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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, August 13th
The guys' talk about prosepctive grandchildren, what its like being a grand parent, and then get to some PGA Championship talk.

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Oh. We consume. And it's. Compromise sports. Yeah. And again. And he. Lose any good surge plus seven and don't despair and anger out on to sports and a little bit that's all I know I still in Vegas now. Ladies and gentlemen Joseph Fisher still featured. Common sense. I have my father's junior's side as it works as your. Now you know yeah. Yeah is he wore he has yes that's awesome I come the quad. I I sometimes just calm fourth or for elements for earth like and he does some is not those diligence or get over here and nice. He my brother and in his did and then our dad and his dad girl Jon so mechanics but none of them were. Our. Juniors they are different middle name on the varietal names I think there is. Or yeah there's does grand great grip other grandfathered add my brother. And his on her all John C can't carry in this sort of rule between juniors in second slight because he can be Joseph Fisher of seconds. Any can also be Joseph Fisher junior I think if you have build different middle names or he can still go number and yet none of the no one on my Brittany in my Jimmy goes by it too were junior or anything like that right but they're all there all Johns can't I don't know Opel go to a fifth. Predictive of don't have always up for awhile luckily hopefully I don't have to look at how old is he got that he's five so I I. Yeah seven years her clause seven which is usual. Possible I opened for like ten it's happened it terrifies me my my daughter's 21 little lady of the 40%. I'd GO I would like you know I just went into the my contacts in my iPhone that I have yes and I changed it from Joseph Fisher junior. To Joseph Fisher. The third nice though they go Ehrlichman with the fish. One and it scares the living you know what that means that I could be a grand. Yeah it's not that's not now. That's why it's that's all I'm not you that's all wrong what if she's in love and wants to have many days he just it's it's terrible I should be like this really rich old guy. I should be a grandfather to know why you think it's just no no you begin grandfather lead and add delete exam time. I think I'd be a worst grandfather or why I just have no interest I've been a dad. I try to take interest in my kids I'd you have no interest in being Graham bond I don't. Zero lead is like it's Bowman mounds around and then Hannam zip zero zilch you money or desire whatsoever to be a grandfather. Again it was never an absentee dad I've been their older and I gonna have to be there's no one else. But I feel like I'm going to be an answer to an absentee grandfather ha don't wanna daunted. I don't want grandparents agree it I'm I'm actively trying to get it it's did not have other kids kids if you had we will have enough kids is that. Is stop we're good to get back. Ross generally they were on that's maybe why like I got all I didn't and I am like mine. OK so here that's what it is they're jaded yes this is probably something to go to therapy for her but in general after Baylor looks until the list of the life on the back burner for a while we got a news out of problems to tackle your high. Not just in general it's like grandparents or great as long as they who fit their role. Accurately you know I just I feel like I've been doing we kid thing for a long time now right when I guy got married at 22 and we had what she was four. And I feel like as I'm working towards the end right I think Pete and his team is in sight when her with the kids. And I feel like grandkids I just reset that clock but does she think that we start that clock fueled skewed Telus that are. So olds text better each state to sign pipeline through a fighting game as the united in Hammond Graham for perspective and but don't think tank kids are are kind of like nieces and fuse. Right like they're great and you love them they're awesome. And love having them around and it's even better that they're not around all the time these get to send them home you know I mean what do you don't want him around. Does all together. Again I prefer you know a couple therapists thank you recommend this he can't be our come 39 he can't dig granddad at 39 or forty can't can't eat and and creepy like hit Graham pie guy Sergio how like some weird single grabbed what do you got this just weird I'm 46. So is juniors fire I mean now the fourth this fine and yet when he's eighteen I'll be thirty IDS so you would be in the same NN that's kind of where he has around in terms of the ages exactly. There's the markets. Can tell you it's not I'm. But what about the kids I know audience. Well I can still haven't Palin needs to happen is he deemed to just make sure all the kids are out of the house do when they're staying and then you've got a move to the secluded island somewhere. Doing nothing and then when he at the call that hey there's a baby and I was like hey suck in the Caribbean are gonna vote and I can do I know I mean I'm what am I gonna fly out you've come to aim that's what I fake my own death and I'm. Can you can vehicle grandpa. And indeed some iron in ages and even the elusive got elect on and he's really cool around that he can sing hero more money. Can find and how he's got a problem is he deep seeded new problem. So any name now I'd have long story short Joseph fish are out. We go the other end today our resident and fan bro cloud to be here backers that all again yeah he's the most burly anyone at the station is very brilliant and a he's handsome guy though throw. So ladies yet it's in that camp finding now I know it's one of those things like yeah you know so if you look in you know for a young Sparky. Got a number the wedding DJ this last week and so was so there's I'm prospect DJ is it X down now. Now well until we can dive into therapy for junk but as well proceed. Well it to be good for all of us to be like a Katie sort of think the old hands the Joes in here for Mike who's still in Las Vegas them and be all weekend he may this first bet well. Anyone yeah he DC eight did he bet on those some soccer match ended tied bed and that's money that on one hockey that on the draw down. Mean. It went into right who's cheated. I I I don't I didn't see the payout but I was he texted me like a photo that was like did the chair he's been popular I was proud of him losing out on there is for sports book I didn't I didn't go back and look couldn't get fluent when he texted me it was the edge as plays the bad. And I was just so how B two to see someone go to a sports a pin in place about that change experience is critical Italy one. No we talked about some futures and in college football I think organ though was up to date may happen we are like no don't touch that sucker bet. Now I'll allow like that in half amber so we we are gambling conversation I was like Saturday morning. Here's that thing. Remember eats weeded out the photo of like what match was about to happen and I think yeah I don't know he had a ticket. And remember seeing the ticket many just text that to me. A defining it I think he will guys let's and are ready for this and a ball plugs I have woody we need acted I think he won eighteen dollars and fifty cents it. Did he really I feel that let him know that for my one of those things. Yeah it was. Thirty due to. 32 bucks that he collected so that the 22 dollar profit. Oh well that's wind and I thought out OK so he got 21 on that sucker gets a bad ten books. And done any collected 32 used so that's a twenty to Don their profit right there and Mike hot little and that was he was it caesar's and yeah for a yardstick drink. Right absolutely get one of those novelty like giant. You know souvenir cups you know he's drinking those are guaranteed a yes. Ice storms or whatever like. Peace it's a lot as a machine of the stratosphere hurts not to keep that little twisty Ben these are on top of that rub it's really back at the the rockets are filled hey all I know that Mike lidge right now at least in theory 22 dollars richer pay that straight I thought I didn't think his odds are that good at. In your brother was funny poking at him like. Eat sand basically this is on Twitter bid using did really you're Vegas and you place your first ever sports leagues and he bent on an Athens soccer I said tie anyway right I mean mr. I would hate. And now the hooks are and so I'm sure he'll come back to gambling addict I would hope so and we all know that money won is twice as sweet as money earned so really that into dollars the dozens and if we get the fact that he won. He's gonna ride you for tire ride until he goes bankrupt and you know and then no compression and like the rest of us in this texture is correct in raising this question. Lol could you just bet a soccer against dry and just when it's time. Went and I thought of this. And they always. Once figure that out there do we get. I need a year excited when year old but I will be here from the young. The young grandpa 000 I am Daiei will disguise 46 he says it's good to have a little one or is it. I assume that means he's Nampa post I would think cooled down probably grant these things like I don't want another kid around like a my own so why I want a grand cute. Running around because. Well I mean again I think these are deeper issues and on and be a help you but here's the thing never vote followed me and so. As they get older like I'm 5560. By means how awesome little grandkids. I just don't wanna have grandkids. Now. Still raise seen ten kids there. I'd be raising kids. And then have grandkids to be honest when you win that the twin 122 if they come out with the win the win that would happen in their living with me. And then I'm open to take care of that yet and that's shoe that's what I don't want you want to send dinning stretch yeah that's gonna be able to a yes breathe a little bit passing track jet accidents on. And then okay are I had you get there are a little bit a stab this myself far enough away from them on an island is where I've got a nice buffer don't and then. Passing Greg kids some ask can I am I'm 39 around 240 this year Jimmy got like 5212. Years. Like that puts. Or at thirty. Yes early thirties thirties is perfect. Don't what did you hit at that point I embrace the grandkids and all their glory I just seen a ten year break. That's a mask for a ten to twelve years someone suggest she just joint space force space horse as a true get out of there to get out to get it you're done there received after the show be Obama doing based it to be up on the moon doing something worked with lasers is sexist it's been a grandparent is easy just keep a pocket full of where there's originals on hand to be kind of backed. Something about the olds in the Carmona can you write them and yes. And I do love a good workers does anyone not. Like we're his original. Now I'm not the argument that wishes of those now they have the software there is. Where they're not hard they just come in my kid on the they're just that you EQ I care most football or even better than me. I don't want to Wear his original I want the new and improved workers but like to read some of these campaign attacks Boldin that next. And most Pringle nose in and then now we'll start with tiger Tiger Woods PGA champ should tell you eighty seen their radiance yes boy I have seen how good is he for business they're in a I'm dying their deadliest in their better than good all right thank you and let us it's Monday here on the fan. 315 the guys who can suit on fan again Geron can't. This makes things and amp a wanted to use this is the fan. Prime time we're advising been sued god 1080 bills fans. Well we'd like to congratulate BC on nine him about. The grandfather. Very exciting news. Here's one that says this this is the attacks on mentally better you today text line is 552 up I hate Suk. As an awesome grandpa my theory is the grandparents and potentially get along so well because there's one common enemy. You can guiding geek speaking you know I need to against them yes now I liked afternoon. By the way he's joking so no no you're not joking about the tendon and no grand kids on the yen us on an iron and while we talk about this. My desire to not. Be a grandparent for twelve years one else has here. Well I just sealing my daughter getting that text. It while it's is that she'll think like the thirteen year old is pregnant I just the ultimate. No one's pregnant that's penalize said that doubtless try to get some a text read gone we in the Stanley we some panic we would like my you know how that happy exact. Somebody hears something and gets back to somebody and it's not yeah that's what was said it and it's a. Well cynic mode if it happens because there's always someone listen to the program that that knows you or the family and stuff on Twitter had to be honest on here you had the whole thing will might even like on Twitter my daughter the oldest does like gum. Hobby does like my core I like bill do like big scars and stuff global I didn't think she was in that. Not war former all. Clerks horror make out each ya like all come home and and I don't you kids that Hughes did on our. Don't need it and and she will have done like huge nasty jagged Scott are like on one of the kids' faces. And like you don't go tweet out or whatever inevitably I will get a hall. Foam from one of the grandparents. Who saw the photo and thinks it's a real IES cause you and then there's been people on sort of like that's like in funny. Doubts that series you need to get medical attention and I relax people it's the G oath to joke breed. But yet CU usein Matt inevitably you will lead to a phone call to meet or one of my children. Asking him what hell was going on that's always great now sees them on the line on lounge like silly joke once when dusty was a program memories to Joseph the dusty had a Coke problem for a member Joseph. In air quotes. You know he does it can't dusty worked with my kids at the time he would like. Train kids to run track and field and just executives can't do that anymore X series he can joke just diesels sense like parents would call him up and be like well my my kids not working with you I heard urged the I heard on the radio you have a drug problem all and make him a better coach. Do you care blow enough more attentive had viewed. He gets more and he gets more big support for. It's jags are wired it's only now are especially after dragon feel the need to see how you run a little bit fat to muscle fibers or Andy's or hate Tennessee. Any plan. Thanks rob a good parent tax out most of most people are encouraging news. But I mean I gave your opening about the age but. When you become a grandparent now you're violent that the grandparents that we have out there apparently a lot of if he talks. To us a golf term I did watch that golf tournament yesterday. Tonight and apparently everyone else to do. I mean I know the rating wasn't a big. The rating was a six or seven it was up 69%. From a year ago that is the number yes that's number however. It that doesn't mean. Like it's not deceit dissolved it's not the suitable but it. Today they showed I assigned to might have been different rebel that we did this that so tiger's been in contention on Sunday the last three majors. And did the ratings with tiger in them they were masters was up what 17%. And British was up 37. And the PGA was up 169%. Crazy in the tiger effect is insane. You know I love about that the tiger thing is. I think I've even said on the air you know I've talked about him over the last couple majors. Then I'm kind of over I'm a huge tiger fan I love Thai tennis you worship at the feet of clay. I'm cut program merely sad was I was like you know. He's really get like I said this year on the of the day he's a top 25 golfer in the world tour right now and he's proven that. And he's 43 and think of all the things that he's been through with the back and the five iron to the phase and I miss is his life. While I was ripped a sinus the fire hydrant out. The the drug problem than you think about everything he's been decreased 43000. He's just and now a top 25 golfer in the world again that right there. Right there stop right there forget about the majors get about. Winning every week that it is. Amazing that he had that he is back and even said that one of the guys commentator yesterday said it really is he went on him win a major win another tournament. This is one of the greatest comebacks in history of golf yet some people win if you have back what do we hear him for granted a little bit in the sense that he's not what he was. My point is. Just on just. For what he's done to this point it is incredible. Yet you almost feel like people won't be satisfied. And tell he'd win a major or wins more or. Or get ties act or just gets to this level that he said any grand he's the victim of his own successor and I are we expect so much out and it. Willis is in almost like he's not all the way there yet. And I was kind of resigned to the fact that you know he kinda is all the way to this is what he is now and he's not gonna be the old tiger and he's not gonna Wallace with. Amazing performances on Sundays at again then. Oh Mike on how wrong was not because he be right back in like yesterday. I just I mean who was not rooting for Tiger Woods in that scenario no one I think that the. Crowd noise just the energy that he green X. And it it felt even though point Brooks kept it really good but it's well that it was. It was it was a let down when tiger missed the was it may be 1415. Air and it went a round to mean AG should've gone in they've instead elected that's is gonna buddy you can hit it didn't go in and his bogey with a bogey and then he you know is fourteen many wet and that bag that there was almost an inevitability of that and then when he to have the scrambled par on the par five. You know I was over in his greatest is capped a was down the stretch in there were still Adams got him going back and forth. It just it kind of took some wind out of that out of the sails a little bit because he was removed from the equation. And the ovation that he got on walked in to sign his school work. Art did was bigger than any thing you we've seen it and give the other majors from the guys that want. Now caution and it's not my. That question like what is it I mean in this sense it meaning he. Heat Lilly retrace you know why is he more of a fan favorite now because he's been humbled and there's no what it is there's not we'd love more in this world. With celebrities is we build someone up. And then we love to terror and downed. And then we love the redemption story it's Shakespeare I mean it's just we saw him all the way down at us you know and then like we hated to do you so odd you know warts and all you read through you know we we saw him not being able to share in the surgeries and all that. There's there's humanity to it right it's he's been human cost. They know no one likes Tom Brady because it you feel like Brady's never been through anything right he's never really been heard yet the one year with knee problem. But he's married to the into the model and knows tiger right. I was the best golfer of all time it was inevitable he was get a break through the win streak he was mayor did the Swedish the Swedish bikini model. Like he was he had every endorsement world he just he was he was ticked. And people don't like perfect and so when you show someone warts and all and you see someone fall then so cater route form again the QB come. Are you becoming it's easier sort of thing and now we wanna see if you can act. But it'll be issues in the C is that he doesn't if if if this sort of fervor continues if he keeps falling short because I'm wiccan a lot of people will will will view this is a no year. If he doesn't give back start winning more of these words I ten do you review. This is just an amazing story regardless of where three wins again or not these that is yes. But he damn whether you win another major but I mean I get everything you say about. About view of the ebbs and flows of the story which is why we love the redemptions or who want that last chapter written tour but at the same time a lot of people. Found out that he wasn't the person that we thought anyway so and that. Has really. You know we build you up we Terry you down and leave we root for your. Your comeback. But at the same time is a lot of people that we Terry down and we keep them down because they wore who we thought they were eight yeah but he was like that at the time. Good thing he didn't. Is the difference in scandal he got torn down because of of of weakness right he was Pete was. With Perkins waited then we can all identify with. Perkins waitress Rhonda I've ever an an is that what it is there's a difference between that and someone that was. He didn't hurt anyone but himself while I guess is amused why you know what I mean it's. He didn't defer odd anybody's he'd there wasn't there isn't achieving slick Armstrong will never be Lance Armstrong again right. Ripe Berry ball a judge Rodriguez none of that stuff is he is going to be forgiven bull the Roger Clemens of the world. Tiger had to go on air and apologize if one of his mom. Not liking sex right yeah house and a co workers that plagued its guerrilla contained bad nothing came out about tiger yeah like physically abused wife doesn't knock yeah howl after all of this wacky kids he didn't smack his wife right he got smacked you Rosie you don't IQ like skirts are right you like chased him trashy women and I think that there is a it's there's just like needs to heal a step you can come back front and having trashy waitresses and like like socialites and if Oprah and a pilgrim. Yeah I think those are high up. On the for an insanely upset. Does equality distinction you make I will buy that and the other 12 you retirement that product this is like it was another it was a little sad. And maybe that gets us to the sympathy the sponsor level concern though is like did you hear the whole thing about him. Embed with one of those gals means she told mr. Ben Ali wanted was a subway sandwich would you let anyone into it but from that it was. More than that it was it was more this idea that he just careful. It was more this idea that he juiced up. Wanted to talk to earth like he didn't he was trapped in yet is this world that he didn't look it did he didn't like it's kind of sad and pathetic it's a mideast summit that was. Some of lit that. Sympathy team in our. Well in our DNA in that the more stuff that you read about him. I'm gonna make a Michael Jackson comparison here a little bit more like wasn't his fault that the thank you app that more as he did you when you read about his ad and kind of the way that was in the mentality. I I do think that there is an element of people BMI quell the did this guy never had a childhood in this was beaten into them and then the dudes messed up. And so there's the sense says he was messed up I was living a lie. And he fell onto the bottom is putting it back together and is now trying to remake himself into a complete man. And I think that the story that every person in the united state it's not everyone there's going to be some people the well never you know never forgive infidelity inning and all that but. I think the vast majority of people. Can relate to child could trauma can relate to having been a whole other can relate to being a workaholic to Kim relate to having. You know these sort of I know the tigers or or screw ups and Indian. Midnight just give galvanized that well I I think that's right why he's so still so popular even more so we know. But there's nobody is saying well actually when we come back looks odd about this as it pertains to Brooks kept yeah because Brooks kept at that poor guy. I nobody was gonna root for him. He let us so much and he knows embedded the same time it's it's not really his fault look let's get into that we'll talk more PGA championship. They sure you text your thoughts of the better you a text on abide by through five here's Joseph was ports. I'm where I chicken soup and 1080 okay. This attack today at ten galvanized look at the galvanizes a little bit more of why everyone seems to be pulling for tiger now so hard in this Texas we've lost a lot of stars to controversy of Alaska years it's just good to see someone. Making good in building himself back up again. It sure you don't often see them get back this level now and a guy is doing. If there were other star is anywhere near this magnitude I think it would be able S but there's really good golfers right I mean Dustin Johnson Brooks kept can now what that. Three and a year and a half basically. Two this year you know that some in rare company for a reason we don't talk about and the way we do you worry your speech when they went on Iran had an answer to that now okay. But is that gonna take just another rabbit out of taste Arab the million point this year people it is this. But isn't any one tidbit that kind of film that bad boy right there there's no one. That they can galvanize people like that even Phil I think was the rivaled it still hasn't done anything and a number of years. And so I think if there was some one or even a couple people that did it come close to feel leaned out boy this probably isn't quite the story. That it is but he's such a bigger star in and fills a bigger void. I think than anyone else in sports I don't think there another person maybe Serena Williams in tennis. Then the sport relies on as much as golf does Tiger Woods there's certainly no one football there's no one in the MBA. There's one in hockey there's no one in baseball that as this sort of impact. And Eads and I think that. It's a dome out little things kind of put together but I do you think that that is the that is a big reason why. It's like hey star power again the only guy thinking get average. Golf or sports fans tune it. Yeah he's dead there is nobody like him no not at all so does know that in that guy is for is good as Tiger Woods is always end. He just shot is lowest final round at a major ever shoot 62 he shot a 64 XT four and by the way he shot a 32 on the front without hitting a fairway now. I mean folks that is incredible NM the way he's 43. And think about he's been there it was just it was a magical day but. As it pertains to Capcom. And Adam Scott really. Put any two other golfers like there's this sort of math feeling about Brooks kept yes and I a sit there and watch him now for the third time he's 13 key of the last six majors that that is 13 last seven majors and Ewing played in six of me one print. I sit there and watch and I look at just the size device I'm not he doesn't give me excited. Even though he is. It's so good and he's got ice in is that he's as important he cannot be rattled ease he was freaking incredible getting at just like the US opens. But what golfer can you put in that scenario yesterday where kept it wasn't Scott was that you'd root for over tiger. I mean that could've been speak if and Fowler. It's been named the two most popular guys on tour now and you're able Poland for them because everybody was wanting to see tiger win that thing right. So maybe part of they kept. Blase is not that we don't like him its chips that. I mean that was pretty special moment for tiger what adds. And we wanted to see him what do. I concede that but why don't we. We still. I don't turn the best waited to do to raise the so I mean this is number three and still went cares. But kids is he K okay that that takes you back to I'd want them around haute there's little or no because I was the heat. In big no one gives to rip so they don't they just they do not care about him at all some of this or some of it is he's got the very dynamic personality. I mean let's be outlook for EU says he's iron fist pumps the fist up there you know he has the look. Mean he's he's a handsome guy he's he's he's put together you look sharp out they are avid I mean. I know Dustin Johnson kind of the same way. A year Abbott Dustin Johnson's well yeah Dustin Johnson sizzle flashier game but. Sony driven but I also don't think clamored for Dustin Johnson either you know it's like. I think it's because he. You you mentioned Rory McIlroy and tiger falls in this category in Jordan speed. It's just because books kept us still has the feel of like that random guy became out of nowhere to win and Ager even though he's not back I know he's elite. He has that feel because he wasn't touted young age there was the buzz about on the and you gotta watch out of this Katie got to watch out this kid under the tight. That surrounded Tiger Woods and Rory and McIlroy even jordin speed Internet and John Thomas all these guys have have come up with such high. And we're amber Brooks kept it started on the European tour now he took a different route. And he's not that dynamic of a personality. And he's. Well I mean somebody that tax it and it's true he's admitted he's not like golf not just. I DA said that he's talked about why he is like hits during the during the season and he had been admitted that the majors get his attention and sometimes. You know live to the regular events don't necessarily do that yet. Easiest to guy who's. He doesn't seem LL. Well he he he almost has this this is so unfair but he almost has this way about him it's like our show complainants on Cher oh okay all right out on another un. You know are we don't like that right we want. Mean tiger won it that's a bad he knew he didn't even win the tournament on eighteen he makes that putt he's freaking fist pumping and unite based on crazy. Has kept kids as scary as it is later robot now unknown effect and if you wanna McDermott super hot girlfriend or wife or whatever we'll go where's some birth and age does she's gonna need her own segment. Yeah we talk about yeah warning arrogant indeed I don't understand I I don't we're not done urea I'll admit that I immediately went after the the tournament time and I did some in every search. I think most in. I called my music by LA. She is super hot like she supermodel got anybody sand she's a five or six days term. But what she looked like yesterday. Yeah may be the best going on the PGA tour but Brooks kept is doing just fine. Yen and then somebody else texted and said Rory Mac-Gray has that exact same attitude. And that's right at ideas to kick people. Pick up on her even said you know he had. He kind of got into the the start another colony got in the party in and stuff them. Rory kind of has two which is why don't think Rory is a big huge fan ever enough you know the fan favorites of the guys like right now I'd seems like. Rickie Fowler it's probably one of the more popular guys out there of course nobody is tops tiger now. And and yeah not really know how. Bands appear in about Justin Thomas people do on speed speed is an easier ways out there Jason Day is a guy hey really I cannot. So anyway. Allan maybe that's a little bit of explanations to why week. We kinda you don't give Brooks kept kept a net. But he did he's three and fourteen months yeah he is awesome aegis you got the feeling having watched it when the two US opens that. As it and onto the back nine even though we were Rudy. For tiger to win or herb -- some people are the most who work them and you were Boudin for drama. You just got sense of Brooks kept a wasn't inning giving the one thing gonna bowl wing Kenny made two birdie it Adam Scott and set up the ranks they did Capcom made two birdies I think he was fourteen and fifty there may be his nose fifteen it's. 1516 is on the fifteen is wary he hit it and it was like within like four feet you're like that's it in Africa India and he he made those two birdies and that was really different dropped on that par five he dropped every day to this 300 yard drive right in the middle and you're like well don't get very into then the question was with you he was getting eagle it is awesome all right yeah let's talk about his little lady friend. To that next I think it's the life. Noted that it's not I thought they were and it's his girlfriend for any may have dumped her on the podium. After Iraq. After the round based on what people are saying about her anyway. That next on within. Right now resides in soup on two and eighty. Okay Omaha. On the next segment and 4 o'clock we'll talk about. She and assumes Brooks kept his girlfriend there quite a bit to chew on there yeah. Based on whatever basements and about the reaction in the yen down. Will get that the same but just to wrap this up because I thought and a couple of other things. One. I think it's fortunate that we're not gonna get another major for another eight months. Because if you want to see that tiger train Roland. Men he build momentum now says I think field and at the open he was right there and he he had a horrible back nine and on Sunday which. You just it's like and that's like the end of it is a deal tiger rate even though he never really came from behind it. That's how dominant he was he's never come from behind and won a Major Wright you never know and that just shows you how dumb he was he's always winning on Sunday. And nobody ever caught him. Are rarely did any linkage Manning. NYT YE Yang yet she chased him down I he's fought US open or something beyond 11 person chased down by. Now ice is easy he's in a pool of about 25 guys are all really freaking Geddes no longer so much more exceptional and mouse but I think at the open. When he saw him on the back nine really fold he knew it and he was. Just I think his reaction at the open after that was so much different and his reaction here even didn't win this one either he played well enough to Wear you out and he knew it any news that so I feel like you're seeing the evolution of him trying to. Almost like. Learn how to win again and I think at deal and he was really disappointed that that he he failed. And kind of maybe this doubt is like well you know will I ever get back I'm getting older. And I didn't have an on this Sunday while this tournament you can see is reaction out there on he was just so much happier so much. Fist pumping on eighteen even though he wasn't in when it's and it felt like it was a victory it was for him because he knew the deal hit five fairways. And he's still and it's shoot a 64. On Sunday at a major and I think that did some for him upstairs. It's like OK now let's see what that does for the next may your but unfortunately. Rolling and get problem we had eight more months and until oh until he's back out there for a major he's just. Got to wait and hopefully can stay healthy brain that that puck rolled their rimmed out on fourteen and then he had that that awful wayward drives. On the par five there and you just. It is so deflating or any of the first nine holes worried. He just could be if you can put any of those. In in this way you just feel like just 32. I like it's amazing in every gets sick here we get nitpicking just say if you just would have this this this and as you said he'd tee shot 64 shot 32 of the for a while about we go all the way back to start the term member when we all. I'll turn on the coverage on Thursday and he was our beat three over and did she didn't even as she generally on the let him back team harmony is basically the first two or three holes I don't remember I only if you went double they know I think he went double bogeys hurt and he doubled and then went bogey on one and two yeah. Bet that as an ever it's the journey so he's right there man they'd just you know we he's got to wait a while now until the next. To the next maker rolls around how they would those fans out there in Saint Louis now it that. Well golf is so much better because somebody text and they're right we're timeout the personas of all these guys. It's like did there is a huge problem with these guys being total bores him. In golf Tiger Woods is just simply an exception which is so fascinating because he is in in eleven self they total bore right like he's that kind of is Dougherty. Golf and just like the other guys it's just that. What he's done on the got dissed his flair for the dramatic coming off which is really. Got everybody fired up by about my personality standpoint and a variety now and not him but we we used to make fun of you on the rankings you reckon they're all done up it's been in so I guess it's all relative but golf is much better with fun fans like look at the Ryder Cup and the Ryder Cup dancer and a bit. In my bag yesterday a lot of that fuel. Was the fans they had are. Ask kind of feel to it and they just all the different roars and in the player kind of embrace it was. But problem afterwards were talking about Joseph and Thomas kept. A couple of them admitted to that being in the first time did they they would they called the and the tiger effect. They were like look I've I've never been a part of anything like that and you don't major championship winners here and and kept getting multiple Ninan Thomas. And they've all said that that was the first time that they had felt that kind of juice and energy coming from the crowd and and and embraced and other. Great you know what's crazy is kept David so this after I need to think about does but he's only like 2728 out. He's about fifteen years to 1415 years younger than tiger's he did grow up watching watching him Tiger Woods and even said Adam Scott had to my idols. At and I thought our team and I never thought about that. Element that's old tiger is now they're not get out there and kept it did not blink getting talking when he ate the right now I am well. Did good on him three majors in its in his last six tries and it's amazing pretty awesome I'm OK but but but but but. His girlfriend. Jenna Jenna cents luck to receive a lot of Honduras rural Jessica yet more talk about her coming up next three to six on the ten.