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Thursday, July 19th

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They solicit the primetime with Isaak in suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that. This is our podcast that there are welcome to our pod as well as regular job don't you got it. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is a British Open which edition of primetime where it is that ensued brought to you by area heating and cooling on to an eighty vote for them. You may contain adult themes and our children. Shut the hell up. Where the incident man does go well with the chicken. One day maybe Imus and his bride do you buy dinner you yesterday real plus results education and ability and the lifestyle embarked on your way Glaus journey you know I bet you today dot com Paul why are you don't think so yeah. I was pretty self explanatory. So why is because I thought real living at 6 AM tomorrow. Flattened like this time his sleeve. So how. I. Whenever through the regular. Or why it's literary. Way you do to keep. You mean not only do. Good. I'd probably implied. Canada. File of new balloon drop. Underwent a ninety. Think it's just because. I don't. Why you said that it wears that's around and look firmer this means we're talking talking about her blue and boobs Haim mobile. Completely but why I don't know lesson by. It blazing hot as well because. Immediately like you get introduced to her a sense into her blue wrist so I'll leave large that it introduces itself. Those proposals going through my that the other blue and by they I suppose they talked. They just popped out of La hey if if if if people need in my head that's what happened which is why it's of that. I imagine did popping out and in her fixed and be sure to put it back if we. But that's disturbing and one big big Clinton. This. Yet that this is money but I would do. All right sir company's news. Why would she do do list. You see that 2000 year old sarcophagus they found they did beat we talked about a where you're gone unheeded it's only a matter time forward kills himself. Well they opened it yeah intimidate you wanna open it because it kid done. The DB pierced but if anything did the movies and top it's that there will be in an evil unleashed upon the world. Well that may or may not have happened and has opened for a movie. I don't know if you seen the money that you seem to you Tom Cruise and now I kind of think there's a hum onion. I don't think they're kind and she's she's on the money in I am gonna have and people unleashed upon the world I'd like going to be hot. But the hot skeleton. Give me she's not a skill didn't you need to see the old Tom Cruise look her up just look up new money. Girl we're gonna look like totally grizzlies just Wear in public he wins some. Cloth strips on about it. Pumpkin and that's money yet to mommy she's running she's the new movie is gonna kill assault and quite frankly I'm OK with it. Like the point in the movie is this she shined in six of Tom Cruise is gonna kill women turn him in some sort demon. And my point is if a demonic spirits and money is good to kill you at least she's not. So good for Tom Cruise and I was over in this skirts were released via hot mommy that turns out not so much. So oh what is the actual definition of we'll looks it's likely they take in your preserved yeah you're mummified them from the preserved bond yes. And that's it that's. That the money yes they would preserve the egyptians would preserve the body. They did notice an embalming procedure in the mid wrapped in bandages to let's bring money back. I don't think he didn't money anymore won't I thin that's I said let's bring you back. Insert the mummy a look. Dual thing yeah I guess you could you line up you can mommy had to look we kind of do when you. When you compare someone to die you bald mom I know but they're not mummies that's an insane like what they're must be some sort of I think always need to do was bandage on I think they can be mode. Because we go to the embalming process because. I think once you do that your body's preserved but it hinges rap on up then I think always need to do is row are dead and then you know we've got monkeys that if we can do that he you know instead of the costs and you go to the sarcophagus and then I think we've got monkeys. I think frankly we're not far on them can be in mommy's. I love the open disdain for the book and find the exact definition of Korea and didn't. Think I feel like dissent in unison there. But here here it says a mummy is the deceased human or animal we get a mommy dogs. From skin and organs have been preserved. Which. We do win. When we embalmed someone. By either intentional or accidental exposure to chemicals extreme cold or very low humidity or allow compare. So that they recovered body is not decay further than if captain cool and dry conditions. Some of restricting use to determine bodies to deliver the embalmed with chemicals but the use of the word cover accidentally. Deceased bodies goes back to at least 1615. CD. So take it like it if you were preserved like in a cavern percent during the ice. Your mom I guess in some ways you can be a mommy but the way I view this if I'm reading this correctly that we knew him bomb someone. Year mummy we just need some manages turn on you to get the traditional sense of the world. Heard. So what do they find in there. Well they found three. Skeletons. Of what appear to be what they think are Egyptian military engineers. Spirit I answered the Egyptian. Army officers you know one of them had like a school fresh and they think was maybe an air route to the dome yen that he took notes. And they were floating in and this reddish. Brown who water that they said that they originally called the coffee and two inches in this bill was so bad. That they had just stopped Lee has been simmering there for two time in years to imagine that Steve and I. I imagine the smell it. And when you get it to be with a Ruben did. Did they not think you think they were they having a hospital masks in that CNN Havana as message to a direct. Screeners simply no. Is that possible that this person was buried alive. Or entombed a lot of well and this is the remnants of what I was before they passed away the one of the one can't because he's he's got an irritant ahead. Mean he was dead Bianca. Meaning at least they said they thought of their two biggest fear would have been something killed him. But even by stabbing him in the head the C out of that I I read that they thought maybe it was that every. You know maybe they were related. And could we don't know why exactly were in there and there is ahead. I can alabaster head dated been worn down and so they don't know what that is either. This in my understanding is they don't know who knows in there. Other than it was three people one of them died by get in the head can't wait for them to go back to the couple days and all the bodies are gone and only the demon on the moon speaks. Exactly and that yes so the whole thing about the curse and everything yet. So how do we know we're not yours by opening it exactly like the guy's dead we opened it and think god the world is not full on into darkness. The other guys in house the first to put my head inside it and here I stand before you I'm fine out there for Newt no Chris I'm gonna buy it. Exactly you're you're saying you're so right now let's wait a couple of days. I know is that we knew were open deferred like two inches you had to stop because of the evil coming out of it and they did stated they were fearful of talks fumes. So what does this do it is getting cancer. Not so fast they're mr. tough guy wearing rose a second hand. We would if he grew in my head Paterno who cruise they can use the head it's on the side of well I think it's cool they found that. Sold you know. Yeah miss and one of the largest the Oscars are tougher gets found in that re ten. And they said did they almost never find an intact like that because people live there. Dropped. So this was this was a big deal I think it was giant debut week thousands upon thousands of pounds that can be crane lifted out of their. I don't think would have the guts don't open that thing up. Not I'm on an open that now I want it. Some meals you do it. Yeah you know I wanna be in the other room like under like a big glass shield yourself on Sunday Olympic. Picked it from where permitted secret bunker. All right. I've got a debt problem. Who again I think. It's it's a pin drop its big we grieve and ask for many dusty he's running ads for those who lose their doctor or cocky can help you out. We can solve your debt problem it's OK there's no shame in it. 318 now through its gonna be you just not my problem we'll get through this thing together. And where have all the US pilots gun nobody wants to pilot in numerous to ninja we have a pilot shortage you ended ninja shortage. All right 615 on the sand. OK okay but. Okay okay okay okay okay what are you wearing a hat backwards it's making me uncomfortable. Now that I really don't. Gonna go look. You look like an uncomfortable they added a barbecue the notre router look like you're starting this midlife crisis now that you reported about. Why did debt problems maybe that's likeness and yet I don't see them again your biggest problem right now is you wearing that hat there's. It isn't dead yet look at this path after I bought this in Italy it's my dad had no. Is that is that at certain. Okay that you know backwards to ask you can't Wear backwards daddy don't. Right kind and so here's what happened. OK so little fun fact dummy. I thought things any sort of repairs tedious I don't I don't care how easy I don't wanna do it I don't wanna deal and its if the and I will put it off to the point where it will costing way more money in alignment feature. Like for example today. We had. Dream pro come over and drained broke. Great guy very good this job Torres seeing what was Claude done so we have an upstairs. Launch in sync. That when he gets Fuller trains it accepted downstairs bathroom sink OK and so to me. This is a huge issue and it's night on my god this is gonna cost hundreds of dollars and seizing this has we have not fix this. For years it's been with a seven years he be tried any big league MITRE jury know or anything like we try to during you know you just think you're here's. The extent of what I'll try OK you know and one of those little plastic snakes aren't in Internet down there right now this is unity at the after the guy comes if mainly because we're thinking about spice up the hell for me it means we may celled how. House staff change for the drops how we're throw move in Italy and on the definitely. Hello I'm is throughout smooth and I know so as I guide fine. We gotta get this plumbing issues we had to get this fixed does that seem like it's major and it may take you know it's it's and did this guy comes over. And it cost a 105 dollars and it took in ten minutes but it. Is so you feel like a total candy as afterwards but I don't know because I know this about me like I just this is the is another one. One of our bathroom. He handles on the seat can. Has a little leak right like to turn it on in the water leaks out of church which I'm sure is the easiest thing in the world to fix it's probably part. Then take out there and I take it to Home Depot when I tell the guy in the orange did he give this hard and he'll give it to me you know paid I've dollars and 35 cents for it. A gold call mobility now screw the thing in and so yeah. One do not interest but if it. Not it did off it's so you didn't call me over what it's because you. You're limited to weather problems endure all you needed was a new washer and I don't care that was that was all they grabbed him I came over to rob the place and all that was was like an old washer and a bad action did. Same sort of thing I just I just repeated I hate deal with it I I just preferred it. And as I understand out of sight out in my ear so like I get home from Italy and Burton. You know gone out and water the plants the southern ice I noticed that. I have another dad problem and I have moles. In the yard and I've never dealt with moments Lilly and I'll never could imagine yes Katie don't most highly. Live in the country for years in years with senator Graham when you live in the currency you better believe the U will do a dance you'll deadly day at us with the the mighty mole. Many many it's a similar idea. Need some mall advice we'll there's lots of ways he can handle a none of which state you're gonna wanna do. That's I know that's what I'm saying then your your pride that are out just caught only yeah an exterminator in small match yet there and he I don't I'm not sure I don't know like poor game won't necessarily do this. But I promise from having dealt with them you will not want to give us your knee pain in the ass gas their pain in the ass. And I mean there's there's a couple of different kinds of traps you can try smoke bomb my personal favorite was on yeah you can buy a well it's it's a series of drawn now than there yes a series of tunnels and you buy these big long they would like sticks of dynamite. Can you might don't and then you've thrown down in and they released toxic casts a aegis you poison. But those can be hard you have to actually find. You can look and see by the whole patterns where the the home base it's a weekend Italy eat it'll be by a bush should be but I still going to be by Sunday gives them some cover. You can find out is if you if you got six or seven holes. There's going to be a place where their congregating simply throw the poison. Down just two or you think I've I've that you can tell I've battled the moles from any many a moon here. If you throw down just a random hole oval again but if you put the poison down one. Where where they're actually living then you can get them that way there's some eight framed big men like bear trap kind of things you put them all all. But those can be kind of a trial an area to play around and find the exact right way to put them on there are. Or you can do the which was kind of them. It's a little barbaric. But there are most active in the morning and so I would just we got like 5:30 in the morning in that I would sit on wall with a shotgun and wait for the malls to start bubbling up. And then just. Take care what do did you just pop out of their effort. Yeah first did they go up there to get groves and independents who what what you can CEO you can see him when they're tunneling you see the ground you can see the your movie. And I found at age twenty gauge works just fine you don't even need to dwell. And you just unload every guy did it and then you can reach down and pick up the the body in the throat of the and respects him but I don't know your neighbors are gonna be happy with a shotgun method. I've done it game by far the funniest and the easiest and the most effective way to do it. Well that's not gonna happen so. On this calls me but that's residents in a couple of years so close to me I don't because they don't give that. They need. Those you how long it had this by just founded the next vacation I'm telling you man like within two weeks you could have fifteen to thirty those things. Though the holes pompano in your yard and it into disarray and if you spent any time on your yard. You do not want to mess with that. They'll just keep making new ones in new of the newest and it will drive you crazy. I battled those gambles for so long and it would drive him freaking insane but this something satisfying about. Like with when you trap one in the little bare tree up like period. And it's issues like when you watch these middle jets flew is when you get one it's a satisfying feeling to pick it up and then just like cold like its Concord little body. It makes you feel like you wanna back again on it's a little bit because personal dismay she filled with when you've. Battled the moles and you've been out there fighting in having you finally get one of those suckers yet you feel so you've you've accomplice you and and oh and. I think when I saw the malls this is again I'm going back to my psyche about things that I don't deal at this is how I deal with them you know my thought was. All of that that must be you on there must be malls. They'll probably go away. If if if that's it that's what I do I do this all the time of labor although they mean I don't know why they're in the hadn't been a year prior so that's probably just. You know they'll probably just old I mean night you know then I don't have to do this. That's nine handle these types of its. Really young. So he's gonna let it go now he's thrown at. Did it will destroy your yard and it doesn't body BS and it's evident whenever. If you can just beg that you get that big dirt mound you yeah she doesn't bother me you can shove it back down to Hillary doesn't look so bad night doesn't bother me they're not in the yard either they're just in the don't know that it doesn't I don't care but they'll spread that's my. If there they urged they're not going away the balls are just gonna decide that your yard is no longer place to hang out. There will be there will be some don't yet. Give yourself does some beverages get along shared a shotgun and then you can take care prodded the suspension of garden hose down there and crank it I've never done the garden in Tehran now. Human here coming in you know there's all kinds is deathly you can buy a you buy and more peace. Keep fighting. Did did supposed to scare him away. There's if you go to a store there's a thousand different ethics. The only two that I've ever found to be effective is the traps and the shotgun. Both of those worked amazingly well everything else that you can buy little poison to put down there. But little boys and drugs oppose the bill he'd be killed some. And I've tried a lot of different things but I'm telling you it's a pain in the ass and knowing you do on this home you don't wanna do well. It's hard being a dad. Police things it doesn't sound like it's hard being a dad when it's you because it is selling you do we need a yeah appointments the last real bad problem that you Parker. Luke. If a kid's college. Yeah I guess writing a check it is is dad. Is dead sort of work. But the union like counseled things. Really do anything netbook the rim announced the they never conquered it and they can beat you shoot a good idea way I I thought there that's pretty. If it was a rats verses mean it is personal you know and my old house that was pretty definitely see. That's that's the sort of thing that you get in with here they can and I think I want to. But I can't help believe what you did some of the test yourself in the end yeah I think I think they figured out like. And that's like that's the thing with the bulls like once it becomes personal it's not just a matter of you're eliminating the past it is safe personal one on one battle that you will not lose. Right I coming up next we have a shortage of pilots. And changes. In the US and new engines in Japan it at around the world. In are you ready to fly without human pilot. Youth out of them but did I read an article about to about that's coming. And so here Mike with sports center and away the better you today he doesn't call him the programming note sent tomorrow we're on a baseball is and northwest queen be between 22 and 23. So he'd. And mimics coming up and text after us recruiting. Yes he's got I just on the tweet retreating with Indy. Is getting better lose the big name football guy that is deciding between Florida and Oregon I believe Florida. Yeah the gators. The circuit is it Mullin know. Indian right. Yet his name is it to you might get hit in. Easy for star wide receiver because of his upcoming decision Florida an organ or is there are course. Question mark. Guess as the four star basketball thing. Miles a cool name houses good elections Davis pregnant. So I the US has a shortage of pilots you know this it didn't surprise me we issuers in the bunch of stuff why is that nuts for a wide with. Why does that he had not surprised they're wide it will. Yeah are you okay sports industry loves. The article maybe two years ago you hear me it was it was a while back and they were talking about jobs and pay a hundred grand a year. Dead nobody did they don't have enough to fill in now one and that was one of them was with pilots don't remember exactly what they said the like welders Susan G jobs. When they're saying that you know if you did you want a good job this is on in and there's just on the people in fact my son. Who's going to. He's gonna do that the skills that are instead high school next year is going to learn coding and he almost took the nation. So high school instead of going to traditional whatever you can now go and start to learn to be a pilot. Because there's that he'd forwarded and I was trying to push him into that but he wanted to do lose the coding thing but. In other there at least in high school now there at least encouraging kids to give them an option to go into the aviation. Who won the military is not. Providing as many pilots. For commercial airlines now because of unmanned. Aerial vehicles curtains. You know. So this says it is from CNN in the eighties roughly two through an airline pilots were ex military. Recently that percentages dropped to less than a third. The navy predicted temperate and pilot shortage in 2000 when he won the of course critics don't want Dotson pilot shortage. But she doesn't pony to my stepbrother just retired and he is retiring like this week from the air force and in the pilot. Ends. They've things like if he wants to he'd get a job anywhere he wants flying commercial because of the of the beautifully ears and his military record he's in the air force was just that he was not flying airplanes anymore he was flying drones. There were 827000. Pilots in the US in 1987. That number has decreased by 30%. Hikes and meanwhile. Demand for air travel is expected. To double. Over the next twenty years. Seems to be a bit of a problem that we're about to intersect here classic case of Lowe's supply hide and surprised going to be making the mint now. And loan. We're just gonna get to the robot cuts it sounds like what this guys seen this guy who wrote this is the next. Pilot and he said that. A lot of the reason keep going to anymore is that the salaries of strong. I don't I don't know like sit he says. Okay he says from my streets I can attest to many pilots like myself who are forced to vacate their captain positioning go back to first officer resulting in their pay jumping. From a roughly a 190000 per year to 75003. Here. The bit of that out why did they have to go from relative to whatever first meter run now for the first maybe I don't know. Send gives gipper. Yeah I don't know why you got to resign the position if demand is there you don't have enough for a bigger. I would assume that would mean the salary goes up that you could. You'd be in demands. Did see that this Spirit Airlines number that the federal government made this fear here lines go back. Back to work like they weren't allowed to strike. But I I was shocked at how low and I thought maybe scan in the spirit but some of the spirit air line pilots or make you make sixty grand a year. It was a very much off OK so he says this job used to offer like in the seventies not only high salaries and schedules many days off but also respect the position in society. In the early 1990s pilot salaries approach 300000. In today's dollars for some international pilot GC. What's more the military had a steady consistent demand for pilots a young describing aviator can go into the military to receive all. And his or her flight training once these pilots have of their military commitment they were almost guaranteed good job playing for major line today this is a longer the case. Due in part. To deregulation. In 1978 airline deregulation act. Kicked off the era of the low cost carrier as a result in Atlanta just pan am not a business. Then 9/11 what the airlines import financial condition a lot of declared bankruptcy. And then salaries were slashed pumped in there you go from captain to. First officer I'd prefer first meet him to sounds better. This made Isaac route. So it's not a glorious position anymore note like he used to be half. I assume there with a shortage of pilots and maybe some swing in that you can demand more. You may have more bucks so the military is entries many pilots because they don't do as many. Right or there just sticking around longer because layers that might my stepbrother retired. From the air force after whatever was 25 years and maybe that's why is. Back in the day after ten years in the military you leaving go take some procedure of philanthropy and Tampa maybe now it's been stick around in the military Ed day. But this guys suggest he is air lines need to figure this out and start. Grooming their own pilot's death in the united yet put airline school together something. It actually paid people yet is it seems like one of those jobs it's not the easy thing in the world to do and so normally those jobs pay so that's a job it's kind of hard. And if he can be a tough stuff being gone all the time you not pay and very old. They must and was right for not wanting to going to always say does scare you right did you mean she think of god okayed the industry's kind of gone south and going on the chief in the back soon -- new job and it's not as. Sort of like. Prestigious disease to be you know and that's can lead to you but I don't wanna fly you know I want them held in high retired. Yeah Phillies look like a million bucks is my rock stars had they group ease then when we need to keep that. That that standard. Needs to stand there I don't know of this is sure enough in the city just need to phils if this is sticking around it now that the public doesn't do a whole lot to the pilot just kind of they don't it's like auto pilot and then this goes I don't care what happens when you're on that why Denise land in the Potomac or whatever we know where is this is a symbol on the Hudson. Yeah they won it crashed in the end the French jobs over the years ago that's a piece of the one of the deviation. You know whatever that. Is that the the federal aid to this day they said that's what caused that is they set a lot of these pilots now. -- just taken for granted that you're you're up in the yearly juicy hit the odd and then when there's a problem they're not prepared for there was a flight not too long does he knew about this or that the flight dropped 20000 feet that ended the dip in all the the bags came down and everything. There when he knows the lead out thing you can tasks and they found out that the pilots were up there beating. We're paying attention could work. We know again maybe it's. Pure we're in for a bit of a crisis he mediation industry. And paid the man. We're the gap. Two more more female pilots to be noticed that yeah Lotta time now when I get on the the old airplane air that it's a guy behind the and it's not real in the what you call. Behind the stick. With. I'm behind and with the real it's. It's the cockpit you inning the content you limiting the contents but what are you buying or holding on to something. That does is not a legacy it's gonna stick it's not a fighter like. The elegant at sixteen I don't know eco Nazis here it's called a young very young and there's there's a gal behind the yoke. If she's ready did take this into the wild Yonder plane and then. That the pilot says we're trying to give a crap on like that. I still thought that was a really high paying kind of procedure shot. If you if you told me you were a pilot I would be impressed I am right maybe that's because a mold that's duper cool. And I always love like when you leave the flight the pilot comes on his elegant it exactly get the mentally and the injured that as. Wanna get cooked stubbornly fakes that is their safety yeah maybe computer did it I don't care you are still behind Vicky Peterson wanted to hit the button you have heard. When they say that after they've had a really bad landing with a lot of turbulence you want to be like shut up. But the the government contended pilot yeah. No because the pilot is responsible for landing the plane and and I hope a lot of the time to get really bad landings and in the coming picks were flying global love rue that day when I'm. I view that the way I idea that he thinks are getting is down in on that turbulence and he's not his fault but I can't I mean you can't steady did. Right like if you're landing it's if it's your meal and it's just turn during Natalie anywhere that I can walk away from I. I give that I'd never been upset at the time. Is one of those things tonight is certainly have respect for because you decide whether I never die we've never been a little a play where the pilot decides that a descending not only. They're gonna do drops. In the flat in the dropped ice isn't flat at best way to get me down I. I wanna why I saved into the pilot and assumed he knew he knows a hell he's doing guy does and so far I haven't I'd that is. If you can't get the five professions that I have the most unwavering. Respect for pilot is right up there because it's the thing I do most. That could kill me if one I doesn't do his job and so far I haven't died and so thank you to every pilot ever flown with. Think the defense again I'm still here I'm pro pilots human pass as a Ross you'll hats. Execute it the uniform. I and then and you know those you know that strange. Tale from stewardesses. Does that. The pilot Brodie can can help out here does that's the sort of thing your teeth failed they're doing well. Live in the living the good life that I will say don't you think that there are a lot again when you see the flight crews now. They feel old but he's not a lot of young people the minutes remaining and taking the wrong it's yeah. It's revealed people play I think Bernard I think out of the younger. I've encountered a lot of young people but I've also heard it. Or over heard them talking about how little they get it at all like the bad stuff about being Clinton idea there's a free travel mincing it's a given takes anything right. Great parent. I think so are you kidding me yeah. I only this is my idol is that we're there for the airlines was like at a 100% thumbs up but now draconian now. For spears needs to lifestyle. So that's a tough life I mean the place that's a tough the lifestyle yet you wait for your feeling on the ground. We got to go John wraps it up next on the stand the best. You online at VISN ETT dot com. I just about a minute Albany two minutes and a team a little engine and again as of this kind of there is no I don't think so. Much weaker weaker Kirk Kerkorian. Yeah never one time Washington State recruiting. I've known nobody wants to talk wash this year you're gonna go to right that was that and well. Earned talk. We need you we are hoping you bring to the table joke on yourself. If you only have time I contrived but I don't go back to it it worked as quick to admit that I'm about to go. We are talking about pilots who is and then we didn't get to the fact that apparently. There's a small town in Japan. That has that knee injury shortage and it pays like 85 grade the year. What is typically don't. What do they do I guess it's our there's a little small town in Japan I guess that was like supposing that the police have been in jail. It's the big tourist thing and so they've hired in to go around do you like ninja stuff. And thank the tourists come in and pay embassy and its lake Buena Park ranger bit you know ninja. And there's not enough for many more to their posts and ads the where they're trying to get people. Two to can be New Jersey get to live in this little town and make a pretty good living and you get to be a professional ninja. The DP you realize there's just suffer just for at least appeared in. An English team that means I mean you do there are stepping you don't killings and you're about their likes Clinton throats but yeah you gotta do you call in the distance have to be a blade used throw on stars and no there's no accident. It is just like him replica old left. Tell it like cheers Sony you pretend to be quieter this that your job. Yes that's your job and they need people and it paves. Pretty well you. Is that making 85 g.s pertaining to be in ninja who leave lightly we've made it easy to lift for other images. At times but with the jets. I do like I feel like everybody on an episode of American employers. Apply for that job. It's this guy yet then that's. They got a little bit worse because maybe they don't want to make quite near the American. But I think daycare there's a lot of doubt that's their basement right now we're throwing stars and then judge is beating through like their opportunity. Here is he's a junior moved to pin. Pull off well again I'm a little confused by this bird gets to your demographic. Do I work he. She's acting here we expect in the and yet we're just looking for basically businesses that we can put it behind in the deal that. Kurt I think it's hard struggle to do it. Right now we get baseball back tomorrow thinking I've heard it there man. The cubs are on right now. Here's inability to hear about the cut him right. Are you gotta go do it if you're not funny. Thank you and next it is true. Recruiting with the engine and make. This not so clever name he'd talked recruiting yes he does Daniel talking with recruits. Yes. Honest towards they had big time recruits and the stars in the line folks that don't go anywhere. A gimmick is to explore via their baseball isn't too far out on the stand threesome and doing. Since. The balloon I.