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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, August 17th
Apparently ankle socks are out, and crew socks are back; Wouldn't it be great to go back to college, knowing what you know now?; Suke unloads on the bishop that got him kicked out of BYU before he even got there

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So following Joseph mentioned Dana Goldstein is not suitable for a children's health. Up you know up. Where the incident. Man does go well with engine can. Maybe your most and is brought you by better you today real weight loss results education accountability and the lifestyle embarked on your weight loss journey you know I better you today dot com I don't think they'll do is make you smarter full disclosure forty. It's not. Temporary super intelligent just a side affect the legacy thought in your record after all men. Yeah and once those feet blew era gonna lose most of your motor skills and jobs and a bring functionality for 72 hour morning starting. Right about now. Yeah. You. It's. Yeah. It's. Out there and see six or seven on the fan club so that the. We've learned about seventy minutes all yeah. Yeah I told you do this today it's consistency you know what I've enjoyed being the loosened buyer like flu shows do you know rough just can't build everyday no no you can't let dad's day is simplistic would you sure about not having seen anything involving sports or news or just the world that general for about three days. I do think that people would get tired of the recap the yes the final three days. Of the news to you that may be at work because then they would get there recapped it. There's so everyone just to get like every third decade but look don't look to us Monday Tuesday Wednesday. But suited on Thursday it will be to cut up whatever the or you know what to bid on Monday it it's got up on the weekend. Then you don't listed Tuesday Wednesday Thursday comeback Friday we recap Tuesday Wednesday Thursday I'll be right there at the and back into the Basel proof you need to date equipment if it. The data is you know anything accidentally hitting the first bush you've been pushing for before they work we had a number of years. Why you started the war and then if you gift or why not three of them why not do. Trip to the proper direction. Lineup the nice that she's bored with the. Oh yeah the focus on hats is the way down. I've I think it's. If ever had than you thought about doing it for awhile but you can't quite pull the trigger on it maybe it was your Fedora. And I pulled the trick yet but do you have it but I'm assuming that you had to wrestle with that for awhile. Yeah I'm I've got one of those right now yeah. Yet you know it is like you wanna know what it's it's a KC my issues yes you like when she tees they. Both defense. Okay geezer like he's one of those. You know you're on it. We're going to end very serious ripple outward. All right let's just let's put up to try to keep it all in line to what it totally dug out of this with buckle you know what your audience gamers than it in the lab to write a little ads. I sat here she is on them like on and those are so cool that I'm good actually I never click those swipe up right I shopped I went and shot. Shot for ya. And it's a bottle that's at these are what's it at the other you'd never had never seen it. All mergers and make sure that the most comfortable she's at a toward really they're amazed. Well but you see how I have ankle socks yes. Oh I thought that you are at the shoot to be honest no as the sides the kids. The two hits and yet they're ankle socks they're Golan. False civilly crew socks right yeah like what their golf scene sure just was short yup is that short. I think toying with the idea of wearing the long course on one with the shorts now. But I can't I can't pull the tree where you're not here for seniors that they pull the trigger it was with a kid pulls that off for you know who does this spray. Yes lake is that you had that today he's like a mid half crew saw. Shorts any issues it works and it looks quiet on on him because he's used that for study can't sheet. You know he's well he's twelve years old. I do love those that there it's great both do you raisers like did you think that it collects five yet neither one of them. It's shaped like there's no facial hair but. Did he pull that off. With you know if you Wear that attract. And hold a one year gonna look like you either pages that look like a weird old guy you can look like the old guy trying to be yacht. At the bold move but CO works yeah see I. I go the other way. I don't Wear socks. Well I don't find it comfortable I need so I need to see if if I'm wearing shorts eating out doesn't. Well not a flip. Yeah your foot like that I had where she you know we want to hear them so if I during the summertime fun wearing shorts in and I am wearing ten issues and not the flops. Hi I am so worried about I just sucks to be just looked so terrible with an issues insurance. That I used baby powder and it never Wear socks. It to them yeah I'm a powder and you Hillary's on earth are we were discussing if you ever the sun because that's why I'm like. I had been poorly now for about good solid years to. About wary. During the summer giddiness and niceness on. They went with little floppy Sundance and I can't really bring myself to news yeah I would yeah. We see how like like a lot of the coaches Arum yeah you know all you need like the ones that. Since it was like his chin strap. Like that again now it's crazy and all that she was wearing a woman's it's a woman's hat right I'm not give up the house with a lot of 1930s. Gartner are right nugget and I like to would have. And like about it this so called it but they're big they're little more easier yeah bill you know what I'm talking about right simple enough you think well. I think I think knew it with that and I tried one or two on and I haven't been able to pull the trigger on it. But those horrible face censored to a meat like flipping properties of the cooler with a with a self feet yet don't interrupt the product outline and a they want that you would try to rock you said notice of this is that not subject that people wanna take this healthy yet with us in the back day that's not intranet the content with the kids to see a little like other key. OK okay this is a great example. We've got two guys here yeah dutrow is a lovely young lady early twenties. There than to any couple really good zeros when he's. Yeah you got to grow so we've got both have to strategies that are issues like mile race sneakers one is going. Big gamble stock may cast them the others going ankles not Ellis asked the young lady. Which is cooler of the two guns here gently. It's very important collect what. Volume on ankle Sam on the interest that. You don't like it what if those were white and he's got black you can't so that's off. He can't go right ankle I know it's got to be black yet you go blacks you've got to Wear black socks and white issues right why you can't mix up there. Well you know all yet you know you can't. You can't get here I am black she's like Sox. Seen on ankles. Okay she prefers the ankle this. All that counts but. That doesn't matter for the sake of this discussion. Yeah but look thank you for your that we got we appreciate it we're definitely now we're now we're gonna go back to rocking yeah. I die anyway. We digress we I don't know somehow we got the announcement that it that you sort of talking about your socks but I'm here to tell you don't don't. Don't I think and that's I don't go high Sox try to sneak it by it really know where don't. That's that's a skin that's an important is that if you really get an awesome socks are I was out there. Listen some Casey's not yet but then again but where those Wii sure it's yes but not yet in the. Sucks me. So that's a big yeah Sox are executing yes it's a fashion it's fashion trend is it not get on board are my sport sucks you in Fedora is network so socks tailored it he does not slow down. Now he worked out well he's got things that you got a lady of its arms that please do the whole thing. The ducks let's get to kids to college tough commodity that you're getting enough yet achievement it is to do that I didn't drop off points but on an airplane and give credit cards that you're nuts to an AK have fun in Chicago let's put it on there that's the sort of parenthood set it up she did not be. He'd be here but I want to go dropping her off from Chicago you think it'll ever want to you know what you want it like credit card and I think you're right it's 615 this problem. Live from pumpkin ridge and the 2018 wind chill foods Portland open this is prime time where dies again soon gone 1080 Australian. Yeah. Plus can navy replies chicken soup. We just doesn't assure the leader and he doesn't you can't. Should we or did you just say we just got her shower. Rick okay. Clubs and maybe on the family's front you buy better you today real weight loss results education accountability and lifestyle embarked on your weight loss journey no way better you today dot com the. Tonight's I told this story earlier but I wanted to follow up with you guys. So they DK you. Grad that I that I went college with that stain in my house that plays in this thing yeah. I told you his story he'd he'd if you if you missed earlier monster shortest he's been out here. Trying to make PGA tour for twenty years. Twenty. And he's my age of 43 that he making maybe 42 I think he's 43. And he got a new caddie about six weeks ago caught fire. Three top fives is down nineteenth on the money list out here and doing the math it's gonna be really hard for him not to use PGA tour card. Here on Sunday which is just it's a it's just DOS it's unbelievable that someone. Has the passion that drives them. Is that the wheels to its right of the two if this were. Twenty years he's thirties that we are just looking at this course that you know wanted to use them ship. But it looked out there wants him and birdied unit doing the shows strong turn you survived the show. They have a great but if the he birdied eight teams to make the cut. Which. You know look he was probably going to be the excitement away that this project seals it well it it allows him to plant Saturday setting in Germany now otherwise it. If he had not birdied eighteen he he has to sit and wait and just hope nobody passed you know well these six guys in the past so it's it was gonna happen but. That was big birdies and now he can earn money and add to his money so. Think about that though if you're of all the poets used it over and having you know we didn't errors media a hundred bucks on later or whatever you know. I don't know how many big putts ever had your life and the most I've media reported fourth point twenty bucks for the matches then over a putt. It feeling like. It did that it that's the it was to beat on the tour now that you say all the time right here this for the British Open right this for the masters. I would make the argument that a putt. Like that is a bigger deal because if you missed that putt with the US open the masters would ever. Second place is 12100000 dollars a year steals second at the masters. You missed that putt that's the year right that all on the Web.Com tour as opposed to getting your PGA card. Then maybe the toughest but never hit your life and that wasn't necessarily know what you're video that means I'm sure here's battle I'm sure there's been moments like that on the on the on this we you're headed up PGA tour cards were so what is the U. Sweep putt that that makes a difference of whether you're on the tour. Like I seen it was it last year that the guy. Thought his caddie so he was right on that line. And his caddie on eighteen here at pumpkin ridge the par five and his caddie told him that he needed. An eagle. To make it because they were doing that that somebody from from the tour came over to him. He's nineteen of the last groups and they say did if you want to make here in the top 35 to tour card. You need eagle this whole. If I did two years whatever. And so he plays for eagle it turns out he only needed to birdie Hewitt played the whole totally differently could have birdied the hole is that you can birdie now. And it's that we didn't give it a tough fight that guy. Ended up getting his tour card. In the next wave. But still like it did come down that you can imagine it coming down to that or somebody tells you wrong information on your last bulls beat the Michael I got because he batted around that's what was he batted around his last little. Yeah and it was a Birdie Putt that he thought he needed eagle it's really did that so I didn't think anything about if you would have made it. He would meet the top 35. And so he's going old. Oh my lower but he ended up getting. It's so. That's the in this hectic but anyway so Beckham Lawrence last three days. I dropped my kid off at the University of Kansas suicide you've been back on campus. I've been back but not for any length of time okay you go replica that's what you were so. Well we visited. We took him there's all that's right and then. Have. The football game a basket it's not it's not an off now I mean I I graduated coach. What seventy ish years ago. And I've been back to Peruvian wants time went out at him to back that night because she's like vote. Home Michael Holmes like my parents which is a couple of hours away or Kansas City room but I just tried to have what you tonight general but understated as well that makes two of us. You're gonna throw up you. You'd do well the very chilling out I have never does things on Bravo there does this wonderful one of his favorite place to go into the ruts it chicks are there sixty great bars that all kinds of crap fierce struggle when he's with that the pilot he tells of the fanatic but appropriate for the weekend. I just. Saw needless to say I want it I want to act like they I sat through orientation. And this guy gave this path like it you know orientations and Angela well sure it did have its planned it did you look at incision. I did then went out imminently yeah yeah. Yeah we never. Is it all they think will be a the football player we know. You go through any of that you just you go to it was a football running back on the capable team we're there with us that which is what do you like our own little. You think I gave him my candles to thank you so operate it and go get a jagr. So I'm not knives or eighties but that they have one guy who didn't really get speech about you know like look the people here this is this straight you just have to. Like you know you have to share look that you have to step out of your comfort zone and all those kids sitting there thinking. Comic you know coming in and meet people and they're shine your giant is I don't wanna continue to do it she. You know that it's it's it's a great place I wanna go back to I wanna go back to college so that beaches that place is special united. You know you. Go away immediate thing to let them radio show with immediate. Eagle back there like man hey we'll they uses it great if you could go back. The college yes and the eighteen year old rock yet thoughts. Know what 43 year old Isaac rock knows. That would be integrated experience of bald guy that's what's that's why you try to shake it in your kids like I told him so many cool things that are right about is what he's about it. I hope he doesn't even need it he like just I got this this guy it was a professor at Hewlett give it really cool speech about the unity. And he gets neagle that your wife Rebecca so that when I come back so I talked to liked it right after we get out of that was sick. Did local who doses that are. Greg Robb so he's yeah well yeah. Yeah. Because of the there Suze cubicle and the teases us but I remember you know I remembered who I was like do you. But anyway that is a whole thing so here's the scene the seen as the mom cries a lot richer. And that goes that's like when your kid you guys only to college. Remember my mom right she said she did. But I guess she's probably just knowing that if elected they did keep the dated and it's making you end I don't remember any of it. I didn't orientation November crank but I didn't like I think the kids don't really think it's a big deal right they're like OK I am going to college one aggregate. Gales girl's. Gonna treat severe cool you know any idea yeah it could not only doing because you're. Whereas now you look at this fix that well it's a huge deal for sure as you all know that are out there listening and mean it really is big deal I. Really cry. My wife it is cheese. This bad day for. Because he's gone yet editor of the debate and if that's the only the only one against him now well bro he. If five by the genie in a lamp you know that's an attitude that's that a book but the odd that if I let will probably be and I get three which is one of those issues is a Little Rock you're lucky that doesn't exist if he's very easily you better hope it does that although I watched Sheila. Yeah every time it's just every time I see is shootings there are you better believe the first thing I think of Little Rock. That's right about anti you'd never know when I find the lamp. Let's give it a little rub it kind of all I'm Jeannie so anyway does that tell you what it looks like out to sea moved into his dorm and and every situation I noticed for the most part was this. It was because you know it's like most parents or leave anything I could tell me. He was ready for us. We set up the room got it all dialed in you cramp up like you put up the Ferrari poster they like that that but the photo that might get a go. So when everybody believes it's some of them were at the same time but is he moving in and out all day you see other people saying that buy tickets. And it's the same scenario every time it's the mom. A team. That the kid. In their both crying or bomb is definitely in the best in their problems with it yet that's what it a 100% and the debts like. It just you know yeah waiting in any Hudson like. You know after. Unpaid so what it's to not waste my money. Right that's what it is it still isn't like that that's all have the same reaction and the bombs on the same reaction and it was so funny to watch that dynamic play out. Over and over government and I thought okay. So what's gonna happen he said. I'm not gonna do you know what I'm an AP I'm gonna tell him that you know it few pearls if and even if I did it looks Emma for something let's go with that can that let's go to costume jewelry and her pearl how about that right and Eddie it was the exact same thing we walk outside she wanted to go outside is that I want people scenes sobbing walking out the you know. Says let's all go outside. He hugs their long. Beautiful moment right understand their. Good to go through his own problem I think what can lead to eat at bar it's not I'm relieving. It's been lawful concert near the and then you know I go in from my bro hug like brown I'm so happy for you so Friday's unity great you know we split at the and it is you eat you added I'm not gonna feel like my parents you're exactly like your parents. But it was it was the same scenario everything is amazing yeah it was really was more powerful bigger moment then yeah I think the kids now. I don't think it's. Probably and more than I thought going in. It's very and you say you're got a code that you she was going lately it's years she'd go way away my wife went with there and as I sent a tiny Asian woman in the credit cars. But nobody went out to Chicago if she got she received Tebow yet. And yeah its mom's right it's it's it's it's what effect if any mom doesn't islanders and pick up the college I feel like there's something now. Does that say something in its next month in Iraq. Did scissors please is this I loaded up 87 Ford Thunderbird in drove sixteen hours by myself to go to school and no one gave it. That no. That's just a little something Lou I would say there were a few kids without parents there at night I did judged him on the old lets him. It wasn't like it was just like around the corner no I I had to Utah. It broke a hundred the Jamaica in traveling around they're probably other like constantly chase that's. He would take a steel. When he's driving yeah. I've traveled away Jason we're going. Ataturk aborted an old Gordon the way Iowa college and little fun fact. I was kicked out of school before school ever officially started that is not as well. I was kicked out of Brigham Young University before I ever step foot on the actual campus or attend the class that is quite fun. What did you do I didn't. I think big and of course a group put the a group of people back from my home town got together. Complained that the bishop about me he called down to the school they hold likely yes my endorsement and why it was and then the two days I got picked up. So about how cute to say was an ecclesiastical. And in order to your rarity in order to go to be what you yet to do it you like it interview process right. In and find out if you you're worthy go to school drinks that are non. And it had a look I was not worthy go to school but I told them that let's let strategies that way it's right up wanna go to school loved loved they verified the guy past you like it much yet. Why got down there and a bunch of people from my church at pier we're pissed because they're kids didn't get in and they don't think that they were supposed. I did I had been to church years they all got pissed off that. Because they were like bitching at my parents and I told them to go to hell the kitchen bit better football player he would got to go to Church of God be. I was I was pretty defiant about the whole thing in the study development. So they got together and and Witten told the bishop and the bishop believed. And they ripped away my endorsement your your last nickel clean sequel looks endorsements about how African two days we move out of food. The temporary housing and all the freshman or go to get their dorms there class schedules so I show up and I don't have a dorm and on a quest schedule. And I'm like they are not on the list and they're like I don't know you're not here so I wonder my weight on the football office Alicea Acadia. I'm pleased to live like it got the old thunderbird loaded up here we got kicked out of the one door and I don't have that I don't have a class there like yeah there's problems. I was like what mr. these ethical or that I had to get called in to see the head coach because you know we got a bit of an issue we tried to walk thru where right now but. You've been kicked out innocently handle it and I said we are good football players they can at least I was like. I don't even there yet and I got a kick. But yes and a steady development. It all and Elaine and all went away. The idea the idea. That yes you know what five years later never got in trouble. Now that means you got terrible that is all it is slipped under the rug like your actual ecclesiastical. Now I just moved around a lot. Source I knew when to move them and this this apartments up time to move somewhere else I we got to go to the words you'll hear in the next segment in order will be words that you have never heard in that order ever and you. Here's. Live from the wind chill foods Portland open presented by Kraft times this is prime time where dies again soon gone 1080 Australian. Yeah. Club Jimmy. While I believe I could talk to anybody doubted it picks up women besides I feel like I can't give. Plugs and eighty on the standings Bryce you might get hurt you today any real way plus results education accountability and lifestyle embarked on your wage laws journey you know I'd better you today dot com carried. It's. With Hulu by the way some people of the text program power but what's been the one the authentic nature of you getting kicked out of you when you. That is that isn't 100%. True story. I I was kicked out for do we think you're making them they get people like what would you make that people are like what did you do. I didn't do anything you've been known to have knowledge no I don't think you're making. That is they 100%. True story and by the way the guys they. Jensen. Yes it's out fishing but to tell Paul Jensen who still lives in Vancouver. I mean he's you mentioned you worry yes I think he's like president out that that you worry horrible human being. And I think your human piece of garbage so image. Hey wait wait yeah that he right now and ended in an and now he was not right at you look you know he was not. Now the here's the thing like that man is more moral than you'll ever be. Now he can. He can go you know what the years the problem that I had. Sat down for the unit right. And we don't know that I had no business being that you what you if you go by the letter of the I'm saying right it I I didn't attend church that that didn't follow the rules. Should not have been allowed. But. I didn't ask to go to your school. You're school came and asked me to go there it'd no point did I'd lie. About what I would do. And I sit specifically they said are you willing to follow the rules and I say yes which at the time I probably. Maybe not a 100%. But yes ice that I will follow the rules I site. I signed the piece of paper we can't have it yet you have to and I admitted to what I hit it as it does yeah that is what I do and blah blah blah. And has said you know all go down there try to be a better person don't wanna you screw up. Wanna go down there at all you know I'll do what I have to do so they said fine and they signed off I I didn't lie about anything he signed off on. Then a group of people got together and went to him and complaint. That I was there. And at no point did he call me at no point did anyone ask me my opinion at no point did anyone interviewed me. You just got a group of bitter parents that got together that were pissed because they're kids didn't end and I did it because I played football. And you were pissed about it and so without talking to me that telling me. If you pull my endorsement. You've gotten kicked out of school while I was down there. Food if that's beautiful man of god. You can go to hell loud like that guy could be brought. And I hear that he could pick up and security to speak president. I told them demonstrates my brother's wedding. Here's the like three months clear my brother's wedding he tried to come up and talk to me put it all himself. And here we are twenty years later any kids left himself you're horrible human beings. So we might get a month that's the way I've. That's ridiculous but really they are knows that your turn to. All what channel you have to be easy I. Know that people other people yes that's insane yet. You guys are all of you to lose business that's a bit of a problem now. I'm sorry your bureau said that Steve you don't didn't get it it's not my fault that they weren't good football again I didn't have to go to your school US needs I'm there. Then you made really bad choice Killen there then what do you know it was not about that life choices for a moment. But he died at. The UCLA. And seem like most WIU. All right 640 but we got to wrap it up ducks insider shows coming up at fifteen minutes John wraps it up next on the. Live from pumped and ready to join the 2018 wind chill foods Portland open this is prime so I'm where dies again soon gone 1080 Australian. Yeah. Big John's attempt. Brought to you on the by business and insurance get the right insurance for your business homer rather old business and offers a number of national and regional carriers to choose from to maximize your coverage though best value online at VISN ETT dot com. You can't go your sister looked for bringing about a worker at night knowing it's. Well it's. Okay well I'm booked that far. There but it's a and it looked at it but India. To catch icy or is it. It's cuts they put a little in the posh you know that he announces later the captain to cut. To cut. I know I don't normally think he's even do this very. So I was up in the hi John I was at the idea that. Sodini over the top in nearly have a whole thing of beer in there. In there and that's one ago quite hear what some golf Julio. And I. Do you regret that he never. But there is what appears that I always drink yet be just rain and I don't wanna do you know get it cops yeah yeah I quite like that. Because you would never have otherwise and so it is typical little leagues for how it says threats the wildcard match up. I was on I was two lives to slow as a way. It's good it or you don't spend money on the beer you never had expected free you try it because if the stock to describe it there. He's a plea deal he's he's done something there. I think that was good to politics and let's just say that I think the entire that anybody happier back to. If brought your radio institution. That's all I go at it for one glad that you're back. Just up to work I mean just. Little did I ever I don't know I can't work with him every day ridiculous and it is charges. Yeah I speak at my backer to the aryan you but yet you let it go field. And now it's it's not ease the hazard pay for sure. Hurt will how would drop the people in lower that top of puke you get a little Italy's. I welled up a little bit because my wife was a sense you know and then he cried early Dicky pride loan I mean it was a little Mulder there. But ultimately you know the deaths don't really cries matches will tell us ready to drop him you know when he's Donald all I guarantee is he also went out. Oh wait some school night at BYU item hours ago. Yet the good that you I don't but I will I will be emotional Iowa all use it it's one of those it's not heeded that. They're going to cut it's just it's so if he'll ever be the face it's. You know your cute hoarding you your great that the Perry house you're responsible for a bit. You picked a fight it will even if you come holds the third factor count it'll just never be dismayed that the. Don't cried when Mike went to go oh yeah John looking at I. So little crime or you're Heather. Oh lead at her but I will have a hot water you are not sure I will cry I'll try that emotional group B. I'll try just about anything it's okay. It's unclear about that other at all so I will. In fact when we quit. We took him down expert break we drove down to convict Riddick yet but that. Long road trip we were drive it and it was. Play in the music. Released it'll start felt like the template so we got a couple really. Yeah they certainly there are no journal we are and so a couple of weeks left but it's one of those where. You're you're starting to get him ready and have her come home from the store to be like oh my caucus for him take down there. He really got a victory. In the people and some laughs in it it's just. Great great career starts. Wait at least it's clean and on Israel. I hit my ninth musical my good yeah. Yeah I mean do those things like that you start to look at the calendar here like twenty date night the big three days and I would go I would totally opposed to a few. If you help other at all. Luke there are. And here's the thing you. When you dropped him off you said it was kind of like if he didn't really care there will be. That so I would have merited little. He'll hold it together deputies say what's the over under on the ball call do you think you'll ever call him you viewed our homes. On not the I'm homesick but we'll check in dizzy notes he asked him or to beaver era so. Here are your go to New York it would school. After a school for a little bit I called home. It will also talk and I wasn't too great unit I told Dick I told that the ultimate dad answered I said. I don't like you hear penalty was gonna work a not very good football hall type deals meant to say no but on the. It we gotta go out on a hard count them up I'm I'm on what they call hard out radio turned on have a great week in OK. Go over her. No clay cap and I've got to go thanks to pumped here it's everybody twinkle the Portland opened perhaps it's out the city golf should tomorrow morning he'll be out here at 8 AM. Set me and was at any Dicey at nine that is an 83 of them look at this I think we're gonna Canada and and another that is it. That was a lot that your impression that whore and 8 AM for the golf tomorrow. And now we're back up and especially since it Julia McKenzie on his chest as the and they just isn't it time I don't crash that's fantastic in doubt I'll be back Monday with flinch at 3 o'clock here today. Six so yeah. I. You don't mean unbelievable. Guy. Ozzie and.