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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, August 16th
Suke has a captain's hat for his houseboat vacation, but is he actually capable of driving it?; Stupid unwritten rules of baseball; Oregon's new football uniforms

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Right not welcome prime time which buys it consumes what is going on. Her appear whenever momentum and unbiased just short of the German and compromise sports done without booze sugar coat oh yeah I think. Links and everyone's life in war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's a canister shot and that he'd do my job. Best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consume on 1080. Oh hole ain't Portland tell you know and on a beautiful Thursday dare I say eight. I'm not because they smoke free eight left sir smoked. Sky here over the roasted the haze has lifted and loan off to the east this is the right here. Think this goes too bad this kind of mobile workers next week I'm supposed to go on vacation now and only chance that home could you yet and we got a houseboat there was supposed to be two in and around a hundred William. Miller did some of that and I 79 best radio show money I see that was one of those things where. I was gonna be able to afford to do it post Pulitzer expensive I have I don't know I don't own one admit never really know why I never even been on one meaning this is my first not to use. Before we go sideways. Which is about to happen do you have to physically pilot the house voter round yes will you be driving the house vote yes. And I knew there may not. And the captains who could. K first of all if you don't have a captain's hat that you darn well better yeah odd I will be disappointed first off. I didn't think. We've had one at the station for like twelve years and I don't know where it came from or why it's there but it's just it's it's set back their kind of likened where we sit. And I don't know where it came from but you better believe that once I rented the boat that captain that came home with me you and I will not take it off the entire time on there years ago years ago at where work we have the the group that I worked for Hannity. We dressed up for Halloween is the theme out and we did Gilligan's Island and I was the fact I tried to be the skipper. And so I needed a captain's hat and so I went to elect a boating store and I bought a captain's hat threw like eighty box. Billy is ridiculous and I did you buy like a little. Because there's two kind of look at just like this give percent is there's this is what would you like what this is it's it's kind of I don't know it's it's smaller your head and then there's like the captain Steve in that note thank you're gonna pilot the Love Boat and that's more like. Like a naval hat yeah like you should saluted to know this was aided looked just like with the skipper wore out. And the reason I'm telling you this story is I no longer have it because it cost eighty dollars of the day after ticket back to get back because they didn't suspect it was for Halloween costumes now. They thought I was out sailing the seven cease. Nevermind it was October 30. Well it is Portland that will that that they should've known but in Portland or and there about that general area. I could captain's hat is probably something you see from time to time now they're out surely to follow walker I don't know if you've ever been out. Like maybe you've got O'Connell I've been out like there's there's. Essex Catholic I don't go out at night right on when you're older and married and I'm old engines sit in my house it's we're I'm not. Out and about on the town known now I'm watching baseball gas I don't call you up on a Friday night NC John. In overdue in the night. In ending the city and all of drinks some night light of day it seemed that happened though doesn't happen but occasionally I'll find myself out like if you go to the Roseland. Or what like the star feeder where regular go see a concert. And there's that area is in game in downtown Portland that he's like by the China town think you do donuts is down there and you know this bars and they they would they warn that thing off. Like you can't drive up and down a couple block radius that they shut it down on the weekends and it's like did little party section. You allowed to that place. You would not blink twice at a captain's hat really no in fact I think if you saw. Or war they captains that I think that would be removed most normal thing you'd see. When you're out there really is in front of Donte' some time and where captain saddens if anyone even looks wise that's just par for the course important as what you're telling me it's it's had no I don't. Eat the he I had no idea I had no idea that captain Chatsworth that acceptable in Portland yet you know it's a whole thing yeah but I don't have one so now. Are missing. I'm a little worried now that they know you have to pilot the boat yes because I I don't know what is driving in a houseboat entail don't know is that I'm assuming there be some sort of like tips and pointers Manuel well what do men do is -- take the boat that we really fast you're in it's something I thought my away. Turn turn but that's my strategy right Josh I say oh boy I'm a sailor went as far from the dock you don't have an idea moment but do all the work its strategy can be human secret or asked I asked just this have you know one that you would have a captain's hat and the you Wear it sure. And Mitt to. Now you take a red marker or crayons or something you know and you name the boats. Fool and think about you write that you know you don't have to go like the boat or SS minnow or whatever. I know your dream has been to have a boat named the old Asian horror it's going to be fantastic get badly. Mean we're going wild liquor maybe not the right family vacation for that name but yeah I gets right up my family's. And I I'd ask you to Wear captains have doubt I would ask you to write the name of the boat on the boat. And I would ask you to have a brief launching ceremony if you don't have to like break a bottle of mart now les on the voter anything. But I would like you to have a brief ceremony at the shore. That may or may not include. It's easy to drill and then that leadership comes in their hands of the stock market beat it's so. And you and ask god TI just dude that now army and then at least one photo. Tweet and you not to match drop and go shirtless now but I would like one captain pose. With the boat with perhaps. Drive in the ship them out into the water waves are away from the dock and hoping with a bottle of captain Morgan's as well now my leg up on some pain right in apparent be involved right I. I I I picture the boats and those video at the front step Brothers and then the and then in the middle of us are watching in this. Somebody says who's striking and then it crashes that's kind of what I'm expecting. It is Fisher's team that you know they're they're they're renting me this note and it no point was there any sort of question here. There is night and I'd driven a bow before party there is no safety course. I just called it was like I'd I'd like to run a boat and their like are right now about this one and so that's good enough in there. Now what we do you want on the I'll take this one in and the way you go. I'm assuming when I get hurt there's some sort of of why good but I got insurance on it. Why is up. This is like 25 bucks today uniting and buddy why is that if you read the boat it's like 300 grand so I was like yeah I'm gonna go ahead and take that you know us see I don't. I don't know what this entails but apparently. On Sunday someone is handing me the keys. To AB eight a boat a houseboat and then for a week I just get to go do whatever it is I want and I'm just gonna assume that it's like Iran Swanson being my permits is going to be peace to pave the says I get to do what I wanna. I'm well. Again have maybe it is maybe the audience out there if you if you've driven attack if you do the house voter round now you know send us and send us some tips here I just. Like does it goes slow enough that you really can't cause any damage and you'd like are you familiar with the law of the sea like his. You pass on the right now I got there right away to somebody I. Literally got enough then. Not just I just gotta know and we'll figure out there look at so it's gonna happen it's gonna happen I'm on the water right international waters nova all bets are off to lead the fight very Izard kick the tires let the voters would see what's happening near a but I I'd call. And asked them about the fires that's the whole thing got started I call down a city it's really bad appear in in Portland ormat. That's I'm supposed to be down there in a week you what's the what's the deal on the lady gave me one of these and Sundays is good some days it's bad then take your pick. It's like well. Can I gave can I get my money back now know what they'll give your money back no you can Bubba do different weak right if you want to do IKEA older you know engagement and says the lows are bad in there and they they just kind of game that I don't think it's great I don't think it's terrible which is karma like nature not terrible. They're telling us they officially dead it's no longer I hazard longer dangerous unless. You know sensitive group. Okay they said that. Your sensitive group which I don't know if you mean like emotionally at the liberty emotionally fragile. But if you are conscientious objector apparently don't go outside. But if you're like your behavior tunnel red blooded. You know American male when you're in halfway decent shape and suppose he gets I think Sprague said he went average dog. That it wasn't that bad so. Barely a fire crisis is over we're no longer all gonna die and parent company captain a boat and I may or may not crashed. LO. Opel will see what happens excited about it though as well you should yeah. Well wasn't going to be able to there might be my giant radio money pistons were so expensive and so I've opposes late that I can't swing it's. And apparently peak season ends like. Like August 20 because I don't mind and I looked at the cost was like. Almost sixty or 65% less so I called down their arms like Kansas and speculate no peak seasons over Italy. So the parent if you get a read a houseboat don't do it. During peak season to date after PCs and genius yet no one wants them like I'm guessing like that industry only exists for like three months it's a limited industry I would imagine yes I'm guessing you can dig quite a sweet deal on one if you will and head down there in the middle of November but it gives you wanna spend Thanksgiving now my house vote. I'm sure you get a steal video if you wanna go and barely in the middle of July 8. And might get go down their for the fourth I'm guessing that's gonna cus your pretty penny it does surprise like the concept of the peak season in the offseason is totally understandable yeah what surprises me is. Debt that's the delineation. August if yes he season. August 21. Nobody sheer well I think some of that is like the end of the year like your kids going back to school here so our kids start school. The next week BI 28 I think yeah so we're gonna try to go to begin in August but Mimi is lazy as I am it takes me awhile to put things together I'm surprised you pulled this off now and so does look at it it's not like you know what that's I'd have to leave like in a week has dropped was was going down to Kansas I can be gone this week. Says that ground may gang go at the end of the month and that's when I looked at the end of the month and it turned out it was soup Rashtchy offseason and spoke. Away I go advantage you yes so rob is back tomorrow six of hazard here today. And then our hotel robs doing next week robs do whatever it is -- a figured if figured out but tomorrow around the window open I think rusty you are you with us tomorrow to right. That is correct lynch will be back. On Mondays and also to be lynch and and rob. What all next week noon tomorrow the B crew minus Mike Lynch lobby back out come on join us will be added the pumpkin ridge but today we got six of hazard. What edge which auto Bieber blitz is gonna join us at 4 o'clock our time doing our whip around the pac twelve. We try to get Adam Jude on of the Seattle times of their beauty Scrooge yeah season he had something come out so we will not be a talk a skis football which I know you're so at that point that's issue game and how is it paying you to know that Washington's about to go on about a ten year round here no he doesn't like twelve I fully expect sanctions to come out any day now in enters fears guess and undermine the Chris Peterson regime looked nobody can be that good in clean so I'm just biding my time I'm ignoring. That there really good and I'm just biding my time until the sanctions bring the program down debts edge which I don't join us at four we'll talk a little organs they can't see what's happened Jonathan Smith intrude on their in Corvallis and see if there's any chance the I don't maybe outtakes and expectations because not a whole lot of thought about this Bieber squad. This year but we come back let's go little baseball or talk about what happened we just are briefly towards the end of the show. It's kind of become the big story with the tuna gets down there in Atlanta and as he announces some really old school baseball guys to mean just sent in like a bunch Jack as this is here across wondering you were suspended six games. I literally saw him miss one start basically did Mattingly get popped right now adding that yet I because there was some talk last night that they wish they were wanting the suspend the pitcher that he enemy and Mattingly because supposedly. Another story around the Mattingly ordered out any talk about old school days I mean our son Donnie baseball is old school with us on now we come back successor here on the fan. It can. Prime time rabbis again soon god sanity though. This happened yesterday is we are you ready to go into the club and that was one of the community junior. Who really along with sort of kid from from Washington their content that to break out. Stars and in media at one of the all what is going to be young stars don't teach kids really. Highly touted prospect these really come up and had a good year for the Braves plays the game with a with a lot of flare a's got a little doubt that that stuff and and that kind of rubs the wrong way good. On and the Braves have been a nice story too. Mean the grazer early yet. You know they didn't we we talked about this but the last two years are kind of the baby braves and and they come of age and are pretty good baseball team. And so this guy's been on a role in the days we hit what home runs and five straight games I think he's led off they've won three of com yeah I played with home homered in five Sherry and then they moved into the leadoff spot and he had homered in three straight so really on a chair hit like 500 over this. Six or seven game show that's really really monetary and was kind of the big story in baseball. Going into yesterday's games you know obviously would he do it again. And that kind of a big deal and apparently. At the mighty Marlins and Don Mattingly decided to not on their watch US is opposes the rumor goes is that Manning Mattingly told the isn't Jose your arena here to do is go out and plunk him and he dropped in 97 in our new name mile an hour fastball into the guy's elbow. In a tune ended up time to leave the game not sounds. He did it is CT scan on he's gonna be okay he's going to be back up in the lineup tonight but. It amazes me then into when he gene were still having to have this debate I give if you said what's the headline story today it would probably not the show minus mean drunk on houseboat. Like that is has kind of become that the biggest story going on right now it's it's become a regular baseball and I and I didn't I didn't when it happened yesterday I was like oh my gosh that. I didn't think it would be this big a deal. And it's really like you said you go to any of the the major baseball web sites it's league it's the lead story right now gang that you still acting into the my favorite is there's a Clinton going around and Keith Hernandez. Who just if you look at Keith Hernandez now lake at one point dugout as an MVP and a stallion. Bigger now and he's just abuses of bloated new Yorker. And he does commentary from the Mets. And apparently in Keith Hernandez thinks that this is great also remember Keith Hernandez is the same guys that women don't belong in dugout. We keep Hernandez says that you you have to do it. Not the Marlins should have done that but they have to do Johnny was too good right it is that you had to dig him out what they've been dominated you in this series and by the way the Marlins are garbage. The Marlins are playing for a damned thing. It's just that the that this has become an argument in the you've got guys like Keith Hernandez these these old school called keepers of the game and this this amazes me that there were 2018 and this is even I think I think it was it might have been Darren or valor maiming Kirch and but someone kind of tweeted about this and saying. This is the equivalent if if you've got a guy on the mound it's dominating you don't. Anything got a per game to the seventh inning you going out to the mound and he name with a back to you judges you bludgeon him because he's too good. How is this eight to meet baseball is such a great game. It's probably my favorite sport but stuff like this it cannot get out of its own way it did they gave it a ball or die. For all the talk that in crap that we pitch football and football understands that there is an audience here. And you're trying to give the audience what they want and you know it's the whole protecting the quarterback thing. I get the back. Changes the way the game is played that no one wants Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers to not be in the game but apparently a Major League Baseball it's not a big deal with your best brightest youngest star. League gets gets hurt. Because he's too good well in you know and I'm looking here's your turn and. As is quote he says quote they're killing you and he's talking about the Braves right now who had been hammered the hammered the Marlins over the course of the series. Once hammered the Marlins their terrible is they're killing you've lost three games in a row he's hit three home runs you have to hit him I'm sorry people are gonna like that you've got to him. Knock him down at least I mean seriously knock him down if you don't hit him he never thrown anybody's header and act he hit him in the back he hit him in the Fannie. In today's game they don't throw at hitters enough I don't think hitters know. So they in our I don't think the hitters know so they don't know how to get out of the way of the ball and know it's coming. So. Eat your your argument again a last place Miami Marlins team right is getting bludgeoned by the first place Atlanta Braves. And arguably the did that the most talented rookie. In major is not arguably the most talented rookie in baseball and you're going to hurt him. You're going to take in 9798. Mile an hour fastball. And you're gonna throw it out them but it's not a big deal because you gonna aim it is Fannie. What do you hit him in the ribs and you break his ribs but if you break his elbow and he's out for a month he's out for two months. All because of the garbage Miami Marlins need to send some sort of message. And when what does that do restrict the guy out don't make you play any better it's. It's one of those things that. You know. Again I love baseball it's my it is my favorite sport. And I I tend to agree more but I like the unwritten rules of baseball I like I like that kind of stuff. But this is good this is kind of silly I I agree with us. It's silly that you come out and you plunked Escude first. It's it's just silly and but it does this I'll say this it doesn't surprise me. That guys like Hernandez. And and cut quote unquote the old school baseball guys this reaction doesn't surprise me. If you're probably surprised me that we haven't heard more. People come out in favor I guess Chipper Jones came out and he's braves and obviously sticking up for the Braves but he came out blasted Hernandez. They said the Sudeikis is on his old school it is but he brought the fact that Jason Jacob to ground right now I did the best pitcher in baseball right and you know can hit him. So is it OK to go out now win win the grounds that at the plate right and if he's at the dish in the National League hitting Susan okay now. To go and hit do go and hit him to hit him in the back that he can't pitch against you whether that be considered gutless now. Because that's their Freddie Freeman who's the Braves first baseman called this gutless. And I I just I can't see this going on in any other sport. And better you today Tex I'm 52 after a five discusses I don't understand why baseball gets bashed this this happens in every sport football basketball hockey. They're trying to set the young guys in their place no this doesn't happen in every other sport it. It doesn't feel like it does I mean I don't. And may be an idiot what is right and that's kind of what I'm thinking is is may be. You know maybe baseball is more pronounced because your stand out there alone in their you know the batters of their loan in the picture in the ball I think. Within the context of football it's adding there's violence on every play Pete early and so. How do you judge made immediate maybe in football somebody is going over to the middle a man hit so that new receiver extra hard in the ribs struck me maybe that does happen. But it sure feels like this old school. Play the game this way these old keepers of the game Keith Hernandez tied it sure feels more pronounced in baseball and we see it more often for sure. It's it's cheap. Ticket package it's I don't understand how that's part of the game you're intentionally trying to hurt something. So you're you're telling me in football that you know O'Dell Beckham goes over the middle and we just deliberately have a guy dislike were gonna go ahead hunt for. Were dead Gregg Williams they know football bowl pass that and that's why I said I give full awesome credit in this way. Realize. A number of years ago and some people don't like it before I realized that did it did the heart of this. We don't wanna think this sports is somehow romanticizing can't change. And the NFL better than anyone else. Realize that this is not some sort of national pastime religion this is a business. It's a billion dollar business. And we're going to try to give the fans the best product that they wanna see and they figured out that guy is being carted off the field on stretchers. Guys got rain from head trauma guys blowing out knees quarterbacks and and having to playback of quarterbacks was not what they want. And I I at least I'd I I I applaud them for that in mesa baseball suspended the guy from the Marlins a six games that's why across just one start. I'd like to see measly baseball gets to meet baseball could get rid of this with one swipe of the pent. You intentionally hurt someone great what are what is though the first PD suspension was it 5060 games and you throw a guy intentionally ending rate here's here's fifty games it's army it's gone tomorrow. It cannot just got 8080. You know so with the aid having used to be fifty given you know you give someone you start handed out 3040 game suspensions and eliminates this and let me ask questions. If you got rid of this in baseball if you got rid of intentionally throwing at some. Because they're good or somehow they've pissed you off by hitting a home run. Is again I just find the most laughable thing ever that we want to hurt you because you're good at what you do. How does that change baseball for the worse and to the Keith Hernandez is in the world in the old school baseball guys and that that's you know 55 through five but you today tax on tummy in what way does that hurt based. I don't I don't think that it does I think he just. And and you have these people in every sport we talked about it a little yesterday you have the whole it was better in the old days right now. You have that crowd and and there in every sport I mean how often hear that him all back in the NBA back and you know when Jordan was playing or magic and bird or plane it was a different game it was a better game. Right and you have that in every sport so. I don't think that you kin. Regulate that out you're just you know always fast forward thirty years and the new generation there will be people now saying no back when I grew up watching the blazers the game was played this way so I don't think you can ever get rid of it. And I don't know that you can yet. Let me ask you this so. Clearly he did it on purpose clearly he comes out so let's say that he waits till the second at bat and he waits tell it's a 21 count. And he wants him in the back and it's not how do you regulate what's intentional I mean with if you wanted to Heidi you can hide it now right guys get hit that happens but. Clearly this was. Intention there is that yesterday that said date the fastball was 97 point five which is the fastest first pitch. That he had thrown all your so he geared it up up. He geared it up and email and I've been trying to hit him in the wrist and heard him use her you listen and a massive atlas that he was gonna send a message so I don't believe could regulate that out of the game. And I don't know they you're ever gonna get rid of the people that you know the Keith Hernandez is out there and all I don't know that you're gonna ever get rid of that so. It is kind of funny that it's this biggest story. But. We'll talk about we. Come back Texas your thoughts Betty today that the better you today takes on 55 after a five to answer that the difference between intentional and intent to make content can be a hard thing. Tube to prove our harping to figure out but I don't think that's a reason to not make the attempt that we come back six as a here on the fence. When I think it's Hannity program. Part of about the current situation and their Ronald O'Connor junior getting plunked. You re a good pitcher did that hit and got six games days of basically one maybe two starts. And Paula I mean you push start rushing game he may not miss a start yeah now you good. Did depending on the you know what their schedule is brilliantly through yesterday it. That's always a side note that's always. Bothered me yeah you get six games which ends a mean one star what if an energy apparently because going to be five disappoint they you could hit the elbow you break a bone. But Gary judges out an Indian has been out a muzzle the with a bust. What happened to come now yeah I mean you know god and it was an intentional but I note up onto the risk fractured now it just turned out that he was gonna get popped for some melts anyway but. Yeah that's always bothered me I'm not sure why baseball hasn't fixed that I mean I can't that's just glaring right and it comes up every time a pitcher gets suspended you. In order to really impact a pitcher. You have to suspend them for fifteen games yes and and I don't know that they have a suspension that. I just I don't heavy I just feel like your baseball wanted to that they would eliminate this they feel like I filling most other sports have ever made in the temperature to a ball in this way in baseball has not an Indian you brought up in intent write. Clearly this was on purpose mean there's there's no doubt about that he said what if you weighed in and help the second and are you could. You could do it in a way up that you could have plausible that liability if you view gear up and thrown ninetieth on the first patient plunk him. Hard to it's hard to say that it wasn't intentional but again if you wait in do an about. And new hit an amendment to one can army leave way to somebody's on mean you can do it in a way now that you could have deny ability. And I think there's the difference. Between that and and what happened in and I get. I get maybe it's it's it's a little convoluted to say at least make them work for it but I do think that there is an element to it's it's that easy to do. To tell Heidi and you're just blatantly giving US few that double birds. Right like we we you brought up an info while going over the middle right you can you can go lay someone out. And there's the difference between lanes I'm not even if you're looking for them indicate that we info we call the taken a number right. You like hey that mother you know whatever 54 I get a chance I'm gonna cut outs right he comes there ought to blitz ongoing law and that happens all the happens all the time. I think there's a difference between that and saying hey. I'm gonna wait till after the play and he standard by the huddle. And I'm gonna go dive for a lag. And I get maybe you're doing that did that mean sets in the same thing but to me there is a difference in intent and I think you can clearly see when intent matters. If you do a good enough job to hide intent fine then you get away with it but when you come out and the lately cheap shots someone to the point of the year trying to hurt them. And you can't tell me. Did that they keep Hernandez's of the world that when you throw something in 9790. Miles an hour whether I hit you in the ass with a hitch in the back. What is the intent of that to hurt she hurried you know argued about a hey I don't wanna hurt him that bad right. Imagine if that happened in any other sport and what we're trying to do on that are trying to hurt him. Sort of put enough for the game. I don't want to like break a bone or anything. It's just it's it's ridiculous that that exists or to meet intent does matter. And I think the U should legislate based on intent you plunk someone inside and there's some question I get the game a starter to. But when you clearly know that someone sent out to give that guy at fuel. Sit his ass down sit him down for thirty games sitting down for forty games and make him missing him slow starts and all of it this. Has some new wide this bothers me so much but the fact it was a last place team in the first place team really gets picture. Mean to dissent for Keith Hernandez to say that they beat you three hero and that they're killing you. Everyone's killing you you're the Marlins. You're in last place your garbage team you're what. Looking at your twenty games back or whatever it is you're 22 back of the Braves and you're gonna go out and plunked him possibly take out. Arguably their second best player. Yeah I just. I agree I just I just don't think you can ever. Legislate intent I just don't think cam and you can cheap shots. Well so if someone send it around on a football the other and hockey game and and you come up and and there's no one around and it's behind the play and you go ahead someone head. Picture this you can legislate intense guy you can it's I guess it's a little bit different when you're talking about. You know a pitch and these guys are the best in the world but even the best in the world miss and you and I were at a game last year. Where hander got hit in the face finding ground yeah there's no intent there now and you can see at the moment tablet at the mall without ball you know hit him. The ground like went down to the ground you could tell that's and saint intent isn't that hard to figure out no I really probably is but it. Who do you want an again where I'm switching sports here again. With with the dumpster fire that has been the NFL doling out punishment do you really want Goodell sitting there are dealing with and and yes I do when I I. I say this all the time in college football again we're jumping around here doing. Apples to oranges or apples agree fruits or whatever it is we won't do it it's the larger topic of ovarian or is it happened in baseball. You know we have the text line is full of people talking about other sports so. It's a bigger sports topic and it happens in other sports it's just. Maybe more visible in baseball I don't know jurors are in college so. All the time and I say I appreciate their tried to get rid of that helmet come. You. Helmet helmet hits that a cause of blogs and rejection right targeting is an automatic injection. And I. Hate that because I think intent should 100%. Come into play. You see it all the time in Indian college football where receivers going over the middle DB is coming in to try to break up or or to make a tackle. And he starts his launch angle and he's going in there seer catch the ball what is the receiver do when he realized is about to get it he goes down there right you curl up a little picture and NASDAQ go to guy goes down. The the impact. Shrinks. You know foam from a height and keep you know a footer to. And the DB who is aiming for the guys back or chest ends up hitting him where. In the helmet and it's gone because by the letter of the law it's helmet to helmet. I I have no problem do you wanna say that's a fifteen yard penalty but intent. Should 100%. Come into that I should be able to look at that and say there's no way he intended. That to be a dirty hit he did not intend for that to BH helmet to helmet hit. As opposed like the moments on the pre season with the Seahawks cure remember the guy's name from them from the colts. That guy had time to size him up lowered his helmet. And and and went in that was a conscious decision I'm meeting with the top in my helmet I can look at the film and say there is intent there. And so yeah I do want officials I do want. People that are that are are making these sorts of decisions to take intent into it. Incidental contact that resulted in injury and n.'s Libyan. A bad collision. Is a lot different than one where someone sets out to. To hurt someone I just don't think there's any place in any sport. For a guy to say you're better than I am and so my solution to it is I'm going to intentionally hurt our out of that. You know that even bothers me more then then just like the heat of the moment. AK you know two guys going out at one guy gets little hot the other guys (%expletive) them off in any does something that he probably shouldn't you know again I was chief. Sure I can almost live what that more than I can you're better than me. So here I'm just gonna I'm just gonna church this leaves a real. Bad taste my turn now understandable I just don't. One of those murky areas that I don't know. I don't know the right answer for that I don't know idea and I deregulated the right way I don't know how you legislated the right way. I don't think you'll ever get. Old school. Fan of whatever sport out of the way there she is going to be that group of people I knew when this happened yesterday you'd have half the people saying no this is is egregious. You have half the people say and you know teach him to get out of the way. That news and Betty today Tex lines as funny coming from got a good look at guys needing college and has no qualms about it yeah I did that and I by the way I should have been kicked out of that game. I'm a percent. There is added that we've we've told a story before we are playing universe demise of Wyoming at a bus that ankle and the guy kept trying to kick me in it. And and I did I was I was pissed he can't try and do perversely. Go after that that foot and was telling me about it and I did I took a cheap shot on him and I did end up hurt him and you know looking back on it boy I got Mikey dance that's not so good. But at the time absolutely I was like hey as few you're gonna army under the charter a year older. Should I've been kicked out of drag a 100%. Sure can't believe that I wasn't. You know this and let's say there's just there's no place for. Let's say that you and you can't be guilty giving you get caught up in the moment and those sorts of things. But again is there a place for that should that have been okay judge them I well like hours trying to hurt me so I went heard him say no harm no foul. No she. Just go back to the gladiator days and back at middle of the second quarter just randomly release tiger is out on the field and somebody gets mauled they get mauled. I'm all in let's do that how about that. What was the uniform. When we come back because someone released. Their uniforms the season any kind of bobbled the Internet boy but talk more about may be that the T shirts to see sort insurance wise on the talk about the cost of the side pressure that we come back in the low beaver football coming up and Andy edge image out of of beaver blitz at 4 o'clock six hazard here in the fan. What type chicken soup productivity growth and quotas ahead of the curve on a lot of things. And the brandy I do not think there is a better brands. In college football then org. There's bigger brands Texas Alabama Ohio State. There's not a better Brandt then what organ has has done in India and it's it's ninety I mean an end as everyone tries to copy impact. Under armor today came out and released. Yeah of their uniforms for the Notre Dame gaming Yankee Stadium now holy hell that's a thing. One days to act on its pinstripes but this is they make these releasing of the uniforms right this is that this is the thing every school in the country now. Tragedy this wash estate did discover years ago you'd does it mean. Almost everyone does it now where once they figure out what they're gonna Wear for white game the beavers did this I think it's an October they're doing the retro be retired I should think that's really cool I'm. It's he shoots deal when they release there is. Mean it's it's national headlines. It's amazing to me looking back in and not not being in the back when I played guy but looking back at how he used to be now. And seen how it is now. It is unbelievably different and it's a necessity. You have to do it the kids love it it's a part of like it's a part of recruiting now kids care. How many different uniforms they get to Wear what kind of shoes in my gimmick you know how many different helmets I tell this story all the time. I played a dead issue is there five years. We were the same uniforms every single year when I was a senior for one game they took the stickers off the helmet. And they put the logo that's on their now exist at the cursor cougars yeah we had the script cougars which I still love now. And that was the big change and we lost our ass like that like all my gosh stickers we get new stickers on the helmet and like it was a big like we came around guys and the other team we're like hey look they Gandhi's. They got new stickers like we can get new shoes there was no different colored Jersey there was no alternative black uniform. You wore crimson and and you wore white and that's what you war and one game we got stickers and then organ comes along. And with Nike totally wreath dumps it on it's it may be and I don't know that it gets enough credit. It may be one of the single most landscape defining moves. That any team has ever done in any sport. And it started right here with organ and Nike they have totally revolutionized. Almost every team in the country you if you were talking rather schedule released USC. Either way USC did was pretty kickass a series on US this was this was a while back remember where we're out maybe it wherever at Safeco. But I showed this in view the USC's Twitter accounts and at this this big via Sid breaking news USC release is color scheme for all the home games this year. And it was there's six guys lined up. And they were all wearing the same Munich sexy beautiful headed said spoiler alert a lot of cardinal and gold now as like the tip of the cap got a pretty cool they're one of the few teams that did that doesn't change Alabama doesn't change. USC hasn't changed even like Ohio State like Michigan in a day they mix it up and I narrative release their horrific. It's it's a combination of the Yankees and and Notre Dame it is awful not to and then organ released there is today and seems to like organs except for they and they use giant braille numbers. Are you you old people telephones. Yeah they worry they keep you can't see into the each number on the phone is like a square half acre it's like that they're giant numbers yes you can see them from space if you're broadcasting the game from space yes you can tell that number 97 made the tackle. And by the way how Jalen jokes is arms now. Yeah I guarantee he did some push ups or for that photo shoot a low of course he repeated. And you'll notice. There's no linemen now photo shoot no linemen don't IC I don't think the -- care as much because Lyman are gonna look good any of this now there's just not Palin jokes is the guiding gets off the bus first now he's the guy hey I want you locked up first look at the teams see because he looks like he's ready to murder yeah he looks good the good there's dale though they don't for urban this year there's a green there's a black a white and yellow. The wings are back on the helmet. But no metallic relief I guess the day is the white one has a metallic but there's a matte black there's the whatever that neon yellow. Kind of a fluorescent green and in the why are good minus the you know the numbers good. The U forums are for me in the uniforms aren't for you and and that's that's ultimately what you know you kind of come to understand is if nobody really cares what you and I are sitting here doing it apparently. If you're eighteen or nineteen years old and trying to figure out where you wanna go play cultural ball. This is a big deal now and the fact that organ can roll out stuff like this every year again it's huge for them and it's. At just about every team does it in and they copy your again and in its credit to them it's it's an amazing transition. On the landscape of cultural ball. And episode for the most part I. Good I think they do a good job. Now some of the early organ stuff really bother and I think hearing today on bond and I've thought those were stupid but lately. You know more often than not when organ rolls out on the field I'm like all right OK that looks pretty sweet but to a larger extent they released the sideline here. So like when you're not playing with the coaches are going to be wearing and Matt cram 24/7 he he tweeted this out. Often in him this is how like you know you're greedy old me complain about the cost of things. In my mind to swisher should cost about thirty boxed her good likelihood it's what you're right 3040 bucks wrong. Just nowadays are like eighty bucks standard right minimum me on the eighty. Mostly teacher so I ninety sure like if you were hurt if you want the coaches. That's right T shirt thirty bucks right long sleeved drive fit Nike T shirt thirty bucks correct. You'd think wording as long sleeved T shirt that T shirt. 150 dollars. Why. For the long sleeved Nike team or didn't he. Against people can't afford to see animals are are against people are gonna pay 150. Bucks. I deem that's ridiculous wow that's some stuff is really nice indeed north all space age fabric and all that happened. And it's it's and our team if you're a fan and you by the 150 dollar teacher do you you to stand on the settlement I feel like he showed us. Is that would be worth it to me I could device with a 150 dollars on a long sleeved T shirt yes I feel like I should get to run down on the kick off for something. But maybe in a blowout but it should get a blow a lot of pressure given the runaway hit the Tebow may be best the next wave it in or you gears and look Morgan revolutionize the uniform mean maybe that's next right now by this gear and we'll let you block for a field goal let's talk a T shirt as they get that's a closer. Old known known not that cool and I think what I've I've done this 'cause I really like some of the Nike workout gear it's it's really nice stuff sure. And they've got these. Come a long sleeve but they have a dance underneath him in the back and they're really good thank you view when I read a biker work out whatever. The same thing they're so expensive so what I taken to view is this bullet. Thank you go to like fanatics or some users like to clearance rack. And you don't care what team is if you by the normal won the played one it's like a hundred bucks. And if you buy the organ whine like a 150 bucks but. I bought a Drexel one. And a body VCU. Twenty so today I expect a picnic if it. Are right. I don't know if that solves the problem for organ fans saw. But Virginia commonwealth fans are loved and that's right cities ceemea riding my bike is a good chance that I'm rocket at Drexel long sleeved Nike derive fit thing and that's sure it is fantastic. And I could give a damn I have no word Drexel is but the cost was twenty bucks and narrow right there. Broad Drexel. Dragons. I'd I guess I'm Luka yeah nice and I support Drexel and I support VCU's simply because they were on the clearance rack. Are we come back a whimper on the pac twelve continues engine which I know beaver blitz we'll talk a little organ state football we come back prime diamond fan.