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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, August 16th
Hot 5 at 5; Ducks uniforms are 'lit'? Notre Dame's Yankee Stadium uniforms not so much; Recruiting through uniforms; How to fix the broken NFL salary system?

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Advocate daylight time book. I would love I would love. I don't want. Now this is prime time on sports radio and hitting a fan we expect. The best for us to break somewhere deep here primetime news or source for the best in local regional and national sports. Oh yeah and class. Mediocrity is of the guys that rob I'm miserable adding it up but I o'clock this morning Jason's a candidate and may not do that. Do prime time on 1080. Book in just after 5 o'clock do as sides deny holy Johns again next. I'm not denying me and I'm just questioning in you should ask questions I think that's denying you're just became these guys examples made. Smart people have discovered the oldest galaxies. Who have thrown was thirteen billion years lol they looked summit one of the text messages said it best we can't tell how old Albert Pujols is. Yeah I'm just Austin believes that we know this galaxies thirteen billion years old but you believe in space bees and I believe there could be space bees. Dave in these galaxies based easily beat her fine yes they would move it. It's that when you do end up on another planet what's there is you don't want to know now nothing good happens when you discover other planet. Always bad finally one movie were you end up on a planet somewhere in what you fine is all hunky dory it's. This happy in it and what's the best people waiting to you right and why can't we go to another place they just have nice things by K go there and like have a bunch of like you a cute things to make free otters and whatnot speaks QBs why is everything in space alleged evil looking in Bologna and by. Eighty and killing you I didn't go. They refer you to five feet. I don't like who. Are roaming around somewhere it's doctor McCoy from the start to reboot spaces darkness a disease Kirk disease and danger wrapped in darkness and cold there's something that. Not good not good face is bat as means one thing and one thing only we need space force more than ever now made. Maybe this is the Arab our way maybe we do need space force this has this yet avatar had a happy planet. I guess yeah those weird blue things run around till we came in tried to like blow up in I'm sure we tried to kill it that's true. Because if they went if we did find them I was happy in Spain has some pretty sure we would be and we bracket a good record of of doing that like the old on the stinger. You know like when we discovered lands. They don't really discuss a man's we more just kind of take over so. So Ching it is we should just all leave each other loan. Yeah it exists let's just. Whatever they're doing out there just let him do it I don't wanna know what's happened out there and don't worry about all we got going on our back. A problem for future general agency you know it's a problem for us right now the hot five at five. Topics and opinions. We already own park that day and there. It's time for the odd hybrid club. Hot hot private five primetime advertising in super. Experience. Refresh my frost brewed Coors Light download your reward happens starter in points towards one look and experiences game tickets and rewards. Number four I mean people pointing out the U Oxley at a party see there you go. But did you ever the logs also tried to kill in Burke earned on solo yes. They wanted to do and they thought he threw PO was god that's true now this again maybe just stay clear of on the viewer through the worst part return is Jana eyelashes and even that now. Us an NFL news and notes Malcolm Jenkins stayed in the tunnel today for their pre season game continued his protest. We were sure Gosselin says that you're not listening Dez Bryant met with the Cleveland Browns. And he is. Comment on that was they just have to work some things out there is she is today Brian will sign somewhere. But remember he was offered a three your dear ball a three year deal in Baltimore turned it down due to one year deal. Because he thinks that some how he's gonna get a larger deal laughs and prove yourself field. He's going to be thirty and I think he turns thirty this year B 31 next year yes at a Goodyear since we had our team what is trying to pretty well he's if this is the classic he's in denial right things doing everything ends badly otherwise they would manned and we're getting close to the end. As Bryant. It just sort of feels like Cleveland's right through him at this point. Well no just scored neither. We're not sure when he's coming back so. In Cleveland does your receivers they booted what Corey Coleman out of their former first round pick a seventh round taken them off to hello. So they could fumble that happen to seeing the Marlins and braves game has been sorted out Marlins starter Jose arena has been suspended six games reading Iran would commute junior. With the first pitch apparently because of who knew was too good. But could I had a MRI and his elbow turns out he's okay. And then arena with this game so missive apparently well one start yeah maybe you could even push him back in the game probably not missed any so minor. Minor suspension and then we was suspended two games three is a slap fight with the guys catcher. It was also find an undisclosed. I. Does Lula and pieces until all of that kind of way you whistle and watch your. Eagles past I don't mind pre season football this time a year and it. It's still new enough that it's hey it's football on and I we're into the point where this artist kind of play a little bit New Orleans. I don't mind creases of the ball right about now took on the Eagles seven nothing right now I mentioned Malcolm Jenkins continue to protest someone also rented one of those small planes and drug suitable school. Let me just say this in the world patrol lane now. Hey if you're gonna troll so many. I'm a huge fan of the airplane towed manner lamps and I love that if you go to these if you go to the links to hire a plane. To troll somebody I think that's fantastic I couldn't be happier than he did. Also like coming up here they're expecting should be taken out right about now the Steelers in Green Bay and then the jets in the reds in. That's a couple decent games on with the pats Steelers. Packers to a Ben Roethlisberger he has been cleared from the concussion protocol is not complete and I don't. And a lot of people think it is Sam Arnold has an impressive game here in Washington that he could be named the starter as soon as Monday. Which would you be the first of the rookie quarterbacks that name became concerned and the best quarterback in jets have had sent flash or. Ken O'Brien ray Flash Gordon can have friends say and assault note Tom region and the Packers have already picked up Mason Rudolph and taken aback for a touchdown Kristi. Man Packers. You may be the only quarterback to start at at least you know early on to judge Rosen suppose is getting outplayed the kid from Princeton yet Roseanne was very dazzling target. Us to get in the NFL the would you John Elway made some headlines today where someone asked him about their quarterback situation because they. They're getting rid of Paxton lynch he's terrible Jack Kelly is now the number two guy behind his keen and so when asked about calling cabernet and it now always said that ship has sailed. We offered him a contract he didn't wanna be here. Problem with that is is this was before the anthem protest they had a deal worked out to trade for cap for nick when he was in San Cisco they wanna cavernous tickets twelve million dollar pay cut of two years. And this is before the answer and stuff but apparently John Elway has no interest in bringing back on you know that's ships off. And law and I think what I'm still blown away. Then in the league it is this performance driven that a guy who as a quarterback rating in the mid eighties to low ninety's for his career. I can't get a backup job it's it's just stunning. And done out of a Maryland. To bolster German near this kind of keeps Rolen on his parents spoke for the very first time today. You remember DJ Durkin is still on suspension they have. Marilyn has launched their own investigation into this. Kind of like the special counsel that did Ohio State they're looking into this and we've seen now some anonymous sources coming up on both sides of this where some parents and players have come out. He supported Durkin the most come out and talked about kind of did that toxic culture that's that's involved in this. Some of the worst details about this is when he first was running sprints and I I just saw this finding today. He collapsed during the last sprint and the head athletic trainer and it has also been dismissed so the head trainer has been let go. Distributing coach has been let go. They head athletic trainer instructed to players to quote kick his ass up off the ground in drag him and and two players to be his teammates had to pick him up and dragged him. They'll last a 110 yards on and McNair is parents spoke for the very first time today and this is there rule we've got to click here rest of the the McNair clip pulled up. So they were doing an interview and I I'd. A decision breaks my heart you can just hear that the pain in in his voice but this is the first time the we've heard. From Jordan McNair is parents about what they think should happen to two to Durkin. What do you think should. Haven't taken. Heather I think that. Pull out all I can remember it is and what I think you. Did you enter all of that is considered kids' days. Assured me that he would take you mustn't. He did anything of I think he should be. We lose job. I don't think that he should be allowed to coach anyone else's job. In an environment like this. My child die. There so we'll never get back. And I can hear it in need you contrast that today with. I think Steve Canada and ink is -- interim coach. And he was asked inane and he kept talking about how the culture right now Maryland's great. And how they're really excited and and moving on richest. Kagan at its own way out there and so that investigation rolls on but I heard that piece of audio today and to me that was systems that that was a tough pill to swallow now as you sit here and debate whether or not a guy should be allowed to coach grant. Think that you know follow B Hussein that always great guy and Will Muschamp you listen to that clip they promise to bring his son home and churn in and author and that's what you know and that's what coaches I mean. I'm sure he did say that and you know it sure sounds like from everything that we've heard. You know they do you really drop the ball in on this one indicated died in the outs that's horrible. The hot find at five brought to you by believe that is a fresh brewed Coors Light download accords likes new rewards that happened certainly points towards wanna kind of experiences and game tickets. We come back we'll stick in the NFL on Kosovo some football news and notes including. On dishonesty piece today about in the Josh Norman had a said Anson Jalen Ramsey stepped to soak. Took a little football here we come back six hazard here on offense. Prime time where the eyes against duke guard insanity bills ran. We're just informed by the bus that according to his nineteen year old son. The new organ uniforms are quote. Lit their lives. He was down there today now the word via home of the ducks or Jane and Ramsey would say they don't sigh they don't suck. Yet they went down there and he said they've got the the new uniforms all out there on display in the bus meant to the photos and do his kid he said the kids said they were lit. And that many times have you know we're talking about there that order released their new uniforms today. And that's become mole thing and you can just wait for the like the non duck fan and like the old got to be elk is he about it. But EI except the long time ago that anything going on in college football is not about me know in no way is he geared to me past resident is not for me. In in any way because you've already got here's the thing about college about her. They already got. Me if I went organ and and I arrive played bearer on the fan Herman Brewster whatever nothing they're going to do is going to get need to stop now. Right they'd all go buy dot gear regardless of whatever it is because even I don't like the new stuff all by the old stuff right they have some beams for for everybody. So it's not about you they they don't care. What anyone above the age of 25 no thinks about it and this is the beauty of what organ has done and what so many other schools have tried to copy. Once they figured out that it doesn't matter. What your fans think. Your building a brand that is going to help the program your building 88 coolness factor. Dick kids want to be apart of and as those kids have grown up with it. Organ is become a national Brad and they did it by by not caring about what old fans thought and you got to give credit for that because they're really the bold strategy well and we too we talked to better at least some of the early stuff was not very good and people got pissed people were upset about it or are guys that used to play organize value or do like an -- is there were like this is ridiculous. Didn't like get your crap and all over our program and -- said we don't care we don't care Andy. There's zero metric that you can point to that would indicated didn't work and mean it worked out a senate's work to the point where like you said 90% of other teams around the country are trying to copy what they do. Big differences that they have my key in their backyard it's certainly knows because like two days organ released their stuff also. Under armour released. There. With the become with the pinstripe series. So they beat Notre Dame is tiny gaming yankees in Yankee Stadium now and they released there's on the same day at home I can not good. I I I give did I I'm not the demographic that. Those are just awful like you can look at organs that decay that's a maybe a little space age for me get the giant numbers but what. What's happening with Notre Dame because I can't find their name would be a school that would be. Is resistant to them a little bit right. I know they've done some stuff in the past and now that they're wither under armor they've allowed themselves together because they've had some one off type of stuff but it tells you something that Notre Dame. Is willing to allow all a company to try to read ran them the only the only thing that. Surprises me about that isn't it seems. Little counter intuitive to me that if you're trying to attract. You know 181920. Year old kids you know. To try to tie in to the legacy of the Yankees. That seems a little counter intuitive to me now we're emirates is a one off Mary is this is the one game well and I know that the Yankees are are are fun again now there you know airing judge's stand and they have those guys but. I don't know maybe she's the old man in me talking about the the Yankees seem to be kind of a throwback to that old tradition the pinstripes the Yankees and DiMaggio and Mallon those guys so seems a little weird to me that they would try to tie that in when you look at what are organs doing. No doubt what they're doing right they don't care where you and I think they're trying to. You know have nineteen year old kids say they're really looking and so it's just a little strange. How that your doing that tie into the Yankees but like I said it is a one off and it is a Yankee Stadium and maybe they did maybe that's what maybe that works. To seen in bed and know that they've done this the passing when they've gone home played over in Ireland in an innate tweak it a little bit but I just think it's telling that even some of the biggest. I mean I don't know if there is a more recognizable. School in the in the country than Notre Dame and then even Notre Dame I mean it as done on time to the schools that have resisted this USC hasn't done and it's. Alabama hasn't done this. Firm statement has stayed hasn't done it has made print this never done anything different currencies as the plain white helmet I mean we got three maybe four. Go to very many does Notre Dame is changed Texas is done some of this word. What were they changed it up Oklahoma has gone to a all the Florida schools and change this LSU is gone to different things. But are those the only real for schools. That I can think they have resisted this kind of I don't do that the kind of a new way of a branding yourself sure and you can make the argument I guess you know Alabama can give you the finger because they don't have mean they've. There Alabama they don't needed at this point they've won five national James Simpson in nine years in question is before Nick Saban got their Alabama was now damaged her. If Saban leaves an Alabama falls on lean times. Does it doesn't do something so this tells me that Alabama is changing up their uniform and Allison has black helmets and and the rest of it I guess Scott frost there's an in Nebraska is get rid of all this. Yeah I was just kind of extreme as some people I've heard some people point that out that. Frost obviously came from Oregon out and was a part of the Chip Kelly king in May and probably was a ground zero for our ground zero bit. Did the heyday of uranium program and all these uniforms and all this crazy stuff Scott frost as a part of that. I think that speaks more to Nebraska and what Nebraska wants and I think if you go to a program. That doesn't have that history. Here in organ didn't know for this a little bit easier to shake everything up and if you go to Nebraska and you have that history. Tom Osborne in the national champions in the black shirts and that old traditional. If that doesn't surprise me I'd figure Scott frost came in and tried to become or again. You know in Nebraska I think there'd be a lot of people there that would be against that I think the and maybe just the sensibility of the area and the kind of fan base there in the tradition that's there. I would imagine they're excited about yes we're going back to our roots he had Vick isn't your scene that bad I think there's only a certain number of programs that could absolutely. As you you've got to have some then it's got to be where you are where you're located has to play into it yet Sydney middle America Nebraska where you're located asked to play into it and I think you have to have an undeniable tradition right like you can argue. You know always have a tradition or we did this in this Nebraska that's undeniable you know I mean they have look at the trophies. Right and for a long time they were perennial top five. And so I think you have to have that is if you don't. Then the naysayers are like Lloyd lived what the hell you doing a tradition eagle back. SC has some of this right exactly very resistant to change exactly as he does seem put numbers on the back there are names on the back of their uniform. Lead when you walk into when you're recruit USC and you walk into the Holley champions. By the way here's our seven Heisman trophies. Here's our however many national championships here is our all American and we don't do it that way. Eat eat you almost have to have their organs of the world to have that did the USC's because it's become counterculture term it's funny how it is that. For awhile organic and Oklahoma State and and other schools that they tried to do this. We're counterculture. And now it's really become more Alabama and USC and Texas and schools like that. They're the countered Nebraska and Penn State they're the counterculture now they're the ones BN like no. You all do it that way and we're gonna be about tradition we're gonna be about kind of old school. And it's inch steam when you go back because it really used to just be about that right that was the big thing it was tradition in winning and that was what you pitched a kid when you recruited him. Then it became what TV now right that was a big deal and even if you go back to when you and I played. You know I plated the issue we weren't on TV every week now I mean we were on TV three it was a big deal when you were on TV up because we didn't have to drive to Pullman to watch it right it was a California they were they ABC regional game this week or Wear whatever and I remember. Kids coming in meant to lose to Washington State. And that was the thing for that hey am I going to be on from California. All uninteresting and Debbie Shubert in my gonna be on TV in California so my family and friends can watch it now everybody's on TV right here every week here on TV every week it's not think so. As the game keeps them all being what is now the thing. It was facilities for awhile right and all come here stadiums and locker rooms and everyone has nice that everyone has specialists or even Washington State's new stuff is really unbelievable out. And so. It's let this thing is it's is dot org and but. It's unbelievably nice is it's really nice there's no one in the pac twelve anymore your states are getting better they're Curtis has really asked facilities compared to win yet doesn't like owner in the pac twelve any more than when you go to their facilities you would say this exactly there's going to be once you go you be like holy crap that's. It's not over it as not a Morgan but there's a very nice there's no one that you go in their facilities anymore and think their bath yes and so in uniforms are kind of the thing now all right we have you know 700 different combinations and eighteen different helmets and obviously he's gear that goes along with his big time so here's my question do you. Big suitcase future prognosticators. What becomes next when it when we get to the point and where everybody has. The super uniforms and everybody and we're I think we're getting close I mean there were we are. I mean are you really really close Oregon coast so who is that next innovator what is that next thing that kids are gonna be into. Vet becomes the next thing it's a damn good question now I don't know I don't know what it is. Is your right because it's it it it's not just the uniforms anymore it's that it's the shoes if the did Jordan's right young how many schools are now going Jordan I know Michigan when Jordan North Carolina where Jordan Oklahoma when Jordan. And a lot of that is again. But let's get a little branch out here you come here you get exclusive Jordan's that no one else can have you know you sell on the right. You know it's your right it's it's not just it's it's even gone from uniforms to all the off field stuff the you're gonna get look at all the sweats look at all the T shirts look at all the stuff that I can I can have. Be right so many schools are doing that. I don't. Don't the next thing is Texas ready today Tex on 55305. Where is the next innovation in the world of trying to gain an edge. In getting the attention of eighteen and nineteen year old kids answer medical stuff when we come back six as a Buren fan. Prime time where Isaac can sue god Kennedy clan. It's gusting kind of what's the next thing. As far as brand new recruiting goes in college football on your thoughts that are used data excellent 5525 grow quickly endangerment child along. Earlier talking about a organ State's camp and in David Morrissey who I think is their. Their best player their safety he is out indefinitely officially we've. We Tucker we do not think that was going to be serious injury but apparently they season and for awhile and injured foot. So. We've already bad news coming four organs state. A young couple things rolling in year and I actually think this is these are these are two of the better ones I've heard. So with the the Harbaugh think. And what he's doing taking their guys on spring break trips you know within a couple people say that that and that's that's probably a big deal yet they went to what Rome I think they wanted to France's. Holding training camps in different places away from from camp kinda doing resort type stuff like going down to the ways that I NG academy feature. I think that could be one and then I got this was really Justine because. And we've seen this again are you Dorgan bull bull who's the basketball player who's coming organ. So the reason he's come and organ was his ability to build a personal brand actor especially through social media yeah. And that's I that I that mayor is she's there maybe some might I thought for a minute. A top permitted some sort of tie in with video games seeing some sort of you know I'm not even necessarily. You know video game lounge or someplace you can play to some sort of tie in to. If exclusivity of a video game type of thing might give to kids nowadays but it. You're right the mobile thing I that may be and he may be some sort of build mean I just think that is continued so weird here and it makes me feel so old picture. But the idea of an eighteen year old wanting to build the personal brand well ice remember being eighteen and in going in and you went to washes it to you. I never been eighteen years old thing going in in just trying to give my ass kicked like they just they being so overwhelmed at the hole. The prospect Evan just trying to figure out how I fit in in in in and I'll get a little stronger and see if I could play in just. Head's spinning like a top the idea of building up a personal Brian teacher. It just seems like such a a foreign concept and almost eye off the ball sort of thing but so many of these kids are better compared to never. Well and then that's I think that's part of it is. Used to not see. Freshman come in and play them at just wasn't what you do and now in all sports freshman come in and and play in stark. A right away and anything that's part of the other thing I think that's part of it is. You know when I walked onto the campus of Washington State. Nobody knew who Iowa us you know nobody cared you know the coach that recruited me knew that's it. And these kits are famous already them before they even get there and you look at there's a show on the station. Tonight. That talks just about these kids so you have high school kids now. Who at the point that there in junior high are probably starting to get talked about. And then they go and high school and they play well and their three star kid there are four star kid in the their famous kind and they're on social media. And there are recruiting magazines interviewing them and they're on TV there on the radio. And they do all the self so before they even stepped on campus anywhere. You can argue that some of these kids are rock stars already ya right. By the a lot of the guys express it organ. You know and you dubbed it had these big you know top fifteen recruiting classes the vast majority of fans absolutely no. What their name is where they're well. And have a huge following if I'd we talked with them it before and never said do showed tonight that we just had a baby about our southern on Twitter that's cool congratulations to them like I wanna make sure that his wanted to get the name right. This nonrecurring charge and I don't know recruiting show tonight. I can remember Jordan Robin and Ike is finally here and mom and kids are doing well and congratulations dynamic he's a great guy any any word early in three star kid. Forestar killed her name is Jordan so and I think it's named after of course it is that George congratulations remedy that's awesome mimics a good guy but he's he's he's even talked about this that's. So much of recruiting now is. Kids when they don't want a visit. If they don't get enough social media lie to us. Or comments. Though eliminated school sure so when you go to this on goes on her creature to you don't organ USC. And they say blessed because you have to be the last time I ever with passion blast egg. Blessed to receive an offer from USC or blasted to garner drew chipped organ the amount of feedback they get from that fan base on so. Some media makes a difference makes a huge. Huge difference is just weird to me but it insisted it's just the nature of the game these days now. And and what can achieve those likes right how. How leader your uniforms. You know how cool is the swagger the shoes. You know the gloves the little low going to put your hands together paying the stadium the locker rooms and all that stuff that's what gets you likes. And none of it. Actually relates to going this cool now we're now you don't hear any more about again you know the whole proximity to home whether. You know market size all that stuff that used to be such a big deal in hand just don't. It's not a big deal anymore and army just when you hear a lot about you know any of that style I think oh allowed. Good ideas coming in here but I think I think that might be if I had to make a better futures that. I think your eye and I think it's some sort of social media building a brand tied in I'm already famous. When I get there. How when I get done however that is in and nowadays in old boy you know and other sports it's one year sometimes football it's a couple of years. So how big can I build that brand so that when I'm done how much money can I make now that that may be the next big thing which. Oddly enough if you're reduction and you have to feel pretty good about because there's sort of on the cutting edge that already. And I would imagine you RD god invest clearing double bull you know because of that so I would imagine that there's. People that orient in Nike probably right now. Figuring this out and what's the next big thing in what can we do to build these kids brands. Well a lot of you descend let's go peeled away in assists with hookers and money. It's still right right pay him what are nova concert just to pay the kids always said that if you're not gonna pay the kids this is just ridiculous at this point. I've always. Thought that kind of a solution to this because thirty halfway there is to just let the programs provide whatever they want for your. You know it if you got a program that that has car dealers that wants to donate cars to do the upperclassmen let them donate cars. So what's a super door you can't do that you can't have dorms for athletes that aren't available to other students so you can have nice dorms that the students that the avid stamp you can't have that they like football housing sir but I I I I've. To me that is the dissolution to it if you know you're already allowed them to provide you know 24/7 meals now all the gear that goes with that. You know you building the reason why you build these couple of silly these two is that the kid doesn't spend any time at home. You're you're trying to create these environments with a kid spends ninth and this time Baptist at the thought efforts at the facilities. So that you can in some ways you kind of already have the superdome dome thing but it. That's kind of my thing is if you're not gonna pay the kids then the school should be able to provide whatever they want an apostate wants to pay more. For their student athletes to have the the conference then then. You know Michigan does or Washington State. The majority have that gets its. Organs spends more on their program the Washington State does in Ohio State's fans mourn their program their Purdue does security have an. So I just I find it weird the weird lines and limits that we place on what schools can you wrap it if you wanna fly mom and dad two games right you wanna rent a plane for family members to go. I just I don't see why that's an NCAA violation. Well I I agree if you see it seems weird to me that in a world where. I can get in trouble as a coach for buying acute cheeseburger but I can take him to Rome to practice now that seems that seems weird to me and strange. So within that a look at this the source of the Alabama athletic dorm is 25 K alone per year. While it is available the regular students know and can afford it because it's three times more expensive the other. I is that true. I wonder if that's true I hope it is I hope I open is that I hope there's one kid. Event that parents can afford it and you have like floor three that's like all the offensive line an embankment and eight jamiat Dave comes Lockett hey guys I'm in room seven million. He SA and not all hang out may have had that I so want that that be also be case that would be awesome bill like the nicest dorms there where they are you can't stay here yeah aside Kansas think my dad owns guardianship just a venture as they can stay here. It's just the boo boo the crooked line that exists with the incidentally about what is it is and I just for the life of me and never. Ever under is. We come back just Norman had an idea and I don't think he's that far off Lehman six hazard here on the fence. Primetime I'm revising and soup John Kennedy the man. Just Normandy cornerback for the Redskins he gave it interviewed the ringers. Kevin Clark. And he said that the NFL salary system is broke. And his solution to who was to put a cap on how much money quarterback Skinner. That I just the quarterback situation begets they get gosh darn too much money. And there's a little bit about of a point here the you right now that Matt shop has made more money in his career than any secondary player in. The national football and I did not know that but it does not surprise me that shot it's an interesting piece of gonna go check it out on the ringer they they talk about the shrinking middle class. In the in the NFL and you have quarterbacks now that the salary just keeps going up enough and and you have rookies obviously where they control this RE. And then you have cut everything Yeltsin in in between and you know as veterans get older they're getting priced out. And then even though the high profile guys I think we've we've mentioned this the last couple days that clear Mac and Erin Arnold there are the two best probably defense of players the NFL. Neither one of them camp right dot at least is making some sort of progress apparently Cleo Mac and the raiders haven't talked since February that's sounds like it's broken the raiders just say we don't have money. Like. Have we we don't have the space for you to come back and play a thirteen million or you know nothing needs we we don't have it we don't have the money. And they kind of go through and and they talk about that obviously. You know limiting what quarterbacks can make ABC that's that's not necessarily the answer. But. This could be something that many collective bargaining agreement comes up. Here and in a number years every can site about maybe the end the professor there at the disciplinary thing may be a cause for work stoppage. But this article points out that this may end up being something that if if this continues to happen and you have guys whether it's. You know AG now veterans or. People that are so describe to the the only when they get paid in this league are cornerbacks. That this may be a fight to the players are willing to to dig and on and whether you wanted to go to more of a luxury tax sort of situation where he wanted to be. Go to the top five players salaries don't count towards. You're your salary cap that their needs to be something in place here in the NFL or we're gonna get to a point where. The only way to get paid is for you to sign your contract every year or two because all the top Contras in the NFL Ross I'm 26 team. Or forward the top eighteen paid players in the NFL are all quarterbacks. And and it's like the top thirty players are all signed after 2016 and a buff you sign a deal you know for four or five years. In a year or so once the salary cap goes out that deal almost becomes irrelevant. And guaranteed money and again I'm less sure cornerback Nolan guarantees any so this is this is interest united I don't know that this is all that crazy. You know and and DC. Did you see this leading to a rift within the players association between quarterbacks and everybody else. You know and what and when you look at it cornerbacks are by far the most foreign born post most important position yes and their I think they're the most important position in all sports. I think it's the hardest position in all sports recorder reckon the NFL. But most teams have to right so what are there sixty guys 65 guys probably. Compared to the rest I mean there in the minority. So I wonder I wonder if this. If there was a push for this I wonder if it would cause a rift within the players association between quarterbacks and on quarterbacks will also met. Ryan got 94 million dollars guarantees. Ndamukong Suh got fifteen I mean Marcel Darius 42. Revis 39 those of the three highest non quarterback guaranteed deals crime. And Matt Ryan got 94 point five fully guaranteed and that will continue to go up as these next guys continue to sign their deals. It's good to see you asked the question when does when does that stop when does the quarterback market just reached the point we're like we're not going to pay you thirty million. Because you you would think that it has to be getting close. I mean you'd think right common sense blah well it doesn't appear to be slowing dominating the news like you said the next guy up. Blows the old corner or the old a contract out of the water and meanwhile could a Mac Erin Donald Libyan rebel or go back in junior supposedly did the best guys at their positions in the NFL. Nothing can get contracts and yet you never have this with quarterbacks at the cornerback you've seen this with his may be Kirk cousins turner. Kirk cousins couldn't seem to get a deal done when Washington. Outside of that find me deal that doesn't get done with quarter these that will they get done they don't leave. Now very often million Kirk cousins is the aisle are they don't leave teams very often because they're so important the deals get done in the next guy Al gets the next biggest deal that's just how works now. Interest in what. What if you addition just go to like I as a quarterback you get two million dollars or win. Just go you get like that's your base and the guys I did two million dollars or one. So you go to look at your cornerback and you go ten and six you may twenty million dollars now so that's a lot of money right. You go sixteen and no there's your big payday you go. You know two and fourteen. To four million dollars and we laugh at four million dollars it's for a million dollars you're not an idiot and that's life changing money. Good this two million dollars and tell me I'm crazy. I think you're cores tell me I'm crazy two million dollars a win quarterbacks is you big quarterbacks are insufferable now yelling at teammates I. No I'm going to play quarterback for the Cleveland Browns know probably. Geared to a nation just exclude QB deals with salary cap I'd be up for that now I can see that doesn't make that make that's ever I just think that eventually this needs to be addressed. Be the windows that you have info on how to build the roster it's while it is it is fun to DC teams and in in the competitive balance. I do think it kinda sucks that your best window now in the NFL is to just you win with a rookie quarterback because you don't have to pay. And I don't remember who said it might have been Mike Freeman said there's only two ways in the NFL the wind and that is that a complete. Roster with either a rookie year and average quarterback. Or a quarterback it's so damn good that he can dragging inferior roster Sheila to the Super Bowl. And I just think those things she shouldn't be at Sonoma you should be able to have an Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady and have a really good team built around him. As opposed to. You know what you have now which is you know new Englander Green Bay near Pittsburg or whoever when you pay these guys you have to have a roster that's full of holes. It's why I like what Philadelphia is in right now is such an and in the rams. Minnesota it's such a great thing Seattle was in this for a number of years you know you have complete teams got quarterbacks you believe and and you have no holes on your roster but in two years' time. All of those rosters will undergo massive changes in your chair and Alan Seattle sea in Seattle perfect example yes it's the perfect example. And I do think that a message the NFL has to address it they do because I why do you think parity is good. I think it's bad to have teams that are consistently broke up every three to four years now and waste of crimes of a guy like Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers is great and I think Green Bay has largely has to weigh a lot of his career tour and then the NFL would have been better off had Aaron Rodgers been playing in. Three or four super bulls over his for a couple couple of people Texan in what do you do with back up quarterbacks and undermine two million dollars or when system it's like a caddie. They just get a percentage of today's real I would like 11% of he's just get a percentage of the two million slumping off a little bit. Are we come back Clinton eighty I've got you wanna go to medical school now won't cost a dime that I'm in free medical school I'm in. And more animal news is this in spaces is in the close galaxy space bees. I'm in I'm in for free medical school Disco club than any we come back.