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Thursday, August 16th's Angie Machado gives a preview of Oregon State football; What would it take for Oregon State to beat Ohio State?; Chip Kelly & UCLA getting zero respect; In the News: dude lost on Mt. St. Helens found, RIP Aretha Franklin, scientists found super old galaxies

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If you can find that time yeah. You can find the time and spin when you ask who is the right time we're advised against us. What they'll bought steroids and all clubs. Big yeah yeah. This is primetime. And I do. You are source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here our eyes and dropped in Jason's a candidate quit trying to and intimidate you. And no route that we have in the shadows. As we continue our whip around the pac twelve we checked in up in the Lewis we've got you Jeanne cover gonna go to Seattle hopefully you're in the next year to. And now it's go down to Corvallis with a gal they can school you in the ways of football she is the publisher and owner of beaver blitz dot com front of the programming and Jimmy John oh. Education they can go minutes whether us. Of course how are you guys. We're doing. And hello how are things going here what are we week two of the Jonathan Smith error I guess maybe week three officially. Get it gets finished that we could tomorrow like officially that last bit we view that it's going you know it. To pick on her for me in the media because we can watch practice and that wasn't the case that the task easier than in the but the the but by a rookie out. In that Biden has changed in Corvallis that but as adding. But alerting LA nodded and how to beat still have a have a way to help. How bad did it get at the end with with Gary Anderson I think sometimes we. And we don't full year pre he paid the level of you know what storm that that happened there at the end of that year. It was bad it was so back edge but the things that come out here on your hockey players were players parent. That just went by that was going on there. In other there are players that. That did any you know you want to be as and it didn't look like are typically low going on players. But they really didn't mean they had different culture talent in our way to doing paint. BP at at linebacker coach they went they had like Eric made it different ways that they did. Oaks it would it would bat the guise and imprint but you know. Count all on gravity more they it was a fun though that culture change to the capitol on a pass you know eight night on has been. One of the biggest hurdles first met that ballot count now I mean obviously it's a bargain that either I'm happier or you know that he bet. What we've been hearing it but I don't think on again and they're they're putting trust their coach. And you as an outsider and a mere member of the media that's down there and you get to see this what what visibly do you notice that has led to this change you mention the guys are having more fun. NM NM bought into this what what does coach Smith doing that you can see that you didn't see before under the old regime. Yet it and intricate reading it to watch a lot of practice for an orgy but what we heard a lot of yelling get greedy the last of the old regime in. You watch the coaches that like put politics for example workers that are these entered its teachers and they're that I yelling necessarily about screaming. But it's a way to teaching and it it's interesting you a couple of bad but LP tapping stopped right middle and every view it and explain exactly how they want it done and armed to the darkest and authority that the coordinator had come right back to. The mantle and these guys every single bit Pakistan regarding proper tackling technique. And that might sound real rudimentary but you know at. It's always good to have Rick pressures and a lot of it can make you work pot proper tackling well so I'm they're going right back to the fundamental. You mean you go back when your turn to rebuild them and you go back to the building blocks of this and lot is expected out of Morgan State because of of how it went last year and I've never seen coach is openly hate each other like we. I honestly have never seen it I've never seen two options outwardly bitch and moan about each others received from the head coach and. Etiquette. Meet a lot of it so. Chance. That maybe we are sleeping a little bit and I'm not saying they win eight games in name you know compete in the pac twelve north by a is there a chance that were sleeping on on this team being better then then what anyone thinks simply because. Of the environment and and not being put in a position to succeed. Yeah I mean I only that they think that he will surprise people they're still somebody question but he can't apply to it the big question quarterback. You know and I hit a huge question. And it injury already during bulking up of credit you know send out especially at quarterback position it's an area that. But we didn't eat because he'll debate at all and that's you know every key. You know pac twelve have injury could electric park campus and such but like you guys I look at the schedule let it get to that podcast with amp. Pat pat pat spoke podcast we are now we can. You'll like pipes by their bottom. People Brandon how poverty could speed and you know I write you I think early crowd the theater critic beeper economic. Security went to the early part because the people that remember it's brutal. They have at the home they go on the road in upper into watching it or call. So that November it is brutal at. And I can be sneaking you know I went against that Arizona Arizona State possibly Washington State oak. Its interest I you know I team I think on us at the F perspective. Being able to look at achievement the improvement. Is the biggest thing they need to do this year. I gap between 23 games. It. Is gluten that the quarterback or is this. Is this really is still still up in the air. You don't because you asked me that a week ago I that caught a lot. Can't down carnival out I thought he was the product quarterback could be in the brain that opened up talking out. The strongest candidate that change can really settled and then the end of air and it last week into the week in Korea the scrimmage cheek look better joke. You know he'd probably you know could you know people not that. In my opinion yet there are waiting around there that what you eat and he's got to hate this job that. I would like them everything I could make an early ballot I would probably go ahead need to try to tackle and that chemistry. Retired and human shadow of a beaver blitz any standouts any any surprises here that you may be in the UD NC count on that could be some household names as we we moved towards the regular season. I look couple of refreshment that have been huge and I had big expectations or can market opportunity that they running back at that committee into at January beavers. Yet they had a blew up that last week US the operative at the opera and back aren't they cute it already trigger a look at how. Front car to head over a hundred yards in the scrimmage. Deathly wanna watch and then but what is it and it came out of nowhere I thought I should say that gets in he looked at it to I have Irish. I hear out of outside of all the logic it. Really didn't have helicopters and hit a body that beat guys repeat her and that definitely he definitely earned playing time here. And then how is that the health and I know some guys have been chipped up what is kind of is the health as you rolling your ex or what 82 weeks away from from my bullets here. Yeah I yeah I hit it OK and it is. Be expected right now I need more rest as they get a Sherwood is back about eight mute aren't they started last year at the true freshman a couple of quarters. It legally entered had a bit. Often on BP practice at. No Tokyo I'd be tight in the end. Working his way back from his injuries so you should be okay but it's a matter matter they teach at that they are hotter or our. Ruined and read her stuff beaver blitz dot com if you it's funny one stop shop and I mean you know about organs they could do a great job. Injury appreciate you're gonna go minutes force. The U located at organ stayed in its. This is this is going to be a tough year. Mean it's and there's no other way to no matter how many people you'd have to mean just. The people that follow that program you know weekend and week out and and you know you're gonna try to get deposit has been from when you here. You're literally hearing from the ground you are when you hear. And maybe steal wind you know you're there at the end is this I I have a feeling this is gonna be tough there's part of me went into this year thinking. It was so toxic last year and in. I nothing nice I I've never seen in quite like in that the 5060 years I've been doing this then maybe we undervalued. Some about but did the people that are close to the program really do you'd get the sense that they are building from scratch and and the thing that the thing that I heard and you say that you should be encouraged about if you're Bieber fan is is that that it does appear the culture is changing. And there is. You don't EU EU I wonder how much of that has to do with the fact that you know Jonathan Smith is a former beaver kind of a local hero type of there and he's come in and has some credibility. But you know one of the things when your building from ground zero as you have to flush all that negativity first before you can start building you really have to tear down. And I've always said in this and you see this in in football all the time. In less you just have the studs right unless you just have the athletes. It Rick if you give it got a bunch of guys that low wanna play for their coach Ryan I'm gonna go run through a brick wall for that guy. That can make a huge difference and it sounds like that's the kind of culture that Smith is building down there she talked about some of the coaches. Pope is hard it's a hard thing to do right it's physically hard you good it's a grind you go out there and you play every day you get hurt he had banged up and it's hot. And and it sucks there's a lot of that that sucks and if you're just getting screamed down in yelled out on top of that. Why would you want a plea for those guys so it's encouraging to me that you hear things like their teaching and their one on one with these kids in the kids are really liking some of these coaches. And the culture's changing. Might not see it this year I think you'll see improvement. But I think this is the kind of thing to you should be excited for because down the road as they get those athletes and they get those recruits. This is the kind of culture that you'll see pay off in Tony 9020 joining. Because when you look at in all honesty from what you saw last year David Morse is their best player of the key has chance to maybe put on Sundays but yeah we talk about difference makers. Tom DeLay maybe the tide and at that there's not enough difference makers on Aureus State's roster. And eventually he said you have to find guys at every level that are difference makers. And we saw this a couple of years ago when you Dublin and Washington State had a gonna go through the rebuilding when they hit rock bottom with the same thing when you went and watched them play he said there are not difference makers. On this team. When org went through their swooned. And you looked on the defense side of the ball there was not difference makers you could go at each level of the defense to say where are the NFL guys. Where the all pac twelve guys and they just weren't there in the pac twelve you have to have players you have to in order states is and have enough of them yet. So hopefully you know we see some improvement I just don't know wins and losses and unfortunately game one would be. This place called it's now at. May be a bit rough are we come back into ways to go this we talk a little NFL does and Dez Bryant news. Also really good piece on Chip Kelly in ESP and today we've talked about Charles and his return to the pac twelve I think that's the most significant thing. And cause report that no one's talking about us a little football we come back primetime and fan. I. Prime time where Isaac can sue god sanity Beltran. Stick with our pac twelve theme here is where a couple weeks away for meaningful football. Might be a little longer wait for meaningful organs they football. Good how baby steps and choose the baby steps that I. They're headed in the right direction I don't ideas they just like I love when teams play big nonconference games led. Can you exit too late to back out of Ohio State. Well senate could. Could are no you know I can't I don't know where you're gonna go there but the answer is no are you gonna make an argument that that's going to be competitive no I don't think they can win I don't think it'll leave it be that competitive when I'm when I'm about to say is. Can you know it's not like it's not like Ohio State has had no distractions. It's not like they take organs these serious. It's not like this is their what their pro this is the big what they're preparing for so is there any way no. Oman but to get caught and I'm gonna keep answered is there any way the V exhilarated at halftime oh you're saying it's over by half. It's a home for the game starts OK I made this argument and also look this by you. And I know I wasn't being I wasn't trying to be a wise ass here. I said that win when their Urban Meyer I think apple is that Obama's what we could have gone right out of weeks because I think Sunday is two weeks by the way he's gonna keep his job. Urban Meyer's Nike and yet I'm seeing don't give. Urban add thirty million dollars a day on its stand blood but I imagine this that you could you could suspend Urban Meyer. You can fire Urban Meyer and you can install Isaac crop. As they head coach at the Ohio state university. And I would still lay the points. Against the beavers what do Herman Myer was playing quarterback for us today. I bet. They don't cover. But they still win so Oregon Ohio State which Urban Meyer now yes playing quarterback yes still beats Oregon State by two touchdown really yes interest in you do saying he can just hand off the hand off the football we had lined up in double tight end Stanford formation and just endless turnaround at dobbins and just be like ago. Got a medication if you stack eleven guys on the bucks off her I can still third go out right. Is and hey you run as fast as you can that way and I'm gonna throw the ball up to you if if that happens in Ohio State if Urban Meyer throws ten passes. Coming to see complete. While assuming that they're all going to be either bubble screens on say here's an out and deep balls he's there in and out at least 14 out of ten. Really Eagles or for test your claim we need to give it shuttled back on the phone here if you're claiming that Urban Meyer goes four for ten against the beavers. You try that those don't know you've been do you think that is that is where rob went we haven't heard much from the summer. He's yeah and you might be seriously you could line up as you could put. I could install you is the head coach of Ohio State and all you have to do is turn to your coordinator is BI guys not here to give away our right. Gonna do a little fun isn't. Gonna bring up a practice day with the schedules got about we're gonna break down getting give you don't look guys on me. Let's go do this I'm I believe I believe like you coach hostage to to win as I'm just saying head coach playing quarterback yes. And you're telling me they win and he completes four and when we we're getting ready to play in the Super Bowl against the either raiders John gruden played quarterback in practice. That's Turkey and move around I chairman Myers still got a little left in the tank. He's he's a wider re sort of spry guy ate or it's not my gleacher and and I begged to know is that why I am not not even meg getting they would win with Urban Meyer record okay. Turnaround and hand the ball off. Run John. They barely beat Portland State last year and this should not. Had beaten port Wednesday understand and they're facing arguably the most talented team in the country I'm Diebler saying that this Ohio. It's they team as one of the more tout the ones they've had there she it's tried to drum up some suspense. Now. I'm out now or someone that that I think it should have some suspense are adamant in really does there's a really good piece if you wanted to read it. It's a lengthy one but it's in ESPN I was the front page devious and icons on anymore now. I'm yet to scored down a little bit and that is Chip Kelly. I I was looking into the pre season polls no one has used to they doing anything now. Thank everyone and really talking about them they haven't finishing fourth now in in the south. That it's it's what USC and then Arizona Utah and then UCLA. And I I just think that that is there really intriguing Dane did the title of the piece is chip Kelly's back and he's looking to dominate. And I wonder how much were all sleeping on Chip Kelly. He came in and that I get the big game machine she's been away for for what five years. I just think back to what he did it organ he wasn't just beating people he murdered people. Mean slaughtered. Them and now he's going to new UCLA team that I get. You know has some holes and it. But that's used you eighteen it has been a topped referred recruiter year ending year out for the last ten years it's not like he doesn't have talent there. And I slid to point out the Chip Kelly almost won a national championship would Darren Thomas is his quarterback. When he was running roughshod over people it was would Jeremiah almost solely who's in the CFL and Darren Thomas who couldn't win the starting job with the Portland steel. CNET and that's interest in design I am one of the is that in the camp that. He's eight he's not going to be that big difference anymore in and we can talk about that on the on the other side because you're right everything you just said is right. I just happened to think that. Well we conduct I don't think he's gonna come in and set the world on fire again. I see and that's I am I'm intrigued by dole seems to do it either and I get the game has changed its everyone runs the blur now. You disagree you read this piece and it reminds you. That he smarter. Then other people will find out we'll find out but you go back even in the NFL people act like that was a washout he won ten games the NFL in his office was really good. In the NFL didn't work long term because of player personnel decisions and all that. Just something something tells me that that I have I have a gut feeling the UCLA has a little bit of a nephew for a lot of people this year. And that no one's thinking anything about them and then Chip Kelly in that squad down there or are gonna surprise. Mean I and and maybe I'm completely off his nodes expecting maybe takes couple years to take kinda get that thing turned around. That is a guy that. Has not failed many places and how leaky really failed in Philadelphia film Simpson scale. That one but that was you know as kind of circumstances beyond just egg on the situation there but he did not fail in Philadelphia and he sure as hell didn't fail in in organ and now he's coming to California with the at least with the athletes. Betty had it end organ making up the teeny had to go and talent for sure but the talent and I am really really interest I think that's the one story line in the pac twelve. That no one's talking about. And at the time Chip Kelly left would anyone argue that he was a top five coach in college football now it's pretty obvious pretty obvious. Our top five coaches in college of and how we got what Saban Meyer Chris Peterson. You wanna go down below. I don't know if you want a third David Shaw Harbaugh whoever yeah you wanted to kind of throw out there is probably where the list starts or one of those top fives if one of those were coming back in taking over a program in the does. The second or is it LA first or second medium market. Marrow I think a bigger number one my serve its new Yorker LA but if you took one of those guys and you dropped him smack dab into that market. EU would think it would just be it would it would cause a mammoth roar and cultural officer. In and it hasn't it hasn't when chip and I think that's and that's interest. Are we come back we've got to forcing some sad news today at the entertainment world. I also wanna get to the the guys stranded on Mount Hood is that the more I read about the story the morgue kind of blown away by in the news when we come back. Primetime with Isaac and soup god 1080 Beltran. It is August 6 heat. 2000 any team. And that means all the time we can't go there yet. It's not August 16 I think it is still still. We set to hold weight holding pattern. Pay no attention dads are waiting now now at its August 16 in the year are the words when he eighteen now it is time for in the news. Now we did not. Get to this story I don't know member I don't know what we get derailed by Betty you read about the the Ohio broke. That was stuck on announcing Allen's yeah that these guys can't beat guy and a flip flop man and B yeah read about this but I'm glad that he's alive you know but also the same time I wanna give them the real teacher. What does. Hell. Good guy comes here Vermont Ohio to visit some friends. Any decides well there are words to borrow there's Subaru which by the way makes total sense and it tasted their seed let back. Apparently is equality vehicle. Any is it crews have to mount saint helens and hype around in some flip flops when swisher around in his teeth is. The mound and you know is that disrespectful the melting now I feel like it is a little bit now it is because they feel like respect goes two ways they sometimes your. I can in the gorge. And you see the guy needs Wear like a thousand dollars and REI gear he's got the two sticks in your meanwhile like my twelve year old. Is worth some jellies and high gear on the same path you like really did. But you're gonna go explore mount saint helens on your own. And you wares and TV news. And just this throws on DA is trees around gamble maybe it was just kind of belittle. Maybe this is little walkabout so his name was Maggie Metheny he's forty years old of Warren Ohio we set up for a hike. And he was not there for a week. And he said he's being treated mostly for dehydration. And I must stay overnight but he was all cut up and bruised because he blew out both of flops did you. Did he did that got popped up to blow. So we think crews are out there any did he survived on berries. Anyways chased by an angry swarm of bees so he said that he hunted he hunted down killed some bees any aid Beason varies for a week. And here's the thing. They found him. Less than three miles from his hall two point seven miles as the crow flies. Are you mocking that that's not far enough away that he last paints. OK let's just let's play a piece from Ohio guy mount saint helens. Never been there the question is how easy is it to get lost up there. I would imagine if you just stick to the trails and things you'd be okay right one would think but you also think the you wouldn't Wear flip flops to go hiking on mountain helens. And probably not here's thing you know roundabout where you parked right. Well I was so yeah so yes. And in you know case of the mountains over there. At that that that's the background. So we just walk. A wave from the mountain. That would make sense however. Again I don't understand exactly where he was mean it's. Very confusing enough there when these negotiations and maybe that's what happened may be the bees were chasing him. Any ran off into the woods off the trail and by the time he got away from the bees he was lost this city was clicking eagle scout. Lampard and I just there's a little islet I I don't I don't think there's a when the bees come after you all bets are off and it is apparent to spread their sons of former boy scout who's interested in fitness and nutrition with a sense of humor and a knack for getting himself and humorous situations. But I wasn't there maybe it was scarier than I thought I did they give you give me a week. And I'm within. Three miles of where I parked. Or three miles of being able to find help. You can't get out. Six days again it's done multiple times and barefoot apparently. On. An unknown man up. It says it is something else was going on there you're not and I'm not I and it summons is women on the mushrooms so there was something was happening there. I just I find that hard to believe that you hide the blasts. Didn't three in my housing you became so lost. That you couldn't find your way back for an entire week I'm going with these chased him. That's what I'm going way I'm going would be chased him. He ran off into the woods in a panic and realized he was lost I think his guess is it's easy to see this in an air conditioned studio. That's trying to keep an open and all right. I am not grizzly Adams pitcher I can't a couple of times a year. Right I'm I'm somewhat comfortable on the outside are in the outdoors but in no way in my bare grill is not saying that I'm not eaten bark. Right but there's just seems to me that there be some basic. Basic strategies that would keep you from dying making dividend likely to be fair he didn't die. So he didn't employ basic strategies to keep them alive he'd bearings and b.'s well he's just a matter how many b.'s with the a hundred you have to be to do BEC either he had no water he said there was the Jews from the berries and I guess the beat guys. They kept him alive mix that up to do a national paste. I don't wanna be overly judgmental but there's part of me that thinks he's what your being I said part of me. That thinks he's a more. Important. I I think a lot of people they get in these situations not all. Done it's tragic accident. I think you're more much. That you Bart is Subaru you hyped and flip flops and you couldn't find your way back is like I've been lost out in the country before. I used to live out with senator I knew we were driving out and we you go out to the you know. Way out to yacht Colton and in different falls and stuff and and I get turnaround on roads. And just the simple notion of I know the freeway is baffling here. I know way came from that direction. So I just keep heading that way eventually. I don't run into something that I recognize or run into the freeway and I'll find out where Matt. You're you're you're at the top of mount saint helens like you've lost on the top of mount I get your aft right I'm not coming back from that. You're not at the top you just down of the trees here this scraggly wounds. And mount saint helens. How hard is it to say there's a mountain. I didn't park on the mound and walked go waved from the mountain. I just think it's awfully easy to make these decisions when you're not being chased by a swarm of bees. You add the look you're being very calm and rational right now you add chased Barbara swarm of bees in here right now. But if you're not solve other excuse but it's as new bad diet Beason berries. I bet she lost a lot of weight probably probably looks fantastic. How would that be by the way you come back after we fund our dear bugle and and you look great it's on what did you do IB and BCB's. I'll always wondered how in like. You're up there in your scared and I keep thinking this might be it and then you get rescued and at the moment when you realize your safe. Right isn't there a moment when your being interviewed. On the news were you realize that you're the media that got lost on the mountain I think so I think I always think when I see those people that. Yes their own there's a realization that I'm safe but there has to be something that sets in that realizes I'm it's kind of down. This is the best right here since he gave up and he sat down and cried I age. Now the beast Jason and he would feel like once you encountered the bees that they broke his will. And that he sat down a logs somewhere. Blew out his team does and any took a map much like the giraffe from yesterday I think we're discount mean to presence of the bee's story. We heard B that's scary if there's enough clump was beaten not scary thousand. Do we know there was a thousand bees we know their warped. There were enough to eat to keep alive I think necessity he got stung like forty to fifty times as little b.'s I would like to believe like he took his tighter and tighter around his head into moved into a headband. And then. Fashion some sort of little sling shot went hunting the bees and wonder how he captured. Slingshot and his foot it was flinging couples that I think he's waited for the bees to stadium and then the mini mini I don't think. Luck but I look at it this cat I have. BE. Geez that I think that's what happened here. We come back said is editor David industry and apparently we have found the. Oldest galaxies. Ever been right around backyard how about that this face those last play short of full of these rocket from the corner speeds bees. And that's what we're forming space powers that be terrifying speeds you'll into space in their space means you know it in the news and we combat. Prime time revising its new golf sanity Beltran. We're smack dab in the middle in the news and by the way the texts are relative not heavy and that you'd stayed text line and there with me on this one yet this guy's gonna get very much credit is due Canadian. Now the general consensus is yes I am. I'm still holding out that it was being induced panic if not. I think people. Have you ever run. Eight years yes you have the right here is yes when you run for the B there's no way to look cool while doing it looks like it's it's just a panic it's like walking through spider web right. It's just that there's a primal fears you Nigerian flip flops and it's a thousand bees. And you're on a mountain and it wasn't a thousand it might have been I don't think it is might have been you don't know that it wasn't. Look of the public is speaking they're not disguise getting drilled on the better you today text line but I'm just saying. The bomb playing devil's advocate and how many give the beef factor a little more credit he's pretty scary if they are we a lot of them there's a good following in being an ass. Our their unholy believe it's a high highs. But if you. And asked you and your host or read you know show the demon isn't yellow jacket Marist. I don't know I don't know there's there's a good Twitter follow called nature is scary yes and there is one it was like in an abandoned house and it was adult. Think it creepy old all in this old house and now I've seen that one and they formed a high of where the best around the golf like the lost bill to hide her around yes and so the whole thing was a nightmare inducing yeah so imagine just the baby and then head and like their hands and feet sticking out in the body just surrounded by the Hyde. Yeah I'm not that's the thing Helen then yes. I will give him a path. Yes but that wasn't the case here. I said today in the music industry in and we knew this was coming from a couple days ago but it refilled a Franklin of officially passed over the queen of soul dead in this age of 74. Now. And you read about her life it was amazing she was involved in civil rights movement in women's average. And in women's rights it was it was amazing to see. This kind of the impact and all the different tributes to stuff that we're pouring out today to stay beloved figure buy up all. Yeah I met and it's one of those where I mean I think everybody probably has an Aretha Franklin song on their iPod somewhere but it. I spent I was kind of Reading articles today and for me I always think of her from The Blues Brothers died that's that's kind of where when I think of her first I think of her in that scene. And it's kind of funny I read an article today that said. The directors of the movie didn't wanna use her. They wanted to use something else and it was Belushi and outright that said no we're not doing it unless it's Aretha Franklin who wanted to use degree and did car wash because I knew was yes yeah and then Belushi and acrid refused and then they have Aretha Franklin and there and and so I spend I spend a minute I need you today just listening to some Aretha Franklin she. There's a couple of things were she sang for President Obama she doesn't National Anthem pad at an event in Washington and I'm not say and then. She was under appreciated because she's a legend first woman ever inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. The man she could sing as she can she could sing you just don't hear that. Like that anymore. That's just talent and I mean to say women's suffrage I meant to say women's right rights effortless. Obviously the right to vote she was involved in in women's rights and civil rights movement. And I ended up I followed I fell down a rabbit hole the last of the three in about her. And that's the part I guess I didn't know just how influential and how politically motivated she was. And how well respected in she really did try to use her celebrity to try to change the world for for the for the better protect you go back listeners stuff. Is is gonna pipes as you'll hear on any one amazing absolute legend and apparently disagreed human being and down leash on Pena mart's biggest houses those along pancreatic cancer as though it was it and its that's not a good one Owen Nolan surprising that's what what took down swayze and if he can take out Patrick Swayze. Right there. Which is Aretha Franklin have he would just do you. You guys have played I was I think pager I can't answer is one of the mores yet in all seriousness aside I think by the time equity by the time he gets diagnosed. Like it's it's too late and it's it's just awful you know. The gap. Swayze cancer now we've got swayze that if I get that I just that's my and I don't have hope. I've won swayze got it and all right hey eureka and I saw this is this one on nine KGW. That they're saying that this is the equivalent of finding. The oldest live being hit the oldest living per cent ever like find an engraved with it. Scientists have discovered what they believe to be the oldest galaxies. Ever. In the history of space. And I guess they're right in our backyard. There right over here adjacent to the Milky Way and we just didn't see him I guess they're fairly small others say that the about thirteen billion years old. They galaxies only begin to warm about a hunt these galaxies and they found formed about a hundred million years after the Big Bang. The geysers and in nearby orbit around our own notes way galaxy. And this is my Durham University said fines and the mayor for galaxies that formed the U verse or bring the milky rays own backyard. Is the pastor as the pastor equivalent of finding the remains of the very few used Barry first you instead inhabited earth. Hugely exciting. So when universe was about 380000. Years old the first hygiene habits form these items collected in the clouds begin to gradually cool settled in the small clumps of dark matter. And away we go listen to cool these days is known as the cosmic dark ages last about a hundred million years. Based aghast that cooled inside the clouds to get to form stars and then mayor oh. The galaxies. Just think that whole being. Just blows my mind he found something that's thirteen billion years old how do we know it's thirteen billion because they're smarter than you want. And me patent this and I'm not do is they don't know it's thirteen billion years old that's all I'm saying they don't these big. No there's zero awesome there is zero way that they can know for sure that's thirteen billion years he ought to undo an outlet to that story. Don't care they found the don't air this galaxy to care that were formed. Just a couple 100000 years after the formation of everything says down exactly don't care Smart people on dot don't care. I'm Colin amount right now don't care the part that blows me away is when this one what happened before that. Closing the reform it. Well I'm sure decent middle figured out. Because they're just zipping around the galaxy telling people how old everything is this person's right guess what space fours already pay enough. I guess this is why we need space this what is there isn't. Cosmic IDs as we thought. That maybe that's furthest like oldest thing was referred to its right back it's right there thirteen billion years old John I'm not buying it. I'm Ina battle mapping attended four get I just thirteen billion that's right. I. I'm not buying it as such it's can be used attributed to even remotely true right I think we come back the hot by the device have been more John denying the scientists the I'm denying that the line six a hazard here on the fan.