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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, August 17th
Hot 5 at 5; Suke's hot dog condiment preferences spark controversy; Oregon football season ticket sales are trending down; Friday randoms: triple play where the batter was not retired

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Daylight time book. The club nightclub. And now. This is prime time on sports radio and you know we expect. Fast forward practically excellent dean here prime time news yours yours for the best in local regional and national sports. It. Mediocrity deserves. Isaac rob miserable and get a quick o'clock that morning to you since again and made them do that. Do prime time on an eighty. And our. Welcome back sports pros were out here come you ridge for the wing Coke foods Portland to open. If it'll show so far. But he still to come we will have Friday randomness. We will have a little or again football season tickets Hough who. Yes. Dance and other stuff so. Don't go it. I'm not for the next two hours. I'm here review kid to college talking club. Yeah wanna hear about the trip alerts Yemen tale I agree with that the day you got down there in the lord's peace he had tweaked out like that that ten. The that the ten rules no frothing commute freshman very gets that lures police department thumbs up there out there actually a case of that'll be in the club and that can we talk about you just sitting aren't here to get to a hot dog yeah we can we talk about that it's absolutely think the guy is a circuit will I just got an engineer I just got it that hot dog you've got who what what that hot dog is because of me. One hunt does he have a hot dog he did this week you got him know he wanted food and I have a pass to the hospitality tent. Incisive if you want year. It's taken its. All he said to me do you want anything that. Not so much that it came back with a hot dog and as the right pat McGovern I stand. I am I stand down on this I was team. Back in the Porta Johns that's there missed it which I'm really disappoint you show was so effective I don't know I mean where her house of our best segments ever it was when we had the what witness the cleaning of the port of pot or what have allies we got here what year. And it put us back there for some reason my right by live in Portland McCain's and don't look so it's like getting late in the game it is like 6630 where the club yeah. And the woman comes to clean number like pump them or whatever she's doing she was coming to service them service them and you had to pump out the ways and so she fired the jet engine. It shorted it to vacuum that stuff out and this was terrific. And we couldn't hear anything over the sound of the this pump there and yes they'll questioned you know. His life really don't know where where what we're doing what shall we brought over for her you know turns out she did she she yeah she loves she left. Com our radio station to go work. Is this simple for our pick your group of kids she couldn't have been happier than she is now supposedly can't do this is way better. Anyway. Yes so at that level we fun tonight out here for pumpkin ridge but there right now let's get cut up and everything going on sports. The hot 55. It's Everest opinions. I man there. It's time for the odd hybrid club and 55 bright. Eyes and soon. Refresh my frost brewed Coors Light download the reward happened starter in points towards one America and experiences game tickets and rewards. Number flying. Fourteen under leads. The L winkle foods Portland open X. Some guy named Ernst. But some guy. Let's go with Geoff Earth's closest Jefferson I feel like Kurtz notes that the users that he maybe Derek Ernst Derek hey look at it okay so restless but Italy game of all re the last name. You tell us the first and we were struggling with Internet I'm pretty happy that I came up with Derek on the first crack more. Second place Taylor Morton in new wouldn't have gotten Taylor eleven under. Can give you immediate issue of these. It should make giraffe pretty effective. Fernando three tested under and asked him as I am. What some day he's senator so those you know those guys. In an out of via Wyndham championship presented a shot 59 yesterday yeah I saw that is what the tenth guy ever on the PGA tour to shoot that sixty. Dude if any did it with a bogey he had bogeyed the August definitely. He knows the creek that Birdie Putt on another hole he shot fifteen. By the way Brent Snedeker is a a former graduate of the threat whipped out conferees on the big billboard as you kept he went three under today he has a two shot lead over the eight points so if your fourteen under. Points is at twelve under as but the Wyndham. If Major League Baseball tonight a look at the eighth. BA's of 132. Of 42 they are only two back of the Astros they Dujail what is it just took two or three from Seattle. And does big series come up with he said also they went for the Mariners who have the Dodgers because you have to be to would have backed of the wildcard that play. 44 behalf active we're currently the F now here's what's interesting Astra idea a's play the Astros tonight. In Oakland and he said it will be Dodgers mariners at its safe coaching tax effect on the deal via ten days to. Yet flowery. Come backer for. Blue jays beat the Yankees for two in the third Phillies up 41 on the Mets in the bottom of the fifth that scored points for the first game of the double dip you know go figure ever they took a couple of the Yankees. National and have a two. Red lead on the Marlins break about the ex red hot. Race leader Red Sox 32 in the in their baseballs he doesn't see that there was that the Gomez in the rays got cotton there again I can't write his name on baseball through its week. Palestinians Carlos don't have. Yeah he's a married guy but he. He wrote is is named in incredible. Chaos to a hot fan and got busted that's really good I guess. Doubts Chinese he had a golf also I think you know you put it you see throughout golf ball out there have been tough that are out. Update patriots it is. First round pick off the deployment Isiah win yet towards Achilles and the you that's a big deal with. Neitzel who left him in free agency so he was the guy they were they were count on. Two coming in played play a role that you have food producers there's some doubt this sector growth. That the patriots have lost their first round draft pick last year's defense line that you know I'm in the season future. Oh Sony Michelle they're running back there the first round pick he's out with a knee injury too but he's expected back for the regular season. He's the running back at Georgia. And let's go some NFL pre season. Interest to them as well yeah we got that battle of the quarterbacks but baker Mika just now tonight right campgrounds at seven nothing. In the first topic that he fourteen. Three lead on the sheets. In the giants up 73 on the lions. This is all about now with some of these injuries piling you have to work with the war of attrition and yes the adamant that the polls got it. And we went out with a bum shoulder so they're saying that it's it's not anything like serious that some people who are are put into question we want. Carson Wentz is it back to full practice so if you're the Eagles right now. The last thing is that fault not being able to go see star look at me up with that the jets who says garlic is progressing in starter. You know make Philadelphia but we look at for Teddy Bridgewater Josh we counselor to deal right now in that builds. Ground game to rob Taylor. Or is it tyrant who took rod. He started so they can be filled hasn't played in neither has just shown it eight if you're starting for the bills dolphins answers tied 66 Dickerson McCaffrey went 73 yards from the comfort series for a touchdown. And the Seahawks released that incident. Marcus Smith today yeah former first round Greta Philadelphia. Don't know the details there to save for personal reasons. So he's he's had some issues but yeah he did you know what. A guy they're hoping to count on its own talent. First round there. And the blunt Oregon State does it say he gave it more as they also lose them backup running back at Calvin Tyler junior for extended periods of time beating injury. Tyler's primary backup to retain its peers. And Tyler suffered an injury yesterday air the seat actually Monday. Now Monday's practice otherwise according Dorgan minds right right spot that well and I think David Morse is their best player you as a freshman last year that. Eight is off all pac twelve honorable mention. You know I think we've we've you talk about high end talent like people difference makers that they in the league I think he was a bloody start so. He's out with a foot injury and so this is that's the flow incidents within prosper are ready and I think you've lost an extended period time your best player yes they hurt his right. Foot last winner yep and he's hurt his left foot here. So if he cities Johnson's hit that he's out indefinitely. Also Smith says he's not close to naming quarterback. Now so I mean we we talked within you which ought to be but yesterday she said that you have talked to were you know 45 days ago she thought Carter blah. Was without plane everybody but now it's it's it's kind of Newton Colette oh yeah blunt and they're do yeah. I that you got by the five it's a fresh by thrust recourse like download course light's view reports happened start earning points toward wanted to kind experiences. Even game tickets Freddy read it's coming up. But up next that's been the segment talking about the season tickets for Oregon football trending down to go on there. But fourteen other thing. Live from the wind chill foods Portland open presented by Kraft times this is prime time where guys again soon gone ten maybe both Israel and. It is Freddie random coming up by thirty figured dirty team. We have several of them. That eyewitness got a couple dogs have followed your lead there gaga grabbed a little. The hot dog licked for the growth in him with a little golf course experience right it could turn got a dollar that cigarette. I think a cigar is now available appropriate. Well these are not the greatest dogs in the world they probably should up their game but. Yeah you had expected maybe a couple of soft that you would ever since this appears to be option out there that's appears to be your run of the mill sort of you know. In a bar and sort of odd but that's okay sure you know it serves purpose here absolutely. And I noticed that when Rick brought the hunt ducks back is he so politely did for you yes they only had ketchup yeah. The most interest really did you request. Well here's here's my. Again be careful with this yes you do yes threat lightly I I will tread lightly. Because Rick was very nice to go get me a hot eating pollen now doctor you're gonna Thurmond I don't I'm not at this is that this is why I. So. Rick was like hey do we have access to any of the ya hot dog game Anderson yet what is this. We caught up part of what we do it but you know you got to Muster the polish sausage at some guy. Yes he's. The group La yeah yeah we've heard now I'm headed there believe me so. This went out the rig gas that we had you know accessing news and scrutinize the guys that here take this go to you want we've got like hospitality there. I said let me know what they got Rick comes back grab the hot dogs that well look at that you wanna go grab one you think shirt he goes ketchup and mustard. And this is why. This is why it went catch a ball. Because you did request can I did request gets involved in this is why Communists I do like ketchup and mustard on a hot dog. But the ratio of ketchup mustard to being. Has to be in balance and I did not want to make a very cute she's that's a request the wreck right with like we'll. Make sure that kept them both I that was being a little. We need to lady. And so I just decide to go with just throw and catch on the air it's fine. Because I can't really LNG they'll just throw mustard on their end its mind is that acceptable. Because I prefer if I'm gonna have a single continent on my hot dog I would prefer catch up. If I do it myself there would have been a stripe of ketchup stripe of mustard but if I give up bunch of mustard on the air like a drop of mustard and not a not enough ketchup it kind of with the hot dog for me so I did not wanna make a special request of the I was already be advised them to go get me a hot dog. So I just went with ketchup I guess my hamburgers do. Ideally I'd like darker I let go ketchup and Mayo mustard. But I don't like this happen ego yeah I don't like to have a ton of mail and I haven't got a busters he's not going to talk either he's talking he knows he feels vary. We'll get the word. Threatened right now because I'm on mount park go for we'll catch up on a hot dogs. It's a step back and why is that. Because it's gross ketchup on hot yet fit to it shouldn't happen if if there is monster which there was yes the talent to. Any he's daalder now so they need to be doused himself that understand but if you're in a Dallas hot dog anything it should be catch upon. This is frowned upon wise frowned upon because is not good at it. Do I feel like not good luck uttered a figure out you got out on an island on the I don't I don't know what's wrong about this but I think if we go to the expert. Gonna fight it's about 5050 split and I text by but real fun is just the the people that are mustard Nazis that they're all the gear back up somewhere got a court cop. All upbeat about the whole mustard or ketchup thing. And that's a guy is never angry at mustard guy it's only mustard guy Ingrid ketchup that you'll like mustard guys insecure it's like hey I don't know why because ketchup is the superior content. Ketchup is is it is to mustard I I'm with you it's a mustard guy feels like all our guys. Mustard guy how are not that you are on sale call me mustered a general buster guy gets all defensive. Because that's the one food he has that he feels like mustard it rained supreme. You're flip this is your little defensive about the hot dog with mustard or with at temple it's it's it's okay it's just. It's frowned upon them if not days not good practice and we need to be better. Well not mustered out again I close my hat I've been getting hot dog there would have been a strip of mustard on there you share your mistake was. If you eat via the pick one it's clearly a monster and I would not willing to make Riddick. Control might catch up to Muster district you know but you should have said Rick. Mustard belt and I would say Rick did go to big idea people boy you know you're not. You're not. Addressing that mustered only seeking goes straight to hell I'll help I'm not that we're in it that's when Connie I'm right there right to help the wrong. Now it's wrong your Communist you know it probably being kicked out of the country and you know what else is ridiculous. In this. Yeah he's. Let us work yeah he's he's doing just fine well yeah. The the the mustard on the pretzel he hasn't won. I am now I don't know who that guy is that the leaders that scares. And hit the gulf in things that guy again. Life is just fine. Though mustered up a pretzel is what pisses me off. The way you feel mustard on a hot dog the way I feel about must throw your anti mustard. That's ridiculous there's one thing and one thing only he goes with pretzels and that's freaking cheese. If somebody as good about that with some red wire pres game I can't delegates and she isn't like we only have mustered in my that you take this bastard pretzel backing Kravis and give me some hot cheese on that thing it will pocket monsters. That's right out. So hate the ducks as a reading an article by Austin meek. That is yes Austin meet yours for their me I think it's me down and I team's spirit to the Forester Gartner believes it's not. He's not a how to ducks' season tickets. Are trending down and it said nearing a turning towards down 8% which is that yeah. And so it is discussing why that is. And I find that media rhetoric stings sports question of the local variety pieces I don't know if that would necessarily be be polarizing is lotteries why they that's successful lately. There's one. That would be one it's not been that. You know coaches three years has it been that great I also think that when you reach the levels that organ reached. And expectations I think got a little out of laughed. When you're playing for national championships in your win in the Rose Bowl. You know you eat you're going to those sorts of BCS games and I think they're spoiled down I think there's an element of that absolutely. And then let's look that's also be honest here is that the non conference schedule has been. It's it's been awful and you know season tickets. Are you signing up to watch them play their nonconference slate. Now I mean it's it's an idea that your level when you buy season tickets right you're having to pay for every one of those games that this year actually give a pretty good slate. What Stanford is that home you don't sit home. You don't play USC. I UCLA's at home so that's a very good all slate this year. But there's that non conference games are awful and when you're having to pay full price. To go do that I I think there's no minute some people VO might not not not painful price for those three games. All by I'll buy tickets for you know that the two or three gives that want to and I've also heard was them that can't think that some of the tailgate policies. And summit that the Costin and all that his kind of rubs people the wrong way as well. Well they lower prices this year in terms of season tickets from and I. Understand but they've also raised donation crisis a few years back he raised donation Prez so. You know it's if it to save it a low ball prices are lower that's not necessarily true because to get in a season tickets here to get ceased to is yet to donate. A tournament yet in that never was a giant number I always thought that these tickets com. At least that for organ where we're pretty affordable actually considering the product they put on the hill but maybe. That's leveling off. You know based on the product shipment of the they have raised donation prizes of that. And that's why they came out he what are you talking about was that's when he came out with that. New. They'd be added alcohol. And now people are complaining about how many bathrooms and leave that out all witches. Valid point you've over the interrogating earlier rat tail gating earlier and all the things they did that change is they've made is to make it more fan friendly it's what people want it allegedly. Does it but this is the real reason behind that is they are lagging attendance and while they held a program. We're gonna cover of people on the better you'd think Tex lines you know RJ says it's epic traffic it's horrible drive down their for decades he seemed to get worse and worse when I quit going that's why it's going to be. So that all the night games killed me too long today that don't wanna do that. See that's an interesting I think that that has more to do more to do with it than anything you'll will give it credit for yet this radio a lot at night in -- opposite ticket because of the price time commitment drive from Portland traffic and especially the night games rough. But you know I know if there's one other thing too and I know two people that have drops these tickets. Not just an organ but also I think you guys it's ticket holders of the blazers. And the docks at both a drop their tickets. And you know one of the reasons why is the new tax code and you'd expect. You can no longer write those off so for business guys they would buy those you know you're companies and they were 60% I think that's a big deal team and you can no longer do that and I knew a bunch of guys. That says that the there were in that that kind of and all the those kind of businesses as they've been a lot of people there like I alt 60% of the market beyond if you haven't they were right. Yes it's like in Nevada the only reason they were doing it yet acting takes clients debt without it just. They were big enough fan yes he does Leon yes some. Yeah but so that's definitely now you know the whole idea of it being inconvenienced in the trafficking and I think that's always been. Yeah you know it's like what's what's changed about that have a few ideas on this. It will get to that we return text the battery to date excellent at 55305. Duck season tickets trending down by about 8%. What is it. Text by but I've been on the ketchup mustard and that the tax CNET. People are repeated about this as well 530 you're dressed. Can rich in the twentieth eighteen windows foods Portland open this is primetime what guys again soon gone. OK before we get back to the deaths that. A couple of items from the text line that each state excellent might let you buy it on ketchup or mustard on dogs. I'm clearly in the mustard quarter soup is in the ketchup if you have to pick between the two yes and I believe that is. Communism because given my. My druthers I would go streaker relish streak of mustard. Streak catch. Here's a text says there is only one condiment for hot dogs and that is mustard plain yellow mustard and we're not angry gadget guy he's just wrong. Steve but that's the thing is is mustard guy is angry ketchup guy in this is why mustard is insecure catch a guy is not bad mustard guy. Did you guys like hey man you're like the mustard port no problem you likes most is like soccer guy. I don't care if you love football ire baseball I don't care if you like football baseball whatever. But soccer guy gets all but hurt if you say you don't like soccer that's extra guy analyst says that mustard relish and the little chopped onion you are high for putting ketchup on now hot dog on it GD hot done that s.'s insane. And here's others to agree with you. I would say the majority of people are in your corner on this but yes I think it's maybe a 7030 split maybe 6040 if I'm lucky I think it's 7373. There they're being fair here ketchup on hot studies is you know -- five years old mean well I also think is that it was TV the bastard product like this and a fine polish sausage there's no doubt about that now. There's noted in a problem with a fine polish sausage is not going to be yellow mustard we get some sort of stone ground brown mustard. And get me a nice the Sean if you will all right so thanks for the Texan and I only was only able to get to a feud there but there was a very it was a hot every time delivery pennies it's just like they're nobody's gonna change is like some people take the chemical carriers or. That's not the point the you eat what every one title here it's just like pineapple on pizza there is a right or wrong way it did today yeah. That it. Ruffles at the north a lot of people. Audible on pizza is the 100%. On a politically wrong. On all levels it would give area agree all right backed out yet so the night games I think so we're talking about. The Austin Meeks article where Oregon duck season tickets are trending down seasons. By about 8%. Now is that or putting college football attendance in general is down 10% since 2008 longer times and yeah cosmopolitan is going down. Easy answer to that we didn't mention my segment is stadiums. They're not that nice like. That college football state of the pro sports are upgrading their stadiums or ballparks in their venues with multiple. Bells and whistles for recent. That's because it's harder to get people has been that kind of money to come just one game it has been more than a game. It you know you go to these duck and even games that's notice that there's no frills and thinks some fans the fringe guys like like no it. It goes down there it is due to driving that traffic well in this incident happened I think the stadiums it's a cool experience that can be wrong but it's just not. It's it's an old stadium the bathrooms are as situation is pork and now you're adding alcohol and at that parking and it just. Now I'm not a season ticket holder and over the last. Seven years or so I've been doing ducks post game TV so I have that if we go to many games book before that I used to go to it would games of the year and you know where there was a scanner or order cover him. So it's it's slightly different on not a season ticket holder but my biggest thing is that it and at YI I. My my game attendance started dwindling in it now that I'm not doing TV anymore. I still go to a bunch of games is simply this. The home experience. Is so good now and I can watch so many different games it wants. When I sit down on a Saturday or Sunday it is very rarely to watch. A game when I sit down on Saturday I'm gonna watch some ducks on the Watson beavers. You know from from a local standpoint. But you know that there's usually at least two national games that I wanna watch and flip around. And it's such a time commitment to go down to organ org Stater drive up to Seattle to see those games and I know that I'm going to watch one game and there's no guarantee that it's gonna be any good. Where's the price of my couch the next game was a dud. I flip that out by the is that something better and when the game's over I go Obama this. That's for the French I think that's on the that's very true on the same ways but I get a. Offers a good duck games at night it's Keeneland a comment. Also by Saturday but were not die heard you know what we're talking about your season ticket holders. And I think it's interesting there's something to also the idea he said. Duck fans spoiled like nothing compares to that seven year run or whatever and it's kind of ours Pacino and he gains on the non conference and then you add in the ninth teams but I wonder if there is enough of the fan base you know it's like. It's almost like you get it out here says that you have such a good run for seven or eight years. A lot of people that that would get we're only talking about 8% which is significant to the ducks bottom let's not act but let's not act like aliens and pigs. But but I think for those people or try to feel what those people are thinking. Maybe there are those people that are like you know what. It doesn't get any better than that century Europe and over I have kids and 219 to fight the traffic. And I just it's like I look the ducks and now watch him but. Halliburton go down that is is there you lifespan yes on. Just doing that every single year no matter what absolutely and I live in Haiti people are at that. It's funny I just I've had I've had this conversation was sold out about you put. People that when you credit you at the gym around golf course or just you know at a restaurant or whatever I had this conversation ten times. And it's funny that that is there is an element that I hear this. Well you have had season tickets for fifteen years in I don't now and I just. Alpha wanna do it anymore it's that there's just this there is an element of that he you know he use you we're through the lean years you watched it be built up. You try to hit the crescendo at the Chip Kelly and almost it's almost a percent as surely you've got to the doorstep and now yeah they're maybe is a little bit of a we ever gonna get back there. All the other extenuating factors and then if fatigued. Spent in these tickets. It'll thousands upon thousands. Of dollars over ten to fifteen year you appeared sometimes you looked out at a year like I just don't. I don't wanna do anymore I'm tired of writing. I'd check it let's let's dance is not they giant snow you know so if you get 10% of people that want. Feel that there's not an attempt yet to come along right I think or oh I think they have a 10% you know for a portion of their families is that one reason to get to ignore that there's always that there's 20% that wanna come and anger problem like. Or you look at the other ways that the the bandwagon is that people they jumped on. I'll win the docs are really high flying are off yeah maybe it's that doubt it it's that you know and I think it anymore. I mean I think if I'm a debt and I'm pretty optimistic about what it along with crystal ever. Three coaches three years that successful run at least for now is over it so I'm just gonna. Decent mouse movement I just think there's a little bit we're a little bit of everywhere get a lot of this this guy says the best that he that it takes line. Parking lot lines there was traffic. Travel game time to. Out sixty its TV barbecue while that's going on but a lot of that is always been jab I just think you how those things up. And Ali in. Is that at some fatigue did you adds some them you know a little bit it's some lean years. I just think all those things go together. I don't think there's any one magic bullet for anybody I don't think there is a lot of little things that maybe for each individual person. It says it's a different group of little things but I think that's where that's coming don't you think with kids at different ages. That excludes some people that stand year to see your kids change ages and it it no longer fits your life yes and then that goes back to the how big is the fan base that are there other. There are there enough other people that wanna take over those seats yellow would have it would of all the sudden you know your kids or teenagers in your plane travel sports you're dropping ten grand a year on on three different travel teams that. All the sudden you know that ten grand on season tickets are five grand river donation you gotta make you go along with it just. You know doesn't work well into the budget I think the bottom line is that this is true in all of sports professional sports they're all dealing with us. People are. You can't you can't fool them like used to you can't just prey on blind loyalty because there thing. Right you can't do that people are smarter. About how they're spending their discretionary income. And I think they're looking at this and it's got to balance it's got that while that's a lot of money for one like it there. If you if you give them more bells and whistles like some pro stadiums down organ with maybe they are gonna write that check. But right now they're weighing everything and look at it that sort you know at least some of them are 8% of look at effect on. You what that really doesn't pencil anymore it's that you. As as pro franchises but also is as college institutions and after April other sports they can't be upgrading it up this money only in around it. Upgrade the stadium by a hundred dollars every year rightly been. The money it around him pro sports for these upgrades in the building it's so leases isn't saying but the pro sports are realized that way ever went as fighting desperately because they know that there's a competition for the dollars so steep that the NFL. And most other sports you realize that this sport Odyssey is no longer enough to get enough people into the gates you have to have the you do this basic experience otherwise NFL fans are showing up which is what they want this is like they wanna do the Major League Baseball park yes that way to go and anything built now. But so but the of these relics of college football stadium now it's just that rely on tradition nice they rely on tradition and passion yet and that's just Illinois and now it's not go to let me first exit they're still. You know planning full well it got into a season tickets down. They're turning towards being down 8% down in Eugene and I think that's. And I think that's actually. What what I would stay active to wrap this up is I wonder see you look at all the money that like. Will stick with organ they've dumped in the facilities here. And these are top missile getting these kids the best in the country that has helped in recruiting so much recruiting getting the players that's the first get the players. He put a good product on the field people come. Well they will. But now maybe even next. Particularly at a place like court isn't new stadium or not necessarily with the oxen. A renovated a big. Renovation to the state he can't get much fancy now you know Yates can eat out all the stuff to get the kids and you just because you win ten games a year. If if the parking sucks being in the traffic's you wonder if that and it's hot in the if you don't schedule well and in and you know. Via we have a brother yes they were talking about kind of what's the next wave of treaty now they've went as uniforms facilities that. Maybe this kind of goes along with that green and recruit in the fan back at that is taken some of the money you're spending to get players and inspected on the stadium to try to go in its investment all right thinks that attacks on that we will be back with. A few Freddie random before we get into the club here on. Live from the window influence Portland open. Presented by Kraft times this is prime time where guys against you've gone to an eighties Australian. Are there Iraqi you guys on a Friday. Specifically you three aren't you on Friday. In your welcome run. I think you on stand out Friday Rihanna just a few they were back at a millionaire I think so. We're busy rocket people but yet those guys love that we optimum if it that was the first indicator rotten became Robin like it's. It's that date takes a rocket hits on a Friday against Elliott said we got you I can smell the beer garden on those three that's what I said they're not rocket appeared their rocket here. It'd be the new expression gave up his route and around maybe you guys talked about this I don't know when this happened while I was away. But there was a triple play. With Al the batter being retired. You don't that we did not talk about it. Texas race yet that Rangers did but that happened. Happened yesterday. Was the gasoline could just talk about X I I just saw that today first time since 1912. That does happen I doubt triple play. They always got out of batter was not retired this is one of the things they always say about baseball right like you never know. What you're gonna see the EET to Manhattan haven't the 191213. C a triple play. But in general like how many of those happened a year and a handful. So it's the royals game. When then it went blue jays yes that you. It is your grammar Twitter if you which one is that tweets out Basra in Portland project yes and done. It's a good look at lit it's too crappy teams at the blue jays and royals. We saw a Grand Slam you. They throw out. At the plate plate plates we saw. A pinch hit home run in the bottom of the night. As we scenic a diving catch. Hell of the hello again specific exit two good teams in that we saw Saudi princes. You know he's in favor yeah the royals hit two home runs in the same game and it gets raped at him is this to discuss about fifteen books you know we sat Lisa. That they dated costs fifteen if it hurts it. In the thing is I was looking on like is clear last second decision to go because we finally had some down time yeah. In McKay you know at the rosary town Selena you know 45 minutes an hourly scale so look on the royals let's. Is don't want you know fifty. Dollars for her seat down Stucco apartment so we know we pulled up thinking. We pulled up right as nationally the most blatant. And I don't. And then when it got up. I was walking Butler will play that I think we got a chuckle onslaught you know from the with the car in his guys golfer walks he's had a four. Let's look at what he. It is likely he sees the decree tees are Beazer right behind home plate diving the coma yet that. I think they get foods that would have now now these urges but they were they were like fourth Earl yeah right behind the batter as via a lot. A lot of a lot of times that those diving club seats come they have those that this was a different but 445. Rows behind the royals on Dexter. And they're like probably seven I don't see Hamlet he's. He's he does. And for re here we have four people. Ten dollars. He's likely at like ten dollars totem like on the tennis ticket is a good seat and he is like you meet but I now. Fifteen. He's like okay. Done fifteen apiece for those seats I would say this there is something which are probably oh we probably over overpaid as it's for it royals and jays in the National Anthem is starting I would give those of us are well noted that might it would give it to us or am willing you can for for games like that you can go buy tickets for five bucks and then go sit where you. But he does wander around the state yesterday did they ever check now know when there's there's no in the stadium like that you can go where you want it. I think that is one of that the best thing to do is to show up at a random game when there's two crappy teams plan. You get in for like five bucks you can just wander around it's it where you wanna sit. I love doing that fact. If we ever have to travel for work or if I find myself traveling anywhere at the very first thing I do is pull up either didn't seats stuff over whatever. And I just look in see what's going on in the area and if there's a baseball game on their every single time so we we figured. It for four people to go to Major League Baseball game and we did we decided to do that now 1520 minutes for Inkster. It costs us about total. 130. Under forty bucks before. So it's like 3540 bucks and a person and that's with that here in the dog eared guy had an intricate currently you know given the substitute it's just it's like that's what I'm talk you know we talk about it sports like he got to offer. At that because I like this second I said he wanted to Ross and she's. She's immediately thinking chili paste all these neatly thinking. Authentic fair get there there's traffic parking and parking on its going to be expensive and it was not that she's coming up what a great decision but pulled it yeah it's it's great. Rules on what we were in San Cisco last year mean acute stroke down to stomach thinking on win like let's go somewhere for a couple days and jerk doesn't Cisco. And saving no plans no nothing and we looked in the giants who were awful last year we're playing the Padres. And I got this it's. I think the second row in the right feel like right now McCovey cove. So just second row and I think we ended up suspended nine bucks a ticket. As in if the giants are good at the turn to win the World Series you know although those tickets are probably a hundred bucks. But there is that the group. You know it ten bucks to go see a baseball game like on Tuesday night it's fantastic and baseball has so many that even when a team's good. If you're willing to go sit in the outfield and Tuesday night even with good teams you get tickets for between box. You can't so on that triple play. This is the first triple play with a batter was not retired since 1912. Angels. Had David Fletcher at the plate he had a hot shot ground ball to. Third baseman jerks in pro far he he short hops it. He steps on third for a force out tags out the runner at the other and that was right there. Does that guy thought pro for caught the ball in the air it was going back to the bag in the and he throws to second. To root netted door who's there for another force out and it's a very rare 54. Triple play in where the batter was not retired. And it's insane interest now go what silent and it's I saw that today making the rounds and there's another good one to it I think a subtle bar stool. I think it's that it Dominican league or something maybe the Mexican leagues and I don't think it was here in the states. But it is that I think that they had what I saw was the worst possible way to lose a game so is that the bottom of the nineties I game. And there's two guys on got first got second and the end happening in Iran with the guy between second and third. You can pick hike goes diving back dissect it any of that being safe but the guy on first with already hitting his second. So he goes hauling back to first and they get hit and run down. While there and that middle that brought down that guy from sec it takes off heading towards third. They lead the gunfight between first and second alone they throw over to third and the guy drops the ball eyesight isn't at third base any safe. Well the guy from third out picks up the ball and they don't throw it to have a rundown with the other guy it's now between first and second. And when they throw the ball the guy from third base now takes off running they throw home and they are Arabs want the guy slides into home plate. Game over Luke is due to plan. Now to help us put believable then I mean it was like keystone cops they just that that is the most painful way to lose the game if that happens just quit the game I'll that's the only random idiots who got time now we have random more next week nugget we got random not ready or random random random. Fright that by the letter and I'd read it looked freedoms you fit for the tees nightclub is next on the fan.