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Wednesday, July 11th
Hot 5 at 5, hot movie theater hate talk, and some NFL!

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They are listening to the prime time but I think it's duke I'm Suk by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1952 you not cute. Apatow Pacific daylight time book. Find my blood diamond club want. I don't want. Wow this is the prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best in local regional and national sports. And clap. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaac Brock miserable I had to get up at 2 o'clock this morning Jason's a candidate Harmon you may not do this copy of the do prime time on 1080. Yeah. Welcome in just after 5 o'clock. Lot of hot comments come in and on the better you today Tex lines 5505 about the New Jersey couple. My guess not couple the New Jersey mechanic they wish Cuban the lady to pay for the car and able died from carbon monoxide poisoning. More more than just more than just people weighed in on the morality we have conspiracy theories you how much if what did you see the guy who is claiming that. What if this is a elaborate plot of the husband because he knew what was going on drug Dunn took the clothes off pose that started the car. Interesting the minute usual suspects advertisers who say stuff and asking me if you've ever been propositioned likeness. 55 or five now deer is in and says that he has never. Then now offered sexual congress for a crappy furniture I think he's disgusted that he's never been offered now I feel like there's a certain vibe. They you have to put off as the what's been warming can't pick up or whatever sordid trade yet. H back guy actually there isn't certain vibe that you put on up and there's a certain vibe that the shot is the patriot. All have to have it's a Dane snuck it takes two to tango John do you. Timeless art of seduction yes I feel like when you walk into a shop. You kind of feel like maybe he's up he's on the table or the gal walks in in the mechanic. Or whoever is like yeah. I think this one is it is probably right for the tickets yeah if you look into the olive garden you're not offering the waitress. Sexual favors for free bread sticks oh not gonna fly now but if you got a guy out in the Alley and he's got a garbage cam he's turned into a smoker there you and he's worked consumer goods back there for some. And then there's you know what I mean yeah you might give free ribs exactly now it's the same leg with massage parlors. There's there's dig you go to a chiropractor get a massage and if you go to one that's open at 1130 at night the you don't offer you don't. Ask you first sub theme from the Tower Records office. You're going to get sub then at 1130 at a strip mall it's open for some reason. On the table in you've got to be pretty confident in the answer your game back before you asked that question. And I and I think you're right I think when those two forces of nature match up. There's no magic in the air. But I I would I'd like to hear the better you today to excellent 55 TO five if you have ever been offered. You know some some some eyes grow up to rubs it up so man is indeed take time for. A reduction or free goods and or services. I did just that now because they in my mind I think. This happens. More so then. Then we think and maybe not completed but oft heard or suggest. Like aid they give your massage therapist you've every one has been offered this at some point if penthouse for me is to be believed. It's got to stuff happens all the time is guesses he has friends that delivered pizza and they claim that they've been offered that all I and that's that's got to be one right ha. Like Saturday night drunk stoned whatever time a guy comes in the door. Young young kid delivering yeah in that bedroom computers in the door. Maybe they don't have a Twain be paid out a Domino's key but any guesses does assured it was lady over in the door for pizza delivery counts. Does that count yeah all of because Gervais says it on the lured. All of the transition. To the hot fund five. Odd topics and opinions or are they don't aren't good days and there. It's time for the iPod hybrid club my luck I'm 55. Rising consumer. Very. Refreshed by frost brewed chorus line download the reward happens starter in points towards one of the kind experiences game tickets and rewards. Number flies. Well sir with this and we'll be Don Roger Federer was one important way for me very tight he straight set victory over Kevin Anderson who I've never heard of but Federer was cruising along and he'd lost. Out on the the old game set match there. And they have received over the next two and a half hours to a loud Kevin Anderson into jacket and any loss like a mammoth tiebreaker in the fifth set. And Roger Federer is no more he got Fayetteville triangles he did yeah one point away wondering well straight set victory he's gone and then he proceeded to cough it up on the plus side there Rafael Nadal who is the world's number one. And Jonas both rolled their way through at global B to. Number floor. NFL news and notes here LeSean McCoy has hired a high profile Atlanta attorney. You represent him in the investigation that it's not looking so good right now. Now there is no hard evidence but the narrative this seems to be put out there is. Plus up and I mean did this parties' actual factual the the gal that was beat up. Was living at LeSean McCoy is house and apparently LeSean McCoy had been trying to evict her. From the house for the last couple months and she claims. Then he had made specific threats about give seeing jewelry that he had gifted her that he wanted back even alluding. According to her that he had said that she could be robbed there is a police report on this they said that about 3152. Nights ago. There was a no unforced entry into the house of both women were assaulted one was pistol whipped. And it was a targeted assault and burglary. At this point is being investigated. No weather details right now on this attack city's hired an attorney in the NFL and the Buffalo Bills both say they're looking into it but just from me. 35000. Foot view it it doesn't. I'm really looking good right now for the Shawn McCoy but. We'll wait and see how this one plays out country can't just a couple weeks away. The ACC at the NFL goes ahead and places him in the exempt list. You know just in the miss this and make this the NFL could suspend you'd like Greg party can sit down three games while the process works its way through. I speaking of NFL news and notes this one caught on video pack. Man Jones knocks a man out at the airport and the guy goes to prison yeah. Barely Pacman was I guess I'd lead at the Atlanta airport. Anyways why did the airport when a guy who's working the beer please where in the little orange vests in nice game pretty boy yeah. Does thirds given the business and the best part is it's all caught on camera now he's following Pacman. Oh there's some taunting him listen tardiness in any words but the bald guys there are African American we'll pack it eventually stops turn around and face the guy. And the guy punches pac man and then you proceed to throw doubt it Pacman knocks him out. It's in the guy goes down they came and arrested the airport worker charged with two counts. Assault yup you got your butt kicked and you're going to jail not a bad day gap. Pickens sites he shouldn't if you watch the video Pacman could walked away plenty of times. But once the guy put his hands on them anyways it was walking away he was doing now going to be SEC even though he wasn't charged as the NFL's that big year. A pac man's got a bit of the history here on history and I did get into a fight although. Some can claim is self defense to begin you watched the video he could. Clearly walk away if you want. What do we got here for word number two used to go to Louisville players on the liberal vacated. NCAA basketball champs of the 2013 national title. They're suing the NCAA. And now they're not suing. For money. They're suing to gifts. They're national championship back and specifically the captain Luke Hancock is leading this. He wants is final four most outstanding player back guidance. And there attorney is claiming that the NCAA is a morally bankrupt organization and exploit student athletes the strong argument that that's good for anybody know. They just from. Wanna be recognized as national champs you'll hear those when they became national titles there these kind of things that stupid I don't know I didn't happen well. We do Louisville players are mad about it in their going to bat for their sewer in the NCAA Sam they want their recognition. Officially back is national champions is good for that easily edit you know the ins and I was in the state and stop having hookers in your door. Good you know now stop pain players. Stop having hookers paid for by assisting coaches. And I feel bad for little kids they can't dogs like any I didn't do anything wrong but. And that's his argument I didn't do anything wrong oh win your ears your teammates are taking money and hookers. That's probably a pretty solid periods of the NCAA. None of those suckers made any baskets and then national championship game live there or can it bring back new gang god did but I'm pretty sure the first place keep it. And then of course I never won a World Cup we have the World Cup final set including crazy face us today. Greece's scored in extra time and they took down England England will be going home but not with the World Cup title. As they fall to one to Croatia said he now is it says senators and Mike in the morning and Sunday morning Sunday morning. Lucretia who is the second smallest country only four million people basically the same population as a state of organ second smallest to ever. Reach a World Cup final they would take on the powerhouse. French. The fraud. For the right to hoist the 2018 World Cup. The hub 55 bright you buy fresh brewed Coors Light download Cruz writes overworked happened certainly points towards one of kind experiences. And gained tickets why do you call them the frogs. The dogs. So what the French. We have observed ever rooster is the logo Lanka column Cox. Made LO. But amid the gamecocks then you might be able to and you've never heard of the number of people called the French the frogs now and I got tickets is the whole French fried. Like frog legs things well a populist column the trucks Welker means. Woods and column need needed that this surrenders with. The toasty out what do we want me to do French toast is delicious French how I was curious item on. Haven't heard that I know. I say this they I dropped a six and one half dozen of the other on someone in the days and they had no idea what it meant to it and who has heard the fact that we're I was driving that car now and someone said to me. Which way do I go which way is the best way to get on the freeway. You know whether you're gonna go down like highway fourteen to a five future Vancouver and I responded with we are leaving chipped away at the time and on. And I responded with six of one half dozen of the other. None other than no idea what I was talking and really not on. That's even after I tried to explain 61 that doesn't mean it was in our mom it's been quite. Add up thoughts on the mom would do I got chastised for you business like who hasn't heard that you know a little bit with the frogs thing Ike's kind of assumed everyone knew that. French people sometimes referred to somebody on the tax line Chiming in with it started in World War II. Well OK I'd I don't loaded that's true or not but somebody's claiming that it did itself. Abuse and they've been referring to differences frogs released 300 years non. Well I thought I don't know where it came from what I am I know I I'd never ever to take on the frogs. Aren't that is behind 505 we can get to. Stewart go this may be to Kevin Durant stuff you see Kevin Durant pagan another fight. Yes which. Hey just stop it now and be done and some NFL draft news. That you might find. Surprising that is the road of quarterbacks in the first round fight in the over in the NFL. Saw this today submit its medical stuff and some Kevin Durant we come back six hazard here on the fan. When sizing and sues god insanity though they. Happy 7-Eleven days might just informed me that there's freezer whose got 7-Eleven usually preschooler sees today. Not full size or his book. Or his own look at Mike complaining that it's not a free also on complaining am just warning if you if no one's ever been their performance for guys that you could only get like a little little it's a little kid size their feet by you like smalls are free now it's a separate I think it's its own size. I think you can but you can go to as many 7-Eleven as you want and get as many free is that a punch card system what if I just like when inning changed my hat pulled I don't know. I mean I guess you could probably do that too. But generally there's many seven elevens around assists. Mostly common communion throughout Paterson has been a mystery going to be able and can I'd like it does in the movie theater and discounted pop or night canopy a dollar to like upgrade. Mice Larry is that of regulars there be a dollar. I don't slurping cost of credit they are gonna get to the movie theater either if that if that's true drop this one you can get an icy at my idols are insular p.s those are icy. Right I let me let me just say this by the way. This I don't like stuff with the Carter messed up I hate I hate people in line at the movies getting concessions that art. Normal concessions. Like if you should give fine and normal concession popcorn candy soda. You know they give you go not scherzer hideout deep into nachos or the hot dog or they do we cinnamon bite or the IC or the coffee or never stupid thing your gated the movie and it takes forever and I missing previous because I'm behind you in line. I hate that may be fitted onto the repeater earlier maybe I like getting into the movie theater right at the announcement. I did too I want to it is it doesn't bother me when you go. Rogue wind like this and a bond or whatever I do I hate that what bothers me is that when you don't know what you want when you get up also I hate that that's the one right wanna stab someone in the neck yeah my two biggest complaints about the movie line. Is that you know what they have we all bid a line together right on a shared journey here to get our snacks. You know what's up there. And now you wait until you're at the counter. To decide what you want bull war you know when you get up you should have that holster quick dried out and go and and which plays in I agree with you 107 that also plays into my theory that if it was popcorn. Out. Drinks. And candy. You eliminate half that problem the problem is. Is that gave gets up to the front they can we want some popcorn and he's like you know would be good. If it took six minutes for your microwave that hot pretzel for me I'll go to the fair if you want a hot pretzel one of automotive senator don't get hot pretzel the movies get a popcorn what about some of the the nice written or listen until appearance of a different matter yeah that's different rodeo someone ordering up a home owner you understand senator has a separate meal counter gender does that is true and I'm not in line behind you ordering your steak tartar I'm sitting down in a waitress brings you whatever you want to be finally you can order up at the front as well and then walk again but it does it's a separate -- the popcorn line is different designers and Adobe is men's I get the chicken strips and Fries they're tasty. It could be mustered. That is ordered from a separate line that if I was ordering popcorn now. I would tell you that I could order popcorn from the chicken strip line but you don't it's it's usually in spite tricky it is what she is. As the G ember all is that it. So all Shea should be in charge of the concession lines at regal cinema is exactly I at the other one that I'll drop on you is this and so that's our days. Now I'm gonna go to Steve the movie theater manager of the snow ski I know where you're going with us we. Also you see our life here that is snakes through there's twelve of us in mind right and I'm trying to go see. You know oceans what ever I'm trying to see who the ant man in the loss. And I seen three to four people back there behind the counter and you have one register open. Get your ass out there you open that second free can register. What you're doing back here Steve but it out the door did damned thing get behind the register and get these people move through. And that happens all the time and it pisses me off and if someone in that line orders nachos in an icy. Go whole system crashes SaaS and that you're sitting there and you know is it ticks down and you're looking down at your watch and you know the dollar and you create is gone. But now you run the risk of missing them did start the movie and I won't abide nothing brought there's nothing worse than that because for the entire movie you're wondering what you missed in the first 47 seconds and maybe it's important possibly or maybe it's like it before the devil knows you're gone you Marisa Tomei gets naked in the first like thirty seconds of the movie. What do you miss bats right. Right maybe the greatest opening in movie history and so poor bastard reserve might get popcorn. And he missed it does Roberts didn't sit in in Dewey bikes go to the hall after the movie and get a cent a bond don't Kennedy in front. Mir regal cinemas eight that US will be wearing number 63. When did he was wearing a mariners sixty T Jersey wall ordering knowledge he's getting shoved down. Sometimes shoving him down there is something about the guy that takes too long in line and then inevitably Yasser questioning just did that air goes out of the room everyone in line together does the exasperated. Now it's no good. Don't be that person on don't be that guy movies candy drink move it aside when you are in line and again you are part of the community and I feel like you'd need to take others into account it's not just about you in your snacks. You're part of a larger group move it aside yes. I got too much hate here in this let's talk about some good it's good that I love I break you notice. Right here Mike Weir were breaking news sound. And some breaking news and do math work to rule. So. A lot. New Boston and I have always had some. Saying that I had anything to do with us. Let me give you what I am saying is that I would like to see the final vote tally to. To see if it matches anything close with a number of times I voted. But Mary shorts jeans or not. Wins the final voting gets elected to the start to any it is did Jesse did deserve it I couldn't be happier what if it was like a thirty vote difference. And I would've made that difference had you ever Billiton and anything that it made a difference. No. I don't think off the top man I've ever voted for some dean were I feel like in any shape reform. My votes outside of my own self worth the Ed Begley junior self worth. Made any sort of difference now and how cool would it be like if you know Ozzie legged if you love gene secure as he made in it was like a twelve vote difference in year twelve votes maybe I would feel pretty good about that I'll tell you this. If he made it by a margin of any thing around well. It's triple figure triple digits. They argue that realizes that is a 44 year old man. That it's kind of sad that you voted under and fifty times no I was trying to win fantastic prizes and may have been more than that I did not win any fantastic prizes but I am happy. That's are gourmet did you see what the Mariners did today up at Safeco now so there on the road and out mirrors really all all say this for the Mariners get bludgeoned by the angels. It's ridiculous. Also this for the marriage. They really got behind this push to try to get sicker they really did a good job as they came they teamed up with the giants like if you voted for secure than it was like jeans. And Brandon belt genes all rolled all the players were wearing San cigarette T shirts when they went down to Anaheim and all the players were given stuff away may have read your. Stuff given they're given tickets and and different things Rick Reyes came on and was geek gave away a chance come up in the Booth with him for an inning. We've given away to do their voting boats of the mirrors on the road today so nothing's going on at Safeco Field with the Mariners did which I think is pretty cool. And if I was closer would've gone to it they opened up Safeco Field today. And they let fans come in and they put a bunch of voting stations out at shortstop like out we're syrup plays they put they put a bunch ipads. And they let fans come out and walk out onto the field and go out to shortstop. And both form of height would years sports pans been memory you'll. There's part of me that shocked the year year right now right on Seattle Kasten boats and then they let like you could go in the dugout and do a little tour and you can play catch on the field and they just opened up Safeco Field they let free parking. A down in the garage and they just let fans come down and vote. For cigarette and I guess and he knows on the DL. Right now so he didn't travel with the team so he showed up. That to this and was meet fans and signing autographs and doing stuff and I guess they had several thousand people. Come down to Safeco today and just kind of hang out and vote for cigars Bowman around Seattle needs a may have to walk out on the field and save guys show up for that and you absolutely. It's cool yeah I thought that was pretty cool the Mariners did that. And was that admiral are I think made in the in the National League right he has now Mike Mike wanted to go Lauren or you like I will are you have is a big guy that hits home runs tend to think that there's not these three spins and there's not many positions outside of like being an offensive lineman. They you can be three he's spins. He was just some sort of cast obvious some sort of mood as a big fat guy do what you wrote and this goes up there and swing for the fences and it's a bunch of home runs yeah I was couple inform the sponsor in nursing Garrett an actual are the final. Represented as until people start bailing out because of injuries and bushel always have which blows out you know be a couple more substance than I've camper and happy for security deserved it into the sooners they've had a really good first half of the year and he certainly deserves to be there that's for. A my beloved mariners in the all star game so I'm happy for about the are we come back we do have to Kevin Durant meaning she's birds I've got some NFL draft to news and notes than his speeches are pretty huge stink. Endesa said is that UCLA if we get to it second suicide for UCLA. In the span of like what like two weeks what's going on former Bruin players but it's not good. That when we come back here though lynch with spy. We're five seconds you got a ten anybody. As soon. Twice this place. It's square you might not be here mentally. You're here. I. You are going to a concert tonight. And a little distracted about that now but for the most part I'm here and to be somewhat focused on this the record breaking show I need you to focus is to focus on this right here we'll see we don't you dare get complacent now right you got two more shows they're too seriously landed they might make concert I'm going to social distortion it's at the Roseland. But it's it's one of those weird ones that says 8 o'clock but I know the concert is and has started eight. It's I don't wanna get their. Adding aid because there's a couple opening acts and sure that I don't care about I don't wanna stand around the Roseland. Casinos those shows concerts like 11 o'clock and I we had that we go to like those in the big star like ten. But I also if you show up too late to the show was sold out and it's it's it's a small little place it's packed you also don't wanna be in the very back. It if you try to big guy you way to the front you're gonna get stuck in the middle of the mosh pit so it's affairs that is a fine line going on here about what time I need to show up to get. A decent view of the stage but not end up in the way back or not end up in the middle of the pit. Is what makes. It okay on the outskirts showed some and every now and then be in the middle mix and. Well I think. The one of the most fun spot to be is right out that last wall before the pit yeah because then you can participate a little bit you can push it can arm bar a little bit of which also don't get sucked into an arm are. You don't wanna get sucked dip in you know on unless unless you do women younger of the two young man's game now. They just didn't answer that swing your bigger guys in the pit they need Slade played pick up basketball well get the young will proceed after the wants to helicopter helicopter Kiki in the and look I'll say this right now it's ninety degrees today now. The Roseland deny it's going to be a thousand it's going to be a thousand degrees and I don't. I Wear shorts wearing jeans going to be stinky I was a mistake and a tournament the only thing to be careful over CD's do you go to that spot. Is watcher needs wash your ankles to someone gets pushed down in front of you they don't roll into your ankle Narnia the bad badly as close of an out there. It's also the store so hopefully it's an older crowd opened a. It when you go to a show like that have been has been around its existing did you get the whole gimmick right you get like 56 year old guys. And then you get like 1920 year old punk kids and it's it's it's a weird mixture. Goodyear trichet when you see like the old like biker guy and he's in their mix in an up. But some dude legged gray goatee it's done some time in prison if he's in there throwing blows his third party out. So IA reference Kevin Durant who. What the second their best player in the NBA open man. Is he a sensitive guy. And apparently he's now taken to police he left the Bernard Canada home he got you a insert a fight with a seventeen year old kid. The NRA. I guess there are literally kids seventeen years old and he put out a a little poster said they're really two way players but don't elevated team quite like LeBron stepped. Due to their play making slash lacking leadership deficiencies. And he put out quite Leonard Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant. And Kevin Durant. It took offense it's. Any called them economists seventeen year old Steve NA in tone to go sweep his dorm room. And yet a city called in the middle school knock gusty today Ali yeah I guess it didn't stop but he he had a back and forth with them. That is not a slam on Steve and I don't know yet kept under is not a big Stevens again because telecommute. Yeah. And submitting kids were no like Stephen A Smith right now there is all about stuff fighting he had him to the list. But that big kid goes and says that he respects his game and then he says that. Madrid can use it as motivation to prove the doubters wrong. And given your response would not buddy you're like twelve your opinion will not be uses the motivation. Dug up people think this is I give buckets in the NBA are too big and famous to be a black men at 7 PM on a Tuesday screwing through minster Graham. LOL you all too funny I like is to grandma like basketball you've got to be trip and not gonna chime in every. Not gonna chime in every here and there LO well Hoff. Look typo there. Why has Kevin Durant. Guinean in Inkster gunfights high seventy euros cast. Clearly just how he is right I mean and you said it before on the show and I agree with you. Most athletes will tell you they don't look right they don't read they don't hear everyone does. Every single one does every single one hears every single one reads whether you renew yourself. Or you know somebody gets back to them they know. They know what's going on and some people really don't care. Some people do obviously he does I mean you called them pretty thin skinned I think that's fairly obvious at this point so clearly he does and the one thing that we have a social media nowadays is you have a way to far back. It's amazing and it noted that this the two time finals MVP. A regular season MVP a two time NBA champion and is literally going back and forth with a seventeen year old kid now the book it fascinates me you know again it. Kind of this this culture that's been created with social meteorite is it's kind of it's kind of this faceless. Right there's no accountability to you can say whatever you want on it and I can reply back and he can say this and and he can say that and clearly he's bothered by it to a degree and it's just an easy way to to fire can mean he maybe he's BV is just that his candid insecure. And and this is his way of fighting back maybe he likes to poke the bear little bit maybe and maybe this is just something he likes to do so. Are well I agree with you with somebody with that resume with it should be good enough just to know you're bad good yes and we 26 million dollars last. Right in years you're going after a seventy year old kid well that said you weren't as good as staff for the brunch. LeBron James Brian how is it. Is this thing is it sort of in a way gives legitimacy to this kid now Reich is this what's this kid gonna go do now you know tell all is buddies stuff hey. I gotten Durant said. So yeah I don't know I would think you would be easier for somebody of that stature to just ignore at the site clearly with their Randy can't I am fascinated by social media sites. I really am of all the things that make me old and believe me there's a thousand of them. That may be number one feature that did the notion of getting into me Internet fight with someone in yet. Everyone does it now baseman Twitter mr. Graham baffles me. What I said before we get to clubs anywhere we have hot sushi news I've got terrifying insect news. You've got naming you or news oh and by the way. Of the world's gonna end occurs is about to be unleashed on all of us listen we have to talk about that Kazaa I am more convinced than anything yes that we have to be really careful. With what they just dug up in the Egyptian desert there is something government force in the Hillman exactly we all gonna die. The quarterback news though we come back one less than before the club here in fact. Primetime where Isaac can sue god Kenedy program. Clinton Nady and the big news coming out while we're all gonna die. Your turn your back on knowledge of him that's freaking me out that we TC this new Amazon in sixers can kill. I give the answer doesn't get us the money will. I saw. This today it was SI and they were talking about the NFL draft coming up and is it seems like the last couple years right it's just been quarterback cornerback quarterback. End this year especially with Justin Herbert a lot of people think Herbert could be the number one. Pick if he comes out for those rivers Joan Kennedy Herbert will probably end up coming out the other one they is that the state of kid. The transfer from Baylor he's at Auburn sure he's been out there there's three or four guys that could be potential first round. And then there there's always a couple of big mayfield came out of nowhere. So we've seen the last him flee years a big run on quarterbacks there's been making huge emphasis. And so brought up the point that we may not have a quarterback taken in the top ten in the draft. And you say well how is that possible. Looking ahead now a lot can happen over the course of the of an NFL season and I'm sure they'll be some people that fall out of favor here. They said that right now. If the enemy if you view projecting next year Barry is not one NFL team. That does not actually you know there is but there's a caddie too so there's only one NFL team. That does not have a veteran quarterback making at least at least sixteen million dollars. Or a former first rounder still on his rookie contract in the NFL. You guess who that my piece on a veteran. Not. Making at least sixteen mill or a first rounder on his rookie quarterback contract. Going into next year's draft they'll only be one is don't make that much running yet don't accept money from those who ought to first. I don't know who is it that Prescott. Well okay economic sense who isn't going anywhere knowing he's about to make them yes he'll battle about to make it than just their accents is it. Really any teams. That need. Well I remember its interest in your brother so I remember before this year Strauss I was listening to Colin. And he was talking about the boot quarterbacks in the issues draft. And he made an argument that. There were really. Only four or five teams that needed quota on corny franchise quarterback you know and he thought if everything fell right. They could all get one in this giraffe and the final one that fell was Arizona I've been able to get. Josh Rosen Rosen together cue from UCL a light that's there there's a bunch of teams that that have both clubs they got Sam dark turn outs and Arnold with Sam Bradford right and they have been no cameras guy and so the way the way Colin was approaching it wasn't necessarily. The money side that you brought up he was just. Kind of saying OK we have our French the guy we think is going to be our franchise quarterback out and after this draft the way that everything fell. Everybody's got one every now again like he said you know since today may decide to be done with the Andy Dalton their Joseph Flacco maybe. Or but they don't Lamar Jackson they got a Mark Jackson when you start looking at this will will go through so Brady during the by the way won't need that they won't be hide that Brady. Did you draft a quarterback and are they someone they could take someone in the first round maybe but he got Rogers Roethlisberger. And they distracted Mason. Rude off the kids in the Oklahoma State germ breed is and New Orleans just drafted a guy. To remember who and who New Orleans has their back up. I think dame. Which we look at who their back up his and I thought they drafted someone Toobin maybe you know you have breeze Wentz so Philadelphia doesn't need one. Russell Wilson Matt Ryan Cam Newton Stafford. Andrew Luck Philip Rivers so maybe the chargers as the rivers gets older great arm Tom savage. Okay haekkerup so they've they would be they could possibly in the market will see you Barrett was strapped about them you know that is Barrett a future guy but his new or are you willing to spend the first round pick if you're New Orleans. When you're gonna win mode right now would Drew Brees and I don't think so grow up blow cousins. Winston. I do actress got Mario did Derek Carr Alex Smith. To Shawn Watson golf and we got to a team that needs. Actually needs to draft a quarterback and then you get down to Andy Dalton you know we got some Miami fan Chiming in with a that may be one because there were ten there was a talk there was talk this year. That Miami may be willing to cut bait on Ken hill and and try to draft in this low you know one of the Big Three or four quarterbacks issue yourself the browns have Tyrod Taylor and baker mayfield. The ravens have Flacco and they have. Lamar Jackson. The judge just committed the Eli Manning the cheeks Kilpatrick no homes. The cardinals have Bradford and Josh Rosen. The brawl was reached in that case keep him but they could be in a market for it there just is it really. A big needed quarterback when you start looking up and down the NFL this may be the year where. We don't year run on quarterbacks that it could be the exact opposite normally we see more quarterbacks. Going to the first round and should. Know guys that don't have high grades that are going to is teams need them and we may begin to the point on the NFL were. You look around and be like that the child's. You do or maybe three or four guys with technical first round grades but made it going late or maybe even one of them falling out of the first round. Simply because there isn't a team look and look for one. Well I wonder if that does anything for the overall. Health of the game you hit you brought it up kind of there in passing. You always get the Talking Heads and this year was a big year for that. It was good the Talking Heads and and some of them will come out and say I wouldn't draft any of these guys you know in the first round because they're not ready to play him. The problem is is that quarterback has become so important in the NFL the you have to have one or you're not going anywhere. So the risk of letting somebody slipped by. Is so great that these guys get drafted in the first track so maybe we are at a saturation point where teens feel comfortable and I mean if you Andrew Luck shows up in next year's draft. Somebody's gonna take a flyer on a merlot but maybe we're at a saturation point where NFL teams are like you know what I have a guy. And if enough teams are like that and boost list that you used throughout most everybody is. Maybe we'll see these guys that a year or two. Or three. Most recently would've gone early in the draft maybe you'll see guys slide in the second round two the third round. And you wouldn't you know as well as I do that when you guys drafted later. Less money less pressure to play hammer early you already have a guy in camp that's your quote on quote guy. And maybe you get a chance to have a guy like the olden days. Sit and play behind somebody like Aaron Rodgers did with Favre out simply behind somebody for three or four seasons before they're expected to go out there. Our I kinda believe that leads to a better class of quarterback so. Maybe this blip on the radar you're talking about actually down the road improves the overall level of quarterback play in the NFL that we some mentioning to watch as we move forward. You just don't it's not necessarily at least right now a great class city got Herbert you got the law kid out of Missouri. Who I've heard mixed reviews slid amid all burned in just. It's not one of those years were you just look at you like oh my gosh these guys are just dripping with talent I I think Herbert to be honest review. I think her wrist got a chance to be really special. But you know there's still some questions about his durability and you know go for all the whole organ offense things. I just I'll be anxious to see if this is the year that the deterrent it's like as you look up and down the list are just isn't a ton of need right now. For quarterbacks I don't know if we could ever say that in the years and I've been covering the NFL the most of the teams feel pretty settled. At the quarterback position I can't think off top mind any other year in recent history that you could you know could argue that other Broncos likes it was a big you know we we brought in Denver but if case keyed them. I don't think Denver's gonna reach right I don't think you're gonna see people given up a budget draft picks to move ahead and grab one of these guys count me and I know you don't you're not in love with K skimming your in the market. And that'll they give your Denver in your good team I don't think you're given up 21 round picks to move up into the top three to take one of the no I don't think so unless you get that kind of Andrew Luck players to Deval and there isn't one on the horizon for this year so we should -- I mean like baker mayfield right. I something tells me that Herbert midway through the year where their schedule and there are may be that guy that dead people herb. There really get sport there are set up to win a lot of games based movie scene there at the end of the year and they will have a lot of wins the big number and you have big numbers and somebody he will be a popular name. As we head towards next year's battleground stays healthy he's going to be an exciting prospect. All right cloaked in eighty when we come back we've got basically the end of the world. Whether it's the Amazon insect or more importantly. A 2000 year old curse Elliott Johnson it was still and we have analyzed definitive baseball I hate list so much to get too much harder in the National League but I have ranked updating when we come back.