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Thursday, August 16th
Ever tried to put shoes on a dog?; Col. Wilma Deering and that space suit; What would you pay for Han Solo's jacket at auction?; Paying for shipping sucks; At what age is one considered old?

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So following Joseph may contain adult themes not suitable for a children's health. Up I know up. Where the incident man does go well with the chicken. Plus. I was pretty self explanatory. And will live is because well we're living in sixth day and tomorrow. Flattened like this time his sleeve. Well. I. Okay. You know. It's. Welcome him. Clubs and any fly in by today. Is it just talk already that go by very quickly today. They know we talked about looms peace peace peace peace which I think it's terrifying enough that you would lose track of time anything in spaces terrified if you put any animal in space isn't it terrifying. Think of ice at the dairy space hamsters I think you'd be nervous. On Buck Rogers there was I guy hawk space hockey was pretty cool. Or was it was weird about that was is like he was half human when he was all human video ad hoc his air show he had weird hair he was just. Shoot yeah you regular dude great you do big eyebrows but the ad hoc care so they're like his dad get it on with a hot. I don't know how to work in the bureau you would think if there was some sort of cross. Breeding thing going on you'd give more than just the hair because he had that girlfriend to an all she had was the hawk here. Is that I don't care and a is there they had he wore boots maybe had talents that. I don't think you Wear boots if you talents I think that's one of the big pros ought to be retractable talents I think one of the big throws of the animal kingdom if you do some sort of hybrid zero tuition while wearing shoes if you're tried wearing beards and put my shoes on your dog. Know while it doesn't go well at all why when I put shoes on my dog. Well like they if you like sled dogs or whatever they Wear little. Dodgy things to protect their thought OK fair enough however you do not have sled dogs so have you tried to put shoes on your dog yes why yes I have why twofold but I had a boxer. And when we would run for whatever reason his paws used to get. Get all ripped up beat him like as though we got a little beginning to go online and look up like little they're not. Shoes they're just little pat. It's he and so I would I thought back is you always like to go out he'd like to go on long runs or we would turn him loose in the countryside so we'd like to run debt is not likely chief been associated with Grammy yeah he would come back in the news is possibly rip steps we govern these little dog he. They look at their gloves I guess and I'll tell you what you tried. Keep putting that on your animal. You've never seen anybody you hate anything quite like that I believe it because I can't my dog hates just having his feet messed with Alia like you do you try to do. Trim his nails he hates it freaks out you try to piece laying on the bed you reached down and grabbed his foot he's not happy you know people settled a date they are not happy I can't imagine maybe that's it maybe they think you're gonna put shoes on them and some houses like hot birdie pavement right you know you can't take your dog out in the summertime. If people tell you that all the time make it to be 95 degrees outside go outside and barefoot in bare feet sometime and really that's what you're doing your dog don't lock him out there. And then the other one is when we we built our house and senate we put in real hardwood floors. And as we quickly realized that my fat Rottweiler and real Herbert followers to not mix very well. And so we are like all my wife's idea of the time was let's just give him shoes. I doubt lower your good idea. Wow now no now now now now now and they Jason Mitt and big kids may have put socks and well let's just adorable it if it's not. Dave free keen aide it cannot serve you were hot command out there in the Buck Rogers wrote. You're wearing shoes if you've got out of kid that that whole black body armor suit that he wore was pretty cool though. That would madame without boots that's true but then again and he wasn't like that was the Mohawk thing you just were like unitary that's good thing I've learned about the future is the unit hard. Is very big I don't know why. In the future no one wants to Wear pants finisher but the jump the one piece there properly if you. It's very popular I think that's more than our problems so we're trying to predict what people Wear in the future down in you can only do so much up. And I think I think you go to new idea is the unit tarred. Like right now nobody wears that now it's everything separate shirt pants so in the future we got to think outside the box. And we go with stuff that ill fitting end. Or stuff that's combined into one thing for me this if we ahead in the future. It was Buck Rogers was not like. How far did he go with the you don't. I believe is the twentieth century when he fifth century I think I've it's in the title because Buck Rogers and many anybody's yardstick the best for everybody gets frozen these spin what is. Weird cart will like sort of mode I feel there's a lot of spinning in the future yeah. And and trying to say just on a side note because I can tell this entire thing is in a spiral out of control and I'm not gonna get anything I want to get to you well but oh well. Connell Wilma dear yes Aaron Gray yes that's top shelf to reload dollar and that is top shelf ended in the higher. Very key and a bad 70s80s. TV shows. Like everyone always goes like daisy duke and then Linda Carter might Wonder Woman. And maybe get like a Farrah Fawcett where the hell. Is the respect. For colonel will lead to hearing she's Jacqueline I can silver spoons to gasoline no love for Erin gray no it's ridiculous it's. Absolutely. Ridiculous that she does not get our attention that Roy jumpsuit was right all the red please yes it. Does and there was a scene in one of the episodes where there is a bunch of little people. And they could they could think with their minds and make things happen. It is I don't know is anything off colonel Wilma deer greens outfit I remember that and let me tell you well when I was like seven years old there is like that thought is this really happening. Could this happen. Are you know they know is doing nigam Buck Rogers but 70 adjacency Canon watching that. I thought for a moment. This is happening and I'll see what it was one of the most magical moments of my life if your Buck Rogers on your in your frozen in time yet and you wake up in the 25 century now and that's who's there to wake you up there that's pretty good if that's the solid play. Pearl buck. Instead Israeli issues hurtling towards the mound yeah its we're we're already there -- like that guy from Ohio we're just stranded a couple miles up on mount saint helens and we've blown out our flip flops you know Ryan I met air Andrea at a comic con few years ago utility longer she's very attractive still I would have started I would have started with my twelve parts a love letter to you know and let's move on from there she still attractive user she's pretty lady and and not to be underrated here. The the evil princess in bunker on princess are Dalton absolutely prove all the time ourself at about drug tests look let's be on as much had a ball. Did at all. I've seen that in between battle of the network stars Gil was making it with every alien out there viewers got no fly in on him. Yeah viewers can I know wide swath through the 25 century space on the only other really competition was that old guy and it carried doctored the op Alyssa around all the time in twinkie yet and maybe they're in Aruba seated meaty meaty. I'd but. Riddle me this if we knew in view jumped ahead. 500 years. What would you be stunned at what people are wearing I think so. I'm so glad that I go back five under a bit of 500 years we're talking like inning that those in the olden days when if you went back 500 years wearing the Oregon new Jersey's. I think you'd be burned at stake probably witchcraft have been peers think are we do we reach a point where there's only so much innovation yes. But we haven't been back real day right you just you think you cut some burlap sacks in news stitched him up and does something you toss of time you'll see it professions are still there it's it's clear the rubbish bag that's the way it was that it was that way for a long time. But we have. We have parents we have modern fabrics we have sweat shirts we have the news did you know enjoy. So much you can do this is my theory behind reinvent the Jack this is my theory behind why everything in future movies is the unit tarred because there's just no other ideas. We've just run out we've run out of ideas that's why organ made the numbers so big. They've done everything else that's true they used every color they've gone metallic big change the helmet they've done this they've done that. What giant number's next thing you know other gonna go to no numbers was like him back to the future but a part to Marie did the double time right. Instead of having one tie you have to break it'd it'd be if we jumped ahead by many years to be something dumb like that. But if Rhodes is running around naked at that point well what do we just evolved to slow is a lot cooler than it is now up. We gotta get some cool rules otherwise we'll just be bogus too but here's the thing even if we have cool rules and we allowed me to meet people not a lot of people are going nude now is not happening now that's a bad thing you know what else we have we have Shane we have seeming guild of Gaza have five guys listen I know people are gearing down this and I'll tell you this right now if nudity becomes socially acceptable tomorrow now I'm still not get at it. I'm not doing it nobody wants steamy nude. I don't and I don't. Wanna be out there are new and I'd be super self conscious. I'm not doing their clothes are getting close or go and anywhere Ross you go induce nudity becomes socially acceptable to Maher you go and do you still cover now. You know there's good. And about a 75% chance than on any given evening if you lock her drive past the rust household. You're gonna that these catch a glimpse of me cruised around without pants on so I mean you know it's. We know there are. We go there with these. Risked his rest is down. He'll leg doesn't do this press is up for anything and it is as good young Asian kids the maker closed now maybe the future will be different. Possible. Maybe maybe we don't have young Asian kids who got young kids from Florida Marlins speaks as these kids. Based fees and the Beers Aziz space silk worms. Aren't we come back speaking of space. Are you just tune of one point three million dollars based jacket. Common three excel no then I'm out a kid again where there is they space jacket we're still right now. Cost about a milk three but it's pretty cool okay and a hat. Is that no. Now the danger that they've got so okay we come back and free medical school prime dementia. And. Plus can navy with the right chicken soup I loved god. I got got got got plugged in eighty on the street and his bright you are better you today real weight loss results education accountability and the lifestyle embarked on your weight loss journey no way better you today dot com Karen. Now. Through our Internet space jackets there and I just saw this the other day that the action the the auction is actually got liveliness o's maybe about a month ago that I've followed them on mr. Graham do you follow the props store. Unknown. There's Sega it's it's a feel like I should stick company and they just stayed and they Dave collect movies and TV different kinds of memorabilia they post out different stuff they have an. I don't know why but I always think that's that's pretty cool yeah I like stuff like that legacy never been to the palm coast museum up in Seattle home awesome I I just think that stuff is looking look a little rally may have liked the apocalypse museum Neville or exhibit you can they have like Freddy Krueger's outfit. Daschle sweater there Robert Englund or in the glove and all these different kinds of things I'm always fascinated you're kind of stuff you're talking to a guy that flew to Iowa and to go play catch in a cornfield because a movie was shot there in the sixth. Yes and I could follow as it was filmed here yeah I like those guys out they like doing stuff like that to that is go around and they visibility cases of a weird stuff yeah I'm a big Canada but the trust stories it's it's actually live right now if you go and I think it's your of the which is the site here. Prosper dot com you can go to their live auctions now and good luck bidding on anything. And this is all over in Great Britain by the way and you get a shipping quote apparently when you buy stuff. But they have one of the largest collections of of like big time Hollywood memorabilia and the peace to the loses all of us of their auction. Is console lose jacket. On the empire strikes are cool I am I did see something about that coming up for auction so yeah that's library now live right now that is awesome and they are expected it to go for about one point three million dollars that estimated value and they said this easily could get up into the two to three million dollars that's fantastic I'm so out there. Is going to pay. Over a million dollars to have. Hot solos jacket I hope they put it on them. Why wouldn't wage. It's kind Izzy I really little you located at Harrison Ford I don't think he's there a strapping guy especially when he was in use by 25 when that was being shot but if you spend a million plus on Han Solo is jacket don't you wanna kind of try to put it on things like if you had enough money would you have an altered. I'm now. No I think you lose that's like signing the Mickey Mantle rookie card maybe. That's really cool and this is the kind of thing it's probably good that I'm not super rich because this is the kind of stuff that I would buy. I'm a huge sports memorabilia I and you. You know that you've been over to my house and if I had real money. This is the kind of stuff out. That I would do I would spent I would be the kind of guy that would spend a million dollars to buy a console is jacket I'll go through these are the top 25 things that they have listed in their ox. And you tell me what you think is the best of what you think is the best value. Then now so this could go for a lot more some go less all the socks and stuff is live right capture and these are just what the did. The experts are saying wool will be the range of weeks ago when it goes that your one point three you know the solo jacket empire strikes back that's Lou that's the granddad there is very cool yeah very very cool and I don't really getting good value there but that's really cool down. Marty made flies hover boards very high to the future and by the way it's not a hover board. It's like a piece of fine. It's a visa by everybody does it. News flash it doesn't really work it does not have a when you look at the photos of it is it's pretty I'm sure it's pretty ridge gritty reality and it's all beat up. 66 grants. Look back for the future was a big deal down that's an iconic movie and their him. Other than the Delorean in their may not be a bigger iconic piece of movie memorabilia. I'm saying sixty green is good value for that. Eight they have an original storm trooper helmet awesome from the first star were awesome they say it is one of the very first storms around was it was ever made. 79 g.s from CNN and its beat to hell in. Really really cool that. I think you could get I think you get better value somewhere else I'd have about this one Titanic. The farewell note that Rosen wrote seven grams. You just picked it if the lady was just a liar at the bit that trip a guys aren't it's on the Titanic stationery and it's handwritten by when I mean if you're a Titanic fan that's cool this is darling now you can keep was bulls locked in your safe love road. 77 Graham and you know that's okay probably probably good value not not my cup of tea they have never Michael Jackson's. Moon walker. Dead despite cost him the little horse don't keep things really they have that whole thing. Nineteen and it really if you want Michael Jack this is the cost in the Michael Jackson wore. Hazy danced around is spiking the whatever the hell that thing it ask you about stuff that doesn't feel it's creepy looking to mine I'm gonna say no I'm I don't like that I I don't think that's. I think that goes for less than that I'd so this is the one that I think I actually like is better than I do the Han Solo jacket anyway might think you. They have the terminator jacket Schwarzenegger the original terminator keep from you close your boots in your motorcycle with a bullet holes and bloodstain awesome. 39 grant all that's our men. Slovenia and I hear me one I guarantee that goes way higher than that that's a hundred grand easy guarantees is that he after that that'll blow 39 great title it's got to change things that's awesome yeah the jacket and Nate they didn't they only had one of those villainy shot of the bullets and everything it's got hold them know that that goes way higher than thirty meg Graham and that's awesome. That's a lot of those things that's. Yes that was my. You can also have the bar the chocolate bar bit. Charlie one and Charlie and the chocolate backed her own Wonka bar chemical thirteen thousand. Mark it near rich why that are critical light Dicey I think that's better than just OK I don't think it's thirteen thousand cool. Well I mean again none of this stuff geez. Is is worth and you know. And console those jackets sure that it's really you look at that jacket again it's just there's think there's no lining do it this is someone some Hollywood. Costa ladies stich did my 1983. Young. And so little worried and now it's worth one point three million dollars three console and kept that you know like some. Word drove person whoever is just had that in their possession almost. Griffey looking her for her rival none of that stuff I mean nobody put the best stuff backed down and so it was just either given away or production assistants kept it sometimes even the actors didn't keep very much stuff back peninsula. I guarantee you that you know by the time is empire was done shooting that was just in a closet somewhere. Probably three years later and then they had to clean it out to make room for something else and somebody just took a nowadays thank you said everyone hordes that stuff back then no one thought it was worth anything first downs hat that he wore running across the states all weather beat up to have it's a bubble guy I'm sure pat nine grand. If that's of value. But the that was kind of cool it's beat to help the original Jumanji board game that's pretty cool thirteen thousand. Again let's. Stuff like I actually know and I don't have thirteen thousand spent on that but if you just like a rich dude yeah. Griffin Jumanji or game. Edward scissor hands the entire out. Really the whole thing including the scissor including the scissors and again good night said he did because it's made for a little creepy Johnny Depp. We get the bu it's the jacket everything including the hands 105 grant them that's pretty cool. Think Ing like. 11 point three mil for Han Solo and under fire for Edward scissor hands. That's pretty cool yeah I think that's pretty kickass. About Barry. The Batman returns the Michelle Pfeiffer is catwoman course is me now hold 6000. Indiana jones' hat I'll see that's top shelf right and I'd rather have that than they empire jacket down because. Well I just I think that's top shelf if you went if you went top ten iconic movie. Items of clothing is in Indiana's hat in there and it is that in the top ten I would think Yahoo! what do they what do they see him for that he said Harrison Ford's jacket on solar empire strikes back and went through email thing yes on the Indies now. This is there estimated value move to go forward I gotta say a million dollars 400 grams policy. Baton great value particularly here in the Ohio there's like three quarters of a male great great value there and I would I'd be interested I I bet you that goes from more than that so I've got to the auction site here and ever all these things right now are currently I think it it goes herb you know he seems to think I'd better. And I'll obviously see what that's that goes works out with yet when I saw that that they had did that in the hat. Is it about me that's raiders of the lost our cap you know that's the original early 400 Grand Slam I think Greg goes for higher than that. And yet I. I can get a Indies had whipped inject it for less than ninety in the hunt so the united and I love both Indiana Jones and Han Solo I would I would go to hat the hat is more iconic to me there's something about solar because the is his gun. Did that he used when for remotely Z and I'd rather have begun in the jacket yet begun doing better in and you can't Wear the jacket well hockey and the rather. I'd rather have be frozen in karma night. Then the gun or the jacket I don't know that still exist but whoever has that that is mentality doesn't exist because princess lay and Billy. Really really Gamal club that he would come back. Club Canadian winter ice chicken soup. Just made it. It's all sit. Sitters club and eighty on the street and his bride do you buy better you today real weight loss results education accountability and lifestyle embarked on your weight loss journey now Leadbetter used today dot com. So dissident one point three million for hands jacket and new free shipping them out and no. Ha ha this is not free shipping you have to pay for shipping him or if you spent one point three million on Han Solo is jacket you baucus should bring into your house beat you if you're willing to do your spend a million. Plus I wonder if you've become so enraged that there's not free shipping. I'm Matt leg maker breaking your lol lol lol I just jumped a 1000003. On a jacket and you won't ship it to me you go to hell I I think it's all I think it's sliding scale because if you. If you done that back down to the amount of money I can afford. Like I didn't. I love eBay I'm a huge G Maynard out. And I've not bought stuff on eBay before because of outrageous shipping and dance like us some steals a T shirts you know fifteen boxing they want eighteen to ship it in my arm. I'm right out. So I think if you just extrapolate that out I bet you somebody would be a you have to one point three million and you won't ship would prefer I'm out there. I'm done I'll go a bit on the hat. It is great when your your ordering stuff where you're breaking point is assess design I absolutely 100% we'll do that yes thank you know. It to be free (%expletive) beat it like a hundred dollars and I'll be like at 97. And I'm lying around not order in this room and they should be no me like eight bucks unwilling to spend 97 dollars. But I can't give free should be because and three dollars short and I will cancel the entire quarter. I guess I'm not doing Nat ray I am not gonna pay for this horror. Tax will do it so I order a lot I love online shopping tonight I use Amazon prime. And I stuff shipped to the office all the time that your because that today we got here today I had a box stuffing your desk have on the baseball baseball is and yeah. And I because they have fight order in this image in my house I have heard but I are just attacks well. It's you know it's not a huge deal but if you buy a hundred or hundred dollars 150 bucks for the stuff it's you know principle of eight to fifteen boxer never in my gum and I'm not doing that side shipped here and occasional. A company will not ship to this because it's a business Dresser I've had people be that we we won't ship there com our amount. Not do it. Screwed Washington State tax not paid it. I just it's it's the principle of thing it's it's that it's good to beat that stupid over a couple boxer yet there is something just like. Hard wired in my brain where I won't do it did you stand that I always I have one of those where like if you're if you're restore and you give it. You know. If you spend a hundred dollars you give it some other deal you're right in and year and there are my wife and we buy whenever we're gonna buy and it's you know 89 dollars. And she'll be like go go find something for eleven dollars so we can get the extra deal. And that just drives me crazy because I'm Mike therefore seen us. Two vice something we don't want out works just to get some sordid deal and it drives me crazy to my wife does that all the time candles story is the master of that my daughter's love Biden candles solar is gonna like do whatever it is the Yankee candle or some dumb crap. And. Why your candles for stop nine million dollars it's a candle active I know. There's like twenty bucks or candle and no job one of these on your right here well you can buy this scandal for 44 dollars or. If you Biden none of the only run you twelve bucks a piece are really. Your read out by the nine cameras might wide range is some of the one candle for the price no no can't do it. And I'll walk away with like nine candles and a until they get should there. People are saying in. The bared their holly memorabilia they'd buy PV Herman's bike debacle is an excellent one. The roads and I'd be thirteen doesn't Regina while others frilly shirt and purple jacket when we won't go man. The worst I don't really want to Jack user now did pretty bad ass. I don't want to be I want to soared from princess bride. Sort France's Fred would be cool yeah I've never seen it's equal now that would divide the big one. But the about ski sweater or behind but I have to about ski sweater but it's not done does about his letter the the dusty sweater be pretty high on my list but the one of the princess bride swords. Men in black or. In ago that would art that's. Yet it pretty hard pressed to if I had that kinda don't yet that would be easily tell us not to go I would show my chips in the middle and I want I want to championship belt from the first rocky. And be pretty cute that's what I want I want with a little weird yeah it's like fabric and that's all squishy like elastic fabric and it's got the pictures of the champions in bury it bears it would apology yeah I have a two I have kind of a replica toy had one on my shelf and if you could have the one in the movie from rocky to win wins it you know yo Adrian I did it. That the withers I spent a lot of money on that still has a lot of cool stuff like he keeps a lot of stuff from his movie has the statue is the statues and your heart he bought that which I think is awesome I know I love Stallone yes let the end of rocky three where they throw the launch in him Morse into the paint loved that. That was a lire Nieminen he painted that in LeRoy Neiman never allowed that to be reproduced anywhere I Frank Stallone has been and a you know that's raced on an age is like every now and then make us a picture of it. And heat Stallone Russell's brother said that he has been offered millions for that nature and he said he never Seles and so you know he's in rocky he wanted to to take me back. Do you do it do he's one of the NC which let me just say this. You wanted to what's wrong with society these days. We don't have guys sit around a burning trash barrel singing on street corners anymore nothing that we need more of that I think that record now we just have guys that are unmet yeah if you pick guys off the map given the burning trash barrel. Let them senior rounded on the street corners. Tell me you're walking down the street that doesn't make you happy if a couple bucks there a way that makes you happy couple shackles we're getting some good ones John Rambo is nice be cool I've done these night this may. This may be the top of my list. Mavericks helmet bag streak that may be. I'd be that be atop she'll find a way that's that's high on my list right there you couldn't get much better than that to those induce a gentleman. Yeah that is he wants the logjam in video from the big husky he fixes the cable. Clay animals from caddie shack available when Bill Murray is doing enough pop up I. He's making the little the explosives were the gophers allies the friendly squirreled. The harmless rabbit that's another good one as Lou about ski around. Kurt Russell's gun from tombstone picked to lose jurors the that would be pretty cool this is screw the sort I want the sixth finger. We weird but those strange well I'll say this that's weird video if you had an I think that was cool. I yeah I think that was cool I loved princess bride that that's a little strange it. Whatever in the tow from the big low ski. We got into the wind is cool we got that jobs stay canned Carl Weathers used in Happy Gilmore and become a funny as someone at that that's so Hamlin. It's summer somewhere you go in there into someone's house and I'm assuming some rich creepy dude. But he's got. He's got that hang in on his ball and I find that stuff very very cool. Babe Ruth ball not hitters press or anything with a sand lot Ruth ball. Scalia. If you had the one from the Sam ought to be pretty cool down. Are it's a real quick here I saw this and it made me feel really really stink and old and maybe because I'm getting old. But where do you draw the cut off line for what you consider. We hear liken. That to me at six. You being old you know we turns 69 doesn't number to me right know that you I am way closer to the end that I am the beginning I am I turned 45 in October yeah I'm I'm. I feel like I'm too close to sixty to call. Sixty birdie I idea what you are turning 45 and I don't think getting out and you turned fifty and I won't begin ending up seats are 55 for the inevitable when you turned sixty a vehicle like god you're sixty. Well they want that's our how will get to be to give discounts that you Ares. I think sixteen and that maybe it yeah as that may be to cut off when they start giving you cheaper food because you don't have as much time left. That may be to cut off. Madonna is sixty years old today. Really yes 6060. Material girl material girl is sixteen. It can't be six DC sixty. She can't be sixty could have been taken to calling her maj the last couple years and there's no more sixty year old son named the man she's she's pretty car and already she doesn't make a lot of is she still was she still out about news it's only if she does so still Madonna and mean I don't know what is the last time you heard Madonna do anything I think she'll do whatever she wants I'm sure she can I'm just saying she doesn't two were seeing her do any of that anymore does she on the. I think there remember she did like a Grammy performance with like is that Mac more in -- to that one love song he's been a big gay rights activist and she came out I did that a couple of years ago in. It'll. This is things they get would you like I saw online today everyone bashing her for being that she sixty Villa but thank icon in some ways feel bad that. But people make fun of it now Madonna might not be in honey more she's six feet. She's pretty lady first sixty when your wife is sixty years old you would take needless to Mike Modano exactly yes it is it's. And I just have a hard time because all I think about Madonna is like slightly. Like nude right like a virgin a virgin Madonna and how Madonna is like a grandma and she's sixty you know it's very strange. Should talk about somebody that just totally revolutionized. Everything. Madonna was she's an icon you can't argue that alone in the Franklin dead at 74 Madonna alive it's sixty. Price. Who the pulp fiction briefcase. I'd be pretty cool if you had to go by did it. Yeah if you had would have resonated. And this was being sold now that was that's kind of the rumor and maybe go with links lots Superman shirt. I'd be cool and no solid and perhaps even chunks you know buttoned down. I want the one eyed Willy the whole skeleton there you know give him dead in in the share your man rumor some doubt humorous tin cup from tombstone that he twirls around. That'd be pretty cool. Mark Wahlberg from the united. I should act. Request. Well. Again OK let me ask you this out of and that is under break the other issues that would be that's an author that's a prosthetic right from the movie so that exists did somebody keep that. Yeah that's okay guaranteed why are you probably accident that if you. As I'm probably the 73 year old proper you know maybe I'm guessing Madonna has and it's baseball's dark helmet. Then be cool or this words ring. I see your shorts is as big as mine because she's tricycle. Our engine the new Tiger Woods dine gay gave him over and over you just play that song in pedal that they. You eat and seemed. A do you go to bed you today decks 95 after a five we come back flip medical school for all but did a year in the fence. Object maybe we advise against duplicates of what that I think. Okay. Clubs and maybe on the street and is brought you by better you today real weight loss results education accountability and lifestyle embarked on your weight loss journey you know better you today dot com the. Just about done here the year ducks insider coming up after us this is normally where we merely an inning call you vote well. You're here I feel like my kids are conditioned at this time to just get ready for media eleven to be quiet signs shot. On the phone talking to your uncle there radio be quiet. Will you ever had an idea of going do you NYU for medical school I never never can say that I thought that that. Sure we probably shouldn't because it was hard to get into right and it became that much harder to get into. I don't this is a really cool story. Apparently now both are apparently this is happening. If you go to NYU right now for medical school on immigrants who go to the medical school here or going to go to their medical school. Would you care to guess what the tuition is going to be. A lot zero. Okay medical school at NYU is now free to all current and future. Students at NYU medical school why they have dropped to 20. Why they say beds. There's a moral obligation that the debt is so ridiculous they just your student get a loan true on average for medical students is north of 200000 dollars a year in the Luther on the high cost of room and board in the new York and all that. They're saying that their graduates are not going into lower paying fields and their ending up with a shortage. Of primary care physicians. You know researchers things of that nature and everyone wants to go into neurosurgery. Or something like that plastic surgery did you make. 5600000. And they needed to pay off their loans so NYU has decided that. If they they figured out they raise 600 million dollars. That's what they would need going forward to make it free for everyone now won't pay for room and board surety that that just tuition while which is between 5560 grand a year. They say they've raised about 450 to 600 million needed so they're gonna go ahead and announce it today that no one will pay another dime. For tuition. Moving forward while NYU medical school and they're hoping that this will lead people to explore and do what they want a new interest in and as opposed to just what is than did the highest paying job because they said there is a real need for this across the country. That there is a shortage in and I mean lower paying like. A pediatric infectious disease doctor 291000. But plastic surgery 573000. Here this and we don't need more plastic surgeons. We need more pediatric infectious disease doctor Meister until just is their way of doing it could. And I think that is bad ask us that for them I had an entirely a little surprised. But that's also I read it I'd like there has to be some sort of catch right. And they've kind of thrown down the dollar there's these two old Kristi dudes that I'm assuming her you know chancellors or you know whatever. And are kind of make in the challenge to other universities so. 600 million I know that's a lot but I think that's to me that sounds pretty low. You only need 600 million going forward and they said that this is in perpetuity like this will not run out while this will be free going forward. Yeah well. Which has one of the better medical schools 60000 tuition there endowment 27 billion this sevenths so this is the point of the NYU guy. Think you are you are charging people sixty grand just to goad to go here. Were not putting doctors where they need to go you have 27. Billion dollars. 600 million is all you need. To make medical school free. How matter you if you graduated from NYU medical school last year and that's what people are saying that that's it that's the only downside of this is there are people are lucky here if you graduate. And you're paid 22% on your 200000. Student loan how pissed are you. Well good for them that's really cool hopefully that leads a trend of other schools following suit is guesses took him twenty years details as loans and I was 25 years ago. So good for you NYU in yeah I hope that if you take a page out of this I'd duck insiders coming up next. It's been since it hasn't Mara the wind cola open outage to a pumpkin ridge route is back. So like normal primetime John thanks for coming in way Israeli army. She. Okay okay. Yeah game. Myself every day I don't mean unbelievable that you limits a behind the double you can and I need front teeth every day goes on meet you unbelievable. You know learning guy. You.