Primetime 8.20.18 Club Hour

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, August 20th

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They solicit the primetime with Isaak in suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that this is our podcast that welcome to our pod as well as prescilla shove them up for the picnic. Doing the right things since 1952. And make him and our children. Up I know up. Where the incident may does go well with the chicken. Plugged in eighty Imus and his bride do you buy better you today real weight loss results education accountability and the lifestyle of embarked on your wage laws journey know him better you today doesn't come how and the why are you don't think so yeah. I was pretty self explanatory. And so why is because well we're living in sixth day again tomorrow. Flattened play this time his sleeve. You know. Yeah. Okay. You. Becomes. You know I. Her own home. We saw again. This shows snacks. Story gets you might. Visiting Las Vegas I won a trip reveal. I had time unfortunately. I kept the tab up where it's talking about what Zack Smith ordered to the Ohio State athletics inner. And we were talking about. What these things might be. Like for example amen spider enhancer Thong triple C range. Or. Think the it's all right unfortunately I went on the Amazon. And I don't unfortunate because clay court. Worlds for the show I checked these things out and I don't. And that what what is the ball lifter. Well and I know enough okay I care to a DC there elaborates. I still don't quite. Understand what is he did you zoom in on it for me please. And that Maria. He entered the but he's close dance dude I think. Could just looks like. In there you know it doesn't. Grade but. Isn't it just I just feel looks like underwear to me in any kind of holds the mean and then maybe dilutes the book. I act that's supposed to only. I only days. The pleasure and. It doesn't seem painful. That it. Someone I was reading the reviews of peace spider enhancer Thong triple searing. Would you like be reviewed as you know what I don't specifically. Yes are there any it is a thing. Please please also still early reviews have me confused as to what's. This is. You know what receiving ends right I do you have any clarification on why spider is involved here and who has three leans like why triple when we need three. And usually just one at least in my world. And this guy gave it four stars. And he said. The rains are stretched materials so they don't act like see greens at all. Putting it on his had been in an adventure remember to stretch before you put this on as you'll be grabbing pieces in odd positions. Nonetheless it is a fun item to where. Do. You know what I don't want me here. They're going to be stretching and weird positions. Knowing I think he's telling you to stretch. I don't wanna hear that I need to stretch before putting anything on the good hearted effort of my socks off. My sex socks that were. I did these things it shows. It shows them on here and I I still don't know how this works. Whoa yeah what do you suppose that does. That mean to meet their animals as bungee cord. But there's three. Franks so it throngs what are we doing there who has three means well is it. For one we in in tune in to balls. I know it could be attached. Look I'm just the point man. How many needed demonstration on that one is that for. Multiple men. OK I think I see it now. Here. So a demonstrate. New. Please demonstrate no I think I think it to outside loops go you put your legs do them a okay and then the middle line is for a do. For the mean okay. I think that's what's. So there and really really stretch she is they look the same length yes how are you putting your legs around you putting him through there in the nick comes up as a it's a phone. But attorney. With the holder for your units news truth on without any sort of isn't that fun. In order that but the. And whom it contains a lot of years and paying them. All right. But this appears he's got the blue bullet after a totally. Let's get to more wholesome things Las Vegas. Mike Lynch is back in he is being gone and he hasn't been on the show. For eight weeks. Crazy no. In hearing is this. Important back with us neatly each refreshment. Do you. It's a long time Friday night well my five minutes Friday night through Wednesday night real efforts there. It was a very long trip and frankly it was the perfect life. Because. Like the spider. Don CC. Ring. Spider enhancer and occupancies actor and answer. Triple searing. See just again the triple searing par I don't know if that's his legs and came 89 night then just to do my best standout here it was a great length because it allows you. To kind of do everything he wanted to do. And for those who remember I went today is relayed a day and a half. With my parents. Earlier this year is my first bowl trip ever. Well the first adult trip. And an eagle. Yes we'll go to very hard. And my wife had to accomplish she had a goatee there are convention. And she was like hey do you wanna come house like house absolutely. So. Just like two months later we got to go back just the two of us and don't trip and it was glorious night is just. How they could do it every one it was great percentages that's Wendy's is doing is that. He can beat the biggest can be anything to anyone it can be what everyone to be can be romantic you became the eight. Balls to the wall. You know ball lifter party. It can be. You know you can take the kids became be relaxing Mike golf you know it's they can be sightseeing and it's it's on it's it can be needing. What did you make it is the question because I look here's the thing personal for you answer that. I'm gonna base many many times I love Vegas in the but. When you go there if you're doing it right in my opinion. In that includes gambling in lots of drinking and perhaps if you're into drugs or whatever. Which I'm not but if you were. If you're doing Vegas right I think two nights need these green. Days two nights or even three days three nights is plenty. Quick and the air and some of the biggest ships. Dinner the best. Are swooped in scooped you know. Media like Freddie uniter Saturday morning to Sunday night tonight. So here's the reason I like to being a little bit longer. Is because it gave me the buffer days. Because yes there were met a couple of nights where my wife and I got absolutely. Destroyed drunk. And wondering casinos and all accounts stuff but just having fun but in the middle. Because I had more chilled night she still drink right or still have a good time baker not just getting hammered. Until I like to kind of give us the chance you have who were relaxing days which we did. In the days were we were literally out doing things the entire time. My wife had one day where she was at the convention from seven Nate threw seventy essentially. And I just had to hold data myself and I took that as let's just chill went to a sports book. You know sat at a bar drink talk to some people for awhile. You know slept in a little bit sad day it was kind of just a day to relax leniency while relaxing days. Yeah those and used to skin due to resign. The unit but they're still party. Absolutely. I didn't have many to drink that night at the bar when we're talking to people. But that was a different kind of like him sitting and drinking verses like we're going places we're seeing shows and we're drinking everywhere. It's different human and ripped him and to not Fredricka you know I did not. For some merit really aimed at filling every time so what does it all us on this person I didn't see anybody in the Sudan but. The proud moment I had the I went foreign elements Portsmouth he did I did. On me my first four sports that's always and don't looks Iranian I put ten bucks on each woman did the camp and we. And first one. I sorely needed it yet the first one I put it on Everton and wolves in the Premier League to draw at plus two point was an English. Yet he was that. Note was standing I'm speaking English yes. Who was ever he's in his playing with when wolves. Will Wear Hampton. In the Premier League. Not in links link close though and I'd I'd bet on them to draw our title this is they have to drop only get one team wins. Why would you. How did you see that in any drew you want to give up I was doing a lot of research on it and wolves are newly promoted team and have a great team that they bought and ever since scores a lot and I was like there's going to be a ton of goals in the scheme. I just ought to go to retire in the neither team is better than the other I thought it was gonna go over time. And down a little bit lucky because averaging got a red carded and they are playing much better. And walls Rhonda tying aftermath not totally confuses me read. The only correct. Syria and a little lucky with Alan and I did three baseball bats have been one a day for the next three days and I did it mariners to beat the Astros. While and I was the one where Ryan Shealy hit the tying home run in the ninth with two outs and easy coming out and they wanted to really crazy in the sport Scalia. Think that there is awesome if and there are mariner fans sitting next to me to a mirror to a sports book where you. So I did the first day was users was were the soccer game was at sports but there I tried to go to Mandalay bay the second day. And they're doing construction there and had no TV it's none so I walked to look forward to. And socked this is the closest one they wanted to bet on the Mariners game and it was starting. Side I watched fellow officer Alan sucked and know what to escape the last two days the west it's forced marches and CNN didn't it where president Xanana strip. It's right off the strip if you take the monorail it's a stop right up the monorail. In its. It's like right. Right near the convention center up there let's sucks foes awful death but yet the Westgate super look at what they call it was the best one. It was absolutely me as they're known for their sports for the grant Anthony Kim. Huge screens they've got super comfortable chairs they're the ones who released their own lives you Selig west he releases college football championship office. So I went there for the last two days I bet on and it. Needs and this was just because my wife was out work and went during the day there was one day baseball game each of those days. I've been on the Braves to win by two more runs over the Marlins they won by nine. And then I bet on the under in the brewers cubs team which was nine and how often and they brewers won seven nothing so I got them. He and did you are rich. No you are rich but for no muscle hill. It's also how much money did you do that and how much money did you win at that forty so intent on each and a one minute. Sixty. France's. 06 so you know hundred yeah I got a hundred U wrist forty got a hundred if you come back with them in the EU. Each forty necklace it's. Then you are gonna be gambling gamble hall like now. No I don't think so but when there's a lot of fun look you perfect did you can't be stopped and that's the reason why don't wanna go crazy with that any should have parlayed each one and there's I mean come on what you have a novice in this I don't know we're talking about you ball instruments with those balls that they put in let's let's do a little crazy with us. What what how much would you have Hammond is now thirty to ten on the first bet yet. In the canceled in the earth orbit. This is taking on fifth and Becky and if you had if you had just kept. Doubling him and tunnels kept laying new winnings on the I got you got you so if I could be 32 I got back from really game. On the Mariners game or how much over the war in okay you have that you would mean millions. Right I think it's really meant to millions well I think what I wanted to do is I I also wanted to life. He'll play in the casinos of fifties so I use some of that money for the did you play what OK let's stop and wonder how do we have more. For her work from day it's absolutely because I can get enough things looking Mikey goes to Vegas more next on the fit. OK now we are. We're I'm not be the word may be re dealing. With Mike about his trip to. Thaddeus Las Vegas pro I still feel. Little uneasy about him taking full advantage of Vegas. Win one he's not massively hung over even still today in two. He went for so long. But that's okay Vegas you know you feel it out over the years. Number this is only my second trip and the soul that's right this is that's right the first one of just my wife and I are you not everybody's into you know party and in. Look I like to drink a loss and go it's like clubs. That's not my scene so it's more of there really drunken wander now remember if you don't. If you don't remember. From before we left to you we talked about that and go I was going to the budget group on the budget phone but yet you guys Jim Bunning but Bunning house. There's a budding house yeah this is a conversation. That I had I tried to add. And we. Spent many days so we were trying to be a little bit careful right we couldn't go completely crazy with you run a money we're spending understood. And now again the U four known sports that's the idea of confidence in your sporting abilities your big time Sports Radio gang. Think. He should look at it the other way too little. Let's let's go make money dad let's go down to Vegas and will pay for this house. In the first night. If a hypocrite if the well again with my sports brain I I'm very happy Allen for no but I'm also. Again bong and a budget not putting big amounts money Don anything. We wound up losing most of it. In the casinos the rest of the trip because you know I lose one a day that I did him. We played like the we didn't we didn't need tables because the minimum buy in is in pretty pricey blogs there's only young always stated the Cosmo so I don't really pricey it's hard to find. Lesser to a smaller. Minimum tables and eat it bifurcated the sports bets from them yet. You know for me I did more like really really well on a one of the video jacks or better poker machines. I'm listening at the bar and it was Dmitry tickets and stuff so it was fine. All map so you didn't play any tea leaves no crabs no no black Jack note from Michael. I slowed things you were on my confidence in those games and I don't know what I'm doing he'd take lessons they have Clinton. Elevated I'm sure you stimulate them to say OK and you're like your dad media making it look like. So the look my mom gives you hi I'm so disappointed and quite what does that. And so they have murder rather they have. You know classes that's is the blasts well next time you go you gotta you gotta. Brush up on on a table games yeah I'd like to write big there was like a lot of fun but. In the amount of money on the minimum bats I was like you can understand but the nice little positive. Was the very last they were there that last morning we were walking back from Starbucks to back to our room he'd done I don't know. Wait let yet really on the ground. I totally guessed that. You know almost all the money we lost because mark small bets than we were doing it right back at the last day. No kidding it at a get a clue as I've found you know build a thunder found hundreds maybe if we know we did we kind of general mills' biggest soup and we debated. It's like that you're you look around and you're like well. He'll just give it to some of the there was no looking around somebody dropped this my left foot down said oh look. Picked it up and went well so right in the wallet unless it's clearly someone like you know let's say you look over and you see some guys fumbling with his wallet. Or a stack of cash or something new like OK that's he probably just dropped that. You know it's it's finder's keepers like you there's no way to a sagging eternity I also feel like in Vegas. The amount of people who would lie and say oh yeah that was my face refining it. Italy everybody on though that's what I mean there's no way to the ADD nature in hundred dollar bill like that's like he'd jump yet. Is that located eighty the that it does Cindy turn in her Merrill villain dropped. The lefty. How do you think so we did Fremont street one night. The thing that's on her guns and that's they're your sports yes mainly he made more money just walking in looking on the ground and you didn't expect anything but the fact. Fabulous Las Vegas. We did Fremont street OK so that's downtown right yes and that's I hear that there really Dolan out. It's got this giant. Like LED screen and the roof thing that covers the entire street and they have put a light show won it that was kind of interest income. But the people watching at Fremont street was. Hop and watch him play a lot of smokers well they've really performers they got these little circles they base they've put performers are. And they're not really performers one of them like go go dancers and stuff. No one of them was dressed up as Superman. And he was in an outfit like he's a superhero in a bowl after. Probably yes. And there was legs. Newton played nude guys doing. But puppet show New Orleans almost knew it would get a phone last out of the week where on Fremont street monument there. So is it is wild sounds cool. There's good people watching him tennis there's good restaurants are the best for their heart attack guerrillas in a resident miss. That's a fair dealers the steakhouse and circus circus that supposedly brilliant. No we got recommended multiple times the steakhouse at Ellis Island. Which is a small casino just off the strip. And apparently they make their own beard too so really get a chance to go but multiple of laurel and lift drivers like you have to go to there at best they can now. So cholera and locals then that it may not mean they're off the strip down and wanted to do street and we went absent which was not freaking hilarious how funny as sad I was agree channel that shows at Caesars in its raunchy is hell but it is. Diane monthly funny I knew it was gonna be Iran she and it was. And man like it went in soared more than the end like you can't. It's hard to prepare people for that show thank you can't offend me like I guess you don't any of that stuff and it it. You sit down and year dislike. You want to show your task normally second I didn't squirm because I knew you would you set me up pretty well. I knew it was common ratio but when when the nudity happened diet I was a little bit taken aback leaders knew that the briefly death. Do. I wanna spoil the show for anyone who doesn't isn't gonna go down there really yet men have been much in my show off sucks sonic. Answer when did you send the Sox decide what an exciting time. What's. That even mean good news out of work. That's unfortunate though not edit that was it. I don't think so anyway and we were sitting like we got the seats right next to her little side stage at Susan Burton and no she didn't full dress lift. With up and and she didn't do that and ours repeated in a news show that they're doing now completed the same one maybe it's different actress winning kick out lanky. Thank you Republican looking people if they did that whole bit hip that was very funny. But most of those people. You think those people were plants. No I don't think so as you pay extra for those front row seats and they all were at the front row seats the people there are gonna put. Most part and the show if you ever go to Vegas. I don't know I've seen some not some really. You know big time shows there Mikey. Why you know like assert this only shows in the Michael Jackson won and you know scenes in these. In Harare but if you wanna do if you want the best show in Vegas. But you gotta be prepared is raunchy is now go to absent. It's at Caesars. It's in this pool like circus tent right outside amateurs and it's not even it's not an inexpensive compared to all the others there was it's really for the cheap seats. There's a 105 bucks a ticket in it is actually assert show I think it's assert distillation but it's just a spin on it that's this is not a circus away its eagle world okay which does other shows too but they have like acrobatics yeah and it's here but it's just. It's like comedy acrobatics. It's funny. I want Mike goes today is successful money lots of fun make babies. To do it. Yes good. Yes we did it no problem. Soon war but. Last no more questions. Not that. Diaz do it anywhere there in the hotel room. Wow. I mean you know. Diaz who strip club don't know we do know meant. I don't know I don't know if my wife would like that. She wouldn't and I think she she might do it. But I don't know she's like doing it if if if the and I on legendary trick or your biggest fan are you gonna be Dylan every year like we did. Tom twice in 34 times a year for instance I liked I liked him a lot no more than nine but maybe ten. It depends but I'd like to go more frequently. It's fun lot of fun and next time you go go to west it that's the stupid I'm in the west is is not the best place but the super book of the college and sports book credible to. Coming up next we have been we have hash tag me too news but with a twist. Is Mike. Real weight loss results education accountability and lifestyle embarked on your way Glaus journey you know it better you today dot com. All right to get to meet used to early today and tomorrow it's about age or Gentile. It's quite interesting but down we've we've got to follow ups to Mike in Vegas Mikey little Mikey goes to Vegas. First long trip we didn't cover a couple of things that I regret but we didn't number one is restaurants because you you like your food and unite. Sheer love of of the good food do you what was the best restaurant UH best restaurant. Was it did we did one expensive dinner I knew we were you know I've said that we were gone for for as little money is because it was helpful that. Heard company was the ones that are there so the hotel rooms made all right I'll let you know they don't pay for all your meals and stuff. No they give us a little bit of money every day but they've really frowned upon paying for meals that are dealing with other people. Who aren't part of the company so and they check all your receipts and stuff so we've we've played it safe from that for the most part. But it was called beauty and Essex engine in Cosmo. And it's run by Chris Santos who's a chopper to judge for those who watch you know were like ideal. Annually a little tough this place is smaller smaller dishes she orderly for a five of them are six of them depending on a larger party is a more. Really really really good food. Really really good and down we got like pokey to one time taco. They have these like little. Grilled cheese ball tomato soup fights they had agreed. Meatball would like a mushroom sauce they have to re so Mac and cheese it was before we got and so did you. And in a nice glass of a cavernous when those those there. To us yesterday said hot browser what is a place called you right there yeah I think it's called half brown house or Hoffman brown house at a German themed restaurant. It's not on the strip it's pretty far down. One of the side streets kind of right in front of where the cosmos is supposedly brilliant it was good yeah I was really really get off and the German food was kind of I think it's a but a small team they've got a couple locations across the world. But I'm usually get it was fun I was the first person we were there. Some and ask her legal clubbing or look like a high roller in cargo shorts. I don't. On the C. Video poker is there a monorail conductor and if so who would do they Wear. Leslie dad's a deal inked a 100 dollar bill. So a lot of people are suggesting that when you find money and he is yet to put it on black red and relent we did that night and I text of honor. If forgot what we did we found a hundred dollar bill the four of us really well. But at the roulette wheel and he we put it on black there. And of course is defeated the red or black lunch is not it because they're two greens and spots but Tim. It was 18100. Who lost her on the box clothes that's the thing with this was so we had a bright idea to keep going with the his is free money ran right through his who's in key demo and up until we get really really rich and in. Flip the bird in accounts in and out here represented now. Now they need and I mean Dini come close to happening hopefully not. And all. Yeah we it was because it was literally we were going to our room to check out. When we found out so wasn't like hey let's go spend this it was like look at our luck we just lost that money last night let's get back right now. Those is it just kind of worked out that now did you a lot of pool drinking that's a question I field askew. Yes pool slash walking around the streets drinking. We took your advice when Lehman Alia we brought alcohol from here because my wife checked back so we just but in the checked bag. And it we advise of like seven Gatorade bottles that were like 69 cents because if you buy it there it's a four dollars a bottle. And we just loaded up on mixed Gatorade drinks and we just took it out because like hey it's hot quite as a 105 degrees every day walking around Gatorade. But there is what community. Desire and unique people walking around a jinx the weather looks like a water bottle of Gatorade here. It's it's 95% that's the news yeah absolutely. So that's what we did it was the way to you not spend fifteen dollars a cocktail we've just got wasted off of a mixed period and mixers. Nielsen guarantee no one ever found unknown decently and immediately to invest it wisely who you think that with the Ellis Island. Bloody good time when Ellis Island at stake counts you're talking about the not the best stake in town but it's the best deal in town I never heard of that. People are saying that's a great place you know the street that has. The hard rock in the hooters casino on it. And Tropicana. It's apparently popular streets down there. Hard rock's great did you sense that there. Other in the hotel one in the casino yeah we went in there for a little bit physical. That's contends that liggett's leader meaning he dim lights and go looting answers on the on the Florida polling floor Diana knows one thing in Fremont street they had go to dancers everywhere is some down grind on you like on top of all the bars ever America's. Fremont street has all the really old casinos in Vegas. Like the Golden Nugget is up there. This couple is a forget the name all of them have to go to the answers and pretty early as this. Deal is asking lynch is not missing the biggest thing to do in Vegas the high pressure timeshare pitch. TN ID how many times I instantly stiff arm doing no. Like fifty times today and what's with the monks for people dressed like monks walking around him you think what is that. What are you trying to if you I don't know I said no to them I don't know. But their dress like monks used a handout I don't know I never really ruled down the street anymore they used to hand out like did the poker magazines you know you. The other remove them before any moves out of the monks Italy he keyed on him you don't rolled down so what do you do you know when you know I stay. I always we aren't we like state to win he just that I really just stay there and it's you know we bet there we eat there because seated thing about the PC here's another. Element in Vegas it's like. If if you you'll. Stretch your dollars. If you. If you're loyal to one place they give you if you keep going back there and they know you'd you always been your money there and you know maybe later in ninety get rich and you bet a lot there they usually keep track of all that stuff. And soon you start that's a start to get in a free rooms and they you know you've done enough and that it's hard to do it some of these higher in places. Honestly you bad enough don't fly you win there and you know they want to come back and gamble PGE kind of like. Oh you just kind of develop your you're you're reading. And got your one place in and you can get you know I think it's is it opens some doors but it depends on how you do Vegas it's not everybody's you know. It is different but that's that's only so we go to the wind. And the pool there is great the restaurants trembling woman favorites to Sinatra time Clayson in noncore at the win and then. No we never really leave. That's pretty cool. Well I liked walking the strip like kind of go in and out of all the different casinos and pretty easy have been their Sony turnaround done all of yeah. Do you see this you know listeners if Mike is still with us in twenty years to what he Tony eight Lebanon as soon as mics that witness. Mostly when he tonight. Ten. In ten years which is. Coming on can happen but you never know. If we're all still together. Let's review. 39 year old Mike and see what he says and see how he does Vegas inning is to be a lot different then. Yes then now I would hope so. The median like a bunch of blown. Lot of guys offering drugs in the street and there's really a it. Really just like right there on the street the campaign wants some cleanup they have like those Little League history at those bridge walkway is they're all over the place now. Again against her you don't leave. I don't even golf there of the island to dumb I never golf Vegas I can see it's like they they have. It's kind of on using recount learned they've got all these like connecting sidewalks they go up on his little bridges across the street and stuff. Always a bomb there there was some guy just like standing leaning in like. Talking to you ballot anywhere you want to. I don't know nothing did things that. So out of himself. And no son of a sudden. All right contends the full 45 minutes on my team being so low that. John is John with us we have John John I do an oil calling for him burn. Crapshoot that hopefully John wraps it up next on the thin. Sheet. It's. This is a mariners momentum builder will. Big John satanic. Right do you understand my business and insurance get the right insurance for your business home or auto business and offers a number of national and regional carriers to choose from to maximize your coverage of the best value on line at VISN ETT dot com. Yeah just. This scene from Herbert about a sports drinks I know that. You line up. On my apologies tonight. It's it's kind of weird that the show's over it feels like just getting started. Just come back fast today. And within me I'm. I'm fascinated by a year go to big it would bunkers off the capacity. Line. I don't like just not how I do Vegas and bean counter intuitive that. Go to a city where there's so much to be hidden just days played a beat your logic is now that the U. Explain your reasoning for the year if that's three wanna be your super happy Eric totally get it. That it's not ridiculous sounding to me it's just. It seems counter intuitive. Yeah and I understand everybody does. You know everybody does Vegas give me like somebody suggested they said. You know it's funny to me how everyone says he need to do every line being used whenever the in the league two side please don't gamble. United this year yeah I mean I get all that. But you know gambling is key part of funds fans but. Well Syria and I like electing him more uncertainty these small stakes gambler or you know I'll I'll bet on a sports skate here there I'll play. Little bit of black jacket letters from them that. It just. Part of the draw for me is the highlight code around it. He had different casino I'm not sure why that is just I don't know just see the sites I guess that it would. It would seem weird to me to go. Spent record date there it never leave and go to the casino but again your logic that the way to super nice bill. You know it's not a. If you kill enough yet you what's it's kind of like this is like each one of them you go to visit different experience and so you wanna fully experience each one of them. And I haven't stated album but I stayed at a lot of them over the years and just kind of like kind of like this about this time the doctors without captured the win is is to ultimately settled as the best place. In my opinion and you know it's like you know. There's just. Now sustain there and in. There you see acre feet maybe you know like these I heard you talking about it using that go we will. At their raw file in every time you go there they had a little bit more to erupt while they're like hey tier candidate. We kind of you know what one more time to have to report this guy with some welcome poultry companies. A free drink now they if they all of that there they all have that is as long as you register at them like some people like to blow up the grid. And not in a wanna be followed in my tracked you know how much they're betting you're a dissident. Yet as you'd have your annual player's card whatever gets in nominate AC on their hand in and that would do as you go down to the casinos. Before each account and go hey I'd take a look at how much money I spent with you bastards. You know give me some money banker like takes up my build something. Look don't be don't be jealous draw but I wanted to but I want currently don't let you know after circuit has. And did so poorly that big hit felt bad for at that gave us free future and how about that. And a hey it's you know whatever scale. It's the same idea. Exactly and we'll we'll talk more about this tomorrow but have you getting a walk off the bulk. This week how about the walk up pocket border rerouted a perfect game of baseball I've got no idea so let's let out. Yes they're twenty perfect games in baseball history that he wanted to walk off off balance. Let's discuss this more tomorrow night. Let's talk about that night aren't you got let me. We just can't right now we're here. Coming up next tax insiders you know here on the home ducks now we're back tomorrow because that obtaining. Right shin so. Okay. So. A whole lot of milk that is always happy.