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Friday, August 17th
Is Ice Cube at the station?; In the News: bridge-shover is charged, Mormons are Mormons anymore, & grandma gets tased

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If you can find that time yeah. And you can time the times didn't you ask who is the right time would advise against us. What they'll balk there are all in all clubs. Big ask you this is prime time not I didn't. You are source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here are rising Bronfman Jason's a candidate with Bryant and JAD. And all right running a little behind on Friday that's the design back east for a night the bat well out here pumpkin. Ridge if we pulled a a cleaner it with that the for a ninth secret here yet they'll tell me you guys stayed on the clock the whole time now is gone I don't know if we pulled a 409. Hauser was dressed with you yeah residents with me let's go let's go to rest no literacy rested they ever go nine minutes long no not even close but that's you know there's that we are there a couple of time to go to hit the bottom of the hour I paid like 31. You know we are never more than like or over nine well it looked at. Get a night here in Europe borrowed night I know I know that they showed a very very clearly now we love this is mindful. Well anyway I have a nice Q question like to ask you jerk because. I thought that I he's cute the well. I thought nice to focus look at who. Described. Now. One of them I'm not going to screw it I'm focused on ice cube right now golf cart through problems I'm focused on ice cube a band name. If the the three outlaws there's a three non blondes exactly. OK so where we ice cube I thought he was gonna be on the the end why why did you think he was confident I saw on Twitter and I saw that. I don't know what's that stupid that's the only he likes Big Three but he's dizzy grounded in the old he owns it they've got a victory so that. At thinks of his ever seen it sort of it's it's awful at the half court neatly with but the old guys I figured championship games have enough yet herb plants and you're in so ice cube is making the rounds on sports talk radio talk about that which can we just stop right here before it gets my question. And and just bemoan the fact africanized Hugh is now making local Sports Radio rounds. They've given no they he messed around a got a triple double hit that the uses AK it's ice usually. It's a good day and not to show it's ice cube late in Iran. So guys you should not stoop to that level elephants to us or anybody else on the stand or anybody else at local sports talk radio a month. There's some people that we got non over the years that you like army and now the mighty fallen. But you really an honor to jump on our. Write this those like people consider ice cube if you would like to do five or six greatest rappers of all us ice cube should not be. Stunning to this let's be fair at one point he was views like one of the most dangerous men in music and now he makes 790. Yeah he makes like are you are used their yeah you know are you there yet to are you there yet again and practice days as one of those are you over there now there's a lot of cash are deeper at cash grabs go I don't I know Lister Q did just like. A case of who was the guy it was iced tea. So Ice-T has managed to look at that to ease slightly on law and order. Yet here. Good actor actually but yet a reality show. But Ice-T I would I would argue has managed to keep a little bit of his street cred and carry at least O'Connor heart you know he's nice diesel and hope that you don't need you know but Drake. Do you like. OK that's that great picture doctor treat you in the Sports Radio rounds I can't get on him now so I am. Thoroughly disappointed and I skew but he wants to promote the stupid that's going anyway. I was it was wrong it was another show that he was gonna be on it I thought it was third straight you know like out in August but Casey in two months but I I was so that I saw them when they were when they were packing up your pumpkin and we were sitting down I asked them. Eight you guys have I Cuba that I saw that they're like no why would you think Danica ala sought on Twitter in Germany. But then I said OK there's one question. That I believe you have to ask guys cute if you had a month. And I think it's the most important question of all okay he is like. He is maybe not the number one guy but he is one of the top five guys in the world. To answer this question. And they're like what is it what is it might well think about it invading or something about a triple that spreads it honey you know tripled on what. The egos this threat go through level of all the questions like is it important question and it is to hand you can't as a white man. In my car. Can say. The first time in eighty pennies they as a white beard and I had the answer is though. Whatever the way it is eight I didn't answer is no wiggle elitist but I don't want your answered this question I want ice cubes answer this question is. He has unique perspective. Can you can't I listened to NWA ice cube and whomever. Ends tonight. In my car all alone no. Can I stay out loud as I wrap along with them go all lyrics including. No certain boards no you can't do no pocket but again I don't want your I don't know your opinion. It is the U of Kirk's well no you can I don't. I don't care peace yes the big it turns the ball well but I don't care what you I elephants ice cube could sit here and tell me but I don't days. Absolutely who can say the end word if your rapid alone in my music if you're by yourself and I would still Sapient today question though again. What have you can say whatever you want I wouldn't I wouldn't ask this question to any other person and not really asking if you I'm asking. If ice if he ever hit empty talk nice Q I thought somebody on the and it today. I would have. I would've hit the gas in my car and driven hundreds if I get a duplicate got it because that's if you rocket NASA if it I would love to know what he says yeah it. That is it's a you don't listen to a lot of rap music now and and I don't really either but when I work out. Like edged yep yep like governing Plavix or whatever you have. Yeah yeah yeah so I have that an and that's mostly lot of Celine Dion will of course it's. Madonna's match stuff in the Dallas sixty I. I know we talked about yesterday and it's it's it's very weird and make you feel it did it really get access to a pitcher like like thirty year old slave Madonna and it's it's weird to sixty in. The whole thing. But now she's sixty year old sledding Madonna. And stuff is responsible. Although your if your wife looks like that it seeks the ECB thinking like you tell that you a lot of plus there's this give for sixty. But that's that's. If I'm listening to rap that's almost exclusively world listed as scum at the gym I'm sure it out. And I do have a couple guys keep songs on there and ice cube is the author of what most who's going to be degraded this track of all time. When he left NWA and there's a song called no gasoline and yeah it is littered with the inward. And our what do you do as a like I sing along YouTube radio edit I think you're just. Like your QB kind of mobile first thought you can't sing and even now laugh out it's more of an under your breath sort of thing it's more like your lip syncing. And articulate even what I see in it gets TV. That word. I don't even lip sync the word you just used up you just radio edits in you move on to something else I aegis. You write that you avoid that word a word like the. Late night again is new again I'd I I I love you but I just don't. Europe Europe Lily like I don't care what you think about this I wanna go and ice cube now. Just don't you know it makes it worse brake why why I'm so sensitive about it is what you played well and look at right. Like if there's someone that's going to savient word he probably looks like me. It if you put me in the context of the GM right now are likely tank top. It maybe there's a Bandana on and there's like nordic tattoos but I'd look like the guy that should be seen union workers so. You'll see you just can't even. You kidding but OK guys. Stop argument. Here's here act again. I brought it up I'm talking animals and I just don't want I don't care what you think your big white guy. So here's here's a black eye from Oakland who says health and it now. So it's an out that he's not a given you know we descent like Iowa pile of what you think it Beckett assets attractive now anyway. Patents look at a little uncomfortable out here right now it is that's a quick order labor you're bringing down racial barrier you ask the important questions you do. But the answer to that question is is a good look at the well I wanna know what ice cubes in that. It would be in the an amazing discussions the top modeling you know what I'm gonna put getting on I'm gonna put my effort if he's make an arrest yes it also put some effort in to see if we can bird dog eyes Cubans if we get him on the program bully is on. Somewhere here and up and make the effort and I'm going to. Say in the US as I content this Helms's ominously that don't do we want talked about the Big Three that we would like to ask you this question very powerful click yes entities of the hill that's a guy's ticket. DE get my point that I did you plow one asked that a yes of him. Yeah I do feel like the end of may and Portland by the way he's one of our listeners he's a black guy he's like yet knowing you trip. Particularly if you are gonna someone that yes. Ice cube would be lucky foremost expert that was like he's like the Neil deGrasse Tyson. The rap science law and I think in your ass in the candidates a question you go by Neil if you're asking that question and you go find. Ice the other thing about that is I think you'd be very thoughtful. Like ice cubes a Smart guy yes the I think he would easily brought up that when Bill Maher. Bill marks on gas and ice cube came on he showed the next week and told him he'd be let him haven't met. But that's a little different than again. Just use them in your car scene along to his lyrics. You're uncomfortable with it. Good note when those are up I Rick. And it's a Beagle pinnacle of CC your car no amount I don't like that no radio and the other night lower I think we're done here. Now we've gotten is coming up at 430 we have an update on eighteen who shoved off Padilla in the bridge the bridge. And Dell also coming up no more mormons. Now so I'll just read about it seeded. So mormons are going or it can't column that it is important for nineteen on the stand. Live from pumpkin ridge and the 2018 wind chill foods Portland opened this is prime time where dies again soon gone to an ABC Australian. OK once again running behind in the news is coming up next with lots of great things but down a couple of texts on the site's key question. In Quetta was asking you I was asking if I cute moment that. If he needs to be asked him a white guy sing along to his lyrics. NC every word that. In their car alone. But everyone's hammering me on this thing of course not. But I would want to know what ice cube his respect would say about that somebody texted and said. Rob has slim shady ever said that word enough said. I don't know I assume not that he raps that now I have to listen to everything Eminem's ever put out but it is that I've listened to do what he he doesn't but what if he's like slim shady he's singing along to NWA in the studio let you know any problem. Willing to guess that amongst his circle of friends I'm guessing that he problem please us. It probably says that it by Neal Brennan is the god created Chappelle's Show. Yeah with Dave Chappelle yeah yeah and if you ever played yeah white guy and if you are seeing his standup but. He's really funny I've seen he's got Netflix special and I've seen him you know in person and he talks about it that heat. Always friends are black like that's weaker open and he says that he has been given. A pass to say that. This it network by his friends. And that's funny you know there's there's there's though that without either their passes to begin I guess there's passed is to be given I've never get one and up to you what even if I got to pass I think wouldn't that hasn't or thanks but no I think I'm I'm I'm gonna pass because of that on a glass of self aware enough to know how would look if he said it yes yes I am. I even in your car alone even in my car windows rolled up Obie did you make junk up in this thing any June. Yeah it just it would make me uncomfortable to say because I just like I'd like a weighty flexible like pop up out of the backseat I got. It. Totally the equipment I heard that they got you got it was that you hope. Just happened and my phone was recording and then all you had kids is you would get local radio host says an hour. And then they'd find a why this photo of pepper. And put it up there and well I just know how that would both get let you know likely that Twitter thing happened with. The brewers pitcher yes. An inch on Newcomb of the Braves does the brewers. I hate hater. In these guys a lot of people we're using the well it was a rap lyric. They use that is the as a sort of thing because way too like. Oh wait you sort of not. Well prop which I'm Chris. When addressing away too soft and so yes like its outlook well added heat because when you step that it. You need a way to wipe it off your issue and there's not many days to wipe data off. It's the start grasping for straws you do the quote you know rap lyrics SharePoint into the guys think this is such a dumb conversation we should all be at the theater notably should. No no it doesn't work that way couldn't be any that couldn't be any further from the truth well we're not enough there ice cube is not on if he comes on. This conversation will be brought back up I am good to do everything in my power but let us make this now there's just no way ever thought I'd be sitting there interviewing ice cube. I you know well like it is nice and I interviewed Gene Simmons wants. Yet but he's always been kind of or you know like he'll do anything to get his name up. There's just some guys it maybe this would be good club topic there are some guys who should never. Ever. Do you do a Sports Radio car wash ever out W George Clooney I thought it was weird when you Alec. Except I think he's done some big Sports Radio shows because. They started to do like some of. What movie was it. There there are some movies coming out there were just you know. Nail driven new visa somebody finally figured out while Sports Radio you'd get a moment ever they'll work is done that yet rock the exact the other rock's bit on him. So like Sean Connery shouldn't ever do you sports for a couple yes. But it. I didn't think clicked like Clooney to mean diseases like diabetes cool enough to do it without any event comical that he would do that if he had a relationship with the acute. Now it can't happen. I'm trying to think of other people that should be on that list of we'll play around with that but there there are many men Dre is you know three wood his idea yeah. You know like even. Even like any better you know the dealer at this point the and then at the future if you're ready after navy deep. But he's doing Springsteen Dylan yes Springsteen doesn't you know. You have Bob Dylan at the Pentagon it's a thicket ELY we just his persona keep that no call him sir Paul McCartney he. Sir Elton John there's a surge in front of your name now all right in the news this coming up next what we have we have them. A follow up to the girl who shut down the Britain. She's been identified in this area horrible immunity. But we knew that it's. No more mormons and what happens when grandma gets teased. I hadn't seen Graham of the days Tuesday is oh and by the way you're gonna pay sued the tools of government. Well you'd see that tolls tolls for what the roots. Euros via. They're covent. It's like ten years away they're covered with that line is he missed that they've approved. But there they're playing for. Just back in Kansas that you know. Liberals and to him that's all well know they've they've always have is we had to go back and give back their very much is where to go back dated things in sales tax and they have it look three. Three things Chemical Ali for that but that one sales tax to polls in three rain in the summer. It rain is is it and I know that I grew up there but it's weird but we X you've missed your back August with the help. All right so any news coming up next here's rests with sports. Live from pumpkin ridge in the 28 James wind so foods Portland opened this is prime time where Isaak and soon John Kennedy. The Australians. Portrait 600 fans rough CN. Two lives it's no more although maybe. For next week for us to bang up job data bus crash like you know a while golf and so oh that's right you could be with another way it won't be me chief John did you showed a mean streak and you probably has the walker are. At some point at some point he has to go to a real job it is like honey baked ham coupons now knows those doesn't pay his bill the so many cute sweet you know come up with. I it will pay it is. Friday. August 17. It is separate if you I don't newsman. I've missed your noted news educate student and is that down absolutely and you know I know what's been has noted that news contributor I tried. But look I realize drop forever and I hope we you know I can't deliver the news the way you do. Well here's the first that is how deliberate use of the fires have been it's the big story you hear us technical whatever risk that we have a guy rescued up mount saint helens. Like he he's an idiot we had that story. I don't know if you saw that I did I read a little heat on him to get sprints he threw it some flip flops that got lost two miles of this car and it stayed there for six days. He'd be easy victories to survive that reverend that the reality. We had that what we found those that the oldest galaxies. Ever. We found those just obvious that they know their role. All they said there are some of the very first this that they formed what less than a hundred million years after the big bag. Seems like a long time ago. Yeah about thirteen billion Icrc hello science by now and hypocritical ovulating on and have ever the denied that he didn't believe now shock effect at the guy who likes well done the at stake the so yeah you can slide. Can't. Today our first story is a follow up to the teenager who shoved off of the bridge. At the that watched an agreement reasonable and falls well I don't know that over the bridge that's that ball falls is. I'm out of the park the location yet the fifty foot the fifty foot drop in the water people jump off that but it's very dangerous yup it is girl evident on issues like in this video of this you can see it it's scary video she didn't she didn't want to go it's. You know did that then that's her friend. Also a teenager comes up from behind your shots or to their children back did you see the photos of her injuries though it. Angel five broken ribs to collapse loans shed air bubbles in there. And then just some of the group seem like on her legs are I mean if it's horrific and they say it is. At some doubts about she would have died she was he was strapped no way she's making it to shore and they're supposed to be friends yet these two girls need assistance to pick your friends a little better. Yet the the girl who shot here. Is is now saying that the team. Wanted a push. Really that's what she said that's where she's going and it that's what it was he's been charged. With with assault thought I guess just assault. What if some sort of aggravated I don't know what the B it I don't remember upcoming at what the actual. Full on charge was but it was in some kind of thought she has been charged with. So she is facing criminal charges and she is eighteen years old the brigade is out there. That she's tried to make the rounds now. That's that's not saying yes he's tried to do interviews. And and and now it that's ought to think that's the worst offense I've ever heard. She wanted a shot there is video. But it wasn't like hey I beat up bush went from three. The girl is like like freak you out and it scared that you come from behind and pusher as you do she screens and whales are so get good defense. Yes she sand well you know she asked me she said any now. Help me out yeah if I'm if I'm a little. Mogul has. She says she with she did she's it's trouble. Yet she should be intro idiots having to honestly it is the wish she could she could that it is theirs. She should face serious charges Maynard it's not working. But I'll I'll I'll just go up to supplement it because that's what noted he's Mendez yes you have the news in your blood it's it seems you're at 76. Cents. Now you know the mormons straight yes. You were once and then there are technically I still am really. You said it would not claim you know. Now they I was. I think you two out I've ever been officially kicked out officially. I have you there is the official things get kicked out. In eating and it know they use to stop showing up. Yeah like it before you got kicked out well that's happened a couple times you know Edwards is semantics and they don't want you. Oh they think if I would come back. I didn't follow the rules yet that's not gonna happen but Dumars Otis. Yeah they do they think every other every now and then like every now that the show them my house and tell him are they tell me that they love me that. Ready to back in the and that's typical the go though guys it happens so. It that church is out with this they no longer want to be referred to as Mormon now they don't like apparently that's derogatory what. Yeah yeah I've done it. It's not director at the bases antiquated and into cricket he gets integrated that an LP as they don't want to have anything to do withheld yes or more they would like. You know that would like difficult I do I I saw the story. They wanna be known as what do you think it's. That the first one I don't have a problem with the second one I think it's a little office I think it's little high was eighty. And they've they want it to be the church of Christ. Which now makes sense because the official title is the church of Jesus Christ of Latin these states right that is the official title. There was there was going to be at the bottom who sit together Christian they BIK. Did the title Turkey's strikes I mean to Christian. But yeah that they're tracked it to go whip which that's what can happen it's what did you notice that your this year so I'll pay you what the IUI. Shrine the Ohio State University. Tonight church yeah okay so hey that's not gonna happen so let's go to you picture that they suggests. I am a pieces according to an update. Church style book entry. They do better than they had a style but I didn't either but they're doing a rebrand the you have your outlook no no I don't judge you looks at you if you very looks this right here at this this summer are. That's not that got going on right now. It's so nice blend that faith. Should be called the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints that is the official title and they want they like that yeah. But Noel VS Philadelphia Salem Mormon and its members are members of the church of Jesus Christ latter day saints well aware of how unclear leaving can be. New abbreviations are suggested including that church. Church of Jesus Christ who opens and restored. Church of Jesus Christ yeah. No other materials. Will reflect that they come and stick with one piece that just seems they're reluctant about that is that it gives you know it's agonizing. No I don't think it's Patrick I think it's just the UCC Tyrod Taylor he's no longer Tyrod Taylor. Gates to run dry well know are you know for for thirty years your thirty years old. And it is the city what's know you're tired out of him at that point didn't wanna be known as Tyrod you these citizens of the before now. It beat it wanna be noticeable Richards he should sit at the port now yes sorry yeah the more major. Yeah I I gave it but I don't think Tyrod Taylor concert to rot the fact is saying. I want my team to beat right now I don't think he CNET. I think what he was interviewed he said at least from what I saw he said my mom always called me to rot. But everybody kept calling me Tyrod. So I just went there. Well this I don't think he's saying hey call me to rot the people are like now how do you prevent spam name. And he's like it'll soon going to be whatever who doesn't like some people's basic panic and some people say such can't write it up right at either 18 I learn something. So while we were can't destructive ethnic city college of my cousin was also dropping out is it is fresh look at daily intensity. His wife. Is from. Hey man island. It's you know it's called Cayman Islands now she's from there that she came to know. AG said it doesn't bother him that you know it's not like those things there'll be correcting picture she's from there she said no lights there they pronounce Cayman island beach state about okay. So standards it is the terrorist. The Caribbean yes it is not the gritty yet these care Eric the. So this. Lot of things like I think Greg is really upset if I call you morbid or someone calls me a Mormon is over it and how much that's the deal with this you re branding right now it's beat Brady so we don't need a reprint from time to time make it might act a refresher course. Did you do with the the play the Broadway Show all of Mormon Nancy Allen this of that up by the way that they is fantastic that is a great. Broadway Show if you ever gets let's give me the thumbs up on that. It usually gets its lack seal of approval it its first up I look broadly shows and I don't think it's it's it's it's derogatory I know some people that they are members of the stuff. Thought church they like and other people about so much. But it's just it's of it you might Broadway musicals that thing is to ask. I wonder how much this is strike distance themselves from from that from that race. All right now is that he would not know lake it's open refers to someone at the mortgage value at those guys. You know I don't need this it's fine now this role this time. OK so coming up next what happens that you tase grandma. What do you think happens. To us and she goes down but let's let's find out what. Course she goes down I think Graham was shrugs that off designer and his grandma lived. It just it. 446 on the fan. Pumpkin ridge in the Tony eighteen windows boots. Portland open this is primetime went sighs again soon gone 1080 thoroughfare. I spoke to one on. Fan we're out here a company rich that we just go with the radio now. A like the church full of food that the mormons are going to be the worms that more there's going to be the church wide we ftp the fan why can't we just beat the radio yes they would you do what you gonna turn on the radio that means us. What are you listening to the radio. Robinson threat were on radio dot com yeah they cap on state where other radio where the radio. Police in oh this is in the news now one more story. Police and Chatsworth Georgia. Although Google Chatsworth. Hastert and 87. Year old woman. Go ahead and need to know why the eighty C 87 year old woman needed to be either initiated danger to others Hillary Clinton if Clinton game like he thinks she was the hazard and boy is that. And I guess this is not a way in the eighty. Yes well. She I can't help. So I'm not sure what she's just old yes he's really nursery business transcended the light maybe she's like she could be Hispanic perhaps she's old. This in Georgia. So. They taser her after employee at the local Boys and Girls Club called them to complain that she was carrying a knife and looking to cut vegetation on their property. Okay this elegant it kept people. She's tough she's cutting any line she's nice you know plants via. Aren't you like to data lines while they want every now that I go out to the backyard when it there's are wrote we eat you better believe I'd go get my John. The caller said mark Al Shara. Did not a security threat she's old she can't get around to well we'll look of course look at it she looks like the crypt keeper. I don't think she could lift the knife to stab someone in if she puts that somewhat I don't think there'd be put attrition. Looks like she's walking around looking for something like vegetation to cut down or something there's a back to. The woman says that happens she was cutting did you lions went three police officers arrived. So the time. Let yourself be. With a hot the last how ardea. Oh you're all things are on nice thank you for taking a picture with that's apparently. It nice Pallet that. And expand girl to schema here. Totally second downs as that time than now so she just shot a I'm pretty hot little. Ego self seamless and away we go she's innocent it's all the other thing here is a try to create a good bill we're about that's fantastic you know they've ever these two guys that backpack. Who are now oh yeah that's the radio with. I'd that the old ladies go bad it's got about three police officers arrive she did not obeying. Their command to drop that night because she doesn't speak English. Yes. Police chief Josh etheridge says he tried to demonstrate his order. Taking his own pocket knife and placing it on the ground despite her age difficulty getting around the officer. Shocked her with its Kaczur when she's not proper night. She might not be at least 87 into some serious in speaking English. I. Well there are unsure if we had to figure out. Mean she's an old lady could you just waited for her to get higher and drop the knife there. Could you just go over and take the life out of her hand unbelievable she is V seven. Did she now hold the is there a world record for all this two movement taste has the is there like it I mean honestly has to be has to be has added his delicate 91 year old over the got a little levity might get at the rec center. You know maybe which she did it B goat would put down the doppler. And the advocate taken down collect Disney that's really unbelievable look. Here's my leg I thought the teaser he had given me this and thought that was OK I broke please for the most RK it's tough Joseph. I'm broke it up yes there you go into that yes isn't everyone I understand it's it's a tough job. Well so people say all cops goods that they are concert that's rats oval exactly there's very it's not right I just know it's tough job and I get a like it's it's scary you know try to go home know where the job description to say that you don't be to go home with which camp to understand. But sometimes the situation is. In which police fear for their life and but he did air quotes here ear for their life is the most ridiculous thing. Of all company just that the fact it is that anyone with any debt offered. The lights would think to do that. And that's a thing that in general I get it by a nice letter of the law and he had a knife which put it down I get it but that. Not all situations are created equal not all situations be it be like well it's it's one size fits all. You have an 87 year old Syrian lady out there trying to cut in the lions are eight she's not doing any. The common sense yes I do it not we don't in this because it's not what we do here. Wolf sometimes it is but this one a little touchy probably not for our show. But did you see the video of the two cops now where it was that the apology. With that guy in the car in the guy ends up that they try to wrestle in the case of multiple times. He he gets away goes to his car pulls out a gun shoot them. Increasing the video on my habit. That's worth watching okay you guys have in this that that I am not saying this is similar to the Gramm line. Teasing it's it's not this is a very seriously she luckily neither caught died. And the guy I don't and I never in it see what happens to guy that basically this guy gets out of his car routine traffic stop their two cops that I seems to be cooperating it first. And he is an African American guy. And day in day turnaround cuff him and I don't know what for what reason I expect he fights back they wrestling he's a big guy that these two guys are also pretty one Adams wanted to concentrate. And they have wrestling him teasing him multiple times and he'd just. We'll put down by tomorrow appreciate our mile and and run accident in dives into the that is Dukes of Hazzard silences the door of his car grabbed the gun pulls it out sheets these guys luckily. One might even get shot. And the other one did get shot but you live it eat it he jumped behind me the guardrail pool account no when I I have yet. It happens and again outlook that was just get up let's talk that is. What state that was it but it's an interesting look at you know look. It's danger it's it's very dangerous yeah sometimes even though those guys probably should've taken that night out there like. Amy how these how does this happen down at the same time it's like that's why I say it's great it's a really hard job and I you know. I'm I'm glad some without their willing to do it. This 87 years old that he did he lives. If I don't need to be yet. Okay let's get out here because we have the hot by the five coming up next these top stories of the day. In which we have some beeper injury news and that would mean beaver football talking. Some NFL injury news and updates on the golf and dealt what's going on a Major League Baseball tonight on next on the.