Primetime 7.11.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, July 11th
A bit of an everything segment, from soccer to Dan Rather...the weirdest walk off ever, and IN THE NEWS!

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They are listening to the prime time but I think it's duke I'm Suk by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1952 you not cute. Right not welcome prime time revising consume what is got her out there and never momentum and unbiased. Just short of the tournament on compromise sports done without booze sugar coat oh yeah I think he links and everyone's life and war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's a candidate can't show. And let me do my job. The best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consumed on 1080. What are down three to go in the news coming out. Funny when little juicy tidbits including. Quite possibly the best and worst day. New Jersey man has ever had a wallet one afternoon let me ask you just mentioned one hour down and jump fly in by. You know a baseball game meaty five innings to be official yeah we were talking about the record breaking showed today 30 out what point at what is there a time. Line of the show where it's an official show like if something happens and we go off the air right now can we still countless. As the record breaking third show it's our fifth inning I see say yes because back in the day election we had the Mariners we get one hour shows OK and that counts is an official show. Yeah I mean I was forced to come in and do it so I've done one hour shows believe me they're back in the day there are many times I lobbied for the bus may yet be kidding me. Yet to make me drive out here do a one hour show Ter rhetoric grids and then get back in my car and drive like two hours in traffic. And featured turn it over a richter is I would druze group was here right now in the mob boss would tell me to shut up and drive in India have been there was only work in an hour and other radio OK so not. Our mark I I feel pretty confident for a war that this is it counts the guy. I give if somehow my piano like dumb to die doctor temporal of the boarding and he blew out. I'm claim in this show you announces show you are out there this this counties I just check him. Yeah religion at this point don't stress about it now I don't means. I don't mean to be like. Ugly American soccer guy. Is it always bothers me when we do that we in awe size why do you have it but the one about soccer is I was watching the final fifteen minutes of the World Cup that I don't fully understand. It may be soccer Mike can explain this to me. With extra time thing why did you stop the clock. Because the clock never stops and talk about the whole point. Why this is how it is it's but the clock is always running and I'll try to add time at the end of it. It's not a obviously is not a perfect system yeah there's been a lot of complaints about how much stoppage time they give team is there ever been talk of just so I get a leg was celebrations and people rolling around and all that. What did and I yen I I've guarantee for soccer Gary now they're like shut the hell look you dumb ass American army I don't know the answer. But all I know is that's how it is it's every every no matter what and soccer the clock is running. So I doubt I'll all the things and soccer that's these it's like a metaphor for life. It just gives young that caught the from the moment your born my your clock is ticking. And sometimes it's. While way to make this depressing right sometimes we're in extra time. And sometimes were rock or not like me I'm forty I'm probably in the second half. Care if I've probably made it to the second half. I'd like to think I'll make it to extra time now now I'm gonna happen just CD and rather's tweet the other day you ask how depressing is that house are different I was from today that was really depressed and I don't go find this like the end of the notebook yeah I kind of blew me away earlier this one guy he was not what what was the other basically to weeded out and they're ready to die. This and that he was kind of looking for words. Did die I mean a little bit and then he was abominable disappear you kill some time here for a second do you something entertaining and well you bring up Dan ray. Rather than on their attention to install these weird and I don't offer help days ten isn't too as Dolly I want to get our free. And finally I ask those. Is dollars in Dan rather tweet out we knew Dan rather was on Twitter I did not I didn't know that I didn't see him argue I've seen him tweet out some. Some I've seen him float around in some anti trump. Chains here and they're so I knew that he was on there in other twins did know he was so depressing yeah it's really gotten going for a walk with like my lovely wife and with each step. I realized that I'm closer to that. They be eternal. Walk they're getting slower. Every here's what he says and you know we we found period standard rather. I cherished taking leisurely strolls with my wife Gina twilight my steps are getting slower and increasingly I have another journey on my mind. The one into eternity. And but the joy this year unadulterated joy of a hand in hand slow lock as the evening shadows fall members who think this is. A. He's like writing desk height choose a slow taking walks with a lovely Gino I'm sure is a wonderful woman I'd Jeanne rather's a saint that. What I read that I I. I guess it was kind of poetic to the same time I thanked him. And rather his diet and I think he knows he's dying feels like it but I guess he Demi sounds like he's OK with it like to Rockford Files at the end of the notebook yet as she's going. Why aren't dad died of cancer heart or step dad did so of one dead kicking around yes we do but I'll I'll still have big. Handles death differently I love about the way we've gone from soccer extra time to death talked. Prepare I think that's a good metaphor that I throughout there so it was a solid if you're pretty happy with that. Like our grandmother died of cancer and she fought it tooth and nail you she did not want ago was petrified scared rabbit and then I have years later our step dad gets it. And when he found out the news that he was terminal. I remember being in the hospital room with them and were all crying and then and it was like this this this awful thing when they're making there's nobody knows we can do. In my dad's smiles of the doctor and guns are attacked we would give me home ya got hanging out here now he was at peace with it yeah and then email was making phone calls from bed talent like relatives in he would be a gay. It's Bob Brown have a tuxedo well. Does go leave a message if you don't get it just give back to me I'm Darlene. And I just wanted to let you know that not to be around much longer so colleague back if you want. Exaggerating that in any way those phone calls that he was leaving my relatives and friends and my dad. You can't leave that Nancy she was pretty calm about it you can't be like I am I mean so call me back if you want you. He was Dan rather arena as he was looking forward to his eternal walks. Two Golden Corral in in in having Nancy was about to my whole original point here before I got derailed by your Dan rather metaphor. That's the one part of soccer that I don't understand but they get the floppy and understand the ties is part of that even make the the there's no championship game like in the big leagues but I did that extra time being just baffles me in Grozny for a loop. And in this it's like arbitrary right to register sites like politics yet there is. Big article written. Wanna say it was my 530 and camera crew was. And they they tested one of the World Cup games and they counted and us with a stopwatch. All of the stoppage time in the second half of backing him pretty elegant laws. And when the board went up in the game they said six minutes of six minutes of stoppage time and they what they calculated was thirteen minutes of stoppage time. So I don't know. Maybe thief or whoever looks at this thing goes we can't possibly have them play for thirteen more minutes. The B a whole other extra time period essentially so let's just cut it in half maybe there's some weird arbitrary rule they have. But yet the legitimate and I suffer some would likely be closer to ten to thirteen minutes per game vs. Two to four minutes for Hillary today suddenly put up for so what a 120 minutes and they said that plus four but then it went like. Vulgar than that apple because. They will also add time if their stoppages in stoppage time. What if there is an injury and that kills a minute they'll add that minute again over the plus four but no one knows. Just it is randomly ends more than rap has the whole life stopwatch is keeping an Ohio but no one knows enough to doesn't know the players don't know. The red just arbitrarily decides that the game is over and that. Baffles me usually if if there's an offense a chance going on he won't stop but even if it's past time and then if he gets cleared out to midfield that's when they'll blow. S industry as the mile and A Miller gives up a buzzer Beazer but he doesn't beat the buzzer but the refs like you know he had a really good scoring chance. Slid to go ahead and let that cam I think he's good in the Clarkson doubles era but hey he's he's in his moment on the you are a good story chance let's leave that one alone. He's like the judge them on order all allow him McCoy a bow lodge yourself. So I saw this story during spring were talking about it today and I saw this and it was on SI extra mustard. In the world of college football. Coaches are trying to gain an advantage but when Jim Harbaugh wouldn't announce his roster. You know that a couple years ago just out our reviews and out is depth chart you know he put out his roster now. He would not just the depth charities like I don't know I don't have to do there's no loss save I have to put out a roster. He's like trying to gain some sort of secretive and it should all Choi cal. Moon is the head coach at air force needed new defense of coordinator. The defense of coordinator by the way left to go he's the linebackers linebackers coach the Carolina Panthers. So Jim Calhoun did not hire. A new defensive coordinator he just promoted from within so one of the six assistance is now the defense of coordinator. But here's the thing Troy Calhoun. Is not connect hell yeah. Who the defensive coordinator it's all if I wanted to know I'd be mad about that. I'm fascinated. YE. You wouldn't say who the defense of coordinator is there is a defensive coordinator we just don't know this yet legislators now yes the players now okay. But is there. They did but there's no bids to be game here this is only all from the same sex and by the way it was a crappy defense. They gave up forty points like six times last year this is only awesome if you line up all six defense of coaches may all signal stuff in there this week we will never know all year. I hope I hope we never know. I really don't know what may I I actually I satin and read this like multiple times and I was trying to think of why. You would do this he would and I really. Couldn't come on he'll answer deal. I think I can figure out is you know like like Oregon gets organ hires Jim Leavitt I. And immediately got to write an article about it now Seoul. What do you do right you research what kind of defense that philosophy he ran wherever he came from and you figured out so maybe in some weird coaching thing. He's like. You know I'm an higher Troy here to be the defense coordinator and I don't want them to know Detroit favors the you know 62 monster stack defense and there also seems to know I know that I'm just saying that that. That would be the one thing that I could see some stupid coach thinking like I'm document. I'm not gonna give anybody any advantage in we come out to play cal state north Fullerton on day one. This year they're gonna have no idea what we run bill though we run after play one but. That first play we're gonna have an. Vantage Calhoun is out Harbaugh I think Jim Harbaugh to review a release or do you deep. Not release in Mecca which is tough stuff kids don't doubt Harbaugh Harbaugh I just think sometimes coaches make way too big deal out of stuff that is and coaches are down really insignificant coaches are down with just our our coaches are dumb. Except for Mike Leach if he's interest in everybody else is done like les Mike Leach is did you sell just get ready appear here wondering what. Defense air forces get around. Will you got an idea whether their rice is gonna be close to the one they run last year because it's the same staff yeah I don't know that if you don't know that that's the employee. That's the point right there they got big suit you don't know what they're forces Mitterrand. Hot here either July hot air force football tock Ari come back be straight just walk off that I seen in quite some time. And quite possibly the most sensitive athlete on the planet. Success here in the time where Isaac soon god sanity. In the news coming up and about to attend and it's so pretty big airport. Her support this 60. Path back I think that. You trails they're trying to one up lost there are one up in us well there's three up in its. You. Well we're hoping to get to five. Let's do it happens at the airport has got to six more talk about that. They have a panda express. They do have a pending you don't spend expressed here now and I agree I like a panda express although. It won't say there with him like wants some delicious orange chicken right now would be tasty and they back and look commissary back there. We got like late prepackaged sandwiches and whatnot and then. Who would be nice I've always wanted to live like next order restaurant just like it like that. Literally walk out the door in just you know walked across the street and if there's a Chinese restaurant that was next door to me. I would heed their five times a week out now you know I consider is what Dominican and really wanted to again and by the youths whose legendary UMAJ. Well what's up he really after order now to start making stuff like dole let that they cast of friends like the whole central perk thing is thought to myself that's a dumb think. No I can hang out at a place that often. But if I had a restaurant or place that I like it was. Below where I lived like I had to pass it on my way out the door and a law heats up and for some fragrance all the time. So preview below the bar like in they give there was a bar in my backyard. Is this the what do you wanna sit around a dude ending now that bar makes pot stickers tests now and you're in on their own name on a regular basis. So I was want Sheen. The Mariners last night give bludgeoned Huntsman talked about by the age I'm so upset about that malicious. In a phone 3192008. To three and I you migrants are gonna find himself and hate bucket really quick. So I was not watching the haze and the Astros and I don't know why would be watching the isn't as they are all sock and the only possible. Ending to that game that's acceptable is if a black hole opens up and swallows ball teams that was as she watched the mayors with. My daughter and had. This conversation about your hatred she was asking why you hate. Certain teams. As we were watching the angels a message on hates the angels he says he hates him in my daughter goes well he hates everyone has some well. Not necessary as we had a sea of likened to an outline this for the people the way IE I did from my daughter and see if I'm accurate it's. John hey it's all of baseball. That isn't the Seattle Mariners in some shape perform. Jon hates all of baseball now. There's layers to that hate. National League hate lesser than American League hate. Because it derived doesn't directly influence the Seattle Mariners so American League hate greater than nationally Kate now American League west he'd. Greater than any other American League hate. And then specifically teams that are better than the Mary's which is usually all the teams in the American League west but it's fascinating giving here it's most of the team's yes but I had to point out to her that the Astros and the angels especially because. Every year they're better than the Mariners and then some years it's the Rangers. And that occasionally the day's. And that's how I broke down in your hatred of Major League Baseball. And I got a nice little flow chart going to and I feel like should I was pretty close. I. That's that's pretty spot on I'm can argue that too much yes. And so I've pointed out that how much you hate the angels and the best part of that is true of the nationally might be sure. No I don't know that I hate the national unity the national. It's just not nearly as strong as the American way. And if the Mariners ended up playing in the nationally in your hatred would you shift that it would shift the best part is as near my daughter having this conversation she gets on Twitter and you know you'd the first thing that pulled up. I hate the angels' John it just tweeted out like ten minutes earlier I had the agency team and I thoroughly enjoyed it costs so I last night the hated Oakland a's are slain the hated yankees masters now the Astros more hated in the incorrect because the bastards are better but. The eighties. Our gain on the Mariners so I think there's some pretty good hatred going here not a doctor I'm scared of BA's right now yes and a and so the not scared of the Astros they're now I guess dreams about last year yes hate them. Not scared him but also I think DA he's scared of them but you some Zain you hate the angels more than you do the yankees' yes yes yes because the Yankees. Are further removed defer your removed from the Mariners. The less Jon hates you you hate the bully that lives next door you more than a bully that lives across count yes even if the bully across town his worse correct use still I dedicated mini. Rude bully even more if John can you make the heat power rankings and a break here and enlist in order the team's unity. As a power rankings on the out in the American League while im just in general and I don't look at it I don't hate many National League teams. I'm pro baseball so there is little but there are a lot of American League teams I hate say I can probably do that. I'm curious to see who is and don't just go this year. Think over the course of your baseball fan them all the time yeah I'm just this year. The Astros were really bad also weren't in the AL west the type attack himself yeah but they've really made up a lot of and that it. I hate those sun now. And you hate like you hit Mike Trout you can't beat Mike Trout does most likable guy and he's the best player in baseball are you and made the surprise you can't hate my EST again and I do because of the homers against the Mariners every kid you not only what I didn't. I I hate him so much idle I get mad when they walk him intentionally. Kazaa they should he should Wear when between the two in the seventh to get him out there it's I do yeah I don't walk him the BM the only bad luck out get a taste Trout the only. Anything bad about drought is he wears an oven Mitt when he runs the bases there's a lot mad about Chad he's really good but I hate him there's nothing bad about Mike Trout other than the other and it will subway commercials are stupid and those are little painful speaking of that when you tell you about the Bryce Harper commercial that's running and why Bryce Harper can't read the commercial my hey Bryce Harper to we digress. So the Astros and the a case they hated frightening days yes so its bottom of nine. High school war. Right and what is it to have regimens who's already homered twice. In the game for the Astra speed him any swings and hits. A ball maybe a foot and a half yet you kind of flub is off to the right yap it's a little bit of foul territory little squared her off from the foul territories of Brennan doesn't run. You just it's kind of standing there. But the Bull Connor gets a little cue ball English on it and it starts to roll back fare employees the catcher and he comes out. To kind of fielded but he doesn't right away because it's well. Yes and Bregman standing there not movie right and the ball. Kind of rolls back in fair it's it's his they did Digg is Lago a gust from the gods if you will. So. Egos over Greg goes over and and picks up the ball a bear hands it's a at this point. Britain's like oh crap. I 'cause I got to start to run so he takes a step towards first but he's been blocked a record reaches out to try to tag him bare handed with the ball. Any does this. Matador always sort of thing he takes a step backwards and does think that I'm getting here so. In the matrix yeah it's and absolute waste was trying to steal and out basically yeah so because Bragman is standing there. Detroit thinks because it's fair I'll pick it up or quicken tag and get a free out sure not bad not that dogs actually a pretty Smart he picks it up right on the line but he does it doesn't account is that he went into the matrix he's he's dead right there's no way that he given key you stand mean. On the basis that there's no way for him for Bregman begin to first. But as he goes to swing the ball I'd and he drops the whole hall. Some bread served ten down to first how he's got to run to first yes now we asked to run to first. So record doesn't picks up the ball and then perceives it air mail it into right field and the winning run comes around a swimming grime comes around. Walk off walk off single that traveled. Two feet maybe maybe maybe is that this is that the shortest walk off hit because we've seen my third strike goes by. He didn't. I believe in the history of baseball that is the shortest walk off hit. Of all time over a bunch of national baseball writers on Twitter right after just saying he'd never seen that they've never and Pena here that's one of the great things about baseball as you watch baseball team you never know what you're gonna see right. I'd never seen that I had never seen it end. That way now and blew my mind and thankfully it was not a good thing that the Astros won but it wasn't good thing that the a's lost. Because again I hate bowl teams but I'm scared of VA's right now is people are asking for a year your hatred powering I'm working on it might take a segment are too and I'm working on it. The other good party yes I get it was any hint it was an air but in the same knee hit the ball and it traveled. Foot and a half well ever seen it it was yeah I mean it was a trillion air but it. He hit it and it was there when he picked up it was fair it was fair. In any preceded the air mail it in to right field yeah the other guy apart about John's hatred delay you behind the curtain. So that is for the most arbitrary reasons known to man like you hate did Larry not just because he plays for the Oakland they attract but that he wears he's a double flapper he wears a helmet with two flaps up. That sort of thing. Can lead to my brother hated baseball player correct an inappropriate number can also lead to you meeting someone yup. I did I dislike Paxson for a while you were 65 yeah he's overcome that that. Though I hated I hated Daniel Murphy for the Texas Rangers is 'cause I didn't like his warmup swing so did he like T Rex is anybody's really short arms I have to say John you do have to pull one team on the list for sure. Don't go there are record. Can make topped my hate power rankings did. The thing here depending on the year and what they're doing now I do believe that at times you hate the Seattle Mariners are hours so. And any other team on his baseball can't defend that that's correct the line few heat heat. It is a hell of a thing. All right we will have to get to the it's most sensitive NBA player of all time another time. Because next we have in the news and news here though. Which was worth some. What types of games. We distracted. A word that entire Reagan vacuum after Michael on. Good thing I did but no one noticed because you were just dignity near eight rankings some bright upload old Hayes is Montero he wore number 63. And I replied MIT's and they asked me if I hated him because he wore 63 has an among other reasons. That he was terrible gosh that really bothers me if you're. You shouldn't Wear 63. In fact I'm convinced that's why he's on track pack it's like when you watch a baseball movie like for love of the game. In the guide play of the Yankees where is like 66 young Yankee is where in sixty series or read. Aaron judge's 99 I know that's bad to at least Israelis Gretzky like 99 isn't as bad as sometimes makes. No 66 unless you're like a left guard Mario LeMieux make no mistake Mike Lynch airing judge should. Not wearing 99 that's stupid but of all the stupid numbers he could Wear. I can live with that because probably of Gretzky now plus I'd like any double numbers I like being able to really pay once on nine so I like death now. Double zero is the stupidest number of all time if you Wear double zero the year automatically made bucket if little third is lucky. Then I kinda like him because wearing zero also is stupid and he tells that the letter yeah that's stupid but you know I'm telling you that right now Bolero is stupid but at least it's just hop. Oakland Ogden them Oregon right to release is just one if you tried to pull the Duckworth that's done and believe me I hate Duckworth but because of the double zeros Josh. Harvard jury hey don't let the 39 years of this is phenomenal the things that John can hate. And their reasons why he can hate them got that right the list is long and prestigious in May start with he's used Montero crying out loud well we'll get your power maybe in the club you can compose your your power rankings are pretty good I am pretty good grasp on the American League grad now has a much more familiar with them yes I don't watch a ton a national league baseball but there are some but I can tell you right now. That the Marlins probably you're the top of the nationally hate rankings of the because they win World Series and don't try to correct this day not only have they did and Dana one. Why EC and they don't really care no I don't care too sure immersed aiming gift and the Marlins have two. I knew immediately when you said Marlins. That that's why you hate played the Marlins beat the Marlins who does they just gave Gian Carlo stand with the Yankees for ham sandwich if now that's ridiculous is what it is my configure Machado on punching you in the face. Think that I'm coming into the baseball show MLB is segment or I'd punch you in the face. And it'll just be Patrick describing me hit you in the face there are reports that the strongest offer. Four remaining the job at this point is the New York I'm aware I'm aware of big GO aren't. Too much sports now. Lose. They're. I mean noted news contributor along with my little to say you're you're on the news and observer eyewitness. I'm gamma and a guy filming. Yes so I crawler but you. That's a good movie I'm never gonna knoller is additionally creepy because they Jae Jin all underrated I think she looks like drop. Yeah he's got a Little Rock finger and anytime I see Gyllenhaal I think abroad but he's solid he's good actor that's a really good movie. And seasons and some who accused him Prince of Persia does for the most part he's been given this is into the news days they have the whole road blocked off again here I now I have to be sure that EMI's people they're back threw me for a loop today trying to do tours below it's hurting your rules that will we'll start again eight arrested. When demonstration does that deicing facility they did the human chain. Eight protesters actually there is nine but what an escape to what club hostess. One of the went on the Lam and they weren't able these cheesy and its impact if any took off. I guess they if you don't know like Phil all eyes protests. Your form and it's. It's fifty feet from our building we could walk out the door which we walk again and watched the protest going on is right there people who are still there. But this does the feds. The police are involved in this but the feds are there. And I guess to kind of keep law and order cannot. Is amazed like there's always one dude it's all like combat out on top of the roof but he's ready to like go Rambo quit. What's happening there do we really need like swat level. It's just yeah see just a bunch of homeless people hanging out behind some wooden crates on some of those fences through legal IDF as well. That is surely we need Rumsfeld on the roof you have yourself with yesterday there were there was conflicting reports about. Whose offense was more illegal the protesters are billion legal fans and the ice building. Built a fence that was too high with today I guess the protesters tried to block a band. From exiting the ice facility. Instead they didn't they red rover red rover let ice come on over and they all linked arms. And that didn't work out so well because they were all arrested except for the one viewed. There might have been gala he didn't say descended there was one protestor. Went to Dave protestor ran away. He took off and they said that the officers went after the protester we didn't know whether he or she was among the eight arrested though. In theory one of them got away and I just say we talked about runaway can't just say this you know. I don't think this controversial. Shirt I have the utmost respect for law enforcement I have to believe. But the worst part of being an officer of the lodge chasing people. You think I. I gotta just be old I. Think they would like I think I you wanna run out for somebody it's like I gotta go chase this guy again it's hunting the most dangerous game John. Plenty of Manhattan and my eyes at me right now that if I told you that Michael lynch who is out in the woods and we had to go hunt them down. And we had chains are losing clubs and a dog. You wouldn't get it now it's ninety degrees outside Glen since like seventy do just party that doesn't get a little excited we get to hunt down Mike if I have to slowly hunt. Down Mike through the woods maybe if I have to chase might I don't wanna chase anybody who needs the adrenaline it's just final out as the Kashmir. But the basic. Now I want to do this no I probably wouldn't catch you right now. And I wouldn't try it. The moment used if I tried to when I come in and try to punch in the face after the Yankees give Machado if you run you'll get away. Because I'm not she should get the I'll just look at Patrick can be like that segment didn't work yeah linger in my chair expecting me to return my kids will leave I'm going home got my wish and analysts of that segment didn't work. We'll be a good BC news. Is a good bit of the Oregon man they crashed his car in them Missoula. And then he'd he'd he abandoned the baby they found the baby allow. Heard that unsold in this crazy and his dumb ass he's brought more again and he was then Missoula he crashed his car. And then he proceeded to take the baby. Out of the car five months old by the way and I don't think it was his doing of these girlfriends he took the may be out of the car. And then he lifted in the woods because quote. The baby was that he was chunky baby. Well those cars seeds can be kinda heavy they can be cumbersome for sure and he was on a lot of drugs now there's there's your answer right there yeah stroller and no drugs you get and it's the woods it's the scraggly woods you probably get release stroller very well through the woods. Well they've found the until maybe buried under a pile of debris. It's I don't know if that's good or bad that he put the baby under the lights and sticks in my nod to that shield the baby. Or is he just try to cover the babies and no one found or did the baby just kind of role in wiggling wedge himself under some sticks out the baby was in the car seat. Can't move your strapped in there so maybe he bare grills the little. Little makeshift any big shift. It's a good move TV yeah the guy was a fairly high up business you know life. But they. They found the kids and the kid's gonna be okay. Which I think is a it's a damn good story. And they really turbines. It's relieving a five month old baby out of the woods. The baby was heavy blitz against drugs to the relevant thing are we come back we've got cougar news. And quite possibly. The greatest. News story to ever come out of New Jersey this is a lot phenomenal okay. In news we come back and I'm 55 coming up and about ten minutes or so. We're in the midst of in the news there's a cougar on the crowd evidently on the list. There's no evidence that it but a lady and so these four of them were team. What appeared to be a cougar on Monday when he said the woman reported seeing the large cats mean she described as a cougar. It was in her backyard in the 2600 block of southeast honored eighteenth avenue about 11:30 PM but when the police showed up. New cougar was to be found they did say though that tears are elusive they are elusive. Unless you're like he had the copper penny or something. The Oregon department of fish and wildlife did stating an encounter as a cougar that appears to be aggressive you should read germs to make yourself appear larger. And clap her hands to scared away or by it several drinks in play classic rock. That works too from what I'm that's funny I she was she did there. You're talking about. And I know what you talk about it gave now if it media they're not old John their experience they are you know what they want. The demo look at apparently he had accuser come in force through two years. Now I wanna get to this story because we did get a chance you do yes you saw right at the year at the end. I believe it's the best story. To ever come out of New Jersey because that's FiOS at that Mike Lynch nothing good comes at a New Jersey. And I and I believe Jersey's favorite son Mike Lynch I. New Jersey has an appropriate orders from students don't mean I like New Jersey has a bad reputation. I feel like Jersey Shore tainted. This stadium New Jersey now and it helped it now and they're kind of looked at their speaking of tainted they're kind of the taint of New York it's just. It doesn't have a great rep Mike even being from New Jersey. I am well aware that there's another group rap now although most people know nothing about it outside of Jersey Shore in what nurse there told. Let's let's answer reputation and it's not a good one but this story. Is fantastic. And I'm asking the question before we read this story at the end of the you'd tell me is this the best. Or the worst day of this man's life so mail returned to his New Jersey home Monday night. And he goes into the garage SCSI here's a car right. He opens it any finds. His car. This still riding and there's some themes going around in the garage at any finds his wife in the car. Any finds another man in the car and their naked I'll. And their dad is it a a and they're dead. Collapse the death. But all I'm laughing at this this case it's kind of funny did you see this story I did not so the latest is they haven't released the names she's 39 years old though. Apparently their car needed work car had broken down car had broken down. So maybe when he came on as they Qaeda cars running into this is process feels feels pretty good. Then why does she was having sex with what's her mechanic mechanic. And she was paying for their car repairs. Six. With the change of goods and service was leery when this. Is literally. Any porn scene yeah assess other then. Apparently Walter having sex in his garage to pay for the repairs on the carton. Carbon monoxide poisoning kills. And bolt writes or not that's not purport to know but the fact that she walked into the garage. Probably slightly lower duel little strap on her undershirt thing goes. And that didn't miss theirs is going to be about 3800 bucks they. Did you pay shekels up and this is kick the can we work something out scooter got a payment plan if dead if you want you come home and you find your wife having an affair. Wit the mechanic. And their dead. And I asked the question. Best or worst stage. If I think there's a little bold I think it's both I think your emotions are I'm flocks because you think you realize well there's a guy in the car you get really mad that you realize they're dead many you really sad how many real as well. Wait she was cheating on me in the amount again quick hits and you're confused let's here's it's rollercoaster. Actually they. Oh my god my wife's dead weight advantage she was sleeping with the big guy. Ending you know with the the cherry on top this X at least regards it as X apparently at that is the bright side. Of this whole thing at least the cars to ask you out and is beginning do you not know. That the carbon monoxide out wouldn't all of their body I have both so clearly he was caught in the throes of passion I guessed it by the way I. I have to believe that this happens not the death. Let me and build let's work out a payment plan yeah this has to happen all the way anymore all the time then I believe that then we giving credit agreed yes totally believe that. If you got anything going on lake and begin to be good if you just have like three your four. I I think that there is mechanics out there that are willing to barter goods and services put it this way if you want to try to attempt to pay for services that way yes just drive around yeah. You'll find a place based just on site yes then you will be able to build. It is probably will start with a sign in the door this is checks are no no checks your big cash unknowingly find cash only guy with yet you could probably make it have you five and a half way of easing gal and whenever the repair that needs to be done yes or if you look like Isaac or opt. Well you go sure let's with the Fedora. You're just walking how much she's always she's boat repairs gonna cut maybe that was the budget maybe that's the behind the scenes story of his of his beef cake photo op at the boat broke down. Potter says in how we get a paper this month vacation but what rob just gears down a little props thank god they have to pay for it. And a paper at these salt and beverage as you examine how long does it take to die from. Carbon monoxide poisoning I think you folly a key pass out and then once you pass out then yeah pride takes little wonder how long that was going on in there alone enough to kill yeah. Does that and now did you come home. Got a car fixed. And I got a dead wife. You've got to cheating dead wife and maybe a little Feely made Carmen is on your side I guess if you're gonna find out that your wife cheated on you. We should wrap it all up and tidy little package and I care about. Hopes that it be the ultimate Syria. That is in the news we come back the I have that it's at your event.