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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, August 14th
247 Sports' Matt Prehm joins Suke to talk all things Oregon football; Robinson Cano returns for Mariners; is Suke a bad kid for not knowing how old his parents are?; bad air quality; ICE protests; & more!

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If you can find that time. You can time the times didn't you ask who yeah right time would advise against us. What they'll bought steroids and all yeah I think yeah. This is prime time not I do. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here our eyes and brought in Jason's a candidate quit trying to on Jay Nady. And. Aren't taking a look at our Brothers to the north of Washington State Cougars later on this week will touch base with so organ state camp you don't Stanford. Do little whip around too caught up here and everything you need to know. About York pac twelve football teams and the team with a coming in and we'll find out where that hype is justified or not is you were organist just outside of the top 25. I read today that John will there at the San Jose Mercury news is the big boys impact while he thinks organ is a top ten team in the country. Was second with this man that cram 24 sevenths sports. Matt thanks to get a couple minutes force. I don't. These are the book but what has organ is a top ten team in the country. Yeah. Or is the height tree really left the station on organ and sheer. That get kind of Cutler. Might date. I they get angry that they're not in the top 25. Because that you have kept her bird who's. When he was helping Latino in the team averaged over two point game I I don't care what kind of deep and it is that you're scored it one game here and at the end. A majority of those games that year airplane that even though at acting you know. Organ gonna be right around that. Same level and beat that with Herbert active these union and Eric Freeman gone in any year you lose Charles Nelson and and Kyra probably hung up and minded because you've got four of the other starters are back you've uploaded. Couple impressive recruits on the topic of lying you attitude are kinda receiver. And that running back he you've got options. I don't think you have one guy that can. Do you write for him and did I sell what you got our options that attack position and you know. The defense is going to be yet so I I I can't understand why. They are in the top 25 but I'm not get it figured they had their top fifteen team even. Are we right now I think they have the potential to do it I would get that organ team right now it. They've got a lot of potential and their national meet days you know I think you guys can be really good I think you guys it. It again for the actual championship that you guys could win the actual court. Edith Shalit for acting confident in and say that you figure you're gonna go that far. Yet it's pitchers dean I don't know what to do with the working so I look at it on paper this is a nine win team minimum. Thank you just look from the standpoint led. In a bit worst sold bat without adjusting her and then to be here even with Herbert. Ever beat a good team in the two years that he's been the quarterback in the time that we see and they are they were getting bludgeoned Bible he state. Like I one of like what I see on paper but is part of me that just. There's part of me that's that's a little scared the hype is is too much for organ. I think it is. That's their schedule it is very easy and a couple years ago. I think it was one of the first years. Chris Peterson had had to act you'd you know they went like. 849. And three are talking about nature and they were back. It's just they played a really easy schedule and then the next year they were. A much better team but they have more locked because they played at a schedule. And I think that's kind of what this organ deem it can it be that he's at least going in is that. They played section I saw on con because text retain them. Yup back that I. You when they moved the jet skiing in Utah caught that was in the can't act and you know Hillary couldn't get another big game came in time. End and you've got three cream cup you have scampered home you have Washington home. You're cut you'll play USB at all the toughest games are not probably on the road to the act UConn late November or at Arizona in the middle of October I mean builder. Two teams are probably gonna make or game out getting on going to be out here. He would be drowned saying Utah are heirs are gonna win their base in the competition right you know go and schedules very and it. You know if you can. Stay healthier quarterback. And you can have a defense that that would like last season. Top when he fired defense that those who think the law. Should be able to get yet that governor governor wins in a note can you talk opting for any knock off you'd. And get that nine wins architect and land which is very attainable. Yeah I mean yeah they beat Stanford their you look out beaches you know he said the first year cupcakes Stamford that Altman and you got cal which she should be able to go handle the road. Many years here in Washington October 13 I think there's a real good chance that you've got an undefeated. He did organ and maybe an undefeated you'd and what are the rubber meets the road about when we find out how good organist. I think that there are games and that aren't that he's because. They went to that game and it was unlikely that they could be undefeated playing walking in and we can't keep teams that are. Somewhere in the top fifteen ish range that would probably be called the top five I would think. And not I would I would think game they would be salivating at the Condo on you Jeanne for that. On but there organ going to be fired up and jacked up though. You know I but it they'd lose the hampered. Then they have a go on the road next with the cal because Al Green. Act ten of their eleven starters including quarterback alt rock of Lyman. To around him. On and that Libya sneaky team I think for our upper palate. They've gotten to adopt a regarded quarterback. Spread offense and at bingo right they could be at eight cup team America how it. That is per game content dictate Belmont for organ because they go in and it ran. I would say it set the bar even higher than that the momentum on organs went but it. If they moved back here per game could be to build that first chance organist they've backed organs standard that they and it was bad. They get the right and you know from I can't repeat that they go to the car wreck arrow. Count cal next week. And and then I cut him on the road crew could be deeper. Yeah cal gratitude mean pats will we'll talk about it and our whip round later that. Is a vicious game right there. And what is that what's been kind of headlines so far at a camp public's what's kind of been the buzz down Eugene. You know I I think I talked with I have to be that you looked are richer freshman running back today after practice and he kind of echoed things that had to pick up on my own that. Practiced in scheme you run moved her. Guided to be getting more out of each individual drill crystal ball hammer home. Out damn book under the football. To do. Doing things. Fundamentally sound and then scurry being held accountable and I think I'd better tackle all of that and is saying that your camp had gone. Much more smoother. Than it did the year before I have to Kyra what what does that mean you explain that in. And he said that I turn better and pitching Geithner. At the drill make more sense guys are doing things. And you know there's more where why they're doing and not I can't tell me I'm Justine. Give master running backs coach or Michael Gartner viewers coach or Hayward the seat heat coach stop a drill. Pole starter worked third string warlock on. And and tell look. You're doing that's wrong but that's how you're doing wrong we needed to be done this way and if you're gonna give it to get it this way and that is why we wanted to do it. Back in there and do it this way and the teaching going on Chris the ball all organ that this spring and now all over into the Paula. It is pretty notable and guys are saying that guys helping. On the weight room it's certainly helped with parent felt the district coaching. It's not just they're they're packing on no wait. It functional way and you know and have my men chain in the musical means bringing the act bring that you'd never able to somersault and now with. Eric felt strength program and working on flexibility in. He can do somersaults in ticket item or 220 pounds and I shouldn't be doing now I can't. And no offer to our men and decrypt arm and when not to talk about how. They did he quicker we can bend better that in turn hit better and and and to more football optional. And they weren't rap he's. Com and didn't. From the player perspective no. The usual guy at Herbert Troy I didn't know stored on those are either standout. Now they're drinking but I I would they liked. Our JPG Ron Holland of the older guys are true freshman that are. Coming into positions where there aren't published players ahead of that. And that force their way into the into the second team and program even with a purse. And yet I think go to acted it out themselves the cat they're gonna call eight. On Saturday it and there are you know it may not Egypt's special teams. It could be. Now they can on nickel package bomb on to working with one and nickel packages that in fact it's why. Eight that they've got aging Jackson now. Iron woman today that had to make them play all over the place or receiver standpoint. I don't Mitchell told the same thing on media get last week at John is really improved play making ability and now. Organs got a at a couple Pete is on both sides of the ball on that are you become bigger names that he didn't those are panic at that we're talking aren't. 'cause your hand spring game you'd earn a nose and out up at a practice showed off to rest in the media. I'd go out and and that had to see you my answering. To run too far so I had it been allowed that. I I I did you hear run a couple days ago and it would be the team crop that hoopla that to get a good shot and honestly I should not look. I can cart real I had no phone hand you know no air and tell me about. A throw out like a bad car Wheeler something down there you do it like to fill the sleeves challenge the he's throwing down the dollar to the media members bunch of both media. On not me dad dad and me. No fortunately it feel it. I did go on the belly and. We're. Human and I mean if people don't follow yeah Twitter. I'm telling you you know it's it's. And active barbecue. Came back and like I wanna learn how to do not act up myself and that it got an African truth. Aziz a follow on Twitter definitely check it out and I read this stuff 24/7. Ports or is as ago rob likes to call it the 247 sports. He's been tentatively as a great job down there and I think stated commitments met. I appreciate it. I don't know what to make a Morgan mean honestly I I think that. I know it's weird to see that organ. Mean is the mystery team in the north that they really are like I think you'd is the class of the pac twelve and I think you don't if they beat Auburn has a good chance to go to college playoff I think I have a good idea of what Stanford's gonna be pretty good idea what it's just it's going to be thank Morgan State on. We're sleaze is gonna got me how be middle of the road I don't know what to make a Morgan. I think Borger she's good but you know some viewers in seven games I think org should win nine games. But they're just they're more talented and they supposedly have been born quarterback in the country. And scheduled its soft is big you know what they should win but. They didn't have a lot of big wins last year yet it what do you do points and Herbert against bad teams but Arizona State still got an air goes there wasn't a good team. They got hammered by Boise State. You got out a new coaching staff in place. I just. I he's right I think that's Stanford game we'll tell you allow opt. About one organ is bringing to the table but if you beat. You know way to beat Stanford at home remember that. Month your first month you don't have to leave Eugene move and then your big road trip is is is cal and then you get U dub at home. You could mask are scheduled to set a better for you and you know we'll see we'll see if the hype is is words in new affording can put together a special season because I do you think of all the dark horse contenders pink or pins one I I'll still take you down. But I think there is a change it's that that organ puts together a special season in ends up DNA a real contender. Are we come back we will talk a little a baseball the return. After a mistake. For a Seattle mariner were. Looking Colin mistake but they are returned but maybe not position you think. That we can back front and reinvent. And time advise against sue god 1080 go straight ahead. Plus and you got stung by him. I think it was a kid U pop idol. I don't remember the last time I got them back and even from junior and I'd still be in the DM face the went right underneath my ninth and man and I did while going about 25 miles an hour and it's it's driving me insane. I feel like it's connected to every nerd at this in my face. And I went out for a bike right on on Sunday and I end up swallowing a ball and but stung by a damned. The uprising continues to geoghan for trying to be like doing healthy and I try to go out you try to do here's a little bit and I was going down this big yes hill out by a leg by a battleground like this is huge hill. It's a year you're flying down this thing and it was one of those two were actually had to apply brakes little bit it was it got a little uncomfortable he's happy. As they gear and then out of nowhere I got hit with a like I had my mouth open and Donald what it was but I swallowed some like the book hit my tee. Off and then went down and I was busy being disgusted with that and try not to crash that I start applying the brakes. As I'd like to speed wobbles going on who got to that'd you know near the bottom of the hill and I started did to slow down a little bit. And then I feel it lands right in my face and sings me. Sort of spam like 25 seconds. I was I swallowed a blood and guts and by IBM evident here. One of those things and probably twenty years. And now though this in of the bug hasn't bothered me at the bee sting is like right underneath my high so no matter what I do it just it like it horses. It's just it's it's a pop saline weird they dropped out about yet is it easier for her was that is no there's no. That doesn't really bother me I know that's unfunny bit. On a databases that they. We can do you have chronic pain you just learn to deal with written but you get one little weird thing you get the guys see it in the wrong spot or you get stung were dead by Sunday and it drives me insane. I don't know what it is about this stupid be stained would have to say mean it was B I didn't get to see it just felt it hit my face and then I felt the show. Rallying and then falling short seven to six. It was the most mayor game that you could have Wright does look like apps blue dog as a and then gives you hope. Strata couple guys in the eighth when you had a chance sexy making gay in the bed and then come back in the ninth just break your heart and leave the winning run stranded on base. But driving there what two and a half back now and trying to look at the Taliban in two and a half back. Of Oakland this is a big series with the a's I see played is a bunch they could go in like ten more times said the course the year so. There's still plenty of baseball to be played left but. This is a big series and supposedly you get a big shot in the arm of Robinson Cano coming back tonight is not going to be able to play in the postseason unintended. Now. He made it was DC released a statement saying that he feels bad about his mistake and I'm always intrigued by you know is that really a mistake you'd taking steroids or forms an anti drug I don't know necessarily stay right. That's like an intentional thing you did my Shia by the old he did supplementing caught a bad decision sure. Guess in theory anything to be at stake right. To fight came over from punched you in the face at the can I say that that was in the state. Isn't loosely defined term. We like is a mistake unintentional or is in the state just a bad choice that you may. I just depends on what way to get out of regular budget like hare way and. And then like get down about a leg. Sell and up my kids' college fund to pay for it can I called that a mistake or again just pour liked to race but Robinson Cano said that he did make a mistake. Here. Apologize for they're welcoming world to me need him back tonight any Zacks gonna be playing first base. Now I aids is not like he's not gonna play second. They go durden are not going to go there leaving. You're leaving Gordon there and I'm. But everything else is kind of opened the table in fact that I thought dated singer talked about that it can I was gonna place in the third he should discount seeger has decided this stuff like officially he he's been better than than seeger lately. But he's a play first nicer is gonna play some first pictures in a place and third and then. Meg C could DH him but Nelson Cruz has been one of the most reliable bat so that's you really can't do that so. And it's just a matter of of whether he plays. In a busy place some seconds moon because you know spare him pretty good out there out in center field but problems can owes back in the weird thing about it is it's. When you look at their now Ers their offense is technically in better. Without Robinson Cano minute they're averaging about four runs per game with them RG four point seven out in the batting average is slightly higher and those numbers are real close that. He hasn't got mated in act bad they started play in better. When he left. And I know that's that's him. And ever sometimes can be funky here you are a better team with Robinson canal. Then you are without him. But it's just it's weird to think that there hasn't been an offensive drop off. At least statistically. Says he left and I they took off and kind of went on that big rock and when he got suspended. But he's still the best player that you were going to add no team will make a better addition right now. Going forward in Seattle will with Robinson kanell Iran to do know is he legitimate. Also around the canal has been an MVP type player. In the past Percy Allen if you come back in and and find a rhythm this had a chance to be a huge. Boost mean even as it is a trade deadline move right to me and not Dodgers any Machado work. Any other big good deals that would happen this is Connie here is he just can't play in the post season. So obviously see what kind of impact he he has and you're using Tony you he's not gonna be in line moved on asking until he's. I just assuming gonna take today off and maybe they do some platoon stuff but he's gonna place and there are gonna place the first. You may place a second but they did say that ease to discuss service at this like three weeks ago that he is not gonna be their regular second baseman I think they want. Gordon their because of the post season that robs you know is not yet to be able to play they're so. Depend on kinda hot bat he's swinging they'll be some sort of platoon between first and third. I don't know how much third he played down Tacoma I've seen highlights of him playing first I'm Donna Tacoma but I'm I'm not certain how much that will be. You know going forward on the on the of the old third base but you know canosa talented guy. And I'm sure he'll fit in in the fields in Cobb seeger doesn't give you a lot offensively does play gold glove third base. Again. DD sacrifice some glove. But a huge game tonight. Against so thank you just have all about positive momentum after sweeping the Astros and what you can't have happen. Is then go lay down here and loose re in a row to Oakland's heartbreaker last night after they come back. You need your least you know get one hopefully win this series and two from Oakland in close this gap up just a little bit tighter. Only don't your problem right now is trying to figure out where to slide and pretend you know a future hall of Famer Jack. I sing some people are heard not valuing in this enough. And we can't play in the post season the right this is a future hall of Famer can any guide dead in eight this will be the best addition. Outside of may be much out of this would happen at the trade deadline orb or push trade deadline and this has of this could have real big impact from the mayor's. Well feel little low fire underneath their tonight are we come back a little in the news for a time here in the fan. Primetime what Isaak and souped up tennis he'd go out. Robin's you know college has risen to stage and people were questioned whether or not taking steroids can be considered the stage. And we look up the definition of what a mistake yes. What are we saw over there mr. rust according to The first definition says in who really questioned right nobody's got dictionary right there in the title or am right. The first definition says. An error in action calculation opinion or judgment and caused by poor reasoning carelessness insufficient knowledge that set. Sure so technically anything that you do you can be considered mr. McGrath whose parent it. I thought I could get away with it I didn't I got busted an anesthetic and it was a mistake and I got right. No never apologize for her mistake you don't get cocked her head right. I don't think I'd say if you ever apologize for something that no one knew about. Because and does that ever happen in the history of mankind. Who feel like you know why this is so yeah I got away with this. I feel right I feel like I should apologize from an stake. It never happens news by double parental logic where look at wind or school when they they didn't have any evidence on you. So did the old a Christmas story you're guilt to be much worse no it's not. I'll gladly live with my guilt and not get in trouble and we just comes clean on maps. Guilt trip never works and anyone it's always better not to get caught old days always yes. I it is what August 4. 2018 which means it's time. It was signed the way happy birthday pop rest home upper Austria old he is loses 201868. Today. I'm Vicky confession here sir I have no idea how my parents now. I could venture a guess I can do it within a couple of years though miniature sun now now. What. Does that pretty to antics and 55305. AM that's when you hold your kids are these right sure. It just forgot it just freelance. Like on forms become a much the form filler outer. It's any development I'm more of the big picture guy not really detail oriented care. That's what wife was there for a yacht unfortunately obviously you know that's that's no longer has so I'm forced to pick up that's. Act yeah I struggle of that area so although there are times when filling out forms and believe me the little. Brad Smith let me forget about it at the Pentagon announced some sort of you insurance full armor permission slip and every screw up the birthdays. That there in May he. And I pulled one to the there are I'd never freaking year the end of the real lucky because both my kids to the date and the year in which they were aboard both match I got to 1212 and 101616. Lucky for me. That works right yeah solid effort by my university of this 321. And and so that was that was always easy yeah. And I could never forget I'm a very good with B yeah. I struggled with that so. Ticked me 55305. But do you think that I am I terrible sign for not knowing. How old my parents are just so you know I agree. It. Should. I. Would like to honesty know how many people. Did you did you not take you long to pay proper us does that give you quick math in my head you know you're born and now. My dad died at 71. Does that count for something I don't know I know in the bad accident. Instead being kept the view them anyway. And roughly each roughly the rough idea those. You know how old they are they're really matter if like 166. And I think there's 67. I don't think that's how I mean in the ballpark as long as you just have a DS short. And get you out you should actually know your parents' age. And I didn't kind of beat up on the one. The past fifty doesn't matter. That's fifty have missed a pat sixty. It is an early there. Even if you can get it like this silver sneaker discounter like these or whatever series then I I just I group down altogether hit it and group together yeah. Now I. We've got flyers bids go to Iraq as we've got fires in can't doubt we got fires out in the what Goldman dale sisters area we got California fires. It's a base you were living and need some sort of a plus apocalyptic. Fog and now dare guess there's a fire them long view I thought that. But some 25 acre fire are already in it doesn't sort of brush fire nice feeling this is the new norm I feel like every summer now we just burn burn. But this is like the first day that it acts he has been in really bad there are saying this can actually be dangerous yeah they're tell when you know like stay inside I went on a bike this morning. I don't know how Smart that was. I cut it short death I got on the I went ten models. It wasn't like it was like as a super strenuous thing an average around a bit in between them but I wouldn't say that it was like. I wasn't easy yeah I didn't like act couple black lung I was working in the bridge you coal mine since I was on either side of the culture of time were we Jessup. Down their doing the coal mining thing but I guess they're telling you. Says if you can help it don't exercise in which I'm sure people don't need an excuse to be that and how many people they like you out you're gonna get outside. It sure went up on our shoulders start dead Crosby at work out nugget to do it today that this can be really bad outside yeah. It can't do it I guess there's there's they'd keep your pets inside as well and I think again. My bit of all the stuff the nineteenth apple bugs are gonna do that that's what's gonna do amend it but I think it. Get big and I get that the air quality is poor. I'm the fear mongering is amazing. We are so many things that you can do their terrible for you that being outside and and do a little exercise. I'm guessing. That did Beckham fits a view being outside doing of the inactive are going to be more beneficial. They ended down inside of you getting outside navy you know little smog. I'm listening going to take their work towards it might be old white vote on the couch to paint. Is because the air quality yes yeah Tripoli I was. I was in an avenue that's right out there. Just leaders were arrested outside India women nice facility. And when I was pulling in today SFU camera crews are perched outside. Yeah there is six local religious leaders were detained I saw me they set up and from the field gate there. I'd like multiple faced. The group later is says they marched on there they had about a hundred people that kind of rolled out there but then they all this for us but apparently the religious leaders were not. I'm looking here they I can't think that's still kind of going on that's. If there's like a 122. Things right they try to keep the pressure on but after a while laid up. He's not caring. That's what they're counting on you you know. Now besides being protested. If you add a gang get like all four legged reuniting families and all that I Menem and I'm supportive of that and up comes a point times like money. Might cheer meter only has so much in it. And while I do think protest he has like a valuable. Component to Litton. All the protests of Portland or why do I can give behind a lot of them initially just eventually I just kinda gets in the there it. It's dude it's a rabbi got there yet arrested today and again we dignity of the all right when we come back I've got to. And yet got the quite frankly I'm gonna go on a limb and say that this is my most irrational fear. But I try to drive is about not having me on and irrational fears that this one and that happened today. 22 people dead this may be number one in my rationalize your rights within that we come back more on the news primetime and fans are. And. Right time with Isaak can sue god 1080 both brands. Right smack dab in the middle of in the news another every become people that are supporting my. Lack of awareness when it comes to my parents need. Guys is he's 47 years no yelled as parents are or his sister is a little bit by then it was like not to ask. Think. Some people letting those people give me a hard time for not know my parents aged yes that's. Of course there's also the one fellow when they're they realize he's actually here on your younger than he originally thought the idea that'll tie the I don't turn forty this year so that one I'll remember her but. And all the time zone asked me how old I am IK es. Burt these terrorists. Think I. This idea late you're you're turning forty you turn thirty. Just one extra saying hey look I am all for artificial milestones. And give me a chance to go to that they're gonna be just for a couple it is over Robert de grace of doing this. Does he feel like after the age of 25 you like him you can rent a car get a break and insurance doesn't matter. Think you'll just kind of run together when your when it matters and the second turn thirty hangover stopped going away either that same day. Feet. But think if that's only in your head 00 no it's not my friend if you're 29 and eleven months and like 26 day is there's no difference between that and it when you turn thirty. I don't know we just all hung out like a light switch on the annual birdies an age thing at the end. Another day care less. Thank and I missed the older I get the more bird than McCain and whenever we keep your twelve below me and have a birthday party. If you like 44 your heavenly comfort debut. Right out of the bit much as the rose and that I predict a week now it's just another day right. Defined as an ago. You know that story the Galley got pushed from the yen the average of Wimbledon falls which we talked about a couple weeks back which was like terrified video out. They haven't IDV gal that pushed her. And there was some debate of where there was a stranger or whether it was an adult and it turns out she's eighteen. Her name I it was Taylor Smith. Yet eighteen. As she is accused legacy and accuse she is going to be guilty of because well they have on video she pushed a Jordan hold percent. Off a bridge she has since apology eyes of a Jordan does not accept the apology I don't blame her what she says that does not. Edit and that she is going to now pick her friends. A little more carefully. She did suffer five broken ribs she is air bubbles in her chest and she has a punctured long. And her doctor says she is very likely she was not bleeding internally. I'm in a surprise to find out of an eighteen year old does that not sound like the ultimate jackass eighteen year old thing to do that is unbelievable to me though. They can't if you've ever been on top of that bridge like we overestimate. All the time like jumping from stuffing. Think that the doctors say that it at least like half the time if you come from fifty feet even into water you've got a chance of Downey. Think it's a running and jumping on its feet you didn't have the right you did not jump from a hundred feet. That is the tallest thing I jumped off that bridge when I was young and stupid. And first off it hurts like. You know why it just instinct that I went in your feet first and it felt like I broke my feet ankles it was an awful experience. And everything 5055 feet. At a town and you jump from a hundred feet opt out there that don't you didn't. Cliff do you think you jumped out of that was like thirty feet it wasn't it was like twelve feet. As a bit like a 75 foot cliff in his. 875. Foot to have dinner jet tonight all some clips we didn't. You really did let's go and get up the tape measure that the jump nasty bridge and its oxen never ever again if you jobs of the higher than fifty. Either you're a liar or being here in the is that being freaky stuff and dead at that case has been turned over to prosecutors. And they're gonna decide whether or not to a file charges in water then which I hope she. At least eighteen and I see you need to go to prison ever which is gonna get sue Geller lesson from this somehow. This will someone stand on dubbed the fifty foot bridge don't push them. To kill the poor gal now for my irrational fear. Bridge collapses scare the hell academy. They just out there there's. Reg number is it's not like I think. Like bridges get a go down but at least one especially when I'm on the underside of 45 to Fremont bridge you know. And every single time I'm underneath that thing that thought at least occurs to me once a whole the what if what if something happened what this thing apps it'd just for. The hell out of work today in in Italy now I know these these. The Jindal is that the name of the city I'd never heard it. But I guess a Genoa Jeff Glor yeah. It was a little city in nine northern Italy and Italy. And it's eight motor wave bridge collapsed. It was fifty meter size or a 160. Foot high section of the bridge including that tower than a Kurds who stays. Crashed around this man is 35 vehicles driving on it. And it was in a torrential rain huge as a reinforced concrete plunged down there where houses train tracks and riverbed. And the latest update the government has said that fifteen people have been admitted to the hospital uniting critical conviction. And 26 now out at least. 26 dead and they're still searching through some of the rubble and it seems he like does the footage of it. It's. It's absolutely terrified. Just horrific and yes I know I thought about buying all kinds of my rational years. This one is near the top of the moon bella is just. Off. I guess in the break it to my driver bridge and wonder and think OK we go down here can I make you were my swimming to where's my little window punch out tool. And I promise I make it we. And it's it's like over that the water there's you know with a bunch people were like kinda swept away. They fit the flood the zone and then there's the video of it ended up you know that the picture is it just. Mean it looks something out of a Hollywood movie yacht. And so. They got and I don't know what was responsible for an am I was kind of Reading through the story to see them in a nose in the in the rain falls on no I've used that there is a structural integrity to collapse but. Just it's it's an Asian to mediate did some delay Becky just happened like an earthquake would ever just some re. Right and a 150. Foot bridges goes down. But today Doerr is only a hundred fifties assures them broad just jumped off that he's vetoed and theft jumped right into the river. I don't know that I work and live on the same side of the river. Do so thoughts and prayers out to the people that. He loved ones people lost. In that just a horrific. Horrific story out of Italy today this. Yeah our week back to be hot I did five it's you know all cut up on the hot news stories today incorrigible jurors and 5 o'clock hour. CE SS sports we'll talk about the Maryland football situation. And what I think was actually. I'm gonna say I think it was a brave thing to do today by the University of Maryland a little bit late. But. Some that you just don't see a lot of in college football on that is a university actually taken responsibility for something primetime here and fans.