way you get the multi pack and you find somebody that hoards the special dark and don't trust that purse alone at that you have if you're the special dark corner because it I'm. I'll give you the special dark I'm wing and get your head you don't don't trust that guy you know you the same person behavior worrying the discussing the argue the sabres who laced the lemon Starr yeah Walter double lemons that yeah nobody wants to let go straight to l.'s third didn't rob give that a hot seat that he prefers lemon candies you said that he'd like to limit and that's BS no one ever likes the limit any delays the limb and still only limits harbors. The only limited heads. In the bill and frankly I feel like almost every person I've met prefers the red star burst the jury has been as the favorite. And man the pink strawberry close it's always wanted to its New Zealanders. It really is you cannot they're like The Beatles it may not be your favorite that you can argue that they're the best the same thing with scandals right it'll as the reds it'll dominates all the other skipped the totally agree it's what you wanna go for me I'm ready to superior candy color they LO BL hope this starter is yellow socks Nolan likes the gummy bear young and reaching for a and you know Achilles Lauro gum dropper than a little dots and eat at I think this might be the most overrated candy bar. The kit Kat. It's just like a crunchy chocolates like you can do anything with what we're worried yeah I don't like to keep that's pretty good. I don't like the content I think you're cute guy gets proper credit to the key cancer right it's me it's an immediate spot mounting only behind on jumping ahead. You know what do you know of mining and again I'm not saying it's better than the Snickers because accuses the gold standard you know what I go to number two. The two X on slicks is bullish twist is that Netflix is legitimate news. Two weeks. But at everything he's 71 love's tweets the only candy with a cookie Trent chess desks which is awesome yeah you can never go wrong with between. That's like one of those kind of universal things I don't know if anyone dislikes that. And my last. Can really got to kill another segment here which let me just say this this might deepest Jeter's fault yes and this might be his proudest moment as he single handedly killed this segment he did we ED reeled it. The score bars. You'd like to score more of this town scoreboards did love the score it's very similar to the heat exactly same sort of the I feel like that's the nesting crunch in the crackled in the same thing. The score in the heat or. Both the same end they're delicious both of blizzard some time. And throw the heat bar and tell me that that's not a delicious frozen treat volume. There are blizzard have you ever wondered through rockets is in just like randomly picked up the candies that you never heard of them are all voices. But they've got all the old candies in there down and they also have all the look like you're talking about like what's in the college which are very rarely in stores now. For the hundred gram bar those are all over the rockets business to you know it you know my favorite all time bad. Your dubious. The chick O stick but I feel like those dear it's the inside of the butter finger at that tell you what's wrong with a lot of that is true. The -- a sick is that stripped down inside of a butter finger and let me Julia it's. That's my point though is I have never once wanted to chick O stick yeah I've never once gone out looking for a chick goes stick now but if I go home tonight there's chick O stick on the counter it'll be delicious I can build on it into the bill money's no I never bought a bit O honey I'll put don't know but when you have. Thank you that ability nobody is also ever finished a sugardaddies. Now the whole. And that's the first off the sugar baby is delicious sugar readings also and no one in the history of candy is everything is to sugar daddy anything you do you want it if you have the feeling it will present on. At some point you'll you'll be screw this I'm gonna bite into the sugar daddy. It'd Vulcan mind mills with UT can you cannot get it off without remove the a dental plan you have to commit a good five straight hours if you coach you are rapper sugardaddies yes sit down he if he didn't like it transcontinental flight you cannot exactly give your brother scored Italy how do you pass the time cheers sugardaddies. I putts at. It is rather it might be my favorite named Marie canyon all time the sugardaddies tell it your right it did the get go way this thing you know this ghetto in your ass is sugar daddy. Good evening come close to that is the big book. But at the which are so you will break a Moeller fight and you need a big time all like all I can become now is rock. On a trance aren't flying home sitting next to nurse nice working on a sugar daddy and he drops it and it lands in his chest hair. And it in his room and he picked up the bad you'd that's just here's governor out if there's no way your removing that things though now that's in there for good. Are we come back we need to get to this because it's the public service announcement yes have to we're all gonna die as we are Dan let's we do sub Deen and we do it now. Blood thinning here though lynch was worth it yeah. Club campaign we advise against it. You know I always look like they're good very seldom. While I believe and I think don't anybody doubted it picks up women of the sensibility I can't give. Plugs and eighty almost and is Bryce you might get hurt you today a real weight loss results education accountability and lifestyle embarked on your wage laws journey you know I'd better you today dot com carried. And. Can we refocus. We've locked we've completely lost focus which is sort of well. Normal we went down right field we started with hate rankings that we were doing like baseball power rankings of teams hate. That's not lead to any unit we got ID used in anything we've. Public service announcements here the candy people. Now heat index coming in on him he's not have enough people are demanding. Maybe tomorrow we have to revisit that thing what there's a lot of quality candies that I kind of forgot about. You forget about how many. Candy options are out. It's more than just the standards number throwback since the mirror you're a kid right. All right so now let's get to this because. Look he's got to save the world so and as to save the world and basically I need Tom Cruise doesn't wanna think about problems. So you've brought this to my attention and I have not seen as and I don't know why it's not a leads during every news organization because people are stupid and they're not taking it serious so. It was my understanding. Then all of this is kind of the big great kings in Egypt all of the did did the ancient burials we've followed. Bright eyed I didn't think there is any of those left. Mo and I think Mo I think they're finding stuff. Their but it was even when they find a new site it's rare that it's undisturbed yeah that's usually it's been it's been do you answer that on through right. No apparently not this one. This is Dana Alexander it's tough to close. It. The northern coast of Egypt. Ends. They have found a giant. As it once it's the largest ever done in this area and one of the largest goodness that. I can receive this sort of cough a guy who are coughing guess that is ever been found. And it's it's it is black it's not all golden or Nate is his big giant black thing. And they're saying that it is. 72 inches tall it's a 104 inches long it is 65 inches wide is the biggest ever found. And then there's a large alabaster head that was discovered the same underground tomb and experts are assuming that it represents is ever buried. In the sarcophagus and they're saying. That was usually only done of somebody of great importance but we don't know what did they can't figure out who it is and they've gone back and Luke looked like degree kings and rulers that they know about it they found them. And they think they've found all those so literally the scientists in the and the archaeologists are baffled. They don't know loses this girl and their sing because that because the saarc probably guy is so large. It had to be somebody of some sort of importance and here's what's scary. They don't know if that's quite good importance like it was a beloved ruler or somebody bad yeah. And so they're saying that this this doesn't happen delay era mortar is still intact between the live in the body. Indicates that the coffin has not been opened since it was sealed more than 2000 years ago thousand years old saying this is really really rare and ancient tombs are usually plundered or they didn't damage over the centuries. So then archaeologist really find one like this and they're seeing a whole site dates back between 305. BC and thirty BC. Whiff this particular finding it was uncovered about sixteen feet below the ground. And you kind of look at the photos of it is beyond spooky scary when you can you look at exits what do NBC like the big gold ornate ones right this is just as it's. It'll get its ominous it looks like a big black coffins yes and the waved the sand in this and it's seven they found at seventeen feet deep under the your lips and the pitcher you go online and see the picture of it. It's just so stark in contrast with like the white desert yes that you. You have this big giant black coffin under there it's really ominous and you know that some media is gonna open and we're all gonna die it's going to be okay this is how it ends. This is how do you sit taught us anything and I'd like to think they have yes. There is about to be a 2000 year old curse unleashed upon the world. Did we not learned anything from Brendan Frazier noted we not learn anything from Tom Cruise no. We're all gonna die it's all I don't know that's work we are all asked there why. They're good alternate because some idiot is gonna be like we have militant there yet no. No you don't here's the thing the second and gets opened the black smoke can be. Just ask Q you don't happens in there and just increase comes out in the desert were all cooped in here's the thing about it. If all other ones have been raided in people who steal lean right the fact that the this bruising Egypt for the last couple thousand years have left this one. A loan that should tell you sub theme. Feet and criminals and robbers in their wheels and stuff well then wrote you this big hope also ahead. Know there's a reason that this thing was seventeen feet under the ground yes you know why you were not supposed to find that that no one is gone looking for it. The already knows who it is because it's the evil breezy Motown anyone else. You look at the head you can't really make it is just kind of like a shapeless. There is easier to make a faceless head it scares Baltimore's what it is that's not good look worse if you open it and it's and deep. Or if you open it and Bud Black smoke comes out. Polls. Empty would be terrifying because it's right behind you yet if the movies that don't mean anything if you open it and it's empty it's right behind you better think it would suck it up and you're done now is juice your face now let's say it is the only way that I would be okay with is the only I know we're going to do this and I have to agree the. Only way that I'm okay with this is it fits the evening gala money from the last Tom Cruise movie if it's a hot money. Look we got a weird fetish thing going on here I understand like I've got to think for the week in which from. That we didn't. Indeed immense though which you yourself is the which she's hotter when she's dreamed gal from guardians of the galaxy amid the hole curved thing. If you're single last month it would Tom Cruise. She's getting ready to sacrifice Tom Cruise wall having sex with them and I did uttered this while watching the movie that's worse ways to go lots of I totally done. They evil hot money. So that's the only way that I'm OK with this is that if we unleash the evil on the world. But it's a Honda with the U let me just get this straight down. We unleash the 2000 year old unknown evil one in the world yeah which probably brings down our entire destruction. I think that you're okay with it if she's hot. So you know who talents community but look her up and non belief or less attractive but really you're better in the army for warm and I there. There's this picture of her wearing the very scantily clad almost as if she was in the mommy pop. Yeah. Fantastic in and say I'm gonna be okay with. And it is say I'm gonna be kind of payment because of I'm getting lead astray. And we only in the Brendan Frazier mommy and not sooner moon wasn't nothing to sneeze and I know that's true he was pretty nice to hear something like kind of dig about the evil look me right. Goes bad we've had this comes as Arnold we had an on air bit. Look we've seen the movies we like the hot vampire the hopman Mir the hot aliens some hide from dusk till dawn I'm going down and even you know. They did you approach the hot mommy she's gonna kill you but you know that you're gonna get together on with there. And we got a dying species yeah us. Turning that down. Look we all got to go some time and there's worse ways to go then with the hot money puzzle that's probably the hot vampire baby you become split eight. Did the hot vampire hot money. Document immortality in the narrow window between life and death but it's okay because you're with hot chicks I could be OK okay I'm not look at market argue that teachers don't. But we really need to not. Open no they should know how it's it's a bad idea it's seventeen feet down just put the dirt back Garnet. Do you have there just now I think you come across of the need to slowly back away. That needs to be this it's like when brand was digging in the for tallies basement and he finds the rock in Jesus brand. The lord has that rock there for a reason I don't necessarily think you should go moving in exactly this leave it there it's it's seventeen you know why it's seventeen feet under the ground so we don't know opening. I'm the one that gets me is that you know. Every one of those teams gets read it why not this 'cause we're not supposed to find this one. When criminals don't wanna go nears some dean that's when you know that it's bad they don't yes we need ears and forward on this. Spam somebody needs to you know. He's down there are based don't look at the Arctic it if you got to take the brunt of it should we send the Nazis don't. Little pitch sure you're. Or does the evil entity in the sarcophagus realize that the people who found that are also evil woman enslave them to do board. We get into the hot evil there. They ought not to Angela Park who would like the member though the Nazi from John Mara and I see member of the Nazi from the last crusade the and she's content approval with the joneses in fact she got around this. Wasn't really not the right issues like. Issues this is Nazi. And a and kind of that's a bummer. Look they get insurance between hot money and not not yet taken the money fair enough and he either way I don't know if we're listen we're just don't open. If you want to. These look at there was on that the website that it was science alerts the I tweeted it out earlier if you earlier today if you wanna go there's an article that between now you can find it on my Twitter as well. Don't think anybody loved ones because they are planning to open this up and I were done out of the end of that. So enjoy the weekend and does spend any money are we come back 1000 we've put a bow on the would data to three record setting edition of the success hazard here and fans don't spend on. It needs seven minutes. It's. This is a mariners momentum builder will. Big John satanic. Broad view on the stand by business and insurance just the right insurance for your business home or auto business and offers a number of national and regional carriers to choose from to maximize your coverage of the best value on life ended VISN ETT dot com. You can't go your sister from the Herbert about a worker at night knowing. This again everywhere every college you. You are. Eight kids show up some other media. Take the dog outside build the momentum before we do build momentum. Lynch informed me over the break that Tim Tebow is now indeed. Miss universe when he seventy. Newsroom. South Africa. She's attractive. Did Tim Tebow. And he's not doing anything with it. Apparently they met at a Super Bowl party which celeb miss universe to break up with her longtime boyfriend for a path. And done now they are dating pretty Tim Tebow you'd think I'd like to believe like Tebow just walked by. And she was like we're done this you really were done Uzi even try no I think she just walked by and miss universe say hey Randy we're done. And just like followed him home dude that guy and TiVo's like okay. In yet in some lazy ages and it it feels like you're driving the labor union near you won't take it out of first year. He just he really doesn't driver needs his wife sit down with a diaper he still gets to wipe it down yes he does it is good to be. Tim Tebow and your New York Mets minor league all star. Yeah he plays in the rubble ponies out and he's just there to Celtics. The second thing that scares me is I think there's a chance because the nets are god awful and of anyone's watched and that's what you shouldn't. And is that this is my fear that they're gonna call him up at the end of the year just to sell tickets here's some hopes. And that's the part that they're terrified when it comes up and he's also he's not but would it be. He's so awesome book related fee is Johnny sibling to thirty but where does the need to go with where you turn it off right there. Wait what if he is now. He made the all star team. He made the all star team. Now and again the Celtics listen mr. 52 important Madden. Tim Tebow is important in Madden is way higher than that he's putting guys importance was fifteen. Only after 22 overall tuna after angle was way higher than now that the particulars including the Florida during the famous Lake Forest. He probably should be. Did you as one of the best. College quarterbacks in Argentina was Lejeune and kind of Wiener guy that uses super nice guy and he was a legit college order gaffe you're gonna have a ring of honor whatever Florida didn't. Should be you know he was one instantly gives you wanna build some momentum here was. I like talking about Tebow. Black. Pen name miss universe miss universe is John system pissed about this is I am mad about yesterday but also this. And I hate the news you know that we start to run in the midst of you only miss universe. She is phenomenal. She's spin it but you know what's supposed to do you know mountain you do lose monkey he's manned test as kids out there is no argument to be sure enough and it was over but. A yeah mirrors last night laid an egg so they need to come back strong tonight I'm terrified. Again in the days and that he refused to lose. Outside of just bizarre walk off fashion talked about earlier. Hi I am happy that cigarettes may be all star team. Today so that's nice. Somberly go would genes in Europe but tonight to build momentum I think he's gonna get a couple hits maybe steal a base. You place plus defense every night. So G secure fresh off his all star selection as a mariner fourth mariner to make the team. Builds a little momentum tonight and for heaven's sakes we needed because. Last night was a debacle unleaded in the severe anymore because now I'm going to do to him he goes past. Girlfriends he just he is dating miss USA. Before this. Who may have been hotter. Then miss you know. In this country can't be hotter than the entire universe out anyway it's it's pretty good. It's good to be Tim Tebow now. Maybe it's not good intent on because I think it's good to be Tipton. Yeah it is. And you know I mean look I get these kind of Dugard did he know he's probably just a really good guy. This ballot counties like the nicest guy in the world now you don't ever hear much bad about him. And less these people trying to knock him down at any point Tim Tebow is doing something nicer. And more beneficial to the general public and IE will ever do in my entire life somebody on the text my descendants the evil Tim Tebow it's very new metric kick off the fifth if you went ahead. Like what if you open meg confident in the mommy looked just like Tim Tebow it's like the ghost busters thing they accuser you choose your your did you structures these storms instructor you choose Tim Tebow if based she's Tim Tebow Tim giant Tim Tebow will show open destroyed New York. You can do words. Then having Tim Tebow registering New York if you had a ghost buster and a backwards like you're gonna open the sarcophagus and and whatever comes out is gonna kill you and you eliminate pot monkeys dogs I say they can rise going on lower limb I'm going to stay puff marshmallow man type stuff you eliminate hot. Mommies. Who are you pick keen to come via the form of the destruct. During take a sound and Indy it's not like I'm choosing who I could possibly defeat I know we will die down it will destroy us we don't have the proton packs who cared for streams. We're gonna die here. Flu is gonna take this out even week. About go out. It's gonna go out of the hands of the coolest man in the history of the planet. I'm going yeah I'm going the only entity that I could possibly be mad after restrain us and managed Johnny Bartolo Colon to. And when he comes out and served up a guy he'd he'd like sinus thing. He's he's wearing a little head band doesn't exercise that flexibility and wave started throwing a baseball the people who baseball's explode. Here in the Matty ended that well. Byrd telescope and witty and and you and I mean giant virtual love him it's. We got coming up next why is there June wearing those lead. The grotesque to efficiently. Coincidence that it should you know the guys who is out. Kind of address right now I don't we'll be back tomorrow for Dana before maybe we knew Simpson has an experiment another record setting up. Broadcast. We help and again. You listen to the finish. Red shoes. Okay.