Primetime 8.9.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, August 9th
Pearl Jam review, IN THE NEWS!, and more

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Yeah. And learn. And you can find the time to spin you actually yeah right time we advise against is your home what they'll all there are all in all clubs. Big ask. This is prime time and I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here are Isaak Robin Jason's a candidate quit trying to on Jay Nady. And the price for a five Robin Tzipi. How about that boulevard it's gone on. What's going on cliff Harris. The last we heard not. Not a law and sticky situation. Sad because the dude was talented. Everybody has grown up to do. Wasted talents of a lottery ticket in cash and so we have a term Bernauer here the Seahawks are coming up at five so were Churchill will back in full tomorrow. But I'm coming up we in the news. Very. Very controversial. Local. Video making the rounds yes and more importantly huge national news. When I mean. Well I mean no space for CB leaving the ship I'll. But quite frankly you applied area and I heard my application is gonna be coming in so by 22 when he I may be out a year. So up space horse. On derby at 430 I've got bill Schneider is the most economic PGA champ ship here before the news. I teaser oh ya telstar pro Jim. Last night yeah I was the first of the home shows so the the four main guys they're doing two shows and each one of the home cities so they're doing. Two in Seattle two in Missoula. They're in big sky country two in Boston in two in Chicago new pro Jim's gone in Missoula yeah that's awesome he's from Missoula. Based player a Mets as is from there from big success that big CD I think you Montana. Is where he's from. And so their I know that yeah I knew that I know I don't or humor from it's a pretty but they were formed in in in Seattle and it's just it was unbelievable. I seen him a bunch. Pearl Jam is one of my probably three favorite bands of all time they're just so good live but last night. I don't have the words to her appropriately describe how it's special last night was special wide because they are back in Seattle Americans Seattle it was data were doing they raise eleven million dollars or they're trying to do this mean to fight homelessness up in Seattle and. Just there was divide deeply for three and a half hours plus do you I was just looking at the Seles I think 32 songs 33 song 33 songs too long course well tragically three young core is really did then yeah and a big big fool me five different times because you think about Pearl Jam like you don't know what they're gonna close with. I that was tellem in my my brother in and he brought a friend and I've seen amid. He's seven ish times and I think I've seen the same clothes or twice. And see you never know the gonna finish this and it's that it's the most and eclectic set list that you'll ever get from the band the changes so lost the night tonight. And they they fooled me at least four possibly five times where I was like I will this is the end of the show and I would have been perfectly happy with anyone about. And it just kept going and going and going and then finally. After like that the fourth one and they hit me what my favorite song to close the whole thing out and yellow Ledbetter how they say good night ended just. And that's affected it's worth it for lord I ain't ever gonna have had a better show they never play yellow Ledbetter I it it doesn't happen all the time now. But that's the things you never know what you're gonna get the ice age dawn looking at the settlers the encore to. Wasted reprise. This. Yellow Ledbetter by the way if you don't better man. And that's what I thought better man I don't know. Only in rank and it was big because they turned up the whole house lights you can see the entire crowd and you had I don't know if we have 3000 people were there right so so that's not so good does a piece of a better man everything so ZLX Iran thinks or comes second encore anyway yeah and Dan. Did this freaky and stuff right here and I am a marine the Celestine. Yeah. This. It's perfect integrated. And and related to show them. Then they played comfortably numb yes and may have closed like I've seen him close baba O'Reilly. So comfortably numb I'm like all right well maybe this is it. The coverage they don't rocking the free world they've closed without. It's about comfortably numb again crowd's going nuts little more mellow and subdued Mike our right their their clothes with that wrong. Well we're just talking yesterday. There's a ton my you know you guys gonna there yeah and we were talking about how much we love that wind bands that we love playing covers the F surprises at different covers and it's really cool. Comfortably numb dude I would've gone nuts it was sick as a loaf of painfully realized and I'll tell you I sought I think your buddy. They went with zero John's buddy yeah posted that on social me I saw somebody on. I think Nancy Graham gap posted. The guitar solo the the data Gil markets are solemn which you know mentally again is no David Gilmour who might regret is pretty good. Yeah he's no data Gillick but that is unbelievable then they roll into alive and I'm very proud to say OK it's over over. Right no oath then they go into I've got a feeling down The Beatles Eagles. And they play Iraq and in the free world and they play yellow Ledbetter every one of those songs yeah and house lights up. And there's a brief pause and you're like RA it's overt no it just kept going. Not gonna say that I cried but maybe I got a little misty eyed when they dropped yellow Ledbetter army has anybody ever said. The Canadian Mike provincial I don't think's ever anywhere they are. As good a live band as you'll ever see and last night was as good as I've ever seen them it was as good a concert as I've ever been to end. I got out of our friend remind you seen them 32 times he said I mean he is. He's a fanatic he's in the industry and he said that is 32 times he said that is as good as I've ever seen them as well and he's he did did did text to me after the show was my mind is blown. And are yeah that's awesome and my favorite thing to do in this world is to go see like music I I would take a concert over just about anything else I can. Not doing the show with me everyday no but it's close tonight is your mind the top 745. Like top form her. Off the medal stand. But last night was one of those where. A rock and roll show is my favorite thing to do and last night was as Herbert Iraq Rochelle is I've ever been to and it just it was is beautiful that I know blurred. Well. John had a good time to yeah I mean we just. We all just drink and we're all just like well yeah and I got three and a half hour or so what time did they finish then went on only 1140. Ish so bad then got back about 3330 in the morning variety you don't care now we're on out we are on in a euphoric high then I got to break up a rockets now five you have there is there is a stuff on the drug dealers that one of them accidentally hit a lady and at that point then you had the inner being mean to you was doing like to drunks donor when meal. Like get in front of these kind of flailing and many eclipse the gal and at that point you kinda had did you you had to stop it wasn't mark is he was. Really draw all right forget to did yeah yeah you click to get out yet and now on you know the center and that was the and I don't confront America right to idiots there push and whatever. But he hit a gallon Miguel kind of stumbled and then you kinda have to intervene and you're like oh I I hope this that they do that to where he lived in about four seconds. Like you do you grabbed him from behind in squeezed any jets. He did not have a lot of endurance let's say and then security came and it was still and they're calling into more. They claim one night no nothing and just aren't and then tomorrow night and this. Believe me I'm trying to figure a way to not work on Friday and got up and see it again but. I probably will not to and probably will not do you realize it's mom and on the bus I think we're frowned upon necks I got vacation come in like the week after. Yeah I only go sorry now it's a one and done but if you get it if you if you're listening to this and you've been debating. In the tickets are expensive whatever on stub hub find a way to go. It is. 888 I just don't have the appropriate words that describe how good the show was last night. Bill Schneider Newsome taking on the PGA championship next on the fan. If you do people. I'd say just 115. Actually known CIS pregame feminine side effects C tax increase he's in pregame gets the pre season pregame fever but now. Some college football news today this surprised everyone. Because well he's old now and the other reason it's prize everyone is that there is being kind of talk of the succession plan. For several years now but put that on hold bill Schneider has agreed to a new five year deal like Kansas State 78 years old by the way. 78. He's gonna make 3.4. Five million dollars this year and then he gets a 300000. Dollar increase. In 2019. And then again in 2002 when he so he'll be up. God believe. PS 83 wins all dull yet he'll be 83 if he makes it to the end and that is one year short of the oldest. Active coach ever now would have been. Joseph Paterno who's 84 when he got fired and how well did that end in an 84 when he died right. Yeah I he's that guy Julian pastor there rap song wasn't that long know within a year. In line and you look at it they haven't. Some success and win since he came back. You know Ron prince took over there and since Snyder came back he's been. What the win total 67101189698. And they've been they've been good they go to bowl games. At just blows me away that you're not willing to turn the page supposedly. If you listen to people they want lebed to be the head coach they're ready to they Jim Leavitt to head coach oh really now. But Dole's hard sell all your bills are once is kit. And bill Schneider won't step with eight I feel like Bill Snyder is is blocking in the higher Jim Leavitt he's good weekend at Bernie's thing I thought is dead and just got up. Literature around the sidelines I thought that the eleventh thing was the old lady who's moved on as he moved on yet he was the guy who got in the in the message Tennessee. I know that they hit they had wanted left. And Leavitt has a thing in his contract with the organ that he can leave to go beating Kansas State head coach. And that bile accountable both sides wanted it except for all starter who wants is Tito I think is the special teams coordinator. And he wants him to be the next guy but no we can't stay wants to hire. Yeah I'm I'm pretty sure that ship sailed when that a deal left Kansas State for Tennessee OK and that was that's all kind of coming gone I. I have some friends back there there Okie state guys and they're pretty doubt into what's going on back Daren Levitt. Lebed isn't. In what he sees is not as high as he once was on their list why don't even know if a lot of the fans want it landed I think he's buddies with that AD they were very close that was the guy that hired him originally Kansas State and in the eighty went back against you gotta be a great hire if you're Kansas State or not bad bit. I just don't think he was like the fans like the fans are clambering our mean how fans get there being a get to be in their bonnet over and this guy that guy I'm trying to remember who it is. That they were all hot and bothered over. I know it's not his kid oh they weren't angles Snyder wants his kids to be the next coach and in no win against they once there was some talk of Brett Dielman being hired there really he had this again new AD different. If a guy that. Yeah that now they've got the whole thing with Schneider missed it I wonder if I wonder if the eighty didn't disable we don't wanna put your kid in there so let's just keep you. Right like I mean they don't want to do that whole thing with the kid they don't want they don't want to put him in there you know if their wants that. Sean Snyder is the guy and you wonder if he's 48 by the way is when he's at spring chicken. You wonder if the Bill Snyder. Over the next five years doesn't just make Sean Snyder of the de facto head coach but I don't mean to be an agent steered it. EU have nots in my opinion you cannot be as successful. Hands on football coach at 787980. Years old you just cannot do it I made fun of Joseph Paterno and hence even making fun of this is it's. He adopted the lunacy of the holding buddy now was the same way. Buddy now don't they had to have a nap before practice. Like there was like an hour and a half blocked out at Florida State where you could not disturb him. Because he had taken a nap before he went out to practice to Fisher ran that program only ripping on naps. And when you when trouble is a grind. Right recruiting. Up all the things the going to and we you have to block out a couple hours to take a nap Joseph Paterno. What not recruit the story that you you hear about Penn State is true Pryor who was the number one player in the country who was from Pennsylvania who's dead I think what to Penn State. What are the go to Penn State. Too tired to cross a monopolist because Joseph Paterno would not give up fizzled bass and drive two hours by car. To go visit the number one player in the country that's how old and feeble Joseph Paterno was at the end. You can't have those guys effectively running your program at that age it's just not feasible it's I don't know what Kansas State's. OK so. Let's just a figurehead. That AD. Was John Curry yeah. And John Curry was a Kansas State. A long time ago. And he hired. Jim Leavitt so they they go all the way back to that. And Nan. He moved on to Tennessee and he was the guy tried to hire Greg she gonna. And that was a mess they ran him I think they ran and others he still there now I think he's still there busy EA still there the current members they ran him out or not. Yeah he is. And says eat it says he's still there they suspended him yeah I don't I. Thought he got the heave ho. I think is right then he had the whole Mike Leach staying in I thought they gave him the boot well it says here occupation vice chancellor director of athletics but he's suspended indefinitely so I. I don't Alan mills I don't think he's there at Tennessee anymore anyway back guy. I know is did letting guy and he you know also sincere everything has gone on he's. Dilemma thing is often have been people saying that like it if they really one lever they could have moved on from Snyder non Bill Snyder he runs I think he. Is he is Kansas State he is more what would you say like in trench or important powerful. He's more powerful at Kansas State than any other coach is at their university in the country. I think he holds more sway there than anywhere else because they were not been before him and there's a belief that they could be nothing without him. He's donated millions of dollars is names on the damn stadium. For heavens yes they're not gonna treat him like that that they're gonna handle that delicately and that's why I think it's a tough situation for them is. You do have a legend here but you also hook. I mean utility does bend over backwards and do whatever he wants is because he wants is to get in there are so now. So that's so now they're the same Oscar at will disturb. You know keep fighting warriors misery your video croak before we have to decide the next coach is and then when you die we don't in you want you all care who we put in there. And he's he a five year contract at 78 years old or the other thing this could be is this could be. This started the succession plan to the kit yap you know I say it is like I wonder if this is going to be. Yeah bill Snyder's still around and boy he just looks. Well he's old news old 78 to seventy and a break yes and by the way he turned 79 this year. It's so he'll be 84 or. When this whole when this IN IA I wonder how much is because Sean Snyder is special teams and assistant head coach. I wonder how much of this is gonna be bill Styron how much of this is Sean Snyder really run and things and then build just been aired today. Placate boosters and and kind of be did the figurehead all lob Bobby Bowden in his last handful of years of Florida State Jim of more importantly. Looking at the PGA championship. Leaderboard. After round round one although there's still two guys out there. A rock chalky Gary Woodland is leading the tournament tickets got he is did not know that he's Iraq shocker. And he used to cut through a wide swathe in more at CES but from what I gather from what I've heard here I didn't knowing that I wouldn't know what's going on with the ladies in your kids. One eyes grow but that's embodies it played on team at them in south and they are like always eager this interviewer know he was he was young he's younger than Mina. But they played on the same yen in you know those it's not a birdie gap. Community of people and Dahlia said Stanley Geary did well with the ladies are rat but anyway he's six under shot a 64. Rickie Fowler is teasing us yet again we shot 65 right now he's won back he's five under. So. You know I'm certain that that's teasing he won't win it but you never know meaning he's certainly ready to win a major tiger rebounded right maybe when you know is to go triple on hole one. He was three over I'd I didn't see how he got three over Nike had a triple. On on hole one he got her back today even par now. Old tiger the stole. I still there still on the tiger lurking on acts. And then. Oh Dustin Johnson had made a couple bogeys Eminem but he's three under it's a pretty good leaderboard it's the same guys like. In a Jason day's right there at three under Coulter is back up there at three under. Rom Q Isner road exact Johnson three those guys at three under. It's going to be ahead and begin weekend man fingers crossed. Are they really. Well California. There is crust. Can you be good leaderboard hopefully tiger stoning era he makes it in the interest and he definitely does caiso. AJ's brother. There is a video a local video that is quite controversial making the rounds stirring up controversy the have you seen this. Depends on which when you're talking about I'll tell you about it next. Because it's time for in the news here's Mike. Meantime we're advised against duke on insanity those things. I see our so called 25 minutes. Later big night in the NFL. He may be topless that in our next segment for an apartment tomorrow they go big recapping post game show for all twelve. NFL pre season games hard knocks was on Tuesday Bo Diddley did a whole recap of yesterday party completely bored by the Cleveland Browns are youth yeah. So that's hard knocks episode in years and John Kerry and I didn't find one person. On that football team well maybe no one person. We covered the dad the coach's meeting that ends the. Where Todd Haley is clearly disgusted with you Jackson and it's like coaches like who which they all that the coaches are so they're saying look we're soft. And you need to help us do something about it and you Jackson's ideas my team bitch now. Is this I think it's crazy -- he'd see the dysfunction of the Clinton ready to see why did the Cleveland Browns and I think he Jackson's Gainey fired he's not the guy. It's gonna usher in me he has no the winning he does not have the respective staff's doing culture. Anyway. Enough about sports it's August 9 2018. In time for you the I you're noted newsman here boy do we have a lot to cover first of all. Others sixteen year old girl from colan. Who is lucky to be alive I have made this joke by the way had him down. OK so she was out at Malta and falls. And it's a fifty foot jump off a bridge many view some of you may have been up there at. Spans the Lewis river if you had a two words like battleground in hooker Roscoe incident it's out there it's a beautiful places let's hiking trails. Just this real popular swimming hole and then. You can jump off the clips and then if you go up it's a 5060 feet fifty there's a bridge up there. And some people above that but not a lot because it's well it's five stories it's really dangerous so this. Girl this teenager like he says she's sixteen. She's out there and there's video of this of this is the video was referring to has taken around it's ridiculous watch that video she's timid and Han about jumping but there it's a bunch of teenagers and so the boys are out there kind of I'll go jump job and she can she has on ago. And some woman who apparently is a stranger had no idea that this girl was I had no I thought they knew each other from whenever I may be wrong about that but it sounds like through what the girls mom was saying is that they didn't know each other but I may be wrong. It's it's kind of vague in the story well I mean. Say man I used to go up there a lot when we're in high school and if if you get some people that step out on the bridge because you cross the bridge there's there's hiking trails all along there. So you have to cross the bridge to get to did to the hiking spots in so if you do get kids that go stand on the bridge. It creates a and the crowd people wanna see yet because it's not that often people jump off that thing. So it's not. Out of the realm of possibility your wouldn't be weird. It is good to have some kids on the edge that bridge and then former crowd of people that are jump jump because the because they wanna see it. OK so I guess it was a friend it says down here at the end of the story jordin previously told Katie that a friend had pushed her off the bridge anyway. I so she did she knows she she knew her but she was tired hurt him in on not jumping. And she comes up from behind her kinship to man shot serves some believe and she goes face first I guess she hit her chest her face first. She punctured a lung and broke some ribs and Brewster esophagus. And apparently somebody swim out and grabbed her up. Or else she think she she might have died. Well I mean you hit the water like that and now I was never push I've made that jump and it sucks. It hurts when you when you the water and then for me. When I went down the the crappy party is. You goes so deep. Then I knew you kind of screaming at the water I felt like I was drowning like I couldn't get back up is you don't hit the bottom it's addressed deep. So getting back up to the surface is you hit your guide the you don't have a like about Brett the bear. It was not fun I did it once and would never do it again and I joke about kids because I've taken my kids out their swim mean. And I said the that is one of the dumbest things I've ever done and that was me deciding to do it I can only imagine. How scary at how painful that would be to belly flop off that. Because I just did did the way you're supposed to do feet first inning hurt felt like my ankles and feet were smashed. Jordan said she was awake and aware when she hit the water and during the always thinking about what she she did she says quote in the air I was trying to push myself forward so I can be straight up so my feet hit first. But that in work I went under and I thought I was swimming fine but I don't know I could Embree. So that's all I can really think about trauma surgeon Mary Claire SARS speaking at the news conference said quote. When you fall three times your height. 50% of people died. That's usually about 25 feet when you're falling from sixty feet that's like falling on concrete she could have broken her neck she could've been a quadriplegic. End quote. Well normally they give you go up there they'll have like park Rangers and they will not let you do it. Thank you get a citation if they see you do and it is not a spot where. Q you're not allowed job now people do do it but yet it is it is done it is beefed. One of the top ten dumbest things I've done plenty of dumb things that they like the videos knots yeah she shows her heart I that woman should be in prison. So if somebody that's as nice awful to me text in essence. He said. You can only put one in jailed a kid who started the eagle creek fire or this girl who showed this other girl off the brake booster of the shows that the gal. That's what I said to now. Because the other key. Is that guy was only that kid was like fifteen well it and I think there's some ignorance there I don't think you have an idea necessary wasn't malicious you pushing someone from that height. In I guess that mean the fire could kill people to. I know this this this is a direct result how you can. If you've ever stood up on average how you can look down at that and think that that's not a big deal to push someone off. Horsepower and it doesn't look like looking in the media like somebody else is saying. That they read that it was a just a woman who was not with a group I don't know which is right but it it looks like a woman it it's not a teenager she doesn't. And I just looks like a random one and down from what the video shows that may be their friend his best if she's an adult. No she should face charges she could kill that poor gal. I I cringe. Watching her belly flop on that knowing how bad it hurts to jump properly. Can you imagine. Brooke broken rib brace yourself the gets started in just being there in the water not. There's no way you could dispute youth she would swarm to the side no way all right coming up next. It's based source of 42 on the fans go for. I can live its immense Richard over the Seahawks football. We'll show tomorrow through seven makes you tune in we did have Mario Christa bomb last night ducks head coach you can find that. 1080 to pin dot com. It fun dollar step for 1080 within dot com that's her website. But right now. We are in the middle of Indonesia. Space source. So Mike Pence based horse. Came out today and said they want eight billion for space force it's happening. Well. May have case is going to be in the mail and then I wanna be a part of space source mean just the the honor them. But being for the very first base sorcerer's it is my contention that this is he had another shiny object to distract us from what's really going on these guys are thinking of that but. You know is. I don't know. I've heard some people say that this is actually good idea I've heard that. Based horse yet. I mean if it just hit it would really like if it was called the you know there'd been Spiezio is needs a better name yet we need to name isn't the only committed but. It feels like that would be like oh and those are a lot of space crime I mean. I just feel like that would be it really boring patrol and reapply he's. I that's one of my favorite things I've heard on this for governor while expecting is really a lot of us prescribed. What do you do up there almost stuff I didn't I. Lula I don't know if you've had a did you not seen Austin Powers there's lasers and satellites what is is trying to take over the moon and the villain movies it's all about the moon I don't know we have to protect did we need just. Scores of IDG go they're just declare things your own is that Howard is there anything to declare in space. Mounting debt stars and stuff. And those are kind of faraway galaxies and I don't think you can claim the son Perry you know what that sun is mind. Like what do we decide with the and Arctic air right now known that I think it's for everybody. But maybe is their parts of its biggest hitter that are worse there's space nicest things like the whole want to hurt this feel like eight international waters anything goes but. Is US base but as you turn and make. What the space is above you would change so would be an ever of all means sort of space force you think they come back down for the Armed Forces Bowl. What can we have a space force academy because we got the navy right on the sand yeah they got to be NN. Now again into the Armed Forces Bowl and I'm assuming they're gonna have to run triple. The triple option right no question I mean space for other baby's face they can maybe change them go like your readers something no model. No gravity of the wouldn't that be something. The deep bond. They just float a zillion imploded millions Omaha. But you have to get both feet down in the end zone so that can be different holes right I guess eventually got to come down again just float around and earlier I see if you flo don't know because he slowly grind of the play here and we did not stop him. Space force revolutionized college football and the other team stellar. Jumping up and turning them the truth anyway. Eight billion is that they want. Eight billion dollars yeah this is a somehow think that's a good idea. But you know whenever holy hell maybe the logo will be like just a big pile of burning money. A that's just put it out we got enough just throw it at this. It does raise some of that money is gonna be siphoned off yeah it's a shock thing horse act. They need eight billion for space tourist I can you give me a full accounting on what's what's gonna be spent on that no. Not really just. Give me the eight billion dollars just mean if it's thug going to be fine and I I guess it's finder's keepers up there I don't know maybe it's a good idea that a classic new gravity offensively goods they know. The word Bill Walsh has smiling the next evolution of the West Coast offense. It's been. That no gravity offense revolutionary. And hey a trail blazers. Jersey is in hot water today. Seen a story no I don't think I did see this story. Gaffe. I don't know about you when you do you area. He's meet you where terribly seizures you know I'd I do not have a terribly dangerous beauty brilliant mind. He's. I've long said that. Unless you're an MBA player you should Wear an NBA Jersey because they look horrible. I was in Springfield on just about anyone not named. Insert in shape NBA player. So this guy's 45 eating at his blazer Jersey on because you know there's big game tonight. Parent and he's Joaquin and his girlfriend in game bird park around midnight. In Springfield. And some guy comes up Tim and he demands no way game he isn't. It. Yeah because he thought he thought the blazers Jersey signified that he was any gang is it ray. Yeah one in the picture that they have. On the story is the end a new red Jersey he's like he's like in the lives right or something like now like a big bloody encrypt problem. Woman in Springfield hoarding our own. I don't know men are not my I'm react yet that's on an island you know now I wish I knew I I wasn't aware that that was like you know. Like Compton that you you know. The hood of Los Angeles there so he says the guy beat him up the beauty of he asked several nine among one calls reported hearing screening. And those fourth. He's a 45 white guy in a blazer Jersey and again you really thought he was banged him but beat him up that was a bro we gonna do this or watch it all together as light. But. In business and here. Let several mime among college reported hearing screaming out. Any unprovoked attack was the victim bloodied bruised and broken out. Two minutes since been arrested each on net charge of assault it was a three and one B team for six to eight minutes. Don't worry blazing jerseys but just assumed 45 year old guys Springfield organ blazer Jersey I assumed whites. Apologize that was this aside an assumption on your jumped to a conclusion done now. What organ is the widest. Stayed in the in the union did the odds are good he was like yeah you know you never know now maybe it was a jail blazers Jersey. I think that was one of the new laser jerseys. I don't know that's just depiction that they have here now I don't know what Jersey was hired to basically if your roaming around a parked be careful. We're great news story. We don't know what color Jersey was wearing we don't know any could I guess she got up get beat up comfortably here we're all over it. Some tells me they are just looking for an excuse to beat someone right yet or there's a hidden message in jobless dangers that we never knew. That's possible with a donated signifies your swinger good thing I don't want you don't want to check that I do own a blazer Jersey. Remember they gave us Brandon Roy rookie of the year jerseys and yeah. Problem is they gave me like a large head Brandon sign that again it's my brother is here and I thought it was a really cool presently do. Is he lives in and you didn't you've not pleased and yeah this is back and run as a rookie. Message do you watch watch this guy is this guy's the real deal he wasn't an idea and it's none. And now he's OK with like five years later is a hail and a rendering it becomes shot and I still have that one a room or somewhere they were intelligence uniforms against Vietnam. Was asleep. In loses alleviated it didn't put up much of a fight. Aren't I think that's it for us today and that's your in the news on. Ninety doesn't discusses it was in anchoring she'll trust me he was white. Not see again there you guys go sim mean. Maybe it's it's the black guy from spring Springfield. Here's three phone roaming around down there maybe it's the Mexican guy from Springfield and think it's pretty wiped out there. So late leapt. 115. Oh oh Mike's actually counting me down to the end of the show I think we have to get out on time usually just lets us go swagger is lurking behind me. Just on brilliance slider back there after executive producer Moya here. Executive executive producing their ass get his arms to us at this say mirror right now making sure that you get out on times to begin to. Pre season the ball in his hands. In a Dallas Cowboys have from 1979 so sweaty. You and you'd be here ear hair. Notes I just looks to shield. UK. He says it's all of the you know the took executive producing the show trying to wrangle and one Isaac Brock is difficult. Makes you look disheveled do. I don't even drive I don't Jennifer value. For the children free channels they majestic mustang. Here's an advantage for you be involved in Ehrlich to shuttle. Because usually do here is what makes the Diamond Hill is true but I have to try to keep it clean shaven otherwise it. You can write to show we're back tomorrow 37 CS the ball next on the big night. Red shoes. Okay.