Primetime 7.11.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, July 11th
Sukes of Hazzard day 3, this is a new record! New details on the Lesean McCoy stuff, and Croatia won!

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They are listening to the prime time but I think it's duke absent by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1952 you not cute. If you can find it time. And you can find the time to spin you can actually yeah right time revise against you yeah. What they'll all Ehrlich and Al clubs. Think yeah yeah. This is prime time to I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here are rising Robin Jason singer Janet quit prime time and. Janet you. The whole play him until early oh beautiful Wednesday it. Dare I say yeah. They record breaking Wednesday. Here at the minor local radio history being made right now that possibly nobody but me and so. Me care about I guess ice kind of careful Mike Meyer and celebratory music and he cares. Yeah there you're telling him I am. Three. Strayed. Dane was not one that. Not true but three consecutive. SuSE hazard editions of this fine program break keen my personal record it's never been done now. Been into any hiss we can say this right now yes in the history of the world. All time from zeroed. Now Jesus never did this never. Never been done know who's to shoot Canucks have never hosted a radio show for three consecutive days and you Portland to the greater Portland area. Are listening to hopefully listening to it you will comport Lyndon so. Was now I didn't I can't wait on Friday until hopefully play in mr. up what you people. I as the record gets extended. And then we'll probably never be touched again yeah I don't I don't less than rob goes on like another three week vacation next year for rob beef takes it up against somewhere liking grease my wife ever watching the news last night we talked on the radio the George Clooney incidence outright he was taken out. Just seen the video I didn't see the video seen some guys Batman holy how do you George Clooney was an Italy where rob is the easy kick photos. Lucas supported by the way there rob gives us one beef cake photo album I'm waiting for more and he's keys and a little bit she puts out a little bit in the seats affect and then did you nothing to follow up. These assault one more. He is the master of the radio TV so why not the beef cake you know mentally and look they tell you believe him one more and rob has certainly done that including is over in Italy where he lives he's right on a scooter go in sixty miles an hour any gets hit ahead. I'm glad golf barn like like Mercedes like sprinter van. Any flies are scooter goes all the top of the car lands. And apparently nothing's broken nothing he's damn man these is that he had a bruised pelvis arm and some road. Abrasions so we were watching that news last night and we were I was kind of like we were joking today on the show like what does rock was the one that hit. Clooney in up and then my wife flipped the script and said. What does draw gets taken out wall he's totally and then you can just keep doing push this streak continues. That just third wave in years and so might make it could happen but you're right most most likely. We will extend the massacre month the door or under and Vegas was today now that I would quit and I don't really work your so queens and a loose term but be careful do with three minutes in the show affair affair now don't rush to judgment on this fair enough. But the over under was today I made it here today so the record is three. Chances are good will get to five but you're right Friday might be another historic show because. It might be like cy young's win total items just never be approached again this the game is different now and with all. All the vacation there rob takes it's still unlikely that he stretches into them people are saying this is like the Rickey Henderson steal record. We're not talked Indy three peat were docked in minimum eight feet a year and a half and people are asking what more should you get your own parking spot. How well today there was a parking controversy today means so normally this week we've rode in together yet sprite we live close to each other might as well right in together. And I tweet this out last night last night we just had. That was an epic ride home it was a tender moment we had a dinner on the week we were talking about. Rocky my brother was flipping through songs on his iPod are in the car and he skipped. A rocky songs no in no way no easy way out. And might have been burning heart I'm one of the ones from rocky four like I have a workout playlist. And I just hit shuffle and so's the work out playlist got mixed in with the regulars. And yet there is like as do the one of the songs from rocky for now and I. Sorry I got mad that he's kept it and so we started talking about listening to Roxy Music. And we went through you know you know this in this and rocky four his great soundtrack Busch or truck and then we got to Iraqi five which is just an abomination. I mentioned that all the work out playlist there's a bunch of rocky songs as well there should be and some people I think that's super lame I know those people they go straight ahead that's not a lame it's awesome but then I commented I said I have I have most of the the ones on their is that except for the lame theme. For rocky five which is. Go for yeah that is right down rocky five is an abomination yet except for. The closing montage at the end. Sung to the great Elton John's measure of the man and they do a little they do a little screen with a montage of pictures throughout the series while the credits and it just gets dusty everytime I watch it potentially omit till the misty we were talking about it and there was a lol in traffic and before I knew what happens now. My neighbor my little baby brother. Terms that song on the measure of the man and we just started listening to it and before the first verse got over we were saying and Edwards is. Look we've been Brothers for a long time and we've had some touching moments. That might be the best of brotherly moment we've ever had to you what if we're ever get a Thelma and Louise is also a lot of seats to measure the man you guys feel like if we ever reached that moment like we've heist at seventeen in the koppers your honor Taylor we're going to print is just it's time Dan I agree I feel like well we'll stop the the Ford Explorer they're measurement we'll come on we'll grasping hands. We Peter Pan that's similar you know what right off the cliff and I looked EU and I thought I'd just sooner radio show with my brother and now we're listening to these lyrics used. You come full circle now your home and I got a little Syria and let's say it was a touching moment. And now we're back and now we're back we're back again we're back to do it again and Mike is right. If we extended to five that may be. Uncharted territory yeah never to be seen again never to be standing yeah. And I'm not sure what that was. Superhero kid I don't read that hand most notably -- are appropriate to show loved the idea got chicken sandwiches to lewd it and gives out food and he had don't give cello and I got two adorable kid now has Gordon Hayward what does he feel about this whole thing. That is always. Well I'm happy to be back for record setting day 3-D never happened now never in the history of all the brotherly things we've done. Has there have been three. Suu Kyi has tradition so no it will try. Protect at and we will. We'll see if we can't break this record Marc LaMont write an emotional high and not only from measure of a man which by the way I'll while working out today at least four spins. A measure of a man oh sort of it's got home I watched it on YouTube. See the pictures. I as soon as fantastic sitting there at crunch fitness today I may or may not have pulled up the YouTube video measured a man and watch it while on the exercised by well you should discreet in fantastic. But I'm Amman an emotional high not just from that but I got my new yard put in it looks old Leyland sarcastic by the I'll tell you the idea he can be a little Spence we've talked about yard work here and I think about and in a fake long it was. Astronomical. I could cost of a fake on end and I do not get a new field turf yeah I was gonna go field turf now and we do like we we we talked about on air and someone even emailed me it was like hey you know this this I worked for companies should have come out. He gave me a bit and you've seen the front yard it's not big milk is like fourteen geez you guys I. A lot of biscuits that's Isaak drop money now I don't have I don't have Italy vacation my assailant around him -- coast with George Clooney money exactly I got his drink in Mexico I don't have this kind of gag you now. So I ended up not doing that so like I a year goes by and I hate my yard the front yard is just horrific. And I live at a neighborhood full of molds the do nothing but take care of your yard live at a neighborhood with nice shirts out because the old people that's all they do quite frankly you stuck out like a sore I was embarrassed to come over meat and I don't even like my neighbors and I was still embarrassed I was that guy no wonder they think ideal math. So I finally broke down and I got a new long put in our tests new plants river rock. Pulled in yesterday after the show I am on an emotional high today it's when it really is now he's got this morning at the sprinklers were going. The long was listening and they lead the turf down words like a Major League want withers lions. It's I feel like and they're not their dues like two little sections of yards it's it's not bigger anything but I. Go out and indeed I think I wanna play willful ball except the yards like ten feet long. I wanna do something on there because it exist it needs it needs a slice of Americana someone needs to be doing something on that yard giving you some advice. There amid a good die hard Kanye doubt go out there and bare feet may fist with your toaster. I year fresh grass now you'll love it I could or it before we'd one shows up. Catherine yes before we won shows up when you have brand new side. Go out there and fish with your toes that just be careful that Hans Gruber doesn't take over your house lawyer out there and shoot lists I could not have been any happier when I woke up. And looked in my yard I even went out and just surveyed it. As he stood in the street in just kind of took in. My yard and now it looks better because I just gotta gotta looks better than all the old people I just feel like now flipping the bird all the olds in my neighborhood in just given the crotch chop I would like to believe that. There were some molds this morning eaten or not honey in their breakfast snuck in and looking in your yard and I'd like to think there was some ground police said it's about time back at the little guy does or there but it's about time Morris for a look at that guy's yard it's about time. It's just it is great there is some theme. Just like you did deep that feeds your soul now I was like man up on the happen now if you want to feel good. Give yourself whether you do it or Newark and I didn't not by a higher shouldn't do it yourself but wind when you get a new Yardeni and everything is done and I know it'll never look as good as it does. Right now it's as good as it lever luck but it looks great but it. Just. Are listed as well and might this it was the measure of the man of you aren't willing yesterday driving home we were on a measure of the man hiding and I was riding with you how you took the exit towards your house not mine out and I thought you forgot like that I was with few now and we were getting closer and I say. Your he went the wrong way you got to take me home and he's a three and said. I'll wanna show you my yard. Up. Yeah I said 08 and then I was like yeah. Hard and we drove by it. And it looks and now it's a nice yard now so I'm happy for you be the last thing the only doing any now as they need an American flag. I felt like I know you have flag now I thought I don't hang in the garage yet I don't need an outside I wanted to salute something today. And I didn't have anything to salute tonight that was the last time a piece of the puzzle. Was to put on the wolf American flag tank top and in salute old glory. It would just when it capped off my morning I'm happy for you I'm happy that I'm happy for us and we're breaking records now here today you have a nice yard. It's I. Dare I say this is gonna be a good show. Who does that present a little presumptuous. Old bold statements are like we said at the end of last night there's there's been worse yeah that's all of that is that once mighty. I ate my daughter my oldest and how we're talking about my cooking. Glad to cut now you know the only one yeah. I try re enter. You double I'd I dabble of the trigger helps trigger is moods that triggers a moss it's hard to screw it up with. But I I attempted something. And it didn't work out some of a mirror what it was. They gush and makes mourn chicken or something and it didn't it didn't go it was an orange and there's there's times when I have to pull the chute and I tell the kids everyone. You get dressed. Go about the heat up sometimes the Obama's town see the Turkey exactly. And and AJ jams me up when I screwed up because like with within me and my wife gone. I think it's important to me that the kids have some semblance eat candy Wendy's every night now like I died I want them to have at least some. Idea of childhood that day we dad tried understand a heck and my daughter listening goes dead. I had to describe your kooky name in one sentence you did you say you try your best try your best. That's you know I I took that that's what we're gonna do today we're gonna do we're there to try our best. Sometimes you end up with a delicious possibly Rivera another dime this is some not so orange chicken and then you put on your pants then you know you go get a burrito. That's will you be today. Some really. I think gaming news coming out of the NFL today. Not presumption of guilt. Not a court of law no hard evidence. I'll tell you what in this man's opinion. By a bomb on the jury right now it Jamie about two seconds to give Vick LeSean McCoy and we talked about it a little yesterday and kind of wondered how it could get worse and it it got worse. The Shawn McCoy when we come back since. Hazard here on the fan I. What about kids since it has. I'm happy about it but today's not bad I told John I was gonna complain about the heat. But today's not bad really bad today what is the what's the tally here we in the mid eighties the cremated tonight I did go and hide today that I saw was 89. And I don't know what the actual temper got to was sort of my whether heparin now we're in the unity the steamy 84 degrees and the high. Rocketed into the mine are seven and is now the nineties tomorrow it's what they're saying is we got 90969291. Don't like it coming up don't like it in my apps is 97 on Sunday at bats too hot. That's too hot look I told you should should they that's too hot there's nothing you can't do it 87 degrees. That you can do. At 97 degrees and be more comfortable at 87 to the point because I don't wanna golf at ninety says no to hot now. I do golf golf and 87 all golf and eighty IQ that any even at 87 you'd rather have it be eighty this true I want to golf in ninety sent out to hot. Like I get out them they get today than I was worried about temperature and I got up and I rode my bike early because same sort of thing I was kind of fearful. Like maybe 11 o'clock is little bar me now yeah I'm not I'm not going outside and exercise now nine it had 97 yeah. Too hot little warm plus then you get into the hole showered isn't a commuter here's Latin dance right outside good. Now it is not been a good couple days of for the NFL which by the I think we're seven days away from the ravens are we were down to seven we've talked about that some weird piece of good NFL news. Defying. Move this good was positive rights we've had. The last what a couple of weeks until Winslow is charged with kidnap beat and raped. We that Jim is Winston admitted to grabbing crotch. And being suspended for fur. 313 weeks that's a good we've got more of the anthem policy not coming up the NFL in NFL PA is filing a grievance against that. Perelman got busted. Who is like a feel good story connected you know everyone loved me the draw and he got busted for some sort of substance that we don't know what it is that he took his suspension. A big way to show Brandon Browner has been or a felony counts including attempted murder on the stock and now so. I can't think of is there been anything good in the off season to draft. A mag. Connie yeah he's draft is generally that's like a positive kind of feel good moment of the day just hasn't been a whole lot of you out I don't know but even negotiate stuff like you get some holdouts situations lately beyond bell and in O'Dell Beckham yet Earl Thomas thing going up in Seattle this isn't a lot of positive buys. I'd snow there really isn't the goal of the NFL and yesterday morning. A leading comes out in and posts on Twitter policy the EU. Photo of her friend. Who is just beat to hell shockingly. Graphic vote yes and like Tarantino movie esque sort of thing like kill bill. The bride sort of photo. And she accuses LeSean McCoy of doing it also accused in the beating his kid and his dogs are scary to be several other things I kind of like the the full meal deal there I got five dollar box about young little bit of solidarity with yet you talked a get a cheeseburger you get some like cinnamon twists and some Fries five felonies for five dollars is kind of thrown all live there. So McCoy comes out and says that he denies it and the has had any contact. He's a bogey is all words he said he had had any direct contact with these people and months which will play into what we're about to talk about yes so this was gonna come out. So some accord by the way has hired a very high profile attorney. In a stunning development this I'll take place in Atlanta LeSean McCoy is in Florida trainee. So at this point we know the LeSean McCoy did not. Beat. He is did did this gal and Atlanta doesn't sound like it was him no no here is where the plot thickens here's the rub here is the rap. She is living in LeSean McCoy is home. Did that we did not know yesterday I know I love how he conveniently leaves that part out of his statement. I've had no direct contact with these individuals for the blue for a couple months. So it turns out that this is his next now. And they lived together in Atlanta in a home owned by LeSean McCoy. So along the way it was Shawn McCoy decided that he didn't want her to live their anymore any try to give her the heave ho. Problem with that this quarter straight is that when someone's living nature house you can't just kick them out it's harder than you think yes sir she says no you can't kick me out I need due process here you have to give that person time. Did your girlfriends living with you you can't throw her stuff out on the street and be like get the hell out there and work that way you know you have to formally evict somebody and it's a whole process. Apparently was some important this is what he did it while she was out of town this is a couple months ago but some accord got a couple of his guys. Any paid them to go over and move all of her stuff out of the house she sees it on the security camera called the police. They stopper they stop Musab mccoys friends her herb. I guess employees from moving your stuff out of the house so she's been living LeSean McCoy is home for several months now while he's been trying to Victor. According to her attorney now. He has threatened her multiple times he has demanded that she leave the home he is demanded that gives that he is given her like jewelry. Specifics of the attorney had a list of specific items of jewelry and keep an eye on this because it'll pop up later as sort of civic items of jewelry that he had given her admittedly yes say he has repeatedly asked her to give back because quote. They were expensive yes and she has apparently refused him his own so to you so the security system in the cameras are at the house are suddenly taken down. So that there is no video at the house anymore. Again the plot thickens so last night I guess this would have been two nights ago. About 3:15 in the morning. Guy walks into the house at 3:15 in the morning no sign of forced entry in a study shocking developments is someone that access. To the locks on the home perceives to beat the living hell out of her pistol whipped her. And it demands. Guess what he demanded from her. I'm specific. Items of jewel worried that were expense daily Shawn McCoy had already asked for repeated the back and I'd even warned her you know you can be robbed. Those are expensive pieces of yeah that's there out there you see Tarlow. He told her. You should you should be robbed some British could steal those deaths from you. And then balanced so do so either he did it. It in the case of this allegedly. Or he got somebody to do it for him yes he got so that's that's what it looks like that's what it looks and you don't have to do all the math to come to that conclusion now again. We don't know now. But. It sure looks like he said orders somebody came to him and said hey of the shine a guess what we did that jury batting get I can get some stuff done for you here and there you go. I mean you can't be this stupid can you well. This is rage through stupid yeah that's so yes she can be that stupid. If if if I ball do you like a long lower. John a woman lawn mower back in your like no you bought it for me I'm like hey yeah a lot more backer ominous steal it. I'd kick your drives I'd be sure whether that led to the law. Born and no not here. Lou now a dude a duty you hire you can't beat this Don comes and breaks in in my house. And say and I say take whatever you want and the duke says. All I want is that lawnmower that you have hidden in your garage so let's is that had no forcible injury now. Wanted to not not a general robbery no not just taking expensive things from the house no nothing else was taken wanted to specific items especially Shawn McCoy hit bin demanding back correct. And pistol whipped year correct. Yes you can be that stupid wow well any and you and I we're gonna talk and we talk about a more after the ought to either side of the break now. I don't know that. But there are these guys and they're on every team and both view and I have played with guys like this that are that dumb soul. The common person driving around is probably shaking their head like now nobody's that dom right yes they are bad don't I don't know that LeSean McCoy is. I'm just saying hey yeah there are people that are that dumb and wind it be fair. He's not guilty remaining right now we don't know. But I look good. But he did encrypt a slogan and a bottle. Jury pool and they're like ministers again make Turkey be impartial no no I can't look as good as he did that. How does continue being. We talk about this will clear Colombian damme when we come back and that's something that I know of good about it though lynch was words that are. Where I chicken soup. Continuity though. Talk it was Shawn McCoy I have this done by the way. They're usually takes 155 through file it how many people are going down the road she's set imam has more than that and I thought it would be. Did did anyone see the the vote I have to I have to believe. Like ridiculous girlfriend like had like a a small mark on her wrist yeah I suppose like a scratch on her neck is really bad she was pistol whipped. She was beaten to a bloody poll. Like has like fractures she can't open her eyes she's beaten so bad the we talked about it a little bit yesterday and and I can. Look are sensitive to the fact that there's two sides to every story sure and a lot of times. I'm he brought up Z Killian I mean by all accounts he was proven to be right right they had I mean he got suspended and nobody NFL really had no proof now they're own investigators said this lady probably fabricated it and you and I both know. That goes on sure right there are unscrupulous women out there that absolutely that prey on athletes look let's be honest a lot of them that are and be careful with this be in mr. Graham model. Did the NFL player and not just NFL it's it's it's it's an athlete thing. That mr. Graham model athlete sort of relationship. Ended the groupie if you will air fare is season. It exists and it exists and there is some nefarious stuff gone both ways right but. And I'm sensitive to that we talked about it a little bit yesterday that you have to be careful because. There are instances where these athletes are proven to be innocent. And again and and we said he repeatedly today I don't know that he did or didn't do anything it just looks bad and bush real bad but if you see that photo and and assuming of course that that photo Israel now. If you see that. There is no way now. That somebody does that to himself now to. Set up somebody. I don't like how recited. It is certainly possible. That she did this as a setup right it's it's certainly possible right by active that if that came out. I wouldn't even be all that shocked in a general sense right because it could happen but seeing the picture exact and hearing the details. That seems so so so so far fetched and unlikely you know you out of the picture is hideous and I just again I I don't. Meet personally I'd I choose to believe that somebody wouldn't have that done to themselves. To frame somebody it just. I'm gonna again om and everybody has their own opinion but we argue there is a lot of feedback via along that avenue that it's. It's it's become a dangerous thing it's like. Eight and I think some of this is because the fans to make some of the desist you know misogyny but we've we've really. I think there it's like the meat to backlash. I think there's a lot of people now they just assume. That there is these women that are just out to to ruin lives and and I think it's a guy I know that there are cases that happens. But I I just I'm I'm amazed at how many times. You know wind when there's a rape accusation when there's this and and certainly there's there's a photo while there. In yet that many people whose first instinct won't let it play out we'll see what happens but their first instinct is she setting him up now and I think that's a dangerous mentality grind I I think that. Is there is one of the reasons why a lot of women don't wanna come forward. And I think that is a very dangerous place where were at a special when it comes to sports where we take the knee jerk reaction of you side with the athlete and I I think you side with the athletes of the because you're you're an athletic fan I'm sure. You know at this is if this is you take LeSean McCoy out of this. And it. You know you you put this in in the general public I don't think people take the knee jerk reaction of while she was setting him up you fill the happy thing in there and I think that there is an element of doubt where there is that kind of blind loyalty and suspicion. And you should never rush to judgment I'm with you Eddie looks damning. But gamble wait and see what happens and maybe he turns out to be innocent and and and you know this is this is not his fault that you never you do with it. Well I just was shocked that there were so many of those who wasn't one or two we're kind of flood we have quite a few instantly went to you she said in. Quite a few news surprised me a little bit I'm gonna choose to believe that maybe those people hadn't seen the photo yet. But again I don't know. Well and end my first thought was when I when I when I saw this is like he can't be that dom and I think engineers think I think a lot of people. Our our of that mindset but you can't be this dumb to do it if you Shawn McCoy. Yeah yeah you can recruit out unfortunately there are. We've seen this before we have in it's it's pretty exclusive to athletes is just that they ended be in the high profile ones but because you can throw full ploy to wonderful portion about what their baseball. Doesn't mean the years some kind of genius and idea we were kind of joke and before you know the we're Joan before the show. We all played with guys where you just as a is a semi rational human being. You look at some of their attitudes are some of their behavior easier like good. Again not every not every athlete is dumb but there are dumb athletes on every team I firmly believe and you and I have had. When he said we are back in the kind of your bullpen area laughing about. Some certain stories and stuff what. One of my favorites they did as any new violence thank goodness that I played with a guy. At Washington State is a great guy you're really was really liked him but we had a class together with three or four other football players. And we missed the test one time. Because. We were on a road trip going to play somewhere. The end when we came back. The professor said wall you guys come in like on Monday when you get back and I'll let you make of the test now so we we come back we go in issued a professor Guinness for five of us. And the professor takes us into a room gives us the test and leaves so were in the room by ourselves. And we're getting ready to detest and in no way in my. We don't patting myself on the back here but I'm the smartest one in the room. And so they immediately come to me and say hey it's a gimmick can you help us out here on this test. And I said okay but here's the deal guys we have an hour it was fifty questions multiple choice though armor are brought Casillas who is fifty questions multiple choice. And I said give me half an hour. Let me take the test don't bother me to do anything let me focus here actually studied. Let me dig the test and then I'll let you guys look at the thing and we'll go from there. So I take the test still pretty good about it and get done and I'd. Say okay here's here's the paper. Go ahead look and if you had somebody had trouble with looker do whatever and then I'd tell him yes. Don't copy every single answer change some media it's because I don't wanna get popped for cheating here now I actually did the work so. Good luck but change some answers right so couple days go by we turn in the test. And we get degrades back and I got like a 92. Right hey hey awesome and one of the guys on the team got like an 86 could have been happier another guy got like an eighty awesome sweet. One of the guys again I won't mention his name. Gets a fifty. And he's like what the heck you can wreck he's like I the statement. And I said dude what are we all got days and these won't he goes you told me to change some of the answers I sing yeah. How many did you each each he says half of them. I should. Problem. He should I not got to fifty. I guess which if you are right. And he's like at all. He I mean you know 50% is an F right now and he was like suddenly gotten good I mean a 100% true story and again we're dealing with violence or anything like that but. Don't who can beat that Don will this guy was that domino and he was an amazing player one of the best players I ever played with. But true story right and we were kind of laughing about that. People can deal that dobbs so. And we and I said we we I certainly hope that he was not involved in this on. I idea. It just is such another ugly situation that big NFL doesn't need another. Black guy in ten and huge high profile players huge tiger this why you are huge black guy and if I could this happen and all this poor woman sucks in general someone beat her right I don't know I don't buy for a second that this was self inflicted the she said anyone up for heaven's sakes who was pistol whip but. Again to be fair. One side it's her account. There is a police investigation and something tells me that that as this mean goes on will get a clear picture of exactly what happened. I'm Disney and right now it looks really bad for LeSean McCoy. And he's hired an attorney will see how this plays out and you know it did you seen that either the NFL can't suspend him. You know got to do the Greg party thing while this kind of plays out they can put him if there if you into getting charged with something. They can suspend him before this this process plays out so. Yeah this could take a long time to actually kind of filter through if he ends up being charged with something they do an investigation towards it. But I I promise you right now the NFL is sweating bullets 'cause they just don't need it. And in some ways I kind of feel bad for the NFL. I begin FL does itself any favors right but the NFL's not asking for Vegas if if you've got another athletes involved in something like this. Guys it's just awful and I hope that I'm I'm wrong that I'm mama over my skis on this one. But it just as well it it looks yeah looks suspect right now vary vary suspect. All right should we. Turn and actually have something kind of positive and uplifting yeah we were trying to it was kind of a let's think more positive and that's that's our own land it was. Our homeland okay good day yes so where they're secure an ex party right now yes and an entire country. Really really sets woke up stuff we come back prime time. In fact. You catch any of Croatia's. England are now I have watched. Maybe. Thirty seconds or last of World Cup I do not it's warm outside but I do not have World Cup fever now yup I'm not no idea I logged on today of a loan gosh maybe around 1231 of the computer. And I saw that day was an extra time. As I go oh crap I've kind of forgot it was on I was with the Ide and seen anything. And so I flipped over on the TV and literally like two minutes after it flipped over Croatia scored in extra time to go up to one. And and ended up kind of watch in the watch new candidate. And I ate it in in one way it was it was really cool to see Croatia I guess they said it was the second smallest. Nation to ever qualify for a World Cup final. Is they were showing videos of of that country in other fans going nuts but. The same time I was kind of bummed out because I've kind of gotten on board on this whole coming home England thing let their goal celebrations. Like did that when they show the people like back in in in London like kind of watch innate and not just pubs Blake in the big. The big crowds like when they scorn of went throw shooter beer London. Basically Derek bell had it was 101000 dollars where the beer. That this crowd gathered watching on like a big Jumbotron through the air when they score in the air I was pretty cool and and I'm sure Croatia was doing the same thing but those aren't really they kind of got caught up in the whole common home that was like there's there's themed her for for London in the three. I I liked it's. Also this and I and I don't wanna be soccer guy I don't wanna turn this into Saturday because I'm not a soccer fan. But I think it's incredibly cool to see an entire country. Mobilize behind the sport like that yeah she's neat and I and I agree you England. That was pretty cool and you know we were talking a little bit yesterday means the soup can exhale from that part of the world Croatia and Yugoslavia so. Chances are there's some some Canucks in Croatia right now that are really happy that there in the World Cup final and and I'm not gonna lie I sort of have been rooting for Croatia now just because of that I haven't really. Watched much but I just sort of been kind of follow along with scores and as they've advanced to determine hey you know go Croatia. But right eating lingle and stuff was pretty cool them and had they won. Been written for them and in a way I feels sad for. English fans to get in a sport where it means that much to your country I know it would really really suck to get that close and then not me. Well Allan as an example in the building mark Hamilton of 947 he's a Brit he's from marries a huge England soccer fan. And I talked to after the match today I was like T know how he is no is a greater and got to the semi finals. Like I think it's kind of like the NCAA tournament. Were robbed and I always say this if you make it to the final for the rest is gravy of course you are when the title picture but holy crap committed to the final four. I think that's kind of the case with me maybe it's just for teams that aren't expected to win every year like Brazil. But England hadn't been in in forever. And he went look it was a great run we had our chances we didn't win the Sox but we made it to the semi finals that's awesome I was watching the fan base and I I did I've I've told form like I don't. We have many being in the country here in the US that didn't mean. And I don't think so means anything like that so and so even if it was US soccer when power would mean the same now for sure and and I think that's cool that he had that perspective. I just. You know looking at a from the outside when it's every units an event that's not every year right if you your team uses Super Bowl and you lose now. You know the royals dropped us the royals made it to the World Series and lost. And that was you know I know that her drop B was you know and I know he was happy they had a good run and all that stuff. But same guys get to tool up and tried again next year and in this particular case they won. In the World Cup that's not the case right here for years now. Happen every year now and so like in the Olympics he sees a guy like pulls him near something of the DNN Davie don't qualify and they miss it he may not get another crack down and who knows and I don't know I don't know the ins and outs of England soccer team might. It's gonna be a different team and for your are how many of those people know I'm how does it below that they were you did though. But a young lion yes the England team is the second youngest team in internment OK so it theory in theory there will likely almost all still be there could. What's cool about this for Croatia is their call like a double bills and their calling this the golden generation. Courts are really small country which doesn't produce a lot of like top tier talent for right now on the Croatian team they've got like five guys. Who were world class players who were in their prime so four years from now some of those guys might not be Plainview area so it's really cool for down in their golden generation and White Sox at Belgium lost because they're also in the golden generation. Where you're not gonna see this team again after this world. Cup so I know your if your from Croatia and that's your thing right in your rooting for Croatia. Don't you kinda how I mean. This may be it for them right don't you comment I mean you're there don't you kinda have to win and I get the whole hey it was a good run but. As a sports fan if the Mariners can ever get to the World Series and I know that's. You know that's asking a lot. The murders ever get to the World Series they'll be nobody is happy as I am but if they'd lose in the World Series it will stick in my craw because. It may be another forty years before they get back it's just the way I would think about it and that would Jimmy up. Yeah I don't know how Croatian fans feel wolf do about it Billy I mean France's. Oh I guess they're kind of like a powerhouse in a better to have a look great just turned into their almost always near the semi finals of the final in the World Cup. So I mean if you lose to France. That might be a breach also lost to France is a good team. They don't even they have as good and it decorations size does anyone like if I asked think the general population. Did people know that that's well one of like the former Yugoslavia. People even like no probably not a doubt was that were were. We have Yugoslavian roots and and so now it's been split up and Serbia and Spezza out but I don't think anyone. Really knows a whole lot about Croatia now I do know that much and we've got to have that that that background sort of family roots area. I looked up I I don't know this million people who live there. That doesn't even crack our top ten US cities zone. I mean you know is right that population sprawl and at the metropolitan area there were saying the actual attendance of the game today would have been Croatia's fifth largest city now. That's funny yeah and you know I know I made or what's the population Morgan. Fits exactly the same as Croatia yeah I thought I saw somewhere on Twitter today float around it four point one million yeah Croatia and Oregon are similar and so. You know again and pretty cool cool story and I feel bad for the English transmit. For any she Canucks out there in the motherland. I'm Poland for Paula for Croatia in Mike said it may we may have been pronouncing C get a ground this entire time now because I blew our mind a little bit with incest theory on some gimmick well because. Basically although last names and Croatian team the demands of kitsch racketeer chat mode to reach so or use who can match. Instead of satanic it's entirely possible yes I don't know now I'm nuts. Does anyone like you just get told to write like growing up delight I don't know it's it's again Jennifer she's silent that's a lineup that's all you go you know first and I've always been until it's like mechanic. This again back that's that's how I've while I give DSL Canucks sometimes all except that all the names and with the match now there is rich but all of them city like member Kenji Johjima. Regulate the players loses they decide they're gonna change their name dagger Dan was it to you desert. That he rented. The best of the best of their UCLA he changed it like in the middle of his NBA career look to secure and inches of hazzard just doesn't sound is good so let's stick let's stick with how we've been doing it for forty years the finals what's Saturday or Sunday Sunday morning Sunday morning at seven or 8 AM I want to shed innocent guessing you will not be logged -- I was gonna -- maybe I'll Nam and goes into extra time off flip it over. Like that I like ten minutes today. It's a sudden the winning goal and then there. What have you won celebrated gol World Cup okay. I at least to a slow but I did I did. I won't let you for now watching it at least you watch some of it I got a question I don't mean to be the egg the American but I've got to go to soccer questioned when we come back. And then Milligan is the baseball stuff. Because yes it was these strangers walk off play I've ever seen in my entire life you know and I also wanna talk about. Quite possibly the dumbest. Like Covert operation in college football history. It's it's intriguing to me during spring we're talking about this and I saw the story and intrigued by what our military academies or two success here in the fan.