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Monday, September 10th

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. And make him I mean it's our children. No. You see them. And eighty on the stand is brought you by better you today he'll weight loss results educate and accountability and the lifestyle embarked on your weight loss journey know -- you today dot com I think I know he was making this more hurtful to close at forty. It's not. Temporary super intelligent just a side effect legacy thought in your record after the army. Yeah and what's the new era gonna lose most of your skills. Up and we had to get out of bring them out for 72 hour morning. Our. Right about now. It's. And that is always happy. The news and yeah. But I. You guys are. It's renewable people. Britain and I'm OK you know. Good. I see simple on the. Dan and Dan men deep breath then just tell you studied. This guy coming on right now. Utter. Great so yes maybe improve the show called the. Comedian Bob Saget joining is here to keep up the clubhouse is on sag yet. He is really. Happy to talk to you guys here credits I forgot about. I was I was scrolling through and like EU have happened had you been working and I mean for. Think it would obviously knows full house for you were working actor we've before that I was coming over to. Here's as a stand up trying to get missed so go on and I think I have a couple of those and Richard Pryor movie critical condition and and I got fired from but she shows us. But the likes almost shows in my childhood I remember so fondly. Yeah it it's it's funny if you go back and stuff like that now going to be a holy crap Bob's he would McGwire it. The I was to warm up comical bosom buddies is actually be warm up for the shows are became Britain's top bank speed as malaria. They they put me to the episode as they never gave my characters are Tom Hanks said Bob the comic ladies and gentlemen the yeah god came out of nothing. If you look on the the idea dvd into it does this is unlike his role Bob the comic. Yeah that Tom ended. How are you guys doing you the best pre recorded stuff I've ever heard on the radio lives in the that your little tight little receptive and flatulence of between. He ended right in its fourth show but we don't. We we haven't figured out how it's like sixteen years of no inspired as yet. And you could always been nice to be too by the way. I think you very much Rio is doing avenue lot above saying let me tell you a story it nobody wants to hear me talk but I wanna tell you this because it was. Ace seminal moment. In my pre teen life opportunities like. So I don't know what rock I was living under diet grown up in sheltered Salina Kansas again is what it was. I had not been privy to any bond sank its Aetna now. So I knew Bob sang it as America's money somebody isn't any tanner I write so I go. Over to my friend's house in outcome of agent was but you know this is the cool friend's house with the parents were drunk and didn't care what you did in. The somehow tie it HBO early. Where you want you can't exactly and we work we were supposed to be watching we're watching and you were on your standup was on something and I'm Tony Bob was a seminal moment in my youth when IE. Owing any tanner in America's funniest videos that's fairly new view. You didn't see your stand up and talk about I just remember one day he did that she's not the crack in my blood so. That's a really long time ago that funny that's when does the video show and a full house where in the number one number five spot it that was about a little kids train in Houston. And the driver of the trade was a drunken guy I who basically BC decrepit as bud and he got all the kids on the train I was there with my daughter and he goes and I just again pushed it in and went. Put your hands and arms inside the cracked by about a both of no matter what he says. Look at our right Sheikh as well I district Akamai about so basically if it just went ought to respect that about correct about cracked up and that was it yeah just it. That made me look I've been building to this stand overlap decides she. Think it in the. And then all my other special started to get even more. Ran deep the final bill is special gear to sixty which is on Amazon prime is I think some. I'm cleaning up for something I don't know what do I'm still but saw. It and we need you guys are doing what what you know and with sports do people. You know it is a one entertain people and helium some place from there this weekend so that so thanks so let me come on and promote let them know. Did avenues about sag it will be eat out Friday Saturday Sunday it helium comedy club over in southeast Portland and maybe two shows. It's kind of I think Saturdays early show minority sold out CD yeah it's on. And it's army it's still an up quick but I've told that many times when I go to Pia these sperm donor clinic so. So that your legacy that right yeah. And now the end we don't have this humor is yeah we have a disclaimer at the start of this this hour we're we're. OK good yes you did you did you know and I always support the trailblazers deserve one of the biggest teams that exists in the and the timbers. The last eight vikings in this thorns but I must say. Even more in the winter hawks the beavers is my favorite. Team. And then they're changing her name Mexican put waxed in front of it. Without a lot of CNET stuff but I kind of apologize ahead of time. Because it could mean any extra take a little animal you know just out of the woods and you could wax and apple has. It wouldn't hurt to muddle they called a waxy can't beat people so I take it back I don't think we should waxed about the Woodson and wax. So just a little beaver just trying to. Be lumberjack which is another Robert jacks actually. It closer to so be prepared for as solid as Mario world just Google. That. Maybe stick with me basically shaving as opposed to waxing. Yeah yeah you're right you're right you know it is to have a quick shape up and out the woods little little book to her. While these were going to be sweetest damn you could do is to shape now. Let's help them build that you never know. Best of it so. I mean you could you. A priest and Lutheran minister about the west platinum Broadway hit. And I just played him possible murderer and a new Josh Groban Tony Danza show it can't tell you that I and the murder because that would be a spoiler alert. That and sort out some still doing it and and it's you know we were nominated for an Emmy just now we lost. Sesame Street so yes I know or we're just sending them some anthrax envelopes I agree that. But it is nice to be able to do the reverence stuff and then you'd expect to Russian over the years. That things that are acceptable and what would be aristocrats could not get made it to the world. And we need to make people laugh. It is as hopefully we can and not create. Separation but Portland's audience is actually just about the best there are. In the United States because. What they read. To them they're Smart and three they're still. That's a great community should I have a beautiful crop yet the aristocrats that tells the story of the dirtiest joke ever told that adds. That's a must the most watched as good as though is that it was it was part to have that for. Pressure going around in your day to day life knowing that people expected to heat. That nice this guy in the world where they is that expectation a tough thing to walk around. Well it was it was a long time ago but now it's so funny at the presentation of the Emmy Awards on Saturday night B. Just stay close to a gridlock on campus Cameron parades and Andrea Barbara Michelle presented. And then we had four categories 2% to one point I just sort of like to do but I've been as much standup some people started cheaper if it. And it would have the Microsoft theater and I certain Microsoft is something I've never been called. And so you know I am able to do this cross over the people are aware of cause. It's happened that it took twenty years but everybody knows is that nine dimensions to what I'm trying to do it is directed the movie. Directing a documentary about mark all of working on another project some big MTV it's gonna come out a couple months can't talk about. It's good stuff you know and it and and nobody's to about senate didn't seem bad to cause I didn't because I get it all done on stage you know. But but if I'd have been data and Arab states woke what I have done just dust busted of people paid coverage are they're the victim. Watch me and hugged people and could well that they get true. Act that is what entertain people you know this would you do I mean that's what you're doing. Elena I'm doing this to you does that feel like we're friends now Obama feel like we formed I think your money from each other so I'd like to ask for money but yeah it is often singled 'cause it's so I didn't introduction because I love. Note she and she is impossible not to love she's married to mop some of the designer T. Yeah. Everybody says that but she is what my dearest friends and I just adore her we just did a couple episodes like I will give. Spoiler alert and you heard it first and probably others say it what the heck of Netflix. Upcoming indices in the wake of Sampras goes back so. I was a morning talk show host and we're also the fact. In the new have a to come up at the end of the year but. I hope no one hears this but that's not possible bird dogs yeah. It's it's an old equipment that it had been doing this for sure is that an. Radio if you like a podcast like aids subscribers and sat at San. No joke I can I can do that whole thing where we've you know. You know alternate. Entry out which one NET did the crack in my list Africa if I believe. You're there and it millionaire I will will launch to the correct amount but. And due to bit as well. I'd love that what I know I'll tweet you can I saw that you weeded out. Which we appreciated shot you're gonna be on the show on this treaty entity which go and my life you'll know you'll you'll then see us in the audience because I'll be hobbled. I'll follow you go as you can direct message. That the next thing you know we're aiding UN peace swiping left on doses. Arms about says it's do you have won't be needing you before I borrow money from this since you know adamant that. If you do lose friends would you borrow money is ventures. Ruth yeah and each that's a bad. It's that's a bad deal. Via side goods that but I'm lost couple friends that way but then sort of you wanna give money is that if there's sickness. Heck of that. That's where you get what. That instant follows. With he would have. Expected to both you and the the tricky getting pretty engaged to lose is gonna happen. I am I'm engaged support this is. And good conflict of interest. Well Bobby and in all fairness it is easy to get to Lori I I figured that eventually they you know I can weasel my way in between her and dashing them both her so. Let me go in between her and that guy you're making it. Wedged it you can get smashed that you don't want your your junker. Now that's that's known. Our noses it's just you and me let's make this happen and I can have Florio I'll have. At at at at. The local Brokeback book will bear back. Describe to the west together. Hurdle to Flatts took some stuff so we can Rick put great examples thing around a camp fire they cuddle up under the credit. Under the tent pole. Big Bob's to make a great big spoon. Our greatest step stool at the time we get a run Bob say you're the best green it's. Have gone I'd look forward to seeing if Helio are actually it can do helium. And that we can talk I about turnout. Up with the goods and limit big zero to ally and I'm serious I would. What show. So here's the thing about Bob. Which we kind of covered the didn't fully. When you know him as dean maintain her in the mirror it's on assume but he is a when you see his stand up it makes it. Infinitely. Funny here yes because it's just so raunchy though and that's what got me well this is like if I'd seen it. And didn't know it like I did know did I know Bob Saget from home along I don't think it quite Emmys still dead he's he's he's great. But it's not quite as funny but the vaccine that I knew him as TVE tanner. In the America's funny somebody this guy made that beat one of the greatest night since. Of my preteen I think I agree with dogs he's the this is good tax and so now we're friends. And goes am. I'm not a panacea but we're gonna hang out and NB bodies and then we're gonna spin it into. I'm eventually going to weasel my way into lower in the office you feel pressure that Bob sag it's following you on Twitter now. Yeah a little bit do you think you think he'll sneak in on follow within the next two weeks Ed I'm assuming so but I let me it's Innophos is salacious summit direct message in and do you think it's about. Well he was serious from what I. Just our company goes out. If I'm for real make sure they re out to me allows our publicists and I'm going to him. I'm like why am innocent of menace to is the news again like it's yet. I've really keys season to that the key artists tasteful right there's going to be a football home involve me it maybe a jock strap of historic need. Is spices equipment he'd just come into Bob Saget DM would like your eight legged friend years seemed aimed at turning to bring the big stuff and I love the game. Itself with the the greatest above sag it's so he will be at helium Friday Saturday Sunday to shows each night. I helium comedy club over in southeast Portland all right 618 I coming up next. You would you choose to Max. Can just call me five for five. And I'll be spending that next it he did art is heard on the on the field. Eight another pick six thrown by Matt Stafford and wait they just do. Fireman Ed buddy retired. That's a new and it's a different looks like this in. Do you listen to trade down and hope that she could tell weird remember meeting is being the jets guarantees the jets guided more than fireman's helmet and then stream JETS jets jets jets and made a big deal that he was retiring because. Know something about your organization and pissed him off. User retiring as a super fans 3117. Jets right now because effort. Just that last pick six was a true roaches. So you can call me five for five because none to gain. Back in cubicles back in the bullpen. Getting ready for the broadcast I passed social media etiquette training and Anke. Okay thank you yes my good this'll be the Q a portion of the segment wasn't really really difficult now. I know my social media. Now if you I would explain to people what it is well we're very I rich did we have wherever corporate now because. Well. Score for radio. And done we've got this one gal who's in knowing. But she's analyst does listen the social media czar. Nash does more than that I think she's like she's gotten that yet this or marketing right now I see EST does is ahead a marketing alive. A fairly look at her yes she's like. The secret say she she goes to. Some things any. To know things are here tonight in my have to do with her it's about telling me how to interact on those who media yet you pretty much just ignore her emails or delete them yes but every once in a lot of fossil Fordham and say. Katie you know you guys need to see below and make sure this happens is that what they do is they make you so she is the vice president of digital audience engagement. I feel at Entercom China's new Providence, Rhode Island I feel like all that means is she's in charge of teaching people how to. Beyond social media but for people who are on the radio all across our our vast land up. They probably all can't stand her because she's constantly emailing things that that care is that we don't care about right but whatever she is job to do. So today Sheen all through AS social media they keep training module. Which couldn't be any more corporate and so he had to watch like a five minute viti go out and she's she's animated in the earn its all fun. And then. In the new in answer questions in order to pass in show owed the company that you pass and watch the video yet did take eight F being. Quiz and you put it out. A certificate of completion denied that it became better grades got mine right next in my day drinking a roar from beaches I've printed that damn thing off and I post it I threw it right up on Jeff baton bruises don't work. Now who are well known for not. Completing these tasks that's true and I really you should have completed this task because you were fired for social media frenzy right if anybody needed it it was me. And yeah I can't come out and all I clearly have learned. Social media etiquette beaches I went 55 if you don't don't daily threaten us with this massive punishment if we don't do them. As a buddy actually been punished for missing woman he's been slow I think if your low level you you should be you'll be punished yes but if you're like big silk. Paying you know punishing. Once again receiving glorious bastards of course at the end of it where Brad Pitt shoots the she's the death eighties like you'll be voting for this he's like now I'll. Now. Really what this because I don't like getting fired I'm getting yelled out and then one like yelled out then I'm going to be forced to go in and take it. Good to be us or any. I've blown off a couple of these things end. They just kind big Rosalia goes away guys because you being sued them and then occasionally the boss does call me and now Nike camp to be honest and tells me did you seize flail like he says Downey does the exasperated. What you can't take ten minutes just do it in your lifetime. And then you go do it rendered in everything is he's one is getting all the emails to people who haven't done yet makes him look bad yes isn't that he'd call me ending yells and it tells me is disappointed than I do it. And many dates me Ford admits that it's stupid that we don't move out of our lives are like so company has bits. Sort of thing what did you learn from social media to keep training to nothing because I didn't watch the video I just. I was located While the video was up in the background sound down and that I took the quiz and I got identified. You know when you're welcome to that that was due to me. At worst designers LG offers if I turn her into apologizing on these questions so easy inning he wants us to the video. And you got to write you really didn't need it questions was like I'm paraphrasing here but one of the questions was. You're drew get a ball our yes and you post something in on those immediate and it's getting their negative reaction to an end and people there are. Like shock comedian on you what should you do in the one of the big multiple choices was basically the leg kick and a Twitter drunken Twitter fight with them. I clicked Alan is that bad guys and they get what was the wait until you sober up and deal with it and all I don't know maybe one. Drunk tweet and is not a good idea that gave CA every single that's wholly disagree with that. I will not tweet if or do anything as a media if I AM and in a comfortably stated numbness. Some of our finest works have been drawn. Again quite created drunk which is which is I wanna. Do you show drunk most the time Dan but Nike. Well we've talked about when we need to do we get good lie who needs to be a tape who we need to do drug sports history. Yeah he's talked up as we've talked about in these damages that's one of my favorite shows and I think you. First are you drunk is fantastic for anyone's had the privilege. Injuries he would drop he's phenomenal when he said house and you explain in the whole darn big major thing. While you're three seeds. It just it would be radio goal it absolutely would he I have quit breaking news you guys. This is an easy swing. He listens. Okay yeah. So. I remember at the start of the show we are talking about two fighters being in town tonight yes. And I had TJ gets and it won't give hope and you don't yes but I can't buy tickets but we did yeah. Concerned well no because the ones of the station the ones that the you have guessing the loser. Is toward the back. No I just what did you think. Because when that album because when I got my tickets it's because the tickets we have had in studio to that we can get from from promotions were in the back. We'll get you concerts not yet. I'm not sitting in the back for the fifth spot happen. Well we're down in the front so I found a home for them. But that guy just built in news text Meehan bill really so wanting him to listener a look at what we can do is you can given to me. And I will meet said listener. Is your pick him up now probably the injury and I'm here I'm here for it Qaeda closest the station. Come down here I'll come on MTI they go about that I'm not giving him do you think you're gonna be some. Stranger than. What I do I don't know I think Peter tickets don't need. I'm the I was in your I don't trust you. Pull my play it was me telling listeners to meet me out for the motor sinner and I could hand them down to them no no no right to that'll involve the use zero you know rob. Convert gonna break here yet drops and go wait outside yes and the first person to appear yeah gets the tickets yeah and then in a slump has gone off the Sox. If you have any idea where we are. That means is that you listen. Thank you and you European line that's true in wanting to secure as he listened so soft and understand it wanna go to justify her show right now we'll see the news that's. Amen and amen to break in or to Mike Ammann agronomist in our front door. In the first person that while subsidy that would give the address out. No no I don't know if that's not what I'm saying if you know where we are at means you listen in you gotta be close obviously somebody's getting close. And then few pull up on you need to TJ is that even those super fuses this in these seeds and I'm sure it will be fun show tonight for Foo Fighters. It is I'll tell you that this is. I've been many many times I was in Seattle ten days ago. They put on as good of a rock show as anyone in the music business. Even if you are not a die hard fan I promise you come away blown away all right but I want this to bring it and gone out there. If he can work probably not that it'll die yeah when he died when they die well easily you do it is you this is my arm do you agree with him like four minutes of that's yep that's a tax yet got to turn turnaround drive down here right now and walk out there and indeed it was over the deals to get back to either gonna walk across listening on their a couple days ago. China strand dollars and brilliant Suk. Yeah analyst with ice hockey got a huge if you know yeah you know words that. She hugged and fifty grand mound and it. His night embarked on your weight your you know him better you today on com can opt out. All right so I did but it's 3817 million. A big step for May have been another one he was restored to herself and can hide. So I know there is damned Arnold would have outplayed me Matthew Stafford says teaching assistant fighters that are comps from the station. I can go through your mind is dale. I mean I don't wanna go. To my dismay calculus goes you could go used wanna go to Monday night naked gun and not feel it. A ninety degree anyway. So I said I would go outside and you pull up and I'll give to the first person that pulls up during the break up. Now G deal worked well I I was there are so. Mike do you think it worked yes maybe you could yet. There are enough people as endure somewhat near this area they could've gotten and they did to Iraq. Today is I went to the can. It had came out of rough extended out Friday and as I like about the studio. I got mas becomes ripping into the parking lot like the league team. Really speedy and turning the corner I'm like yeah that's got a good guy yeah so it's. Our I have a friend of ours asked for and is out there now be one Freddie he wants frank pulls any. They guy has like four minutes away if I'm in assigned him the tickets and he goes and does not want him to do is go to the the first us. He just he's he know he said as he is I just want to see if this would work like if you really out here are quite well yeah but did you go to the show here's to dig into the for the fighters show go to. He's like he had he does is it tonight. Thank you have to think 730. And I don't think there's an opening act thank you Brian need to get over there. Yeah he's like. There doesn't Seattle based on them they they started about 815830. Issue so. This mean it would be somewhere close to that in RJ is right he said you know he pointed out that. You know when you have kids. Spontaneously. Going to a concert meant. It is just it's not a thing Nike can't do the giant speakers right lets you do what I do and just bring my kids with me. My kids. Fight this to me and Seattle it was their first experience about anyway. 'cause they're proud that they've brought the they brought these eat. Openness Seattle and they're gonna do it again importance Yousef did. If you train that kids learn better just put him in the backyard let him blow Roemer with the dog and nobody thought it so frank. Made it now I think he's still out there that is just listen to show he doesn't wanna go through. Get visas and nobody else showed up stuff. The trial my time and this next break in if you want I'll be out there. And it's not just don't pull up and a white rusty day with a TARP. And if not outdated given to me and not have known this for this person that comes and finds me and I have been outside of the motor senator don't you could have. Now you're not involved in this. Not aiding and you what you gonna do them a million Brian Blair. And he's right up front never minded and he wants to go through my feet. Yeah. Kinda look at the listener did and I don't want to go to waste I mean there's like that's a big time show absolutely became fighters so yeah. Can be somebody's dream that you won't go to be kids and whatever other raiders are on. Into the what's the the raiders is game on this Monday night is drinking to do you become battle. China no doubt Monday night minute legacy Bob Saget. I'm for it on Friday night. So yes but there's a Leo so that's what it's all about in ways committee tax me they're here they're here item and run out there. One way to the break. And then run out there Blakey didn't show it but you likely to equity Mimi Mimi did you show you my cronies continue to carry you. My Becker sitting literally has had so this'll bring your sleeping last forty on seventeen. Dude who self discovery. It's sodium and add these lions in a survivor pool. Ricky Rhodes starting at the staff about his efforts out of the castle through that last pick the Stafford came back and begin making another day. On the rusty I. Need to see this is out there and make someone's day they'll killed on grassroots what he's talking about it's. Now about oh and coming up next is ducks. Roundtable. Do we have room. That's an actual roundtable. On time. That's next 642 to ratchet up next on the thin. On regional carriers to choose from to maximize your coverage of the best tell you online and BI SN ETT dot com. But is still flew fighters to begins. It worked out worked I didn't think you're gonna get the bullet thing off but should be out so we had Kyle. Pop by so frank didn't want a mini his pop I anyway that's my favorite thing this. Frank not a lot of guys what is it hasn't worked so I'd the next guy in line their transaction at a guy after him but done. Kyle was first and is an uber driver. And he saves minutes away in Houston out there was Israeli sure Johnny sim Kama I think you gotta use the dim when you go to shows I come home alive right now we're an up there. Now some and JP one our Jamie correctly giant did needs this week are kids man the spontaneous it's enough now. Our promotions goddess of leadership who I am beyond disgusted with the her husband are diehard fighters of the two as well. They're not going tonight because the concerts can be too late in their kid has been number one ranked the economy in my junior and all. Our heaven sakes people and she's never seen a right did you say that oh no CC thought he says she never seen a no no hope he's going to mean what does John Aureus despicable. Gentlemen how are we doing this seat. Could not be any. Better human line. I would like to know lightly because you talked about if I was an interview by the way. Yes it is because we talked about sagging and it was Josie Bob sag it personally invited us to the show and because Bob Saget said he's gonna do a bit it made me laugh so hard as a kid and he said if I come to show he is actually to bring that did back and do it for. That particular show and that is why. Undoing the greatest ever. Our I heard that and I think. Kinda. Sunny but you kind of have to build apps. That's like you're in Africa they have to play the song just show you attitude here that is. Yeah it should show up why are you going to do you want it or paper be it or you do. I can't let that go out that. That's the rough duty if anything yeah. Our money from you I mean there's a lot going on between us and Bob's tiger right now. I I've really felt that it explicitly. I saw him to do that all they could beat on the radio show. I was kind of surprised like he's hot site speech realistically you're right there. Not only yourself. But the listener. To go see his acting just kind of explore that video. Straight you know I felt something I I do if I told them happened is so right through like why. Held at each weed out he's coming on our I don't know like that is a he's got like three million follow the night. He doesn't need or show to promote anything in Sonoma. That's one of those like eight bead be any care for all those years he did that BP here's part. It pretty clearly there's a part of that the period screeching. But it may be part of it just really is that right the guy like they got beat who it all all we could not help mountain. I'll do a bit and all of the money here you know he's gonna bite you act extra cheese and crackers. Well I would say this of all the people we've had on over the years we've had some pretty good ones. And if we struck up a relationship with any of them which we have done we have not done with and then literally anyone who. Quite the opposite we've we've we've fractured many relationships. Earth affords no. The if there isn't one person that we struck up a bit of akin ship it. I would want it to be. Bob sex with the. Yes I I you can do a lot worse than than being president Bob Saget and I feel like this this brush with greatness of app. It's too short story is we keep it aren't operating our apartment on my side of the quarry I had a brush with greatness this weekend to do. Am yeah. It's not too long. We have actually. According to Mike's math five minutes left in this segment and yet to hear this story I've only heard secondhand and I'm gonna need to hear it and I try to argue. To give details and you were screening calls again and I didn't get here and quite frankly or don't. I don't like to talk to you them credit it is. I was this weekend I sexually assaulted by about it. Yet. That'd dot holidays I meant if you will. Felt beyond impugn my nipple. They need to that's why let them the ultimate all played with my prosperity and cut it lives with his fingers and groom my goatee. Story. You run I don't know why it happened and where you would appeal there. I would I went to a comma con in Portland rose city comic con which is a great event. Outfielders wanted to get there and I love I'll go ice stamped top. The quality is one of my favorite characters for any movie ever he was barbaric crime now. It's its belt over. In school I went to be a Kilmer get his autograph. And that are needed a photo taken with him in the parade that was I was the last guy in line to get a photo. And October it a little punchy these days I'll stay that right now he's not like he's got stuck polity or the little punchy I think he had them. I think your health problems that led. Good issues he may be heavily medicated but he supermarket understand what he talked to him. I think yeah for him or so because when you we talked to you can't really understand them. And so I went to get my picture with him and I go over to him and I'm right they're right next few if any to meet for some reason. And are waiting with my mustache. Like. Like Robby Krieger would hit it could be a remark that you are talking about that was least. Well I can't carbon markets well I I think he may have been the boat and start playing when it must. And he's he's playing with an illegal definitely. I go to any touching my lips like it's a proper that this party right there. And I wrote it is panicked because doc how big is playing with my goatee you you have I don't know what to do what it. Nothing I think I was frozen let it happen yeah that's kind of yeah. It pretty good there don't sit there aren't we get that badly. On it and go through with apple aren't any corrupt. My book my boobs. Like double crowd aren't my track like he grabbed my guest book area. Air and if they are out and Rick Perry it was good enough for him. Bidding went with a double final previous apple picker should. In those critics in and today it's weird down there and we'd be more careful. So. Did you did you just I don't know a murder lenient in kiss and. Trying to look a bit here but SpinRite and couldn't pick guys are taking pictures and he. The pitcher. Ever to have an art that late what do we look what happened and the guys who don't want this pitcher. And I don't quite know. And then. Felt Kilmer said to be QB he talks to me but he candidate evidently currently what you. Down by one of the like what you have to cut throat pain when you're you're you know. And so when he super egos are in America and current round and so he says that aren't there at the moment right at. Regrets or no equity debt maybe that hey you come back it's your. Like which you got her baby he apologized. I don't know what it but he bit. And and it took a picture in his handlers came and ushered him out one way it may be out and. It's unbelievable yeah I need more ideas. I want my urge you were sexually assaulted by don't want more info on. Gas to break her facial hair right lip. Felt my it could ripples evident that the UV and I'll never know. What he's been like what it means but didn't I mean he could hear how. I don't know. Cricket but it added no money ever go back eat all that effort now recruit that Kirk. Fascinating story since meeting him. None of them Maryland buck. Oakland from one of them that it Canada next I don't think you'd mind. Here spirit and an avenue or maybe I'm jealous that. I can't you know now. Message. Don't. I enjoy it is still coming in next spring and next roundtable we're back to 37 on the thing and it. It should it. Okay. And yeah.