Primetime 8.9.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, August 9th
Short show turn and burn style today, talking nicknames, Oregon/Boise State 3 game series, talking about the Pac-12/expansion, and more!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. And some. And. Unbiased just short of retirement on compromise sports talk without booze sugar coat oh yeah I think. Links and everyone's life in war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's a canister shot. And that he'd do my job. Best in sports coverage. This is prime time revised again soon on 1080. EU. Hey where everything you can't let you Gavin Gavin do you think there yeah I kind of wanted to mix it up today yet you went for advice or not I'm. Look you buckled me there doesn't 126 curveball and I was not prepared I was sick I keep. And you drop produce our meat and I wasn't prepared for us feeling good NASA decided in any election today. Because stern Amber's show you how we got to as our bread not a very thought it up. Turn a mermaid and listen I'd be like all energized should I mail it in earlier than normal well you can I don't care what you do OK quite frankly we are insignificant. Yet C Vivian but either way it's gonna work effectively find either way we press on yes so bigs do. Is back we are. We're a two hour broadcast yes we tried some to protest in the bus said don't. Can't put your author of five we offered a deal to see ox pregame she tried and he said no. Now contractual obligations and beyond our control circumstances. Out of our means. Yes a Seahawks are on it five their plan the colts and tonight pre season action you'd see Andrew Luck maybe throw a pass. Lacks the yeah I think you'd be you'd need to hear Andrew Luck maybe throw a pass on that's true get to hear someone watch Andrew Luck may be. Throw a pass any luck may be other it wouldn't shock me being handed off three times they punted and then Andrew Luck is that the game. I seen how much she's gonna play that go through a little check down. First first pre season game you can get may be a series YouTube but who knows with that mean they're telling us that everything's hunky dory Andrew Luck and I'll I'll believe when he actually throws the football and game. See this Mario Cristobal last night Pollyanna you learn on the show yesterday you know I was not that he missed me. Now now he called me brother he really ever. How he Hulk Hogan beat did you did you respond with something and in return pro. Now I hope you GM Jim I hope he went what's bro now do you give a buddy you're a guy. Oh no I'm working on building that relationship I don't think or were quite there yet now with him now but I do love the fact that he dropped a brother arguing that we now have that is the clip any job to brother on meet twice and he dropped to brother on Mike on the phone mean. So he's home in guy he's a he's got like a little wrestling by listen battered over the first thing he says how high hill to go coaching goes your brother. I was like don't. Our I've felt instantly Palmer and when it's about Iran rather is a better version guys yeah I think I feel like this is gonna lead to us having hopefully a bro man sorry again Mario crystal ball you know what has become a trend what. That GM. Our GM. And not GM bro idea amber broke. Geno let our GM whose name is bill bill big bill. Big bill bill Brad ski but he's not big now is not bill. You know he calls me now. Sports. He gives you a sport however. Is test winner a tussle and of the error EA calls me sport and it's now Ben multiple times in a row. And I don't know if I've ever being called sport. So you should submit to him about it he didn't like it right away. Clearly Calzaghe is big GMT and call you whatever help he wants to call you. Yeah Gaylord for all you know when you're gonna be like thanks and I have another one yen eight heat your right at that I don't I don't care what else. But I just think its interest in that that's. He but he gutsy calls like. He has like a rotation. He settled on sport a mean but he also says I think buddy. I pay attention because I don't know what he. A few houses he might call you sport how I got immediate staff that yes I was thinking just calls me Suk now now now. Now all of this what I ya know this is weird. So did indeed this is going to be weird dude he's your best friend just can't do what is your best friend caught a cure closest friend you have ever well whoever. I'm gonna go. Well if I'm picking I have to pick one well do you have I got an idea of like to hear what's. I've Leinart did did in so many friends yeah so much friend we are man of people yes I'm not I've got like two parents my best friend yes. Exact these comedy Zack at home but the your your best guy he tells me that he goes man in my wedding calls Muzak cause he's that he had that that I exact. Well it just doesn't that's not a thing for you guys yeah but. Back home that was OK I don't know why that is but that's what they call me. So I don't know do you find this weird and out of my best friend in the world but I do 90% of my stuff with he calls me buddy almost exclusively yeah that and how do you feel about that I had just because I hate it when you call mile yeah I know and I do it on purpose is to kinda. I'll catch a little bit more harm hanging out at him Abbas kind of condescending sometimes the body bleeds over into meat like if I'm around him obliged then object iron that I throughout the body but he calls me buddy and no it doesn't bother me because eight guys in my best roughly ten years. And into it's just it's just him anyways it's anybody's true you know it there's woods always hate. I get what's odd man had anybody with about eight just ate he always calls me buddy had. Install I mean I think it on people like bill for example in your friend there they don't mean to sound. Condescending or anything now that's not what they're doing now. If they thought that they would do it I've come to kind of embrace my kids love to lend their around him and he drops a buddy I mean my kids think it's great. But it's just me he calls a lot of people buddy he's like the nicest friendliest guy in the world. And I've kind of come to enjoy it's like about it makes me smile when I get anybody SE I think it's like it's kind I don't know it's not rude it's just like. Really. The ability and it makes it less it's it's sort of like. It's so hard to explain. It's condescending I think is the right word from its. It just makes you it makes you think that they don't care about you like they did during an iron. Like anybody I gear just the next you know the next guy in a long line of buddies. That's the thing I think if it's just someone that that's kind of an acquaintance but I mean that literally. We do everything together again that's that that's the guy that I I think I travel with we we. 90% of Bart's stuff afford gonna do with a friend is done together. In my do you think he is a white rock out there back in the south definitely and a white rock let who won who. Anyway go ahead to the big boss calls me mr. lynch. In college it explains his second OK I want. So continue on that's. I think that's different cheesy Steve you've got someone today it does it may mean good clothes still what bill higher tie it. Like it's not like he doesn't know my name we if we travel together he doesn't like white rock outside. His house. You know I might not. And a lot more prevalent and you think suit Alex 92 whereas for the segments over you understand that means maybe. Yet the bill to keep from eighty you know in your hiding the you don't know because you don't want need to know. Interest. Now I'm just more confused than ever but it's like bill bill should. I guess that's case in point like you guys are buddies union your friend so well but he. Anybody. So so you have moved beyond the buddy sport champ yeah stage and yet he still uses it kinda weird. Same with bill like I hate it's I I don't care that he calls it bad but it is kind of odd to me but he still calls me sport. And champ. You think he moves beyond sports are important. I don't know I don't know that if I can I call you sport. Being followed every line is sport of what chief. Could show that's out through c'mon he's chief for the goes from sport to squirt. School words mean. I find that very uncomfortable yet now you're not sure not the same you're not short and I still think it's very companies like tiger he dagger. Lou I like behavior and tonight you're attacked again like. That one solid. So the light rock thing yeah we talk by the so crystal ball was it six last night then. So the club started with a very sporty crucible there. Dan from 615 on the only thing we talked about was. The poly amorous. Poly amorous yet swingers are okay. And I learned some things. How does this come lock up my eight I got tired of the ground we will Lana we are talking about orgies. Let Barack W mean uses that's right you were gone. We're here is somehow lag or geez came up in at the world Arkansas knows a lot about. I must say I'm not like jeez I'll apparently there's both phase dinners served there and it's a catered in Manhattan like will Heidi you know use our knowledge is no. So. I am anyway long story short in lake show. If you are out there on the boats you know your ears inside Lago and you're cruising around on your. Whatever it is your camera. Your hamburger and now aren't. Of all I'll go with him for the for the purpose is the story let's go cap program if you will. Are a swinger you. You paint a rock. In your backyard he's just like all those houses backyards but up to the lake he could rollicking CME's backyard used. Coma her and if there's a white if there's a rock painted white. In that in there. So it is signifies that there swingers. In the Indian do you just rock up to their doctor and how well but see that that became a whole Tom ever station we don't know yet code words you know. We're working on an expose a on this team there are. Codes there are bracelets I guess that people where to signified that's at their into you also pineapple apparently an animal is a thing if you see a pineapple on someone's yard perhaps they party. Wow so. Anyway that's who we talked about and I missed your seeing pearl Taylor says so you really morale mandate in this match and apparently you wouldn't be swift. Yeah I kind of wanna know. I know it's. Well that's what's up well and I need to dig deep or shall I say Daschle's. Or down in this case of that that's down GM what does that mean. Well. I I don't I don't. I don't fully know in terms of you know how that works from there but yeah. That's this that's the smoke signals he'd want rock does that work like is in my right leg yard can I just like pay a rock in my yard and then have it I'm not on a late. Or did somebody was listening in central organ he said in the canyon near his house there's a bunch of brock's painted white and now he's. Scared and intrigue to the same time. Yet to see I think that we joked about the fact that like Al Pacino rock like him and then Mike it means something totally different in tiger. You know I had in his neck all the sudden. It is this is like get the eagle where they have and it is the color coded did Dan Dan has not brought up last night as well and yeah you where the band and is to signifies apparently were paintings one of liking your yard you need to know you've got something your hard you're not even aware of it right you've got like some sort of like tiger Billy bush in your life now why he's naked guys keep showing on my door so you heard what I just planted like a month ago I planted it was called a fire Busch I hot. Bike and a little weird when I got guys like fighter bush it's. Bush you know who else had one of those let Jeffrey Dahmer he's got bush in my front yard I don't know what's going on but apparently I'm send out of five to the rest of the olds in my neighborhood today. Let's go to fired bush house over there some goals happen and well anyway bill calls me sport your body cause you buddy check back but it's okay. And white rocks are apparently the thing down. Well only if you're into that country. So and Georgia sports got to hurry. Or again is playing Boise State yeah or shall I say boy easy. I don't know why state. I think I know line I don't think these benefits. The pectoral schools very much but I think I know life the fun. You wanna know why I think I know want a do or do you wanna I wanna know why you think you know why via the sort of just that has its I do you have to repeat that I want and okay all tell you next but it OK and then our program revealed. I can give that Ford did. Pearl Jam show Seattle last night that's awesome first at the home shows the Safeco Field they're playing two shows that every one of the guys hometowns and holy yes. Yeah I mean they're good yeah. Last I checked pro Jim's a good band yes and they're very delighted solo lead that coming up to its 315 folks thank you for being with us here on Wednesday CX football late. Thursday CX football coming up at five on the fan. Right time revise it didn't suit god sanity though. Is it tax on the better read today tense time we're talking about the painted white rocks by the way one on my desk now you're eight. Thought you need to know I didn't. Here you've got stuff going on that I that I don't know about I don't even pretend. To know what Isaak rob does in his spare time. The says some of the put out a lookalike statue of David Payne and like placed in my AF front yard that way there's no questioning Ryan's aunt and uncle. Let's do this right now. OK so or again. Has signed. A three game series. To play football against Boise State yeah a yet to hit the home of the dikes in the new traveled to the un holy land of Idaho. In between. Yet I think at that stadium is now called. Albertson's stadium did you know that I did not know that that's what it's called we called and I to hell because well I paid Idaho. You don't like Idaho EI is. Boys seem OK okay town keep. Claim that they can only part of Idaho that I find acceptable this court what he outside of that I just consider Idaho to be a poor man's Utah and I don't have a seabright that you're not. And so if you don't want you tomorrow why would I go to I'd. It it's extremely hot. My brother Joseph can gives our our high school used to go to football camp a Boise State before they were any good. And they used to joke that we were gonna try to fashion. Like a raft out of the was strays and float our way home on the river it is was awful. And I'm just that I've never been a fan it is called Albertson's stadium Lanka which is really blame. I mean that's like consummate a sport I don't know how many big businesses they're putting their name on the side of that stadium so an Albertson's comes you know that's true in Boise Albertson's is probably liked Plaisted place to go nice to be seen but I heard people speak highly of Boise. It's a town on the rise they've tried to compare it to like Austin and Portland and I scoff at that but and whatever team player last time you're there. Boy it's been awhile Toledo but again given chance if you didn't plays multiple times in its sucked each time do you really wanna go back for the fifth. I went two years ago and it's kind of got a little bit of that Portland he vibe with the nice restaurants and some craft beer and stuff like that but. I was also after a couple of hours really bored we're waiting for concert to start we walked around for awhile and I'll click on mr. blank cake. Who know little not mr. pancake. That this event. That's his favorite band. How it happened while I was gone white rocks and menstrual pain kicks a lot has happened since you don't leave for one day Mozilla yeah yeah ticket and. That's right don't forget this. They're made up her room in here now murderer you were on the page you know I'm from that so anyway. Albertson's is based in Boise at a anyway or against playing Boise State in there'll be two games in Eugene. If you are still lives in 2024. There will be gaining Eugene. I've views remain on this earth in 2000 Tony five there'll begin in Boise. And then if you are still around in 20268. Years from now. There will be another game in Eugene it's a three games here as. Long as someone doesn't pull out of the game which does happen from time to time big. Organ this year I mean their their nonconference is embarrassingly bad but I think it was NM somebody yen I think gay and M pulled the chute right on it so. Alan we knew we hear these series now Boise shouldn't pull out of this. And I would hope organ wouldn't it. I just I know is kids skeptical when you you hear these things that are. Years and years down the road because the is this happens all the time. Thank LSU and Florida State agreed to to place and neutral site game SR let down at school. And those games that we all wanna see the mean that they're they're interesting games is just. Sucks when you get left hanging in the end up with a nonconference schedule that organ has this year the boys. He's dating for a lot of organ Kansai why you play Boise State because they're still in that category of if you beat them. You're supposed to but if you lose to them it looks horrible because it's he just said he and other really good they're three you know against or exactly I mean in in some of those are there ask weapons like physically they just beat you up so they beat him in 08 and they beat him on nine and then they beat Muster in the bowl game those are three times it played organs ever beaten. There are three you know some may be is the revenge factor but this is the part that I don't like about these games and I think it's a slight on Boise and and bush states damn good football team. Tough hard nosed always woke coached. I really like their coach and I if I was that he had a division. A power five conference I would be looking. That's Brian arson is is a guy that's you know that I I'd like to go get. But if you beat Boise then the narrative on on Boise is that it's a down your form right. Think they lose one or two games like it or not that good and it's a down year it's only give you kind of pat them on the head and that's horse crap. Thank you Boise loses one or two games and one of those is is a close game against it up a pac twelve you know team or pac twelve contender doesn't mean Boise haven't a dying year means that they lost a tough game. So I just don't think there's a lot of benefits because if you beat them we automatically just rip. The Broncos and say that it's an off year format I think that's crap but I think it's the reality Evans I don't think there's lot of advantages to playing these games. And there's not a lot of money to be made on it. Because the stadium doesn't see very many people and ending you're not talking about one of these games the neutral site games like LSU and and and florist they were you get a couple money must go play him. EI I think that. OK so here's what I'd been in spit buying on this but here's an I think why Bly Oregon signed to steal yeah. I'm guessing Boise once played out more than Oregon ranked yes so they call and you're like ask you not think. Rob Mullins noses like you know does it benefit us to go Boise State on the schedule. When we can go play in other plan opera next year there they're drop and and Ohio State home and home in there. And you know so I think fit that third game is interesting I wonder if Boise didn't just say look let's dual home and home. And will give you another home game and will sign a three gamer and Ramones is like you know what. With the idea what you just said thank you know we don't actually have to end up playing it. You know there's a chance to wiggle out of it lets you know that's you know you're Killen three. Non conference games in one. The one phils moved here in one phils have been to a hammer home his that's you know that's a better deal for. I'm guess in the split the pie is not ballots I think this is probably financially very see. One sided with what with organ but you're right that there's no way this gets done just as a home and home. This this has to be a two for one sort of deal. And you know other schools have offered organ this sort of thing but they want you know they they obviously want to two home games an organ hasn't done it so. In this does happen with the bigger school. Is able to exert some some leverage here and in that you're right that's probably would organ did. Arsonists 42 and twelve there now. He he's been there for years. I thought he was just hired a couple years ago. Army would Chris Peterson left and it took over the U dub job nine noble and I just I just feel it feels like it's only been a couple of years now it's in the he's done a real nice job. Especially with the the now 42 and well exactly especially with the landscape is being what it is and in recruiting challenges in the financial challenges mean if you are talking about a guy that's just a program that's done less with more. Boise State why did they keep finding good coaches. What is their deal I'm on now days in its there's there's something in the water up there it's the same coaching tree right I mean is that they're all the same they're all the same I mean Chris Peterson worked under. Who's that I think it is under what Carter did that started there knows some are not was under that IR Colorado guy have the god I cannot think of is named Dan rockets yet he's under half an pockets on the line is thinking cutter and then you know Chris Peterson took over in really you know accelerated that and then. They. I guess they they haven't had a drop off but it is some people died after Chris Peterson left it was like oh my god you're going to Boise State didn't it's not. I do think it's gonna get harder and harder with a small stadium and not a lot of resources. And other schools making you know. 567. Times while Boise State makes I think it's going to be hard for them to continue. But they've data and continued they've done a real nice job he's. That was their TG gene did you know that he was their three year I know Houston but the it will pokey Allen was there which Hampshire union. If not does or unsafe guy and then some guy named Tom Mason who have won a nine and he was out in in Houston. Dirk cutter Dan Hawkins. Chris Peterson Brian Carson yes I was right dirt cutter did start yes cutter was in better led don't always Hawkins to Boise I don't know Peterson was under cutter but he was certainly under Hawkins yeah. So caddie just in every one of them was really successful I mean he's in not only live by the sixers O'Leary year vet after that everyone of those guys. Cutter went on didn't he did a decent job at Arizona State and then obviously he's moved on the NFL the only one that's really kind in Houston nut is bounced around this had some success and the only one who really flamed out was was Dan Hawkins. I didn't that didn't work out well and. Don't doesn't everybody say like the conventional wisdom on that is. Chris Peterson stayed at at boys Dayne Crist Peterson was the brains behind Dan Hawkins yes. And when Dan and and when he left he got exposed and he is. Arson has not been exposed now that they Chris Peterson is that he is he is a damn good coach and when when organs they always looking for a head coach you know that was kind of number 11 day on my list is can you go get him. A lot of work and should have gone taken a look at him and I think it's a matter time before. Good sized power five school goes in and manages to pull him away if he's able to continue doing this. You know he was I don't know why you wouldn't he is born and raised in Boise but he went to eastern he start he got his Cushing started eastern Oregon. They really parson yankees alma grant. The coach in running backs out there. He's done a nice job bloom got to pay your dues he was a Texas to Ghana people know that he was co lots offensive coordinator there. Per year with Major Applewhite I didn't know that either not. There again. Well in what twenty easily 20/20 four is when this thing starts yeah so in six years. Get an up close look at the bright is Brian arson is is either coach still there. Who that's a good one I don't think he's still a Boise. Nine hill he'll get a better job I think you're gay gets a better job you know crystal ball is just a matter if you successor of the crystal ball still in. Well I mean I I have no idea I think they'll be successful I mean they're recruits they're getting if you can coach at all. You should be able to you should be able to win games. When your recruiting like Jesse I think there's a much better chance that little Mario is sticking around. As opposed to come into Boise State wouldn't calm down. Was that wouldn't in that what does mom said. On nice said. Liner that was that was the mom clip almighty or you going now further I was thinking little Mario is he's not a little man we only Gary Anderson and the people wanna go up don't wanna go dared to zoo not to sin we're working on building now this slowdown brother. So two games three games Oregon Boise State doing Eugene in 2000 Tony foreign to doesn't when he six and one in Boise. Two dozen Tony I just signed tech and people ask and like Boise took the pac twelve it'll never happen two fold one no TV market. And the I don't mean did to disparage them but. I've been told multiple times that the pac twelve universities laugh at Boise again they're packed social stuck up about their academic PX and they just don't. It does not affect it now and that's none of that is why do you are you apparently is it's the same thing you are you. Brings up a better TV market but they are you feel like they have the Salt Lake market which is the one they would want in in the University of Utah and they don't respect BYU academically. Because it's a religious school and it's not the research institution and a medical school. In Seoul you hear that that everyone says it's football Germans football Germans football driven. We out media market but in the pac twelve believe it or not academics does matter and you look at the schools the pac twelve pats. From Stanford cal UCLA USC good air is what's your state has a really good reputation. Utah has agreed medical school you'd dubbed as everything. I Washington State has a great veterinary program and broadcasting school mean all the schools. Are highly thought of in year just not gonna be able to join the pac twelve. Without having some prestige and in Boise State will. Will will never happen and neither will be like you India a great fit though further for football I'd love and be fun if you can go to fourteen and bad boys the idea why you Boise in the north and BYU in the south of Sweden be fantastic. All right more on nonconference. College football road games and a Pearl Jam. Seattle show review in the home shows from Jason's mechanic is coming up 333 let's go to Michael sports center. And come from its. Broke brother broke virtual client side where the eyes against duke guard Kennedy though they. Improved from from tonight's season 39 that's tie. You know that when they get cramps yet highness or beyond three. 39. To make fun of us that are there and that's how we use when we were like. In college who started to Wear in college. In you you got a little too fat that was always how we kind of joked about our weight amateur and up three. Thirty. I've. Got to spread those out a little bit trying to soften the blow a little bit. So did see acts coming up at five we're discussing organ playing Boise State in a three game nonconference. Agreement that they announced today. One. Other thought or question about Boise State before we move on to Salinas on Twitter today about non conference games and about what. What do they have done it like what they build how have they done it how wise it was day today and did good coaches. I mean that's food at any time you're talking about a mid major and it kind of rises up. It's about culture like gun zag and gas is all you know same sort of thing right these days it's starts with one guy putting them on the map creating a culture there. Having a town rally behind it lot of support. And kind of trading some some buzz and then you're able to go out and find some kids that wanna be part of something and there's an edge you know when you play the Broncos. That you are going to get some some tough minded kids there were overlooked. By eaten by bigger schools and have a chip on their shoulder to denigrate job plain and that that the people in the stadium most not big. Have created a tough environment and and that has been passed from coach to coach and they've done a great job. And not kind of falling off after. You know coaches have left they've been able to kind of keep that culture in the in the coaching tree. You know you don't go in all I do think there's a there's a limit. In college football to what you can build I think basketball's little bit different but I think gig you know we've we've. We its big Joseph gets I can win a national tennis championship basketball and almost dead almost dead. But this is why I think college basketball it's easier to do this than football college basketball wondered you guys can make such a difference. In in football you can find a lot of skill position guy who stood to kind of run around they can compete. But the depth that you need and more importantly the guys along the dough indeed lines you're just not going to get the difference makers needed to beat. The top five top six teams in the country. When when your school I've lightly Boise State just it just isn't gonna happen we'd we know how hard it is to find him here in the pac twelve. Oregon Washington Washington State organs they what are we always said about those schools are they can be really good but you have to beef. To go play with DL SU's no Oklahoma's and in you know what the unit teams like that the Florida Florida State's. And those are at it and packed full schools so imagine how would challenge it is when your at a school. The doesn't have the resources and in the reputation. Scott admire what Boise State's could get a man yeah Tony played and they are tough to the cap I I really tough I remember this is probably 1012. Years ago a long time ago when we first started. There are playing Boise State is like a savvy pesky tele days. And I just it in my mind at that point there was no excuse for a pac twelve team losing to Boise State. There were those were all those are filled with guys that you didn't want you had better players across the board. Into me there there was no excuse for losing to that and I have come around I apologize to to Boise State fan because I did not give them. Appropriate credit and over the last decade or so I have really gained an appreciation for what they've done and this is schools I think what North Dakota State. Has managed to do with their level is amazing I think what Appalachian State has done out there is is amazing nursing schools. That's you don't do you not national championship in your year and you couldn't go win the pac twelve and in win ten games. But on a one game. Sort of scenario whether it's a bowl game more free seizing game nonconference game. There's just some tough freak you out what bowl win and end up in eastern Washington and then the guys that before him that's a tough out. There's a small schools. Did it just builds some real pain in the ass is that if on the par five I don't wanna play is it equally. Impressive what Kansas hasn't done. But how would you compare that. You kind of blew my mind with that yes. Considering the resource is they do have the money they have or more impressive the money they have dubbed in the fact that they have big so if you doubt. Yes that means that that's impressive as well is it bad that as a Kansas fan ended in the beach wailed. I wanna be Boise State. I would kill to be Boise State. How about that like if you could just flip programs of this white kid can't. You're freaking Kansas build Boise State and if if they're Boise. Yes car you have a lot of resources at it can't. All right so pay the real quick here's the thing about like it is some people are like what would Boise do it if they played in the pac twelve you've seen that and that's Utah. So you've taught was was actually better you taught was the best of the non power five. Our I think you tied a couple teams are they beat Alabama when they beat Pitt in the Sugar Bowl in the Fiesta Bowl. Those teams were legitimate in a one game situation could have played for national title I thought they were that good. But those are one games and you saw what a school like you talk who like I do think head to head. Kind of surpassed Boise is that is the best mid major non power five. But you so what happened when they got into the pac twelve they were good they were able to win games. But the level of athlete in the depth from week to week you've never seen Utah be able to recreate the same sort of success they had when their plane in the mountain west. And that's what you would see with any lower level division program TCU is the same way. When they made the jump you can be good but it takes a while to incarnate even get on par with with a better. Upper Echelon teams. It's so in our next segment is and run out of time here. But he thinks played the fewest nonconference. Road games. Since 2000 got a good idea yeah oh you're probably gonna be right. Really you do that coming up next 346 on the fan. Where Isaac can sue god Kennedy. I coming over the top of the hour sequel tell us about Pearl Jam. I mean you have learning about them that they played last there bands they're from Seattle to get this guy named Eddie you were there I was there. So do Tom for Nellie comfort knowing that name sounds familiar he's got to fund college football Twitter follow okay. Rewrites and learn sounds familiar to me rates for maybe CBS some donors used it in and he's done at a bunch college football stats he's been researching these kind of gambling guy to use and so he's always looking at. You know little things here and there and he tossed out among the other things. That. He is kostelic penalty yards and he did most penalty yards. In the end in in the college football playoff era. Organ I'm sure has been pretty bad I mean that's something they struggled with year to year number two via their number two did the most the second most penalty yards of any team in the coastal. LePera yet they have not been very disciplined at all plus like I think the style that they played in this start which yet I mean he even talked about it that there are. They're style of play they're aggressive nature no lent itself to that nobody minded some of those. Today I talked to some Morgan alignment that the end is one of the philosophy was let's hold on every play because they're not gonna throw a flag on every play. And we'll live with with a couple holding penalties but in we're gonna get away with more than. You know than than not so the most penalized teams in the Kosovo LePera number one is Baylor number two was already number three is USC. All three of those over 3800 yards I don't know by USC but I think Baylor probably has some of the same that when you play temple like that. You're gonna get it it's if fatigue causes penalties the aggressive styles that doesn't shock me at all about Baylor USC. Yeah I've got and I don't know how do you did describe that than maybe used your bureau undisciplined. Least penalized team can you guess these penalize us think about this think about it. Maybe Stanford who is the most disciplined that's a good guest does not okay we do emea conference maybe now Ohio State. I'm just trying to think of teams that have been successful. The navy. Well they go news that the disciplined style. And you don't throw the ball bunch obviously two and a lot of holding penalties come here in pass protection and so maybe that against style wise that that leads to it. You know through the little safer play. All right so we also put up the stat become and I fewest non conference true road game since 2000 must say bam. And I'm leaving some context here. And tell you that you know Kansas State never plays anyone know ranked Kansas State's as the worst scheduling. While we depend on how you look at a bit. They don't play anyone Baylor does this too big Kansas State is but not converse true road games and they can go play. You know let. At Wyoming yeah and that would be a non converse true road game does have to be a good team. What I bring at Kansas State though but for frame of reference Kansas State is eighth. On this list in they've only had twelve. Nonconference. True road game since 2000. They usually they like cupcakes at home that's that's how they like their nonconference schedule so that gives you a little bit of context twelve. The fewest is six. And it's Alabama. And Arkansas. I knew it was going to be in the SEC and lawlessness Auburn is seven. Third at seven LSU is four and within eight Tennessee is five with ten in Florida is 611 soldiers. Newt is gonna be the SEC and they always have the one extra cupcake game towards the end of the year before they're they're big rivalry games in so many of those schools now won't play true road games. They'll play and now to to be fair Alabama Auburn LSU. They almost always play one of these a neutral field sites which I eighty I don't know that's neutral like. Auburn Washington is not really neutral now they know their fans travel isn't initially began seeing Georgia for heaven's sakes it's a little bit of a closer. Trip for fraud in the newsroom Washington. But they always play one of these games. And they do when they do play big time matchup Alabama I just off the top of my head has played Virginia Tech Misch again. USC USC did they have played or lie a lot of these big time games they just played them make quote unquote -- neutral site most neutral site regular season non comets games since 2000 Alabama's third down Colorado's one Colorado State is due in an Alabama's their fourteenth he had a bit. Yeah I mean look nobody. The the only trend there. It's worth noting it is that kind of galvanizes. Howell the SEC schedule even though it's look it's a really tough league team in getting through that league. Is is difficult nobody's taking into anything away from Alabama the SEC. The all but her down their. Add it but it just it galvanizes. How much of an advantage. They're schedule is with the eight game. Conference schedule and then that cupcake game that they played a date that non comes into play later in the season actually it's an extra layer legal you take out a chance towards the end of the year when your beat up and tired having to go on a short week to play. You know a tough team in the packed club we've seen that cost the pac twelve the chance at that the college ball players are absolutely tied so I was gonna say if you roll reverse that. And say that those teams that I just listen I was that Alabama Arkansas Auburn LSU Tennessee and Florida. Those that six SEC teams if you if I. Put in there replace those with those same numbers six games seven games a games tank is not commerce two road games since 2000 and that was USC Washington or again. Who else is being good in the pac twelve. You know you six pactel schools. Pactel has a national champ shipwreck. I think that well there at least they're they're given an opportunity. Mean they're there in the mix a mean did you win a national title I don't know what you certainly are thinker I've played for more national champion who else is tied with Florida with only eleven non conference true road game since 2002 Ohio State. Room same sort of thing these schools now they don't have to know dale was don't have half. Do they do not end up fine with not having to play. I if you gave me all the big schools playing one or two of these neutral site games I would be OK with that. In just say okay we're not gonna do go home and homes I get a you don't wanna travel on the road but. You know at least come out to the West Coast play game the Rose Bowl right play game down and in Phoenix. You don't make you don't have a all be in Texas don't have Maltby in the south I'd like a couple of mount on the West Coast and we don't have as many big time venues. But indeed be nice to see a these sort of games continue to game you gain traction. Because I do think that's what college football fans wanna see I know it's what I wanna see I wanna see Ohio State Alabama LSU Florida Florida State organ USC. You know all these schools I wanna see them playing each other more often it takes what I think is arguably the best sport. Going right now and it to me it would make it the best if we got more of the the the big dogs fighting. Year to year Alabama's six. True none commerce drug game since 2000 care to guess their record. Four and 23. The loss to UCLA Oklahoma Hawaii and beat Hawaii duke and Penn State why he had that counts. Hung true non commerce drug and it went over there and played in. Northern played in. 2003. And a 2002 in 2003. What if there was like Colt Brennan. Herb Timmy Chang or someone they got to make roller bitch because the Hawaii had a couple good teams they beat the hell out of me one year I'm not sure Alabama is I didn't know I think that was that was probably like Dubose or someone made Shula days journalist mistake tires wasn't it wasn't so good pilots learn about Pearl Jam show and then I hated K state really just give bill Schneider new five year deal. They I think they did real weekend at Bernie's thing happen and I'm convinced that it that's coming up at 359 this is the fans.